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Haviland - de Havilland Bookmarks

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This is a directory of destinations related to the study of the surname of Haviland, de Havilland, Heavilin, and all other variants.


The Haviland - de Havilland Name & DNA Study

  • WikiTree Page: This page centralizes all research pertaining to the surname of Haviland, de Havilland, Heavilin, and all their other variants, regardless of their relationship, and includes findings from the Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study and how Y-DNA is used to strengthen the WikiTree genealogy.
  • WikiTree Category: This is the category page for the Haviland - de Havilland Name & Y-DNA Study, indexing those profiles who are Y-DNA participants on WIkiTree.
  • This is the official portal for the Haviland - de Havilland Y-DNA Study and its project group at FamilyTreeDNA. If you are a male with this surname, you are encouraged to participate!
  • Haviland DNA Connections: Index of WikiTree profiles connected by proven Y-DNA participants.

Lists of Profiles of Haviland - de Havilland Variant Surnames

These are lists of WikiTree profiles with the exact spelling of each name variant. These individuals are not necessarily related to one another, but are of interest to the One Name Study.

Lists of Cemeteries with Havilands

These are WikiTree Cemetery Pages featuring groups of Haviland burials.

Descendant Studies

The Guernsey Family

The Irish Families

  • Pending.

The German Families

  • Pending.

The Haviland - de Havilland Heritage Society

  • WikiTree Page: About the company that studies the etymologies, genealogies, DNA, heraldry, heirlooms, locations, burials, sources and other aspects of the Haviland & de Havilland name, and summarizes its various open projects.
  • The society web site.

Family Mysteries

The Haviland Family Mysteries pages are dedicated to discussions and ongoing research about various individuals either related to particular family ancestor (such as Thomas de Havilland) or bearing one of the variant surnames.

Additional Evidences and Transcriptions

Secondary Sources on WikiTree with Haviland Data

Our citations in the WikiTree profiles can use links to references set up in WikiTree on the Free Space profiles. The Reference pages can then depict a proper citation syntax for WikiTree, provide deeper information into the reference, and links to where its text may be found digitally on the web. As time permits, we can build and strengthen these reference pages.

Highlighted Profiles on WikiTree

Major Common Ancestors (Guernsey Genealogy)

Interesting and Notable Individuals (Guernsey Genealogy)

Mayflower Passenger Profiles

These are Mayflower Passengers known to be ancestral to someone who married a Haviland / de Havilland.

Royalty Profiles Who are Connected to Some Branches

These are a selection of Royals known to be ancestral to someone who married a Haviland / de Havilland.
(Work in progress)

Great Profiles

This list is for profiles (whether of relation or not) which use lots of citations, great narrative, and/or impressive technical style.
(Work in progress)

Unconnected Havilands

A Haviland profile might be identified as "unconnected" by the WikiTree engine for one or more overlapping reasons:
  1. It might be a duped profile bearing the Haviland name, often imported from a GEDCOM for another family, that needs to be merged into one of our profiles or we have not yet built a "ladder" or profiles to connect it one of our known families.
  2. It might be an unknown Haviland! WikiTree is truly the best chance these unknown Havilands have of being "found." The more people who use WIkiTree the greater the chances of solving mysteries, so recruit!
  3. There may be other technical reasons why it's not connected. I have noticed that it takes a day or two for new profiles to index themselves into the "connected" status, so if it appears to be connected (has the right father) but it's still appearing in this list, wait for a week and see if it still appears.
Here is where you can find the current lists of unconnected Havilands and de Havillands, accounting for variant spellings of the surname:

Other Profile Lists

  • Haviland Genealogists: This is an index of Havilands on WikiTree who are conducting research on one or more genealogies that bear the name.

Asset Pages

  • Haviland Image Repository: This page is used for graphic assets supporting certain profiles. It is not for photos of ancestors, etc.

Other Web Destinations

General WikiTree Guidance and Resource Pages

This is a collection of the WikiTree help and resource pages. They can also be found by exploring the Help menu.


Technical Guidance

  • How to Use WikiTree
  • Biographies: Styling the biography is important. It needs to be organized in such a way as to make it readable, with as many supporting citations as can be found. This help page describes how the WikiTree styling codes work. Since different people style profiles in different ways (some great, some not), you will not find that the style you love to use is going to be well received by everyone who has interest in a profile. While everyone with the right permissions is allowed to make bio changes to any public profile, be mindful of who the profile manager is and consider letting them take the lead, or else if they are only a profile manager because of a GEDCOM import but the profile is in your direct ancestry, try to be friendly and suggestive with changes by opening a respectful dialog with them. (Also see Recommended Tags, Editing Tips, Advanced Formatting, and Quotations.)
  • Name Fields: How to use the Name Fields properly. (Also see Name Fields for European Aristocrats, such as nobility.)
  • Photos FAQ
  • Ownership and Control: A little about Profile Managers and their permissions.
  • Categorization: Categories create automatic indexes of profiles. Whenever a profile uses the right code, it creates a link from the profile to the index, and the index automatically creates a link back to that profile. It's pretty cool!
  • DNA Confirmation
  • HTML Color Codes


  • Unresponsive Profile Managers: There are some functions you cannot perform on certain profiles without the help of its Profile Manager. If you reach out and the Profile Manager doesn't respond to you, this page describes next steps.
  • Communication: This page is about WikiTree's recommendations in interacting with other individuals when collaborating on a profile. My personal recommendation is to be bold about fixing obvious problems, be thorough in explaining why a profile's original facts are probably wrong (use citations as much as possible to back yourself up, and where that is lacking, use logic such as "so-and-so can't have a grandfather who is 20 years old," and be gentle and perhaps proactively communicating when simply making stylistic (presentation) changes that aren't really changing the facts, especially if it's already looking fine but you are trying to give it continuity with the rest of your lineage of profiles. And if you get upset at the person, Don't WikiTree While Angry! (Also see Courtesy.)
  • Certainty: Here's a great page about how to create or edit profiles with uncertain "facts."
  • Collaborative Profile of the Week


Leaders are users who are promoted into the highest position on WikiTree, able to conduct activities that impact WikiTree functions, permissions and rules. Therefore, none of the below links will be very useful to you, since a leader is not likely to be on this bookmarks page. However you might this information interesting to know about.


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