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Gary and Lyrae
Your Place in Time

Note to our grandchildren, nieces & nephews

This is for our grandchildren: Caleb, Eli, Lydia, Savannah, Levi, Cody, Tabitha, Mia Bella, Daniel, Gary and Abigail...and to our nieces and nephews: Hope, Canyon, Archer, Kai and Faith.

We are having an awesome time relaying to you our discoveries!

Our goal is to fill family tree(s) out to a minimum of 5 generations to start with.

I used to love to sit and talk to my grandparents and great-grandparents and record information they gave me when I was young. I hope that you will enjoy learning about your family history and the many interesting stories as well.

I plan to keep adding more pictures from time to time.

We live in such an amazing time to be able to combine our family tree(s) with professionally documented Ancestorial History.

There is no way that I would have had the time to trace back pre-1600 Ancestry. I feel so fortunate to have found this site!

Some of these family lines are proving to be a long winding maze of amazing discoveries. They have been such a treasure for a World History lover...especially of pre-1400 history!

Over 1,053,000+ Genealogists are working together to combine people's Family Histories and documented World History into this Wikitree (World Family Tree).

"Past - Present - Future"

Grandparents from Present to 1600 AD

I have a lot of information to add to this section regarding both of our family's migration to America and their journies westward. Four of our families continued to travel westward during the same time frames. Here is the link for the ongoing project..... Migration to America

Anytime there are these (3) dots present it represents family lines going back to Gary's dad (blue), Lyrae's mom (pink) and triple purple color represents Lyrae's dad.

Gary-Dad Lyrae-Dad Lyrae-Mom

Grandparents Back to Ancient Times (1600 AD - ~4000 BC)

To be practical, I am only listing Great Grandfathers (GGF) and Great Grandmothers (GGM) which are Direct Line only (not various degree relatives) to make it more relevant for you personally..... Grandparents_Pre-1600

Chart of Royal Houses Down Through Time

I will be highlighting both of our different lines through this chart and adding the relationship to these Great Grandparents..... Queens Royal Line

Family Trails

To get an idea of how many "trails" you can follow...check out this link for John Stewart. Click the link called the 'Ancestors' that looks like this:


Stewart Line

This gives you an idea of how many directions you can go!!

I chose this particular intersection because all the names (except the 4 highlighted in yellow) at the end of this page leads to different Kingdoms. : )


How to see YOUR name on relationship results


From This...

To This...

Hints on finding YOUR relationship to relatives:

Click this link:

Put in one of the boxes:

Type in your own URL/name (i.e.Bryant-8885) which is found in your URL.

Cut and paste Wikitree URL (/name-number) of the person looking for regarding relationship.

Remember it only initially goes back a few generations so you will probably have to hit search "30 generations" each time.

Also, if the person you are looking for is more than a 30th Great Grandparent, you will need to have a connecting relative.

First, find their relationship to you and then link from there to the person looking for. Add the total up to get the relationship.

Years of awesome research ahead!

Family Projects

Have Fun!

Gary's Family Tree Click the link called 'Ancestors'

Lyrae's Family Tree Click the link called 'Ancestors'

Your Place in Time



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