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Genealogies Reaching Back to Adam and Eve

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Many people have wished they could trace their ancestry back to Adam and Eve. Here is a place those lines can be identified, with commentary. But they are not reliable!

When asked if it is possible for living people to extend ancestral lines back to Adam and Eve, Robert C. Gunderson, Senior Royalty Research Specialist, of the [LDS] Church Genealogical Department, stated:

“The simplest answer is No. Let me explain. In thirty-five years of genealogical research, I have yet to see a pedigree back to Adam that can be documented. By assignment, I have reviewed hundreds of pedigrees over the years. I have not found one where each connection on the pedigree can be justified by evidence from contemporary documents. In my opinion it is not even possible to verify historically a connected European pedigree earlier than the time of the Merovingian Kings (c. a.d. 450–a.d. 752).

“Every pedigree I have seen which attempts to bridge the gap between that time and the biblical pedigree appears to be based on questionable tradition, or at worst, plain fabrication. Generally these pedigrees offer no evidence as to the origin of the information, or they cite a vague source.” [1]

G2G Discussions mentioning Adam and Eve on G2G

Wikipedia and Other Resources

Unconnected Roman Genealogy based on The Royal Line


Biblical Genealogy

The Hebrew Scriptures are full of genealogies.

The New Testament Books of Matthew and Luke both give genealogies tracing Jesus of Nazareth back to Adam and Eve. Luke's presentation covers 76 generations. These genealogies are presented in complete detail at Wikipedia: Genealogy_of_Jesus including a comparison of the different genealogies of Jesus given in Matthew and Luke.

Genealogies linking the Hebrew Scriptures to Jewish Communities

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Genealogies linking Frankish Royalty to the Holy Family

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Genealogies linking Welsh and British Royalty to the Holy Family

  1. Joseph of Arimathea married Mary [2]
  2. Anna married James the Just
  3. Ana married Bran Fendigaid
  4. Beli the Great, King of Britons. See also Manogan-2
  5. Unknown Amalech, born, say 100
  6. Unknown Avallach
  7. Unknown Oudoleum
  8. Unknown Endos
  9. Unknown Ebiud, born, say, 200
  10. Unknown Outigirim
  11. Unknown Oudicant
  12. Unknown Ritgurinum
  13. Unknown Remetel, born, say, 300
  14. Unknown Grat
  15. Unknown Urban

Dating: Joseph of Arimathea is a biblical person whose age could be estimated as 40 when Jesus was crucified in about the year 30. This would make Joseph born about 10 BCE. Unknown Amalech's birth could be estimated to the year 100.

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  • The Royal Line pub. by A.F. Schmuhl pub:1929 NYC, NY (revised ed.1980) in which Albert F. Schmuhl charts an ancestry to Adam through nobility (mainly royalty of Great Britain) and Biblical lines for Morman leaders; Jedediah M. Grant (1816-1856), Daniel H. Wells (1819-1891), Orson F. Whitney (1855-1931), Richard R. Lyman (1870-1963), Joseph Smith Jr. (1804-1844) and others including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
  • From Adam to Freeman lineage begins with Adam 4000-3070 BC via the Wessex Kings to Hayley Elyse Freeman, born 1988 at Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas
  • Cook Family Genealogy Pages begins Abraham ben Tarakr c. 2052 B.C.
  • Kinship of Families to Adam by Bennett - the pedigree chart begins with Adam & ends with Heber J. Grant.
  • Royal Ancestors of some L.D.S. Families compiled by Michel L. Call with pedigree charts tracing Royal ruling families from c. 1500 AD to Adam c. 4000 BC
  • Kinship of Families inc. charts compiled by Archibald F. Bennett charts a family tree between Adam, George Albert Smith, Heber J. Grant & other leaders of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) pub: Genealogical Society of Utah c. 1936
  • Jamie Allen's Family Tree & Ancient Genealogical Allegations does not stop with Adam and Eve. Includes speculative connections to Pharaohs, deities, most royal families, etc. Thoroughly indexed.

Welsh Pedigrees Tracing Back to Adam

Lewys Dwnn presents a pedigree of Pughe, of Mathavarn, in Cyveilog, to Adam, which illustrates the fondness of the Welsh for pedigrees as well as the difficulty of determining at what point the pedigree moves from history to legend. [3]

See https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:John_Pughe%27s_Descent_from_Adam&public=1

Space: John Pughe's Descent from Adam

The names are presented from most modern at the top to most ancient at the bottom. The list of names is as found in the pedigree, however annotations have been added to estimate their dates, identify other places the name appears, or link to person-profiles on WikiTree.

  1. John Pughe, Esq, son and heir to
  2. William Pughe, Esq, son and heir to
  3. John Pughe, Edqr, son and heir to
  4. Rowland Pugh, Edq, son and heir to
  5. Richard Rughe, Edq, son and heire to
  6. Rowland Pughe, Edq, son and heir to
  7. John ap Hugh, Edq, son and heir to
  8. Hugh ap Evan, Edq, son and heir to
  9. Evan ap David lloyd, the which David lloyd was created Edq of the body of #Henry the 7th;
  10. David Lloyd, son and heir to
  11. Llewelyn ap
  12. Griffith ap
  13. Evan Lloyd, Edq, ap
  14. Llewelyn ap
  15. Tudur ap
  16. Gronwy ap
  17. Einion ap
  18. Seysylit, Lord of Merioneth, ap
  19. Ednewain ap
  20. Eunydd ap
  21. Brochwell ap
  22. Iswallt ap
  23. Idris arw, who had a Cell or an Hermitage upon the top of Cader Idris, and per that means the hill beneath yt name to this day, and Idris was the son of
  24. Clhydno ap
  25. Ynyr Farfdrwch ap
  26. Gwyddne Garanir ap
  27. Cadwaladr ap
  28. Merion, of Merioneth, ap
  29. Cynedda Wledig ap
  30. Edeyrn ap
  31. Padarn Beisrydd ap
  32. Tegid ap
  33. Iago ap
  34. Gwyddawg ap
  35. Cain ap
  36. Gwrgain ap
  37. Doli ap
  38. Gwrddoli ap\
  39. Dyfn ap
  40. Gwrddyfn ap
  41. Anwerydd ap
  42. Andwedd ap
  43. Diwg ap
  44. Brychwyn ap
  45. Owen ap y
  46. Vallach ap
  47. Aphlath ap
  48. Beli mawr ap
  49. Mynogan ap
  50. Capoir ap
  51. Pur ap
  52. Saul Benisel ap
  53. Rhydderch ap
  54. Rhidion ap
  55. Eidiol ap
  56. Arthmael ap Seysvllet ap
  57. Owen ap
  58. Caphydd ap
  59. Bleiddyd ap
  60. Meirion ap
  61. Grwst ap
  62. Clydno ap
  63. Clydawg ap
  64. Ithel ap
  65. Urien ap
  66. Andrew ap
  67. Ceryn ap
  68. Porex ap
  69. Coel ap
  70. Cadell ap
  71. Ceraint ap
  72. Elidar war ap
  73. Merydd ap
  74. Dan ap
  75. Seysyllt ap
  76. Cyhelyn ap
  77. Gwgan farfdrwch ap
  78. Beli a;
  79. Dyfnwal Moelhaud ap
  80. Dodiou ap
  81. Rhiwallon ap
  82. Cynydd or cynetha ap
  83. Henwyn ap
  84. Bleiddyd ap
  85. Aser ap
  86. Cyngen ap
  87. Dyfnwal ap
  88. Gorbonium ap
  89. Camer ap
  90. Brutus, the first King yt ever trode on this Island, and Brutus was the son of
  91. Silvius ap
  92. Ascanius ap
  93. Aeneas ysgwyddwyn, Prince of Troy, ap
  94. Anchises ap
  95. Caprus ap
  96. Ascaracus ap
  97. Troas ap
  98. Enricthonius ap
  99. Dardan ap
  100. Jupiter ap
  101. Saturnus ap
  102. Creitius ap
  103. Silvius ap
  104. Brutus
  105. ap Ceiprus ap
  106. Septem ap
  107. Javan ap
  108. Japherth ap
  109. Noah ap
  110. Lamech ap
  111. Methusalem ap
  112. Enoch ap
  113. Jared ap
  114. Mahalaleel ap
  115. Cainan ap
  116. Enos ap
  117. Seth ap
  118. Adam, the first man that God created


Genealogies linking Scandanavian Royalty to Gods and Goddesses=

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  1. Source: Robert C. Gunderson, “I Have a Question,” Ensign, Feb. 1984, 31. https://familysearch.org/blog/en/family-tree-adam-eve/
  2. contributed by David Ellis Anwyl via import of Ellis Anwyl Delong_2013-01-13.ged
  3. Lewys Dwnn. "Montgomeryshire Pedigrees: Heraldic Visitations of Wales and part of the Marches Pughe, of Mathavarn, in Cyveilog, to Adam page 205. Accessed 25 March 2020 jhd

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My 23 cousin 1x Brandi Collins so it links far back.
posted by Daniel Cox II
Thankyou for creating this project,,,studying it will help me accept what has been difficult to believe ie that I am so prolifically connected
Someone please help with linking my tree
posted by Brandi Collins
I believe my tree links back. Trust me
posted by Brandi Collins
We are 20th cousins once removed, both descendants of Gwenllian (Gwilym) ferch Gwilym (abt.1361-1455). Gwilym-5
posted by D King