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A large body of genealogy for the GOODMAN, BABCOCK, CROSS, PITT families of England and KELLY, ELLIOTT, HAMILTON families of Ireland, MARIN and BROUILLARD families of France and Canada, BRENTON, BRUNTON, FARQUHARSON, MACINTOSH, MCLELLAN, MCNAB, SOUPER families of Scotland and MICHELSEN family of Norway appears to be fictitious or fabricated.

A pdf copy of a section of the "The Goodman Genealogy" has been posted on the profile of Anne Maria O'Kelly

Some of the Babcock profiles in this category have their origin in the Albert Welles Fraud -- see Category: Albert Welles Fraud

In 1844 Mr. Sidney Babcock, of New Haven, Conn., printed a leaflet containing the Babcock coat of arms, and certain Babcock family records which he states were copied from records prepared by Albert Wells, of Palmyra, N. Y.
In American Family Antiquity, published in 1881 by Albert Welles, the dates and incidents found in the leaflet referred to are essentially repeated.
A catalogue of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, published by R. R. Hinman, 1846, contains virtually the same Babcock records as those given by Welles. In 1852 Hinman published another volume of the same name, in which his Babcock records are repeated and enlarged, and at the end of these records he states "Communicated by Wells ;" hence it appears that Wells was responsible for Babcock records published by Hinman.

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Examples and excerpts

Fathered bastard children including a Negro son born to Black Myrtle in 16th century Ireland. Elliott-3052

Bailiff with Pug, painted 30 years after his death. Elliott-3012

Jean-Jacques Rousseau lookalike with 172 black slaves in 18th century Ireland. Elliott-2988

Dufus. Elliott-3026

Nellie the Gypsie. Kelley-1902

Mother smothered her baby and then committed suicide with arsenic. Kelley-2193

Brothers killed each other in duel. Kelley-1923

Impregnated by brother. Kelley-1840

Bastard daughter of the maid. McClelland-509

Killed by illigitimate son. Kelly-4839

Captured by Indians. Kelly-5405

17th century French feminist. Brouillard-138

Catholic priest with 27 children. Marin-190

Murdered mother and 4 children. Marin-242

Fathered negro children. Marin-104

Ultimate bigamist. Marin-203

Murdered prostitute. Marin-240

The "pirating of blacks" was quite common in 1700's and 1800's. Marin-143

Helped create the Braille system. Marin-130

Murdered prostitute sister and her john who was a diplomat, died in jail. Marin-241

Wife of guillotine maker. Marin-176

Priest raping and marrying under-age girls. Pitt-394

Locked in the house to become a ghost. O%27shane-3

22 children and "Oriental" wife. Otagameau-1

Killed in a fight with a jealous husband. Marin-180

Ship builder, bigamist, 22 children. Brouillard-156

Political prisoner and murdurer sent to Australia. Pitt-417

16th century illegitimate negro slave child. Goodman-1678

17th century financial clerk and horse trainer. Goodman-1521

Raped his sister and then killed by his father who is a Bishop. O%27Kelley-16

13th century slave "Bobba" in England. Goodman-3397

Sheriff migrated from Scotland to England with the Gypsies. Elliot-793

Never married, women by 4 children, 7 bastard children. Brouillard-221

Pig farmer, grave digger, and bigamist. Brouillard-179

Sourcerer and constable. Badcocke-20

Margaret the "effective" witch. Badcocke-18

Sheep "farmer" and bigamist. Badcocke-1

Walter pre-dates known English history. Godman-11

Captain Badcocke saves 20,000 orphans. Badcocke-12

Murdered on the church steps. Goodman-1794

Shot 100 years before guns in existence. Brenton-630

St Grogon does not exist (Saint-Gorgon does, it is small village in the Vosges - 405 habitants in 2005, but only 175 at the time of the French Revolution) For someone living in Lorraine, it would be quite unusual to be a seaman How he got away with being married with 4 women at the same time is quite a mystery - Polygamy is forbidden in the Roman Catholic religion and priests checked that the contractants were not already married before performing a ceremony. They communicated with the priests of their parish of origin if they did not know them personally (this is reflected in contemporary records). Marin-126

Methodism was not founded until the middle of the 18th century, 400 years after this will. Chancellor of a minor house in charge of Economic and Financial matters.. The term Economic was first used by Adam Smith in the 18th century, again, 400 years after this will He was Chancellor as above and in charge of growing carrots does not seem to fit The second farm was Land's End? Brenton-621

Bingey's 3rd bastard child born to Richard. All children were born between Richard marriages. She remained in the household as a housekeeper. Masta was born about 1370. He is the son of Richard Goodman. Goodman-1738

To my 9 bastard black children I leave you my surname and an education so you may better yourselves. I declare I am the true Richard Martin Goodman x Goodman-1713


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