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Georgetown University, GU272 Slaves

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On June 19, 1838, the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus agreed to sell 272 slaves to two southern Louisiana sugar planters, former governor Henry Johnson and Jesse Batey, for $115,000, equivalent to $2.79 million in 2020, in order to rescue Georgetown University from bankruptcy. In all, the Jesuits sold 314 men, women and children over a 5-year period stretching from 1838 to 1843. Today, these enslaved people are known collectively as the “GU272 Ancestors.” Genealogists have identified many of the original people who were sold, along with over 9000 of their descendants. This was only a portion of the slaves bought and sold by the Maryland Jesuits over time.[1]

Against the conditions agreed upon, families were separated due to this sale.

This sale was overseen by Provincial Superior William McSherry and Friar Thomas Mulledy.

The articles of agreement listed each of the slaves by name to be sold. 51 slaves were to be sent to Alexandria, Virginia, then shipped to Louisiana. The remainder of the slaves were accounted for in three subsequent bills of sale executed in November 1838, which specified that 64 would go to Batey's plantation named West Oak Plantation in Iberville Parish and 140 slaves would be sent to Johnson's two plantations, Ascension Plantation (later known as Chatham Plantation) in Ascension Parish and another in Maringouin (Iberville Parish).

In 1844, Henry Johnson sold a share of Chatham and would eventually sell the remainder of his land and enslaved people to John R. Thompson in 1851.

Jesse Batey died in 1851 and the White Oak Plantation was sold.

Please Note: The initials KJ next to a name indicate they were transported on the Katherine Jackson of Georgetown, Arriving New Orleans 6 Dec 1838

Source: "List of slaves on each estate to be sold," Box 40, Folder 10, Maryland Province Archives[2]


White Marsh Plantation

  1. Isaac (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-001 (stayed behind in Maryland)
  2. Charles (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-002 (runaway who likely died in MD)
  3. Nelly (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-003
  4. Henny (Adams)|GMP Code:GMP-004
  5. Cecilia (Adams)|GMP Code:GMP-006
  6. Ruthy (Adams)|GMP Code:GMP-007
  7. Patrick (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-008
  8. Letty (Blacklock)|GMP Code:GMP-009
  9. Cornelius (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-010
  10. Francis (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-011
  11. Susan (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-012
  12. Gabriel (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-013
  13. Peter (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-014
  14. Jackson (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-015
  15. Elizabeth (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-016
  16. James (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-018
  17. Delia Hawkins GMP Code: GMP-019
  18. Susan (Hawkins) Butler (abt.1828-) GMP Code:GMP-020
  19. George Hawkins (abt.1837-bef.1851) GMP Code: GMP-021
  20. Isaac (Hawkins)|GMP Code:GMP-022
  21. Kitty (Harrison) Hawkins (abt.1810-aft.1880) GMP Code:GMP-023
  22. Austin Hawkins (abt.1832-bef.1851) GMPCode:GMP-024
  23. Isaac Hawkins (abt.1834-bef.1851) GMPCode:GMP-025
  24. Elias Hawkins (abt.1837-1896) GMPCode:GMP-026
  25. Sally Harrison (abt.1773-aft.1842) GMPCode:GMP-027
  26. Ned Harrison (abt.1793-aft.1858) GMPCode:GMP-028
  27. Rachael Unknown (abt.1795-)GMPCode:GMP-029
  28. Simon Harrison (1820-aft.1855)GMPCode:GMP-030
  29. Anderson Harrison (1822-aft.1855)GMPCode:GMP-031
  30. Louisa Harrison (abt.1824-bef.1870) GMPCode:GMP-032
  31. Ned Harrison (abt.1828-aft.1859) GMPCode:GMP-033
  32. William Harrison (abt.1798-) GMPCode:GMP-034
  33. Nelly Harrison (abt.1800-abt.1845) GMPCode:GMP-035
  34. John Harrison (abt.1833-aft.1851) GMPCode:GMP-036
  35. John Queen (abt.1803-aft.1851) GMPCode:GMP-037
  36. Nancy (Harrison) Queen (abt.1816-abt.1847) GMPCode:GMP-038
  37. Patrick Queen (abt.1834-1907) GMPCode:GMP-039
  38. Charles Queen (abt.1793-bef.1851) GMPCode:GMP-040
  39. Sally (Unknown) Queen (abt.1794-bef.1861) GMPCode:GMP-041
  40. Nancy (Queen) Verret (abt.1819-aft.1880) GMPCode:GMP-042
  41. Margaret Queen (1822-bef.1851) GMPCode:GMP-043
  42. David Queen (abt.1824-bef.1851) GMPCode:GMP-044
  43. Eliza Queen (abt.1826-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-045
  44. Martha Queen (abt.1833-aft.1851) GMPCode:GMP-046
  45. Harriet Thomas Queen GMPCode:GMP-047 (Harriet's profile is below)
  46. Sarah Anne Queen (abt.1837-bef.1861) GMPCode:GMP-048
  47. Nelly (Winderry) Blacklock (abt.1778-aft.1851) GMPCode:GMP-049
  48. Joseph Blacklock (abt.1798-) GMPCode:GMP-050
  49. Nelly Blacklock (abt.1821-bef.1851) GMPCode:GMP-051
  50. Kitty (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1816-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-052
  51. Mary Unknown (abt.1832-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-053
  52. Sam Unknown (abt.1834-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-054
  53. Elizabeth Unknown (abt.1837-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-055
  54. Polly - No profile GMPCode:GMP-056
  55. Sally (Unknown) Diggs (abt.1788-) GMPCode:GMP-057
  56. William Diggs (abt.1817-) GMPCode:GMP-058
  57. Mary Ann (Diggs) Hill (abt.1820-bef.1878) GMPCode:GMP-059
  58. Robert Diggs (abt.1826-) GMPCode:GMP-060
  59. Henry Diggs (abt.1830-) GMPCode:GMP-061
  60. Harriet (Unknown) Queen (abt.1795-bef.1860) GMPCode:GMP-062
  61. Elizabeth Queen (abt.1815-bef.1847) GMPCode:GMP-063
  62. Mary Ellen (Queen) Mahoney (abt.1822-aft.1900) GMPCode:GMP-064
  63. Nancy Queen (abt.1819-) GMPCode:GMP-065
  64. Martha Queen (abt.1827-) GMPCode:GMP-066
  65. Jemmy James (Francis) Queen (abt.1837-1916) GMPCode:GMP-069
  66. Betsy (Unknown) West (abt.1806-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-070
  67. Austin Augustin West (abt.1825-abt.1869) GMPCode:GMP-071 (Austin might be Austin Hawkins)
  68. Adolph Adelphia (West) Gray (abt.1829-aft.1900) GMPCode:GMP-072
  69. Henrietta - Christina West (abt.1831-1888) (No Henrietta) GMPCode:GMP-073
  70. Harriet Anne West (abt.1834-aft.1851) GMPCode:GMP-074
  71. Richard - no profile GMPCode:GMP-075
  72. Nancy (dead) GMPCode:GMP-076
  73. Margery (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1778-abt.1838) GMPCode:GMP-077
  74. Len (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1800-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-078
  75. Minty (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1812-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-079
  76. Nancy (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1833-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-080
  77. Mary (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1836-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-081
  78. Garvis - no profile GMPCode:GMP-082
  79. James - no profile GMPCode:GMP-083
  80. Tom - no profile GMPCode:GMP-084
  81. Bill - no profile GMPCode:GMP-085
  82. Eliza (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1812-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-086
  83. Revidy Reverdy (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1831-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-087
  84. Noble (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1833-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-088
  85. Edward (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1835-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-089
  86. William (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1837-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-090
  87. Regis Gough (abt.1805-abt.1888) GMPCode:GMP-091
  88. Maria (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1812-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-092
  89. Maria (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1812-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-093
  90. William (Unknown) Georgetown (abt.1837-aft.1838) GMPCode:GMP-094

St. Thomas Manor

  1. Charles (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-095
  2. Benedict
  3. Len Queen|GMP Code:GMP-097
  4. Sam Harris|GMP Code:GMP-098
  5. John Lewis Butler|GMP Code:GMP-099
  6. John
  7. George Harris|GMP Code:GMP-101
  8. Len
  9. Daniel
  10. Ignatius (Nace) Butler|GMP Code:GMP-104
  11. Bernard Butler|GMP Code:GMP-105
  12. William Ware|GMP Code:GMP-106
  13. |GMP Code:GMP-107
  14. James Blair|GMP Code:GMP-108
  15. Henry
  16. Francis
  17. Stephen
  18. Anny (Unknown) Queen|GMP Code:GMP-112
  19. Betsy (Ware) Harris|GMP Code:GMP-117
  20. Matilda (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-122
  21. Catherine "Kitty" (Unknown) Harris|GMP Code:GMP-126
  22. Margaret (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-130
  23. Crissy
  24. Celestia
  25. Henny (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-138
  26. Louisa
  27. Teresia
  28. Mary
  29. Mary
  30. Jenny (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-143


  1. Harry Scott|GMP Code:GMP-145
  2. Dinah (Unknown) Scott|GMP Code:GMP-146Harry's wife
  3. Joseph Greenlief|GMP Code:GMP-147
  4. Esther (Unknown) Greenlief|GMP Code:GMP-148Joe's wife
  5. William Hill|GMP Code:GMP-149
  6. Peter
  7. Stephen (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-151
  8. Sarah
  9. Bibiana Hill|GMP Code:GMP-153
  10. Mary
  11. Elizabeth Unknown|GMP Code:GMP-155
  12. Bennet Scott|GMP Code:GMP-156
  13. Clare (Unknown) Scott|GMP Code:GMP-157Bennett's wife
  14. John
  15. Abraham
  16. Susan Plowden|GMP Code:GMP-160
  17. Priscilla Plowden|GMP Code:GMP-161Susan's daughter
  18. Perry
  19. Jarred Plowden|GMP Code:GMP-163
  20. Rose Anne Scott|GMP Code:GMP-164Jarred's wife
  21. Charlotte Plowden|GMP Code:GMP-165
  22. Mary
  23. Julia Ann (Plowden) Brown|GMP Code:GMP-168
  24. Dick Plowden|GMP Code:GMP-171
  25. Greenfield Anthony Green|GMP Code:GMP-172
  26. James Scott|GMP Code:GMP-173
  27. Ferdinand Hill|GMP Code:GMP-174
  28. Sylvester Green|GMP Code:GMP-175
  29. Christina Scott|GMP Code:GMP-176
  30. Harriet Hill|GMP Code:GMP-177
  31. Emeline Green|GMP Code:GMP-178
  32. Eleanor Scott|GMP Code:GMP-179
  33. Mary Green|GMP Code:GMP-180
  34. Susanna
  35. Ritta
  36. Remus Plowden||GMP Code:GMP-183
  37. Miles Green||GMP Code:GMP-189
  38. Lucy Ann Scott||GMP Code:GMP-190
  39. Esther Lucinda Green||GMP Code:GMP-191
  40. Rose Scott||GMP Code:GMP-192
  41. Peg
  42. Alexius Scott||GMP Code:GMP-194
  43. Children of 1 & 2 years

St. Inigoes

  1. Ignatius Butler|GMP Code:GMP-198
  2. Ignatius Butler Jr|GMP Code:GMP-199
  3. Bibiana (Mahoney) Butler|GMP Code:GMP-200
  4. Susan (Butler) Jones|GMP Code:GMP-201
  5. Bridget Butler|GMP Code:GMP-202
  6. Caroline (Butler) Scott|GMP Code:GMP-203
  7. Basil Butler|GMP Code:GMP-204
  8. Martha Ann (Butler) Hawkins|GMP Code:GMP-205
  9. Ann (Butler) Scott|GMP Code:GMP-206
  10. Gabe Butler|GMP Code:GMP-207
  11. Bibiana (Mahoney) Butler|GMP Code:GMP-208
  12. Henry Butler|GMP Code:GMP-209
  13. Thomas Butler|GMP Code:GMP-210
  14. Mary (Butler) Wilson|GMP Code:GMP-211
  15. John Lewis Butler|GMP Code:GMP-212
  16. Henry Butler|GMP Code:GMP-214
  17. Emeline Brown|GMP Code:GMP-216
  18. Amanda Brown|GMP Code:GMP-217
  19. Elizabeth Brown|GMP Code:GMP-218
  20. William Brown|GMP Code:GMP-219
  21. Biby Brown|GMP Code:GMP-220
  22. Hariet
  23. Robert Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-222One family
  24. Mary (Yorkshire) Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-223One family
  25. Abraham Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-224One family
  26. Robert Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-225One family
  27. James Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-226One family
  28. Bridget Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-227One family
  29. Mary Jane (Mahoney) Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-228One family
  30. Susan Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-229One family
  31. Sally Ann Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-230One family
  32. Nelly Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-231One family
  33. Charles Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-232One family
  34. Nancy Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-233One family
  35. Bill
  36. Regis Gough|GMP Code:GMP-235
  37. Phil Merrick|GMP Code:GMP-236
  38. Nellie (Unknown) Merrick|GMP Code:GMP-237Phil's wife
  39. Lewis Merrick|GMP Code:GMP-238
  40. Augustin Merrick|GMP Code:GMP-239
  41. Bill
  42. Joseph
  43. Harry Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-242
  44. Anna (Unknown) Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-243
  45. Harry Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-244
  46. Nelly Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-245
  47. Gabe Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-246
  48. Daniel Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-247
  49. Louisa (Mahoney) Mason|GMP Code:GMP-248
  50. Arnold Jone|GMP Code:GMP-249
  51. Anna (Unknown) Mahoney|GMP Code:GMP-250
  52. Arnold Henry Jones|GMP Code:GMP-251son
  53. Louisa Ann (Jones) Johnson|GMP Code:GMP-252
  54. Betsy (Unknown) Dorsey|GMP Code:GMP-253
  55. Bernard Dorsey|GMP Code:GMP-254
  56. Lucinda Dorsey|GMP Code:GMP-255
  57. William Grandison Dorsey|GMP Code:GMP-256
  58. Daniel Henry Dorsey|GMP Code:GMP-257
  59. Bill
  60. Watt Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-259One family
  61. Theresa (Unknown) Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-260One family
  62. Frank Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-261One family
  63. Sam Campbell |GMP Code:GMP-262One family
  64. Rachael Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-263One family
  65. Alexander Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-264One family
  66. Charlotte Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-265One family
  67. Emeline Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-266
  68. Watt Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-267
  69. Unknown Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-268
  70. Dick
  71. Adeline Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-270
  72. Matthew Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-271
  73. Jenny Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-272
  74. Catherine Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-273
  75. Mary Campbell|GMP Code:GMP-274
  76. Nelly Barns|GMP Code:GMP-275
  77. Eliza Butler|GMP Code:GMP-276Nelly's daughter
  78. Regis
  79. Kitty
  80. Peter
  81. John
  82. Micheal
  83. Ned
  84. Sally Yorkshire|GMP Code:GMP-284
  85. Alexius Yorkshire|GMP Code:GMP-285
  86. Henry Yorkshire|GMP Code:GMP-286
  87. Clem Langley|GMP Code:GMP-287
  88. Jenny (Unknown) Langley|GMP Code:GMP-288
  89. Henny Langley|GMP Code:GMP-289
  90. Zeke
  91. Nathan (Unknown) Georgetown|GMP Code:GMP-291
  92. Henny Unknown|GMP Code:GMP-292Nathan's wife
  93. James


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  2. ↑ https://slaveryarchive.georgetown.edu/items/show/9

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