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The name Gorman arose in Scandinavia, Germany, England and Ireland. In England the names Gore, see Gore Name study and Gorman are related. Early bearers of the surname include John atte Gore recorded in 1296 within the Sussex Subsidy Rolls, who is identical with the John Gorman recorded in 1332. MacGorman

Origins of the Gorman name in Ireland

This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about the Gorman surname and the variants of that name.

Variants are O'Gorman and in Gaelic Mac Gormáin and Ó Gormáin, meaning "son of Gormán" and "descendant of Gormán".

Gorman is an old Irish clan name. In the late 8th century, the Gorman clan split into two groups with the main group settling in County Monaghan and County Clare. The Clare branch became very numerous, and their chiefs became the hereditary field marshalls of the O'Briens. The ruins of a clan castle are still visible in Clare Caher Murphy

Gorman and Gormon are recognised Traveller surnames [1]

Project aim

I am interested in tracing the migration journeys of the Gorman name across the world.

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Task List

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Getting more interest
  • Provide background information (currently underway)
  • Add category to pre 1800 Irish profiles at county level
  • Add category to pre 1840 Irish profiles at county level
  • Add category to earliest immigrant to Australia for all identifiable family lines
  • Add famous Gormans, such as the O'Gorman Mahon [1] [2]
  • Make list of locations that had Gorman families
  • Make list of locations that include the Gorman name
  • Work through the "unconnected" and "orphaned" GORMAN profiles at GORMAN Genealogy & Family History [3]

Famous Gormans

  • Muiris Ó Gormáin c.1700/20–c.1794 (Mac Gormáin, O'Gorman, Gorman), Muiris (Maurice) poet, playwright Muiris Ó Gormáin
  • Bartley Gorman V (1 March 1944 – 18 January 2002) an English Traveller and bare knuckle boxer Bartley Gorman V
  • Carl Nelson Gorman Navajo artist, WWII code-talker, cultural historian, and advocate for Native peoples Gorman Museum
  • the O'Gorman Mahon [4] James Patrick Mahon O'Gorman
  • James Gorman VC Born 21 Aug 1834 in Islington, London, Died 18 Oct 1882 in Spectacle Island, New South Wales awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery under fire during the Crimean War.

Ireland to 1850s

In the Down Survey of 1641 the Gorman name was common in Limerick and Clare where most Gorman properties were held. Gorman is also imbedded in many placenames, such as Derrygorman in Inch, Knockgorman in County Tipperary, Lisgorman in Co. Leitrim, providing further clues as to the spread of the name.

This list has been compiled manually by searching by County. Even though the database covers multiple years individuals in the same location do not seem to appear multiple times for different years. If an individual was tithing for more than one plot they may be listed several times. At the nli site [5] you can search for a breakdown at Parish and Townland level.

Gormans by County in Tithe Applotment Books 1823-1837

County Occurrences
Armagh 0
Carlow 40
Cavan 25
Clare 170
Cork 68
Donegal 22
Down 9
Dublin 18
Fermanagh 2
Galway 46
Kerry 17
Kildare 52
Kilkenny 129
King's 26
Laois 0
Leitrim 2
Limerick 163
Longford 31
Louth 4
Mayo 24
Meath 35
Monaghan 18
Offaly -
Queen's 87
Roscommon 5
Sligo 26
Tipperary 292
Tyrone 0
Waterford 29
Westmeath 7
Wexford 24
Wicklow 13

Grenham's map of Griffith's Valuation 1847/1864 shows frequency by county. Those counties with over a hundred occurrences of Gorman are Limerick, Clare, Kilkenny, Laios and Tipperary.

The list Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855 of County Clare - Frequency of Surnames records every surname which occurs in the Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855 of County Clare. It provides 114 occurrences of Gorman in the Valuation for Clare

There is a public DNA project at worldfamilies [6] which gives some background. The map of earliest origins shows the name spread throughout Ireland by the late 18th century.

Earliest mentions

1653 no.129. Thomas Gorman, thirtie; black; middle; servant. in JOHN HORE of Ballymacmagg, and MATTHEW HORE, of Shandon, near Dungarran, County of Waterford. We, the said Commissioners, do hereby certifye that John Hore, of Ballymacmaag, and Matthew Hore, of Shandon, in the county of Waterford. hath, upon the 23rd day of January, 1653, in pursuance of a Declararation... at John Hore transplanters certificate

Gormans named in the United Irishmen 1798 Depositions

Name Where County
Gorman Connor Miltown Yeomanry North West Clare 3
Gorman James Craggane North West Clare 4
Gorman John Craggane North West Clare 4
Gorman Michael Miltown Yeomanry North West Clare 3

Clare Library http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclare/genealogy/united_irishmen_by_surname.htm Clare 1798 rebellion

Gormans in Dublin 1812 Treble almanac

Name Occupation and Place
Gorman Austin iron monger 28 Bolton Street
Gorman Edward grocer, 31 Bride Street
Gorman John tailor 18 Trinity Place
Gorman Mary baker 33 Hammond lane
Gorman Mary corn chandler 74 James Street
Gorman Michael coachmaker, 4 Boot lane
Gorman Peter grocer, 28 Bride Street
Gorman William Hatter and Laceseller, 17 Cutpurse-row

Gorman, some early marriages

Name SPOUSE Date and place
Richardum Gorman Anastasiam Welsh Feb 1778 Carrigeen and Mooncoin Portumna DIOCESE: Ossory
Margaritam Gorman Richardum Bohelly May 1792 Cahir, Caher DIOCESE: Waterford and Lismore
Joane Gorman Michael Gownon Feb 1789 Thomastown, Ballycallan DIOCESE: Ossory
John Gorman Elizabeth Scully 11 Aug 1777 Charleville, Ballyhea DIOCESE: Cloyne Sponsor? Dens McAuliff

Marriages in Thurles, Tipperary 1830s [2]

Name SPOUSE Date and Sponsors
Ellen GORMAN Michael GLEESON February 1834 Sp. Ernest Fogarty Catherine Banon
Bridget GORMAN John MAHER February 1834 Sp. John Maher Bridget Banon
John GORMAN Ellen KIRWAN (?) October 1834 Sp. Michael Ryan Ellen Carr
Catherine GORMAN Philip RYAN February 1835 Sp. Philip Kennedy Mary Keogh Groom from St. Kyrans
Nicholas BROPHY Honora FITZPATRICK February 1835 Sp. John Quinn Anastasia Gorman

Detailed lists are at [Space:Gorman_in_Ireland_to_1840]

Gormans in Australia

My antecedent James Gorman 1807-5/1/1885 arrived in New South Wales on the SS Blenheim in 1834. Family history says he was from County Clare. He settled in Truscotts Swamp near Burraga (out from Oberon NSW). James and several relations are listed in that area in Grevilles postal directory 1872.

The hope is that other researchers like you will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board, add details of your name research, etc.

Kylie is adding Gormans in Western Australia.

Elsie is doing profiles for all early Gormans in NSW, so that hopefully one day we will be able to work out where the relationships are. Through DNA we are finding connections back to Ireland, and which early arrivals were closely related.

1828 Census

Fourteen Gormans are recorded in the first muster of convicts, two have died, one executed. By the 1828 census there are 28 Gormans (and Gormons) listed.

  • Ann Gorman 1777-1814 New South Wales convict arrivals 1796 NSW
  • Ann Gormon b1797 F 28 Mariner 1825 7 C Factory Parramatta 1828 Census
  • Catherine Gorman b1786 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW TL Wellington 1820 14 Wife of John Owen Sydney
  • Catherine Gormon b1783 -1838 FS Telicherry 1805 7 C
  • Connor Gorman b1799 New South Wales and Tasmania: Settlers and Convicts 1787-1859 NSW
  • Cornelius see Connor Gorman b1797 (Dead or Missing 1828) New South Wales and Tasmania: Settlers and Convicts 1787-1859 NSW CP 1801 Ann (ship) Life
  • Edward Gorman 1800-1823 (Executed) New South Wales convict arrivals NSW C Brampton 1823 7 Sydney
  • Eliza Gorman b1807 20 Elizabeth 1828 7 C Factory, Parramatta 1828 Census
  • James Gorman b1814 Countess of Harcourt Road Party 14 1828 Census
  • John Gorman 1770-1842 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW , 40, TL Three Bees 1813 Life Quarryman Sydney
  • John (Hugh) Gorman b1792 Henry Porcher Barracks, Newcastle 1828 Census
  • John Gorman 1795-1839 36 GS Asia 1825 1828 Census
  • John Gorman NSW FS Pilot 1816 7 Employed by G Harper Cawdor
  • John Gorman 1786--1839 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW C Daphne 1819 Life On board the Hulk
  • John Gorman 1766-1842 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW TL Lord Sidmouth 1821 7 Resident Parramatta 1828 Labourer to Margt O'Neill Phillip St, Sydney
  • John Gorman (Jun) 1812-1842 G16 GS Mangles 1828 7 C Labourer to Margt O'Neill Phillip St, Sydney 1828 Census
  • John Gorman b1784 44 GS M. Huntley 1828 7 C Servant to Moses Brennan Appin 1828 Census
  • John Gorman b1805 The youngest convict on board the Guildford 1818 who was only 13 years old. 21 Mar 1823 Per "Guildford", 1818 Runaway from Port Macquarie. On list of convicts embarked on the "Deveron" for Hobart
  • John Gorman b1798 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW TL Minerva 1819 Life Employed by William Joyce
  • Henry Gormon 1805-1851 12 C England 1826 Labourer to Wm Tho. Bayliss Cornwallis 1828 Census
  • Isaac Gorman - Parmelia 1832 Died in Liverpool Hospital 19 September 1839
  • Luke Gorman 1799-1858 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW C Daphne 1819 14 Govt. servant to James Smithers
  • Mary Gorman b1763 Albermarle 1791 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW first known Gorman in Australia
  • Mary Gorman b1805 20 Mariner 1825 7 C Princes Street, Sydney 1828 Census
  • Maurice Gorman b1780 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW C Prince Regent 1821 7 Govt. servant to William Howe Campbelltown, to Hugh Byrne 1828, Burragorang, Airdale
  • Michael Gorman b1795 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW C Shipley 1820 14 Clearing party Bringelly 1828 Watchman, to Isaac Shepherd Camden
  • Patrick Gorman 1798-1879 New South Wales convict arrivals Mangles 1826 NSW
  • Patrick Gorman, b c1780 one of 311 convicts transported on the Barwell, September 1797 Leicester Assizes
  • Richard Gorman 1806-1887 Regalia Phoenix Hulk Sydney 1828 Census
  • Thomas Gorman 1776-1849 New South Wales convict arrivals NSW CP Rolla 1793 1803 Life Wheelwright Parramatta
  • Gorman Wm 1800 New South Wales and Tasmania: Settlers and Convicts 1787-1859 NSW FS Atlas 1806 Benevolent Asylum
  • Gorman William 26 GS R Charlotte 1825 7 C Constable & Scourger to P McIntyre Segenhoe, Durham 1828 Census

Born in the Colony

  • Ann 22 BC Child of T Gorman Housekeeper Saml. Fowler, Weaver Parramatta
  • Catherine (Gormon) Butler 1816-1838 (daughter of Thomas and Catherine) F 12 C Servant to Esther Handle Parramatta 1828 Census
  • Elizabeth Gorman 12 b 1816 BC Child of T Gorman 1828 15 C Servant to jas. Bardsley Parramatta 1828 Census
  • Hannah Gorman Born 1811 in Sydney, not listed in 1828 census
  • Gorman Jane G 2 BC Family of T Gorman 1828 G5 C 1828 Census
  • Gorman John G 16 BC Child of T Gorman 1828 Census
  • Gorman James - - BC 1828 Census born 1803 admitted to Bathurst Gaol 1837-1844
  • Gorman Margaret - 4 BC Family of T Gorman 1828 Census
  • Mary Ann b1810 F 18 BC Child of T Gorman 1828 Census
  • Richard 1824 4 Male O.I. Cabramatta 1828 Census
  • Thomas Gorman 1825-1892 6 BC Family of T Gorman 1828 8 C 1828 Census

Working notes on Gorman in the Colony of New South Wales contain Gorman information on: 1 Known Gorman Families and couples having children in the Colony of New South Wales 2 Which James Gorman? 3 Bathurst Pioneers Register 4 Grevilles' post office directory for 1872 5 Bounty Immigrants to NSW 6 Raw data from the Colonial Secretaties' index


  1. GORMAN Ref page107; Gypsies in Britain Author Brian Vesey-FitzGerald GORMON Ref Journal of the Romany and Traveller Family History Society at Celtic Travellers DNA project
  2. http://www.igp-web.com/IGPArchives/ire/tipperary/churches/thurles-mar-1834-35.htm IGP Thurles

1. MacGorman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacGorman

2. Tithe applotments nli http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/

3. John Grenham's map of Griffith's Valuation 1847/1864 http://www.johngrenham.com/findasurname.php?surname=Gorman

4. Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855 of County Clare - Frequency of Surnames http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclare/genealogy/griffiths/surname_frequency_griffiths.htm

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Hi Elise, I am a Gorman descendant living in Victoria. My great grandfather Patrick Gorman came to Victoria unassisted in 1869. he came from Baunmore Co Kilkenny. We have traced a brother Michael's descendants who still live in the area. Finding records for his father Timothy and wife Bridget Hely, have so far eluded us.

I would love to join your Australian and General Study. I have also done my mitochondrial DNA which is K. I am having a bit of difficulty navigating Wiki Tree, though I have joined. Regards Christine Sanger (Gorman)

posted by Christine Gorman
Hi ChristineTerrific, I see you've added your direct line back to Ireland, that's a great start. To participate in the project you need to add the Category and sticker, I generally just do the oldest known and the immigrant. For Patrick:
This profile is part of the Gorman Name Study.
For his father
This profile is part of the Gorman Name Study.

regards Mary

posted by Elsie Gorman
I would like to join the Gorman one name study, Category, Ireland
posted by [Living Phelan]
Hi Brian

Thank you, somehow I didn't see your comment til just now, my apologies for the delay. Do you have Gorman profiles to add? Are you offering to help? If so I think a good place to start would be to pick a county you are interested in and look for well documented families, for example where several make it to the 1901 census and the parents are listed. Do you want to communicate via email? Mary

posted by Elsie Gorman
edited by Elsie Gorman
Hi Elsie

My home town is Clonmel, Co Tipperary and because of my interest in local history I did some research on the Gorman there. I have collected some photos of marriages, residence, portraits etc in the 1900 - 1950 period. Would these be of interest. I am not related .

posted by [Living Phelan]
Camila O´Gorman is an important historical figure from Argentina. She was a socialite during post-colonial times and eloped with a Catholic priest, who was also from an influential family. They were captured and executed by a firing squad because of "rebellion". The execution place is near my house (some 1.5 km).

I think it is an interesting historical figure to research and i have been wanting to create a profile myself. Would you be interested in using it for your project?

Thanks Laura, she sounds very interesting. I don't have the expertise or access to sources to create her profile, but if you go ahead please include her by adding the Category/Sticker
This profile is part of the Gorman Name Study.
posted by Elsie Gorman
From my book The Architecture of Jefferson Country

K. Edward Lay

Cary D. Langhorne Professor Emeritus of Architecture, University of Virginia

One of Thomas Jefferson's craftsmen for the building of the University of Virginia, John Gorman, was born in Ireland in 1786. He immigrated to Lynchburg,VA, where he worked both in a quarry and at Poplar Forest, where he laid and polished the hearths. He came to the university in 1819, after Jefferson noted in recommending him for a position there, "I find him well informed, industrious, very skillful, sober & good humored, and think he will be a valuable acquisition. He understands the business from the quarrying to conducting the work to the outlines for the sculptor." While at the university Gorman executed all the stone caps, bases, sills, wall copings, and newel blocks for the Rotunda, all of the ten pavilions, and Hotels A, C, D, E, and F. His fee amounted to about $250 for each pavilion. i

In 1821 Gorman declared his intention to become a U.S. citizen. Four years later he purchased one of Dinsmore's lots (probably lot number 1) on West Main Street, and here he built his house. Gorman died here an "insolvent debtor" on 23 August 1827, two months after John Neilson's death, leaving a wife and their infant child, Mary Ann. The property, which had been in trusteeship to satisfy debts to Dinsmore's and Neilson's estates, was sold in 1842 to Alexander St. Clair Heiskell. ii

i U.S. Census, Schedule of Inhabitants, Botetourt County, 1810; AC Order Book, 7 May 1821: 424; Mesick, Cohen, and Waite, "Poplar Forest"; Jefferson Account Books; Thomas Jefferson to Hugh Chisholm, 31 Aug. 1817 (Jefferson had noted earlier that Lynchburg had better workmen than Charlottesville), to Arthur Brockenbrough, 17 Aug. 1819, Jefferson Papers; Proctor's Papers, 17 July 1826 (Gorman apparently had his problems, however; the proctor suggested, "If Gorman does not keep sober discharge him promptly"); Proctor's Ledgers.

ii AC Order Book, 7 May 1821: 424; AC Deed Books, 21:222 (1818), 25:73, 77 (1825), 40:241 (1842); Virginia Advocate, 25 Aug. 1827, 16 Feb. 1828, 10 Sept. 1830

posted by Ed Lay
edited by Ed Lay
Hi! I added text to the companion category for your name study (Category:Gorman Name Study). Feel free to edit it. The default for the template is to add the main category, but you can add a line to have a different category. See the ONS template page for details. Give me a holler if you have any questions about categorization.

I also edited this page slightly to link to the Category page (for info on the template) and to the ONS Project page (for info about categorization).

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett