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Hartland Abbey Families

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By Richard Pearse Chope 1940 edition of Book of Hartland Country Squires are the Ornaments of the English Nation : Men of Good Heads and Sound Bodies !Sir Roger de Coverley (Addison). The Oxford English Dictionary defines ' Squirearchy' as the collective body of squires, landed proprietors, or country gentry, but a more exact definition would have been the collective body of squires or esquires, persons legally entitled to bear (heraldic) arms. Armorial bearings are, or should be, the outward and visible sign of the technical rank of ' gentility,' the lowest hereditary rank, and only persons able to prove legitimate descent from the grantee have any right to use them. In the 16th and 17th centuries heralds from the College of Arms made three official visits throughout the country at different times for the purpose of examining and enrolling arms and pedigrees, and determining which were valid. They visited Hartland in 1531, 1564, and 1620, and recorded the following six families of gentry: Abbott of Hartland and Luffincott, Cholwill of Lodisford (Lutsford), Docton of Docton, Luttrell, Prust of Gorven, and Velly of Hartland, to which may be added Stucley of Affeton,1 for a branch of that family was even then settled at Hartland. At later dates, Orchard, Wolferstan, and Buck (or Stucley) were armigerous families.


Arms :—Sable a cross voided between four eagles displayed Crest.—A griffin sejant azure plattee, winged and beaked

The first Abbott to settle at Hartland was William, one of three brothers who were apparently sons of another William, whose Christian name, however, is not certainly known. The brothers were :—

William Abbott, " Sergiant of ye Seller " to Henry VIII, who received a grant of the bulk of the property of the dissolved Abbey by Letters Patent dated 30 January 1546.1 He married in 1566 (marriage settlement dated 1 April) Agnes, daughter of William Amadas, and widow (1) of Thomas Mohun, (2) of Thomas Stowford, (3) of John Charles. Will proved 9 January 1571. Died without issue and was buried at Hartland on 3 September 1570.2 His wife was living at her husband's death. He was succeeded by his great-nephew William, son of William (who was buried on 23 December 1560) and grandson of Richard.

Richard Abbott, brother of the above William and grandfather of the second William Abbott of Hartland Abbey. He died before his brother, leaving issue two sons :—

William, father of the second William Abbott of Hartland Abbey. John, mentioned in the will of the first William Abbott as a contingent executor. He had two sons, John and Christopher, mentioned as legatees in the same will. Weymond Abbott, another brother of the above William" He is named in the Inquisition taken on the death of his brother William, and also of his son William. He had issue William of Greynham in Hartland, son and heir. (See below.) William Abbott of Hartland Abbey, son of William, grandson of Richard, and heir to his great-uncle William, aged 30 years and more at his great-uncle's death, died 18 June and was buried 22 June 1609 at Hartland. He married 23 Nov. 1563, at Hartland, Anne, second daughter of William Milliton of Pengersick, Cornwall, and coheir to her brother William (who was buried at Hartland on 1 June 1571) ; she was buried on 18 Oct. 1610. Monument in Hartland Church. They had issue five sons and four daughters :—

'Robert, baptized on 18 Dec. 1565, buried on 19 Feb. 1566. Justinian, baptized on 14 June 1568, married on 1 June 1589, at Hartland, Katherine daughter of Sir Richard Grenville, buried at Bideford on 6 Feb. 1603. They had issue Mary, who was baptized on 23 Oct. 1603 and buried on 17 March 1606, at Bideford. William, baptized on 27 March 1571, and buried on 4 July1584. Milliton, baptized on 20 Nov. 1574, and buried on 15 Feb. 1575- Richard, baptized on 4 Dec. 1579, and buried on 9 Jan-1580. Prudence, baptized on 20 Oct. 1564, married to Andrew Luttrell (see Luttrell pedigree). Honor, baptized on 3 Jan. 1567, married on 7 Dec. 1589 to Peter Lower of Trelask, Cornwall. Grace, baptized on 9 April 1572, married on 11 July 1596 to Philip Risdon. Anne, baptized on 21 March 1578, and buried in 1581. William Abbot of Greynham in Hartland, son and heir of Weymond Abbott, and cousin of the above William Abbott of Hartland Abbey, married firstly, on 13 June, 1565, Agnes daughter of . . . Staveley, by whom he had no issue; and secondly, on 12 Nov. 1569, Honor, daughter of John Cholwill, by whom he had two sons, as below. He was buried on 6 Dec. 1585. John, baptized on 10 Aug. 1570, died without issue. Thomas, heir to his father. Thomas Abbott of Luffincott, son and heir of William Abbott of Greynham, was baptized on 31 March 1578 at Hartland, married on 14 Sept. 1601 Agnes, daughter of . . . Snow of Hartland. They had issue two sons and three daughters:— William, heir to his father. Nicholas, baptized on 25 March 1604 at Hartland. He married Mary . . . , to whom administration of her husband's estate was granted on 23 April 1652. Susanna, baptized on 15 Oct. 1606 at Hartland. Elizabeth, baptized on 24 Oct. 1609 at Hartland. Prudence, baptized on 3 May 1612 at Hartland. She was married firstly to Edward Reede of Borraton, Plymouth, by whom she had four children; and secondly to the Rev. Richard Potter, Rector of Newton St. Petrock, by whom she also had four children. She was buried on 20 Jan. 1690, at Newton St. Petrock, where there is in the churchyard an altar tomb to her memory. " Her Life was spent in the Industrious, Charitable, and Successful practices of Physick, Chirurgery, and Midwifery." William Abbott, son and heir, baptized on 24 Jan. 1602 at Hartland. Administration granted on 16 March 1655 to his only surviving son Nicholas. He had another son William, whose will was proved on 7 May 1655.


Arms :—Or a bend between six martlets sable, charged with a crescent for difference. Crest :—An otter proper.1

The first Luttrell to settle at Hartland was Andrew, eldest son of Nicholas Luttrell of Honibere in the parish of Lilstock, Somerset, and of Jane his wife, daughter of Christopher Cheverell of Chantmarle in Dorset. They had issue three sons and three daughters. Andrew Luttrell was born about the year 1561. He matriculated at Broadgates Hall, Oxford, in 1579, and was afterwards admitted a student of Gray's Inn. In the early part of 1583 he married Prudence, daughter and coheiress of William Abbot, of Hartland Abbey. He consequently migrated from Somerset to Devon. He was buried on 26 Aug. 1625, and his relict was buried on 13 Dec. 1639. They had issue six sons and five daughters :— Nicholas, heir to his father. John, ancestor of the Luttrells of Saunton Court. He was baptized at Hartland on 28 Dec. 1584 ; married Frances, daughter of Sir Edward Gorges of Wraxall; bought property in Braunton from Arthur Chichester, Lord Belfast; died on 24 Feb. 1617, and was buried at Braunton. Andrew, of Luffincot, baptized on 14 May, 1587. He married at Hartland, on 2 Oct. 1609, Mary, daughter of John Punchard of Pilton, and had issue three daughters. He was buried at Hartland on 20 June 1621. William, baptized on 24 Dec. 1592. He married at Hartland, on 2 May 1631, Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Docton, and by her had issue three daughters. He was buried at Hartland on 27 Jan. 1684. Charles, baptized on 1 Jan. 1604, dead in 1631. Richard, baptized on 18 Jan. 1605. Grace, baptized on 15 March 1590 ; married on 15 Jan. 1610 to Robert Loveys of Beardon. Anne, baptized on 3 Dec. 1591, buried on 4 May 1597. Elizabeth, baptized on 18 June, 1597. Prudence, baptized on 11 Nov. 1601 ; married in Nov. 1633 to Achilles Fortescue. Anne, baptized on 27 July 1610, buried three days later. Nicholas Luttrell, eldest son of Andrew, was baptized on 6 Jan. 1584. He married at Hartland, on 2 Feb. 1607, Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Monk of Potheridge. There is a monument to him in the church at Hartland, where he was buried on 9 April 1637. His relict was buried there on 26 Aug. 1653. They had issue seven sons and three daughters:— A nthony, heir to his father. Nicholas, buried on 14 April 1648. Francis, baptized on 18 Oct. 1612, buried on 6 March I657- John, baptized on 28 Nov. 1613, married on 21 Dec. 1650 to Jane, daughter of Thomas Docton. He was buried on 23 Jan. 1672 ; she was buried on 23 May 1680. They had issue four daughters:— Elizabeth, baptized on 29 Dec. 1651, married on 8 May 1680 to William Galsworthy. Eleanor, baptized on 25 April 1653, married on 25 July 1681 to John Stephens. Mary, born on 17 Aug. 1654 and buried 29 Nov. in the same year. Jane, born on 23 Dec. 1655.1 Thomas, baptized on 1 May 1616. He married, on 23 Jan. 1666, Wilmot, daughter of Nicholas Cholwill of Hartland and relict of Richard Docton of the same parish. She was buried on 26 April 1671; he was buried on 13 Sept. 1694. Arthur, baptized on 1 Nov. 1618. Edward, baptized on 26 March 1620. He matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford in 1638, and died there four years later. Mary, buried on 11 Dec. 1655. Elizabeth, baptized on 29 Dec. 1614, buried on 18 April 1656. Eleanor, baptized on 7 Sept. 1617, buried on 20 Dec. 1647. Anthony Luttrell, eldest son of Nicholas, was over twenty-five years of age at the time of his father's death. He married firstly, on 21 July 1636, at Hartland, Mary, daughter of the Rev. Edward Cotton, Rector of Shobrooke. By her, who was buried on 7 April 1646, he had issue four sons and three daughters :— Edward, heir to his father. William, buried on 27 Jan. 1655. Nicholas, living in 1643. Anthony, living in 1643. Margaret, married on 31 Jan. 1662 to Thomas Saltren. Elizabeth, baptized on 17 Sept. 1643. Mary, baptized on 16 March 1645. Anthony Luttrell of Hartland Abbey married secondly a certain Mary, who was buried on 13 Dec. 1659. By her he had issue four sons and. three daughters :— Andrew, baptized on n Oct. 1648 and buried on 25 Nov. in the same year. Thomas, baptized on 19 Oct. 1649 and buried on 13 Sept. 1694. Christopher, born on 23 Jan. 1654 buried on 3 March 1655- A rthur, born on 10 Aug. 1656 and buried on 5 Dec. in the same year. Jane, baptized on 31 Aug. 1650, married on 1 Jan. 1670 to John Mugford. Prudence, baptized on 26 Sept. 1651 and buried on 10 Oct. following. Grace, born on 9 Aug. 1657, married on 20 Nov. 1678 to Peter Cole. Anthony Luttrell was buried on 1 Oct. 1663. Edward Luttrell, his eldest son, was admitted a student of the Inner Temple in 1653. He married Mary Rogers on 3 July 1663 at Hartland, and by her had issue two children :— Nicholas, heir to his father. Elizabeth, baptized on 6 Dec. 1664, married on 28 Nov. 1698 to Thomas Atkin. Edward Luttrell was buried on 21 March 1666, but his relict did not obtain letters of administration until 1672. Nicholas Luttrell, the only son, was baptized on 26 July 1663, a few weeks only after the marriage of his parents. He was educated at Emanuel College, Cambridge, and was one of a number of young men of substance who were selected by the Vice-Chancellor to receive the degree of A.M. in commemoration of a visit from the King. In the spring of the same year, 1682, when he was less than nineteen years of age, he was married, at Caldecot or Cambridge, to Mary, daughter jjf John Creed, a bookseller in the university town. Being admitted a student of Gray's Inn, he resided chiefly in London, and he died in the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn, in 1694. Mary, his only child, married Paul Orchard of Aldercombe in the parish of Kilkhampton in Cornwall, and was buried on 8 Nov. 1722. He continued in possession of Hartland Abbey after her death, and it passed at his death to the son of his third wife.


Arms :—Azure a chevron azure between three pears pendant or. Crest :—Out of a mural crown proper a dexter arm couped at the elbow, vested azure adorned with three fleurs de lys or, one and two, the cuff turned up ermine , holding in the hand also proper a pear as in the arms.

Paul Orchard married firstly Mary Luttrell (as above), and had issue one son :— Luttrell, baptised on 26 April 1704, buried on 6 March1705. He married secondly Mary, daughter of Sir John Suffolk ; she was buried on 9 Oct. 1725. He married thirdly Rebecca, daughter of Charles Smith of Isleworth. They had issue one son and four daughters :— Paul, heir to his father. Anne, baptised on 26 Dec. 1729, married on 6 May 1754 to George Buck esq. of Bideford. Elizabeth, baptised on 25 March 1731, died on 24 Jan. and was buried on 31 Jan. 1567. Rebecca, baptised on 15 March 1733, buried on 21 Dec. I734- Charlotte, baptised on 3 Sept. 1735, married to the Rev. Hooper Morrison of Yeo Vale near Bideford ; she died in 1791 (Notes of the Past, 172). Paul Orchard was M.P. for Camelford in 1711-13 and for Bossiney in 1714, being in each case returned at a bye-election on the previous member's death. He died in 1740 " in y* Small Pox at Wincanton May ye 31 in ye 59th year of his Age," and was buried at Hartland on 6 June. For his character, see Notes of the Past, no. 102, taken from Hervey's Meditations among the Tombs, II. His widow died on 11 Sept. 1765 and was buried on 19 Sept. Paul Orchard of Stoke Abbey, son and heir, was born on 26 June 1739/ and baptised on 2 July. He was for many years colonel of the northern regiment of the county militia, and M.P. for Callington, Cornwall, in four successive Parliaments, sitting from 1784 to 1806. He married Bettina, daughter of Sir Robert Lawley, Bart., of Canwell in Staffordshire, and died without issue on 1 March 1812 ; he was buried on 11 March. His widow was buried on 2 Sept. 1833. HOOPER MORRISON On the death of the above Paul Orchard, the Abbey passed -to his nephew, the Rev. Thomas Hooper Morrison, son of the Rev. Hooper Morrison and Charlotte Orchard (above.) He was born in 1767, and died without issue in 1824. He never resided at the Abbey. On his death it passed to Lewis William Buck. BUCK Arms :—Per chevron crenellee argent and sable three bucks' attires fixed to the scalp and countercharged. Crest :—Between a buck's attire fixed to the scalp, a lion rampant holding over the left shoulder a battleaxe, all proper. Lewis William Buck of Affeton was the great-nephew of Paul Orchard II, and grandson of George Buck and Anne Orchard. He married Anne, daughter of Thomas Robbins, had issue one son and two daughters, and died in 1858. His son, George Stucley Buck, assumed in the same year the name and arms of Stucley. STUCLEY Arms :—Quarterly, ist and 4th, azure three pears or (Stucley), 2nd and 3rd, per fess embattled argent and sable three bucks' attires fixed to the scalp and countercharged (Buck). Crest :—Between a buck's attires as in the arms sable, a lion rampant or, the sinister paw holding a battleaxe resting on the shoulder proper. Motto :—Bellement et hardiment. George Stucley Stucley was created a baronet in 1859. He was born on 17 August 1812, and married firstly (1835) Lady Elizabeth O'Bryen, daughter of William, second Marquis of Thomond, by whom he had three sons and one daughter. She died in 1870. He married secondly (1872) Louisa, daughter of Bernard Granville of Wellesbourne Hall, Warwickshire, by whom he had two sons. He was M.P. for Barnstaple, 1855-9 and 1865-8, and Honorary Colonel of the Devonshire Artillery, West Div. R.A., from 1872. He -died on 13 March 1900, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir William Lewis Stucley Stucley, 2nd Bart., born 27 August 1836. He married firstly Rosamond, daughter of H. Pottinger Best, and secondly (1879) Marion, daughter of Lieut.-Col. H. E. H. Fane. He entered the army in 1854, served in the Crimea, and died on 19 Feb. 1911. Dame Marion Stucley continued to reside at the Abbey till 1933. Sir Lewis was succeeded by his brother, Sir Edward Arthur George Stucley, 3rd Bart., born 12 Feb. 1852. He married in 1892 May, daughter of the late Hon. Thomas King. He died on 7 Dec. 1927, and was succeeded by his half-brother, Sir Hugh Nicholas Granville Stucley, 4th Bart., born 22 June 1873, married (1902) Gladys, daughter of W. A. Bankes of Wolfeton House, Dorchester. His eldest son, D. F. B. Stuckley esq., now resides at the Abbey. son of his third wife.[1]


  1. THE SQUIREARCHY by Richard Pearse Chope 1940 edition of Book of Hartland ; http://www.hartlandabbey.com/downloads/ChopeOnSquires.pdf

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