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Welcome to the Gardner One Name Study

About the Project

The Gardner Name Study project serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Gardner name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists who are researching or have an interest in the Gardner name.

As a One Name Study, this project is not limited to persons who are related biologically. Individual team studies can be used to branch out the research into specific methods and areas of interest, such as geographically (England Gardners), by time period (18th Century Gardners), or by topic (Gardner DNA, Gardner Occupations, Gardner Statistics). These studies may also include a number of family branches which have no immediate link with each other. Some researchers may even be motivated to go beyond the profile identification and research stage to compile fully sourced, single-family histories of some of the families they discover through this name study project.

Also see the related surnames and surname variants.

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If a team does not yet exist for your particular area of interest, please contact the Name Study Coordinator: Charlotte Shockey for assistance.

Teams / Research Pages

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Project Leader: Howard Reynolds
Co-Project Leader: Charlotte Shockey
Member: Enrique Treat
Member: Sarah Martin

Gardner One Name Study Goals

The objective of this study is to identify all Gardner and Gardiner cousins. The sort out the brick walls and find solutions.

What You Can Do

  1. Work cooperatively together with other Gardner/Gardiner profile managers to create the best Gardner/Gardiner tree possible.
  2. Search out original rather than derivative documentation and add sources to Gardner/Gardiner profiles.
  3. Write comprehensive, well-sourced biographies for Gardner/Gardiner profiles.
  4. Check for duplicates and request merges.
  5. Contact Sarah to request PPP status for those profiles that meet the criteria for project protection. This will protect them from an incorrect merge.
  6. If you are a male with the Gardner/Gardiner surname or a variant and haven't already, please consider testing your yDNA through the Gardner/Gardiner FamilyTreeDNA Project (link below) so that we can all have a better understanding of our heritage and possibly make new discoveries.

Gardner/Gardiner Brickwalls

Below are either brickwalls or not fully connected to the One Tree.
Name Birth Death
George Gardiner abt 1615 - England abt 1677 - RI
Archabald Gardner 1795 Apr 22 - NY 1865 Apr 14 - IN
Richard Gardner abt 1550 - ENG
Isabella (Gardner) Welchman abt 1552 - ENG abt 1593
Martin Gardner abt 1586 - ENG
Joseph Gardner abt 1589 - ENG 1668 Nov 24 - MA
Richard Gardner abt 1595 - ENG abt 1690 - MA
Richard Gardner abt 1600
John Gardner 1624 May 15 - ENG 1668 Nov 24 - MA
Richard Gardner 1628 Jun 13 - MA 1698 May 29 - MA
Sarah Gardner 1631 - MA 1686 Apr 15 - MA
Seith Gardner 1636 - MA abt 1659
Catherine (Gardner) Barton 1645 - ENG 1703 - ENG
John Gardner 1650
John Gardner abt 1650
Thomas Gardner 1654 Dec 24 bef - ENG
Martin Gardner abt 1655 - Barbados abt 1710 - VA
Hannah Gardner abt 1657 - MA 1728 Mar 15
Sarah Gardner abt 1660 - MA 1716 Dec 19 - MA
James Gardner 1660 May 19 - MA
Esther Gardner 1671 Dec 7 - MA
Esther Gardner 1672 Apr 14 - MA
Thomas Gardner abt 1689 - PA
Sarah Smith (Gardner) Howard abt 1692 - MD 1753 Jun 15 - MD
Edward Gardner 1702 Sep 21 bef - ENG
Rebecca Gardner abt 1703 - NC abt 1790 - NC
William Gardner abt 1706 - ENG
Ezekiel Gardner abt 1712 1799 Apr 22 - RI
John Gardner abt 1712 1759 Apr 6
Nathaniel Gardner 1714 Jun 16 - RI 1761 Jan 1 - RI
John Gardner abt 1720 - NC 1790 Feb 17 - NC
Patience Gardner 1721 Feb 17 - MA 1804 Jan 21 - MA
Hannah Gardner abt 1722 - NC 1844 Nov 10
Anna Gardner 1723 - NC 1775 Jun 17 - NC
James Gardner 1725 - NC 1790 Nov 1 - NC
Jane Gardner 1726 - NC
Isaac Gardner 1726 May 9 - MA 1775 Apr 19 - MA
Mary Gardner 1727 - PA 1796 Feb 7 - PA
James Gardner 1734 - NC 1790 Sep 12 - NC
William Gardner 1736 MAr 17 - MD 1794 - MD
Martin Gardner 1739 - NC 1784 Mar 29 - NC
Katharine Gardner 1741 Aug 9 bef - MA
George Gardner abt 1750
Suzanna Gardner 1750 - MA
Elizabeth (Gardner) Weeden 1751 1836 Sep 10
Draper Gardner 1751 Nov 23 ENG
Barzilla Gardner 1753 Jan 12
Rhoda Gardner 1757 - MA
Stephen Gardner abt 1759 1839 Jan 30 bef - ENG
Mercy Gardner 1760
Emilia (Gardner) Priest 1763 - VA 1837 May 25 - OH
Thomas Gardner 1768 - UK 1846 - UK
Benjamin Gardner abt 1805
Michael L. Gardner 1818 Mar 25 - Germany 1876 Apr 9 - Jasper, IN
John Gardner 1703 1767
Ada Artelia (Gardner) Marshall 1897 Nov 26 - Albermarle, VA 1965 Jan 23 - Charlottesville, VA
John Gardiner 1845 - Scotland
Miriam (Gardner) Boelens 1899 Jan 23 1977
James Alvin Gardner 1890 - Indian Territory 1967 - Porterville, CA
Richard Gardner 1795 Jun 3 - NC
Sarah D. Gardner 1642
Martha (Gardner) Milam 1677 - VA 1727 - VA
Giles Gardner 1761 abt 1839 - England

The Gardner Name

The history of the name Gardner dates back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It is derived from a member of the family who worked as a gardener. The surname Gardner originally derived from the Old French word gardinier. It was later adopted in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Name Variations

(click to see list of WikiTree profiles for each surname)


Notable Gardner's

  • Ava Gardner, American Actress
  • Brett Gardner, Professional baseball outfielder
  • Janet Gardner, American Rock Singer
  • Ginny Gardner, Actress
  • Erle Stanley Gardner, American Lawyer and Author (Perry Mason series)
  • Gerald Gardner, aka Scire, an English Wiccan, author
  • Stacey Gardner, American Actress, Model and Attorney
  • Chris Gardner, Actor
  • Larry Gardner, MLB 3rd Baseman
  • Devin Gardner, NFL Quarterback
  • Dale Gardner, NASA Astronaut
  • John Gardner, American Novelist, Essayist, Literary Critic, University Professor
  • Herb Gardner, American Commercial Artist, Cartoonist, Playwright, Screenwriter
  • Guy Gardner, NASA Astronaut
  • Martin Gardner, American Popular Mathematics, Popular Science Writer
  • Randy Gardner, American Former Pair Skater
  • Ed Gardner, American Comic Actor, Writer, Director
  • Davante Gardner, Basketball Player
  • Bunk Gardner, member of The Mothers of Invention (music group)
  • Tom Gardner, one of 3 founders of The Motley Fool
  • Rulon Gardner, American Olympian Wrestler
  • Lee Gardner, MLB Pitcher
  • James C. Gardner, aka Jim Gardner, Mayor of Shreveport, LA
  • Howard Gardner, Author
  • Daisy Gardner, American TV Writer and Comedienne "30 Rock, Californication, South Park"
  • Frank Gardner, Britist Journalist and Correspondent
  • Obadiah Gardner, American Politician from Maine
  • Dave Gardner, Actor
  • Billy Gardner, MLB Player, Coach, Manager
  • Lisa Gardner, American Author of Fiction "The Killing Hour, The Next Accident"
  • Rob Gardner, Drummer in Guns N' Roses
  • Ricardo "Bibi" Gardner, Jamaican Footballer
  • John Gardner, Deputy Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations; Chief Justice of the colony's Superior Court
  • Elizabeth Gardner, Freestyle Skier
  • Craig Gardner, English Footballer
  • Adam Gardner, American guitarist & vocalist of the band Guster
  • Ian Gardner aka The Cobra, Boxer
  • Jessica Gardner, Actress
  • Washington Gardner, Lawyer, Minister, Politician, Civil War veteran from Michigan
  • Cedric Gardner, Actor
  • Georgie Gardner, Australian Journalist, TV Personality
  • Tony Gardner, American Makeup and Special Effect Designer "Zombieland"
  • Jimmy Gardner, British Actor
  • Ashley Gardner, Author
  • Frederick Leigh Gardner, British Occultist & Member of various initiatory orders "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn"
  • Dede Gardner, American Film Producer; President of Plan B Entertainment (founded by Brad Pitt)
  • Mark Gardner, MLB Pitcher
  • Robert Gardner, American Academic, Anthropologist, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Jim Gardner, American News Anchor for WPVI-TV in Philly
  • Margaret Gardner, Australian Academic, Community Leader, Economist
  • John Gardner, English Spy & Thriller Novelist "James Bond series"
  • Joan Gardner, American Actress & Voice Over
  • Craig Shaw Gardner, American Author
  • Alex Gardner, aka A-L-X, Scottish Pop Singer
  • Tony Gardner, English Actor & Doctor
  • Ashley Gardner, American Stage Actress
  • Frank Gardner, OAM Racing Driver
  • Arthur Gardner, Actor, Film Producer, TV Producter
  • Jack Garnder, Film Actor
  • Hy Gardner, Entertainment Reporter, Syndicated Columnist for NY Herald Tribune
  • Booth Gardner, 19th Governor of the US State of Washington
  • Thomas Gardner, NBA Player
  • Joan Gardner, British Actress
  • Wayne Gardner, former Grand Prix motorcycle road race & touring car racer

Infamous Gardner's

  • Ronnie Lee Gardner, American Criminal for murder
  • Roy Gardner, American's most infamous prison escapee & celebrated outlaw in the 1920's

Gardner Place Names

  • Gardner, Illinois
  • Gardiner, Ulster, New York

Gardner Businesses, Etc

Gardner DNA Studies

Gardner Y-DNA FamilyTreeDNA Group

Books Written By Gardner's

The following are books written by Gardner's and descendants that are not of a genealogical matter.

  • Lisa Gardner, American Author of Fiction "The Killing Hour, The Next Accident"
  • Erle Stanley Gardner, American Lawyer and Author (Perry Mason series)
  • Gerald Gardner, aka Scire, an English Wiccan, author
  • Howard Gardner, Author
  • Ashley Gardner, Author
  • Craig Shaw Gardner, American Author
  • Heidi Garnder
  • Katy Gardner
  • Floyd M. Garnder
  • Jane F. Gardner
  • John Gardner

Gardner Resources

  • Gardiner-Gardner genealogy: including the English ancestry of George Gardiner, immigrant ancestor of Newport, R.I., & many of his descendants, especially his grandson, Stephen Gardiner of Gardner Lake, Connecticut. Clara Gardner Miller, John Milton Stanton; Tuttle Publishing Company (1937). 205 pages.
  • Gardner History and Genealogy. Lillian May Stickney Gardner, Charles Morris Gardner. Erie Printing Company (1907). 405 pages.
  • Gardner Genealogy (Mississippi to Texas). Sallie Stewart Harrison. E.D. Grimes (Publisher). 425 pages.
  • Gardner Family Lines in Early New England

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Hello, My name is Jakki and my Grandmother was Idella Gardner Young. She was born in Elizabethton, TN, Carter County. I have a lot of Gardners in my tree on Ancestry and would love to join this group before transferring what I have.
Includes all Gardner. However, my specialty is for Gardiners descended in Narrangansett, R.I.
posted by Howard Reynolds
I am looking for "Temperance Gardner" married to Levi Joy of Boston in 1794. Levi died in 1811, then she married James Packer. I have found her in Grafton County, New Hampshire. But, I cannot find any birth records nor a death record (yet).

I have found a "Temperance Gardner" of Nantucket, MA - she seems to be of African decent. I am beginning to wonder if the two are the same person.

Does your study include African Americans named "Gardner"?

posted by H. Russell
Hello Gardners!

I'm a casual WikiTree user but it looks like I've added over 1200 profiles over the past few years and a couple "Free-Space" pages like the "Gardner Family Lines in New England" linked above.

I just added another Free-Space page, since we're stuck at home, that summarizes some of the Y-DNA data from the FamilyTreeDNA Gardner Surname Project. I found a "cool tool" app that clusters the tests and creates dendograms of related haplogroup clades. The page is GARDNER_R-U106_DNA:

Check out the graphs. I noticed the top person in the Brick Wall list above, George Gardiner (Gardiner-38) has some descendants who've done the Y-DNA test. So my small request is that everyone out there who is a Gardner, submit their Y-DNA to be added so we can sort out some of the lines--especially in Tennessee and North Carolina.

I'm not a DNA expert but as far as my understanding goes, the more data the better. I also noticed that the WikiTree DNA project categories are a bit dated. A bunch of Gardner profiles(18) were placed in the R1b1b2 category which was renamed to R-M269, R1b1a1a2, almost 10 years ago. Maybe someone else has more experience with this. My info comes from Wikipedia.

Bob G.

posted by Robert Gardner
Replied on G2G
posted by Robert Gardner
I am not an Autosomal DNA expert but I am fairly knowledgeable on the subject. My discovery is the following: I am currently matching over 27,000 AncestryDNA testers and I find it just too coincidental that two of my matches are surnamed SLAUGHTER. Furthermore, I don’t consider the surname SLAUGHTER to be a common surname at all. Finally, since Benoni Gardner is my 7th great grandfather, his mother, in my opinion, was Sarah SLAUGHTER, especially since my two SLAUGHTER matches are very distant, meaning that they appear to fit the range in distance to a possible 8th great grandparent. Sarah SLAUGHTER would therefore be my 8th great grandmother.
A source containing original data from England, Essex Parish Registers, 1538-1900. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013 indicates a male GARDENER with a BAPTISM DATE of 22 MAY 1636 with a BAPTISM PLACE of Castle-Hedingham, Essex, England. Father is listed as George GARDENER. Mother is not listed. FHL Film Number 1472365.

If this document is referring to Benoni Gardiner, then I would argue that his date of birth must have been on or before his baptism date. Again, document states BAPTISM DATE as being 22 MAY 1636. Again, his place of baptism is shown as Castle-Hedingham, Essex, England.

Please share your comments.

About places:

Gardner Junction, near Gardner, KS. Split of the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails.

Gardner, CO with views of the Sangre De Cristo range.

Gardiner, OR, where barque Bostonian wrecked (1850).

Gardiners Island is still in the family.

Gardner Island also known as Nikumaroro. Recent discussions of this as place where Amelia Earhart crashed. See Whaling family (Gardner).

posted by John M. Switlik
Kenneth, thank you for testing using the autosomal method. That method will let you compare results and let you know if another (male or female) is related and if so approximately how close (1st thru 8th cousins).

Another type of dna test are matriarchial for females for only identifying females in the line. The 3rd test is the y-dna test The last is ydna for males to identify only the males in the male line. It would be great if your mother's brother (a Gardner) could take the ydna test. If your Gardiners are a part of the Narrangansett clan, then I can probably take you back to the original Immigrant, George b. ca 1599.

posted by Howard Reynolds
My mother was a Gardner. How do I test for relationships. I have a cousin, the son of my mother's brother. Would that be a better match DNA wise?
posted by Kenneth Willingham I