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Pets and Creatures

Peters Family

Alayna: When we lived in Omaha, we used to go to a local farm to get fresh milk.

After going to this farm for awhile we found out that the farmer (Mr. Bryant) was a relative on the Bryant side. My mom's Great-Grandpa Oscar Bryant (who had 11 brother/sisters) and his Great-Grandpa were brothers (small world).

Lydia and I were over by the pig's pen when we saw an adorable little Calico kitten. She was an orphan and Mr. Bryant was trying to feed her but she wasn't eating very well.

He said we could take her home and see if she would eat for us. She started eating heartily and did beautifully!

Since she was such a tiny little thing we named her Dolly. We then found her a loving home!

Vest Family

Ariel loves to take pictures of her fur babies so we have a dedicated page for the Vest Clan: Vest Family Pets

Gary and Lyrae

...Story to be added...


Lyrae: Tom was a cat that my Grandpa and Grandma Bryant had outside.

He would keep Grandpa company during the long winters while he was tinkering around on engines or doing hobby work in his shop.

It smelled like engine oil and diesel in there...sounds silly but I have fond memories of that smell!

Dad, Lance and Grandpa would take apart old cars and restore them in this shop. I loved to just sit and watch. : )

"Tommy" would cozy up on a high perch above the tool cabinet and look like he was supervising all the work that was being accomplished.

My grandparents had an old fashioned phone installed on the wall in the kitchen that could call (to the shop only) when Grandma needed to talk to Grandpa. Sometimes Tommy would be laying on this phone and just about "jump out of his fur" when it would ring!!  : 0 It used to make me laugh to see his startled state. I would sooth his fur and settle him back in. : )

He would come and go (I supposed visiting other neighbors) and sometimes not return for weeks or months. The funny thing I noticed over the years is that "Tom" seemed to be different sizes and his stripes were in different places.

Do you think that just maybe there were many "Toms" over the years and that they all loved to visit Grandpa's shop to be doted on and fed?


Lyrae: Tiger was Gary's cat when he was about 9 years old.

She was a fantastic "mouser"!

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she would wake up Gary to proudly show him the mouse she had just caught! : )


Lyrae: Piefay and her"baby" Chang were two very sweet (but at the same time very onery) cats that I had growing up. They used to get Snoopy to barking...kind of like Lady in the movie Lady and the Tramp. They were clever and playful though...not clever and mean. It seems Siamese are either one or the other. We have always had sweet ones!

The high places that they climbed up to were always a source of wonder at how in the world they accomplished it!

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