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HMS Birkenhead Disaster (26 Feb 1852)

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Date: 25 Feb 1852 to 26 Feb 1852
Location: Cape of Good Hope, South Africamap
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The Birkenhead Disaster

The goal of this project is to remember an important shipping disaster that set standards, morals and actions for many similar disasters in years to follow.

The troopship H.M.S. Birkenhead sailed from Queenstown, Ireland on 7th January 1852 with 631 persons onboard including a crew of 132, the remainder being soldiers with their wives and families. The ship reached Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope on 23 February where some of the passengers were transferred ashore.

Birkenhead sailed around 6pm on the 25th February heading eastward having been ordered to land troops at Algoa Bay and Buffalo River. At approx. two o'clock on the morning of the 26th February, less than 3 miles from land, Birkenhead struck a submerged rock off Danger Point. Within 20 minutes the ship had broken up and mostly sunk with a great loss of life.

On board were detachments of the 12th Lancers, 2nd, 6th, 12th, 43rd, 45th and 60th Rifles, and the 73rd, 74th and 91st Regiments. There was also a small number of civilians, women and children.

Various sources state that there were approx. 680 troopers, sailors and passengers on board (including a small number of women, children and civilians), as well as between 9 and 30 horses. The death toll was very high with approximately 455 lost and 198 surviving; and only 5 horses swam ashore.

Thomas Coffin was at the wheel when the ship struck the hidden rock - a few feet left or right would have saved the ship. Dozens of soldiers sleeping in the lower deck near the bow would have died quickly on impact. Many of the soldiers could not swim including Colonel Seton, the officer in command. Only 184 persons were saved by the lifeboats but a dozen or so avoided the sharks and the elements to make it to safety.

There wasn't enough lifeboats for all the people - there were just 3 boats.. The women and children were loaded into the first with sailors to manage it. The two other boats had men in them. The ship's captain ordered everyone else to jump into the water and swim to the lifeboats. However, two officers ordered the men to stand fast in case they swamped the lifeboats, which they did, as the ship quickly sank.

All the women and children survived but most who remained on board ship drowned, died from the effects of the elements, or were taken by sharks.

A memorial service to commemorate the survivors and the men who lost their lives in the Birkenhead disaster is held on 25 and 26 February in various places. In Gansbaai, the 2-day event also includes a wreath-laying ceremony on Birkenhead Rock, followed by a small remembrance ceremony at sea.

Estimates of the number of people who died/survived varies:

  • 193 persons survived:
    • 7 women and 13 children, all of whom survived;
    • 2 other civilians survived (and 1 other died);
    • 6 marines.
  • 438 persons died:
    • 9 army officers;
    • 357 soldiers;
    • naval crew: 7 officers and 74 sailors;
    • surgeons: 1 naval, 2 military died (and 1 other survived).

Military Contingent

2nd Foot (The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment)
1 Ensign (Boylan),
1 Sergeant,
50 Men.
6th Foot (Royal Warwickshire Regiment)
1 Ensign (Lawrence Metford),
1 Sergeant,
60 Men.
12th Lancers (9th/12th Royal Lancers)
2 Cornets (Bond, Holt),
1 Sergeant,
5 Men.
12th Foot (Suffolk Regiment)
1 Captain (Blake),
1 Sergeant,
14 Men.
43rd Light Infantry (1st Battalion Oxford; 1 Lieutenant, Buckinghamshire Light Infantry)
1 Lieutenant (Girardot),
1 Sergeant,
40 Men.
45th Foot (1st Battalion Nottinghamshire; 1 Warrant Officer, Derby Regiment)
1 Warrant Officer,
1 Sergeant,
15 Men.
60th Foot (King's Royal Rifle Corps)
1 Corporal
39 Men.
73rd Foot (2nd Battalion Royal Highland Regiment)
1 Lieutenants (Robinson, Booth),
1 Ensign (Lucas),
1 Sergeant,
70 Men.
74th Foot (2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry)
1 Lieutenant-Colonel (Seton),
1 Ensign (Russell),
1 Warrant Officer,
60 Men.
91st Foot (1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland; 1 Captain, Highlanders)
1 Captain (Wright),
1 Sergeant,
1 Corporal,
59 Men.

Abbreviations in Table below (Army Units / Ship code etc.)

  • Note: 'Died' and 'Survived' counts are from the next (my) table.
Code Group Died Survived Total Origin
Birk HMS Birkenhead 13 53 66
Civ Civilian 1 2 3
Fam Wives, (children) 0 9 (1) 9 (1)
Mrns Marines 0 6 6
Surg Surgeon 2 1 3
2nd 2nd Regiment of Foot (Rifles) 36 18 54
6th 6th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) 48 12 60
12th L 12th Lancers 5 4 9
12th R 12th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) 52 15 67
43rd 43rd Regiment of Foot (Rifles) 29 15 44
45th 45th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) 3 1 4
60th 60th Regiment of Foot (Rifles) 30 11 41
73rd 73rd Regiment of Foot 54 18 72
74th 74th Regiment of Foot 49 14 63 Scotland
91st 91st Regiment of Foot 47 17 64
 ? Unknown unit 0 1 1
Total 370 197 567

Souls aboard HMS Birkenhead, 26 Feb 1852.

  • Note: Whilst aiming for accuracy, I have no doubt that there are spelling mistakes amongst the names in the following list owing to various spellings in different sources.
  • Note: Those surnames in BLUE have a personal profile and each column can be sorted.
List of 567 persons (so far as known): lost, 370; survivors, 197 plus children.
No. Surname Forenames Rank/Job Unit/Ship Survived
1 SALMOND Robert Captain Birk N
2 SETON Alexander Lieut.-Col. 74th N
3 WRIGHT Edward William Carlyle Captain 91st Y
4 GIRARDOT John Francis Lieut. 43rd Y
5 ROBINSON Charles Williams Lieut. 73rd N
6 LUCAS Gould Arthur Ensign 73rd Y
7 BOOTH Audley Henry Lieut. 73rd N
8 BOYLAN(D) George Augustus Ensign 2nd N
9 METFORD Lawrence Growden Nickleson Ensign 6th N
10 RUSSELL Alexander Cumming Ensign 74th N
11 CULHANE William Asst. Surgeon Birk Y
12 LAING Staff Surgeon Surg N
13 ROBERTSON Staff Asst. Surgeon Surg N
14 EVANS Luke Jameson  ?  ? Y 1
15 WYER Christopher Private 91st N
16 WYNDHAM George Boy, 1st Class Birk Y
17 WHITE Andrew Mr. Civ N
18 NESBITT Mrs. Fam Y
20 MULLINS Mrs. Fam Y
21 DARKIN Mrs. Fam Y
22 HUDSON Sarah Mrs. Fam Y
23 SPRUCE Mrs. Fam Y
24 ANDERSON George Private 74th N
25 STRAW John Abraham Sergeant 12th L N
26 TERBE Sergeant 6th Y
27 QUIN Edward Private 43rd N
28 QUINN John Private 2nd N
29 McMANUS Corporal 2nd N
30 MOONEY / MOONY Charles Private 2nd N
31 BOND Ralph Shelton Cornet 12th L Y 4
32 ROLT John Cornet 12th L N
33 BEWHILL Henry A. B. Birk Y
34 BOWEN John A. B. Birk Y
35 BRODIE William Master Birk N
36 CHEESMAN Henry Stoker Birk Y
37 CHUSE William Stoker Birk Y
38 COFFIN Thomas A. B. Birk Y
39 CROKER Edward A. B. Birk Y
40 DALEY Thomas A. B. Birk Y
41 DYKE John A. B. Birk Y
42 DUNN Thomas A. B. Birk Y
43 DRACKFORD Thomas A. B. Birk Y
44 DREW Thomas Stoker Birk Y
45 FINN Robert A. B. Birk Y
46 FORBES Thomas A. B. Birk Y
47 GARDNER Edward Stoker Birk Y
48 GALE W. Boy, 1st Class Birk Y
49 COUSINS Benjamin Corporal 43rd N
50 HARRIS Thomas Boatswain Birk N
51 LANGMAND Thomas A. B. Birk Y
52 LEWIS John A. B. Birk Y
53 LAIRD William Corporal 74th N
54 SULLIVAN David Private 73rd Y
55 SULLIVAN John Private 73rd Y
56 KILBEARY Bernard Colour-Sergeant 73rd Y
57 DRAKE John Colour-Sergeant Mrns Y
58 RENWICK Charles Kerr Asst. Engineer Birk Y
59 ANDREWS David Sergeant 60th Y
60 KEATING Adam Private 45th Y
61 WALKER George Sergeant 12th R Y
62 GINN Francis Sergeant 43rd Y
63 RANDALL George Private 73rd N
64 RANDALL George Stoker Birk Y
65 REES John Private 60th N
66 RENNINGTON John Private 6th N
67 RUTHERFORD Ebenezer Private 74th N
68 RYAN Patrick Private 6th N
69 RUSSELL William Private 60th N
70 RUTH Martin A. B. Birk Y
71 SCHOFIELD M. Private 12th L Y
72 SCOTT Philip Private 73rd N
73 SCUTTS H. Private 60th N
74 WEDGWOOD William Private 91st N
75 TORPY Edward Private 6th N
76 HARRIS Joseph Private 6th N
77 HARRIS Samuel A. B. Birk Y
78 HARRIS Thomas A. B. Birk Y
79 KEARNS William Private 73rd N
80 GREEN R. Private 73rd Y
81 LAMB John Private 91st Y
82 LYNCH Patrick Private 73rd Y
83 LYONS George Private 43rd Y
84 MABER Michael Private 73rd N
85 McQUADE John Private 43rd N
86 McQUADE David Private 60th N
87 PENNING Joseph Private 43rd N
88 OXLEY James Private 2nd N
89 O'DAVIS J. 2nd Master Birk N
90 PRATT David Private 91st N
91 PRICE George Private 2nd N
92 PRIDE Thomas Private 74th N
93 PRINCE Charles Private 6th N
94 TAYLOR Patrick Private 73rd Y
95 TAYLOR George Private 74th Y
96 SUMMERTON Mark Private 6th N
97 THOMAS Nathaniel Private 2nd N
98 TILL George A. B. Birk Y
99 VERNON Henry Private 2nd Y
100 VESSE Samuel Private 2nd N
101 COCKER G. Private 45th N
102 COE James Private 2nd N
103 COLEMAN Richard Private 2nd N
104 COLLINS Mathew Private 73rd N
105 COLRENSHAW John Private 6th N
106 CURTIS Francis Corporal 60th N
107 DEELY Edward Asst. Engineer Birk N
108 DELAYNEY James Private 91st N
109 DEMMACK W. Private 12th R N
110 DEWS Thomas Private 43rd N
111 DICKSON Hugh Private 6th N
112 YULE John Private 12th R Y
113 ZWYKER Private (Bandsman) 2nd N
114 ZWYKER Mrs. & children Fam Y
115 WHYHAM William Chief Engineer Birk N
116 HARE William Charles Master's Asst. Birk N
117 SPEER Robert David 2nd Master Birk N
118 KITCHINGHAM George Asst. Engineer Birk N
119 McCLAYMONT / MACELYMONT James Asst. Engineer Birk N
120 ROBERTS James Carpenter Birk N
121 MAXELL Henry Quartermaster Birk Y
122 COALBORN Private 12th L N
123 ENGLISON J. Private 12th L N
124 HUTCHINGS G. Private 12th L N
125 DODD John Private 12th L Y
126 BARK Abraham Private 6th N
127 BECKETT Michael Private 6th N
128 BROMLEY Joseph Private 6th N
129 BROWN William Private 6th N
130 BRYAN Joseph Private 6th N
131 BRYAN William Private 6th N
132 BRYAN Patrick Private 6th N
133 BUSHE William Private 6th Y
134 BOSWELL W. Private 12th R N
135 PEACOCK Thomas Private 60th N
136 BRADLEY George Private 12th R N
137 BRIDGES George Private 12th R Y
138 BYRNE J. Private 12th R N
139 CARRINGTON M. Private 12th R N
140 CELLARS M. Private 12th R N
141 CLINCE M. Private 12th R N
142 WEYBROW / WYBROW William Private 91st N
143 CROCKER John Private 6th N
144 DANIELS Thomas Private Mrns Y
145 KEANS Thomas Private Mrns Y
146 NORTHOVEN John Private Mrns Y
147 TUCK William Private Mrns Y
148 RANSHAW Charles Private 43rd N
149 RIDDLESDEN John Private 43rd N
150 RIORDEN D. Private 43rd N
151 SHARP William Private 43rd Y
152 SHEEHAN Timothy Private 43rd N
153 SHEPPARD G. Private 43rd N
154 SULLIVAN T. Private 43rd N
155 TUCKER H. Private 43rd N
156 VICKERY Private 43rd N
157 WELCH Maurice Private 43rd N
158 WEST James Private 43rd Y
159 WINNINGTON Alex Private 91st N
160 WINTERBOTTOM Frederick Private 91st Y
161 WOODMAN William Private 91st N
162 SMITH John Private 91st N
163 SMITH Corporal 91st N 3
164 STANLEY John Private 91st Y
165 FLYNN William Private 73rd N
166 FRENCH Michael Private 73rd N
167 GAVIN Private 73rd N
168 McKEE / McKIE John Private 74th Y
169 JOHNSON Joseph Private 12th R Y
170 BERNARD James Private 73rd N
171 BIGGAM James Private 73rd N
172 BIRMINGHAM H. Private 73rd N
173 BRENNAN William Private 73rd N
174 McMURRAY James Private 73rd N
175 BRYAN E. Private 73rd N
176 BUCKLEY W. Private 73rd N
177 BUCKLEY Daniel Private 73rd N
178 BURTON William Private 73rd N
179 CAFFERY Michael Private 73rd N
180 CASH Thomas Private 73rd Y
181 CLEMENTS John Private 73rd N
182 CONGHAM John Private 91st Y
183 CORDIE John Private 91st Y
184 CUNNYNGHAM Patrick Private 91st Y
185 DOUBLE Henry Private 2nd Y
186 FORBES William Private 2nd N
187 DAY William Private 2nd N
188 MURPHY John Private 73rd N
189 GLEESON P. Private 6th Y
190 CORNELL Charles Private 2nd N
191 O'REILLY John Private 73rd Y
192 BURKE Joseph Private 2nd N
193 BANDEN John Private 2nd Y
194 LAVERY Patrick Private 2nd N
195 LOWRIE John Private 74th N
196 MacLEOD Edward Private 74th N
197 MacKINNON James Private 74th N
198 McANLEY William Private 74th N
199 McELARNEY John Private 74th N
200 MILLER Alexander Private 74th N
201 COLE Joseph Mr. Civ Y
202 BARCLAY John Mr. Civ Y
203 CHADWICK Thomas Private 2nd Y
204 CLAY William Private 2nd N
205 CULL H. Private 2nd N
206 FROST Thomas Private 60th N
207 BROOKLAND James Private 60th N
208 BROWN James Private 60th N
209 BURLON William Private 60th Y
210 CHAPMAN William Private 60th N
211 CALLAGHAN James Private 60th N
212 COOPER John Private Mrns Y
213 CLIFFORD Alfred Private 6th N
214 ARCHER Thomas Private 12th R N
215 ASHBOLT John Stoker Birk Y
216 CANTANEECH John Private 74th N
217 COWAN John Private 74th N
218 DONALD William Private 74th N
219 DONALDSON David Private 74th N
220 FLANAGAN Michael Private 73rd N
221 FITZPATRICK Mathew Private 73rd N
222 GRANT John Private 73rd N
223 GOLDIN James Private 6th Y
224 GRADY John Private 6th N
225 HORTLY Thomas Private 6th Y
226 HUSSEY Patrick Private 91st N
227 JUSTICE George Private 91st N
228 KELLY Patrick Private 91st N
229 LANCEY John Private 91st Y
230 MATHIESON William Private 91st N
231 MONTGOMERY A. Private 91st N
232 MULLINS Patrick Private 91st Y
233 GREEN J. Private 2nd N
234 ROBINSON J. Private 91st N
235 SWEENY John Private 91st N
236 WAMSLEY John Private 91st Y
237 EVANS James Private 91st N
238 ANTHERS A. Private 2nd Y
239 AMBROSE Edward Private 43rd Y
240 ALLEN Peter Private 43rd Y
241 BLACKIE Robert Private 74th N
242 GOMAN D. R. Private 74th N
243 BENNIE John Private 74th N
244 BAXTER Archibald Private 74th N
245 BOYCE William Private 74th Y
246 BRUCE Walter Private 74th N
247 HAGGAN Patrick Private 91st N
248 FERGUSON Charles Private 74th Y
249 FRANK William Private 74th N
250 GRAHAM J. H. Private 74th N
251 GREENLEAF John Private 2nd N
252 HAGGART John Private 91st Y
253 CAVE Thomas Private 43rd N
254 CAULFIELD Dennis Private 6th N
255 NUTALL Thomas Private 60th Y
256 NOBLE Charles A. B. Birk Y
257 NEAL William Carpenter's Mate Birk Y
258 PHALAN John A. B. Birk Y
259 RICHARDS R. B. Master's Asst. Birk Y
260 CRAGG J. Private 12th R N
261 SMITH John A. B. Birk Y
262 STONE Abel Ordinary Seaman Birk Y
263 TIGGLE R. A. B. Birk Y
264 COSTELLO J. Private 12th R N
265 CUMMINGS B. Private 12th R N
266 ENGLAND J. Private 12th R N
267 FIELD J. Private 12th R N
268 FLANAGAN P. Private 12th R N
269 FREEMAN O. Private 12th R N
270 HANDRAIN Thomas Leading Stoker Birk Y
271 HOSKINS John Stoker Birk Y
272 ANDERSON John Private 43rd N
273 BRACKLEY George Private 43rd Y
274 BRENNAN Daniel Private 43rd N
275 BUNKER D. Private 43rd Y
276 BULLEN William Private 43rd N
277 BYRNE John Private 73rd N
278 BYRNE John Private 43rd N
279 COSGROVE John Private 43rd N
280 DE BANK William Private 43rd N
281 HARRISON Private 43rd Y
282 HEALEY M. Private 43rd Y
283 HERIN John Private 43rd Y
284 HORHET Michael Private 43rd Y
285 DARSEY George Private 73rd N
286 DAWSON Charles Private 73rd N
287 DEEGAN Hugh Private 73rd N
288 DOYLE Patrick Private 73rd N
289 FITZPATRICK James Private 73rd Y
290 GAFFEY Patrick Private 91st N
291 SPICER Thomas Private 6th N
292 HAGGAN Stephen Private 91st N
293 RIDER John Private 6th N
294 HARPER John Private 91st N
295 HAYWARD Henry Private 91st N
296 HOLDEN John Private 91st Y
297 HUDSON Mark Private 91st Y
298 WALSHE E. Private 6th Y
299 MacKENLEY Francis Private 91st N
300 MEASURES William Private 91st N
301 ARMSTRONG J. Private 12th R N
302 BARRETT Private 12th R N
303 BELLINGHAM T. Private 12th R N
304 DOLAN Robert Private 12th R Y
305 DURKIN J. Private 12th R N
306 FITZGERALD T. Private 12th R N
307 FLANLEY T. Private 12th R N
308 FYNN W. Private 12th R N
309 GRIMSHAW A. Private 12th R N
310 HART F. Private 12th R N
311 HAYWARD S. Private 12th R N
312 HEARTY Michael Private 12th R Y
313 HIGGINS Thomas Private 12th R Y
314 IRVIN John Private 12th R Y
315 JEFFREY J. Pay/Purser's Steward Birk Y
316 KELLEY George Stoker Birk Y
317 KING John Stoker Birk Y
318 MURPHY Mrs. Fam Y 2
319 BUSHE William Private 73rd Y
320 BUTLER William Sergeant 91st N
321 CAREY D. Private 91st Y
322 CARRIGAN Patrick Private 6th N
323 CAVANAGH James Private 91st N
324 CLARK William Private 91st N
325 CLARKE William Private 6th Y
326 DAVIS Jeremiah O'Dwyer 2nd Master Birk N
327 REED Roger Quarter Master Birk N
328 BARBER Benjamin Asst. Engineer Birk Y
329 BIRT Joseph Private 91st N
330 BRIAN James Private 91st N
331 BUCKINGHAM James Private 91st N
332 BUDD W. Private 2nd Y
333 BUTLER John Private 43rd N
334 COUSIN David Private 74th N
335 DALEY Daniel Private 91st N
336 DOBSON William Private 73rd Y
337 DOCKERY M. Private 45th N
338 DONNEL William Private 43rd N
339 DRURY James Private 91st N
340 DUDLEY J. Private 73rd N
341 ELLIOTT Eli Private 60th N
342 FEELEY Hugh Private 73rd N
343 GIBSON James Private 74th N
344 GILDEA James Private 2nd Y
345 GILHAM George Private 43rd N
346 GOWAN Charles Private 74th N
347 GLEESON T. Private 2nd Y
348 GRANT Joseph Private 91st N
349 HALFPENNY William Private 73rd Y
350 HALL William H. Private 73rd N
351 HAMILTON Arthur Private 60th N
352 HAMILTON Peter Private 74th N
353 HARTLEY Richard Private 74th Y
354 HIRE G. W. S. Clerk Birk Y
355 HOWARD John Richards Boy Fam Y 7
356 HOLMES H. Private 73rd N
357 HOWARD John Private 2nd N
358 HUDSON Joseph Private 6th N
359 HUNT R. Private 6th Y
360 HURLEY Michael Private 73rd N
361 JACOBS Simon Private 60th N
362 JACOBS Henry Private 6th N
363 JAYS Thomas Private 91st N
364 KELLEY William Private 60th N
365 KELLEY J. Private 12th R N
366 KELLEY Private 43rd N
367 KELLY Timothy Private 73rd N
368 KELLY M. Private 6th N
369 KEMP George Private 91st N
370 KNIGHT George Private 2nd N
371 KERRIGAN C. Private 12th R Y
372 KIRKFORD D. Private 74th Y
373 KIRKWOOD James Private 74th N
374 KITCHEN John Private 6th Y
375 KITCHEN William Private 6th N
376 KRIFFE John Private 74th Y
377 LACEY James Captain of the Main Top Birk Y
378 LACKIE A. Private 60th Y
379 LADD Joseph Private 60th N
380 LAFFEY M. Private 60th Y
381 LARKIN Thomas Private 73rd N
382 LAMBDEN C. Private 12th R N
383 LANGAN Thomas Private 12th R Y
384 LAWLER M. Private 12th R N
385 LEE E. Private 12th R N
386 LAWRENCE George Private 73rd N
387 LEWIS John Private 6th N
388 LOMBREST Henry Private 6th N
389 LUCAS Charles Private 60th N
390 MATHER Henry Private 60th Y
391 MARSH George Private 2nd N
392 MARTIN John Private 2nd N
393 MALONEY D. Private 73rd Y
394 MALONEY J. Private 73rd Y
395 MALONEY Cornelius Private 6th N
396 MALONEY Patrick Private 6th N
397 MALONEY Thomas Private 6th N
398 MALACHI Private 73rd N
399 MALAY M. Private 2nd Y
400 MAHER James Private 60th N
401 MATHEWS Charles Boy, 2nd Class Birk Y
402 MATHISON M. Corporal 74th N
403 MATHISON Alexander Private 74th N
404 MATRAVIS W. Private 12th R N
405 MAXELL Thomas Private 74th N
406 MAY Patrick Private 73rd Y
407 MAYN John Private 6th N
408 McACY John Private 60th N
409 McCABE John Stoker Birk Y
410 McCANN Patrick Private 6th N
411 McCARTHY John A. B. Birk Y
412 O'BRIEN Michael Private 73rd Y
413 O'BRIEN Patrick Private 60th N
414 O'CONNELL William Private 73rd N
415 O'CONNELL Michael Private 2nd N
416 PAGE Robert Private 2nd Y
417 PALMER W. Private 12th R N
418 PARKLIN Michael M. Private 43rd N
419 PETERS George Private 43rd Y
420 PETERS John Private 2nd Y
421 PETERS P. Private 2nd Y
422 PETTIFER J. Private 12th R N
423 WORILL Benjamin Private 2nd Y
424 WOOD William Private 73rd Y
425 WOOD John Stoker Birk Y
426 CONNEL William Private 45th N
427 FOSS Henry Private 60th Y
428 HANLON J. Private 60th Y
429 KELCHER Michael Private 60th N
430 MOORE James Private 60th N
431 SMITH Patrick Private 91st N
432 SMITH W. S. Private 91st N
433 SMITH Robert Private 74th N
434 SMITH W. Private 12th R N
435 SMITH George Private 73rd N
436 SMITH William Private 12th R Y
437 SMITH Thomas Private 6th N
438 SOOTER William Private 60th Y
439 STANFIELD J. Private 60th Y
440 STOKES Patrick Private 60th N
441 STORY James Private 60th N
442 THOMPSON James Private 60th N
443 WALLIS John Private 60th N
444 WILSON James Private 60th N
445 WILSON James Private 73rd N
446 WILKINSON William Private 60th N
447 WILKINS William Private 60th N
448 WOOLWARD William Private 60th N
449 WOOLFALL Thomas Private 2nd N
450 WORTH George Private 6th N
451 SHARP J. Private 74th Y
452 SHARP John Private 74th N
453 SHAUGHNESSY G. Private 2nd N
454 SHAW Duncan Private 74th N
455 SHEA Daniel Private 73rd N
456 SHEEHAM P. Private 73rd N
457 SHEPHERD R. Private 12th R N
458 SHEPHERD Robert Private 73rd N
459 SIMMONS Thomas Private 2nd N
460 SIMON John Private 12th R Y
461 WEBBER Corporal 91st N
462 HACKENLEY F. Private 91st N
463 JARNEY J. Private 91st N
464 MOON James Private 91st N
465 McFADDEN A. Private 91st N
466 McDERMOT J. Private 12th R N
467 McDONALD John Private 12th R Y
468 McKENZIE T. Private 2nd N
469 McMAY Allem Private 91st Y
470 McMORROW T. Private 12th R N
471 McMULLIN Thomas Private 74th Y
472 MEALLY A. Private 12th R N
473 MEARS Hugh Private 6th N
474 McCRERY P. Private 2nd Y
475 MESSUM James Sailmaker's Mate Birk Y
476 MILLER George Private 74th N
477 MILLHAM James Private 6th N
478 MILLS A. Private 2nd N
479 MOORE John Private 2nd Y
480 MORGAN T. Private 12th R N
481 MORGAN Michael Private 6th N
482 MORRISON R. Private 12th R N
483 MORTON James Private 74th N
484 MULLANY J. Private 12th R N
485 MUNNS R. Private 12th R N
486 MUNRO D. Private 74th Y
487 MURDOCK Alexander Private 74th N
488 OWEN J. Private 12th R N
489 O'CONNOR D. Private 12th R N
490 PURCELL T. Private 12th R N
491 ROBERTSON Thomas Private 74th N
492 ROCHE J. Private 12th R N
493 ROWLEY James Private 2nd N
494 SPRINGS W. Private 12th R N
495 STARR Michael Private 6th N
496 STEWARD Robert Private 74th N
497 STEWARD William Private 74th N
498 TIERNEY John Private 6th N
499 TIGNE W. Private 12th R N
500 TONEN Michael Private 73rd N
501 TULLY George Private 6th N
502 TURNER Benjamin Boy, 1st Class Birk Y
503 TURNER Francis Private 74th N
504 NASSON James Private 2nd N
505 NATHANIEL A. Private 74th Y
506 NELSON John Private 74th N
507 REYNOLDS C. Private 12th R N
508 SEDGWOOD William Private 91st N
509 SULLVAN James Private 73rd N
510 TARNEY James Private 91st N
511 THOMPSON J. Private 12th R N
512 THOMPSON John Private 74th N
513 THOMPSON Adam Private 74th N
514 WADE James Private 6th Y
515 WALES T. Private 12th R N
516 WALKER Robert Private 74th N
517 WALKER J. Private 2nd N
518 WALSH T. Private 91st N
519 ARCHBOLD John T. Gunner Birk Y
520 O'NEIL John Colour-Sergeant 91st Y
521 GAVIN Michael Private 73rd N
522 FINN R. Private 6th N
523 FLETCHER William Private 6th N
524 FLINN Patrick Private 91st Y
525 FORD H. Private 91st N
526 KEANE Henry Private 6th N
527 KELCHER T. Private 12th R N
528 CON Thomas Private 6th Y
529 COONEY Patrick Private 73rd N
530 HAHER John Private 73rd N
531 HALES S. Private 2nd Y
532 HANDLEY James Private 6th N
533 HANLEY Patrick Private 73rd N
534 HANNEN John Private 73rd N
535 HAROLD Sergeant 74th Y
536 HARRISON Thomas Private 74th N
537 HARRISON Joseph Corporal 43rd N
538 HENDERSON James Private 74th Y
539 HENDRY Alexander Private 74th N
540 HICKS William Sergeant 43rd N
541 HOUCHIN Robert Private 73rd N
542 HOUGHTON J. Private 43rd N
543 HUNTER David Private 74th N
544 WARD P. Private 12th R Y
545 WATERS Daniel Private 12th R Y
546 WATSON George Private 74th N
547 WEBSTER B. Private 2nd N
548 WELCH William Private 6th Y
549 WELLER George Private 2nd N
550 WELLS George Private 12th R Y
551 WEST J. Private 6th N
552 WHEELER W. H. Private 2nd N
553 WHITE Thomas Private 6th N
554 WHITE G. Private 2nd Y
555 WINDON George A. B. Birk Y
556 SMITH Thomas Private 60th Y
557 SMITH John Private 2nd Y
558 WELLS C. Private 73rd N
559 WILSON W. Private 12th R N
560 WILSON Edward Boatswain's Mate Birk Y
561 WOODWARD William Seaman Birk Y
562 WOODWARD James Private 43rd Y
563 McGREGOR James Private 74th Y
564 MOORE John Private 91st N
565 KELLY Honoria Mrs. Fam Y 5
566 BOWEN Robert Surgeon Surg Y 6
567 HOWARD Richard Ship's Officer Birk N 7

Notes relating to above table (in 'Survived' column).

  1. PapersPast - Luke Evans.
  2. PapersPast - Mrs. Murphy.
  3. PapersPast - Corp. Smith.
  4. PapersPast - Cornet Bond.
  5. Co. Kildare Online Electronic History Journal.
  6. The Crimean Doctors.
  7. A Heritage of Courage and Faith.



List of persons onboard.

Personal details.


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The sinking of the Birkenhead is where the saying "Women and Children first" derived from. The men of the Birkenhead were ordered to hold fast until the women & children were safely aboard boats and far enough away that they could not be swamped.
posted by Barbara Birkenhead