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GO GREETERS 2019 Archive

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Date: Mar 2018 to Oct 2020
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Go Greeters!
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This is a place to display wonderful kudos that came to our colossal group of Greeters prior to November 2020. Greeters are the first contacts that most new WikiTreers have and that determines the course of their WikiTree experience!

Thank you all for all you do!

Alexander Perinich

Thanks Mindy! I think this is perhaps the best geneaology site on the web from my experiences. I highly value the open wiki and communicative style and policies here , and will do my utmost to participate in an accurate and polite fashion. Thanks for your welcome message!

Reg Mcmeakin

Hi Azure, thank you so much for the welcome. Yes, I am very much at the beginning of this journey and clearly I'm in the right place for getting help! I am still getting used to this site and obviously have a lot to learn, but I can see that I'm amongst friends. Thanks again.

Ian Sheldrick

Thank you so much, Michel. I only just discovered WikiTree today, having long ago lost an online tree I had at the old GeoCities site, and have long wondered where I might easily post my data. Crazy that I never thought to search for a Wiki-style platform before! I also had some data on the old Rootsweb, but I am not really interested in the commercialised version of that at Ancestry.com. So... finally... here I am. Besides all that, lots to learn here, and very excited about the future here now! Thank you once again!


Thank you (Hilary) for the information about how to compare the GEDCOM and Wikitree. I seems so complex. But with time it will become easier. Thank you very much.

Erin Warren

Thank you (Azure) for being helpful to me during my first steps on here. I appreciate it.

Margaret Green

I posted my question about trees before I had read up on collaborative trees. There is a great deal of information to process before getting started. I emailed Pam to explain my mistake and she responded kindly. I am now working my way through the information and youtubing...early days!

Denise S

Peggy welcomed me to Wikitree with an email. It contained some tips and an offer to email her if I need help.

A couple days later, she emailed me again to see if we connected as cousins. No such luck, and again she offered some new tips and help if I needed it.

Last night I needed it. I tried to add my mother and have her private as she is still living. I read the anonymization section in help that didn't work. I tried other things and nothing. So I emailed Peggy who set short, clear directions.

I got mom added in a minute after spending over 45 minutes trying to add her and read all the help sections last night.

THANKS Peggy!!

Wendy Rosen

Janet, Thanks for the Welcome!

Best wishes,

Wendy Rosen

Wendy Peterson

Thank you (Debi) for finding my grandmother's marriage certificate.

Clifford Carter

Thank you! Cheryl for your kind concern about my experience with the website. Your suggestions helped me learn where to find some things. Keep up the good work

Taneshia Sees

I appreciate you welcoming me to the site (Pam), and offering your help if need be. thanks :)

Holly Vaughan

Thanks so much for your support, Virginia!

Dana Rutledge

Wendy Taylor is a Wonderful WikiTreer. How do I give her a star or badge? Wendy was able to locate a marriage record for my Grandparents that I was unable to find. I have been searching records for months, Wendy found it in no time!

Anna Williams

I am ... very hesitant to reach out to anyone even though I have a very unusual mystery in my family tree that I would like to talk to someone about.

However, I have gotten messages from a few people on here that have seemed so... genuine. And Cheryl's message was so nice that I actually might post this response instead of writing and deleting like usual. Thank you Cheryl.

Bob Young

I want to thank Wendy for locating any of the citation found about my grandfather Fred Young. Wendy, you are wonderful. Thank you. wink


Thanks so much for your greeting (Pip). I am so very excited to become part of this. I am 73 years old and anxious to assure that my memories of my grandparent's and great-grandparent's generation may help a younger generation. And....I am anxious to learn more through this excellent platform. I am a proud descendant of brave Acadians, just-as-brave martyred Scots, crusaders, early colonists of Canada (Laurier family name), New England (Zaccheus Gould, Abigail Davis, Nathaniel Ely, Robert Chaffin and more), from the early to mid 1600's, and mid-1600's families in Virginia and Maryland. I truly hope that I can be an active member. Best regards, Elly


Thanks for the welcome message (Mickey). This should be fun ! I have access to several books that detail my family's history. When I tried the "app" I was intrigued because none of that ancestry showed up. I'll try to add some new information every day. Dave


Karen, Thank you for your kind remarks. I don’t believe I have ever felt more warmly welcomed!


Thanks Lothar - The tutorial was useful ... and it's encouraged me to be more systematic and methodical in tidying up the profiles I'm bringing in. Cheers Mark


Thanks for the warm welcomes, Cheryl, I appreciate what you all are doing here and I hope to make meaningful contributions to the project.

Janet Ribeiro

Cheryl, thanks for checking in on me...navigating the site has taken time to learn leaving me at times feeling very alone... When you message it is a true feeling of belonging and it is nice to know that there is someone that can lead you in the journey...I'm new and just now entering all of the information that is needed to be successful in discovering and being a part of this big family project...Hope everyone is having fun and Cheryl Hess Thank you, for the warm support..

Bob Lemon

Virginia,Thank you for your considerate message, I am slowly ge(tting there)

Vivian Badger

Thank you Karen for such a warm welcome to this family. I am just taking time to navigate around this site and using the tools provided.

Marshall Horton

Thank you, (Azure)! You are very kind. I will probably private message you some questions later.

Leanne Underwood

Always nice to get a personal welcome and to have a seasoned user ( Greta) to contact with questions.

Pat Kainu

I so appreciate the quick response (from Andie) when I joined WikiTree and look forward to working more on my tree. I "am" in my middle 80's however so am sometimes slow to answer if I don't feel well. A cousin, Ruth Tammen, is the person who recommended your site btw.


Hi there (Azure)! Thank you so much for adding me. I find so much pleasure in genealogy, not only my immediate genealogy but helping others if I possible can.




Thanks for the warm welcomes, Cheryl! I appreciate what you all are doing here and I hope to make meaningful contributions to the project.


Thanks Lothar - The tutorial was useful ... and it's encouraged me to be more systematic and methodical in tidying up the profiles I'm bringing in. Cheers Mark

Bob Lemon

I have only been a member of Wikitree for a few days but Cheryl has helped me along.

Thank you Cheryl

Connie Carter

Emma has helped me along the way become a better genealogist. She got me registered when I thought I was registered but wasn't and helped me get on the team that I wanted to be on. Thanks again Emma for all you do!

Rolland Boylen

Janet encouraged me concerning a problem that I managed to manufacture, I manufactured a half brother whom I did not have, with the result that I contaminated several other profiles.


Thank you so much (Andrea)! I’ll be sure to check out the New Member Pages as you suggested. I’m so excited to begin this journey of discovering who my relatives are and where we are all from/what our lives have been like. I appreciate you reaching out and allowing me the opportunity to ask you questions should I need to. That’s so generous!!

Jenna Wilkins

Hello Karen! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I really am enjoying this website I can’t want to get more involved. Thank you for the offer of help I will most likely have to take you up on that :)

Amanda Gibbons

So, I get my own personal welcome committee, how nice! I don't have questions right now, because I am just so overwhelmed by the wealth of family information here, that I don't know what questions I should ask. YET. But, I did add my photo, fixed information about me in my profile and then wrote out a bio explaining my complex self. LOL Please, you are more than welcomed to go check it out. Thank you for the welcome (Mindy)! :)


Karen, Thank you for your kind remarks. I don’t believe I have ever felt more warmly welcomed!


Thank you Mindy. I have found a genealogical website that has academic integrity.


Hello Cheryl... I am both excited and delighted to be part of the WikiTree Community. It has afforded me the opportunity to research ancestors on both sides of my family unlike before. I appreciate the site for its dedication to accuracy through sources, and for its utilitarian ease in use (especially for those not as adept in Genealogy). In my brief time on the site, I can already see areas of interest that I would like to explore on a personal level. I also see areas of interest where I would like to help on larger projects in the future. One thing is for certain, it has allowed me to discover my Family lineage into some fascinating Places... I do thank the WikiTree Community for that....Catherine


Thank you, David! I should have looked here first to see the New Member How-to pages. I've been clicking around and excited about what I see, but I am definitely an amateur here and have a lot to learn.

Dale Fenner

Karen, thank you for information, I hope you have a nice day.

Angie Ratcliff

Thank you for the wonderful welcome (Lothar). I just hope I don't make you all crazy in the future, near or far. I look forward to working with all of you. Angie

Glen Kile

When you think you might be getting in over your head, it is nice to know there is someone you can contact for help. Thank you Rhonda!

J Hawkins

Thank you Janet, for the welcoming informative email.

Bonnie Kypros

Thank you Cheryl... you are helping me navigate through such a fascinating part of life... and I appreciate your knowledge, your trust and your patience!

Brent Reynolds

Wendy, Thank you for adding sources!

Robert Evans

It was great to get a greeting message when I created my account and to get a follow up with some pointers to get me going. Thanks Laura. I think I'm going to enjoy being here.

S Bowser

I am doing well. We have been a little busy and I have had to put this on pause for a short time. I cannot thank everyone enough for wikitree I have been reading all of the information I can find to be sure I am doing everything correctly.

This is truly amazing. Thank you (Karen) for reaching out to me. It's so nice to see everyone having time for others here.

Steven Rosenthal

Thanks, ( Peggy), from a complete WikiTree newbie for pointing out a feature I wasn't yet familiar with (the personalized feed).

Merryn Pike

Thank you Rhonda for the warm welcome. Kind regards Merryn Pike.

Bob Greenstein

Hi Cheryl,

Nice to be greeted and much appreciated to find such friendly, kind, interested and warm Wikiteers.

Clista Adams

Thank you (Gilly) for the welcome and the offer of help! I'm new to genealogy and appreciate those who have done so much work and are willing to guide the newbies.

Michael Barham

Hi Andrea, Through your help I now understand my connection to a grave with my surname located in my city (in New Zealand). Wow what a wealth of information Wikitree holds. Thanks a lot, Mike

Mark Tuttle

Thank you Wendy for helping a new volunteer find some important links about my ancestors, and learn some new methods. Much appreciated!

Chris Harkey

Cheryl has taken her personal time to help me on my initial journey. She has provided valuable tips and advice and updated my grandfathers profile with specific historical detail.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to future discoveries.

Anonymous F

Karen, You are an amazing and gifted bee ( bees are one of the hardest workers so if I had to say anything I'd say that).

I wasn't on this site but for less than an hour and you so kindly greeted me and promptly answered my questions . Taking time from your day and being thoughtful in your response. You helped me navigate this site better and how to add people. ... I just wanted to recognize you for that so un-like bees your work will be noticed and I hope this helps you somehow down the road.

Take care and know you're amazing.

Dave Junkin

Thanks for the welcome message (Mickey). This should be fun ! I have access to several books that detail my family's history. When I tried the "app" I was intrigued because none of that ancestry showed up. I'll try to add some new information every day. Dave Junkin

Richard Smallwood

Thanks for the welcome (Azure). So glad to join the ranks of those whose family lineage is important.

LaVerne Stoneking

Thank you, (Karen), I appreciate your kindness.

Ken Bain

Thanks Cindy for all your extremely helpful and kind messages. You've achieved Super Hero status in my book! Am starting to go through the tutorials to understand all the terminology and how it all works, then do some trial inputs/searches. Will yell whenever I get stuck. Hope you stay safe and enjoy your Corona lock-down like I do (Peace and quiet and time to focus)

Bonnie Kypros

I was so lost when I first found Wikitree... and Andrea was there to help with pointing me in the right direction!

Thank you Andrea!!

Anne Norman

Thank you for the lovely greeting (Janet). It was appreciated

Susan Tibert

(Debi) has provided valuable information as I am new to doing my tree and has offered to be there with any help needed. thank you!

David Bedilion

Thanks Rhonda for the welcome. I'm starting to research my family tree. Just trying to get a feel for the site...Happy Easter... David

Leontine Rondel

Thank you (David). I can see I am going to need help with this! I look forward to helping this great venture, but not now as it is 05:00! x

Jackie Henderson

Ludwig, thank you for the welcome and the offer to help. I am not a tech expert so I am sure I will have questions at some point. Not yet sure how the site works in all its applications. thanks

Mickey Hooks

Thanks so much for the welcome (Cheryl)!

Raegena Munford

Hi Virginia, Thanks for the information. I appreciate any suggestions that will help me in building my family tree.


John Sledge

Debi Hoag is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Debi helps Heaps and heaps of the time.

Marco Nel

Debi Hoag is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Thank you for your help.

Dianna Blake

Wendy has helped on a few occasions I have asked and has replied quicker than expected. Again, thank you Wendy.

Janice Webster

Karen was wonderful to follow up with me, to make sure I felt comfortable and asked if I had any questions. There is a fairly substantial learning curve with WikiTree and her offer was definitely appreciated.

David Ewing

Thank you Debi for your courteous response. I am so glad to discover this site. I look forward to this challenge and hopefully bring clarity to this particular area of our family history. David


Thank you Mindy. I look forward to participating in this amazing connected world we live in. It is very exiting to be able to participate.

Jackie Oakley

Wendy is a wonderful WikiTreer, being a newbie she has helped me when I got stuck. Thank you Wendy!

Thos. Rooke

Thanks, Greta, for the warm welcome. It will take me a while to get used to Wikitree but the concept is great. I will endeavour to be of service to anyone who may need my help.

Janice Webster

Natalie Trott is a Wonderful WikiTreer (better than wonderful!). Natalie, you are extremely helpful to me in knowing where to find projects to participate in at Wikitree. My sincerest thanks!

Walter Ledent

Thank you (Rhonda) for letting me join this community. Best regards,


Chris Brady

Liz, What an incredible job on detailing the Peter Joneses of Virginia. I cannot imagine how many hours went into this effort. Thank you so much for this - I am honored to be able to help at all in this project.

Marion Ceruti

Thank you Amy for checking up on me. I am fine & working on profiles of descendants of English settlers in the US.

J Howell

Thank you so much (Azure) for your help and encouragement!



Hi Cheryl! Thank you so much for your wonderful welcome. And for the link to the How To Pages. I'm sure they will be a great help. I do long to learn more about my ancestors and so hope to find family members I am unaware of. Since getting my DNA results back I've learned several things about my family that I didn't know. I love the feelings I have when that happens. I am loving WikiTree already and all of the friendly people. Thank you for your offer to help me find answers to questions. I'm sure I'll have a lot of them. I appreciate your kindness and enthusiasm. Stay safe and be well. Nancy

Larry Payton

This is to show my appreciation for all you do on WiKitree, (Hilary). Thank you for volunteering so much of your time to WiKitree.

Larry Payton

Thank you David for volunteering your time to make WiKiTree great.

Bob Morgan

Debi contacted me as a new member and asked if I had any questions. I have a tree on Ancestry.com and am copying those citations to provide sourcing for my ancestors. I noted they weren't in proper format. Debi sent me an email the next day with an example from my tree showing the proper formatting and explained how she retyped the information to achieve proper formatting. I will be able to use that example to reformat all my source information. Debi's timely email was a great help. THANKS DEBI-YOU'RE WONDERFUL!

Pat Hammling

Thank you (Azure)! I'm so excited to have found this website and have already contributed some information on my great grandparents. I am President of the Genealogy Club her at Robson Ranch in AZ and I'm going to share this website with the group. I think they'll be very excited to see the data here. Thanks again!


Thank you so much, (Claire), for your warm welcome. Bill has been so generous to help me get started. I’m not very good with computers, and your help with the information about navigating the site is so helpful. Thank you once again. I’m sooo excited to find out more about my family’s journey, so I can share it with my father (age 73) and my grandmother (age 92). I’m so glad there’s a site to go to, and people to talk to, that share their information and try to help one another. I’m very happy to be a part of the WikiTree family. I hope in the future that I can pass on to a new member , the kindness and knowledge that has been shown to me. Once again, thank you and God bless.

Stuart Boyd

Thanks for the checklist (Mindy). I first have to get my tree into a GEDCOM. It is pretty complete going back as far as 900. Enjoying Wikitree and it has been very helpful.

Kristy Keach

I sent you a private message (Cheryl). Thanks for reaching out to me, I’m excited to get started.

Pamela Hill

Thank you (Janet) very much for your warm welcome. I have been tracing my own family tree, that of my husband and those of a few friends for some considerable time now. I came upon WikiTree and it caught my interest. I hope that once I have got to grips with how WikiTree works, that it will be of mutual benefit. It is so interesting, exciting and also very humbling to look at the past and those who have gone before.

Again, than you for welcoming me aboard.

Delana Jones

Pip Sheppard is a Wonderful WikiTreer. (He) helps me find and confirm the information I have aquired over time.

Tom Moran

Thank you so much (Azure). I have some idea of my family but I am excited to join. I am from a huge Irish family and my dad was too. My Mom was from white lace Irish as they say. 3 children and 2 "girls" to help with the house. LOL

Jeffrey Evans

Thanks for the welcome Pippin. I am looking forward to exploring the site and working up to volunteering on projects. I have bee using the Ancestry site and have a public tree, Jeffrey Evans. It will be good to use the WikiTree site so that I can collaborate with others and learn more about genealogy and eventually help others. Thanks, Jeff Evans

Suzanne Duncan

Thank you so very much Lothar for your expedient assistance and understanding. You are greatly appreciated.

Patricia Welsh

Many thanks John for your warm welcome. I'm looking forward to navigating my way around here. Best wishes, Patricia Welsh

James Gosnell

Greta Moody is a Wonderful WikiTreer. I got a nice greeting.

Debra Filion Summers

Hello Rhonda, Thanks for the note. I'm new to all of this and find it all quite overwhelming but excited to learn. I guess it will take a few visits to make sense of what's available here. I'm not quite sure where to start. Have a wonderful weekend. Debra

Jan Dunbar

John Williams is a Wonderful WikiTreer thank you for the greeting.

Jim Dutcher

Thank you (John) for the welcome message. I am looking forward to volunteering and doing some research. Thanks for the great example that you have set forward on your webpage, esp. the advice to not get overextended and to try to focus. It's a good start. Good luck with your work on ancestors from Scotland and England. I am also looking forward to your report on your relatedness to US Presidents. My daughter found the grave markers of some Dutchers when she visited Sleepy Hollow, NY so I'll probably start there. Thanks again. Cheers, Jim Dutcher

Johan Terblanche

Mary Richardson is a Wonderful WikiTreer!

Frank Cogliano

Karen is very kind and generous with her time. It is great to instantly get help and advice from such an experienced WikiTreer. Thank you!


Hey Mindy, Thank you for getting in touch. I’m absolutely loving being a part of this community. I’m finding out so much about my family history and it brings me to tears, finding out how my existence came to be. It’s an amazing experience :)

David Carr

Thank you, (Karen), for your kind welcome into the whacky Wiki world of Genealogy! I've been trying to get further in my Carr and Tatt family tree but have got stuck. Hopefully with the help of fellow WkiTree'ers I will be able to go further... Best wishes David

Lindsay Broadway

Thanks so much Mindy. What a nice thing you do for us newbies. Very much appreciated.

Douglas Carter

Hi Rhonda, Thanks so much for the greeting and for all the tips! I'm looking forward to exploring the site and seeing how everything works. Honestly, I can hardly believe I've never gotten onto it before. After 38 years of research, it was a total surprise when a DNA match from FTDNA reached out and recommended it. Now I'm excited to see what I've been missing! Thanks again, Douglas

Don Correll

Hello Janet. Thank you for all the time and effort you spend helping newcomers like myself. I find researching my lineage to be fascinating and look for ward to more discoveries. Any advice on how I get started? Thanks.

David Gassner

Thanks (Ludwig) for the welcome, much appreciated. I will in due course begin looking for family. Expect some cries for help!

Darrell Symonds

Thank you Debi, I appreciate your personnel greetings. I’m a newbie; I’ll need to take baby steps for sure. :)

Greg Harris

Cheryl, I truly appreciate your welcoming words and advice. You must have guessed that I am having problems with entering sources. I shall take your suggestion to heart. and take advantage of the tips you have given me! Greg

Hélène Fillet

Thank you, Nicole, for your welcome on WikiTree, for your subsequent help and all those precious tips to look around a profile !!

Cathy Strabala

It's so "old school" to welcome someone to a digital service but I love it! Thanks, Greta, for reaching out and offering your assistance. Actions like this really encourage "noobs" like me to stick with the transition to a new system.

Kenneth Pitts

Mindy offers helps with question you have and I think this is a great help. This is a win in my book.

Owen Lake

Thanks Debi, I am new to this site & still feeling my way around. I'm sure the link you kindly provided me will prove to be very useful.

John Hicks

Thanks (Karen) for the greeting!

Tim Fitzgerald

Thank you (Mickey) for the introduction, it is much appreciated.


Karen, thank you so much for such a prompt and efficient help. You are a wonderful mentor ! Hélène

Ambereve Jenkins

Thank you for the warm welcome Mr. Dunkley. I’m very eager and excited to begin this journey to find out who I really am and where I come from. I sent my DNA to CRI Genetics just after Christmas and I have been obsessively checking my email and logging into their database, like a kid on a road trip! “Are we there yet, are we there yet?.....*5mins later.....NOW are we there yet? 😂 Needless to say, I am totally forward to this! Thank you, again for the lovely welcome greeting. Have a brilliant and joyful evening, Mr. D. ~Ambereve Jenkins-Ginunas

Kivalina Lawrence

Thank you (Hilary) for your kind welcome message!

Laura DeSpain

Cheryl, Thank you. I have read and, reread the many different Wiki help guides. I have already pre-1700 certified and, am working on the England Project. I continue to refer to the help guides for both Wiki and, the projects help guides. Inevitably there will always be questions. I am enjoying Wiki and, the wonderful people like you who help make Wiki a better source and, friendly and helpful place to work in.

Gail Keefe

Hello Debi, I will update my profile page. BTW I made a connection in one family line, interesting. He's an 8th distant cousin, shared ancestor 1600's but his wife is a 5th distant cousin. When I 1st started researching my French Canadian families in 2005, I found distant cousins in Quebec, Canada. They were helpful with records and translations. I appreciate the advice you've offered. Gail

Nancy Sanders

Thank you so much (Ludwig), I will take advantage of the tour and suggestions in just a short few. i appreciate all the tips and suggestions.

New Member

Hi Greta, I think this is a wonderful service you all have established! I am excited to be a part of getting the Vannatter tree established. I found your website as a result of a class project where I how to make a GenoGram. I am currently back in school in otter to obtain a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Addictions Counseling. I am 60 years old and this Masters Degree work is full time. I have one more year to go and then hopefully I will be able to dedicate time for this project. It seems there are some rules I’ll need to learn as it appears I am not allowed to add in information directly for my family. 23&me is what initiated my desire to fill in our tree.


Hi Greta. I am recently disabled with partial sight and a bit of brain damage. I have just tracked my family back for about 200 years and I am quite excited about the productive time I can now spend on your site. I also don't have all the assistive tech that I should have yet. just letting you know so if I make some mistakes, it wont be intentional. Many thanks

Melanie Gomes

Thank you so much (Mindy) for the time, info. I will definitely check out those links. It really warms my heart to know there is good people out there that genuinely care. Thanks so much.


Thank you Virginia. I like the intent of WikiTree and will likely stick around because the other places are so expensive. I have a large tree on Family Search which I will eventually find a way to get it over to help out. In Ireland the sources are quite limited but a have hundreds of names I transcribed from original church registers. So lets have fun.


I only found WikiTree this morning and am I impressed! Love that it's free - I'm on a limited income, and being greeted by Wendy was really a surprise. I'm here to stay and ready to close down my Ancestry and Heritage files. Well, maybe not close them but I'm sure I won't use them much. Wendy xo

JC May

Peggy - thanks for the warm welcome. Your work on here is inspiring! Looking forward to contributing as well.

Pearl Halabut

Hello Barbara, Thank you for your welcome. I have been amazed to see how much information and help is available on these pages.

Sharon Cataldo

Thank you for your welcome Gilly, I’ve been interested in family history and stories for years, sparked by my father’s research and am keen to discover much more.

George Brewer

Thanks Mindy for the encouragement. I'm still quite new to Wikitree and trying to learn how to navigate through it. I just happened to stumble across the site by googling a family member's name and it brought me here. I have since made a connection with a cousin through this site so it is very helpful. I use another genealogy site quite a bit so between the two I am able to make some progress.

Connie Bowers

Thank you for your kind welcome, (Pip)! I am looking around seeing what this site is all about. I appreciate your offer to help with any questions I might have. I will certainly let you know if I have any...

A. Pierson

Thanks for the hospitality (Cheryl). 2020 is my first foray into genealogy, and I am joining WikiTree because of its collaborative and non-commercial nature. Over time as cumulative research makes me more confident of my own work I look forward to posting.

Robert Tyler

Thanks for the welcome (Virginia). I love having yet another tool to trace my family roots.

Will Crisp

Thanks Karen, I'm enjoying using the site. I really like the concept of editing one giant tree vs everyone having their own tree as on other sites. I think it makes for high quality information all around.

Bonita Travis

Thanks for the welcome email (Cheryl). I was surprised to hear from a real person. I am looking forward to tracing my ancestry and my husband's.

New Member

(Pip), I am excited to join because I, quite by accident, stumbled upon the incredibly well done WikiTree Atwood family tree that includes my father William Mcadoo Atwood. I can add much information to my fathers page! I am intending to do so as soon I figure out how to do so! What an amazing organization!

New Member

Hi (Pip), I'm really happy that I found WikiTree. I've been interested in genealogy for the last 15 years or so, and now I'm discovering just how huge my family and my wife's families are. We're entering a "family taskforce" to find a common ancestor, and that's the moment I found WikiTree. I've already told the family about it, and I believe some of them will soon create profiles here too, in order to build a huge, collaborative family tree. So, I'd really like to volunteer to your project, so that I can contribute a little, also find precious information that I need and, by building our tree, input information to your global tree.

See y'all around!

New Member

Thank you (Pip) for the useful info! I started reading the links you gave to me and things are getting a lot clearer. Thank you for your support!

Amanda Paulauskis

Thank you (Cheryl) so much for the warm greeting. Anxious to learn and discover :)

Linden Van Wert

Hi (Karen)-- Thank you for the kindness of such a speedy welcome! Yes, after I visit the New Member How-To, I'll know more about which of my questions fall outside of the suggestions there, and thereafter to you. Thank you for the hospitality! Linden

Linden Van Wert

Hi (Wendy)-- Thank you for the suggestions. I'm about to visit the New Member How-To pages and am appreciative that you have them. Likewise the surname variations. My research has found more than a dozen spellings, many perhaps out of choice but also some may be misspellings, as in the Ellis Island sorts of guesses. I'm wondering, how does tagging all the variations keep from fragmenting a tree? I notice, for example that Gunn becomes Gunneson and ends up at Olafsson here, so I imagine I'll learn the answer in the How-To.

I want to note that I'm so pleased by the ethics of the site. Since the financial struggles back at RootsWeb, I've been chafed at the idea of paying dues for research which, if posted for the public on that site, require others to pay for access to those results we contribute. It has prevented me from posting or sharing for many many years at the thought of enabling an injustice to those who don't have the luxury of paying.

With appreciation, Linden

Richard Milne

Dear (Nicole) Thank you so much for your welcome! I have no idea where your own interests lie, but as is probably obvious, I am working back through direct ancestors on my father's side. I actually have solid data back to 1725, but there are a few blanks, including the death of my only uncle, which is odd given that he may have died in the 2000s. But it would be wonderful to meet folks who are related, and so I am interested to see what others have done already. Thanks again for the time I am sure you must be devoting to make WikiTree work. I'm sure much of that work must go unacknowledged, but is important to making it all work. Thank again! In Christ, Rich Milne

Nicholas Kenney

joined yesterday and (Wendy) sent me a message welcoming me. That's nice! In a world where people are in too big a hurry to even say hello to another, I really appreciated that small gesture. Thank you, Wendy! Thank you Wiki Tree!

Tammy Howard

I love it. Thank You (Debi) for all your dedication and those like you. You help us all.


Karen was really fast to welcome me to the community and guide me to help pages.

Ivan Matte

Thank you (Andrea) for promptly responding to my request to join WikiTree. I look forward to Learning, sharing information and adding to the work done here on WikiTree.

Juliette Dauterive

Thanks for the welcome and direction from Greta!

Shirley Avants

Just joined a couple of days ago so everything is a bit confusing. Janet cleared up a few things for me. Hope I remember when I log back in.

c Pashby

Thank you Karen .. looking forward for your advice and help with my family trees ..

Macalister Crowl

Ludwig Kraayenbrink is a Wonderful WikiTreer who greeted me cordially and expediently. Much obliged, Mr. Ludwig!

Allan Brown

I am sure Greta will be a wonderful helper for me.

Anonymous Rosen

Thank you (Shirley) for your welcome, I am looking forward to learning more and sharing what I learn!

June Todd

Hi Karen, I just wanted to thank you for the great help you have given me and all the others you have helped. I know you will continue to achieve great wisdom in helping each other and spread the knowledge. Thanks Karen, June Todd

Juliette Dauterive

This site is nicely organized. Wendy helped me navigate and get to the right area. Thank you!


As an aside, thanks for the efforts you (Nicole) and the other greeters put in welcoming new members - I know that it takes up plenty of your time! Cheers, Mark

Kate Romero

Thank you Cheryl! I found out on Oct. 8th, 2019 that my birth certificate father is not my bio dad. Working hard to discover who may be my father. I am new to the DNA world, so I appreciate your having checked in with me. My best, Katie

Rebecca Thompson

Karen Butler is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Quick response!

Len Lawson

Thank You Hilary, for greeting me so quickly I'm happy to be here.

Darcy Cross

Pip offered me help when I needed it most

S. Santiago

Karen Tobo is a Wonderful WikiTreer Thank you for your welcoming message!

Lea Isaacs

Thank you for the warm welcome and for being a wonderful wikitreer, Michele! :-) Kind Regards, Lea

Mark Dollhopf

Wendy, thank you so much for your prompt reply and your generous support. What a great service you are providing! Mark

Rendy Storie

Thank you Andrea Pack! I feel like I'm part of a family! I am excited to move my info into WikiTree and get started.

Tamara Hull-Loucks

Virginia has been a great help already just by letting me know there is someone here to help.

Edward McCarthy

Thanks for greeting me Pip, Just checking out your page has helped me see the capabilities of this site. It looks wondrous!, I'll get back to you when I have some specific questions.

Blake Graham

Pip, Thank you for your greeting. I'm looking forward to making some contributions. I have inherited a significant amount of research, and once it is uploaded, hopefully it can help others. Thank you again.


Thanks for the welcome Pip! I'm slowly figuring out the navigation of the site, but I appreciate the fact that the forum seems pretty collaborative and open. Thanks again. Best Regards,

Paul Kirby

Cheryl Hess is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Thanks for checking my progress. All is good at my end.

Shirley Mathews

Gilly Wood is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Gilly was very welcoming

Shirley Galligher

Thank you (Karen) for contacting me. Now do I need to wait before I can start adding my parent's names and their information?

Ej. Dean

Thank you Deb and everyone at Wikitree for your work. I am new at researching family genealogy. I would like to move slowly. Thanks to wikitree I have found many ancestors. Amazing! I have found an Mayflower, over 30 PGM, a Magna Carta signer, and some Palentine Migration. Truly thankful to you all. Sometimes it's overwhelming. Your projects are innovative. Wikitree is now the cutting edge of family research. I'm proud of you for filling a need for correctness. A pet peeve of mine. I brag to my family about you a lot. Elaine

Anne Marie Lalancette

Karen Butler is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Thanks for welcoming me! :)

Erin Ryan

Hi Andrea, Thank you for your email and for making me feel welcome. Kindest regards, Erin Ryan.

Doug Stewart

Hilary - Thank you for your greeting e-mail, a very nice touch.

Mike de Gouveia

Mindy is like an angel with a keyboard instead of wings. She appeared out of the blue with help and suggestions and tips. I have learnt from the amount of detail she includes in a genealogy record that I need to dig deeper into my family history. Thank you Mindy my angel with keyboard wings.

Paul Kirby

Hilary Gadsby - what a great welcome. Thanks muchly.

Betty Minzey

Thanks Deb for doing the sources for Martha Hall Nichoson your kindness is appreciated

Reg Fergus

Thanks Karen, think I'll take a wee while to find my way around.

Stormy Dugruise

Thank you for the warm welcome back wishes. Cindy was quick to send me the welcome. I thank you very much.

Stormy Dugruise

Thank you Debi for you kind words of welcome and encouragement. They are much appreciated.

Chris Tucker

Thanks VERY much Mindy. Your information and guidance are wonderful. I'm clearly in for a steep learning curve! Best wishes, Chris.

Michelle Bogdanovic

Cindy Lesure is a Wonderful WikiTreer!

Sharen Lininger

Debi Hoag is a Wonderful WikiTreer. I have tried RootsWeb. Is that the same as RootsSearch? Thank You for all your help, you are the BEST!!

Sharilee Swaity

Michelle greeted within an hour or so of coming on the site. Very prompt! Thanks!

Marion Ceruti

Thank you (Wendy) for your help with Ceruti-45. I was wondering how to name children in profiles who died without a first name.

Cedar Branches Lind

Thanks (Debi) for all the assistance getting started! <3

Sharen Lininger

When I first started with WikiTree, I had a lot trouble with what I was loading. I didn't have sources and resented it when I was notified about that. Now, however, after going back and sourcing my entries, I realize just how IMPORTANT this is. I have found several wrong sources that were added to my Ancestors in Ancestry.com. I'm not knocking Ancestry.com, but I find that I like the help that your people are giving in order to keep the tree true. Keep up the good work (Debi). Glad I joined!!

Meredith Andres

Thanks, Michelle. I never cease to be amazed at the volunteer work people do! More power you you, Meredith

Barbara Bogart

Thank you, Karen. I found wikitree by accident trying to find info on my German ancestors. I have been working on MyHeritage site and will create GEDCOM asap. I am excited.

Doreen Scarlett

Thank-you very much for your welcome and help (Ludwig). I hope I can be a help to your group. cheers Doreen

Anonymous Stewart

Again, thank you (David) for your prompt responses. I joined because I saw my Mom's family tree and that the information stopped with her Mother's family. I wanted to add what I know to the "tree".

Kathleen O’Connor

Hi David. Thank you so much! I only have this phone-no Computer so checking my mail and coming back to my pages has been difficult. Trying to do it myself didn’t work well and YOU came along! Thank you so much! You have indeed earned those badges! Can’t wait to work on projects and learn from you!😊🌷Kathleen Stringer.

J Hadley

Thanks for the greeting Shirley! You put a smile on my dial.

Ian Hogarth

Thanks for the welcome Pip. I have a full family tree on GENi but have found some amazing information on WikiTree about some of my ancestors so have decided to join the site it self to see if I can learn more

Marta Lucía Fernández Espinosa

Gilly helped me by showing me my difficulties in adapting my privacy. I had a hard time understanding because of the language, but I finally succeeded. Thanks for your notification.

Karl Mesander

Pip Sheppard is a Wonderful WikiTreer!

David Vieira

Ludwig Kraayenbrink is a Wonderful WikiTreer!

Private Mail

Thank you (Hilary) for figuratively taking my hand and walking me through the steps to get started, volunteer, and contribute. You were super kind & helpful and I appreciated the warm welcome so much!

Doug Jenkins

Thank you (Norman Dodge) for your welcome! Doug

Ewald Schmidt

Karen Butler is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Why - "How do I get past Guest member?" Thank so much!

Janet Johnston MacDonald

Mindy Silva is a wonderful Mentor who has been very gracious in helping me recently. Her knowledge of Wikitree makes me "look good" 😎. Thank you Mindy, the Killed in Action and POW profiles in the MacDonald lineage look wonderful thanks to you!

Elaine Murphy

Ludwig Kraayenbrink is a Wonderful WikiTreer. I appreciate the quick and welcoming response from Ludwig

Hope Hiatt

Mindy Silva is an outstanding representative for Wikitree's new members, not only putting them at ease when we don't really know what the heck we are doing, but offering her help and advice without making you feel like an idiot, which is a theme I have seen from others during my short time as a new member. Although I have not contacted her for assistance as yet, I am sure I will be asking for her help before too long. Thank you for the warm welcome and kind offer of assistance. Makes you feel like you can take on the world, knowing that she is behind you, if needed. Thanks, Mindy. Hope

Jan Storey

Dorothy is Wonderful - thank you so much for your help with my tree.

Dawn Laverty-Richardson

Pip Sheppard is wonderful - trying to add my parent

Linda Price

Perfect help (from Mindy Silva) for a new Wiki (beginner) Genealogist

Chaney Lovellette

David Selman is a Wonderful greeter and made me feel welcome and acclimated to this new website.

Dulcie Verner Fusillo

Hi, Debi! So nice to hear from you and receive such warm welcome. I am coming to love WT even though I am still a newbie here. I find some of the research here so very well documented and consider it a trusted resource. I will check into your suggestion about a State SubProject. I am a registrar for our 1812 Society as well as for our Colonial Dames CDXVII Century. I hold chapter office in DAR and UDC and ama a State Officer in our DAR in NC. I stay pretty busy but I do want to contribute what I can. I look forward to working with you and WT in the future!

Steven Bentley

Her (Hilary's) greeting email was prompt, welcoming and had just the right amount of nudge in the right direction. Kudos on a well-executed "welcome mat".

William Elswick

Thank you [ Karen Butler ] for greeting me so quickly and being so friendly. I really appreciate that!

Pam Parker

I just found Wikitree a few days ago and decided to join after conducting more research about the site. I was surprised to hear from someone affiliated with Wikitree. I greatly appreciate David's warm welcome - thanks David [Selman]!

Barton Lewis

Thanks very much, Mary Richardson, for your detailed answers helping me to get up and running on WikiTree.


Thanks so much (Karen) for checking up on me and sending the link to New Member How to's. It was very helpful. I am stunned at how helpful people are here. I have been doing genealogy for about 30 years. I have always done it on my own. I have read books and things but as far as a person actually helping or even offering to help, nope not ever. So this is just all new to me. I really like it. All forums should take this approach. Other places don't place near enough emphasis on sources either. That is so critical. I actually threw away the first tree I had created after about my first 10 years of work because about 3/4 of it wasn't documented and I realized how much of it was incorrect. So I started over from scratch with only documented entries. It takes much longer but it is much more accurate and much more fulfilling. Anyway, thanks so much for helping me keep things on the straight and narrow!

Steve Archuleta

Have you seen the AMAZING and informative response by Wiki-Tree people when I asked for genealogy help on finding my maternal side great-great grandfather's Canadian birth records? I am shocked and happy (!) with the responses... and great information! (Greeted by Mindy and helped by both Mindy and Mary)

Shelley Francis

Thank you so much (Andrea), I truly appreciate the welcome!

Lailah Evangelista

Karen Butler is a Wonderful WikiTreer. (And Karen's wonderful response: Thank you so much for this Lailah, it is very much appreciated, I am here to help you whenever you need it, and I hope you enjoy your exciting journey to the past)

Michael Branum

Thank you Karen for making me feel welcome!

Audrey van den Berg

Thanks for your Welcome Pip. Looking forward to finding more relatives

Janet MacDonald

Re: Your supportive email. Thank you (Mindy) so much! I am having fun and am truly hooked.

Audrey Whitehead

Thanks Deb for Welcoming me into this genealogy posting. Hope to find more answers and maybe help others. Cheers.

Gordon Bauer

Attaboy for Janet Wild. Thank you for making my entry into the world of family trees. Good wikigreeter. gb

Gerald Holt

Hi Debi, Thanks for the welcoming email. I appreciate it. I do have a question because I don't know how the GEDCOM Compare work. Gerald Holt.

New Member

Just a note to say thank you (Debi (McGee) Hoag) for pointing me to the Dutch group, it may very well lead to more great information on my Dutch ancestors.

Jim Hamill

Pip was incredibly quick in welcoming me as a new member. Hopefully she or he? will be able to help me a productive volunteer.

Sandra Allison

Virginia has been so helpful to me. There is a large learning curve to this site and I have had problems getting familiar with it. Virginia has been such a delightful person and so helpful to me. She takes a personal interest in helping others . Thank you Ginny for being a wonderful WikiTreer


Mary, Thank You so much for the message welcoming me as a Pre1700 member and suppling some links to Projects I might join.... which I will need for my Pre-1500 certification.

Elizabeth Barnes

Thank you again Karen. Your help and guidance is so appreciated. :) I don’t even know how to tag adoption. Lol

Marilyn Jones

Thank you Mindy Silva. As a new Wikitreer I really appreciate your offer to assist me in getting started. Marilyn

D. Schwer

Thank you (Liz) for confirming me, & for all the work you have done contributing to WikiTree. Your credentials are very impressive.

Arron Grammond

Thank you (Ginnie) for the greeting. Looking forward to sharing resources on my Family tree.

Jennifer Wassink

Thank you for the kind welcome email (Pip)

Roger Callister

Thanks, Janet for filling in and helping me with instructions on getting started and moving off the guest profile.


Thank you, Pip for the kind welcome. As this is a new experience for me, I welcome all the help and encouragement I can get. I look forward to working together with many of the other volunteers on this collaboration. Thanks, Sandie

Sandra Beaudway

(Mindy) thank you for welcoming me  :)

Beatriz Verona Alves da Silva

Every warm greeting I have been receiving here at WikiTree is much appreciated and makes me feel comfortable and eager to share and learn about our ancestors. Thank you very much for your kind welcome, Karen Butler

P Melt

Thank you for the welcome, Karen!

Robert Grubbs

Thanks (Mindy) for your help and time - much appreciated! I couldn't have done it (completed his gedcom) without you. Bob

Donna Harris

David has helped me to learn to use WikiTree and has merged two profile for me to show me how to do it. I appreciate his help!!

D.J. Johnson

Hello Michele, Thank you so much for greeting me in the volunteer family. I really appreciate all of the information you provided for me. I am looking forward to contributing as much as I can to help others on their path to finding their ancestral heritage. Have a great upcoming weekend! Sincerely, D.J. Johnson

Rae Davis

Hi Mindy. Thanks for the message. I am really happy to have found this site. Entering the data has been a little slow, especially as I am double checking the sources I have, as well as finding sources for what have previously been only family lore. I've been going through papers given to me by family members and finding treasures. It is a lot fun and very interesting.

It's great to know there are other people out there working on their, as I recently heard from a Max Lucato book, "ancestrees"! Rae

D.J. Johnson

Thank you so much (Shirley) for the very nice greeting and welcome. I truly appreciate your willingness to help me progress further and help others on the site.

Beatriz Verona Alves da Silva

Every warm greeting I have been receiving here at WikiTree is much appreciated and makes me feel comfortable and eager to share and learn about our ancestors. Thank you very much for your kind welcome, Karen Butler. Obrigada.

Donna (Stephens) Harris

David has helped me to learn to use WikiTree and has merged two profile for me to show me how to do it. I appreciate his help!!

D.J. Johnson

Hello Shirley, Thank you so much for the very nice greeting and welcome. I truly appreciate your willingness to help me progress further and help others on the site. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend! Sincerely, D.J. Johnson

D.J. Johnson

Hello Michele, Thank you so much for greeting me in the volunteer family. I really appreciate all of the information you provided for me. I am looking forward to contributing as much as I can to help others on their path to finding their ancestral heritage. Have a great upcoming weekend! Sincerely, D.J. Johnson

Scott Fitzgerald

Thanks for the warm welcome! I am loving Wikitree. I was able to put in a lot of my records the first week and I can't wait for work to slow down a bit so I can get back to it. I have found all the people here to be very helpful and friendly and I've already connected to a very, very distant cousin! Great site. Great community. And I am happy to be a part of it! Scott

Thomas Jeter

Norman, thank you for the welcome message. I am looking forward to exploring and learning more about my family. Recently I have been studying the methods to use my DNA to break through the walls in my tree.

Sarah Zornes

Hi, Emma! Thanks for the welcome! I'm excited to dig deeper into the Zornes' lineage. Any information or suggestions you might have are really appreciated!

My father-in-law's father was put in an orphanage at an early age, so we're trying to find his parents and trace the lineage back. Do you know of any Zornes in the Kentucky/Ohio area that might have put their children up for adoption? Looking forward to talking more! Sarah Zornes

Monna Shaw

Hi Carole, Thank you for the welcome message.

Linda Ochotorena

Thank you (Karen) for the welcome information. I am excited to part of a great group.

Chris Branson

Dorothy Barry is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Thanks for your warm welcome and link to new member help!

Mary (Solorzano) Boyce

Thank you (Pip) for your kind welcome.

Laverne Lovercheck

A big thanks to Hilary Gadsby a Wikitreer. Hoping this experience will be a great one. Always ready for new adventures. What should I expect on Wiki Tree?

Jan (Kauffman) Storey

Thank you Andrea for welcoming me to WikiTree. I have been working with genealogy for about 20 years. I love discovering new info.

Barbara Hoolihan

Thank you (Debi) for your message and offer of assistance. I am slowly learning how to "climb" this WikiTree! It is nice to know there are people out there to give help! I will definitely keep you in mind when I run into a problem or have a question! Thanks again!!

Anonymous Pruitt

I just want to thank Debi for her thoughtfulness and willingness to help me get started, and for her kindness in welcoming me. I have never done this before and am looking forward to meeting those who will cross my path in this journey. God bless you Debi.

Ludwig (A Greeter)

Firstly, congratulations to Mary and all the WikiTree greeter volunteers for their commitment and appreciation from the wikitree community. Always nice to get accolades from your peers. At my last employer (City of Unley) we had over 400 volunteers doing activities in the museum, library, community centres, community care, community bus drivers etc, Always admired their commitment and enthusiasm. Without these valuable free hours many services at the City would not have possible. I feel this is exactly what the Wikitree greeter group is all about: commitment, helping each other, sharing knowledge, sharing personal highs and downs and keeping the feed manned 24x7!! So this WW is not only for me or Mary but extends to you all. Well done team and as they say over here: Good on you mates!! Ludwig

Eva (Gawlik) Gawlik-Sutter M. A.

Hi, dear Ludwig :) thank you for your friendly welcome to Wikitree. Now I have to wait a week until I can write in my very old ancestors (before the year of 1700). Greetings from Southern Germany, Eva

David Hughey

Mary Richardson is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Mary is incomparable.

Nelda Spires

I was just bragging on Mary yesterday. She was my greeter when I first signed up for WikiTree. She was very warm and encouraging and sent me links to the New User How-to pages which were invaluable. I will always be grateful for that initial positive experience she provided to me.

Joseph Davies

Cindy Lesure has been wonderfully WikiTreer being so very helpful with my questions concerning a profile manager that has been unresponsive. Pointing me in the correct direction, sending links and in general bein interested in both me and my experiences with WikiTree. She definitely deserves Kudo's.

Penny Elder

I just want to thank Debi for her thoughtfulness and willingness to help me get started, and for her kindness in welcoming me. I have never done this before and am looking forward to meeting those who will cross my path in this journey. God bless you Debi.

Marilyn Jones

Thank you Mindy Silva. As a new Wikitreer I really appreciate your offer to assist me in getting started.

Yvonne (D’Arcy) Purcell

Hi David. Thank you for your very welcoming email, It really made my day. I must say the members of the WikiTree “family” are so warm and friendly, I am so delighted to be one of you now. I am very slowly getting my family tree together, I’m afraid I’m I haven’t gotten very far tracing my ancestors up to now and may even have a couple of “stolen” ones which I hope to rectify as soon as I can. Thank you again for your warm welcome Kindest regards. Yvonne.

Vicki Luckow

Virginia, I am excited about being part of WikiTree, and especially relieved to know I can reach out to you for assistance, after I have read the other instructions! I look forward to working with you and others. Thank you!

Vicki Luckow

Thank you, Ginny for the welcome. I am excited to see if I can find more family on the original Luckow side.

Gabrielle Leon

Andrea Pack is a Wonderful WikiTreer. Lovely to be personally greeted at the start of this genealogy journey. Thanks! :)

Blake Pace

I was, scared to death to admit my total beginner status, as many people I know quickly rattle off a bunch of genealogical jargon when I mention I have taken a DNA test to help learn my background. Ginny quickly put me at ease, so now I can calmly learn the amazing amount of information available here. Thank you, Ginny!

Katherine Wright

Thank you (Michele Bazley) for sending me a welcome e-mail. I am very excited to get started. I am a long-term researcher on Ancestry and have helped work on 3 lines of my family and ex-husbands. Also, my godsons, and several friends. Thanks and looking forward to helping others, Kat

John Goodwin

Mary has been a big help as I start my wikitree. Thanks again Mary.

Brian Sharp

I'm not exactly the most organised genealogist and she (Karen Tobo) gently keeps me on track and points out small details and adds facts to what I already have. Thanks for being a good genealogy mentor. Brian

Doloris Maddox

I would like to thank Andrea Pack for answering my email so fast and explaining how I can move forward on my tree. Doloris

Nancy Vicknair

Thanks to Karen I already feel welcome. I hope we are cousins!

Richard Heffernan

Hi Hilary, Thank you for welcoming me to the Wikitree community. I've been doing genealogical research for several years with other online resources but I'm always looking for new paths to more information. I look forward to the new discoveries awaiting me. Regards, Richard Heffernan

Pamela Culy

David taught me how to use public references as sources. He took the time to provide examples, making it much simpler than what is imported from a GEDCOM. As a newbie to WikiTree, I really need his expertise.

Deborah Borneman Arcaro

Thanks for such a warm and cheerful welcome, Karen! I’m so new to this and was a little intimidated, but your message was so encouraging...especially the part about “no such thing as a silly question”. You may want to rethink that one after a few of mine!

Pamela Culy

Shirley greeted me when I first joined WikiTree. I wasn't sure I was going to like being here, so I didn't thank her right away. Now thanks are overdue. I really like being a WikiTree-er and love how everyone is so helpful! Thanks Shirley for offering to help me!

Pamela Culy

Debi sent me a message when I first joined. She included a link to basic help pages that got me going in the right direction. Thanks Debi for all you do!


In a message to Pip Sheppard: Thank you so much! I am looking forward to WikiTree. It helped me solve a mystery of my 3rd great grandfather, Green Berry Trotter, and helped me solve a bigger mystery of which Trotter line my family belongs to. Thank you!


In a post about Ginny Fields: Thanks for your welcome - so much :)


"Hi Vicky, Thank you so very much for your warm welcome, and tips! I really appreciate your helpfulness and kindness. I am fairly new to genealogy and find it very exciting, yet a bit intimidating especially since the WikiTree is shared by so many. So your words of welcome, and helpful tips have made me feel more comfortable navigating!

Thank you, thank you! All the best, Annick"


In a message to Debi McGee Hoag, Andria shared this.
"Thanks for your suggestions, Debi. They couldn't have come at a better time, and I'll follow them up. Andria"

Susan Smith

In a message to Cindy Williams Lesure, Susan shared this.
"The WikiTree Experience has been exceptionally pleasant. It's like walking through a small town and everyone smiles or waves while you are walking along. It's like a total "Wow." Thank you to all of you. Susan Smith"

Marnie Shepperd

"Shirley Strutton Dalton, thank you so much! I’m amazed and delighted to get a personal e-mail from a real live human being! :-)
I’ve been putting my tree together for many years, and just recently have evaluated the various online options looking for the maximum amount of visibility balanced with a good amount of change management. I’ll look forward to learning more and participating in WikiTree.

Teresa Downey

In a message to Debi McGee Hoag, Teresa shared this.
"Thank you. I am enjoying wikitree a lot. Everyone - Greeters and page owners - have all be so helpful and nice. I used part of the How To and will go back and see what else I can learn. Teresa"

Donald Morrison

"Thanks for the followup. I have been on a number of other sites and I have found Wikitree the best by far. There is a lot there and I am just getting use to navigating the site but what I have been able to do I am quite pleased. Thanks for being there for me and I forward to find many pleasant hours of browsing."

Reed Hume

"Hi Karen Finnerty Butler:
Thank you for what must have been years of effort to assemble all of these data, unbelievable the effort you have put into it. I and many others are deeply indebted to you. Many thanks. Reed"

Teresa Conant

"Even though I've just started my genealogy journey, I know where my home is. Shirley Strutton Dalton sent me an email noting I'd been here a week and asked how I was getting on. I sent her an email essay which will probably take her another week to read! Wow, you greeters and helpers are so important toward creating a community. Teresa"

Charles-André Bertrand

"Hi David Selman I am surprised, amazed, astonished ( I'm running out of words ) at how far I could go back in my family's past, all thanks to wikitree. Up until two weeks ago we had no idea who were our ancestors before my great grand-parents and now we can go back to the 1400's. What a great treat this is. Thank yo so much. Keep up the good work. Charles-Andre"

Paul Faint

"Hi Gilly Wood. Thanks for the welcome. I have long had an interest in genealogy as my uncle (on my mothers side) was President of the Qld Genealogy Society and traced the St Pierre family back to 900 AD but I have been curious about my fathers family...Faint. By using the WikiTree database and starting with my Grandfather I was able to trace my ancestry back to 1550 AD. Very useful. Cheers, Paul"


"Dear Emma MacBeath, thank you so much for your kind message. This is the first time that anyone has ever welcomed me to a website and offered to help."

Ellen Syska

"Hello Cindy Williams Lesure, I wanted to thank you very much for the tips on finding sources. I will certainly make use of them. I am a newcomer on wikitree, but already I have found a lot of interesting information! I use the the sites ancestry.com and 23andme.com regularly but I have the impression that wikitree is a whole new world to explore. One fascinating thing I have discovered at the end of a new branch that opened up on my tree on wikitree is that I may be one of the 100,000, descendants of Pocahontas and her father, Wahunsenacawh Powhatan, 11 or 12 generations back. Now, if that is true, I never would have imagined that! How exciting! It goes through family lines (to mention a few): Skelton, Depriest, Bolling, Rolfe. I do still have to do more checking though. Added to that, I must explore some of my other branches that meander through Poland and Lithuania on one half and though Tennessee-Virginia for another 1/4, and London-Ireland for the remaining 1/4. Now the adventure begins. Thank you very much again, Ellen"

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