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Historical Sources of Ireland

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istorical Sources of Ireland and back ground reading "Genealogy without sources is mythology"


Sources pre 1100

Historical Books primary sources

The Chronicle of Ireland is the modern name for a hypothesized collection of ecclesiastical annals recording events in Ireland from 432 to 911 AD. The surviving annals share events in the same sequence and wording, until 911 when they continue separate narratives.


Other Books

  • Yellow Book of Lecan [Leckan] - c.1390
  • Book of Lecan - c.1416 THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY In Irish
  • FL Book of Leinster in English and Irish - at CELT in Irish - c.1160 The. (Passages will be found in Silva Gadelica, by S. H. O'Grady). Flann Mainistreach - A historical and religious account of the High Kings of Ireland between 1151 and 1224, was in the possession of the O'Mores of Laois for centuries and is now on show at Trinity College Dublin
  • Book of Lismore aka The Book of Mac Carthaigh Riabhach
  • Book of Loughree
  • The Book of Lughaidh Ó Cleirigh 1586-1603
  • Book of MacBruadins
  • MCB = Mac Carthaigh's book - Miscellaneous Irish Annals (A.D. 1114-1437), Author: [unknown]
  • Book of MacFirbis
  • Book of Uí Maine (see Book of Hy Many) c.1400
  • The Book of Maolin óg Mac Bruodin 1588-1603
  • Black Book of Molaga
  • Yellow Book of Moling
  • Book of O'Conry
  • Book of O'Duigenean
  • The Red book of Ormond, from the fourteenth-century original preserved at Kilkenny castle world Cat - this book is not on line
  • Book of Rights, The, translated with notes by John O'Donovan, Dublin: The Celtic Society, 1847.
  • Book of Ui Congmhala
  • The Book of the White Earl, aka Bodleian Laud Misc. MS 610, in Leabhar na Rátha, aka The Book of Pottlerath. Created by Gaelic scribes under the patronage of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond (1392–1452).
  • The genealogy of Corca Laidhe, Author: Unknown, translated by John O'Donovan
  • Genealogies from Rawlinson B 502 Author: unknown - CELT
  • The Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, commonly called O'Dowda's Country by Duald Mac Firbis - CELT
  • GC = Gilla Cóemáin’s poems
  • The Laud Genealogies and Tribal Histories By unknown - CELT
  • LS = The Laud synchronisms, Kuno Meyer
  • LG = R.A.S. Macalister’s Lebor Gabála Érenn aka Leabhar Gabhála papers by Mark Scowcroft
  • Psalter of Cashel
  • Psalter of Tara
  • Psalter of Teamhair c.266 - It was this Cormac, son of Art, also, that collected the Chroniclers of Ireland to Teamhair, and ordered them to write the chronicles of Ireland in one book. [1]
  • FF = Foras Feasa ar Éirinn le Seathrún Céitinn – The History of Ireland Comyn, D. & Dinneen, P. (ed)
  • Reim Rioghraidhe’ or Royal list - 1630 and dedicated to Toirdhealbhach MacCochlain, chief of Delvin, King’s County
  • FM = Annala Rioghachta Eireann – Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by J. O’Donovan,
  • OG = Ogygia, seu, Rerum Hibernicarum Chronologia … (London 1685) by R. O’Flaherty
  • Leabhar Genealach ("Book of Genealogies") is a massive genealogical collection written mainly in the years 1649 to 1650 [Wikipedia
  • Corpus Genealogiarum Hiberniae, edited by M.A. O’Brien. This compiles the genealogies of the Book of Lecan, the Book of Ballymote, the Book of Leinster, and the manuscript Rawlinson B.502.
  • ms-14 Great Book of Irish Genealogies, or Leabhar na nGenealach by Dubhaltach by Mac Firbisigh c,1670



Modern day secondary sources

On Line

Note: Some sources may be considered Unreliable. For a current list see EuroAristo_Project_Reliable_Sources, England_Project_Reliable_Sources, and Irish_Roots_Project_Reliable_Sources

Research Papers

The following are the sigla used[2] by D.P. Mc Carthy, Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin 2. in his paper Irish chronicles and their chronology tables Kings of Ireland for the pre-Patrician era – Eochaidh Feidhleach to Dathí m. Fiachrach. - Table 3. Laoghaire m. Néill to Brian m. Cinnéitigh, i.e. AD 429 to AD 1014

  • LS = Kuno Meyer, ‘The Laud synchronisms’, ZCP 9 (1913) 471–85, referenced by page and line number.
  • AI = S. Mac Airt, The Annals of Inisfallen (MS Rawlinson B 503) (Dublin 1951) pp. 42–4, referenced using Mac Airt’s paragraph numbers §345–86.
  • EE = The poem Eremon is Eber ard of which no published edition exists, so the facsimile in K. Mulchrone (ed) The Book of Lecan vol ii in Irish Manuscripts Comission Facsimiles in Collotype of Irish Manuscripts (Dublin 1937), fac. ff. 33r-v has been used. It has been referenced by its facsimile line number prefixed by a=33ra, b=33rb, c=33va, d=33vb. The earlier copy at ff. 14–15 is missing two verses.
  • FL = Flann Mainistreach – Best, R.I. & M.A. O’Brien The Book of Leinster vol. III, pp 504–15 for the poems Rig Themra dia tesband tnú §§1–35 and Rig Themra toebaige iar tain §§1–52, which has been referenced by the quatrain number.
  • GC = Gilla Cóemáin’s poems, Hériu ard inis na rrig §§1–151, and At-tá sund forba fessa §§1–37 which are numbered thus by Peter Smith in his monumental edition, Three historical poems ascribed to Gilla Cóemáin – A Critical edition of the work of an eleventh-century Irish scholar, which is in preparation for publication. See also the editions in Best & O’Brien The Book of Leinster III pp. 471–503.
  • OC = Ériu ógh inis na náemh in 83 quatrains by Gilla mo Dubda Ó Casaide fl. 1143–8, edited by Macalister in LG v, 540–65. Only his regnal years have been cited in Table 3.
  • LL = Book of Leinster vol. I by Best, R.I., Bergin, O. & M.A. O’Brien edition of Lebor Gabála whose reigns have been referenced by their line number. This is the earliest edition of LG a and its regnal years are virtually identical with those tabulated under LG.
  • LG = R.A.S. Macalister’s Lebor Gabála Érenn vols. i–v, (Dublin,1938, –39, –40, –41, –56) referenced by his paragraph numbers. Mark Scowcroft’s two papers Leabhar Gabhála Part I: The growth of the text’, Ériu xxxviii (1987) 79–140, and ‘Leabhar Gabhála Part II: The growth of the tradition’, Ériu xxxix (1988) 1–66 are essential guides for Macalister’s complex edition, and Scowcroft’s sigla LG a, b, c, m have been used rather than Macalister’s R1, R2, R3, Min. Both reign references and regnal year citations have been taken from LG a, but alternatives may be noted under Remarks.
  • MB = Mageoghagan’s Book, i.e. D. Murphy Annals of Clonmacnoise (Dublin 1896, repr. Llanerch 1993), referenced by page and line number.
  • SR = Michéal Ó Clérigh’s Seanchas Riogh Ereann of 1630 from P. Walsh Genealogiae Regum et Sanctorum Hiberniae (Dublin 1918) 11–35, referenced by paragraph number.
  • FF = Comyn, D. & Dinneen, P. (ed), Foras Feasa ar Éirinn le Seathrún Céitinn – The History of Ireland vol. I–iv, ITS 4, 8, 9, 15 (1902, 1908, 1908, 1915). His regnal years have been taken from the CELT edition, with any alternative years cited under Remarks.
  • FM = J. O’Donovan, Annala Rioghachta Eireann – Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland vols. i–viii (Dublin, 1848–51; repr. N. York, 1966). This has been referenced by the FM year and CELT entry number.
  • OG = Ogygia, seu, Rerum Hibernicarum Chronologia … (London 1685) by R. O’Flaherty; see also J. Hely Ogygia … (Dublin 1793). The regnal years have been cited from his marginal summary to ‘Carmen Chronographicum Ogygiae’ on pp. 443–60

Sources 1100 - 1500

Sources 1500 - 1700



Scotland, England

Sources Post 1700

Background Reading

Lost Annals

Annals known to have existed but which have been lost include:

  • Annals of the Island of Saints
  • Annals of Kilronan
  • Annals of Maolconary
  • Book of Cuanu
  • Book of Dub-da-leithe
  • Book of the Monks
  • Leabhar Airis Cloinne Fir Bhisigh
  • Leabhar Airisen
  • Leabhar Airisen Ghiolla Iosa Mhec Fhirbhisigh
  • Synchronisms of Flann Mainstreach
  • The Chronicle of Ireland

to be added

Kerry Selections from Old Kerry records : historical and genealogical https://archive.org/details/selectionsfromol00hick

The Kenmare Manuscripts - https://www.irishmanuscripts.ie/product/the-kenmare-manuscripts/

Charles Smith The Antient and Present State of the County of Kerry: Being a Natural, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Historical, and Topographical Description thereof (1756) https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=N55nAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA38&lpg=PA38&source=bl&ots=l_uLvb9e6V&sig=GhGLS7BKhHX-zdquma9ckMBDmZQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiD0KWLnP7aAhVqI8AKHe5CDg8Q6AEwAHoECAAQKw#v=onepage&q&f=false

The last colonel of the Irish Brigade, Count O'Connell, and old Irish life at home and abroad, 1745-1833 Vol I & Vol II - https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22O%27Connell%2C+Morgan+John%2C+Mrs%22 Wild Geese

Biographical Dictionary of Irishmen in France - http://www.jstor.org/stable/30098069 Illustrations, historical and genealogical of King James's Irish army list - https://archive.org/details/illustrationshis00dalt

The parochial registers of Saint Germain-en-Laye 1689-1720 ie where the Irish Jacobites in Paris went - https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Saint+Germain-en-Laye+%28France%29%22

Wild Geese in Spanish Flanders - https://www.irishmanuscripts.ie/product/wild-geese-in-spanish-flanders-1582-1700/

UK Resources

Kew Archives - http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

Calendar of Treasury Books http://www.british-history.ac.uk/search/series/cal-treasury-books

The London Gazette - https://www.thegazette.co.uk/ - good for Wild Geese returning in the late 18th Century

A List of the Claims as they are Entered with the Trustees Chichester House College-Green Dublin, On or before the Tenth of August, 1700 - https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=pWJZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead in Ireland - https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Association+for+the+Preservation+of+Memorials+of+the+Dead+in+Ireland%22

Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland – https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=kVYRAQAAMAAJ&source=gbs_book_other_versions Volume 1 has masses of Tipperary and 17th Century material

King’s Inns Admission Papers 1607–1867 - https://www.irishmanuscripts.ie/product/kings-inns-admission-papers-1607-1867/

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland various years from 1625 onwards - https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Mahaffy%2C+Robert+Pentland%2C+1871-1943%2C+ed%22

Belfast Newsletter - http://www.ucs.louisiana.edu/cgi-bin/belfst/QueryForm1.cgi

Irish Marriages, being an index to the marriages in Walker’s Hibernian Magazine 1771 to 1812 - https://archive.org/details/irishmarriagesbe02farr

IGRS Early Marriage Index - https://www.irishancestors.ie/search/marriage/index.php

Registry of Deeds Dublin abstracts of wills (Three volumes covering 1708-1832) - https://www.irishmanuscripts.ie/product-category/imc-digital-editions/

Registry of Deeds Index - a name index for the memorial transcription books held at the Registry of Deeds; a repository of records of wills, land transactions in Ireland and other deeds from 1709.

Parliamentary Papers Volume 42 (Wills) - https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=kHsSAAAAYAAJ&pg=RA3-PA1#v=onepage&q&f=false

Genealogical abstracts of records of the Prerogative Court of Armagh - https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/224404?availability=Family%20History%20Library

Fisher Will Extracts (mainly Cork and Dublin) A, B & C (not D & E yet) A is at - http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000531511#page/7/mode/1up

To be added 2

  • please keep these in order. If you find a link, add it to the above list
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Would the annual journal of the Irish Genealogical Research Society, “The Irish Genealogist,” be considered a reliable source? It seems like it would be equivalent to The American Genealogist periodical. The tables of content for the journals are freely available online, and the individual journals are available for purchase. https://www.irishancestors.ie/irish-genealogist-contents
Thanks Katrina, I've added it.
posted by Richard Devlin
Is this the place to put Family Genealogies? I have used the book 'Upton Family Records: Being Genealogical Collections for an Upton Family History' by WH Upton, printed 1893. It deals with Uptons from England, Ireland and the USA. I find it lines up very well with my own research of the publicly available records. I wouldn't like people to think it's not reliable because it's not on this page.
posted by Liam Upton
Hi Richard, I notice you have some of the Burke's peerage publications in your sources 1500-1700 section but on the England https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:England_Project_Reliable_Sources and the EuroAristo https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:EuroAristo_Project_Reliable_Sources reliable sources pages, these publications are specifically deemed not reliable.

I'm just thinking it is going to be confusing for people who might be working on profiles from all 3 projects if there are differences in assessment of the value of these sources.

When people query why they shouldn't be used, I usually link to this analysis from Britannica https://www.britannica.com/topic/Burkes-Peerage

posted by John Atkinson
I added a link to here on the pre-1500 Resource Page
posted by Joe Cochoit