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This profile is part of the Germanna, Virginia One Place Study.

The goal of this project is to create genealogies and biographies for those families that settled the tract of land that became known as Germanna.

Project Leader: Laurie Kelley.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • To merge all duplicates into the final lowest profile ID number.
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Germanna Families

There were two waves of settlers into Germanna, 1714 and 1717. Below are the names of the families:

1714 Colony from Siegerland:

1717 Colony from the Kraichgau and the Palatinate:

  • Conrad Amburger/Amburgey
  • Andreas Ballenger
  • Christopher Barlur/Parlur/Barlow and wife Barbara
  • Matthias Beller
  • Balthazar Blankenbaker/Blankenbuhler and wife Ann Margaretha
  • Matthias Blankenbaker/Blankenbuhler and wife Anna Maria Merklin
  • Nicholas Blankenbaker/Blankenbuhler and wife Appollonia Kafer
  • Johannes/John Breuel/Briles/Broyles and wife Ursula Ruop
  • Cyriacus Fleischmann/Fleshman and wife Anna Barbara Schone
  • Hans/John Herrensparger/Harnsberger and wife Anna Barbara
  • Hans Michael Holdt/Holt
  • Wolff Michael Kafer/Kaifer
  • Andreas Kerker and wife Margaretha
  • Hans Michael Klarr/Clore and wife Anna Barbara
  • Johann Michael Koch/Cook and wife Maria Barbara Reiner
  • Jacob Crigler
  • Johannes/John Motz and wife Maria Appollonia Maubars
  • Hans Georg/George Majer/Moyer and wife Anna Barbara
  • Hans Michael Mihlekher and wife Sophia Catherina
  • Johann Philip Paulitz and wife Rosina Margaretha Schneider
  • Heinrich/Henr Schlucter
  • Johann Georg Sheible/Sheibley and wife Maria Eleanora Ockert
  • Matthaus/Matthew Schmidt/Smith and wife Regina Catherine Schlozer
  • Hans Michael Schmidt/Smith and wife Anna Margaretha Sauter
  • Hans Heinrich/Henry Schneider/Snyder and wife Anna Dorothea Schilling
  • Johannes/John Thoma/Thomas and wife Anna Maria Blanckenbuhler
  • Johann George Utz and wife Anna Barbara Majer
  • Phillip Joseph Weber/Weaver and wife Susannah Klaar
  • Nicholas Jager/Yager/Yeager and wife Anna Maria Sieber
  • Christopher Zimmerman and wife Anna Elisabetha Albrecht

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

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Germanna Land Patent
Germanna Land Patent


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Let me know your thoughts. If just Germanna, Virginia, I can go ahead and create that category for you. If both or Germanna, Virginia Colony, I can check with my Southern Colony/Virginia contact (one of the US Southern Colonies project leaders - Paula J) & set that up too.

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