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Request for permission to use image from Findagrave.com. I am wondering if I may have your permission to use the photograph of the gravestone of Sarah Catherine (Baker) Layman (1792 - 1868) at https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=84110423 on her profile at Wikitree, which you can find at Baker-13981 I have already added the photograph so that you can see what it will look like, but it is simple enough to remove (or to change the credits). Thank you, Patricia Prickett Hickin Prickett-120





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  • Prickett, Nancy Jackson, April, [1874], Blue Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, to Minter Prickett in Chilhowie, Smyth County, Virginia, Prickett Family Papers, Virginia Historical Society, 428 North Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia 23220.


  • Hough, Nancy, email citing Ira Gish, Gish Footprints in the Sands of Time, 24 Jan 2000.
  • Hough, Nancy, email citing Huffaker, Joseph Costello, Christian Gish of Virginia (Dallas, TX : Jodie Huffaker, 1989.) 21 April 2000.


She's also done wills, births, etc. for other Pennsylvania counties.

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GenForum used frequently


  • Zigler, D.H., History of the Brethren in Virginia, (Elgin, IL: Brethren Publishing House, 1908).
Lots of first-hand info but not documented, no bib, no index. Call Number: Mine


Official names of the Thirteen Colonies
New England colonies
Province of New Hampshire, established in the 1620s, chartered as crown colony in 1679
Province of Massachusetts Bay, established in the 1620s, a crown colony 1692
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, established 1636, chartered as crown colony in 1663
Connecticut Colony, established 1636, chartered as crown colony in 1662
Middle colonies
Province of New York, proprietary colony 1664–1685, crown colony from 1686
Province of New Jersey, proprietary colony from 1664, crown colony from 1702
Province of Pennsylvania, a proprietary colony established 1681
Delaware Colony (before 1776, the Lower Counties on Delaware), a proprietary colony established 1664
Southern colonies
Province of Maryland, a proprietary colony established 1632
Colony and Dominion of Virginia, a crown colony established 1607
Province of Carolina, a proprietary colony established 1663
Divided into the Province of North Carolina and Province of South Carolina in 1712, each became a crown colony in 1729
Province of Georgia, a crown colony established 1732

For Wikipedia article on the Thirteen Colonies, click here.


  • Catherine S McConnell, High on a windy hill (Johnson City, Tenn. : Overmountain Press, 1995, ©1968).


  • Besse, Joseph 1683?-1757, Collection of the sufferings of the People called Quakers (2 vols., London: L. Hinde, 1753.)
  • BMDregisters.co.uk. "BMDregisters.co.uk." Database and images. BMDregisters.co.uk:The Official Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial BMDs Service. http://www.bmdregisters.co.uk/ : 2012. Repository: UK National Archives online.
  • England and Wales - Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8) (unk) Repository: FamilySearch.org.
  • Jeaffreson, John Cordy, ed., Middlesex county records: Volume 3: 1625-67 (1888 British History Online)

New Jersey

  • Honeyman, A. Van Doren, ed. Archives State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. XXX: Vol. II of Calendar of Wills: Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc, Volume II: 1730-1750 (Somerville, NJ: The Unionist-Gazette Association, Printers, 1918)
  • Nelson, William (Main Author), Calendar of New Jersey wills, volume I, 1670-1730 : edited, with an introductory note on the early testamentary laws and customs of New Jersey by William Nelson (Archives of the State of New Jersey. First series; v. 23. Salt Lake City, Utah : Digitized by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2007). Rec. Date: 8 Aug 2016 and before, pp383-84. (for the Richard Ridgway payment).


  • Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia; Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800. Complete in Three Volumes (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1980) URL: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~chalkley/


  • For formation dates of Virginia counties click here.
Gordon Aronhime Papers—Southwest Virginia Card File
This card file lists all verifiable adult males in the Holston-Clinch River area in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, as well as information on early East Tennessee settlers. There are more than 4,000 entries which, in most cases, indicate birth and death dates, marriage information, children, abstract of will, and other biographical information if available. Information is sometimes continued on a second card. Sources are noted. General arrangement is alphabetical by last name.
Another card file includes a partial list of those present at the Battle of King's Mountain (1780) and lists of ministers (with genealogical information), mills, forts, and miscellaneous notes.
Entries for upper Holston-Clinch River [VA_TN] area comprise index points ABBOTT-YANCEY. Subject indexes for KINGS MOUNTAIN, MILLS, MINISTERS, FORTS, and miscellaneous NOTES are next followed by an alphabetical listing of Tennessee settlers, ABBOTT-YANCEY.

Botetourt County

  • Burton, Charles T., comp., Botetourt Co, Va, Early Settlers (N.p. n.d.) RkePub Lib: VR929.3755B657L Call Number: VR929.3755 B657

  • Burton, Charles T., comp., transcribed by "Babe" Waskey Fowler. Botetourt County, Virginia, death records. ([Roanoke, Va. : V.W. Fowler], 1995. There are no page numbers.
I used it at at the Botetourt Court House Clerk's Office when it was a notebook -- a one-of-a-kind thing . There is now a published version: Author Burton, Charles T. Title Botetourt County, Virginia, death records / collected by Charles T. Burton, transcribed by "Babe" Waskey Fowler. Publication [Roanoke, Va. : V.W. Fowler], 1995. There are no page #s in either version. Call Number: Virginia Room 929.3755 B657dt.

SouthWest Virginia

Summers, Lewis Preston. Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800, Vol. 1 and Part 2 (Abingdon, Va. L.P. Summers 1929; Baltimore, MD : Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996). URL: https://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=49061. Accessed 22 May 2018 by Patricia Prickett Hickin.

Washington County

(Also see Southwest Virginia.)

West Virginia


  • Anon., A Reminiscent History of Northern West Virginia (Chicago: Goodspeed Bros., 1895) 674 pp. Call Number: 920.0754bG629r


  • West Virginia Division of Culture and History URL: http://www.wvculture.org/vrr/. From this site, you can search birth, death, and marriage records. In Virginia/West Virginia, births and deaths were first reported to the counties in 1853, while marriages were recorded in the counties from the inception of each county. A .pdf describing the records project can be seen at http://www.wvculture.org/history/vitalrecordsarticle.pdf.

Berkeley County

  • Gardiner, Mabel Henshaw. Chronicles of old Berkeley : a narrative history of a Virginia County from its beginnings to 1926. (Durham, N.C.: Seeman Press, 1938) 337 pgs. HeritageQuestOnline Accessed Jan 2006.

Doddridge County

Hackers Creek

  • Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants, Inc. URL: http://www.hackerscreek.com/ Many lists of Jackson descendants are available at this website. There are also links to various online county records, notably Harrison, Lewis, and Monongalia counties at http://www.hackerscreek.com/cpage.php?pt=33. In addition there are a number of Virginia and West Virginia county histories.

Lewis County

  • Smith, Edward Conrad. History of Lewis County, WVA (Weston[, WV]: The Author, 1920).



  • Holy Bible owned by Laura Belle McConnell Prickett, Prickett Family Papers, Virginia Historical Society, 428 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220.


  • Boles, Harold W.; David B Boles. Ellis ancestors: some immigrants, colonists, and pioneers. Kalamazoo 49001) : H.W. Boles, 1994.
  • Dunnington, George A History and progress of the county of Marion, West Virginia : from its earliest settlement by the Whites down to the present, together with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens. Fairmont, W. Va. : G.A. Dunnington, ©1880.
  • Lough, Glenn D. Now and long ago : a history of the Marion County area. [Morgantown, W. Va.] : [Printed by Morgantown Print. and Binding Co.], [©1969].
  • [Jolliffe, William]. Historical, Genealogical, and Biographical Account of the Jolliffe Family of Virginia, 1652 to 1893 also Sketches of the Neill's, ... and Other Cognate Families (Philadelphia: Printed by J.B. Lippincott Company, 1893. (I have a copy of this on my computer. PPH, 12 Nov 2017)
  • Miller, Kimberlee. Descendants of Capt. Jacob Prickett, Sr. [Fairmont, WV.] : Jacob's Meadow, Inc., [©1995?]
  • Morrow, Josiah; W.H. Beers & Co.The history of Brown County, Ohio, containing a history of the county ... general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the Northwest territory; history of Ohio; map of Brown County; Constitution of the United States ... (Chicago, W.H. Beers & Co., 1883).
  • Ross, Nora. The Ross Family Branch of the Prickett Family. N.p.: N. Ross, ©1989.
  • Smyth, Samuel Gordon. A genealogy of the Duke-Shepherd-Van Metre family : from civil, military, church and family records and documents. Lancaster, Pa.: Press of the New Era Print. Co., ©1909. [A copy is available online at Ancestryheritagequest.com.]
  • Veech, James. The Monongahela of old; or, Historical sketches of southwestern Pennsylvania to the year 1800. (Pittsburgh, 1858-92 [©1910]). (Available at Hathitrust.org and the Library of Congress,)
  • Withers, Alexander Scott, Chronicles of border warfare, or A history of the settlement by the whites of north-western Virginia: and of the Indian wars and massacres, in that section of the state: with reflections, anecdotes, &c. (Carksburg, VA: Published by Joseph Israel, ©1831).


  • Parson, Vi. The Legendary Indian Billy Dragoo (Rocklin, CA: Carr Twins & Co., 2012).




  • [Wimer, Jan] <janwimer@comcast.net>. Turnbull - Eades Genealogy Updated November 10, 2005 by Ancestral Quest,. Unable to access by Patricia Prickett Hickin on 19 June 2018.

MINTER Shirley, Mel <melshirl@aol.com>, "Mary Minter 1733 VA," Minter Family GenForum #38, Posted 4 Nov 1998 URL: https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/minter/38/ Accessed 6 Apr 2020.

PRICKETT Blauvelt, Don <dblauvelt@aol.com>. “Josiah and Zachariah Prickett- Part 2" (April 12, 2002 at 17:00:43). Genealogy.com. URL: http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/print.cgi?prickett::860.html.</ref>

  • Morris, Michael <tripm@yahoo.com>. "Zachariah Prickett, b c1675 [sic.]" Marks Family Tree Updated: 2016-12-31

https://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=tripm&id=I2441. (Cites as his source: Haines, Wilbur H.<whaines@mcn.org.) Accessed 22 Mar 2018 by Patricia Prickett Hickin.

  • Swink, Joel Norman <swinkbliss@verizon.net>. The

Joel Norman Swink Home Page Updated June 26, 2006. Genealogy.com. URL: http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/s/w/i/Joel-N-Swink/index.html. FamilyTreemaker.genealogy.com. Accessed 20 Mar 2018 by Patricia Prickett Hickin.


  • For a list of all the Prickett surname entries on Findagrave.com click here.









CARR Marble, DeCody Brad <marbledb@interoz.com>, "William Carr of Westmoreland Co. VA. m. Sarah Eskridge, Help," Carr Family GenForum #32 Posted on Genealogy.com on 14 December 1997 URL: https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/carr/32/ Accessed19 May 2020,



  • Cromwell, Catherine A. <fcromwell@sprynet.com>, " Re: Immigrant Robert Jackson of Eng." Jackson Family GenForum #1081 Posted 4 Oct 1998. URL:

http://genforum.genealogy.com/jackson/messages/1081.html Unable to access on 19 April 2020.

  • Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants, Inc. URL: http://www.hackerscreek.com/ Many lists of Jackson descendants are available at this website. There are also links to various online county records, notably Harrison, Lewis, and Monongalia counties at http://www.hackerscreek.com/cpage.php?pt=33. In addition there are a number of Virginia and West Virginia county histories.


  • Hall, Judy. "Ancestors Of Maggie Bingley Atkins" (McCook, NE: 1995)
  • McWhorter, Minnie, comp. “Norris Genealogy,” McWhorter Genealogies (West Virginia & Regional History Collection, West Virginia University Library, Morgantown, WV. Used 1998, I think.



  • Bridgforth, Allan Cabaniss, comp. McConnell Genealogy. (N.p.: Self-published, c1965; Typescript, mimeographed.)
  • Scott, Wealtha Chaplin. McConnell Memorabilia (Versailles, MO: W.C. Scott, ©1981, Printed by Fay Printing, Springfield MO).



  • McConnell, Robert. <robert@mcconnell.com> MCCONNELL FAMILY HISTORY. URL: mcconnell.com. Accessed 16 Sept 2017 by Patricia Prickett Hickin






  • McConnell, Robert. <robert@mcconnell.com> MCCONNELL FAMILY HISTORY. URL: mcconnell.com. Accessed 16 Sept 2017 by Patricia Prickett Hickin


Sarah Catherine (Baker) Layman (1792 - 1868)


  • Radecki, Stephanie, comp., LaymanGEDCOM Emailed to pph 20 Jan 2000


  • Hines, Lori Williams <mimaz@juno.com>, "Lhamons of Auglaize Co., Ohio" : Gencircles 26 Dec 2002 24 Sep 2007 Note: I may have used this source in some places where I have failed to cite it. URL: http://www.gencircles.com/users/lchines/1 Took me to MyHeritage sign-in page on 4 May 2020



But when I entered the aforesaid URL what I got was as follows:

Scott, Wendy <wendyscott@comcast.net>, comp., “Maria An Keisler, b__-d.1768” Individual page. WorldConnect.com. URL: https://wc.rootsweb.com/trees/157621/I03855/-/individual Accessed 26 Apr 2020/ (Patricia Prickett Hickin, 26 Apr 2020.) Maria, dob and parents unknown, married John Fry, 1703-1766.

  • Dice, Craig <cdice@oak.edu>, Craig & Michelle's Genealogy Our Online Family History And Gedcom Updated 3 November 1999 10 Oct 2006


"Would very much appreciate any information on the descendants of Hans George Jerrick Houk and Juliana Sophia Vishering Schwartz. Hans was born in Messel, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany on September 4, 1704 to Hans and Barbara Houk. Juliana was born ca. 1705 to Christian Vishering and ? Caritas. Hans and Juliana’s children were George and Sophia. Sophia married Christian Gish in 1754 in Pennsylvania[.] Juliana’s mother died in Pennsylvania. Juliana also had a sister Elizabeth and a brother Christian."
  • Vineyard, Pam, "Vineyard: Jacob Vineyard-Peter Shafer-Botetourt Co VA,"

Vineyard Family Genforum #368. Posted 24 Feb 2000, Genealogy.com URL: https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/vineyard/368/ Accessed 4 May 2020.


"The information provided here is the result of collaborative work of genealogists associated with the Ranck Family Heritage Society. Any republication or commercial use of this information is expressly prohibited; private use is permitted but all such use MUST contain the following citation: 'The Ranks of the Rancks (on-line edition, December 9, 2017 ), Ranck Family Heritage Society, Inc. (http://Ranck.org).' "



  • Layman, Earl R, From the Emmental to Eldee-- : a history of the Layman family (Baltimore : Gateway Press ; Knoxville, TN : Please direct all correspondence and Book orders to E.R. Layman-- NOTE: ebook)
E-LOCATIONS: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/fy0606/00136596.html NOTES: "The Layman family, traced from its Swiss Mennonite roots in the valley of the Emme River in Switzerland to the valley of the Tennessee." Includes bibliographical references (p. 230-237) and index. NUMBERS: LCCN: 00136596 CLASSIFICATION: LC Call no.: CS71.L428 2001 Dewey: 929/.2/0973 21 SUBJECTS: Layman family.
  • Layman, Earl R. A Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook. : A comprehensive summary of all known early Lehman families, including their European origins, by all spellings, with known descendants to at or about the advent of the 20th Century, authenticated by DNA tests. (Morgantown,Pennsylvania : Masthof Press, 2006).
  • Woodmansee, Mary Nash Layman, comp, Layman, Leaman, Lamon, Leman, Lemon, Lemmons, Lauman, Lehman, Lehmann (Doylestown, PA: Woodmansee, Mary Nash Layman, comp., 1983-1984).
  • Gish, Ira Montgomery. Gish; footprints in the sands of time. (Loma Linda, Calif., A.M. & I.M. Gish, 1970).
  • Hamaker, J.I, Matthias Gisch of White Oak: the history of an American family (Lynchburg, VA: unknown, 1940), p335.
There are two copies online: At Hathitrust.org and Heritagequestonline.com but neither has any kind of index.
  • Huffaker, Joseph Costello, Christian Gish of Virginia (Dallas, TX : Jodie Huffaker, 1989.)


= Layman

Note: Hager previously posted on gencircles.




  • Egge, John D. jegge@chenowethsite.com>, Chenoweth History: 4th Generation: The Switzers of Botetourt Co., VA (Database cutoff date: 22 Sept 2003. You can reach me by e-mail at: <jegge@chenowethsite.com> ©1999-2003 by Jon D. Egge.


  • Mumma, Douglas. comp. Mumma, Moomaw Mumaw, & Muma Database. (http://www.mumma.org/) "Doug and Joan Mumma's Home Page," ©1996. Last updated 24 May 2016, 10:53:22. Accessed 13 Feb 2020.


  • McMillan, Lucille Elizabeth Richardson. Five roads from Cloverdale: the descendants of James Muse Richardson, 1815-1895, and Narcissa Theresa Wills Richardson, 1815-1893, from Cloverdale, Virginia and related families. (Baltimore : Gateway Press, 1992.)
  • Prillaman, Helen R., Places near the mountains : from the community of Amsterdam, Virginia, up the road to Catawba, on the waters of the Catawba and Tinker Creeks, along the Carolina Road as it approached Big Lick and other areas, primarily north Roanoke ([S.l.] : Clearfield Co. ; Baltimore, Md. : Reprinted for Clearfield Co. by Genealogical Pub. Co., 1995. Ancestry.com.
  • Westman, Katie Mildred Pobst Hallock, and Lucille Elizabeth Richardson McMillan. Nine roads from Cloverdale: the life story of the nine children of Charles Elisha Pobst, 1842-1929, and Maria Elizabeth Moomaw, 1843-1904. (Baltimore Gateway Press ; Poquoson, VA, 1988).

Price Stoner Stober/Stover Snider/Snyder Eckle


  • Hughey, Bertha E. Stover genealogy, biography and history; a genealogical record of the descendants of William Stover, pioneer, and other Stovers. Portland, Or., Bertha E. Hughey, 1936.
  • Davis, Richard Warren, The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany and America 1) photocopy 1992 2) Provo, Utah : R.W. Davis 17 Jun 2016 Note: Lord Fairfax Community College
  • greer kkgedcom.ftw>Jacob Ekel and Margaret Miller Greer, Glenn Ancestry Archive: Kindred Konnections, MyTrees Submitter: Glenn Greer 16426 S.E. 21st Place Belllevue, Washington 98008 206-747-6586 6 Sep 2006.
  • Snyder, Ruth Curtis, comp., The Fosher girls (Fascher) daughters of Daniel Fosher and Marillis (Eckel) Fosher (1785-1970) (Lincoln, NE: Ruth (Curtis) Snyder, 1982).
A very amateurish and poorly organized production, but the author tries very hard to be as accurate as possible. Not good at being specific in citing sources. Many careless mistakes with spelling, punctuation, and the like. pph20080311-1935 Call Number: 929.2 Sn92 H.A.G.S.
  • Stover, John Thomas. Journal - excerpts (on zip disk), p2. She sent me a zip disk on 3 Aug 2000 and I copied the whole thing as both jpg & .wpd docs. . He relies on family stories, I think, for his accounts of his ancestry. (30 December 2017).
  • Snider, Matthias; Richard R. Weber, transcr. Bible Transcription from the Mathias Snider Bible,Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists Newsletter, Vol. 28 No. 2. Spring [sic., i.e., Summer] 1996.


from the Mathias Snider Bible Snider, Matthias; Richard R. Weber, transcr. Publication: FOBG Newsletter, vol 28#2, Summer 1996. 16 Sep 2007-8 May 2016 Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists NEWSLETTER, Vol. 28 No. 2. Spring [sic., i.e., Summer] 1996
TRANSCRIPTION FROM THE MATHIAS SNIDER BIBLE [Publication info in German] Christoph Saur 1776 Inside front cover: 1757 October 30 was I Mathias Snider borne in Barcks County in Bame Township State of Pensilvania Eight Meilles from Reading 1757 January 26" Was My weife Elisabeath borne in the Falckemer Shwamp thirty Meiles frome the City of Philadelphia 1779 Fabruary th2dd We Got Married in North Carolina in Roan County 1779 October th31d My sone Henry was born was borne in Roan County 1781 July th31 Jacob was borne in the same County 1783 March John was borne in the same County 1784 Aprill th18d Day we Came from North Carroleina to Bottitourt County into the State of Virginia 1785 March th2d Catharina was borne in Bottitourt County Virginia 1787 June th1d Elisabeth was Borne in the same County 1795 October th17d my weife was Bapteised at a Big Meting at Kinssis 1796 January th22d Sussanah was borne in Bottitourt County the Month of FEBRUARY March I was choesen By the Breathren for to speak the Word of God in bubliok Meeting Mungst the Breatreen 1800 in April Henry Got Married [27 Mar 1800 to Susanna BRITZ in Botetourt Co] 1801 in October Caddy Got Married [28 Oct 1801 to John STO VER in Botetourt Co] 1807 April the 2th John got Married [to Hannah NOFSINGER in Boterourt Co] 1807 May the 10th Henry got Married the second time [Botetourt Co DB 12:42 shows to Kitty ____] l807 Elizabeth was Married Aug at the 13th [to Jacob NOFSINGER in Botetourt Co] Deaths Jacob Snider died March I 1th 1854 [overwritten, may be 1852] Inside back cover: Mathias Snyder his holy Bible July the 24 - 1805 1806 May the 16th Mary Brugh was Borne & Bound to us at the September court 1810 Deaths Matt Snider . . . E . . . Deaths [These are a very old repetition of the preceding faded entries] Mathias Snider departed this in the year of our Lord February 20th 1836 Elisabeth S[ni]der departed this life in the year of Lord May 4th 1842 Loose scraps of paper in same Bible: Jacob Nofsinger was born the 11th day of November 1782 died the 21st day of January 1873 Elizabeth Nofsinger was born the 1st day of June 1787 died the 9th day of August 1869 Nanie Elizabeth Nofsinger was Bom January the 7 1869 Daughter of Mathias and Mary M. Nofsinger [All spelling as in original] Richard R. Weber, 10715 Moosberger Ct. Columbia, MD 21044 2d 31d 30d th31d th2dd Note: Actually, there's an error in the newsletter and it SAYS "Spring 1996" in the heading on page 34, but that's an error per the Brethren archival intern in Elgin. Summer 1996.

  • Weber, Richard R. Stoner Brethren: A History of John Stoner (circa 1705-1769) and His Descendants ([Columbia, Md.]: Richard R. Weber, ©1993).
  • Weber, Richard. Stover Brethren: The Family of Elder William Stover of Antietam, Columbia, MD: Richard R. Weber, ©2001.


  • Graybill, Lois Norris, Blue Ridges, Green Valleys and Graybills ([Central, Tex.] : L.N. Graybill, ©2000.©1999).
  • Visser, Virginia Kinzie, Jonas Graybill, Typescript of article that was later published in the Botetourt Heritage Book. Sent to me by email by VKV.


The following need to be checked out (pph20200206):
  • Janet's Genealogy, www.geocities.com/janet (Website no longer available)


Birth and Death

  • U.S. Social Security Administration, "United States Social Security Death Index," index, FamilySearch.org. USDI
  • West, Edmund, comp.. Family Data Collection - Deaths Ancestry.com, 2000.


  • Botetourt County, Virginia, Marriage Records, 1770-1853. Library of Virginia Xerox Note: I don't have the exact title. 5/26/2000. This is a transcription -- could have errors.
  • Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850. Ancestry.com. Original data - Dodd, Jordan R., et al.. Early American Marriages: Virginia to 1850
  • Yates Publishing. U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2004.
  • "Christena Shrengarst + William B. Stover," FHL Film Number: 30734, Reference ID: pg 490, Ancestry.com. "Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940" [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com. Operations, Inc, 2014. Original data: Virginia, Marriages, 1785-1940. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013. URL: Accessed 1 Jan 2018 by Patricia Prickett Hickin.


  • Gale Research , Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s.The Generations Network, Inc., 2006.Original data - Filby, P. William, ed.. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s. Farmington Hills, MI.


  • West, Edmund, comp.. Family Data Collection - Individual Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2000.

Family Trees

  • Britts, John H., comp., Britts Family Group Sheets, Printed 01 October 2006 and mailed to Patricia Prickett Hickin. 16 Oct 2006.

US Censuses

  • US Bureau of the Census, 1850, Population Schedule, Virginia, Botetourt County, District 8, Amsterdam PO, Virginia; Series_Roll: M432_936, ; Page: 40A; Image: 85 ( of ), Ancestry.com. Transcription URL: Image URL: Accessed 2017 by Patricia Prickett Hickin.

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