A Genealogical study of the Surname's of Valledolmo, Sicilia run by the Valledolmo OPS

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Date: 5 May 2019
Location: Valledolmo, Palermo, Sicilia, Italiamap
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Surname Genealogical Studies of Valledolmo, Sicilia

This is a list of the known surnames with a direct connection to Valledolmo, Sicily.

  • To be considered a direct connection the surname must have a profile with the surname given at birth that was either born, married, or died in Valledolmo or has a proven connection through a recorded birth of a child in Valledolmo or record of long term work in Valledolmo.
    • NOTE: In the instance that the connection is that of the birth of a child, it is understood that the child may not share the surname of the mother.

Explanation of the Columns in the Table

NOTE: you can sort the surname lines by clicking the sort arrow in the column header that you want to sort the list by.

  • Surname - The surname field lists the most frequent spelling of a known surname. It is also a link to the Valledolmo OPS surname study page for that surname.
  • Alternate(s) - The Alternate(s) field lists other known spellings of the surname. Keep in mind that over time some surnames evolved and a person may have had on spelling as a birth surname but another version listed on a marriage record or death record.
  • Vassal - The Vassal field lists a "YES" if a surname (or alternate of) was one of the 54 known surnames of the original vassal families. The field will have a (-) if not.
  • First Occurrence - The First Occurrence field lists the year of the first known occurrence of the surname in records for Valledolmo. The Year is also a link to the profile of the person that that date is listed.
  • Last Occurrence - The Last Occurrence field lists the year of the last known occurrence of the surname in records for Valledolmo. If a surname is known to still be present in Valledolmo, Sicily it will be listed as Extant. For non-extant surnames the Year is also a link to the profile of the person that that date is listed.
  • Number - The Number field lists the total number of profiles that had that surname at birth. This does not include profiles that changed surnames or are linked through marriage or adoption.
  • ONS Link - The ONS Link field is a link to a One Name Study project, if one exists, for the surname. All ONS projects are run independently from the Valledolmo OPS but in some instances coordinate with one another. For information on a specific ONS project, contact that ONS project leader directly.
Surname Alternate(s) Vassal First Occurrence Last Occurrence Number ONS Link
Abinante Fina Abinante - 0000 0000 000 -
Allenza Allenzo - 0000 0000 000 Allenza ONS
Andolina Andolino - 0000 0000 000 Andolina ONS
Barone - YES 0000 0000 000 Barone ONS
Battaglia - YES 0000 0000 000 Battaglia ONS
Biondolillo - - 0000 0000 000 Biondolillo ONS
Caccamise Caccamisi, Ca-la Misi YES 0000 0000 000 Caccamise ONS
Comito - - 0000 0000 000 Comito ONS
D'Andrea - - 0000 0000 000 D'Andrea ONS
Guzzetta La Uzzetta, La Guzzetta YES 0000 0000 000 Guzzetta ONS
Leone Di Leone, Lione, Liuni YES 0000 0000 000 Leone ONS
Lo Grasso Grasso - 0000 0000 000 Grasso/Lo Grasso ONS
Vacanti Vaccanti, Saccu Vacanti YES 0000 0000 000 Vacanti ONS

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