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History of the US Southern Colonies Project

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US Southern Colonies Project | Project History



For a list of current members, please see the Southern Colonies Badge page. For current co-leaders, see the Project page's "How to Join" box. For the full list of current Project Coordinators and Team Leaders, see the Teams page.

Founding members (2014)
Leadership over the years (2014 - May 2020)
  • Mags Gaulden (August 2014 - ?)
  • Paula J (August 2014 - ?)
  • Nae X (August 2014 - 2016)
  • Eric Daly (2014 - 2018)
  • dormant project 2018 - May 2020 (although badges were still awarded and the Jamestown subproject remained active)
Project Coordinators
  • Mary Richardson, Project Coordinator of the Jamestown Colony sub-project (2016-2020)
  • David Douglas, Project Coordinator of the Southern Pioneers sub-project of the United States Project (although some members received the Southern Colonies badge instead)

Relaunch (May 2020)

Project Coordinators
Team Leaders


Relaunch, May 2020

The project was relaunched by Susie, Jillaine, & David in May 2020.
The relaunched project had a significantly narrowed scope, covering only settlers in the colonies of Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia.[1]

The New World

The original US Southern Colonies Project, launched in August 2014, was conceived, designed, and set in motion by Nae X with Paula J, Mags Gaulden as co-leaders and co-designers of the project to Nae's lions share of the start-up work. They had the help of Terry Wright, Terri Rick, David Wilson, Eric Daly, & Mary Richardson.

The biggest discussions that took place prior to launching the project revolved around the scope of the project both geographically and in the timeframe. The discussion was vetted in G2G as well and the community decided that the project cover most all of the New World territory from south of Pennsylvania (following the Mason-Dixon line) and across the lands to the west claimed by the British, French, and Spanish.

It was an ambitious and enormous project which was carried by the project coordinators and helpful interested WikiTreers.

The scope of the project changed with the relaunch/transition in May 2020 and the British pages, for the most part, made it through the transition to what it is today. Pages from the original US Southern Colonies Project that are no longer included in the project's scope were picked up by other projects or, like US Southern Colonies French, are included in Category: US Southern Colonies Inactive Project Pages (note to other projects: let us know if you want to pick up any of the pages in our Inactive category!).

Nueva España started as just land, was explored, then colonized and became territories. As indicated in the list below, many of the territories later became states in the union. The remainder became what is known as Mexico (see México and Mexican History).
While the British Colonies were approaching statehood in 1776, the colonies out west were developing as colonies, then territories. The following pages were the Nueva España sub-project.
Other pages that were part of the original US Southern Colonies Project:


  • 20 August 2014: US Southern Colonies Project created.
  • 3 November 2015: WikiTree-24 - its project account - created.
  • November 2018: The leaderless US Southern Colonies Project goes dormant.[2]
  • May 2020: US Southern Colonies Project is relaunched.

Project News

In October 2020, the Project instituted a "News Page" to share its news with the WikiTree community. News is posted at the top of the month, and the previous month's news remains on the page. Older posts are moved to archive pages - see 2020 Archive and 2021 Archive. ~ Liz Shifflett, the Membership Team's manager for the News Page (October 2020 - January 2023)

  1. As mentioned in "The New World" section, most of the British pages were picked up by the relaunched project:
    • The previous "home page" for the British colonies - US Southern Colonies British - is the relaunched project's "Images page", which includes graphics no longer used by the project.
    • Similarly named colony-level pages (US Southern Colonies British Georgia, for example) were renamed "History" pages (e.g., US Southern Colonies Province of Georgia History). See the History column of the table at the relaunched project's Sources and Resources Directory.
  2. November 2018 date based on this comment in the project's G2G signup post.


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