Harbron Family Photos

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Frank Harbron and Siblings

Frank Harbron Lillie Wampler Wedding 1917

{{Image|file=Wampler-606-2.jpg|align=l|caption=Frank Harbron Lillie Wampler Wedding 1917}}

Frank Lily Harbron Lina Albert Beer 1947

{{Image|file=Pedersdatter-3556-5.jpg|align=r|size=m|caption=Frank Lily Harbron Lina Albert Beer 1947}}

Frank and Lillie Harbron

{{Image|file=Harbron-55-3.jpg|align=r|size=m|caption=Frank and Lillie Harbron}}

Harbron Family

{{Image|file=Harbron-54-5.jpg|align=r|size=m|caption=Harbron Family}}

Frank and Lily Harbron

{{Image|file=Harbron-55.jpg|align=r|size=m|caption=Frank and Lily Harbron}}

Charlie and Annie Harbron

{{Image|file=Harbron_Family_Photos-1.jpg|caption=Charlie and Annie Harbron|align=r|size=m}}

Sam Sarah Frank and Lillie Harbron

{{Image|file=Harbron-78-4.jpg|caption=Sam Sarah Frank and Lillie Harbron|align=r|size=m}}

Charlie after his operation

{{Image|file=Harbron-77-1.jpg|caption=Charlie after his operation|align=r|size=m}}

Charlie Harbron's House in Saanich

{{Image|file=Harbron-77.jpg|caption=Charlie Harbron's House in Saanich|align=r|size=m}}

Ireland Images

Courthouse Dundalk Co Louth 1875

{{Image|file=Ireland_Images-1-4.jpg|align=r|size=125px|caption=Courthouse Dundalk Co Louth 1875}}

St. Nicholas Church, Dundalk

{{Image|file=Ireland_Images-1-6.jpg|align=r|size=125px|caption=St. Nicholas Church, Dundalk}}

Fares and Schedules
Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers

{{Image|file=Harbron-55-2.jpg |align=r|size=m|caption=Fares and Schedules <br>Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers}}

Edward, Beatrice and Family

Ed and Bea Wedding

{{Image|file=Beer-1586.jpg |caption=Ed and Bea Wedding|align=r|size=m}}

Watkins Vendor Permit

{{Image|file=Harbron-54-3.jpg|caption=Watkins Vendor Permit|align=r|size=m}}

Ed Harbron in sailor outfit

{{Image|file=Harbron-54-2.jpg|caption=Ed Harbron in sailor outfit|align=r|size=m}}

Ed Harbron

{{Image|file=Harbron-54-4.jpg |caption=Ed Harbron|align=r|size=m}}

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital

{{Image|file=Harbron-54.jpg |caption=Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital|align=r|size=m}}


Gravestone Frank and Lillie Harbron

{{Image|file=Wampler-606.jpg|align=r|size=m|caption=Gravestone Frank and Lillie Harbron}}

Edward Harbron, Beatrice Harbron, Philip Harbron, May Carlson
Harbron family gravestone

{{Image|file=Harbron-54-1.jpg |caption=Harbron family gravestone|align=r|size=m}}

Harbron Family Members

James Harbron (abt.1777-1836), John Harbron (abt.1806-1894), Frederick Harbron (1842-1920), Susan (Harbron) O'Grady (1872-1947), Ann (Harbron) Glynn (1875-1955), William John Harbron (1878-1912), Alfred Harbron (1880-1959), Mary Elizabeth (Harbron) Humphris (1882-1971), Charles Edward Harbron (1887-1959), Samuel Harbron (1888-1968), Francis Harbron (1889-1986), Annie (Ferguson) Harbron (abt.1850-1894), Henry George Harbron (1869-1949), Alfred Harbron -1st (1862-1932), Rachel (Harbron) Hale (1884-1969), Rebecca (Campbell) Harbron (1816-1874)

Harbron Family Events

John Harbron0Birth18061806 • Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire East Riding
John Harbron0Christening180624 Oct 1806 • Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire, Englandfather James Harbron. No mothers name listed.
John Harbron2Brother180818 Jun 1808 • Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandBirth of Brother William Harbron(1808–1885)
John Harbron7Brother1813Apr 1813 • Sculcoates, Yorkshire, EnglandBirth of Brother James Harbron(1813–1842)
Rebecca Campbell0Birth18161816 • Kingston Upon Hull, York, England
Rebecca Campbell0Christening181616 Feb 1816 • Saint Mary,Kingston Upon Hull,York,England
Nathaniel Ferguson0Birth1816Abt. 1816 • Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern Ireland
John Harbron12Sister18181818 • Sunderland, Durham, EnglandBirth of Sister Elizabeth Harbron(1818–1878)
John Harbron24Marriage183008 Apr 1830 • Sculcoates, York, EnglandEliza Guy (1807–1839)
John Harbron24Residence18308 Apr 1830 • Sculcoates, York, England
John Harbron25Son1831About 1831, Birth of Son, Thomas Harbron
John Harbron26Son18321832 • Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandBirth of Son William Levitt Harbron(1832–)
John Harbron28Son1834Birth of Son Edward Guy Harbron (Mechanic)(1834–)
John Harbron29Residence18351835 • Carlile Street, Southcoates, Yorkshire, England
John Harbron30Daughter18361836 • Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandBirth of Daughter Ann Agnes Levitt Harbron(1836–)
John Harbron32Son18381838 • Sculcoates, York, EnglandBirth of Son Charles Levitt Harbron(1838–1889)
John Harbron34Legal184025 Sep 1840 • Hull, East Yorkshire, EnglandWages dispute and Breach of IndenturesSep 1840 Hull Advertiser and Exchange Gazette John Harbron vs apprentice
Rebecca Campbell24Marriage18419 Nov 1841 • St Marys Church, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, EnglandJohn Harbron (1806–1894)
Rebecca Campbell24Census18411841 • Holy Trinity, Yorkshire, England
John Harbron35Census18416 Jun 1841 • Junction Dock Street, Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandOccupation: Joiner, John is living in row houses next to Eliza's family. The children are staying with various Levitt and Guy family members, and a 20 year old Elizabeth Harbron is living in his home (possibly his sister or cousin)
John Harbron35Marriage18419 Nov 1841 • St Marys Church, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, EnglandRebecca Campbell (1817–1874)
John Harbron35Residence18411841 • Vincent Street, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England
Nathaniel Ferguson25Daughter184121 Sep 1841 • Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern IrelandBirth of Daughter Eliza Ferguson(1841–)
Nathaniel Ferguson27Son18436 Aug 1843 • Cork Hill, Carrickfergus, Antrim, IrelandBirth of Son Henry Ferguson
Nathaniel Ferguson29Son18457 May 1845 • Carrickfergus, County Antrim, IrelandBirth of Son Nathaniel Cameron Ferguson(1845–1892)
Nathaniel Ferguson33Son18491849 • Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern IrelandBirth of Son John Ferguson(1849–)
Nathaniel Ferguson34Daughter18501850 • EnglandBirth of Daughter Anne "Annie" Ferguson(1850–1894)
Annie Ferguson0Birth18501850 • likely born in Carrickfergus, Antrim, Irelandno birth or christening has been found
John Harbron46Residence18521852 • 50 Story Street, Southcoates, Yorkshire, England
John Harbron58Daughter186419 Mar 1864 • Leeds, West Yorkshire, EnglandWedding of his only daughter
Frederick Sr.21Baptism186415 May 1864 • Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church), Yorkshire, Englandbaptism for son Alfred Harbron 2 years after his birth in March 1862
John Harbron59Liquidation18652 May 1865 • Leeds, West Yorkshire, Englandliquidation
John Harbron60Legal186617 Feb 1866 • Leeds, West Yorkshire, EnglandNotice of Bankruptcy
Annie Ferguson18Marriage1867No record of marriage, but Annie begins using Freds name from this point forward
Frederick 0Birth186725 Sep 1867 • Market Place, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Frederick 0Baptism1867Oct 1867 • Carrickfergus Parish, Antrim, Northern Ireland
John Harbron62Classified186814 Nov 1868 • Leeds, West Yorkshire, EnglandWanted post1868 • Cogan Street, Holy Trinity and St Mary, Yorkshire, England
Henry George0Birth186921 Feb 1869 • Clandeboye Street, Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Henry George0Christening1869Ballymacarrett, Knockbreda, Belfast, Ireland
Frederick 2Residence18691869 • Dundalk, Louth, Irelandfamily moved to Dundalk, Louth
Rebecca0Birth187014 Sep 1870 • Bachelors Walk, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Rebecca0Baptism1870Aft. Sep 1870 • St. Nicolas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Rebecca Campbell54Residence18711871 • St Paul, Yorkshire, EnglandRelation to Head: Wife
John Harbron65Census18711871 • 9 Chatham Street, Leeds, Yorkshire, EnglandJohn Harbron [cabinet maker], 63; Rebecca Harbron, 52; Relation to Head: Head
Susan0Birth187227 Apr 1872 • Camp Street, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Susan0Christening1872Aft. 27 Apr 1872 • Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Annie Ferguson23IRE18731873 • DundalkIRE-Petty-Session-Complainant
Rebecca Campbell57Death1874April 1874 • Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding
John Harbron68Wife1874April 1874 • Leeds, Yorkshire West RidingDeath of Wife Rebecca Campbell(1817–1874)
Annie0Birth18755 Feb 1875 • Court House Road, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandGrandma Phebe Ferguson present at her birth
Annie0Christening1875St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Nathaniel Ferguson60Death187620 Jun 1876 • Larne, Co Larne IrelandDOD: 20 June 1876 Name: Nathaniel Ferguson Sex: Male Condition: Married Age: About 60 years old Occupation: Shoemaker Cause of Death: Natural Causes, Instantaneous Notes: Information received from S. Markham Coroner for the County of Antrim
Frederick Sr.34Employment18761876 • Court House, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Frederick Sr.34Eviction187722 April 1877 • Court House Road, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandEviction from home at Court HouseFrederick was the caretaker at this property and didn't leave the premises when asked.
Frederick Sr.34Eviction187720 Aug 1877 • Stapleton Place, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandEviction from Stapleton Place
Phoebe0Birth187719 Feb 1877 • Court House Road, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Phoebe0Christening1877St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Phoebe0Death187728 Feb 1877 • Courthouse, Dundalk, Irelanddied of infantile convulsions (lasted 2 days)
John Harbron72Classifieds187831 Aug 1878 • York, North Yorkshire, EnglandFor Sale, Setter Dog, 4 years, well broke. May be seen anywhere by paying expenses. John Harbron. Fenny Street, Stockton
John Harbron72Marriage18781878 • Burns Entry, Hull, Holy Trinity, EnglandIsabella Chaplin and John Harbron living at this address when they married in 1878 (both widows)
John Harbron1878Joiner, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer
William John George0Birth187813 May 1878 • St. Helena's Quay, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandWilliam John Harbron on birth certificate, but William George Henry Harbron on marriage certificate. Both list parents full names.
Alfred0Birth188023 Aug 1880 • St. Helena's Quay, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
Alfred0Christening1880St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
John Harbron75Census18811881 • No 10 Burns Entry, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandOccupation: Cabinet Maker Living with Isabella (wife) Marital Status: Married; Relationship to Head: Head
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"0Birth188225 May 1882 • Church Lane, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"0Christening1882St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Frederick Sr.42Witness188412 Dec 1884 • Dundalk, Louth, IrelandWitness in Court Case
Rachel "Ray"0Birth188428 Aug 1884 • Church Lane, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandBetsy Coleman present at birth
Rachel "Ray"0Christening1884St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Frederick 16Occupation18861885 • Chapel Lane, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandUpholsterer
Frederick Sr.44IRE1887Aug 1887 • Church Lane DundalkPatrick Kearing Poor Rate Collector of Dundalk against Frederick Harbourn of Church Lane, Dundalk. "Defendant on the 25th day of August 1887 at Dundalk in the county of Louth, did neglect to pay Complainant the sum of £1..16.00 poor rate due by him"
Charlie0Birth188722 Feb 1887 • Dundalk, Louth, Irelandbased on dob listed at time of death (no record of his birth has been found)
Frederick Sr.46IRE18889 Nov 1888 • Quay Road, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandRose Rooney, Church Lane, Dundalk against Frederick Harbourne, Quay Road, Dundalk "Defendant has neglected to pay Complainant the sum of 1.12.6 due for work and labour (as nurse) done by Complainant for Defendant within the last twelve months."
Samuel0Birth188815 Aug 1888 • Quay Road, Dundalk Parish, Louth, Ireland
Samuel0Christening1888St. Nicholas Church of Ireland, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Frederick 19Military188811 Apr 1888 • Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandEnroll into British Military - served at home Age: 20 years, 6 months Description: 5' 4.5", 127 lbs, Brown eyes, Brown hair, Scar on front of left leg
Frederick 20Military1888Apr 1888 • Kings Royal Rifle CorpsMilitary Serial Number 4470, Name: Frederick Harbron Enlistment Age: 20 Birth Date: abt 1868 Birth Place: Carriek, Fergus Enlistment Year: 1888 Regiment: Kings Royal Rifle Corps Regimental Number: 4470 Attestation Paper: Yes
Frederick 21Occupation18881888-1917, Upholsterer c.1888 Military 1888-1917 proficiency in nursing
Frederick Sr.46IRE18898 Mar 1889 • Quay Street, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandWilliam Dunne of Claubassil St, Dundalk against Frederick Harbourne, Quay Street, Dundalk "To answer the Plaintiffs Bill in an Action for the sum of £..14.11 (fourteen shillings and 7 pence) for that the defendant is indebted to the said Plaintiff in the
Annie38Death188822 Oct 1888 • Quay Road, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandDeath of Mother Phoebe O'Neill(1820–1888)
Frank 0Birth188923 Oct 1889 • Quay Road, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Frank 0Baptism1889Saint Nicholas Church in Dundalk
Frank 0Baptism18891889 • St Nicholas Church of Ireland, 6 Church St, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
John Harbron84Wife1890Jan 1890 • Hull, Yorkshire East RidingDeath of Wife Isabella Jackson(1810–1890)
Frederick Sr.48IRE1890Nov 1890 • Dundalk, Louth, IrelandIncarceration in Dundalk Goal for 1 month for stealing upholstery items from employer [Did he possibly avoid going to jail & went directly to Australia instead?]
John Harbron85Census18911891 • Sculcoates, Yorkshire, EnglandLiving in Nursing home [retired cabinet maker] but listed as 82 years old (matching death record)
Frederick Sr.48Immigration1891Jan 1891 • Melbourne, Australia(was living in Melbourne when Robenia was born in April 1891) Emigrated to NSW after Annie passed away
Robina Faith 0Birth1891April 13 1891 • Church Lane, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandDad (Frederick Harbron) was already living in Melbourne when Robenia was born.
Robina Faith 0Christening1891St. Nicolas, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland
Robina Faith 0Death18912 Aug 1891 • Church Lane, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandDiagnosed with Mesenteric Disease 2 months prior to her death. Annie Harbron present at death
Alfred11Census18911891 • hulme, Manchester, Lancashire, EnglandLiving with his brother Harry & sister in law Mary ; Relation to Head: Brother
William John George13Immigration18911891 • Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLikely moved to Australia when his Dad did, in 1891
Rebecca21Census18911891 • 39 upper stanhope street, Lancashire, EnglandRelation to Head: Niece
Henry George21Marriage1891Bef. 1891Married Mary prior to 1891. No marriage record was found. Likely lost in the firest in Ireland, as they were Roman Catholic
Henry George22Census18911891 • 49 upper medlock, Hulme, Lancashire, EnglandRelation to Head: Head; Occupation: Cabinet Maker Lives with wife Mary and little brother Alfred (10 years old, in school)
Frederick 24Occupation1891Proficiency in Nursing. Ghavial 20 Oct 1891
Frederick 26Residence18931893 • Yorkshire, EnglandGardener
John Harbron88Death1894Jan 1894 • Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding
Annie Ferguson44Death1894Nov 29 1894 • Church Lane, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandAnnie Harbron (Mrs) Church Lane died of a serious Lungs illness November 29th 1894 buried December 1st age 44 Ceremony performed by J T Waller (I have no record of Rev J T Waller, but I expect he was a parish curate at the time). Annie was burie
Annie Ferguson44Burial18941 Dec 1894 • St Nicholas Church of Ireland, 6 Church St, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth, IrelandSt Nicholas Church Dundalk Cemetary
Frank 5School1894Ballyconree Mission School, Clifden, Galway, Ireland
Rachel "Ray"10Orphanage1894Olivet Orphanage, Ballygowan after mother died
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"12Residence18941894-1901 • 14.2, Ballygowan, Down, Northern IrelandMay have been at Olivet Orphanage for Destitute Boys and Girls with her younger sister Rachel. This school had terrible conditions and was closed in 1906
Susan22Marriage18948 Oct 1894 • Dublin South, IrelandGeorge O'Grady (1874–1917)
Susan22Daughter1895Birth of Daughter Laura Violet O'Grady(1895–1981)01 Feb 1895 • 76 Serpentine St, Dublin City, Ireland
Frederick 28Military189622 Feb 1896transferred to home service Feb 171896-Dec 12 1899 (3 years 299 days)
Susan26Daughter1898Birth of Daughter Winifred Grace "Winnie" O'Grady(1898–1933)19 Jun 1898 • 21 Credworth Street, West Derby, Liverpool
Frederick 32Military189913 Dec 1899 • AfricaRecalled to Army Service under Special Army Order Pte from Dec 13 1899-April 4 1901 (1 year and 111 days)
William John George21Residence1900Mar 1900 • 54 h. Westmoreland Street, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia
William John George21Marriage1900April 26, 1900 St Michael's Church, Surrey Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia • William George Henry Harbron, Bachelor, Dundalk, Ireland; Wire Matress Maker, 22 years old, 54 H. Westmoreland Street, Glebe, Father: FrederickHarbron; Upholster, Mother, Annie Ferguson; deceasedGertrude Louisa Mullins (1880–1964)
William John George22Son1900Birth of Son William Frederick Nathaniel Harbron(1900–1962)30 Sep 1900 • Sydney, New South Wales
Frederick 36Military19001899-1902 • South AfricaName: F Harbron Service Date: 1899-1902 Service Place: South Africa Campaign or Service: South Africa - Second Boer War Regiment or Unit Name: 1st Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps Regimental Number: 4470
Frederick Sr.59Census19011901 • Westmoreland Lane, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia2 males & 1 female at residence
Frank 11Census19011901 • ballymacrony, connemara, Galway, Ireland
Samuel13Census19011901 • Clifden, Galway, IrelandAge 10, living at "Boys Orphanage Kingstown" Ballymacrony, Ballinsmuch, Onery (sp?) Connemara, Clifden, Galway
Charlie14Census19011901 • Clifden, Galway, IrelandAge 11, living at "Boys Orphanage Kingstown" Ballymacrony, Ballinsmuch, Onery (sp?) Connemara, Clifden, Galway
Rachel "Ray"16Census190131 Mar 1901 • 14.2, ballygowan, ballygowan, down, IrelandScholar at Olivet Home for destitute boys and girls (terrible stories about conditions at this home during the years she would have been there)
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"19Census19011901 • 8 Parliament Place, Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandOccupation: Laundress Living with Margaret and Florence E Woosey; Relation to Head of House: Boarder
Alfred21Census19011901 • Toxteth Park, Lancashire, EnglandLiving with Aunty Mary Murdock and sisters Rebecca and Annie; Relation to Head of House: Nephew; Occupation: Painter
Annie26Census19011901 • Toxteth Park, Lancashire, EnglandOccupation: Upholstress, Relation to Head of House: Niece
Susan28Census190131 Mar 1901 • Clifton, Antrim, IrelandMarital Status: Married; Relation to Head: Wife
Rebecca31Census19011901 • 39 upper stanhope street, Lancashire, EnglandRelation to Head of House: Niece Occupation: Laundress
Henry George32Census19011901 • 19 ledge street, Manchester, Lancashire, EnglandRelation to Head of House: Head; Occupation: Cabinet Maker; lives with Mary Harbron
Frederick 33Military1901April 3 1901 • EnglandService at home country (101 days) Discharged July 18, 1901
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"19Marriage190218 Jan 1902 • 2 Kinder Street, Liverpool, LancashireEdwin Norman Humphris (1881–1961)
Alfred22Departure19028 Oct 1902 • Liverpool, EnglandTraveling to Baltimore with the "purpose of immigration" New York, Occupation: Painter; on hand: £6
Alfred22Arrival190215 Oct 1902 • New York, New York
Annie27Marriage190223 Aug 1902 • Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandWalter Glynn (1881–1963)
Annie27Residence190223 Aug 1902 • 82 orwell road, Kirkland, Cumberland, Englandmarried in the registers office with Minnie Humphries (her sister) and Elizabeth Roberts as witnesses. She lists her father as deceased. Walter was living at 8 Parliament Place, Liverpool.
Susan30Son1902Birth of Son George Edward O'Grady(1902–1966)Dec 1902 • Belfast, Ireland
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"20Son19039 Feb 1903 • Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBirth of Son Edwin Henry Humphris(1903–)
William John George25Son19031 Dec 1903 • Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaBirth of Son Henry George "Harry" Harbron(1903–1998)
Frank 12Occupation19041904 • 14.2, Ballygowan, Down, Northern IrelandHead Gardener of 4 acres of land at Church of Ireland Orphanage
Henry George35Residence190430 Mar 1904 • Chapel Lane, Louth, IrelandFawn colored Toy Terrier
Rachel "Ray"20Child190526 Jun 1905 • Workhouse, Belfast, Antrim, Northern IrelandBirth of Daughter unknown Harbron(1905–)
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"23Daughter190530 Dec 1905 • Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBirth of Daughter Doris Humphris(1905–1971)
Susan32Daughter1905Birth of Daughter Sarah Rachel O'Grady(1905–1997)17 Feb 1905 • 230 Manor Street, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
Henry George36Residence190518 Mar 1905 • Chapel Lane, Louth, Ireland
Charlie19Departure190630 Mar 1906 • Londonderry, Northern IrelandChas Harbron, male, 17, single, laborer departed on March 30 1906 from Londonderry to St Johns Newfoundland on the Tunisian with shipmaster A G Braes, Allan Line. Ship square feet: 29385 Ship registered tonnage: 6802. Number of passengers: 39
Charlie19Arrival19066 Apr 1906 • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and St John, New Brunswick, Canada
Henry George37Residence190630 Mar 1906 • Chapel Lane, Louth, Ireland
Samuel18Immigration19075 Apr 1907 • Londonderry, Northern IrelandAge 18, Single, Farmer, From Londonderry to Montreal, Quebec on the Tunisian. Ship master's name A G Braes. Allan Line. Ship square feet: 29213 Ship registered tonnage: 6802 Number of passengers: 99
Samuel18Departure19077 April 1907 • Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Samuel18Arrival190711 May 1907 • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
William John George28Son19078 Apr 1907 • Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaBirth of Son Harold Sydney Harbron(1907–2001)
Frederick Sr.64Wife190817 Aug 1908 Death of 3rd wife Emily at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, New South Wales
Frank 18Departure19084 April 1908 • Ballyconree, Galway, IrelandHe traveled to town to take a train to Londonerry. He arrived at 11 o'clock that same night and stayed at an old sailor's home.
Frank 18Departure19085 Apr 1908 • allan line, Londonderry, Northern IrelandWent to the dock and on to the bus that took him away out to the sea where there awaiting him an ocean liner by name "Grampion". There was a huge storm that took them off track by over 100 miles. Total Passengers: 1162 Commander: Captain John M. Johnst
Frank 18Arrival190814 Apr 1908 • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Frank 18Occupation1908April 1908 • Truro, Nova Scotia, CanadaWorked for a farmer a couple hours walk from Truro
Frank 18Departure190811 Aug 1908 • Truro, Nova Scotia, CanadaLeft Truro at 11 o'clock on the 11th day of August for $11, and arrived in Winnipeg at 11 o'clock the following Friday.
Frank 19Arrival190920 Aug 1909 • Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaHis brother was working at a dairy farm 3 miles north of Winnipeg and he joined him there for some temporary work
Frank 19Occupation190915 Nov 1909 • Boissevain, Manitoba, CanadaA few days after starting at this new position the farm owner needed to leave for Toronto to see his mother. Frank was left to farm alone for the entire winter.
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"27Departure190915 Oct 1909 • London, EnglandTravel to New Zealand
William John George31Son190927 Sep 1909 • Glebe, New South Wales, AustraliaBirth of Son Alfred Charles Harbron(1909–1968)
William John George32Witness191028 May 1910 • Meath, IrelandName: William J Harbron Role: Witness Trial Date: 28 May 1910 Court Name: Julianstown Court Place: Meath, Ireland
Frank 20Census19111 June 1911 • Souris, Manitoba, CanadaOccupation: Farm Laborer Religion: Anglican; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head: Servant (this record was very poorly transcribed as "Evenoes Haryrog")
Frank 21Occupation1911Nov 1911-1912 • Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, CanadaDrove a team of horses hauling ice for the winter and worked on the farm in the summer. In the fall he worked as a night clerk.
Charlie24Census1911Jun 1911 • township 4 range 4 west 1st, Lisgar, Manitoba, CanadaWorking on the Emos Hennan(sp?) farm, with wife, 5 children & domestic help Elva McHenry (17). He was the only farm labourer. DOB: Nov 1888 Religion: Anglican Employed 52 weeks of the year, 70 hours per week. Total pay for the year was $275.
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"29Residence19111911 • 5 kinder street, West Derby, Lancashire, EnglandMarital Status: Married; Relation to Head: Wife
Annie36Census19111911 • Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, EnglandMarital Status: Married Relation to Head: Wife
Susan38Census19112 April 1911 • Clifton, Antrim, IrelandRelation to Head of House: Wife
Rebecca41Census19111911 • 1 A Romley St, Walton, Liverpool, EnglandOccupation: Laundress; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head: Niece; Living with Aunt Mary Moore (widow, age 65)
Henry George42Census19111911 • 7 Annaville Terrace, Dundalk, Louth, IrelandLives with wife Mary. Roman Catholic. Occupation Carpenter?
Rachel "Ray"27Departure191223 Apr 1912 • London, EnglandDestination Port: Sydney, Australia Ship Name: Zealandic
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"30Daughter191219 Jul 1912 • LiverpoolBirth of Daughter Amy Humphris(1912–)
William John George34Residence19121912 • Glebe, New South Wales, AustraliaOccupation: Mattress Maker
William John George34Death191218 September 1912 • Newtown, New South Wales, AustraliaNSW Reg#11884/1912 FREDERICK ANNIE NEWTOWN
William John George34Funeral191218 Sep 1912 • 32 Franklin-street, Glebe, New South Wales, AustraliaAunt Blanche Ferguson: Harbron- The Friends of Mrs. B. Ferguson and Family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly-loved NEPHEW and COUSIN; to leave his residence, Franklin-place, Glebe. This Day, Wednesday, 1.30, for Rookwood
William John George34Funeral191218 Sep 1912 • 32 Franklin-street, Glebe, New South Wales, AustraliaHarbron - the Relatives and Friends of Mrs. Gertrude Harbron are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late dearly loved Husband William George Henry; to leave her residence, 32 Franklin-street, Glebe, This afternoon at 1.15 for Church of England Ce
William John George34Burial1912Rookwood, Cumberland Council, New South Wales, AustraliaAge 32 Rookwood Cemetery Section T Row 6 Inscription: "my hubs" Denomination: Old Church Of England
Susan40Son1912Birth of Son Horace 'Harry' William Richard O'Grady(1912–1981)14 Jul 1912 • Antrim, Ireland
Henry George43Marriage1912Aft. 1912 • Lancashire, England to Kate Wight Schofield (1872–1934)(marriage information came from her obituary)
Frederick 35Marriage1912July 1912 • Fylde, LancashireIsabella Ann Edwards
Rachel "Ray"30Marriage1914Marriage
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"31Son191421 Mar 1914 • West Derby, LancashireBirth of Son Walter Humphris(1914–)
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"32Military1914Page 1 - British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920
Alfred33Departure1914Feb 1914 • Sydney, Australia
Alfred33Arrival19149 Mar 1914 • London, England
Alfred34Military19141914-1920 • Name: Alfred Harbron Regiment or Corps: London Regiment, Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regimental Number: 20605, 52005
Frederick 47Arrival191421 Dec 1914 • Sydney, New South Wales
Frederick 47Departure191421 Dec 1914 • Brisbane
Frank 22Occupation19151915 • Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, CanadaFlour Mill ; first packing bran, then on the shorts, and finally on the flour. (putting a bag on a packer machine, pull lever that packs flour, then top up any missing flour manually). Then working on the boiler.
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"33Residence19151915 • 2 kinder street, Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandOther Records: Spouse
Alfred34Marriage191518 Feb 1915 • St. Mary, Disley, Cheshire, EnglandEllen Evans (1884–1965)
Alfred35Residence19151915 • Disley, Cheshire, England
Frank 26Injury19161916 • Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, CanadaWhile working in the paper ligtening press he was responsible for putting 1760 pounds of paper on the press, and then out of it again, and putting another on within 10 seconds. It proved too much for him and the doctor ordered him to quit for 6 months.
Charlie29Residence19161916 • Baildon, Saskatchewan, CanadaOccupation: Servant on a farm Religion: Methodist
Frederick 49Military19161916-1918, injured in warName F. Harbron Missing in action Nov 18 1916 Internment Nov 29 1918 Section Western Theatre of Operations. Rank 2/Lt. Regiment 1st and 2nd Battalions. Manchester Regiment
Frank 27Marriage191724 May 1917 • Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, CanadaMarriage Francis "Frank" Harbron married Lillian "Lillie" May Wampler in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, on May 24, 1917, when he was 27 years old and Lillie was 21. Married in Sarah's house Clergyman: H.M. Baker Witnesses: Hector McKay Mrs. H.M.Baker
Susan45Spouse1917Death of Husband George O'Grady(1874–1917)May 1917 • Hackney, London, England
Frederick Sr.77Death192029 June 1920 • Manly, New South WalesName: Frederick Harbron Death Date: 1920 Death Place: New South Wales Father's name: John Mother's name: Rebecca Registration Year: 1920 Registration Place: Manly, New South Wales Registration Number: 12822
Frederick Sr.77Burial1920Rookwood Cemetery, Manly, Northern Beaches Council, New South Wales, Australia
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"38Residence19201920 • 2 Kinder Street, Lancashire, England
Annie45Residence19201920 • 2 Kinder Street, Lancashire, Englandliving with sister Minnie and brother in law Edwin Humphries
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"43Residence19251925 • 2 Kinder Street, Lancashire, EnglandEdwin, Minnie and Edwin jr living at 2 Kinder Street, Lancashire, England
Rebecca55Residence19251925 • 63 index street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Charlie39StepDaughter19264 Mar 1926 • Duncan, Vancouver Island, CanadaBirth of Step-Daughter Geraldine "Dina" Christine Griffin(1926–2012)
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"47Residence19291929-1930 • 2 Kinder Street, Lancashire, England
Rebecca58Residence19291929-1930 • 32 Baythorne Road, Lancashire, Englandliving with William Loftus and Mabel Loftus at 32 Baythorne Road
Charlie43Homestead1930April 3 1930 Homestead EndowmentManitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta Homestead Grant Registration April 3 1930 No: 659092 Name: Charles Harbron
Frank 42Residence1933Lived in Bay Tree Alberta in 1933 (I've lost the records for this - I think it was originally attached to Samuel or Charlie in the old "Harbron Family Tree" records) Or was it from a letter we found?
Samuel45Marriage193314 Oct 1933 • Creek Point, Summerland, British Columbia, CanadaSamuel Harbron, Farmer, Bachelor, age 43, Anglican, living in Summerland, BC, born in Galway, Ireland. Listed William Harbron as father and Susan Harbron as mother, both born in Louth, IrelandSarah Annie Johnson (1889–1955)
Susan60Daughter1933Death of Daughter Winifred Grace "Winnie" O'Grady(1898–1933)22 Jan 1933 • 230 High Street, Clapton, Berkshire, England
Susan61Residence19331933 • 94 Southwold Road, Hackney, Middlesex, EnglandGranddaughter came to live with Susan after daughter Winnie passed away. Son Horace (Harry) and daughter Laura also live with her here.
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"52Residence19341934-1940 • 2 Kinder Street, Lancashire, EnglandLiving with husband Edwin, daughter Doris and granddaughter Leslie; Marital Status: Married
Charlie48Residence19351935 • Oordondale, Peace River, Alberta, CanadaOccupation: Farmer (was this on his parcel of land?)
Charlie49Marriage193612 Dec 1936 • St Andrews United Church, Nanaimo, British Columbia, CanadaAnnie Maclachlan Riddell (1891–1972)view record
Rachel "Ray"52Residence19361936 • 39 Harden Ave, Northbridge, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Annie64Census19391939 • 6 Sykes St., Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Frederick 64Residence19391939 • 478, crompton way, Bolton, Lancashire, EnglandLiving with wife Isabella and daughter Mary Prudence and her husband Owen. Marital Status: Married
Samuel52Residence19401940 • West Summerland, Yale, British Columbia, CanadaOccupation: Labourer
Annie65Residence19401940 • 7 Haighe Street, 3, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Susan68Residence19407 Sep 1940 • Surrey, EnglandWhen the Surrey Docks were bombed the family moved to Leckhamstead, near Newbury
Susan68Residence19401940 • Hitchin, Hertfordshire, EnglandDaughter Laura and Winnie's daughter Daisy Norma Hosier living with her here
Charlie58Residence19451945 • Nanaimo, British Columbia, CanadaLaborer
Charlie58Residence19451945 • Victoria; Carleton, British Columbia, CanadaOccupation: Shipyard Worker
Annie70Residence19451945 • 15 Dalrymple, Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandLives alone
Susan75Death1947Nov 1947 • Wandsworth, London, England
Frank 60Occupation19491949 • Fort William, Ontario, CanadaWatchman
Samuel61Residence19491949 • 3420 Clydesdale Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, CanadaOccupation: Coke Screen Attendant, Living with Sarah Annie (Mrs. S. Harbron)
Charlie62Residence19491949 • 345 Kerr, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Rachel "Ray"65Residence19491949 • 39 Harden Ave, Northbridge, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Rebecca78Death1949Feb 1949 • Walton Hospital, Liverpool North, Lancashire, England
Rebecca78Burial194924 Feb 1949 • 104 River Lane, Liverpool, England , Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Grave R 205
Henry George80Death1949Oct 1949 • Manchester, Lancashire, EnglandAge 80 years
Frank 60 Occupation19531953 • Fort William, Ontario, CanadaElevator employee
Charlie66Residence19531953 • Esquimalt; Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
Rachel "Ray"70Residence19541954 • Northbridge, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Frederick 82Death1954Apr 1954 • Farnworth, Lancashire, EnglandAge 82 years
Samuel67Wife195530 Sep 1955 • Mission British Columbia, CanadaDeath of Wife Sarah Annie Johnson(1889–1955)
Rachel "Ray"70Husband195516 Apr 1955 • Chatswood, New South Wales, AustraliaDeath of Husband James Henry Hale(1886–1955)
Annie80Death195521 Dec 1955 • Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Annie80Burial195524 Dec 1955 • Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandChurch of England Cemetery
Rachel "Ray"72Departure1956Dec 1956 • Vancouverand 1 Jan 1957 • Honolulu, Hawaii
Frank 66Residence19571957 • Fort William, Ontario, Canada
Samuel69Residence19571957 • Turner Road, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canadapensioner, living alone
Charlie70Residence19571957 • Esquimalt; Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
Frank 68Occupation19581958 • 629 Vickers Street, Fort William, Ontario, CanadaEngineer, Pool 1
Samuel70Residence19581958 • Mission City, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, CanadaOccupation: Laborer
Rachel "Ray"74Residence19581958 • Northbridge, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Charlie72Death195916 Dec 1959 • 345 Ker Ave, Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
Charlie72Obituary195919 Dec 1959 • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Alfred78Death195919 Apr 1959 • Llandudno Hospital, Llandudno, Caernarvonshire, Wales, United Kingdom
Alfred78Cremation195922 Apr 1959 • Colwyn Bay, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Alfred78Obituary1959Alfred Harbron 23 April 1959 North Wales Weekly NewsMR. A. HARBRON The death took place at Llandudno Hospital on Sunday after a long illness of Mr. Alfred Harbron, Hillcote, Penmaenmawr road, Llanfairfechan. He was 78.
Alfred78Probate195911 Jun 1959 • Bangor, Caernarvonshire, WalesHARBRON Alfred of Hillcote Penmaenmawr Road Llanfairfechan Caernarvonshire died 19 April 1959 at The General Hospital Llandudno Caernarvonshire Administration Bangor 11 June to Ellen Harbron widow. Effects £1400.
Frank 70Residence19621962 • Fort William, Ontario, Canadaunemployed
Samuel74Residence19621962 • R.R. 2, Mission, British Columbia, Canadaretired
Frank 78Residence19681968 • apt 1, vickers street, fort william, Ontario, Ontario, Canadaretired
Samuel79Residence1968May 1968 • Gen Del, Mission, Fraser Valley East, British Columbia, Canadaretired
Samuel80Death19688 Sep 1968 • St Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaEvent Date: 08 Sep 1968 Event Place: Vancouver, British Columbia Age: 80 Marital Status: Widowed DOB: 15 Aug 1888 Spouse's Name: Sarah Ann Johston
Rachel "Ray"84Residence19681968 • Lidcombe, Reid, New South Wales, AustraliaOccupation: Tailoress
Rachel "Ray"84Death196921 Jul 1969 • Helensburgh, New South Wales, AustraliaReg# 34624/1969 father: FREDERICK mother: ANNIE region: HELENSBURGH
Rachel "Ray"84Burial19691969 • Rookwood, Cumberland Council, New South Wales, AustraliaRookwood General Cemetery Rookwood, Cumberland Council, New South Wales, Australia PLOT Zone F Independent General Section K Grave 1814
Mary Elizabeth "Minnie"89Death1971Jul 1971 • St Asaph, Denbighshire, Wales
Frank 81Residence19721972 • Apt 1, 629 Vickers Street, Fort William, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
Frank 83Residence19741974 • Fort William, Ontario, Canada
Frank 85Residence19801980 • Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canadamoved to Kingston to live with daughter Esther Ritchie

Harbron Family Members sorted by death year

  1. John (Harburn) Harbron (1747-1810) - 63 years
  2. Hannah (Bullock) Harbron (1779-1831) - 52 years
  3. James Harbron (abt.1777-1836) - 59 years
  4. Ann Agnes Levitt (Harbron) Craig (1836-1864) - 27 years
  5. Rebecca (Campbell) Harbron (1816-1874) - 63 years
  6. Thomas Harbron (abt.1832-1878) - 46 years
  7. Charles Levitt Harbron (1838-1889) - 51 years
  8. John Harbron (abt.1806-1894) - 88 years
  9. Annie (Ferguson) Harbron (1850-1894) - 44 years
  10. William John Harbron (1878-1912) - 34 years
  11. Frederick Harbron (1842-1920) - 78 years
  12. Alfred Harbron (1862-1932) (half brother) - 70 years
  13. Susan (Harbron) O'Grady (1872-1947) - 75 years
  14. Henry George Harbron (1869-1949) - 80 years
  15. Ann (Harbron) Glynn (1875-1955) - 80 years
  16. Charles Edward Harbron (1887-1959) - 72 years
  17. Alfred Harbron (1880-1959) - 79 years
  18. Samuel Harbron (1888-1968) - 80 years
  19. Rachel (Harbron) Hale (1884-1969) - 85 years
  20. Mary Elizabeth (Harbron) Humphris (1882-1971) - 89 years
  21. Francis Harbron (1889-1986) -97 years

excluding Annie Agnes, Annie Ferguson and William (average age = 78 years)

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