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Haidee Settlers from Yorkshire to Natal in 1850

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The goal of this project is to draw up a complete list of all those on board the 'Haidee'...

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Ian McArthur.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • The complete passenger list of the 'Haidee'
  • Creation of Profiles for the first and second generation of Settlers
  • The history of the formation of the group, the voyage to Natal, and the setting-up of the town.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

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posted 23 Aug 2019 by Ian McArthur   [thank Ian]
The list as at 23 Aug 2019:
Surname York Lot Haidee list Other info ___wiki profile #_____
Allerston Alfred Y b. 1828 62
Allerston William Francis Y b. 1830 br. of Alfred 63
Ashton Richard Y br of Henry Prior Ashton (arr. 1848)
Atkinson John 65, 66 Y
Atkinson Mary ( ) Wife of John. Did she emigrate?
(Atkinson William Anthony) Son of John; b. 1826; arrived in 1854
(Atkinson Henry) Son of John; b. 1833; arrived in 1858
Balland Robert Y b. 1808 m. 1831 Ann Heslop 4
Balland Ann (Heslop) Y b. 1809, wife of Robert 388
Balland William Y b. 1839 Yorkshire, son of Robt, m. Jane Smith b. 1847 3
Balland Jane Y b. 1841, Yorkshire, dr of Robt 6
Balland Mary Y b. 1843, dr of Robt 7
Balland Ann Y b. 1844, dr of Robt 8
Balland Elizabeth Y b. 1846, dr of Robt 9
Balland Maria Y b. 1848, Yorkshire, dr of Robt 5
(Baynes Richard 15, 22, 23, 24 b. 1811 (the right Richard?) A Byrne settler; moved to York) 589
Beckwith William Y
Bell William 28, 64 Y b. 1825 blacksmith 10741
Bell Alexander D Y Farmer, party of one
Bentley George Y b. 1813 Helmsley, son of Wm Wood, br in law of S Ward 3880
Bentley Emma (Ward) Y b. 1834, wife of George (Children born in Natal) 23141
Bilbrough George Y b. 1802 brickmaker 47
Bilbrough Ann (Martindale) Y b.c. 1804, Wife of George 1119
Bilbrough Hannah Y b. 1829, Dr of George, later m. Isaac Harper 49
Bilbrough George Y b. c. 1827, Son of George 50
Bilbrough Francis Y b. 1825, Son of George 48
(Boast Henry) b. 1816, The founder of the scheme. Died before departure 115
Boast Mary (Smith) 6, 13, 47, 71 Y b. 1817, New Leader of the Party, wife of Henry 177873
Boast Mary Alice Y b. 1845, Dr of Mary, m. John Moreland 116
Boast Catherine Jane Y b. 1848, Dr of Mary 117
Boast Harriet Smith Y b. 1849, Dr of Mary 118
Boast Dr Charles Bird. 53 Y b. 1818, His wife and children followed on a later vessel. 56
Boast David Y b. 1825, Brother of Dr Charles 135
Boast Henry Y b. 1823, Brother of Dr Charles 134
Boast William 9, 36 Y b. 1814, Brother of Henry, the original leader 148
Boast Hannah (Lofthouse) Y b. 1816, Wife of William 42
Boast Ann Elizabeth Y b. 1849 Yorks., Dr of William. M. Wm Whyte 151
Botterill Edwin 69 Y b. 1827, Londesborough, par John/E may’ve emig. Aus 78?
Botterill Thomas Y b. 1810, br of Edwin, m. 2.5.39 E Horsley at Londesbro 108
Botterill Elizabeth (Horsley) Y b. 1814, wife of Thomas, br Thos H, sis Jane Baithwaite 1182
(Botterill Elizabeth Child of Thomas; b. 1845; d.1850 Hull)
Botterill John Horsley Y b. 1847, son of Thomas, unmarried 82
Botterill William Cape Vincent b. 1850, son of Thomas; b. at sea 28.7.1850 103
Boyes John 56 Y b. 1829 Wombleton
Braithwaite John Y b. c. 1823, Brother-in-law to Elizabeth Botterill 880
Braithwaite Jane (Horsley) Y b. 1826, wife of John; sister of Elizabeth Botterill 1178
Braithwaite John Hebden b. 1847, son of John, d. 16.7.1850 at sea 881
Braithwaite Thomas Y b. 1849, son of John; many more sibs b. Natal 882
Bramwell George y
Brittain James Y b. 1802, carpenter Child James (on Haidee list) 1286?
Brittain James Y b. 1828, son of James, see census of 1841 1287?
Brough Richard Y b. 1819 Committee
Brown George Beale Y b. 1828 at Thorne; par Thos (1796) Charl (1798) Thorne 34277
Brunyee John Y b. 1820, bricklayer 36
Brunyee Christiana (Mrs Wilson, b. Alderson) Y b. 1819, wife of John m. Q3 1842 Sculcoates 1141
Brunyee Mary Ann Y b. 1846, dr of John 35
Buttery Thomas 63 Y b. 1829, stonemason, Sutton, par Wm B, Ann (m at Felixkirk) 409
Carter William y b. 1826 27587
Carter Mary (Thompson) y b. 1827, wife of William 49056
Carter John y b. 1847, son of William; ten more sibs in Natal 29228
Cass Thomas 43 Y b. 1811, 2 ch w Jane Clarkson, m. Easingwold 23.4.37 1265
Cass Jane (Clarkson) Y b. c. 1814, wife of Thomas, d. 1889 1578
Cass Sarah Clarkson? Y b. 1835 dr of Thomas 1302
Cass Elizabeth Y b. 1837 dr of Thomas 1303
Cass William Y b. 24.4.40 son of Thomas all on 1841 census 1266
Cass Ann Y b. 26.4.44 dr of Thomas, b. Yorks. 1267
(Chapel) 19
Chaplin William y b. 1812 1567
Chaplin Ann y b. 1812, wife of William
Chaplin Ann y dr of William
Chaplin Thomas y b. 1844, son of William 1568
Chaplin Elizabeth y Elizabeth Mary, or Elizabeth and a separate person Mary?
Chatterton Henry 67 share Y b. 1825 Lincs. 441
Chatterton Mary (Wood) Y b. c. 1827, wife of Henry 32139
Chatterton Frances Y b. 1848 Yorks., dr of Henry 442
Chatterton James Y b. 1849 Yorks., son of Henry 443
(Church) 8
(Clark John) 44 Originally a Byrne Settler. Wife Hannah Summersgill

Their dr Lucy Jane m. Charles Reginald Smith

Clarkson Francis y b. 1816 1632
Clarkson Hannah (Hardisty) y b. 1819, Wife of Francis, sister of Jane Hardisty Buttery 207
Clarkson Robert y b. 1847 son of Francis, later m. Mary Daddy 1599
Clarkson Matthew Henry y b. 1849 son of Francis 1633
Claybourne Charles 68 Y b. 1800 4
Claybourne Elizabeth (Atkinson) Y b. 1801, Wife of Charles 8389
Comins Jane Mrs (b. Carter) 41 Y Widow of Robert 25
Comins Jane Y b. 1825, Dr of Mrs Jane, later m. William Fox 112
Comins Mary Ann Y b. 1829, dr of Mrs Jane, Later 1853 m. Thomas Goodwill 110
Comins Richard Y b. 1819, Son of Mrs Jane 80
Comins Elizabeth (Lumley) Y b. 1823 Yorks. Wife of Richard; m. Feb 1850 737
Comins Joseph Y b. 1830 Son of Mrs Jane 105
Comins Robert Y b. 1827, son of Mrs Jane 111
Cordukes Samuel 10, 40 46 Later m. Sarah Alice Greaves, Committee 84
Coulson Brian 52 Y b. 1798 975
Coulson Frances May Elizabeth (Harding) Y b. 1802, Brian’s second wife 6071
Coulson Mary Jane Y b. 1832, dr of Brian, later m. Paul Henwood 672
Coulson Eliza Y b. 1833, dr of Brian, later m. John Lofthouse 976
Coulson Emma Y b. 1836, dr of Brian 977
Coulson Louisa Maria Y b. Jan 1836 Scarborough, dr of Brian later m. Lowe 994
Coulson George Harding Y b. 1838, son of Brian 978
Coulson Frederick Y b. 1840, son of Brian 974
Coulson Charles Brian Y b. 1841, son of Brian 995
Coulson Sarah Ann Y b. 1844, dr. of Brian 996
Daddy John 55 Y b. 1818 4
Daddy Hannah (Harding) Y Wife of John b. 1822 6044
Daddy John Y Son of John and Hannah, b. 1847 7
Daddy George Y Son of John and Hannah, b. 1849 8
Dolphin Thomas y b. 1836; seems young to have travelled on his own 251
Dunning Henry y Listed as a bachelor when he m. Sophia Lockwood in 1859 1640
Dunning Francis y (Son of Henry – wrong) b. 1817, Older brother of Henry 1653
Ellerker Joseph y b. 1825 22
Ellerker Thomas y (Son of Joseph – wrong) b. 1828, brother of Joseph 23
Foggitt Mark 70 Y b. 1828 9
Foggitt Mary b. 1833, Sister of Mark; later married Robert Raw. 18
Foreman James y
Fox William 59 Y Later m. Jane Comins
Frankish Mark 38 Y b. 1816 40
Frankish Elizabeth (Ridley) Y b. 1820, Wife of Mark 1552
Frankish Mark Y Son of Mark, b. 1844 41
Garbutt David y b. 1821 201
Garbutt Eliza y Wife of David
Garbutt Robert 12 Y b. 1827, Yorks. Later m. Mary Clark, not the son of David 170
Goodwill Thomas Y b. 1825, later 1853 m. Mary Comins 194
Goodwill James y b. 1830, brother (nor son) of Thomas 199
Granger William 11 Y (or Grainger?)
Granger Mary Y
Hardisty Jane Y Married Thomas Buttery in Natal 193
Harper William 51 Y b. c. 1802, Farmer, led a party of twelve 10327
Harper Mary Y Wife of William (b. Keld?)
Harper Michael Y b. 1826 10326
Harper Thomas Y 10328
Harper William Y 10329
Harper John Y 10330
Harper Henry Y 10331
Harper Mary Y 10332
Harper Robert Y 10333
Harper Isaac Y later m. Hannah Bilbrough 10334
Harper Johnson Y b. 1842, Son of William 10323
Harper Elizabeth Y 10335
Hart Henry y
Hart Maria y Wife of Henry
Hayes John y
Heslop John 18 Y b. 1798 126
Heslop Tabitha (Jones) Y b. 1815, Wife of John, Mother of Wm. Wood 13840
Heslop Robert Y b. 1839, Son of John 125
Heslop Mary Ann Y b. 1841, Daughter of John; b. 1841; later m. Beckwith 127
Heslop Elizabeth Y b. 1848, Dr of John; m1 Simpson; m2 Beechey 128
Heslop George b. 1850 Son of John; b. 1850 in Hull harbour 117
Hesslewood George y b. 1823, m. Hannah NN c. 1861 1
Hill John B 68 share Y b. 1820 34730
Hill Mary (Claybourn) Y b. 1822, Wife of John 11
Hill Tom C Y b. 1846, Son of John, unmarried 34729
Hoggarth John (not Hogarth) y b. 1821, d. unmarried in PMB in 1876 50
(Horsley-1 Robert b. 1818, still in Yorkshire in 1851)
(Horsley-2 Sarah Wife of Robert)
(Horsley-3 John Son of Robert)
(Horsley-4 Robert Son of Robert, b. Kilham 1847)
(Horsley Richard b. 1853 Kilham, Yorks.)
Horsley Thomas Y
Horsley Richard Y Son of Richard ?
Humble Peter 26, 27 Y b. 1816 702
Humble Mary Jane Weatherill (Taylor) Y b. 1820, Wife of Peter, m. 1842 59735
Humble Ann Y b. 1843, Dr of Peter 706
Humble Mary Y b. 1844, Dr of Peter 705
Humble Sarah Y b. 1846, Dr of Peter, 704
Humble Peter Y b. Nov 1847 Yorks., Son of Peter 703
Hunt J y
Johnson Henry y + 2 daughters on list, NN
Kemp William y
Kirby John 60 Y b. 1806 1895
Kirby Mary (Fleetham) Y b. 1813, First wife of John d. 1872 33
Kirby Ann Eliza Y b. 1834, Daur. of John, later m. Thomas Varty 1894
Kirby Emma Y b.1837, Daur. of John, later m1 Pettigrew, m2 Burrup 2245
Kirby Maria Y b. 1842, Daur of John, later m. Arthur Varty 2244
Kirby Henry Edward Y Son of John, b. 1847 (Haidee list has Edward, Henry) 2246
Kirby Haidee Y ? Said to have been born at sea, so 1850 2248
Kirk Joseph y b. 1825 5087
Kirk Ann (Williamson) y b. c. 1827, m. 1850, wife of Joseph 11403
Kirk infant y b. 1850, d. young 5090
Labron Charles y b. 1818 22
Labron Eliza y b. 1822, Wife of Charles 191566
Lofthouse Benjamin 42 Y b. 1820, brother of Hannah Boast; d. 1852 Natal 39
Lofthouse Martha (Moore) Y b. 1828, Wife of Benjamin 12480
Lofthouse John George y b. 1818, brother of Benjamin, d. 1879 Natal 43
Lund Benjamin Sr 25 Y b. c. 1796 – did he marry again? 1692
Lund Benjamin jr 61 Y b. 1821, later m. Jane Plummer 524
Lund Benjamin 7 Y b. c. 1829 – was he related to the other Lunds
Lund John 45 Was he the father of the Benjamin b. 1829?
(Lund William) 29 Sailed sooner w. James Tutin, on the ‘Herald’
Maltby Matthew y 3019?
Merryweather James y b. 1825, m. Hannah Bilbrough, widow of Isaac Harper 200
Mason Richard 67 Y b. 1827 m2 Ruth; m3 Catherine 14232
Mason Susannah (Shaw) Y b. c. 1829, Wife of Richard, m. c. Feb 1850 17126
Moss John 14 Y b. 1819, Plotholders List has MOSES 6510
Moss Mary (Robinson) Y b. 28.12.1823, Wife of John, later m. Richard Baynes
Osborne Ormonde y
Parnaby Matthew 57 Y Brother of William
Parnaby William y b. 1820 34
Parnaby Elizabeth (Lumley) y b. 1822, Wife of William 750
Parnaby Thomas y b. 1845, Son of Wm 35
Parnaby Charles y b. c. 1847, Son of Wm 36
Plummer George 17 Y b. 1820, later m. Elizabeth Smith, dr. of William 3145
Plummer Jane Y b. 1823, sister of George, later m. Benj. Lund 1354
Plummer Ann Y b. 1827, sister of George, later m. Mark Foggitt 3156
Porrill Matthew y b. 1826, later m. Elizabeth Lindsay 6
Potter George 33, 34, 50
(Puckering Thomas) 16 Not on Haidee, arr. Later
Reid William 48
Robson G. Y
Smarfit James Y b. c. 1810. His first wife Jane Stephenson [4547] d. 1837 1
Smarfit Jane (Sowersby) Y b. 1800, second wife of James 31
Smith Joseph Y b. 1788, (father of Mary Boast) Committee 186467
Smith-a1 Robert 3, 39, 72 Y b. 1805 d. 1881 Farmer, led a party of ten, Committee 190805
Smith-a2 Susannah (Medd) Y b. 1811, wife of Robert, with their 8 children 70
Smith-a3 Robert Y b. 1832, Farm servant, son of Robert 187890
Smith-a4 Ellen Y b. 1834, dr of Robt, later m. Palframan 142409
Smith-a5 Martha Y b. 1836, dr of Robert 190806
Smith-a6 William Y b. 1837, son of Robt, later m. Elizabeth Marshall 192072
Smith-a7 Joseph Y b. 1839, son of Robt 192074
Smith-a8 George Y b. 1841, son of Robert, m. Mary Ann NN 190799
Smith-a9 Hannah Y b. 1843, dr of Robt 192076
Smith-a10 Elizabeth Y b. 1847, dr of Robt 192075
Smith-b1 William Y b. 1790, Led a party of eleven, m1 E Kay, m2 Susanna 192009
Smith-b2 Isabella (m1 Whitridge, b. Cranswick) Y b. 1800, second wife of William, mother of Matt Whitridge 56
Smith-b3 William jr Y b. 1829, son of Wm., later m. Sarah Ann Taylor 192040
Smith-b4 Ann Elizabeth Y b. 1834, dr of William, later m. John Westell, m2 Barton 191922
Smith-b5 Elizabeth Y b. 1835, daur. of William, later m. George Plummer 192042
Smith-b6 John Kay Y b. 1837, son of Wm 192043
Smith-b7 Catherine Jane Y b. 1839, dr of William, second wife of Charles Bird Boast 169389
Smith-b8 George Y b. c. 1842, son of Wm 192069
Smith-b9 Isabella Y b. c. 1844, dr of Wm, do. b10 was Matt Whitridge 192070
Stephenson George Y Farm servant, single
Stockil Christopher 54 share Y b. 1828, Son of John, who did not emigrate 21
Stockil William 54 share Y b. 1826, Brother of Christopher. d. 1853, unmarried 22
Surtees Robert y b. 1815, later married Elizabeth Reed, widow of C. Stockil 142
Tarn Edward y
Taylor James y
Taylor Eliza y Wife of James
Tindall William y b. 1831 unmarried 872
(Tutin James ) 30,49,62 Committee. Actually sailed sooner, on the ‘Herald’
Walker John 37 Y b. 1806 39625
Walker Esther (LNAB?) Y b. 1811, wife of John
(Walker Mary) b. 1840, dr of John, not on Haidee List 39629
Walker Betsey Jane Y b. 1841, dr of John, just missed the Census 39626
(Walker John Matthew) b. 1843, son of John, not on Haidee List 39627
Walker Anne Y b. 1845, dr of John 39630
(Walker Mary) b. 1847, dr of John, not on Haidee List 39628
Ward Sarah Y b. 1838 ? Sister-in-law of Geo Bentley, see profile Emma Bentley 27005
Warwick Francis 32 Y b. c. 1824 1294
Warwick Christiana (Hargreaves) Y b. c. 1826, wife of Francis 945
Warwick Thomas y b.c. 1826 (?), not the son of Francis, prob. his brother ? 1297?
Welburn Robert y b. 1833, d. on T Goodwill’s farm in 1860 504?
Welburn Mary y Wife of Robert, m2 Robert Whitaker
Westell John y b. 1817, later m. Ann Elizabeth Smith 19
Whitaker Robert (not Whittaker) y b. 1811, m. Elizabeth, prob. d. before 1850, m2 Mary Welburn 5146
Whitaker Ralph y b. 1841, son of Robert 5145
Whitaker Mary y b. 1844, d of Robert, m. John Paxton 5147
Wiles William y b. 1821 1028
Wiles James y b. 1824, brother of William, unmarried 1029
Wilkinson William y
Wilkinson Alice y Wife of William
Wilson John y b. 1833? 65133?
Wilson William y b. 1843, son of John not 64802
Whitridge Matthew y b. 1832, travelled w. Wm Smith, later m. Helen Teasdale 44
Wood William Y b. 1836 Son of Tabitha Heslop fr. m1 (listed as Heslop) 13840
Wright John y b. 1817 38215
Wright Grace (b. ??) y b. 1821, d. 1870, wife of John
Wright Elizabeth y b. 1843, dr of John, later m. Henry Field 38401
Wright Grace y b. c. 1845, dr of John 38402
Wright George y Son of John, b. 1847 at Hunmanby 38216
Wright Robert y b. 1825 38403
Wright Eliza (Reacher) y b. c. 1828, wife of Robert, 3 ch. b. Natal 1
Lots unaccounted for: 1, 2, 4. 5 – all Mary Boast--
At one time Lot 5 was owned by Amy Plummer, daughter of George Plummer.
From documents held at the Registrar of Deeds in Pietermaritzburg, we learn that Robert Smith (1804-1881) bought Lots 3,39 and 72 from William Lund and subsequently transferred these to William Palframan on 31 March 1853 who, in turn, transferred these lots to Samuel Cordukes on 22 April 1864. Samuel Cordukes transferred Lot 3 to the Church of England on 5 December 1876.
posted 2 Aug 2019 by Ian McArthur   [thank Ian]
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