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Herold Historical Photo Album

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History & info

This "Historical Album!" belonged to Patricia Kathleen Frayne (née Herold) (b 1924 - d 2019). It contains photographs of family members from the Barry, Herold, Myburgh, van der Riet and Woolley families, among others. It is assumed that the album initially belonged to Marguerite Adelaide Herold (née Herold) (Patricia's mother. b 1896 - d 1985). Sadly the book was not well preserved; the spine is broken and there are many tears and stains to both the pages and photographs throughout the book. Some photographs are also missing.

Light retouching and adjustments have been done to the individual pictures primarily to remove dust and scratches and to try to restore some of their detail. Not all photographs were captioned, but where they were - either on the pages of the album or on the back of the photograph itself - the images have been named and captioned accordingly.

The album is currently in the possession of Jenny Bierman (née Frayne) in South Africa. Digitized by Tracy Frayne, 2021. More information and high-resolution versions of the images are available if required - please get in touch with Tracy.

Individual photos

Herold Family

image:Herold_Historical_Album-88.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-89.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-90.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-91.jpg
AK Herold, married Bennett. Great Aunt Dot Herold
Aletta Cornelia Herold (1882-1975)
AK Herold, married Bennett - back of photo Charlie Herold
Charles Willoughby Herold (1869-1932)
Charlie Herold - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-92.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-93.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-94.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-95.jpg
Dot Herold, Great Aunt Dot
Aletta Cornelia Herold (1882-1975)
Dot Herold, Great Aunt Dot - back of photo F W Herold, Great Oupa
Francis William Reitz Herold (1840-1921)
F W Herold - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-96.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-97.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-98.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-99.jpg
F W Herold's wife, Letty (née Barry)
Aletta Catharina Herold née Barry (1839-1916)
F W Herold's wife, Letty (née Barry) - back of photo J B Herold, Oupa
Joseph Francis Barry Herold (1865-1940)
J B Herold - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-100.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-101.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-102.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-103.jpg
Joan Herold, died in infancy. Joan Herold the 1st, 8 months Joan Herold, died in infancy - back of photo Letty Herold with little Dot
Aletta Catharina Herold née Barry (1839-1916) with Aletta Cornelia Herold (1882-1975)
Letty Herold with little Dot - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-104.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-105.jpg
Letty Herold, 1893
Aletta Catharina Herold née Barry (1839-1916)
Letty Herold, 1893 - back of photo

Myburgh Family

image:Herold_Historical_Album-47.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-48.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-51.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-52.jpg
R Myburgh R Myburgh - back of photo R Myburgh's wife R Myburgh's wife - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-49.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-50.jpg
R Myburgh's wife and child R Myburgh's wife and child - back of photo

van der Riet Family

image:Herold_Historical_Album-59.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-60.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-61.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-62.jpg
Berthauld de St Jean van der Riet
Berthault de St Jean van der Riet (1867-1952)
Berthauld de St Jean van der Riet - back of photo Fred van der Riet (Judge)
Frederick "Fred" John Werndley van der Riet (1868-1929)
Fred van der Riet (Judge) - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-63.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-64.jpg
Aunt Mary (van der Riet)
Possibly Alice Mary Franklin (1879-1940), wife of Frederick van der Riet.
Aunt Mary (van der Riet) - back of photo ' '

Woolley Family

image:Herold_Historical_Album-66.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-67.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-68.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-69.jpg
Adelaide Woolley, 1898, Grandmother to M A Herold
Adelaide Woolley née Haines (abt 1830-?)
Adelaide Woolley, 1898 - back of photo Augusta Victoria Gertrude Woolley. 'Baby Herold'
Augusta Victoria Gertrude Woolley (1860-1934)
Augusta Victoria Gertrude Woolley - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-70.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-71.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-72.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-73.jpg
Douglas Woolley, 1877
Benjamin Douglas Woolley (1857-1918)
Douglas Woolley, 1877 - back of photo Benjamin Woolley, Grandfather to M A Herold
Benjamin Woolley (1819-1868)
Benjamin Woolley - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-74.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-75.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-76.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-77.jpg
Blanche Amy Woolley
Blanche Amy Woolley (1855-1920)
Blanche Amy Woolley - back of photo Charles E A Woolley, R.N.
1881. Aged 18. Serving on HMS 'Alexandra' on the staff of Vice Admiral Sir Beauchamp Seymour, Commander in Chief Mediterranean

Charles Edward Allen Woolley (1863-1940)
Charles E A Woolley - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-65.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-78.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-82.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-83.jpg
Constance Woolley, married Maddock
Adelaide Constance Woolley (1852-1905)
Bernard Woolley
Horace Bernard Woolley (1865-1929)
Daisy Woolley (née van der Riet) with Doris Ruth
Julia Marguerite Marian "Daisy" Woolley née van der Riet (1872-1944) with Doris Ruth Woolley (1900 - 1990)
J Marguerite M van der Riet, married Woolley
Julia Marguerite Marian "Daisy" Woolley née van der Riet (1872-1944)
image:Herold_Historical_Album-80.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-81.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-84.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-85.jpg
Daisy van der Riet, married Woolley
Julia Marguerite Marian "Daisy" Woolley née van der Riet (1872-1944)
Daisy van der Riet, married Woolley - back of photo Daisy Woolley. Marguerite (Daisy) van der Riet, married Woolley
Julia Marguerite Marian "Daisy" Woolley née van der Riet (1872-1944)
Daisy Woolley. Marguerite (Daisy) van der Riet, married Woolley - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-86.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-87.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-53.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-54.jpg
Marguerite (Daisy) Woolley (née van der Riet) with Eric (Charles Hugh Frederick).
My little son 'Eric' aged 4 months, Xmas '94

Julia Marguerite Marian "Daisy" Woolley née van der Riet (1872-1944) with Charles Hugh Frederick "Eric" Woolley (1894-1968)
Marguerite (Daisy) Woolley - back of photo Josephine Woolley, married Sturrock
Josephine Lucy Florence Woolley (1854-1928)
Josephine Woolley, married Sturrock - back of photo
Daisy van der Riet, married Charles Woolley
Julia Marguerite Marian "Daisy" Woolley née van der Riet (1872-1944)
' ' '


image:Herold_Historical_Album-36.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-37.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-38.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-24.jpg
Maisie Herold, Daisy van der Riet and Jo Herold
Maisie could possibly be Maria Hester Johanna Herold (1870-1917); Daisy is Julia Marguerite Marian 'Daisy' van der Riet (1872-1944); Jo could possibly be Catharina Johanna Herold née Myburgh (1863-1929). Uncertain.
Maisie Herold, Daisy van der Riet and Jo Herold - back of photo Annie Barry
Possibly Mary Ann van der Riet née Barry (1833-1901). Uncertain.
Aunt Lutze. Gt Uncle Tom's G. Mother
image:Herold_Historical_Album-39.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-40.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-41.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-42.jpg
Agnes, married Covey
Agnes Sophia van der Riet (1861-1942) married Captian John James Covey R.N. (1841-1903)
Agnes, married Covey - back of photo Ann Hellman Ann Hellman - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-43.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-44.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-45.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-46.jpg
Col Joe Hodgson
Possibly John Hamilton Hodgson
Col Joe Hodgson - back of photo Letty Hodgson née Barry
Possibly Maria Adriana Aletta Barry, married John Hamilton Hodgson
Letty Hodgson née Barry - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-55.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-58.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-56.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-57.jpg
Sir William Thomson
Sir William Thompson (1856-1884)
Annie van der Riet, married Thomson
Anna Catherine 'Annie' Thomson née van der Riet (1863-1950)
Aunt Annie Aunt Annie - back of photo. Note surname 'Barry'


image:Herold_Historical_Album-25.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-26.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-27.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-28.jpg
Unknown couple Unknown couple - back of photo Unknown man, presumed Herold Unknown man, presumed Herold - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-31.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-32.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-34.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-35.jpg
Unknown woman Unknown woman - back of photo Unknown man Unknown man - back of photo
image:Herold_Historical_Album-29.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-30.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-33.jpg
Unknown woman Unknown woman Unknown man

Full page spreads of the album

image:Herold_Historical_Album-2.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-3.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-4.jpg
Inside cover and page 1 Pages 2 & 3 Pages 4 & 5
image:Herold_Historical_Album-5.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-6.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-7.jpg
Pages 6 & 7 Pages 8 & 9 Pages 10 & 11
image:Herold_Historical_Album-8.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-9.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-10.jpg
Pages 12 & 13 Pages 14 & 15 Pages 16 & 17
image:Herold_Historical_Album-11.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-12.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-13.jpg
Pages 18 & 19 Pages 20 & 21 Pages 22 & 23
image:Herold_Historical_Album-14.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-15.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-16.jpg
Pages 24 & 25 Pages 26 & 27 Pages 28 & 29
image:Herold_Historical_Album-17.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-18.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-19.jpg
Pages 30 & 31 Pages 32 & 33 Pages 34 & 35
image:Herold_Historical_Album-20.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-21.jpg image:Herold_Historical_Album-22.jpg
Pages 36 & 37 Pages 38 & 39 Pages 40 & 41
Page 42 and inside back cover



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