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Georgia Units, United States Civil War

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This is a List of Civil War regiments from Georgia, many of which were mustered in April 1861.

GeorgiaGeorgia, United States Civil War category. Over 243,900 Georgians served in the Confederate army and Georgia regiments fought in every major battle throughout the war.[1]



Savannah Guards or Savannah Volunteer Guards
1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Olmstead's)
1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Ramsey's)
1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Consolidated)
2nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
3rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
4th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
5th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
8th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
10th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
12th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
13th Regiment, Georgia Infantry - also called Bartow Light Infantry
14th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
15th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
16th Regiment, Georgia Infantry - Sallie Twiggs Regiment
17th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
18th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
19th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
20th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
21st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
22nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
23rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
24th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
25th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
26th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
27th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
28th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
29th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
30th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
31st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
32nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
33rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
34th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
35th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry - (Broyles')
37th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
38th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
39th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
40th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
41st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
42nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
43rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
44th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
45th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
47th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
48th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
49th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
50th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
51st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
52nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
53rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
54th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
55th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
56th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
57th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
58th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
59th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
60th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
61st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
62nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
63rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
64th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
65th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
2nd Battalion, Georgia Infantry
3rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry
4th Battalion, Georgia Infantry - Stiles' Battalion
7th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
8th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
9th Battalion, Georgia Battalion
10th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
11th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
12th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
13th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
18th Battalion, Georgia Infantry - Savannah Guards or Savannah Volunteer Guards
26th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
27th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
40th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
1st Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
2nd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
3rd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
4th Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters


1st Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
3rd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Avery's)
4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Clinch's)
5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
6th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
8th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
9th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry - Cobb's Legion Cavalry
10th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
12th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
13th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
16th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
18th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
25th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
29th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
62nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
1st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
2nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
16th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
19th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
20th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
23rd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
29th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
30th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry


1st Regiment, Georgia Artillery
9th Battalion, Georgia Artillery
11th Battalion, Georgia Artillery - Sumter Artillery
12th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery - Savannah Siege Train Heavy Artillery Battalion
22nd Battalion, Georgia Heavy Artillery
28th Battalion, Georgia Siege Artillery


Cobb's Legion, Georgia
Phillip's Legion, Georgia
Smith's Legion, Georgia

State Troops

1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry State Troops
2nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry State Troops
4th Regiment, Georgia Infantry State Troops
7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry State Troops
11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry State Troops
2nd Battalion, Georgia Infantry State Troops
Etowah Iron Works Battalion, Georgia Artillery State Troops
Pruden's Battery, Georgia Artillery State Troops

State Guards

1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
5th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
8th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
1st Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
2nd Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards) - Atlanta Arsenal Battalion
3rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards) - Atlanta Fire Battalion
4th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
5th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
11th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
13th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
14th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
17th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
18th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
19th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
1st Squadron, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) (Gordon)
2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
3rd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
10th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
12th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Robinson's) (State Guards)
12th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Wright's) (State Guards)
6th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
7th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
8th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
9th Battalion, Georgia Battalion (State Guards)
10th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
12th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
15th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
16th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
22nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
Bond's Company, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
Cherokee Legion, Georgia (State Guards)
Floyd Legion, Georgia (State Guards)
Hansell's Company, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)


2nd Division, Georgia Militia
1st Regiment, Georgia Militia
2nd Regiment, Georgia Militia
5th Regiment, Georgia Militia
6th Regiment, Georgia Militia
10th Regiment, Georgia Militia
12th Regiment, Georgia Militia
Camden County Militia (Mounted)
Coast Guard Battalion Militia


1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Fannin's)
1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Symons')
1st Battalion, Georgia Reserves Artillery
1st Battalion, Georgia Reserves Cavalry
1st Georgia Battalion Reserves
1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves
2nd Regiment, Georgia Reserves
3rd Regiment, Georgia Reserves
4th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
5th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
6th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
7th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
9th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
12th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
Athens Reserve Corps Infantry
Humphrey's (Captain) Company Independent Cavalry (Reserves)

Other Units

1st City Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Columbus)
1st Confederate Battalion, Georgia Infantry
1st Ordnance Battalion, Georgia
1st Regiment, Georgia Engineer Troops
1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Local Troops) (Augusta)
1st Regiment, Georgia Light Duty Men
1st Regiment, Georgia Troops and Defences (Macon), United States Civil War
1st Regiment, Georgia Regulars
1st Regiment, Georgia State Line
2nd Battalion, Georgia Troops and Defences (Macon)
2nd Regiment, Georgia State Line (Stapleton's) (Storey's)
2nd Georgia Battery
6th Regiment, Georgia State Line
14th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery (Montgomery's)
23rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Local Defense) (Athens) (Enfield Rifles)
25th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Provost Guard)
Alexander's Company
Alexander's Company, Georgia Infantry
Allen's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Anderson's Company, Georgia Infantry (Anderson Guards)
Anderson's (Captain) Company Infantry (Anderson Guards)
Arnold's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Arsenal Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Columbus)
Category: Asher's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Murray Cavalry)
Atwater's Company, Georgia Infantry
Augusta Battalion, Georgia Infantry
Baker's (Captain) Company Artillery
Bard's Company, Georgia Infantry
Barney's Company, Georgia Infantry (Richmond Factory Guards)
Barnwell's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery, United States Civil War
Boddie's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Troup County Independent Cavalry), United States Civil War
Brooks' Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Terrell Light Artillery), United States Civil War
Brooks' Company, Georgia Infantry (Mitchell Home Guards), United States Civil War
Campbell's Independent Company, Georgia Siege Artillery
Caraker's Company, Georgia Infantry (Milledgeville Guards)
Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup County Artillery)
Chapman's Company, Georgia Infantry (Georgia Defenders)
Chestatee Artillery
City Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Columbus)
City Light Guards, Columbus, Georgia
Clemon's Company, Georgia Infantry
Clinch's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
Collier's Company, Georgia Infantry
Corbin's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Croft's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Columbus Artillery)
Daniell's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
Dorough's Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
Dozier's Company, Georgia Infantry, United States Civil War
Ferrell's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
Fraser's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Pulaski Artillery)]]
Fuller's Company, Georgia Infantry
Garrison's (Captain) Company Infantry (Ogeechee Minute Men)
Gartrell's (Captain) Company Cavalry
Green's (Captain) Company Infantry (State Armory Guards)
Grubb's (Captain) Company Infantry
Guerard's (Captain) Battery Light Artillery
Hall's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Hamilton's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Company A, 1st Georgia Regulars)
Hamlet's Company, Georgia Infantry (Local Defense Force)
Hanleiter's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Jo Thompson Artillery)
Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Georgia
Harris' Independent Company, Georgia Infantry (Brunswick Rifles)
Havis' Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
Hendry's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Atlantic and Gulf Guards)
Hendry's Company, Georgia Mounted Infantry (Pierce Mounted Volunteers)
Holmes' Company, Georgia Infantry (Wright Local Guards)
Howard's Company, Georgia Infantry (Non-Conscripts)
Howell's Company, Georgia Light Artillery, United States Civil War
Hudson's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Arsenal Battery)
Hull's Company, Georgia Infantry
Jackson's (Captain) Company Infantry
Jones' (Captain) Company Infantry (Jones Hussars)
Kay's Company, Georgia Infantry (Franklin County Guards)
King's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
Lane's Company, Georgia Infantry (Jasper and Butts County Guards)
Logan's Company, Georgia Cavalry (White County Old Men's Home Guards)
Lumpkins' Company, Georgia Artillery
Massenburg's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Jackson Artillery)
Matthews' Company, Georgia Infantry (East to West Point Guards)
Maxwell's Regular Light Battery, Georgia Artillery
Mayer's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Appling Cavalry)
Medlin's Independent Company, Georgia Infantry (High Shoals Defenders)
Milledge's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
Milner's Company, Georgia Infantry (Madison County Home Guard)
Moore's Battery, Georgia Artillery
Moore's Company, Georgia Infantry (Baldwin Infantry)
Moring's Company, Georgia Infantry (Emanuel Troops)
Nelson's Independent Company, Georgia Cavalry
Newbern's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Coffee Revengers)
Pemberton's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Pool's Company, Georgia Infantry
Porter's Company, Georgia Infantry (Georgia Railroad Guards)
Preston's Company, Georgia Infantry (Railroad Guards)
Pritchard's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Washington Artillery)
Ragland's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Rigdon Guards, Georgia Infantry
Ritter's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
Roberts' Company, Georgia Infantry (Exempts)
Roswell Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
Rowland's Battalion, Georgia Conscripts
Rumph's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Wayne Cavalry Guards)
Russell's Company, Georgia Infantry (Newton Factory Employees)
Russell's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Scogin's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Griffin Light Artillery)
Siege Train, Georgia Artillery (Major Buist)
Slaten's Company, Georgia Artillery (Macon Light Artillery)
Taylor's Company, Georgia Infantry
Thornton's Company, Georgia Infantry (Muscogee Guards)
Tiller's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Echols Light Artillery)
Van Den Corput's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
Waring's Company, Georgia Cavalry
Weem's Detachment, Georgia Camp Guard (Augusta)
Wheaton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Chatham Artillery)
Whiteside's Naval Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Local Defense)
Witt's Company, Georgia Infantry (Express Infantry)
Wyly's Company, Georgia Infantry (Mell Scouts)
Young's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Alleghany Troopers)
Youngblood's Battalion, Georgia Infantry

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