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Welcome to the Gender Suggestions Group Theatre!

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Bonus Feature - Topic Overview

Mr E or Ms Take? - Gender Confusion
Premiere Trailer
Running Time: 3:41
Gender: Mr E or Ms Take?

Gender Confusion: Missing, Misidentified, or Just Plain Wrong!

Individual Suggestion How-Tos

The individual suggestion instructions in this collection are linked below.

Each How-To feature gives the step by step instructions explaining:

  • What it is
  • What causes it
  • How to fix it
  • Where to report it
  • The video links also appear on the corresponding Suggestion Pages when released.
  • Running Time for each video is given in minutes:seconds.
  • Once you watch the video, you can read the review or book"- Click on the newspaper or book to get to the Suggestion Page.

Gender Suggestions Collection Video Playlist

Premiere Trailer & Read All About It
Running Time: 9:56
My Father is Strange?

Suggestion 203 - Father is Female
Running Time: 9:56
Mama Mia Male?!

Suggestion 303 - Mother is Male
Running Time: 5:59
Now, Maybe; Then, Probably Not

Suggestion 403 - Single sex marriage
Running Time: 5:29
Switched: A Gender Swap - Part I

Suggestion 501 - Wrong Gender (Male)
Running Time: 5:02
Missing Your Gender, Ken?

Suggestion 502 - Missing Gender (Male)
Running Time: 5:53
Gender Confusion: Unidentified Male

Suggestion 503 - Probably Wrong Gender (Male)
Running Time: 5:50
If Your Cat Swats with Its Left Paw,
It's Probably Male

Suggestion 504 - Missing Gender (Probably Male)
Running Time: 5:02
Switched: A Gender Swap - Part II

Suggestion 505 - Wrong Gender (Female)
Running Time: 5:02
Missing Your Gender, Barbie?

Suggestion 506 - Missing Gender (Female)
Running Time: 5:53
Gender Puzzlement: Unidentified Woman

Suggestion 507 - Probably Wrong Gender (Female)
Running Time: 5:50
Cat Tales - Swished Right - Female?

Suggestion 508 - Missing Gender (Probably Female)
Running Time: 4:35
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Missing Gender

Suggestion 509 - Missing Gender
Running Time: 4:22
Nonpareil & Gender Neutral: What's in a Name?

Suggestion 510 - Unique name without gender

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Special thanks to our own Karen Hoy and her cinematic genius!
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