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The Gulf Coast Hurricanes

The Gulf Coast Hurricanes is a challenge team whose core focus is on profiles associated with Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. However, you are not restricted to that and may work on any profiles you wish!


Our mission is to add valid sources to as many Unsourced Profiles as possible. For convenience, this page contains links to lists of unsourced profiles relevant to all U.S. Gulf Coast states.

About the Source-a-Thon

The Source-a-Thon is an annual WikiTree world-wide event, where Wiki Genealogists from all over the world will be participating together, at the same time. It's a fun way to focus on improving our unsourced profiles with valid sources, using teams and competition to motivate us!

  • Registration deadline: Wednesday, October 2nd, at midnight EDT
  • Start: Friday, October 4th, at 8:00 AM EDT (GMT -4)
  • End: Monday, October 7th, at 8:00 AM EDT

Here is a time zone calculator if you need help figuring out the right start and end times in your time zone.

How to Join

Joining the team is simple! All you need to do is post an ANSWER to this registration post, and mention the Gulf Coast Hurricanes!

Team Chat

After you've joined, be sure to go to our G2G Team Chat page to introduce yourself, and check on status updates and other team news! This is where we can get answers to our questions, get acquainted with one another, discuss our team's progress and cheer each other on!

2019 Team Members

  1. Joyce Rivette, co-captain - bib #26
  2. Steff Mandarino, co-captain - bib #44
  3. Edie Kohutek - bib #13
  4. Jackie Girouard - bib #98
  5. Gigi Tanksley - bib #139
  6. Liat Boucher - bib #140
  7. Dale Ladnier - bib #188
  8. Randall Hebert - bib #433

Source-a-Thon sticker

... ... ... participated with Gulf Coast Hurricanes during the 2019 Source-a-Thon, adding sources to 100 previously unsourced profiles.

As a participant in the Source-a-thon, you can insert the following text into the biography of your personal profile page:

{{Source-a-Thon|team=Gulf Coast Hurricanes|year=2019|sources=100}}

This will include the sticker on your profile. Your name will automatically appear, but you need to enter the total number of profiles you sourced once the challenge is over.

More details about how to use the Source-a-thon sticker.

Hurricanes Spreadsheet

We now have a workspace on this spreadsheet for the "G C Hurricanes" team, to help us select portions of the Unsourced lists to work on! The tab or sheet is customized with links to the Unsourced profiles lists for the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, subdivided by century. Steven Tibbetts has graciously provided the workspace, which also includes a chat function that is shared by all teams.

There is a section on our sheet below the state tables which lists each team member, and provides space to enter what you are currently working on during the challenge. This is an effort to reduce people colliding with each other when selecting profiles to edit.

The process for using the sheet is this:

  1. Before starting on a batch of profiles, review the areas already selected or completed by others to make sure it hasn't already being chosen.
  2. Enter your choice in column B next to your name. Please try to keep it at a reasonable number of profiles. For example, try to select smaller blocks in decades rather than centuries, preferably blocks of about 200 or fewer profiles.
  3. Work on sourcing the profiles in the block you selected. For every profile in which you've added one or more valid sources, be sure to remove the Unsourced template and/or category before saving. After saving, don't forget to select the Challenge Tracker at the top of the saved profile to record your point!
  4. When finished with the block of profiles, go back to the spreadsheet and copy the info from column B to the next empty cell to the right, starting at column C or higher.
  5. Repeat!

Use of the spreadsheet doesn't guarantee that you will never collide with anyone. There will always be instances where a person was working with another team, or independently, or on their own unsourced list, or from a different list than the ones we are using. But the spreadsheet will reduce the frustration of these collisions a great deal ,and is highly recommended.

Note that you are not limited to just the unsourced profiles in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi! You can also work on:

  1. Profiles in other unsourced categories. Start here to browse through all Unsourced Profile lists by location or project.
  2. Any unsourced profile, even if they are NOT in the unsourced category! There are tens of thousands of these profiles that need attention. They are harder to find, but you can usually find a few if you check other family members linked to an unsourced profile. This is especially efficient for including a census record for each member of the family on that census.

Lists of Unsourced Profiles

Below you will find tables containing unsourced profile lists for each state in the U.S. Gulf Coast area. Note that each listing has profiles broken down into groups on 4 different lines, divided by century. The 4 groups are described as:

  1. Category: …, Unsourced Profiles - profiles marked as Unsourced for that state. This is the fastest and easiest to use for each state.
  2. Location: …, Category:Unsourced Profiles - profiles marked with the general Unsourced category but not identified by state. It is created from Unsourced profiles not included in Group #1, which contain a location using either the full state name or the postal abbreviation. This list is not always as clean as group #1, and may include profiles that are NOT in that state. For Texas and Mississippi, the list works well since "TX" and "MS" don't generally have another meaning. However for Louisiana it's mostly a mess because "LA" is part of many location names in France, Spain, Canada and other places. Much effort has been made to glean Louisiana profiles from this group and move them to group #1, so for Louisiana you can generally save yourself some time and ignore this 2nd line.
  3. Location: …, Suggestion 802 & 803 - empty or nearly empty profiles. It's a small list, and may be difficult to source since there isn't as much information in the profiles. By definition, an empty profile is unsourced. For these, if you add a source, before saving the profile please make sure the following minimum required structural elements are also included:
    == Biography ==
    == Sources ==
    <references />
    If you search and don't find any sources, it is recommended to make sure the following structural elements are entered before going to the next profile: [Update the Research Note to reflect where you searched.]
    == Biography ==
    == Research Notes ==
    Used RootsSearch app to find sources on Ancestry, FamilySearch, and Find A Grave, with no results. ~~~~
    == Sources ==
    <references />
  4. Location: …, Suggestion 131-134 - profiles without dates, but estimates based on linked family were used to place them in a century group. It's also a small group, and may contain some good possibilities. Just be aware some profiles may already be sourced.

Following are the most recently-generated tables for locating unsourced profiles in the Gulf Coast area.


Unsourced profiles for Louisiana.

4216 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Louisiana, Unsourced Profiles 2903 29 691 1585 598 3
Location: Louisiana, Category:Unsourced Profiles 1103 17 799 287 9
Location: Louisiana, Suggestion 802 & 803 0
Location: Louisiana, Suggestion 131-134 210 210

Table prepared at 05.12.2023 23:09:53 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Region is Louisiana). Profiles: 272815


Unsourced profiles for Mississippi.

3577 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Mississippi, Unsourced Profiles 419 2 1 99 271 46
Location: Mississippi, Category:Unsourced Profiles 2817 9 4 590 2071 143 11
Location: Mississippi, Suggestion 802 & 803 33 1 1 24 7
Location: Mississippi, Suggestion 131-134 308 33 23 207 45

Table prepared at 05.12.2023 23:08:54 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is Mississippi,MS). Profiles: 270606


Unsourced profiles for Texas.

6904 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Texas, Unsourced Profiles 237 1 24 171 41 9
Location: Texas, Category:Unsourced Profiles 5807 25 6 314 4479 983 20
Location: Texas, Suggestion 802 & 803 200 12 1 89 98 2
Location: Texas, Suggestion 131-134 660 57 6 473 124 1

Table prepared at 05.12.2023 23:10:27 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is Texas,TX). Profiles: 737370


Unsourced profiles for Alabama.

6714 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Alabama, Unsourced Profiles 480 15 1 90 310 64 9
Location: Alabama, Category:Unsourced Profiles 5653 5 6 1106 4288 248 22
Location: Alabama, Suggestion 802 & 803 63 2 26 35
Location: Alabama, Suggestion 131-134 518 38 32 395 53

Table prepared at 05.12.2023 23:08:09 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Region is Alabama). Profiles: 414188


Unsourced profiles for Florida.

120 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:Florida, Unsourced Profiles 25 7 13 5
Location: Florida, Category:Unsourced Profiles 95 1 10 84 2
Location: Florida, Suggestion 802 & 803 0
Location: Florida, Suggestion 131-134 0

Table prepared at 05.12.2023 23:04:07 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Location is Florida,FL). Profiles: 234946

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Hi Hurricanes! Congratulations from all of us at the Windsor Warriors for your amazing contributions during the 2019 Source-a-thon. What a fun weekend we had! It was a pleasure running alongside you all and we look forward to seeing you in the branches. Susie :-)
posted by Susie MacLeod
The Virginia Sourcers thank you for the 874 sources you added to WikiTree during the Source-a-Thon. It was another great showing of community collaboration and we appreciate all that you did!
Thank you
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(")_(") «´`• Hurricanes°•´`»
.:??*?‘???.?.:* *.:??*?.?.
  • *.:??*?¨?
posted by Mindy Silva
The Virginia Sourcers wish you the best in your endeavor to add Sources. Thank you Gulf Coast Hurricanes for wanting to make our global tree healthier! And now the fun begins...
(=' :')

posted by Mindy Silva