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Holbrook Cemetery, NSW

Privacy Level: Open (White)
Date: [unknown] [unknown]
Location: Holbrook, New South Wales, Australiamap
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This is part of the Australian Cemeteries Project.



Holbrook is situated on the Hume Highway about midway between Sydney and Melbourne. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Holbrook Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Holbrook Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

Tasks Completed

  • Photography
Completed on the Mar 2020

To Do

  • Create WikiTree profiles for all people in the table below
The completed table will include links to WikiTree profiles and direct links to the photos of gravestones. The profile created can include other sources of information as well as biographical details of the person.
  • Checking of transcription information
Other people are required to assist in double-checking the validity of data entered to ensure accuracy.

Sortable Table of graves

Sortable table
name born died age notes photo #
Adams, Herbert James1920 Jun 202000 Oct 09H of Katherine; F of Robert, Katherine, Bert, John, Joan, David 6171153
Adams, Katherine Elizabeth1922 Sep 071998 Jul 28W of Herbert; M of Robert, Katherine, Bert, John, Joan, David 6171153
Aitkens, Edytha Lillie Howard1901 Mar 291987 Oct 28nee Hordern; W of Dr. G N M Aitkens; M of John, Faith Locke, Ward 6171066
Akers, William Joseph1993 Jun 1184AIF; F of Denise 6170936
Alexander, Barbara Isabel 18851968M of Jim & Marie 1010858
Alexander, Bernice Faye1932 Sep 032014 Apr 05nee Musgrave; M of Barbara & Warren; M-in-L of David & Marion 6171320
Alexander, Julia M V1971 Sep 24 1010238
Alexander, Lorna Phyllis1923 Jul 122005 Nov 27D of Clarence & Olivia Reuben 1010722
Allworth, Margaret19011982 Jul 01nee Ross 1010817
Allworth, Maxwell Edginton1956 Dec 2561AIF: H of Margaret; F of Ross & Winifred 1010818
Allworth, Maxwell Ross1929 Sep 032015 Jan 11H of Meryl; F of Truda, Bruce 1010816
Allworth, Meryl Lindsay1936 Mar 172019 May 16OAM; W of Ross; M of Truda & Bruce 1010815
Ambrose, Ernest Robert E1969 Feb 2066 1010256
Ambrose, Ronald1982 Dec 1246B of Betty 1010257
Arnold, J C1998 Feb 1174AIF NX131916 6171162
Arundell, John Christopher18741899 Sep25Obituary
Atkinson, Annie Kathleen1968 Mar 1547W of Ernest; M of David, Janet 1010701
Atkinson, Ernest Philip1985 Dec 1576H of Annie 1010701
B S B1010436
Badewitz, Alice Mary1946 Apr 2472 1010901
Badewitz, Frank William1940 Nov 1062 1010938
Badewitz, Franz Wilhelm1922 Oct 1479H of Julia 1010939
Badewitz, Henry Carl1945 May 1264AIF; H of Catherine; F of Charlie, Don, Jim, Ernie, Julia 1010937
Badewitz, John Conrad1917 May 0627KIA Bullecourt, France 1010939
Badewitz, Julia1931 Mar 2175W of Franz 1010939
Badewitz, Margaret E1957 Nov 0858W of William; M of Max 1010216
Baillie, Mary Ann1949 Aug 272000 Feb 01D of Joyce & Stanley (dec); Sis of Margaret, John (dec), George 6171091
Baines, Frank1980 Aug 3093AIF; H of Lillian 1010177
Baines, Lillian Farrow1976 Oct 1080W of Frank 1010177
Baldwin, Francis Alfred1971 Jul 2977H of Jane 1010542
Bannerman, Ethel M (Mollie)2004 Jun 1489W of James (Jim); M of Mollie, Herry, Helen, Shayne, Kristin 6171232
Bannerman, Henry James1961 Dec 2525 1010454
Bannerman, James W1991 Oct 2482H of Mollie; F of Mollie, Harry, Helen, Shayne, Kristin 6171231
Barber, Margaret1918 Jun 082017 Jul 07nee Murdoch, Formerly Heriot; M of Peter, Neil, Jan, Angela (dec) 6171217
Barker, Isabella Fields1948 Aug 99Died of Ptomaine poisoningObituary
Barlow, Charles Frederick1965 Mar 08Wellington Mounted Rifles 11/329 1010282
Barlow, Florence1976 Jul 0382 1010283
Barnes, Jane1905 Jan 241999 Sep 06nee Woodland; W of Sam & formerly Robert Pretty; M of Dorrie, Bob, Win 1010133
Barnes, Sam1980 Nov 2375H of Jane 1010183
Barrington, Lloyd19301971H of Diane; F of Scott, Brett, Trent, Kathy, William 1010241
Basan, Theodore Edgar Claude (Dick)1913 Aug 12322nd S of T & M J Basan, of Tooradin, Victoria 1010577
Bates, Annie May1930 May 041998 May 05W of Arthur; M of Beverley, John, Les, Colin, Geoff 6171156
Bates, Arthur John1927 May 232002 May 31H of Annie May; B of Jean, Bette, Bill 6171156
Bates, Arthur1843 Dec 011917 Apr 11b. England; d. Holbrook1010496
Bates, Dorothy Marina1934 Nov 302008 Mar 16nee Matheson; W of William; M of Lorraine (dec) and Colin, Marlene & Peter (dec); formerly of Rosewood 6170947
Bates, Emma1987 May 2197W of William John Innis Bates; M of Ray, Cecil, Jack, Neil, Stuart 1010356
Bates, Jean May1966 Aug 1973W of Oliver; M of Jean, Betty, Arthur, Bill 1010476
Bates, Joseph1947 Apr 1768 1010495
Bates, Oliver Donald McLaren1952 Oct 2465H of Jean; F of Jean, Betty, Arthur, Bill 1010476
Bates, Stuart Norman2001 Sep 2273Youngest S of Emma & William 1010163
Bates, William John Innes1941 May 0675father 1010346
Bauerle, Daph2000 Dec 2583W of Peter 1010730
Bauerle, Ivy Deborah1966 May 2458W of Peter 1010730
Bauerle, Peter1987 Sep 1077H of Ivy; H of Daph 1010730
Bean, James1914 Mar 3061 1010461
Beattie, John Edward1980 Nov 2268 1010539
Beazley, John Keith2001 Jul 02H of Merle; F of Marlene, Patricia, Christene, Craig 6171108
Beazley, Kevin Thomas1984 Nov 2865AIF; H of Ruth 6171133
Beazley, Merle Francis2012 Sep 26W of John & Ray; M of Marlene, Patricia, Christene, Craig 6171108
Bender, Beth1922 Oct 302013 Feb 2190W of Rupert; M of David, Jeanette, Paul, Rayden, Warren 6171273
Bender, David George1989 Jun 2437S of Rupe & Beth; B of Jeanette, Paul, Rayden, Warren 6171270
Bender, Paul Reginald1990 Jan 0136H of Debbie; F of Craig, Shelly, Danielle 6171271
Bender, Rupert George1923 Apr 191993 Apr 2670AIF; H of Beth; F of David, Jeanette, Paul, Rayden, Warren 6171272
Benson, Brenda Durston1924 Aug 201994 Jan 05W of John; M of Phillip (dec) & John 6170939
Benson, John (Jock)1920 Mar 011978 Sep 13H of Brenda; F of Phillip (dec) & John 6170939
Benson, Phillip Alexander (Pippi)1962 Nov 101968 Jul 13S of John & Brenda; B of John 6170939
Bent, Isabel Ruth1976 Feb 1762W of Wrixon 1010532
Bent, Wrixon Joseph1982 Sep 1575H of Isabel 1010532
Berger, Julia V1946 Dec 18b. Klonakity, Ireland 1010386
Bishop, Edward1941 Oct 2863father 1010344
Bishop, Maria1843 Nov 131937 Mar 07W of Edward 1010485
Blabey, Daphne Margaret1926 Jun 021992 Apr 23W of Ronald; M of Dianne, Margaret, Anne 6171127
Blabey, Lindsay Gordon1995 Dec 0372S of Neil & Christina; B of Ron, Lorna, Betty 6170880
Blabey, Ronald George1985 May 2367AIF; H of Daphne; F of Dianne, Margaret, Anne 6171127
Black, Beryl Isabel1994 Sep 0681W of Roy; M of Dorothy, George, Ian, Ray 6171125
Black, Brian William (Barney)1999 Jul 2554S of Joan & Frank (dec); B of Dulcie, Lorraine, Jeff 6171150
Black, Charles E1971 Mar 19with Florrie Black 1010768
Black, Dorothea Lillian (Prue)1931 Jan 072016 Aug 16W of Ted; M of John, Sharon, Graham 6170872
Black, Florrie1943 Jan 3142with Charles Black 1010768
Black, G1976 Apr 1066AIF NX24347 1010708
Black, Ian Roy2001 Oct 1359S of Beryl & Roy; B of Dorothy, George, Roy 6171105
Black, Ivan Joseph2000 Aug 1173H of Shirley; F of Judy, Michael, Sue, Ross 6171093
Black, Janice Ruth (Jan)1942 Aug 302010 Jan 21D of Lavina & Joseph; Sis of Ivan, Kevin, Colin, Robin, Warren 6170914
Black, Joan Evelyn1981 Mar 2159w of Frank (dec); M of Dulcie, Brian, Lorraine, Jeffrey 6171290
Black, Joseph1947 Mar 0447H of Lavina 1010756
Black, Kevin George (Ted)1928 Apr 031996 Jun 16H of Prue; F of John, Sharon, Graham 6170872
Black, Lavina1977 Nov 3075W of Joseph 1010756
Black, Neville George1934 Mar 092012 Jun 11H of Nola; F of Wayne, Mark, Donna 6171107
Black, Robin (Buddy)19351999H of Norma; F of Sonya & Scott 6171145
Black, Roy1985 Jun 2874H of Beryl; F of Dorothy, George, Ian, Ray 6171125
Black, Rupert Frank1978 Jul 2360H of Joan; F of Dulcie, Brian, Lorraine, Jeffrey 6171292
Black, Shirley2008 Mar 2173nee Thurling; W of Ivan; M of Judy,Michael, Sue, Ross 6171093
Black, Warren James1946 Feb 212014 Dec 08H of Wilma; F of Tanya, Wesley, Kristie 6170859
Blake, Doris Edna1918 Nov 162008 Nov 19M of Geoff, Alan and Brian White, Daughter Sylvia Simmonds 1010738
Bleasdale, Henry W1968 Apr 0169AIF 4952; H of Priscilla 1010259
Bleasdale, Priscilla1979 Apr 0380W of Henry 1010259
Body, Cecil William1991 Nov 1177RAAF; H of Pearl; F of Jill, Pat, Richard 6170974
Body, John Arthur1970 Oct 0132H of Joy; F of Anthony, Peter (dec), Phillip 1010693
Body, John Henry (Jack)19091992H of Phyllis; F of John, Donald, Wilma 1010692
Body, Margaret18541917 1010490
Body, Pearl2006 Aug 2489W of Cec; M of Jill, Pat, Richard 6170974
Body, Phyllis Joan1923 Jan 222009 Aug 05W of Jack; M of John, Donald, Wilma 1010692
Bone, Sarah Elizabeth2006 Jun 0730W of Justin Way; M of Grace, Eve 6170990
Boswell, Teresa Belinda1962 Oct 0176with William Boswell 1010214
Boswell, William Ernest1958 Jan 0979with Teresa Boswell 1010214
Boughton, Billie1934 Dec 2722S of W & M Boughton 1010643
Bousfield, Mary Ellen1931 Oct 0872mother 1010601
Bowden, Dorothy Jean19171995D of Percy & Catherine Bowden; Sis of Bob & Pat 6170889
Bower, James1854 Sep 091936 Nov 06b. Peterborough, England; d. Holbrook; H of Catherin (nee Gann) 1855-1922 Murwillumbah; F of Amy (1886-1904) England, Ernest (1888-1918) France WWI, Cecil (1893-1959) Murwillumbah, NSW, Edith (1893-1894) England, Mary (1896-1927) Murwillumbah, NSW; Loved by Norman (son-in-law) & Kathleen Jones 1010926
Bowler, Bryan James1933 Apr 172015 Nov 2082S of Ken & Lorna; H of Gay Phillipa; F of Simone, Simon, Jason, Justin; H of Nicola Lyle; F of Shannon 1010317
Bowler, Cyril Henry1970 Feb 0369H of Mollie; F of Tink 1010312
Bowler, Donald John1924 Nov 081989 Jul 26F of Rosalind, Diana 6171294
Bowler, Edith Ellen2011 Aug 2293W of Valentine; M of Terry, Judy, Valerie 1010683
Bowler, John Joseph1936 Sep66Obituary
Bowler, Kenneth James1939 Dec 1537d. Melbourne; H of Lorna 1010316
Bowler, Lorna Wrathall1949 Nov 1445W of Ken 1010317
Bowler, Mary Catherine1931 Jul 0866 1010320
Bowler, Rhoda Irene2009 Oct 0787with Thomas Bowler 1010262
Bowler, Samuel Fallon1964 Oct 2065H of Wilga; F of Joan, Bettye, Susan 1010314
Bowler, Samuel Patrick1903 Jan 1736d. Annandayle; father 1010319
Bowler, Thomas1967 Aug 0647with Rhoda Bowler 1010262
Bowler, V F1915 Aug 0721AIF; d. Lone Pine, Gallipoli 1010318
Bowler, Valentine Robert1974 Sep 2757H of Edith; F of Terry, Judy, Valerie 1010683
Bowler, Wilga Voysey1979 Jan 0375W of Samuel Fallon Bowler; M of Joan, Bettye, Susan 1010313
Boyle, Daisy Ida1902 Sep 0523D of Isaac Cliff; W of Harold Ovens Boyle 1010910
Brasier, Margaret Delle1938 May 151938 May 20D of Jean & Alwyn; Sis of John 1010468
Breasley, Alfred George1970 Jun 1869father 1010414
Breasley, Alfred James1923 May 022003 Aug 28AIF; H of Dot; F of Narelle, Jenny, Yvonne, Annette 6171052
Breasley, Dorothy Agnes1932 Jan 312005 Mar 11W of Alf; M of Narelle, Jenny, Yvonne, Annette 6171052
Breasley, Harold1926 Dec 241999 Apr 10H of Shirley; F of Terry (dec), Joy, Cheryl and Phill, Amber, Brett, Tristan, Jemmah & Breannon 6171260
Breasley, infant son1951 Dec 1612 hours; S of Shirley & Harold 1010412
Breasley, Kevin (Merv)1958 May 062018 Feb 17S of Margaret & Mervyn; B & B-in-L of Owen & Sue; H of Naomi (dec); F of Krystal & Tara; bur. Innisfail with Naomi 6171328
Breasley, Margaret2015 Oct 2375W of Mervyn; M of Kevin, Owen 6171327
Breasley, Margaret1963 Dec 0342 1010732
Breasley, Margaret June1950 Oct 261951 Oct 24D of Margaret & Leslie 1010411
Breasley, Mervyn2014 Jul 3180H of Margaret; F of Kevin, Owen 6171326
Breasley, Rita1953 Jun 1849mother 1010413
Bridges, Ashley Colston1903 Oct 0250b. Brighton, England 1010455
Britt, Elma May1933 Nov 101933 Nov 18D of Maurice & Dorothy; Sis of Desmond, Margaret, Mary, Neville, Dorothy 1010586
Britt, Maureen Margaret1935 Feb 221935 Apr 09D of Maurice & Dorothy; Sis of Desmond, Margaret, Mary, Neville, Dorothy 1010586
Broadribb, Alma Louisa 1876Aug 194670Funeral Notice
Broadribb, Clare Helena1924 Oct 0833D of William & Mary Ann 1010838
Broadribb, George Herbert (Bert)1927 Nov 0939 1010840
Broadribb, Henry C1963 Jun 3089 1010836
Broadribb, Jessie Barkas1950 Jul 0761 1010841
Broadribb, Mary Ann1941 Mar 2794W of William 1010837
Broadribb, William1924? Oct 0583H of Mary Ann 1010837
Bromham, Albert John (Bert)1924 Jan 052018 Jan 07AIF NX147629; H of Peggy; F of Geoff & Jenny 6170849
Bromham, Mary Irene (Peggy)1928 Jan 022015 Mar 07W of Albert; M of Geoff & Jenny 6170849
Bromilow, Alfred1987 Nov 0283H of Edna; F of Betty, Yvonne, Joan 6171073
Bromilow, Edna Lyall1987 Apr 1080W of Alfred; M of Betty, Yvonne, Joan 6171073
Brooke, Dorothy Joy (Joy)1927 Nov 112017 Nov 0189W of Dal; M of Robyn, Peter, Mandy 6171158
Brooke, William Dallas1919 Dec 191998 Mar 1578AIF NX130026; H of Joy; F of Robyn, Peter, Mandy 6171158
Brooker, Jane Emma1945 Dec 2086with Royal Brooker 1010347
Brooker, Royal Mark Rivers (Denny)1890 Feb 061973 Oct 0483with Jane Brooker 1010347
Brooker, William Mark1940 May 1194 1010345
Brookes, Louise Anne1963 Mar 151992 Nov 28 1010950
Brown, Ailsor Howard1923 Feb 262006 Aug 27RAAF; W of William; M of Sandra, Warwick, Cheryl 6170993
Brown, Frederick George1983 Aug 2585AIF; Uncle of Eileen, Margaret, Shirley 6171166
Brown, Glenn William1988 May 3018S of Lynette & Doug; B of James Carolyn, Andrew, Michelle 6171030
Brown, Harold Joseph1995 Apr 1690H of Valerie (dec); Step-F of Denise; F of Lindsay & Nolene (dec) 6170885
Brown, Valerie1977 Jun 3065W of Harold; M of Denise 1010166
Brown, William Henry1923 Aug 111991 Jul 20AIF; H of Ailsor; F of Sandra, Warwick, Cheryl 6170993
Bruce, Eleanor H (Dot)1922 Apr 1545 1010852
Bruce, Gordon1918 Feb 2377H of Louisa 1010884
Bruce, Harriet1918 May 1478W of James 1010874
Bruce, James1915 Sep 16H of Harriet 1010874
Bruce, Louisa1893 Dec 1043W of Gordon 1010884
Bruce, Mary Eva1986 Feb 2890W of Paddy (dec) 1010442
Bruce, Rod1918 Apr 1334KIA France; S of James & Harriet 1010874
Bruce, Sharyn Patricia1949 Dec 252008 Mar 14W of John; M of Robert & Diana 6170958
Bruce, Wilfred (Pat)1959 Jul 0969father 1010443
Bruton, Elsie Mary1910 Jun 181993 May 25Sis of Dorothy Real; Sis & Sis-in-L of Jean & Claude Meredith 6170934
Bryant, Arthur William1945 Aug 06H of Sarah 1010334
Bryant, Sarah1934 Oct 2557W of Arthur 1010334
Bryant, Thelma E1991 May 2890W of Bill; M of Lionel, Daphne, Dulcie 6171245
Bryant, W J (Bill)1995 Jan 0481H of Thelma; F of Lionel, Daphne, Dulcie 6171246
Bullock, Florence Anne1939 Mar 2672 1010332
Bullock, George Henry1934 Apr 2277 1010333
Bunyan, Emily Joyce1923 Feb 251992 Nov 09W of John; M of Stephen, Philip, Gordon 6170972
Bunyan, John William1919 May 301991 Dec 13H of Emily; F of Stephen, Philip, Gordon 6170972
Bunyan, Kenneth William1926 Feb 162015 Oct 30 6171330
Burge, Beau Raymond1987 Sep 162017 Aug 19S of Peter & Debbie; B of Courtney, Kylie, Jessica 6171325
Burge, Raymond Alexander1921 Apr 182000 Jan 20F of Janice, Ein, Peter 6171316
Burgun, John1962 Aug 2886father 1010267
Burgun, John (Jack)1992 Aug 2187H of Minnie; F of Diggie, Todger, Marilyn 6170965
Burgun, Minnie1998 Feb 2388W of John; M of Diggie, Todger, Marilyn 6170965
Burgun, Reginal James (Todger)1931 May 062007 Jul 14H of Maisie; F of Diane, Kay, Lennie 6170959
Burgun, Sarah1975 Aug 1396mother 1010268
Burgun, Walter Herbert1997 Jul 2279AIF VX33024; S of John & Sarah 6170843
Burgun, William (Squidger)1986 Jul 2268AIF VX53027; S of John & Sarah (both dec) 6171079
Burns, Anthony Robert1962 Jun 192015 Mar 27S of Gwen, Neville & Daryl; H of Patti; F of Ben & Garry; B of Kevin, Stuart, Keri-Anne 6170850
Burns, Gordon Henry1986 Aug 2362AIF VX140535; H of Jean; F of Marilyn, Elizabeth, James 6171078
Burns, James Henry1949 Mar 0269H of Mary 1010828
Burns, Mary Agnes1959 May 0274W of James 1010828
Burns, Olive Jean1995 Mar 0862W of Gordon; M of Marilyn, Elizabeth, James 6171078
Burton, Ada1988 Sep 1069W of Reg 1010529
Burton, John Reginald1983 Dec 0331S of Reg (dec) & Ada; B of Pam & Michael 1010529
Burton, Mrs. H1928 Apr 2173 1010806
Burton, Reginald1982 Sep 1765H of Ada; F of Pameila, John, Michael 1010530
Buswell, Anthony1949 Aug91H. of Margaret BuswellObituary
Buswell, Margaret1922 Sep 13W of Anthony Buswell 1010139
Butler, Esther18981976 Jan 01b. Kirkintilloch, Scotland; d. Holbrook 1010679
Byrne, Denis1891 Aug 1758b. Roscommon, Ireland 1010410
Byrne, J M1958 Jan 01727th light horse AIF 1010448
Byron, Doris Edith1912 Nov 102014 Jan 22W of Edward; M of Bob & Anne, Carolyn & Barrie Arnold; Dennis & Alexander 6170848
Byron, Edward James (Jim)1915 Dec 282010 Jul 15H of Doris; F of Bob & Anne, Carolyn & Barrie Arnold, Dennis & Alexander 6170848
Cameron, Louisa57?W of Wallace; with Nellie Roberts 1010898
Campbell, Annie Maria1929 Jun 1553W of Samuel (dec) 1010924
Campbell, Donald Ferguson (Adams)1990 Mar 1070AIF; S of George & Rose Campbell 6171014
Campbell, Gordon Samuel1928 Jun 1823S of Samuel & Annie 1010923
Campbell, Jean1919 Jun 302016 Aug 0497nee Kemp; W of Dugald; M & M-in-L of Wanda & Sean (dec) & Jono, Andrew & Annie, Simon & Cathie, Caroline & Greg 6171099
Campbell, John Dugald1924 Dec 222002 Feb 03H of Jean; F & F-in-L of Jenny & Terenca, Trina, Sam & Lizzie, Jim 6171099
Campbell, Rev. John19001932Parish Priest 1010644
Campbell, John Sydney1985 Sep 0275H of Lillian; F of Beverley, Robert, Leonie 6171121
Campbell, Lillian Mary2015 Jul 3097W of John (Jack); M of Beverley, Robert, Leonie 6171121
Campbell, Lily Alexandra1990 May 3175W of Ray; M of John, Max, Kevin, Joan, Pauline 6170984
Campbell, Ray1993 Feb 2585H of Lily; F of John, Max, Kevin, Joan, Pauline 6170984
Campbell, Samuel Percy1928 Jan 1365H of Annie 1010922
Carkeek, Alma Maude1993 Jan 2393W of Louis 1010959
Carkeek, Louis William1974 Nov 1179H of Alma 1010959
Carrington, Annie1937 Feb 1376with Henry Carrington 1010480
Carrington, Henry1937 Mar 1881with Annie Carrington 1010480
Carroll, Alan Patrick19081996H of Molly; F of John, Beryl, Rhonda 6170873
Carroll, Gwendoline1970 Jan 1674W of William 1010724
Carroll, John Ross1994 Feb 0168 1010750
Carroll, Molly Margaret19141996W of Patrick; M of John, Beryl, Rhonda 6170873
Carroll, William John1981 May 2688H of Gwendoline 1010724
Carstens, Brian Francis1932 Aug 132005 Jul 19H of Marion; F of David & Jan; F-in-L of Pauline & Colin 6171213
Carstens, Francis Arthur1911 Apr 211999 Nov 08H of Nell; F of Brian 6171274
Casey, Colin Francis1950 Mar 292015 May 07H of Joyce; F of Darrell, Carla, Sally, Anthony 6170851
Castelli, Raymond Frederick1936 Apr 122010 Oct 24S of Dorothy & Frederick; F of Tania, Fiona 6170909
Cathcart, Justine Michelle1973 Sep 282004 Mar 12D of David & Kerryle; M of Kahlia, Violet; Sis of Katrina 6171049
Castle, William18701948B of Florence Steadman 1010928
Castles-Parker, Nita Bridget1978 Jul 04 1010187
Cattle, Ernest Alexander1990 Aug 2640H of Patricia; F of Gavin, Michael, Jennifer, Jack 6170977
Caunt, Earl Francis1984 Feb 2266H of Ruby; F of Graeme, Diane, Ronald, Lorraine 6171173
Chandler, Gordon Kenneth2003 Sep 15H of Mary; F of Lynette, Robert, Dianne, Kathleen, John 6171016
Chandler, Mary Millicent1990 Feb 1177W of Gordon; M of Lynette, Robert, Dianne, Kathleen, John 6171016
Chant, James1876 Oct 2861H of Mary; b. England 1010602
Chant, Mary1891 Feb 1072W of James 1010602
Chapman, Elsie Isobel1882 Dec 262 1010611
Chapman, Muriel Amie1890 Jan 192 1010611
Chapman, Myrtle1890 Feb 013 1010611
Cheney, William John (Bill)1924 Nov 122007 Jul 17RAAF 121138; H of Pauline; F & F-in-L of Beau, Judi (dec), Debbie, Dave, Julie & Mal 6170942
Chitty, Annie Maria1986 Aug 2098W of George (dec); M of Mary, Jack, Claire 1010726
Chitty, George Phillip1966 Jan 1289 1010727
Christie, Charles1953 Oct 2388 1010820
Christie, Mary Jane1931 Jul 2687mother 1010821
Clark, Gordon1926 Apr 222003 Oct 01H of Helga; F of Sylvia, Gordon, Colin 6171061
Clark, Helga1940 Oct 162002 Sep 26W of Gordon; M of Sylvia, Gordon, Colin 6171061
Clark, William (Bill)1991 Feb 1556S of John (dec) & Stella Clark; B of Dorothy, Joyce, Edna, Beryl, Gordon (dec), Harold 6170985
Clarke, Philippa Murdoch Bunyan1996 Nov 1845W of Richard; M of Cynthia & Oliver 6171240
Cliff, George Alexander1899 Dec 3123S of Isaac Cliff 1010910
Cliff, Isaac1900 Apr 2762father 1010910
Cliff, Jessie1909 Mar 2669?mother 1010909
Cloran, John Peter1974 Aug 3177H of Mary 1010178
Cloran, Mary Margaret2003 Nov 1597W of John 1010178
Clyde, Allan George1988 May 2566H of Molly; F of Marree & Bryan 6171026
Clyde, Amy Kathleen2001 Jul 1590W of Geoffrey William; M of John & Elizabeth 6171098
Clyde, F E W1918 Jul 301999 Oct 15AIF VX44750 1010479
Clyde, Geoffrey William1970 Mar 0861father 1010250
Clyde, Inga Mary Rosina2001 Jun 2780W of Allan; M of Marree & Bryan 6171026
Clyde, Maud Catherine1968 Feb 1486W of William 1010478
Clyde, William John1953 Feb 0778H of Maud 1010478
Cole, Mary Agnes (Mollie)1990 Dec 3180 6171299
Cole, Roderick Basil1984 Oct 2174 6171298
Coles, Marie Therese1928199466W of Fred 6170920
Condon, Lendon William1921 Aug 242018 Jul 12RAAF; H of Pek Fong 6171191
Connell?, Mary192? Jan 2532?W of Rev John Connell(?)1010812
Conway, Ellen1957 Oct 0683W of Michael 1010385
Conway, Michael1951 Feb 0884H of Ellen 1010385
Cook, Elsie Louise1984 May 1570W of Wrex; M of Brian, June, Isabel, Elaine, Cheryl 6171168
Cook, Reginald Arthur2006 May 0177H of Ruth; F of Diane & Murray 6171029
Cook, Ruth Doris1988 Oct 2260W of Reginald; M of Diane & Murray 6171029
Cook, Wrex Perry1993 Jan 2369H of Elsie; F of Brian, June, Isabel, Elaine, Cheryl 6171168
Cooke, Elsie Muriel Mary1914 Mar 152008 Dec 17Nee Roy; W of Ronald (dec); M of Patricia, Rhonda, David 6170953
Cottrell, Kevin James19261998H of Frankie; F of Virginia, Jennifer, Dianne, Gillian, Christine 6171141
Cottrell, Mary1961 Apr 251961 Apr 25D of Tom & Margaret 1010397
Cottrell, Robert Francis1938 May 301992 DecH of Mary; F of James, Michelle, Angela 6170929
Cottrell, Ronald2001 Mar 0969B of Kevin, Marie, Vincent, Robert 6171092
Cottrell, Thomas Brendon1926 Apr 191995 Aug 02H of Margaret; F of Elizabeth, Mary, Cathryn, William 6170881
Cottrell, William Geoffrey1993 Jul 13H of Jessie; F of Simon 6171253
Cox, Michael Ronald James1975 Jan 202000 Jul 01S of Bill Cox, Katherine & Bernie Wall; B of Sharon & Kasey; GS of Tom & Betty Adams, Jom Cox & Jean Brack 6171111
Crabtree, Brenda June19291996W of Desmond; M of Susan, Debbie, Anthony 6170835
Crabtree, Desmond19242015H of Brenda; F of Susan, Debbie, Anthony 6170835
Craig, Geoffrey Jack1955 Mar 0628father 1010713
Crain, Daphne1924 Jul 172012 Jul 02W of Eric; M of Kevin, Bev, Jenny 6170906
Crain, Eric Clarence1925 Jun 232011 May 17H of Daphne; F of Kevin, Bev, Jenny 6170907
Craythorn, Archibald1973 Sep 1590with Arthur Craythorn 1010281
Craythorn, Arthur Byron1964 Jul 0556with Archibald Craythorn 1010281
Craythorn, Edith Agnes1954 Oct 8 68W. of Archibald Craythorn 1010359
Cribb, George Richard1923 Jun 061992 Mar 08H of Muriel; F of Cindy, Rhonda, Alan, Cheryl, Tony, Jill, Joy, Janelle, Max, Phill, Andrew 6170969
Cribb, Muriel Blanche1923 Sep 072009 May 26W of George; M of Cindy, Rhonda, Alan, Cheryl, Tony, Jill, Joy, Janelle, Max, Phill, Andrew 6170969
Crichton, George Francis1945 Oct 2567H of Cutava Elizabeth; F of Jean, Frank, Douglas 1010761
Crichton, James1888 Dec 2447 1010885
Crilly, William1983 Jul 0468H of Clara; F of Clare & Gordon 6171174
Cronin, Clement Francis1929 Jan 142007 Apr 09H of Brenda; F of Philip, Neil, Josephine, Bruce, Mark, Robert, David, James, Terence, Louise, Andrew 6170961
Cronin, Kevin James (KJ)1931 Apr 132013 Jul 09H of Aileen; F of Tim & Paul 6170866
Cronin, Lianna Jaye1983 Nov 3033 yrs 7 mths; D of Philip & Robyn; Sis of Justin & Luke 6171175
Cronin, Luke Patrick1982 Dec 102004 Aug 25S of Philip & Robyn; B of Justin & Lianna; Step-S of Bev; Step-B of Cindy & Jody 6171011
Crouch, Elizabeth1959 Aug 3186W of Matthew 1010122
Crouch, J J1950 Sep 04H of I M Crouch 1010144
Crouch, Mary Ann1935 May 18d. Holbrook; W of James J Crouch; M of Mildred 1010143
Crouch, Matthew W1959 Sep 1585H of Elizabeth 1010122
Crowe, Agnes Bridget1872 Jan 216 1010638
Crowe, Edmund Joseph1879 Mar 16infant 1010638
Crowe, Eliza Jane1893 Jun 3025d. Rooksdale; W of James B Crowe jnr 1010638
Crowe, James Bernard1891 Dec 1370d. Rooksdale 1010638
Crowe, Luke Gregory1867 Jul 21infant 1010638
Crowe, Maryinfant D of Eliza Jane Crowe 1010638
Culph, Eveline Julia1981 Dec 2482W of William; M of Keith 1010556
Culph, Mayura1926 Feb 111999 Jul 19W of Keith 1010742
Culph, William James1965 Oct 0472H of Evelyn; F of Keith 1010557
Curtis, Florence J1944 Jun 0226W of Alan; M of John, David 1010834
Daly, Doreen Elizabeth2006 Mar 2865W of Stephen; M of Darren, Natalie, Nathan 6170989
Daniel, Elsa Lillian1914 Dec 152009 Mar 11W of Jack; M of Russell, James 6170869
Daniel, John Henry (Jack)1915 Dec 201996 Jul 08 |6170869
Daniel, John Henry1947 Jul 0364father 1010425
Daniels, Edward Louis 1891 Aug 1935H of Adolphine Daniels 1010407
Darlow, Helen2001 Dec 0680W of Ronald; M of John, Bill, Jenny 6170935
Darlow, Ronald (Pat)1993 Jun 0271H of Helen; F of John, Bill, Jenny 6170935
Davey, Bertha (Elsie)1983 Nov 0687W of Sydney 1010189
Davey, Sydney1976 Feb 0786H of Elsie; F of Eva & Nellie 1010189
Davidson, Ernest Martin1954 Jul 0268H of Mary Ellen; F of William, Harold, Gordon, Leonard, Inga, Dorothy, Hilda, Richard 1010226
Davies, Alice Mary1974 Dec 1378Sis of George & Eveline, Ellie (dec), Annie (dec) 1010524
Davies, Eveline (Daisy)1984 Jul 2383Sis of Mary, Ellie, Annie, George (all dec) 1010523
Davies, George1931 Jan 2666father 1010503
Davies, George Harold1981 May 2375B of Mary, Ellie, Annie (all dec), Daisy 1010525
Davies, Jane1942 Aug 2677mother 1010502
Davies, John C1914 Sep 151996 Jul 11S of Charles and Mary; B of Agnes, Teresa, Les 1010213
Davies, Mary Margaret1956 Sep 2876mother 1010212
Davis, Allan Hugh1923 Jan 261923 Aug 03 1010848
Davis, Amy Agnes1905199489nee Adams; W of Reginald Arnold Davis (1900-1963); M of Ruth 6170919
Davis, Emily Etta1987 Jan 1786W of Ronald 1010881
Davis Ronald James1959 Nov 1760H of Emily 1010881
Davis, William James1945 Sep 0172father 1010803
Davis,William John1919 Jun 2515S. of James and Jane. 1010847
Day, Catherine (Kit)1997 Sep 1287Partner of Bill 6170844
de Lepervanche, Letitia Anne1899 Aug 031999 Mar 13b. Narrabri; d. Holbrook 6171144
de Reus, Hinke (Helen)1989 Jul 0875W of Jack; M of Cor, Fronnie, Andre 6171019
de Reus, Jacob (Jack)2009 Jun 1689H of Helen; F of Cor, Fronnie, Andre 6171019
Delamont, Robert William Lindsay1966 Dec 2165 1010288
Devenish, Charlotte1939 May 1873W of Matthew 1010809
Devenish, Matthew1928 Jul 1467H of Charlotte 1010809
Dixon, Helen1949 Sep 1678b. Dumfries, Scotland; mother 1010825
Dodd, Joseph1952 Jul 61st AIF 8th Light Horse; d. Holbrook 1010388
Doughty, Emmeline Nancy1994 Aug 1676W of Frederick Thomas; M of Susan, Judith, Murray 1010435
Doughty, Thomas Frederick1955 Apr 28 1010434
Doyle Annie18641916 SepW. of Owen DoyleObituary
Dinsdale, Leonard Alexander1945200560RAN RS8866; H of Ruth; F of Nickolas (dec) & Michelle 6171002
Doran, Thomas Francis1905 Sep 141994 Jul 27 6170917
Downs, Jessie May1916 May 161998 Dec 05W of Lloyd; M of Peter, Michael, Richard, David, Philip 6171142
Downs, Lloyd Stanley1990 Feb 0676AIF; H of Jessie; F of Peter, Michael, Richard, David, Philip 6171280
Doyle, Patrick Michael (Paddy)1926 Mar 172005 May 14b. Harden; d. Albury 6171006
Drage, Charles1934 1010925
Drage, John1928 1010925
Drage, Mary Ann1956 Sep 0588W of William 1010927
Drage, Sarah1931 Dec 30 1010925
Drage, William Henry1938 Jul 1276H of Mary Ann 1010927
Drysdale, Colin Andrew1971 Nov 0474H of Louie; F of Lorne 1010261
Drysdale, Louie Marion19081988W of Colin; M of Lorne 1010261
Duke, Frederick Reginald Edward1932 Jul 2334 1010329
Duncan, Kenneth Francis1932 Nov 182002 Nov 21H of Margaret; F of Helen & Ruth6171058
Duncan, Margaret Jean1930 Jan 012018 Dec 04W of Ken; M of Helen & Ruth6171058
Duncan, Marion May1985 Jun 2589W of Sidney (dec); M of Marion, Ken 1010682
Duncan, Sidney Francis1973 Nov 1877H of Marion; F of Marion, Ken 1010682
Durand, Margaret Ellen (Peg)1927 Nov 302019 Oct 18W of Ron (dec); Sis of Betty, Marie 6170905
Duruz, Dorothy1990 Dec 2789W of Edward (dec); M of Shirley & John 6171284
Duruz, Edward1983 Dec 0182H of Dorothy; F of Shirley & John 6171285
Earls, William Burchell1894 Sep 091895 Feb 073rd S of John & Edith Earls 1010621
Eddy, Richard John1930 Jul 142009 Jul 24H of Margaret; F of Peter & Trudy, Joanne & David 6170915
Edwards, Cecil1990 Apr 0265H of Patricia; F of George, Lynne, Elizabeth 6171013
Edwards, Claude Thomas1974 May 0262H of Julia 1010528
Edwards, Ettie Mary1901 Nov 271961 May 01 1010124
Edwards, George James1938 Dec 2616 1010489
Edwards, James Thomas1925 Jul 0827d. Carrathool 1010488
Edwards, Julia Ellen1997 Sep 1181W of Claude 1010528
Edwards, Leslie (Sonny)1893 Jun 251962 Feb 17 1010100
Edwards, Michael George1992 Jan 2853S of Leslie & Ettie 6170970
Egan, Alva Claire1911 Sep 122009 Apr 02W of Frank (dec); M & M-in-L of Winifred & Ernest Sudnik; Sis of Jack Chitty & Mary Muller (both dec) 6170950
Eldering, Robert Bruce1972 Jan 1415S of Frederick & Julia; B of Peter, Keith, Vicki, Garth, Sandra, Geoff 1010235
Ellery, Annie Lillian1969 Feb 0270with Sarah Ann Freer 1010632
Ellis, David Frederick1943 Jul 2429H of Margaret; F of Jennifer & David 1010853
Emerson, Alan James (Barney)1943 Feb 022014 Apr 12H of Rhonda; F of Mandy, Deanne (dec), Darren, Andrew, Renee 6170847
Emerson, Deanne Gaye1965 Jul 021994 Jul 07M of Jarnia 6170926
Emerson, Mary Eva1910 Oct 312009 Feb 21nee Trebley; W of Robert Percival; M of Robert, John, Alan, Elizabeth, Donald 6170949
Emerson, Robert William (Buddy)19382012S of Mary & Robert (Percy) Emerson; Eldest B of John, Alan, Elizabeth, Donald 6170902
Emerson, Robert Percival (Percy)1978 Jan 1574 1010678
Eulenstein, David Eric William1952 Feb 2452 1010749
Fairall, Josephine Mary1960 Jul 072011 Feb 27W of Glenn; M of Simon, Matthew, Amanda, Dylan 6171216
Fairall, Laurence Peter1989 Sep 0470AIF; H of Vera; F of Ellie & Glenn 6171215
Fairall, Vera May1925 May 161998 Dec 3073W of Laurence; M of Ellen & Glenn 6171214
Fairlie, David James1973 Sep 14AIF VX46231; M.M. 1010685
Fairlie, Jack William1978 Jul 2481 1010676
Fairlie, James Henry1966 Sep 03AIF VX46260 1010704
Fanning, John Frederick1894 Jun 1527 1010846
Faulkner, Doris1991 Oct 2266W of George; M of Joe, Josie, Len, Charles, Keith, John, Peter, David 6171219
Faulkner, George1990 Dec 1774H of Doris; F of Joe, Josie, Len, Charles, Keith, John, Peter, David 6171218
Fawcett, Shirley Maretta1936 Jun 112003 Nov 05W of Brian; M of Jeffrey, Bevan, Marette; M-in-L of Gaye & Allen 6171053
Fealy, Vincent (John)1937 Nov 142017 Jul 14H of Isabel; F of Brendan, Warwick, Sandra, Michael, Nigel 6171187
Feltham, Denis Wayne1944<1 1010931
Ferguson, Molly Jane2003 Apr 26D of Brian & Kathryn; Sis of Lucy & George1010392
Field, Dorine1994 Jan 1684W of William; M of Jenny, Robert (dec), Valmai, Rosie 6171122
Field, William James1985 Oct 1281H of Dorine; F of Jenny, Robert (dec), Valmai, Rosie 6171122
Fischer, Margarete Brigitte1986 Jan 1250W of Carl; M of Michael & Conrad 1010533
Fisher, Darren (Sparra)1987 Jan 1020S of Robyn & Des 6171074
Fisher, Ronald James (Tony)1944 Jan 282018 Jan 18H of Lyn; F of Aaron 6171203
Fisher, Ada Myrtle1965 Oct 1376W of William; M of Charlie (dec), Les (dec), James, Norman, Allan (dec), Walter 1010470
Fisher, Angus David1943 Mar 18infant 1010934
Fisher, Barry Edwin1941 Feb 031998 Sep 27S of Charles & Lilian; B of William & Gwen 1010469
Fisher, Charles William19121950 Nov 23F. of Barry, H. of LillianResearch
Fisher, David1936 Sep 0673with Mary Ann Fisher 1010588
Fisher, Walter Melville1935 Jul 202016 Jul 3181AIF; H of Alma; F of Christine, Leoney, Wendy, Jennifer 6171196
Fisher, Isabel Joan1972 May 2750W of Leslie; M of Margaret, Ronda, Robin, Rosemary 1010233
Fisher, Leslie Thomas1980 Oct 0262H of Isabel; F of Margaret, Ronda, Robin, Rosemary 1010233
Fisher, Mary Ann1946 Jul 1878with David Fisher 1010588
Fisher, William Walter Melville1951 May 1857AIF; H of Ada; F of Charlie (dec), Les (dec), James, Norman, Allan (dec), Walter 1010470
Flannery, Patrick John1988 Jul 0866 6171025
Fletcher, Lola Constance1928 Oct 092009 May 29W of Adrian; M of Vivien, Michael, Anthony, Ian, Gavin 6170951
Flinn, Michael1872 Sep 1273with Mary Anne Heavy 1010499
Flux, Fanny Peppler1943 Mar 2162mother 1010357
Flux, J H1967 Jun 0259AIF VX53565 1010357
Flux, Nellie Maud1943 May 1637 1010357
Flux, William1952 Nov 1773father 1010357
Foley, Maggie Edith1966 Jan 2765 1010655
Forbes, Alistair Maclean1923 Mar 132009 Nov 05H of Jean; F of Ian, Alan, Fiona, Alison 6171310
Forbes, Jean Winifred1925 Jun 202001 Aug 16W of Alistair; M of Ian, Alan, Fiona, Alison 6171307
Ford, James1872 Dec 2574 1010598
Forsyth, Sarah Ann 18761944W. of George Black and Kenneth ForsythObituary
Foster, Archibald (Tim)1979 Oct 0768H of Mabel; F of Mary,Lyn 6171288
Fox, Raymond1964 Feb 14<18 mths 1010274
Fox, Reuben George1911 Jul 211979 Jun 0668RAAF 12927 1010202
Frana, Johnnie1978 Jan 01H of Dawn; F of Brian, Colin, Joanne, Pauline 1010534
Francis, Donald Elliott1929 Feb 202016 Nov 19H of Vahine 6171202
Francis, Vahine1934 Nov 042018 Oct 27W of Donald 6171202
Franklin, William1948 Jun 1287 1010464
Freebody, Hubert John1989 Apr 1282H of Marie; F & Step-F of Dot, Ron (dec), Joan, Arthur, Peter, Paul, David, Mark, Andrew 6171027
Freebody, Marie Isobel1916 Dec 252016 Nov 28mother 6170860
Freeburn, Adeline Ellen1901 Jun 261991 Aug 01with William Freeburn 1010206
Freeburn, William Eric1900 Feb 251979 Apr 16with Adeline Freeburn 1010206
Freer, Ada1968 Jul 1169mother 1010258
Freer, Ada Annie1973 Jun 2888W of William 1010271
Freer, Beatrice L1972 Jun 2343 1010255
Freer, Elizabeth Ann1978 Aug 1696W of James 1010272
Freer, James1964 Nov 1281H of Elizabeth 1010272
Freer, John1942H. of MaryDeath Notice
Freer, Mary1939 Dec 1265 1010512
Freer, Sarah Ann1909 Sep 2155W of Jack; M of Mary Walker 1010632
Freer, Thomas1929 Sep 0153father 1010369
Freer, Thomas (Alan)1986 Dec 1763S of Thomas & Ada (both dec); B of Lil, Isabel (dec), Inez, John, Beatrice (dec) 6171084
Freer, William1963 Jun 2277H of Ada; F of Gladys, Elsa, George, Mavis 1010271
Fulford, Desmond Joseph1935 Jul 222007 Oct 20H of Margaret; F of Mark, Daryl, Terry, Ashley, Jason, Vicki 6171252
Fulford, Margaret Mary1938 Dec 091997 Jul 21W of Desmond; M of Mark, Daryl, Terry, Ashley, Jason, Vicki 6171251
Furze, Elsie 19152011 6171109
Furze, Eva Jane Mary1980 Dec 05W of Henry 1010899
Furze, Frederick Henry1932 Jun 0574 1010376
Furze, Henry Joseph1939 Sep 18H of Eva 1010899
Fynney, Ellen Gertrude (Nell)1967 Jan 2460W of George; M of Robert 1010659
Fynney, G E F1965 Jan 2763AIF VX29622; H of Ellen; M of Rupert 1010617
Gaehl, Kathleen1926 Feb 111980 Apr 23W of Wally 1010744
Galvin, Emma Bella18831939 Aug54W. of Francis Sylvestor GalvinObituary
Galvin, Edward Joshua18501938Gt Grandfather of Douglas Galvin 1010473
Galvin, Ethel1975 Aug 1979 6171289
Garlick, Violet Isobel1986 Dec 3069W of Frank (dec); M of Heather & Doug 6171087
Garnsey, Brian Paul1929 Oct 082016 Mar 13H of Marjorie; F of David, Helen, Vicki, Roger 6171201
Garry, Laurence Michael1890 Apr 2619 1010568
Gason, Regina Mary1916 Jul 201991 Nov 30W of Harry; M of Therese, Lavina, John, Basil, Beverley 6170973
Gaunt, Richard George1913 Sep 071960 Feb 13H of Joyce; F of Pam, Noel, Peter, Chris 1010439
Gaylard, Alan Clarence1967 Jan 0236S of Clarence & Irene 1010289
Gaylard, Clarence (Jack)1985 Jan 0186H of Irene 1010290
Gaylard, Irene Burnley1971 Oct 2570W of Clarence 1010290
Geddes, Ian Irvine1915 Jan 011978 Jul 0563b. Woking, England; d. Mandoora; H of Beverley 1010665
Germer, Iris Melva1925 Oct 24115 mths 1010105
Gibson, Cecil Herman1985 Sep 1575H of Helen; F of Donald 1010138
Gibson, Hasty Victor1908 Jul 232001 Aug 3183H of Rose; F of Ronald (dec), Janette, David, Marilyn 6171114
Gibson, Helen Dorothy1990 Sep 1673W of Cecil; M of Donald 1010137
Gibson, Ronald John1939 Sep 261997 May 21 6170838
Gibson, Rose Lavinia1908 Jun 051999 Sep 2691W of Hasty; M of Ronald (dec), Janette, David, Marilyn 6171114
Gifford, Catherine 1904?57mother 1010888
Gifford, Ethel Maud1948 Mar 2365W of Francis James 1010890
Gifford, Francis James 1933 Feb 2360S of James Gifford 1010889
Gifford, James 1944 Apr 0165 1010857
Gifford, James G 1913 Sep 1673 1010889
Gifford, Laura Ann1934 Sep 1558 1010887
Gifford, Neil McMillan1990 Jul 2077RAAF; S of Francis & Ethel Gifford; B of Mac (dec), Cath (dec), Don, Belle, Dot, Ethel, Barbara (dec) 6170986
Gilbert, Desmond Arthur (Des)1995 Sep 19H of Robyn; F of Darren (Sparra) 6170882
Gilbert, Kathleen1994 Feb 2081W of William 1010174
Gilbert, Timothy Robert1973 May 302000 May 12S of Ian & Marilyn; B of Angela & Miriam 1010175
Gilbert, William Henry1978 Jul 2574H of Kath; F of Colin, Des, Ian, Eileen, Betty, Shirley 1010174
Gillard, Betty June1932 Jun 152004 Apr 10W of Jim 6171048
Gillard, James Earl Wilkie Macdonald1923 May 032008 Sep 12H of Betty 6171048
Ginger, Gregory Allan1982 May 0820S of Ann & Bert; B of Steven, Gaye, Jodie; GS of Harry & Thelma Petts 1010956
Ginger, Hubert James (Bert)1940 Sep 112009 Jun 24H of Ann; F of Steven, Greg (dec), Gaye, Jodie 1010957
Glancy, Florence18731916 Feb 2 1010342
Glancy, James William1911 Aug 0744 1010916
Gordon, David1981 Dec 1070 1010736
Gowan, Arthur1943 Jan 0134Youngest S of John & Estelle; KIA Buna, New Guinea 1010796
Gowan, Byram Comrie1958 Jun 2353H of Elspeth 1010798
Gowan, Elspeth Dorothy1978 May 2474W of Byram 1010798
Gowan, Estelle Jane1946? Aug 2972 1010797
Gowan, John1933 Nov 0370H of Estelle Jane Gowan 1010796
Graham, Archibald Garry 1969 Apr 1023S of Ida & Redvers (dec); B of John, Bill, Beverley, Margaret, Douglas 1010690
Graham, Ida Elvina 2001 Oct 0688W of Redvers 1010706
Graham, Joseph Thomas1953 Mar 1974H of Mary; F of Joseph & Douglas 1010826
Graham, Mary1982 Sep 1689W of Joseph 1010827
Graham, Redvers Llewellyn (Snow) 1966 Jul 1459H of Ida; F of John, Bill, Beverley, Margaret, Garry, Douglas 1010706
Graham, William (Doc)1987 Aug 1148H of Evelyn; F of Llewellyn, William, Antanella 6171069
Gray, Robert Dalrymple1938 Dec 28father 1010367
Greenwood, Dorothy Clare1932 Feb 212019 Jul 22D of Francis & Millicent Gates; Sis of Coleen; W of Lawrence 6171036
Greenwood, Lawrence1921 Aug 052002 Oct 09S of Charles & Harriet; H of Agnes (dec) & Dorothy; F of Lawrence, Roy, Nigel 6171036
Groat, Marjory2009 Aug 1180W of Donald; M of Lindsay, Jan, Geoffrey, Robyn 6171331
Griffiths Charles George18521925 Jul 2173Funeral Notice
Grundy, William Francis1898 Mar 2035H of Bridget 1010628
Guascoine, Frederick Donald2004 Jun 0771H of Valma (dec) & Nancy; F of Ron & Simone, Barbara, Ian (dec), Phillip & Nino, Glen, Grant & Debbie 6171207
Guascoine, Valma Jean1982 Aug 2751W of Fred; M of Ron, Ian, Phillip, Barbara, Michael 6171208
Gulliver, Judith M1961 Mar 1024mother 1010438
Gunson, Evelyn1917 Sep 282006 Dec 09W of William (Bill); M of Fay, Hayden, Ray, Bebe [1]
Gunson, William Hayden1911 Sep 292006 Oct 21AIF; H of Evelyn; F of Fay, Hayden, Ray, Bebe 6170997
Guy, Wallace George18951930 Jul 3035Death Notice
Haack, Peter Alexander1929 Apr 041999 May 14H of Audrey; F of Lynette & Suzie; F-in-L of Phillip & David 6171147
Hall, Clare1904 Jan 091987 Aug 04mother; D of Mathew & Elizabeth Crouch 1010121
Hall, Therese Rosemary1941 Apr 032016 Dec 05S of Julian Crouch-Hall, D. of John and Clare 1010123
Hallam, Thomas Lawerence1979 May 0149father 1010242
Hamilton, Angela Murdoch1956 Apr 082006 Oct 10M of Douglas, Emily & Cathryn Hamilton; D of Robert Mitchell Heriot & Margaret Murdoch 6170996
Hamilton, Angus Lacey1918 May 0721KIA France WWI; S of Robert & Elizabeth 1010948
Hamilton, Dorothy Carmel1922 Nov 272011 Oct 2588nee Liston; W of Victor; M of John, Peter, Jim, Maxwell, Frances, Richard, William 6171126
Hamilton, Elizabeth Ann1936 May 1382W of Robert 1010948
Hamilton, Cletus Milton1924 Dec 232011 Nov 14H of Viola; F of Margaret, Lawrence, Pearl, Raymond, Beverley 6171055
Hamilton, Ethel Louisa1890 Jan 024D of Robert & Elizabeth Hamilton 1010948
Hamilton, James Brian1951 Aug 142005 Apr 06H of Lois; F of Ryan & Josh 6171008
Hamilton, John Anthony1902199492F of Annette 6170921
Hamilton, John W1956 Jul 2870 1010720
Hamilton, L G1943 Oct 2530AIF V104431 1010401
Hamilton, Mary Adelaide1888 Feb 04<12 mths; D of Robert & Elizabeth Hamilton 1010948
Hamilton, Peter Robert1950 May 022010 Jun 08H of Lyn; F of Simone, Matthew, Karina 6170912
Hamilton, Robert1918 Feb 1178H of Elizabeth 1010948
Hamilton, Ron2003 Jun 2783H of Babe 6171241
Hamilton, Victor Robert1985 May 1565AIF; H of Dorothy; F of John, Peter, Jim, Maxwell, Frances, Richard, William 6171126
Hamilton, Viola Joyce1923 Jan 272003 Jun 14W of Cletus; M of Margaret, Lawrence, Pearl, Raymond, Beverley 6171055
Handforth, Ethel1957 Mar 05 1010446
Hannam, Fred1907 Apr 1218S of W & M Hannam 1010604
Harmer Miriam J 191519205D. of William J and Rita Harmer.Obituary
Harrington, John1889 Sep 1621b. Kilmore, Victoria; S of Thomas of Yanko, NSW 1010569
Harrington, Thomas1900 Jul 2086b. Thurles, Tipperary; d. Narranderra 1010570
Hargreaves, Mavis1921 May 252014 May 1692nee Freer; D of Ada Annie & William Freer; Sis of Gladys, Elsa, George 6170863
Harris, Donald (John)1935 Nov 262019 Mar 25H of Joan; F of Stephen, Kim (dec), Alan, Glenn, Vicki6171182
Harris, Emily Ethel1925 Jun 062013 Jun 08W of Ron; M of Beverley (dec), Alan, Elizabeth (dec) 6170904
Harris, Florrie Ethel1915 Apr 061997 Jun 25nee Steadman; M of Rhonda (dec), Ronald, Margaret, Robin 6170841
Harris, Ronald Edward1925 Jan 212015 Sep 06AIF NX190041; H of Emily; F of Beverley (dec), Alan, Elizabeth (dec) 6170904
Harrison, Hilda Evelyn1951 Apr 2359 1010431
Hassett, Emma Ellen1983 May 0765W of James 1010284
Hassett, James John1965 Sep 2953H of Emma 1010284
Hatch, Esther A1972 Sep 2483W of Frank 1010471
Hatch, Frank1952 May 3167H of Esther 1010471
Hawkins, Charles Henry1935 Apr 292006 Sep 05b. Finley, NSW; H of Viola; F of Wendy, Katrina, Christine, Rosalind 6170994
Haynes, A1920 Jun 0968M of B J Haynes 1010850
Haynes, Arthur1973 Sep 2359H of Vance (dec); F of Jean 1010784
Haynes, B J1948 Aug 0769S of A Haynes 1010850
Haynes, David C1960 Mar 1252 1010218
Haynes, Emily Maud1972 Jun 0584mother 1010741
Haynes, Enid Lillian Mary1967 Apr 1653nee Prowse Adelong; W of Norman; M of Bertram, Jennifer 1010702
Haynes, Luke Smith1961 Apr 1175father 1010743
Haynes, Mary Ann1953 Apr 1676 1010219
Haynes, Norman Charles1986 May 0375H of Enid 1010702
Haynes, Vance1963 Sep 1349W of Arthur; M of Jean 1010560
Hearn, Bronwyn Frances1945 Sep 032013 Nov 08W of John; M of Kathryn & Hugh 6170865
Heather, Clara Joan1926 Oct 312015 Apr 14W of Eric; M of Donald, Karen, Marea, Dennis, Anthony, Russell, Vanessa, Paul 6170857
Heather, Eric Leslie1923 Sep 082013 Oct 06H of Clara; F of Donald, Karen, Marea, Dennis, Anthony, Russell, Vanessa, Paul 6170857
Heather, Ethel Lottie1955 Aug 1669mother 1010718
Heather, Florence Isabella1929 Feb 282012 Jan 28Nee Cook; W of Harry; M of Gary, Neil, Chris, Diane, Wayne 6170897
Heather, Frederick1936 Mar 0588with Martha Heather 1010622
Heather, Gladys Charlotte1922 Dec 192016 Nov 12nee Anderson; W of Herbert; M of Gregory, Pamela, John, Craig 6171256
Heather, Henry Howard (Harry)1918 Aug 242014 Jul 06H of Florence; F of Gary, Neil, Chris, Diane, Wayne 6170898
Heather, Herbert J1993 Dec 0475H of Gladys; F of Gregory, Pamela, John, Craig 6171255
Heather, Martha1938 Mar 2783with Frederick Heather 1010622
Heather, Robert John1963 Jan 1377father 1010718
Heavy, Mary Anne1871 Jul 1285with Michael Flinn 1010499
Henderson, Helen Mary1919 May 091993 Jul 02cremated Albury; W of John; M of Vivian & Margaret; only child of Hilda & Ray Harrison 1010430
Henderson, Christopher John1914 May 292004 Oct 02Youngest S of Walter & Charlotte (Fleming); H of Helen (Harrison); F of Vivian, Margaret6171209
Hensel, Henry T1940 Sep 2965H of Minnie 1010900
Hensel, Herbert S1960 Aug 1756 1010747
Hensel, Jane Maxwell1972 Jun 2680W of Herbert (dec) 1010697
Hensel, Minnie E1961 Nov 1787W of Henry 1010900
Heriot, Andrew Ernest1908 Oct 2130 1010594
Heriot, Archibald James1950 Oct 3060H of Gertrude; F of Florence, John 1010833
Heriot, Edith Alice1927 Jun 2045D of John & Ruth Heriot 1010593
Heriot, Elliot 1892 Oct 2481Obituary
Heriot, Elliot 81 1010615
Heriot, Elliot jnr1884 Oct 1126 1010615
Heriot, Gertrude Stuart1968 Feb 08 1010832
Heriot, Harry1896 Nov 25<18 mths 1010614
Heriot, Heather Jean1984 May 1976W of Rawdon; M of Anthony & Sally Ann 6171167
Heriot, J A S1997 Jun 3076AIF VX64245; H of Rita Marion Ross (marr. 1946 Apr 22); F of Stuart, Bruce, Gordon 1010831
Heriot, Jane Ethel1897 Feb 2616 1010613
Heriot, Joan Elizabeth2011 Nov 0786nee Gulson; W of William; M of Bill & Dominique 1010277
Heriot, John William Elliot1910 Dec 2763H of Ruth 1010591
Heriot, John William Elliot (Jack)1958 Jul 1975B of Louisa Maud Heriot 1010590
Heriot, Keith Warner1923 Feb 2830H of Doris 1010475
Heriot, Leila1976 Aug 2886W of William 1010278
Heriot, Louisa 1889 Sep 2564mother 1010615
Heriot, Louisa Maud1959 Apr 1879Sis of John William Elliot Heriot 1010590
Heriot, Peter Murdoch1943 Dec 202018 Oct 11H of Jill; Step-F of Jonathan, Susan, Penelope; S of Robert Mitchell Heriot & Margaret (nee Murdoch); B of Neil, Jan, Angela (dec) 6171180
Heriot, Rawdon Archibald2000 Jun 0288H of Jean; F of Anthony & Sally Ann 6171167
Heriot, Robert Mitchell1916 Jan 171981 Sep 16AIF VX29634; F of Peter, Neil, Jan, Angela 1010170
Heriot, Ruth1922 May 1278W of John 1010592
Heriot, James Ancrum1927 Jan 2737B of Frank 1010424
Heriot, Thomas Angrum1899 Nov 2249d. Germanton 1010612
Heriot, William Keith1990 Dec 0867W of Joan; F of Bill & Dominique 1010277
Heriot, William Mitchell1896 Oct 2342 1010614
Heriot, William Thomson1964 Aug 0774?H of Leila 1010278
Herron, Bridget 1010917
Hicks, Alexander1947 Jul 3162with Rose Hicks 1010373
Hicks, Arthur John1953 Aug 1366F of Colin & Gordon (Mick) 1010580
Hicks, Gordon (Mick)1990 Feb 0356H of Barbara; F of Christine, Robyn, Johnny, Ricky 6171018
Hicks, Rose Mary1964 Dec 1477with Alexander Hicks 1010373
Hill, L G1950 Sep 30with Franz & Julia Badewitz 1010939
Hinton, Vera May1919 Aug 164 weeks 1010465
Hodges, Caleb Holroyd1985 Sep 0679H of Mary 1010696
Hodges, Gresham1974 Jan 2341H of Robin 1010681
Hodges, Mary Lillian Grace1972 Feb 0671W of Caleb; M of Gresham, Gillian 1010696
Hodgins, Selwyn1971 May 0151father 1010544
Hogan, Gus1906 Jan 2728 1010294
Holman, Emma1961 Dec 1482mother 1010453
Holman, Howard1934 Jun 2561H of Emma 1010811
Hopper, Stanilaus Alexander Joseph1972 Jun 2271 1010535
Horn, Neville1970 Apr 0546H of Mavis (Roberson); F of Joan, Peter, Lyn, David, Wendy, John 1010248
Horn, Peter Angus1952 Dec 312005 Nov 04b. Merriwa; d. Holbrook; H of Marlene; F of Adam & Karla; S of Neville & Mavis 1010194
Howard, Joseph Harry1955 Mar 1363AIF 1010494
Howard, May Ellen1990 Apr 1674D of Thomas & Mary Howard; Sis of Mary, Thomas (dec), Syd, Gladys, Olive, Peter, Ella 6171012
Hudson, Bridget1892 Oct 1684with Herbert Hudson 1010408
Hudson, Emma Bella Susan1910 Dec 0662W of Thomas E Hudson 1010382
Hudson, Herbert1879 Jun 301898 Oct 26with Bridget Hudson 1010408
Hudson, Thomas E1837 Aug 221905 Jul 2168b. Penrith; d. Greendale, Little Billabong; H of Emma 1010383
Hudson, William18641909 May 5 45Obituary
Hughes, Catherine1900 Feb 4MotherObituary
Hulme, Benjamin1942 Apr 2858H of Criss; F of Jack, Joan, Marie 1010355
Hulme, Christina Johanna1984 Mar 1390W of Benjamin (dec); M of Jack, Joan, Marie 6171171
Hulme, Delmar Mary1983 Feb 1754W of Jack; M of Anne, Julie, Louise 6171176
Hulme, Edith18881979W of Charles (dec); M of Victor, Lewis, Myra 1010808
Hulme, Harold1963 Jun 1974H of Ruby; F of Edna, Norman, Joan, John, Valmai 1010800
Hulme, John Harold (Jock)2002 Dec 30F of Mardi Elizabeth & Trent Alleyne (dec) 1010801
Hulme, Lewis1920 Feb 021995 Jul 09RAAF; H of Nona; F of Peter, Mark 6170890
Hulme, Ruby1930 Jul 3139W of Harold; M of Edna, Norman, Joan, John, Valmai 1010802
Hume, Hariett1941 Dec 1254mother 1010766
Hume, Clifford1992 Oct 1577H of Dulcie; F of Janet & Russell 6171083
Hume, Henry John1953 Apr 0963father 1010765
Hume, Lavinia (Rene)1986 Oct 1469W of Cliff; M of Janet & Russell 6171083
Humphry, Albert William (Bill)1929 Dec 162001 Sep 09H of Shirley; F of John, Robyn, Rosalie, Gaye 6171101
Hunt, Ann2011 Jun 2777W of Fred; M of Cheryl & Michael (dec, Paul & Robyn, Karen & Ross, Teena & Andrew 6170894
Humphry, Anne-Maree1958 Mar 191958 Mar 30D of Bob & Marg 1010497
Humphry, Bertha Louise1973 Nov 0763mother 1010199
Humphry, Charles Richard1986 Dec 0387S of William & Ellen (both dec) 6171082
Hunt, Fred2013 Aug 1084H of Ann; F of Cheryl & Michael (dec), Paul & Robyn, Karen & Ross, Teena & Andrew 6170895
Humphry, George William196674 1010705
Humphry, Simeon John1983 May 2586father 1010200
Hunt, Stacey Jayne1984 Aug 282003 Jul 0518D of Kyran (Tom) & Robyn; Sis of Lee-Anne, Julie, Michelle, Ellie 6171054
Hunter, George Edward1991 Apr 2281AIF; H of Joy; F of Margaret, Phillip 6170988
Hunter, Joy1914 Oct 282000 Jul 26W of George; M of Margaret & Phillip 6170988
Hurst, Eleanor (Nell)1908 Jan 121999 Jan 24W of Gordon; b. Carlisle 6171304
Hurst, Gordon Keith1906 Feb 222003 Jul 23H of Nell (dec) 6171305
Hurst, Thelma Mary1923 Oct 082005 Oct 05nee Smith; Sis of Jim & Dorothy (dec); M of Helen (dec) 6171001
Hutchinson, Dorothy1976 Dec 0579mother 1010190
Hutton, Diane19402015nee Spokes; nee Barrington; W of Marcus; M of Scott, Brett, Trent 6170853
Irons, Alice1964 Jun 2777with Edgar Irons 1010654
Irons, Alma Doris1987 Nov 2976W of Duncan; M of Dudley, Thomas, Valmai, John, Lynette 1010770
Irons, Dorothy Mary1971 Apr 1150W of Mick; M of Cecilia, Jim, Dorothy, Lee, Stephen 1010244
Irons, Duncan Matthew1954 Mar 0951H of Alma; F of Dudley, Thomas, Valmai, John, Lynette 1010770
Irons, Edgar1967 Dec 0182with Alice Irons 1010654
Irons, Edgar A1977 1010677
Irons, Edward1966 Dec 2082 1010712
Irons, Eliza1983 Mar 3180W of John 1010707
Irons, Floria Ethel Cameron1934 May 1261W of Matthew 1010799
Irons, Geoffrey Harold1968 May 0952H of Ruby 1010700
Irons, John William1966 Jun 1061H of Eliza 1010707
Irons, Laurie Edgar1984 Dec 1370H of Doreen; Step-F of Paul, Mary, Dell 6171137
Irons, Mary Doreen1919 Nov 292008 Sep 13W of David Haynes (dec) & Laurie Irons (dec); M of Paul Haynes, Mary Cottrell, Adele Emerson6170948
Irons, Matthew1935 Apr 0463H of Floria 1010799
Irons, Ronald Arthur1940 Sep 142010 Aug 15H of Rose; F of Steven (dec), Maureen, Kay, Cheryl 6170911
Irons, Ronda Ethel1935 Jan 16118 mths 1010936
Irons, Rose Annette1953 May 232012 Aug 05W of Ron (dec); M of Steven (dec), Maureen, Kay, Cheryl 6170899
Irons, Ruby May Dorothy1993 Aug 1779W of Geoff; M of Max, Kevin, Cheryl, Merilyn 1010699
Irons, Steven John1986 Jan 0819S of Ron & Rose; B of Maureen, Kay, Sheryl 6171117
Irons, Susellen1952 Oct 0169W of Edward; M of Syd, Hazel, Cecil, Susie, Lester, Geoff, Thersa, Teddy, Angus, Bernard 1010711
Irons, Suzanne Elizabeth1969 May 291969 Apr4 days; D of Faye & Jim 1010698
James, Ivis Ada1932 Dec 272001 Jun 19D of Angus & Irene McPherson; W of Ted; M of Sharon, Robyn, Wayne 1010787
Jarratt, Bruce1941 Mar 072017 May 26Lawyer; H of Bebe; F of Fiona & Greg 6171193
Jarvis, Henry Thomas1996 Jun 2273OAM; H of Margaret; F of Greg, Brad, Taryn 6170870
Jarvis-Bunyan, Viva Pauline1983 Jul 21W of Howard & William; M of Peg (dec), Ken, Ron, Nona & “H” 6171261
Jephson, Alice 1897W. of HenryObituary
Jephson, Henry1896 May 3186H. of AliceObituary
Johns, Harriet1957 Aug 0874 1010447
Jones, Albert1925 Sep 04b. Shropshire, England; H of Sarah 1010418
Jones, Albert Charles1985 Jul 0179H of Muriel; F of Albert, Lorriane, Sarah, Tyson 6171123
Jones, Anne1923 Jun 2759W of William 1010851
Jones, David Lindsay1955 May 182008 Nov 08S of Annette & James; F of Laura & Michael 6170954
Jones, David Richmond1973 Mar 2871H of Grace; F of Cedric & Russell 6171264
Jones, Eric Francis1914 Feb 241997 Sep 28H of Florence; F of Judy, Helene, Wendy, Peter, Michael 6170846
Jones, Ethel Muriel1986 Jan 0177W of Albert; M of Albert, Lorriane, Sarah, Tyson 6171123
Jones, Eunice Margaret2004 Jan 2890W of George; M of Elaine, Colleen, Donald, Jennifer 1010538
Jones, Evelyn Isabel1971 Jul 0775W of John; M of Austin, Gwen, Thelma, Neville, May 1010243
Jones, Florence May1916 May 072019 Aug 06W of Eric; M of Judy, Helene, Wendy, Peter, Michael 6170846
Jones, Florence May1932 May 032018 Feb 15D of John Andrew & Evelyn Isabel Jones 6171190
Jones, Frederick William19231996H of Laura; F of Margaret, Leonard, Suzanne, Warren, Lorraine, Mitchell 6170868
Jones, George Eugene Robert (Bob)1972 Feb 2668H of Eunice; F of Elaine, Colleen, Donald, Jennifer 1010538
Jones, Grace1976 Mar 2681W of David; M of Cedric & Russell 6171266
Jones, John Andrew1979 Jul 2989H of Evelyn; F of Austin, Gwen, Thelma, Neville, May 1010243
Jones, Lambert1922 Dec 2021H of Ida 1010851
Jones, Laura Alma2006 Dec 2177W of Frederick 6170868
Jones, Lillian Margaret1983 Nov 0191W of Lovel; M of Paul, Ruth, Brenda, Thomas, Philip 6171223
Jones, Lovel Durston1961 Oct 2173H of Lillian; F of Paul, Ruth, Brenda, Thomas, Philip 6171223
Jones, Marjory19?2 Jan 082019 May 18W of Tom; M of Gavin, Cameron 6170955
Jones, Neville Thomas Frederick19292018H of Nola; F of Leanne, Catherine 6171181
Jones, Paul Durston1918 Jan 182008 May 12H of Miriam (Pinky); F of Judith; Step-F of Mark 6171226
Jones, Philip Durston1930 Jun 232004 Jun 22H of Nola (dec) & Kerrie; F of Kim & Bradley 6171225
Jones, Rebekah Sheree Durston1992 Jun 071992 Jun 08D of Cameron & Pamela 6170967
Jones, Russell David1937 Mar 291997 Jun 29 6171265
Jones, Sarah Tyson1878 Aug 221960 Aug 13W of Albert 1010418
Jones, Thomas Lovel Durston1927 Feb 142007 Oct 05H of Marjory; F of Gavin, Cameron 6170955
Jones, William1940 Aug 0985H of Anne 1010851
Joyce, Leslie (Nobby)1985 Dec 2366AIF VX102241; S of William & Mabel 1010771
Joyce, Bell1937 May 192008 Feb 17nee McPherson; M of Debbie, Twis David (dec), Graeme; Partner of Leslie Parker 6170946
Joyce, David Neil1987 Dec 1426S of Belle & Ronnie; B of Debbie & twin Graeme 6171065
Joyce, Mabel C1942 Feb 2851W of William 1010773
Joyce, Raymond William1981 Dec 3166H of Daphne; F of Lois 1010958
Joyce, William1981 Aug 0788H of Mabel 1010772
Junor, Grace Ancrum1972 Aug 1085nee Heriot 1010620
Jurgens, Dale Jeffery1968 Sep 191979 Jul 14S of Rhonda & Gordon; B of Michelle 1010198
Justice, Edith1988 Nov 2984W of John Henry (dec); M of Mary, Jean, Shirley 6171031
Justice, Iris Nita1936 Jul 222017 Jul 23W of Phillip 6171112
Justice, John Henry1976 Jun 2574H of Edie 1010197
Justice, Mary Jane1950 Jun 1388with William Henry Justice 1010487
Justice, Phillip William1938 Jul 291999 Oct 13H of Iris; F of Bill, Melissa, Kylie 6171112
Justice, S E P (Daphne)2000 May 1985W of William; M of Margaret & Phillip 6170932
Justice, William Henry1947 Sep 2387with Mary Jane Justice 1010487
Justice, William Stanley1993 Feb 1186H of Daphne; F of Margaret & Phillip 6170932
Kaletta, Jason1975 Nov 072010 Mar 20S of Pamela & Wolfgang; B of Damien 6171257
Kane, Ignatius P (Nage)1985 Jun 1985H of Margaret; F of Margaret-Ann, Peter, Helen, John, Brian, Rosemary 6171124
Kane, Margaret Clare1985 Nov 2572W of Ignatius; M of Margaret-Ann, Peter, Helen, John, Brian, Rosemary 6171124
Kane, Peter Mullavey1941 Jan 172000 Sep 07H of Rosanna; F of Andrew, Jo-Ann, Matthew 6171100
Keenan, Judith Ann1943 Oct 142005 Mar 22W of Maurice (Mo); M of Des & Fiona 6171009
Kellam, Alexander Bruce1984 May 1262H of Joyce; F of Bruce, Pauline, Janeene 6171169
Kellam, George Anthony1979 Mar 1764H of Rita; F of Bob, Margaret, Graham (dec), Sandra 1010460
Kellam, Graham1957 Feb 2618 1010440
Kellam, Hanna1988 May 2153W of Bob; M of Sharon & Robert 6171028
Kellam, Joyce Margaret2017 Jan 2290W of Alex; M of Bruce, Pauline, Janeene 6171169
Kellam, Margaret Emily19152007 Jan 2 92W of George (dec); M of Bob, Margaret, Graham (dec), Sandra 6170964
Kellam, Robert George (Bob)1934 Jul 062017 Aug 0883S of George & Margaret (Rita); B of Margaret, Sandra, Graham; H of Faye & Hanna (dec 1988); F of Robert; F of Sharon 6171188
Kelly, David18731923 1010920
Kelly, Elizabeth1956 Apr 2463W of Hugh 1010962
Kelly, Harry P1960 Jul 1249 1010516
Kelly, Hugh McDonald1974 Sep 0386H of Elizabeth 1010962
Kelly, Jessie Christina1984 Mar 2274 1010541
Kelly, John Thomas1971 Nov 0171 1010540
Kelly, M R2017 Sep 2891RAAF 165576 6171329
Kelly, Margaret C1951 Jul 0673 1010515
Kelly, Margaret Ellen1979 Jun 2478 1010240
Kelly, Marjorie Lillian1910 Jan 041998 Feb 03W of Henry Kelly; Sis of Alice Mason, Clarence Nugent & Margaret McDonald 6171163
Kemp, Alexander Mitchell1971 Aug 15younger S of Janet & James 1010695
Kemp, James Hunter1931 May 312011 Feb 14b. Gosford; H of Janet; F of Barbara, Heather, Katherine, Rita, Douglas, Jane, Fiona, Alexander 1010694
Kendall, Daphne1984 Sep 0565W of Lawrence; M of Robert, Margaret, Lorna, Colin 6171296
Kendall, Edna May1924 Jun 021933 May 27 1010330
Kendall, Elizabeth1907 Aug 2973 1010633
Kendall, Gordon John1984 Nov 0965H of Dorothy; F of Elaine, Lynal, Graham, Thomas 6171132
Kendall, Laurence Thomas1995 Jun 2277F of Robert, Margaret, Lorna, Colin 6171297
Kendall, Marjorie Joyce19251996W of Tom; M of Jennie, Bette, Marie, Ruth 6170937
Kendall, Mary Ann1899 Dec 3170W of Thomas E Kendall 1010624
Kendall, Thomas Elworthy1946 Sep 0164father 1010330
Kendall, Thomas Elworthy18231911 May 23b. Kingsbridge, England; H of Mary Ann; F of Sarah Jane & James Henry Elworthy 1010331
Kendall, Thomas Roy19221993AIF; H of Marge; F of Jennie, Bette, Marie, Ruth 6170937
Kennedy, John Stawell1930 Apr 0246AIF; husband 1010374
Kennelly, Margaret1903 Dec 1362b. Co. Kerry, Ireland; W of Martin 1010321
Kennelly, Martin1913 Mar 3074H of Margaret 1010321
Kennelly Mary18621930 Aug 2268Obituary
Kent, G E1922 Jul 252000 Sep 29M.M; RAN 1940-1946; AIF 1952-1953 6171314
Kent, John Stephen1931 Apr 042014 May 1284b. Holbrook 6171324
Keogh, Brian (Daffy)1953 Mar 232015 Sep 07H of Jenny; F of Dale & Angela; Step-F of Jamie, Melissa, Wayne 6170854
Keogh, Edmund Michael1924 Jun 162011 Sep 03H of Mary; F of Jenny, Mick, Brian, Liz, Bob, Gerard, Adrian 6170957
Keogh, James Clement19291996H of Genevieve; F of John & Anne, Veronica, Christina & Wayne, Rick & Annemaree, Frances & McGregor 6170867
Keogh, Mary Elizabeth1928 Jan 262008 Jul 27W of Edmund; M of Jenny, Mick, Brian, Liz, Bob, Gerard, Adrian 6170957
Keogh, Mary Jean1922 May 012008 Dec 20W of Nick; M of Anne, Kevin, Brian 6171043
Keogh, Nicholas Sylvester1923 Apr 042003 Sep 08AIF; H of Jean; F of Anne, Kevin, Brian 6171043
Kerr, Bernadette Maureen1923 May 261994 Mar 24W of Frank John Kerr; M of Stephanie Maureen 1010148
Kibble, Dorothy Daisy1954 Jun 0558mother 1010964
Kibble, John Thomas1968 Aug 0981father 1010963
Killalea, Dorothy Ellen1930 Mar 211999 Jan 29AIF; W of Oliver; M of Robyn, Patricia, Lesley, Tony 6171143
King, Clem1987 Jan 05H of Margaret 6171300
King, Lilly-Anne Maree2011 Jul 022011 Jul 13D of Darryn & Beannah; Sis of Marcus, Nathen, Riley6170896
King, Margaret J1991 May 1575W of Fred Ellis & Clem King; M of Jennifer & David 6171301
King, Mary Anne1926 Oct69b. Kilmore Vic,M. of Alice IronsObituary
Kirby, Mary1887 Oct 2189 1010501
Kirby, Richard J1885 Jan 24<111 mths; GS of Mary Kirby 1010501
Klimpsch, Geo1892 Apr 1944with Olivia Klimpsch 1010947
Klimpsch, Olivia1939 Dec 2892with Geo Klimpsch 1010947
Kovac, Ante (Tony)19342019H of Heather; F of James, Peter, Kathryn 6171183
Lamb, Thomas Winter1914 1010462
Lambourne, Lillian Rose1971 Aug 0490W of Charles (dec); M of Joan 1010239
Lampe, Donald Gregory1923 Mar 192016 Jun 29AIF VX120954; H of Roma; F of Judy & Royce, Mark & Vicki 6171198
Lampe, William Neville (Bill)1926 Oct 292009 Jun 1782H of Dawn; F of Janette, Neville, Kathleen 6170916
Langheim, Arthur Wesley (Wes)19141997H of Glad; F of Arthur, John, Heather, Robyn 6170874
Langheim, Carroll John19391997H of Margaret; F of Debbie (dec), Sue, Sharon (dec), Steve 6170840
Langheim, Gladys Mary19131996W of Arthur; M of Arthur, John, Heather, Robyn 6170874
Langheim, Margaret Florence19502002W of Carroll; Step-M of Debbie (dec), Sue, Sharon (dec), Steve 6170840
Larcombe, Alan James (Larky)1938 Jul 102015 Nov 15H of Audrey; F of Phillip, Susan, Kathryn; F-in-L of Wendy, Garry, Rudolf 6170855
Larcombe, Arthur Richard Charles (Poppa)1931 Jul 112015 Jul 13H of Patricia; F of Malcolm, Julia, Rodney 1010953
Larcombe, Bryan Francis1944 May 051999 Sep 07S of Kathleen & Roy (both dec); B of Arthur, Roy, Connie (dec), Alan 6171115
Larcombe, Kathleen Mary1969 Oct 2758W of Roy; M of Arthur, Roy, Connie, Alan, Bryan 1010960
Larcombe, Patricia Ann (Pat)1939 Mar 272019 Apr 20W of Arthur; M of Malcolm, Julie, Rodney 1010953
Larcombe, Roy1985 Mar 0978H of Kathleen 1010960
Larkin, Elizabeth Esther1921 Nov 3067W of Francis 1010292
Larkin, Francis1909 Apr 0567b. Co. Wexford, Ireland; d. Holbrook; H of Elizabeth 1010292
Larkins, Ellen1961 May 0174W of Francis A Larkins (dec); M of Keith (dec) & Mary 1010518
Larkins, Francis Augustus1948 May 0767H of Ellen; F of Mary & Keith (dec) 1010519
Larkins, Joan Veronica1933 Aug 30<15 days; D of Keith Augustus & Dorothy Jane Larkins 1010291
Larkins, Judith Anne1963 Sep 2921D of Keith (dec) & Dorothy 1010521
Larkins, Katherine Esther1972 Nov 2290Sis of Francis (Cus) Larkins 1010522
Larkins, Keith Augustus1942 Oct 0833H of Dorothy Jane 1010520
Latham, SarahW of Thomas 1010337
Latham, ThomasH of Sarah 1010337
Law, Roy Henry1988 Dec 2967H of Margaret; F of Phillip, David, Jenny, Elizabeth, Ann, Mark 6171035
Lawson, Albert W G (Bert)1940 Jun 2060 1010762
Lawson, Catherine Lumsden 19?? Feb 06W of Joseph 1010805
Lawson, James 1891 Dec 2046F of Jessie 1010914
Lawson, Jessie1891 Feb 04infant D of James Lawson 1010914
Lawson, Joseph 1946 Jul 1689 1010804
Lawson, May1970? Jul26W of James 1010797
Lawson, Nellie1896 Nov 14<110 mths 1010915
Lee, Ivy Doris1920 Jun 052016 Jul 18W of Leslie 1010748
Lee, Leslie Herbert1913 Aug 171960 Jul 06H of Ivy 1010748
Lees, Peter John1947 Nov 142005 May 2157F of Melissa, Karen, Shane 6171005
Liersch, A T B (Toby)1916 Dec 212010 Oct 07H of Betty; F of Lorraine, Bryan, Margaret, Mark, Joanne 6170962
Liersch, (Ben) J. R. B.1960 Dec 1880father 1010746
Liersch, Betty1919 Dec 282007 Feb 21Nee Williams; W of “Toby”; M of Lorraine, Bryan, Margaret, Mark, Joanne 6170962
Lindell, Charles1976 Oct 27H of Roberta 1010674
Lindell, Roberta (Bobbie)2001 Apr 21W of Charles 1010674
Liston, Ena Ethel1915 Mar 102006 Jul 16W of Arthur; M of Denise & David 6170992
Liston, Malcolm Keith1914 Mar 171998 Mar 12H of Irma; F of Dianne, Terry, Malcolm 6171159
Lloyd, Ralph Wheeler 1924 Jan 071991 Oct 03H of Betty Marietta; F of Anne, David, Megan, Gareth 1010169
Loes, John Henry1982 Jul 2872AIF; H of Mabel (dec) 6171287
Loes, Mabel Sylvia1965 Oct 1650W of John 1010285
Loes, Valmai Burnley2017 Feb 1892W of William; M of Lyne & Robyn 1010234
Loes, William George1974 Mar 2362H of Val; F of Lyne & Robyn 1010234
Logan, Alice1939 Jun 1980W of Gilbert 1010842
Logan, Gilbert1929 Jun 2978H of Alice 1010842
Longley, John1916 Jul 14AIF 23495 1010472
Longley, John1913 Aug 1682father 1010587
Loughridge, Harold1916 Jul 3012 1010108
Loughridge, Annie1960 Jun 0289W of David 1010141
Loughridge, David1948 Dec 2884H of Annie 1010141
Lovering, Mary1910 Jul 0261W of Henry Lovering; M of Henry, James, David, Jane, Marie, George, William, Kate & Margaret Crichton 1010885
Lundie Mary18751929 Jan 3053b. Scotland W. of JohnObituary
Lunt, Emily Jane1962 Aug 0686 1010451
Lunt, William H T1960 Jan 0689 1010450
Lymbery, Dorothy Iris1921 May 162005 Jun 04W of Roy; M of Garry, Sharon, Joy, Kathleen 6171039
Lymbery, Roy Francis1909 Sep 302003 May 20AIF; H of Dorothy; F of Garry, Sharon, Joy, Kathleen 6171039
Lynch, Alec Frederick19081998H of Dorothy; F of Judith (dec), John 6171164
Lynch, Dorothy Jane19091997W of Alec; M of Judith (dec), John 6171164
Lynch, Janet1967 Nov 2683W of Fred; M of Alec, Ron, Vic, Win 1010551
Lyons, Mary K193931 1010514
MacMillan Florence Evelyn1917 Nov 09W of John Colin 1010877
MacDonnell, Edna1912 Jun 061999 Jul 14W of Les; M of Alan 6171149
MacDonnell, Elizabeth 1010919
MacDonnell, Jane1903W of Thomas 1010506
MacDonnell, Leslie Gordon (Les)1916 Sep 212000 Sep 19H of Edna; F of Alan 6171149
MacDonnell, Thomas1890H of Jane 1010506
Mackaway, John1979 May 0965with Gladys Matheson 1010903
Mackay, Walter C1955 Apr 0176H of Florence; F of Margery 1010222
MacKenzie, Kenneth1977 Oct 29AIF NX66908 1010714
MacKenzie, Rita1955 Mar 3152 1010715
Mackie, Arthur Hamilton1918 Apr 272 1010879
Mackinlay, Bruce Rankin1964 Jun 052010 Sep 06H of Mary; F of Joydyn Rose; Step-F of Simone, Travis, Tamara, Tim 6170910
Mackinlay, Reta Amelia1992 Jul 2385nee Fogarty; RAAF; W of William; M of Leo, Mary, John, Brian, Gordon, Andrea 6171136
Mackinlay, William (Bill)1985 Jan 2978H of Rita; F of Leo, Mary, John, Brian, Gordon, Andrea 6171136
Macquire, Edna1980 Oct 0150 6171234
Macquire, Harry1977 Jan 2481 6171235
Macquire, Leah1997 Apr 2697 6171237
Macquire, Oliver1994 Sep 1467 6171236
Macvean, Grace1980 Feb 0175W of Alex (dec); Sis of Kittie Stewart 1010862
Madejski, Josef1959 Dec 0774father 1010119
Madejski, Ken1999 Nov 2976S of Mary & Joseph 1010116
Madejski, Maria1978 Jun 1186mother 1010118
Madejski, Stan2006 Dec 2078S of Mary & Joseph 1010115
Maher, Bessie Violet1913 Apr 101993 May 2480W of John Joseph (dec); M of John, David, Graeme, Garry (dec) 6171080
Maher, Garry Robert1972 Nov 0522 1010531
Maher, James1962 Jan 1687 1010639
Maher, John (Jack)1986 Nov 0978H of Bessie; F of John, David, Graeme, Garry (dec) 6171080
Maher, Margaret18781972 1010536
Maher, Margaret1927 Apr 1182 1010640
Maher, Mary Ann1944 May 0165 1010641
Maher, Michael Joseph1968 Jan 2495 1010642
Makepeace, Hector John1972 Nov 1764 1010252
Mallon, Andrew1921 Aug 181983 Sep 27 1010221
Mallon, Andrew John1950 Apr 121956 Jun 09 1010220
Manson, John1978 May 0265F of Bev 1010184
Martin, Jason Lee1982 May 152001 Jun 03S of Helen & Gordon (dec); B of Mandy & Melissa 6171095
Matheson, Gladys May1976 Sep 2064M of Coleen, Colin 1010903
Matheson, Robert Murdoch1899 Aug 101972 Nov 22F of Dorothy, Hilda 1010902
Mathewson, Alma May2002 Aug 0992W of Ian; M of Norman, Margaret, Rex, Neville 6171128
Mathewson, Eileen Frances1938 Jan 042017 Apr 24W of Rex; M of Sharon, Gary, Rob, Craig 6170864
Mathewson, Ian1985 Feb 0277H of Alma; F of Norman, Margaret, Rex, Neville 6171128
Mathewson, John (Rex)1933 Mar 212014 Mar 25H of Eileen; F of Sharon, Gary, Rob, Craig 6170864
Maynard, Charles 1942 Sep 1763father 1010340
McCabe, Doris1918 Jul 071975 Oct 15W of Norman; M of Yvonne, Irene, Norma 1010753
McCabe, Ethel Maude18901970M of Norman James & Kathleen 1010627
McCabe, Kathleen19162011D of Ethel Maude McCabe 1010627
McCabe, Norman James1915 Jan 041997 Mar 11b. N.Z.; H of Doris; F of Yvonne, Irene, Norma 1010753
McConachy, Robert Charles1934 Nov 26 1010810
McCulla, Mary Ellen1902 Jan 27with James and Margaret Murphy 1010504
McCulloch, William Alistair1980 Mar 261981 May 08S of Sam & Elizabeth 1010173
McClure, John1987 Sep 2682AIF VX36004 6171070
McDonald, Allen Blackstone1958 Feb 1361H of Dorothy 1010824
McDonald, Dorothy Margaret1978 Dec 0172W of Allen 1010824
McDonald, Ernest1886 Dec 17 1010941
McDonald, Grace1936 Jan 0874 1010942
McDonald, Lillian E1958 Jun 06 1010941
McDonald, Murdoch1920 Jun 0874 1010941
McDonald, Mrs.1903 MayW. of late Sch. Teach. of Cookardinia Obituary
McDonald, William Murdoch1899 Sep 22 1010942
McFadden ,John1828189870Obituary
McGavin, Allan Charles1925 Apr 131999 Jul 25AIF NX503594; H of Patricia; F of Stephen, Michael, Jon, Rosemary, Talaya, Patricia, Clare, Tim 6170836
McGavin, Joshua Charles1983 Jul 152003 Jul 3120S of Stephen & Kathryn; B of Shannon, Richelle, Daniel 6171041
McGavin, Patricia Clare1936 Jan 221996 Aug 11nee Musgrave; W of Allan; M of Patricia; F of Stephen, Michael, Jon, Rosemary, Talaya, Patricia, Clare, Tim 6170836
McIlwraith, David Andrew18591929 Apr 13H of Mary; F of Lionel, Harry, Ruby, Blanche 1010368
McInerney, Gary1967 Aug 0622with Jim & Jean McInerney 1010555
McInerney, Jean2008 Sep 2286W of Jim 1010555
McInerney, Jim1991 Feb 2273H of Jean 1010555
McInnes, Cyril (Mick)1926 May 022016 Apr 17 6170856
McIntosh, Allan R1990 Jul 0784H of Margaret; F of Robyn, Carol 6171279
McIntosh, Elizabeth1924 May 2966W of James Grant McIntosh; M of William, James, Mary 1010114
McKay, Isaac Daniel1963 Jun 0567 1010961
McKenzie, Eric Leslie1917 Feb 141985 Jan 19AIF VNX10630; H of Olive; F & F-in-Law of John & Irene, Jennifer & Doug 6171139
McKenzie, Olive Gertrude1917 Dec 082003 Feb 25W of Eric; M & M-in-L of John & Irene, Jennifer & Doug 6171139
McKinley, Alan1993 Apr 0781AIF; B of Hugh & Eunice (Donald, Eric & Mary, dec) 6170933
McKinley, Hugh1935 Dec 0263 1010338
McKinley, Margaret1966 May 1284 1010658
McKinley, Mary Elizabeth1919 Apr 191920 Aug 10D of Margaret & Fred McKinley; Sis of Hugh, Alan, Don, Eric, Eunice 1010160
McKinnon, Donald Jerray19291995H of Sheila; F of Ross, Lorraine, Kerry, Geoffery (dec), John 6170888
McKinnon, Geoffrey William1979 Aug 1621S of Donald & Sheila; B of Ross, Lorraine, Kerry, John 1010185
McKinnon, Ross Donald2016 Sep 3064 6171184
McKinnon, Sheila19302002W of Donald; M of Ross, Lorraine, Kerry, Geoffery (dec), John 6170888
McKoy, George1941 Sep 0663 1010763
McKoy, Hazel Gwendoline1986 Jan 0868W of Joe (dec); M of Joe, Margaret, Lorraine, John 6171119
McKoy, H Joseph1969 Aug 1758 1010547
McKoy, James Arthur1964 Oct 03H of Margaret (Top) (dec); F of Janita, Alister 1010830
McKoy, Margaret Beryl (Top) 1965 Jan 05W of James (dec); M of Janita & Alister 1010130
McKoy, Joseph Valentine1987 Jan 0849H of Irene; F of Joanne & Shane 6171118
McLaurin, Jennifer Ann1958 Oct 042007 Oct 02nee Salt; W of Gerard; M of Mary, Paul, John, Luey, Jane, Hugh, Mark (dec), Andrew, Bede, Ruby 6170944
McKoy, Maria Elizabeth1966 Nov 2285mother 1010764
McLaren, Douglas1945 May 071945 May 07S of Marie & Jim 1010754
McLaurin, James1821 Jul 231891 Nov 10 b.Scotland d. HolbrookBiography.
McLaurin, Mark Benedict1993 Aug 121993 Aug 12S of Gerard & Jennifer; B of Mary, Paul, John, Lucy, Jane, Hugh 6171210
McLaurin, Norman Bruce1923 May 052010 Sep 13H of Joan; F of Peter, Carmel, Marie, Margaret, Gerard, Brian, Francis, Katherine, Bernadette, Monica, James, David 6170945
McLaurin, Patricia Joan1928 Jul 192020 May 0391W of Norman; S of Kevin (dec), Brian (dec), Sr Mary (dec), Sr Monica (dec), Laurie (dec), Clare & Enid. Mother and M-in-L of Peter & Mary (dec), Carmel & Bill, Marie & Michael, Margaret & Donald, Gerard & Jennifer (dec), Brian & Susan, Francis & Lisa, Katherine & Phil, Bernadette, Monica, James & Janelle, David.Death notice
McLellan, Constance Mary (Connie)1936 Sep 231999 Aug 31W of David; M of Ray, Susan, Carolyn, Geoff, Wendy 6171116
McLellan, David John (John)1935 Nov 162010 Sep 21H of Connie; F of Ray, Susan, Carolyn, Geoff, Wendy 6171116
McLellan, Raymond John1954 Aug 192017 Aug 1562H of Sheryl; F of Benjamin, Brianna, Mathew 6171178
McNaughton, Joan Annette (Jill)1932 Sep 112015 Dec 09W of Robert; M of Heather, Susan, James 6171238
McNaughton, Robert William1931 Jun 182006 Sep 03H of Jill; F of Heather, Susan, James 6171239
McNeill, Alice1970 Dec 2287mother 1010717
McNeill, Charles1957 Nov 1488father 1010716
McNeill, Robert James1970 Mar 2046 1010689
McPaul, Samuel Ian (Sam)1991 Jan 252019 Dec 3028 6171220
McPherson, Ada Harriet1872 Nov 141952 Sep 28W of Angus; M of Mary, Elizabeth, John, Alexander 1010823
McPherson, Angus1862 Jun 161951 Feb 08H of Ada; F of Mary, Elizabeth, John, Alexander 1010822
McPherson, Angus (Jack)1982 Aug 2480H of Irene; F of Iris, Irma, Ivis, Bobbie, Barrie, Belle 1010786
McPherson, Arnold1977 Sep 1763H of Doris; F of Faye 1010167
McPherson, Bobbie Jack1934 Jan 021987 Jul 2453H of Joan; F of Vickie & Leanne 6171071
McPherson, Doris Daphne (Girlie)2008 Jan 1186W of Arnold; M of Faye 1010167
McPherson, Isabella Elizabeth1900 Nov 291972 Jul 01Sis of Mary, John, Alexander 1010788
McPherson, Irene M E1911 Mar 262005 Jun 19W of Angus John; M of Iris, Irma, Ivis, Bob, Barrie, Belle 6171312
McPherson, Joan Elizabeth1940 Jun 032005 Apr 2064W of Bobbie; M of Vickie & Leanne 6171071
Meiklejohn, Andrew John1974 Nov 2212S of Max & Olga; B of Gail, Ian, Jane 6171221
Meiklejohn, Maxwell George1924 Feb 222008 Feb 01H of Olga; F & F-in-L of Gail & David, Ian & Anne, Andrew (dec), Jane & Steve 6171222
Meldrum, Ryley-James2007 Feb 192007 Jul 26S of Skye & Stephen; B of Jayke6171212
Meredith, Brian Mainwaring1994 Sep 1462H of Joan; F of Phillip, Michael, Debbie 6170927
Meredith, Claude1909 Jan 081991 Oct 29H of Jean; F of Suzy 6170975
Meredith, Ellen Elizabeth1965 May 0685W of Lambert 1010420
Meredith, Glen Phillip1910 Nov 121986 Aug 22H of Thelma; F of Brian & Peter 6171081
Meredith, Jean1907 Nov 181996 Oct 01W of Claude; M of Suzy 6170975
Meredith, Joan Lorraine2004 Dec 1971W of Brian; M of Phillip, Michael, Debbie 6170927
Meredith, Lambert1928 Oct 1145H of Ellen 1010419
Meredith, Thelma Rose1911 Aug 032009 Aug 01W of Glen; M of Brrian & Peter 6171081
Miller, Alfred1939 Jun 3089H of Margaret 1010876
Miller, Eric John (Jack)19071997AIF; H of Mary; F of John 1010195
Miller, Henry Charles1914 Oct 0848 1010849
Miller, Margaret Jane1917 Jun 2859W of Alfred 1010876
Miller, Mary Ann18991977W of Eric John (Jack); M of John 1010195
Miller, Robert James (Robbie)1945 Nov 151995 Dec 0650F of daughter Kelly 6170879
Mills, Emily1971 Jul 1779mother 1010543
Mills, Pamela1923 Apr 081987 Aug 31nee Holden; W of Andrew A N Mills; M of Deboarah Winifred Mills & Sara Jane Grills (nee Mills) 6171072
Mitchell, Mary Therese1918 Aug 22 1010208
Mohr, Augustus Mervyn1980 Aug 2357AIF; H of Winifred; F of Wynette, Judith, Margaret, Mervyn (dec), Gregory 1010482
Mohr, Constance Mary1983 Aug 0363W of John; M of Roddy 6171172
Mohr, John Angus1987 Dec 1672AIF; H of Constance; F of Roddy 6171172
Mohr, John Angus1954 Jan 0865father 1010483
Mohr, Kevin Joseph1931 Jun 162012 Mar 1680H of Shirlie June (dec); F of Stephen, Joanne, Michael 6170999
Mohr, L R1995 Sep 0474AIF VX117803; S of Angus & Sarah (dec) 6170892
Mohr, Mervyn John1956 Nov 1244 yrs 11 mths 1010481
Mohr, Neville James1991 Aug 2063H of Thelma; F of Diane; F-in-L of Denis 6170976
Mohr, Sarah1946 Aug 1553mother 1010484
Mohr, Shirlie June1934 Mar 302006 Dec 1072W of Kevin Joseph; M of Stephen, Joanne, Michael 6170999
Mohr, Thelma Joyce1926 Mar 062019 Dec 30W of Neville; M of Diane; M-in-L of Denis 6170976
Montague, Thomas James1926 Jul 261995 Jun 08 6171247
Morgan, Jeanie1894 Oct 061981 Jul 08W of Snow (dec) 6171248
Morgan, N A (Snow)1895 Apr 101979 Dec 28H of Jeanie 6171249
Morris Margaret 18541912 Jul 26W. of HarryObituary
Morrow, Cyril Wilfred1963 Feb 26Royal Irish Guards 25622 1010270
Morton, Andrew1993 May 2084H of Irene (Rene); F of Philip, Margaret, Judith, Michael 6171017
Morton, Charles John1944 Jul 1375 1010390
Morton, Dudley1921 May 022003 Jan 05H of Shirley; F of Graham, David, Nigel 6171037
Morton, Irene (Rene)1989 Jul 0970W of Andrew (drew); M of Philip, Margaret, Judith, Michael 6171017
Mott, Arthur V K1974 Sep 15 1010728
Mott, Mark Anthony2014 Oct 26S of Marie & Keith; B of Peter, Paul, David, Andrew 6170861
Mullavey, Claude Patrick1902 Aug 071998 Jul 15H of Josie; F of Joan & Judith 6171155
Mullavey, Josephine Mary1913 Sep 141996 Apr 29W of Claude; M of Joan & Judith 6171155
Mullavey, Michael James1987 Jan 1035H of Cheryl; F of Jason, Jacinta, Melonie 6171075
Mullins , Honorah1933 May71 nee Toohey, W. of W.F. Mullins Obituary
Mullins Michael Francis1888194454S. of W.J. MullinsDeath Notice
Mullins William Francis18621945 Nov83F. of Michael, H. of HonorahFuneral Notice
Mulloy, John (Jack)1905 Mar 091967 Mar 0762H of Sarah (Margaret) 1010660
Mulloy, Robert1941 Jul 021976 Jun 2535H of Joan; S of Jack & Margaret 1010526
Mulloy, Sarah Margaret1991 Dec 1579 |6170971
Mulloy, Steven1936 Feb 031958 Sep 1022S of Jack & Margaret 1010517
Mulloy, Thelma Jean1999 Dec 2466W of Bill; M of Margaret, Geoffrey, Beverley, Malcolm, Wendy, Gregory, Darren, Gary, Roslyn 6171090
Murdoch, Elizabeth Anderson1929 Jan 251999 Jul 30b. Holbrook; d. Albury; D of Harry & Emily 1010778
Murdoch, Emily18971961 Dec 31b. Holbrook; d. Holbrook 1010776
Murdoch, Harry18751958 May 22b. Hobart, Tasmania; d. Holbrook 1010777
Murdoch, Harry (David)1931 Jan 152016 Jul 12H of Ailsa; F of Anthony, Peter, Colin, Richard 1010782
Murdoch, Jean Edmund Noble1908 Feb 262010 Nov 19nee Warby; b. Narrandera; d. Holbrook; W of John 1010667
Murdoch, John Ross (Rossie)19201999b. Glenfalloch; d. Holbrook; H of Jean; F of Christine, Jill, John 1010667
Murphy, Anthony1880 Mar 06 1010505
Murphy, James Riley1907 Feb 04 1010504
Murphy, Kathleen Agnes1899 Apr 30 1010505
Murphy, Margaret1879 Sep 20 1010504
Murray, Angie Alison1978 Feb 08Baby D of Heather & Peter; Sis of Donna, Kim-Lea, Sarah-Jane, Alison1010537
Murray, Annie (Girlie)1994 Nov 2982W of Robert Gordon (dec); M of Kerrie & John (dec) 6170924
Murray, R G1967 Mar 2360AIF NX24723; H of Annie; F of Kerrie, John 1010703
Musgrave, unnamed daughter1937 Jun 231937 Jun 23D of Mr & Mrs I A Musgrave 1010585
Musgrave, Amelia Ann1920 Sep 062015 Oct 08nee Haynes; W of Lance (dec); M of Evelyn, Elaine, Marie, Robin (dec), Ian 1010549
Musgrave, Bridget1928 Jun 1229M of Clement 1010107
Musgrave, Clement19261S of Bridget 1010107
Musgrave, Donald Hugh1936 May 102017 Jul 31H of Thelma; F of Paul & Bryan 1010102
Musgrave, Dorothy Murray1984 Dec 1274nee Angel; W of Bob; M of David, Roger, Warren 1010554
Musgrave, Edith Isabel1933 Nov 1016 1010562
Musgrave, Elizabeth Mabel1948 Jul 1470mother 1010757
Musgrave, Gladys1987 Apr 1187with Irwin 1010251
Musgrave, Gladys Emily1920 Feb 242020 Feb 0399nee Williams6171177
Musgrave, Gregory1950 Jan 062013 Dec 06F of Andrew & Nicole; B of Bernice, Edith, Julia, Betty, Bob, Wilga 6171321
Musgrave, Irwin Arthur (Mick)1969 Sep 1065with Gladys Musgrave 1010251
Musgrave, Jean Mary1960 Dec 2149mother 1010150
Musgrave, Lance Henry1968 Jan 2156H of Ann; F of Evelyn, Elaine, Robyn, Marie, Ian 1010550
Musgrave, I.E. Beau1944 Aug 0832AIF; H of Clare (Whitehead); F of John & Patricia 1010387
Musgrave, Mary Anne1899 Dec 30dau/John & Bridget; b. Co.Tyrone, Ireland; w/William JohnResearch
Musgrave, Mary Josephine1952 Aug 3071W of Wallace 1010561
Musgrave, Norman Cuthbert1965 Jun 2959father 1010149
Musgrave, Prudence Ellen18981940 1010343
Musgrave, Robert William1978 Oct 2079H of Dorothy; F of Sheila, Clem, Francis, David, Roger, Warren 1010553
Musgrave, Roger Ashley1967 Sep 2121S of Bob & Dorothy; B of David & Warren 1010553
Musgrave, Thomas McGregor1944 May 0569 1010391
Musgrave, Trevor James1929 Jul 191966 Jan 12S of Mr & Mrs I A Musgrave; B of Hilda, Doris, Donald, Marjorie 1010584
Musgrave, Wallace William1949 Sep 1571H of Mary 1010561
Musgrave, William John1976 Jul 3155H of Gladys; F of Margaret 1010396
Musgrave, William John189356H of Mary F of ThomasObituary
Neale ,Arthur James1950 Nov 10 40ShearerObituary
Neilsen, Lillian Lorraine1938 Aug 09<117 days; D of Archibald & Lillian 1010932
Newman, Dorothy May (Dawn)1931 May 032010 Apr 11W of John; M of Gail 6171148
Newman, John Gregory1927 Jan 221999 Jul 11H of Dawn; F of Terry, Paul, Margie, Gail 6171148
Newton, Lillas Annie1915 May 112005 May 08W of Tom; M & M-in-L of Tom & Thea; Elaine & Colin 6171007
Newton, Thomas Nathaniel1908 Dec 112007 Oct 27H oh Lil; F & F-in-L of Tom &Thea, Elaine & Colin 6171007
Nichol, Gary William1937 Mar 081977 Sep 04H of Jill; F of Jonathan, Susan, Penelope 6171313
Nichols, Charlotte1927 Jun 1177mother 1010416
Nichols, Thomas Louis1936 Jun 1179 1010417
Nixon, Basil1981 Jul 2655H of Elizabeth; F of Julie & Fred 1010253
Nixon, Elizabeth1969 Aug 0446W of Basil; M of Julie & Fred 1010253
Nixon, Ivy Graham1971 Apr 0481mother 1010351
Nixon, Timothy1941 Apr 2559father 1010352
Nolan, F A1954 Nov 0248AIF NX68221 1010458
Nolan, Frederick William1946 Sep 1985 1010459
Nolan, Iva Emma2000 Oct 2093W of Oliver; M of Vincent 1010193
Nolan, James Stewart1978 Jul 021998 Aug 11S of Desmond James & Maria 6171152
Nolan, Margaret1905 Nov 2569 1010459
Nolan, Mary Grace1914 Aug 212005 May 25W of Ronald; M of Barry Hayden, Desmond James, Coleen Anne 6171151
Nolan, Oliver Vincent1974 Sep 0570AIF VX150014; H of Iva; F of Vincent 1010191
Nolan, Ronald Haden1908 Nov 142006 Jul 15H of Mary; F of Barry Hayden, Desmond James, Coleen Anne 6171151
Nolan, Susan Isabel1906 Jun 1936 1010459
Nolan, Sydney Herbert1960 Feb 2886H of Dorrie 1010457
Nyhan, John Francis1962 Jan 1974father 1010307
Nyhan, Liam1960 Feb 04infant S of Joan & Tom 1010309
Nyhan, Lilian Mary Dorothea1977 Feb 04mother 1010308
Nyhan, Rebecca Victoria1948 Mar 1584W of Thomas Nyhan 1010306
Nyhan, Thomas Joseph1985 Apr 2057H of Joan; F of John, Gerard, Mary, Anna & infants Liam & Thomas (dec) 1010305
Nyhan, Thomas Joseph1961 May 20infant S of Joan & Tom 1010310
O'Brien, J B1975 Mar 0658AIF VX73020; H of Margaret; F of Jeanette, Patricia (dec), Marilyn 1010127
O’Brien, James Bernard1949 Jul 1964H of Katherine 1010563
O’Brien, Katherine Mary1962 Mar 3088W of James 1010563
O’Brien, Margaret Olivia1949 Jan 0934W of Jim; M of Jeanette, Marilyn 1010829
O’Brien, Patricia Joan1942 May 08<1D of Margaret & James O’Brien; Twin of Jeanette and Sis of Marilyn 1010935
O’Keefe, Mary Anne1954 May 2973W of Thomas; M of Jean 1010295
O’Keefe, Thomas Richard1971 Jun 2382H of Mary 1010295
O’Shea, Gladys Eileen1922 Jun 162007 Aug 0185W of Max; M of Wilma, Jennifer, Shirley, Robert 6171161
O’Shea, Maxwell Bernard (Max)1998 Feb 1661H of Gladys; B of Jim & Jack; Step-F of Wilma, Jennifer, Shirley, Robert 6171161
Ocock, Louisa Jane1942 Mar 0565W of Wallace 1010492
Ocock, Wallace1922 Jan 0822 1010493
Ocock, Wallace Alfred1951 Jun 1476H of Louisa 1010492
Orr, Eric Hugh1919 Jan 062003 Aug 03AIF; H of Mavis; F of Lorna, Lynette, Thomas 6170883
Orr, Laura Mavis1995 Sep 1473W of Hugh; M of Lorna, Lynette, Thomas 6170883
Pabst, Ellen1888 Aug 0374 1010599
Pabst, Frederick William1949 Jul 1868 1010509
Pabst, Frederick William1883 Sep 1937 1010599
Pabst, John C1879 Feb 0930 1010599
Pabst, Kate Agnes1940 Aug 3184mother 1010508
Pabst, Rawdon Scott1957 Feb 2877 1010510
Palmer, Louisa 1893 Jan 0575grandmother; with Louisa & Charles Bruce 1010884
Papworth, Jack1985 Nov 1770H of Joan; F of Jenifer, Charles, Philip 6171120
Papworth, Joan2018 Apr 2592W of Jack; M of Jenifer, Charles, Philip 6171120
Parer, Anthony Michael1935 Jul 302005 Oct 17RAAF; H of Jenny (Jane); F of Damien & Adam, David, Justine & Alex 6171229
Parker, Beata Alice1994 Jun 1864W of Frederick; M of Margaret, Rodney, Neville 6171088
Parker, Don Geoffrey1930 Jun 282013 Apr 02H of Val; F of John, Carmel, Kerryle, David 6171057
Parker, Doris Evelyn1990 Jul 0975W of Les (dec); M of Les, Irene (dec), Colin, Paul 6170980
Parker, Florence Annie Amelia18811944W.of David M.of LeslieObituary
Parker, Frederick James1987 Jan 0766H of Beata; F of Margaret, Rodney, Neville 6171088
Parker, Irene Victoria1915 May 242013 Apr 21W of Maurice; M of Henry, Joyce, Colin 6170938
Parker, Keith Douglas1926 Jan 222016 May 10H of Sylvia; F of Louise & Fraser 6171200
Parker, Leslie Roy1935 Dec 122008 Jul 26Partner of Belle Joyce (nee McPherson); Step-F of Debbie, David (dec), Graeme 6170946
Parker, Leslie R1954 Sep 1139H of Doris; F of Leslie, Irene, Colin, Paul 1010225
Parker, Maurice Edwin1911 Nov 161992 Aug 11H of Irene; F of Henry, Joyce, Colin 6170938
Parker, Robin19181999 6171154
Parker, Simone Leah1970 Feb 091970 Feb 10D of Lorraine & Colin 1010546
Parker, Valerie Joan1922 Mar 152003 Jan 08W of Don; M of David & Merryle 6171056
Parnell-Schoneveld, Margaret Mary1926 Jun 172003 Jul 11M of Paul, Rinke, Frank, Roderick, Sean, Damian 1010147
Parnell, Anna 1910 May 1470d. Cookardinia; W of John 1010228
Parnell, Caroline1974 Jun 2394W of Henry; M of Kathleen, Melva, Helen, Elaine, Clive 1010157
Parnell, Clive1995 Feb 1373H of Ruth; F of Bill; S of Caroline Parnell 1010157
Parnell, Elisabeth Anne1958 Nov 0584Twin Sis of Gertrude Margaret 1010231
Parnell, Frank E1926 Feb 27H of Eileen; F of Imelda, Bernadette, Frank, Margaret 1010146
Parnell, Gertrude Margaret1955 Aug 21 1010230
Parnell, Henry James1888 Sep 0238H of Mary 1010571
Parnell, Henry John1951 Mar 2081 1010158
Parnell, James Joseph1926 Mar 062018 Oct 05H of Barbara Jean; F of Robert, Phillip, Patrick, Stephen, Danny, Thomas; S of James & Mildred 1010153
Parnell, James 1950 May 1680 1010154
Parnell, John 1920 Feb 1185H of Anna 1010229
Parnell, John 1885 Jun 0970H of Margaret 1010498
Parnell, John Joseph1951 Jul 18 1010155
Parnell, Margaret1884 Jul 05W of John 1010498
Parnell, Mary1917 Apr 2179W of Henry 1010571
Parnell, Melva Mary2004 Apr 2589 1010159
Parnell, Patrick Joseph1944 Feb 2466 1010211
Parnell, Peter18761950 Sep 673Obituary
Parnell, William Bede1928 Dec 2353 1010210
Parnell, William Joseph1979 Jun 2316S of Clive & Ruth 1010156
Pascoe, James Allen19312005H of Shirley; F of Pat & Kaye 6171003
Patience, Cecil Bruce1928 Sep 081984 Aug 02H of June; F of Cecil & Robyn 6171135
Pazzi, B M1957 Oct 3167AIF 9947; H of Eileen; F of Vilma, Ronald 1010152
Pazzi, James Potton1956 Aug 1377father 1010151
Pazzi, Mary18521934 1010110
Pazzi, Matthew18401928 1010111
Peake, Frederick Cecil1992 Jul 1156H of Jackie; F of Graeme, Michelle, Jodie 6170966
Peake, Michelle Maree1970 Sep 092007 Jan 15D of Jackie; Sis of Peakey & Jodie 6170963
Pekov, Nino1923 Apr 242002 Sep 11H of Perka 6171063
Pekov, Perka1926 Sep 072008 Dec 12W of Nino 6171063
Perry, Clarence Reuben1956 May 1472H of Olivia; other grave marker has 1958 as year of death 1010722
Perry, Francis J1962 May 0854 1010735
Perry, George J1957 May 1580 1010755
Perry, Linda A1952 Jul 1450 1010767
Perry, Olivia Louisa1962 May 2273W of Clarence 1010722
Perry, Stanley Gordon1974 Aug 3064AIF VX117482 1010686
Perry, William J1986 Mar 2679AIF VX33056 1010675
Peters, Archie1939 Mar 1649father 1010905
Peters, Edna Anna1974 Oct 1874W of William 1010745
Peters, Ellen1907 Nov 0779W of Robert 1010630
Peters, James1902 Jul 2648with William Peters 1010629
Peters, John1925 Oct 0557 1010946
Peters, John George?18881947 Sep 14 59Obituary
Peters, Mary M1951 Jul 2681 1010945
Peters, Richard1913 Aug 255Obituary
Peters, Robert1906 Oct 1287H of Ellen 1010630
Peters, William1898 Nov 2547with James Peters 1010629
Peters, William Thomas1961 Nov 0861H of Edna 1010745
Petkovic, Arsenje (Peter)1985 Jan 0165H of Katarina 6171140
Petkovic, Katarina1991 Apr 1175W of Peter 6171140
Petts, Alexandra William1954 Mar 1668with Mary & Daniel Petts 1010844
Petts, Cyril Henry1969 Jul 0372H of Thelma 1010688
Petts, Daniel1943 Dec 0981with Mary & Alexandra William Petts 1010844
Petts, Grace Thelma1991 Apr 0578W of Cyril 1010688
Petts, Mary Ann1927 Oct 2665with Alexandra William & Daniel Petts 1010844
Petts, Ronald Henry1986 Jun 2655S of Harry (dec) & Thelma; B of Neville, Basil, Marg, Ann, Rosemary 6171077
Phillis, Elizabeth1943 Sep 082007 Jun 25nee Betty Clyde; W of Ron; M of Anthony 6170941
Pinter, Carolin Jane1978 Oct 0427W of Steve; M of Amanda, Kath, Steven 6171317
Pinter, Steven John1976 Sep 152012 Feb 12S of Stephen & Caroline; B of Amanda, Katherine 6171318
Plunkett, Judith Anne1930 Jun 302018 Sep 1188nee McDowall; W of Maurice; GM & M of William & Richard 6171040
Plunkett, Margery Evelyn1930 Apr 291999 Sep 04nee Lockwood; W of Robert; M of Simon, Celia, James, Lionel 6171089
Plunkett, Maurice Reginald1928 Feb 232011 Jul 2073H of Judith; Gf & F of William & Richard 6171040
Polson, A M18541922W of W G Polson 1010661
Polson, Barbara Adelaide1890 Feb 2613?15 mths 1010661
Polson, W G18501917H of A M Polson 1010661
Poyntz, Ivy May1927 Mar 092003 May 04nee Smith; W of Harry; M of Dawn, Marlene, John, Patty, Vickie, Debbie, Henry 6171038
Post, Emma1946 Jun 0986W of James 1010607
Post, George18431925 Aug 2283Obituary
Post, James1904 Jul 2489 1010606
Post, James1920 Oct 2779H of Emma 1010607
Potton, Margaret18311898 1010500
Poyntz, Debra May1964 Aug 2321m 1010279
Poyntz, Henry Stephen1967 Sep 04<15 mths 1010280
Pratt, Joseph T 1965 May 2067H of Mary 1010657
Pratt, Mary1983 Jun 1586W of Joseph 1010657
Prendergast, Joseph1947 Nov 10also known as Moroney 1010559
Prentice, Ethel Sarah1962 May 2178W of Henry 1010623
Prentice, Henry Leslie1968 Dec 1993H of Ethel 1010623
Prentice, Lucy May1994 Mar 31D of Ethel & Leslie Prentice; Sis of Mary, George, Kitty, Doris, Irene 6170918
Prentyce, Mary1969 Jan 0891 1010548
Preston, David H A1952 Jun 1070father 1010752
Preston, Jessie1944 Aug 2755mother 1010751
Pretty, Robert J1956 Aug 2160husband 1010132
Prineas, Helen1983 Sep 0183W of James 1010429
Prineas, James1949 Sep 1160H of Helen 1010429
Pritchard, June1940 Jan 1513 1010363
Purtell, Bridget1936 Dec 1295 1010104
Preston, Jean Copeland1992 Apr 2177M of Lorraine; M-in-L of Craig 6170968
Price, Grace1996 Jan 1275W of Herbert; M of Pauline, John, Patricia, Lester 6170877
Price, Herbert Walter2015 Jan 2599AIF; H of Grace; F of Pauline, John, Patricia, Lester 6170877
Pumpa, Betty Una1928 Sep 062008 Sep 30W of Alan; M of Yvonne, Michelle, Malcolm 6170956
Pumpa, Mollie Richardine1933 Nov 092015 Jan 15nee Bannerman; W of Gil; M of Sue, Gae, Terrey, Lyn 6171233
Purtell, Dora1946 May 14 1010404
Purtell, John1872 Feb 1571b. Rathkeale, Co Limerick, Ireland 1010635
Purtell, John Joseph1917 Apr 2080 1010103
Purtell, Mary18111899nee Hayes; W of John; b. Charleville, Ireland; d. Germanton 1010637
Purtell, W E1943 Aug 27 1010405
Quick, John Lawrence1938 Aug 042011 Apr 28H of Joy; Step-F of Anthony, Peter (dec), Phillip, Julianne 6170908
Quinnell, Archibald1972 Jun 0556AIF NX5846; H of Ellen; F of John 1010204
Quinnell, Ellen Ruth1928 Feb 172011 Sep 20W of Archibald; M of John, Irene (dec), Dianne (dec) 1010205
Quinlan, James T18631920with Mary Quinlan 1010109
Quinlan, John James1957 Nov 1463H of Mary; F of James & Patricia 1010135
Quinlan, Mary D E18631935nee Mohr; with James Quinlan 1010109
Quinlan, Mary Theresa19011991nee Conway 1010136
Ralph, Ronald1936 Jun 242008 Mar 18H of Belle; F of Debbie, Twins (david (dec) & Graeme 6171315
Ramsdale, William Thomas (Bill)1929 Mar 292015 Jun 17RAN 37064; H of Robin 6170852
Randell, George Henry1947 Jul 2681H of Mary Ann 1010350
Randell, Mary Ann1948 Oct 1375W of George 1010350
Reakes, Allan John1950 Aug 132003 Dec 06S of Clive & May Reakes; B of Les, Colin, Bev, Geoff 6171050
Real, Dorothy Irene1902 Aug 151995 Jun 12Sis of Elsie Bruton; Sis & Sis-in-L of Jean & Claude Meredith 6170934
Reid, Beatrice Olive1915 Sep 272009 Jan 17W of Frederick; M of Graeme, Geoffrey, Rosemary, Carolin, Leanne, Rodney 6171160
Reid, Frederick1917 Jan 211998 Mar 03H of Beatrice; F of Graeme, Geoffrey, Rosemary, Carolin, Leanne, Rodney 6171160
Reid, Todd Arthur2006 Mar 2522S of Rodney & Julie; B & B-in-L of Mylinda & Paul 6171000
Rial, Ada M1929 Sep 27W of William J 1010371
Rial, Archibald John1952 Nov 2074H of Elsie Clara; F of Leslie James 1010421
Rial, Elsie Clara1965 May 2577W of Archibald John Rial; M of Leslie James 1010422
Rial, Isabel Kathleen2008 Nov 0282W of Leslie; M of John, Jeffrey, Robert, Susan 6171023
Rial, James E1928 Nov 26 1010625
Rial, Leslie James1989 Jun 0668H of Isabel; F of John, Jeffrey, Robert, Susan 6171023
Rial, Mary1896 Sep 241 1010626
Rial, William Henry18491901 Jan 1954 1010579
Rial, William James18741938 Apr 22 63Obituary
Rice, Catherine Isabella1944 Mar 0978W of Charles (dec) 1010835
Richards, Alva Edison1961 1010437
Richards, Lorne1907 Feb 261996 Jul 23W of Bert; Aunt of Lorne, Trini, Kurt, David 6171244
Richardson, Albert Raymond1941 Sep 03 1010466
Rider, Eleasha Frances1976 May 071976 May 071010740
Rider, Stacy James1989 Dec 1818S of Stan & Pamela; B of Joanne, Janine 6171020
Rigney, Gladys Ivy1928 Apr 122018 May 18b. Ganmain; d. Canberra; D of William & Coralie Winnett; W of Robert; M of Alistair & Virginia 1010172
Rindfleish, Kathleen Elizabeth1955 Nov 082004 Apr 19W of David; M of Adam & Alisa 6171242
Rindfleish, Raymond Clyde1982 Jul 09H of Lorne; F of David, Kurt, Trini 6171243
Roach, Alice Jean1920 May 012011 Aug 09nee Heriot; W of David; M & M-in-L of Ann & Evan Hulme, Alan & Yvonne Roach 6171096
Roach, Annie Maria1956 Sep 2690 1010326
Roach, David1920 Apr 272001 Jul 04AIF VX59318; H of Alice; F & F-in-L of Ann & Evan Hulme; Alan & Yvonne Roach 6171096
Roach, David1903 Sep 0172d. Roachdale; H of Elizabeth 1010323
Roach, David JamesDec 14 194968 H of Sarah 1010856
Roach, David Michael1875 Mar2S of David & Elizabeth Roach 1010566
Roach, Elizabeth1921 May 3182W of David 1010324
Roach, Elizabeth Mary18771970 1010545
Roach, John Lyster18681951 Apr 1282Death Notice
Roach, Joseph Patrick Lyster1908 Jan 1627 1010325
Roach, Josephine Elizabeth1968 Aug 93 1010322
Roach, Lyster1957 Jul 0747F of David 1010855
Roach, Marjorie2007 May 1099 1010854
Roach, Sarah Ann1943 Jul 3056 1010856
Roberson, Mavis Susan1928 Jan 162008 Aug 03W of Neville Horn 1010249
Roberts, Alister Lloyd1956 Feb 052006 Dec 08with Lloyd Simpson Roberts 6170839
Roberts, Lloyd Simpson1997 Jun 2279with Alister Lloyd Roberts 6170839
Roberts, Nellie1937? Mar84?W of Roy; M of Judith; with Annie Campbell 1010898
Robertson, Donald Wilkie1912 Feb 041999 Oct 07H of Mary; F of Donald, Rosemary, Maxine 6171303
Robertson Jessie18701939 Jun 20 W. of JamesDeath Notice
Robertson, Mary Ethel1909 Jan 311989 Nov 04W of Don; M of Donald, Rosemary, Maxine 6171302
Robinson, Fanny Maria1942 Aug 1837 1010349
Robinson, J D (Jack) 1974 Sep 1359AIF VX132330; H of Sylvia; F of John, Dorothy, Rhonda 1010951
Robinson, John Richard 1988 Jan 25 F of Julianne 1010952
Robinson, Sylvia Jane1991 Nov 22W of Jack 1010952
Rosevear, Thelma1904 Jul 081962 Dec 26 1010653
Ross, David1995 Aug 1790H of Penelope; F of Colin, Catherine, Malcolm, Jenny 6171228
Ross, Ethel Penelope1978 Dec 2366W of David; M of Colin, Catherine, Malcolm, Jenny 6171227
Ross, William1950infant S of William & June 1010870
Ross, Ada1872 Feb 021944 Apr 24W of Alexander 1010897
Ross, Alexander1912 Sep 27 58H of Ada 1010897
Ross, Alexander1882 Oct 0270H of Janet 1010949
Ross, Alexander James Gordon1886 May 111975 Nov 22H of Mabel; F of Margaret, Charles, Mabel, Jessie 1010791
Ross, Alexander McLeish (Sandy)1923 Aug 201995 Nov 0672H of Pauline; F of Sally, Jane, Sandra 1010793
Ross, Angela E R18971976 1010814
Ross, Charles1980 Feb 2059H of Joan 1010789
Ross, Dorothy Dickson1928 Jan 131996 Oct 13AM; OBE; 3rd D of John & Rita Ross; Sis of Nigel, Marion, Alison, Janet 1010780
Ross, Douglas1969 Sep 2073H of Gladys; F of Dudley Ross, Gloria Blanks, Noela Lind, Rosemary Hulme 1010783
Ross, Emily Jane1863 Jul 151946 Nov 14W of John 1010895
Ross, Florence Ethel1951 Jun 0860mother 1010774
Ross, Gladys1974 Jun 0778W of Douglas; M of Dudley Ross, Gloria Blanks, Noela Lind, Rosemary Hulme 1010783
Ross, Gordon Val1987 Aug 2857H of Lorraine; F of Isabella, Valentine, Jessie, William, Clinton 6171067
Ross, Helen1926 Jun 0669W of Robert 1010892
Ross, Isabella1943 Jun 0650 1010873
Ross, James Roy1967 Aug 3175father 1010775
Ross, James Roy1989 Apr 0669H of Margaret 1010795
Ross, James Roy1926 Dec 1778H of Jean 1010894
Ross, Janet1894 Dec 1282W of Alexander 1010949
Ross, Jean Smith1956 Jun 1290W of James 1010894
Ross, Joan1974 Jul 3154W of Charles 1010790
Ross, John1846 Apr 141929 May 30b. Pollockshaws, Scotland (near Glasgow); H of Emily 1010896
Ross, John Nigel1922 Mar 122000 Jun 0178OAM; RAAF 420600; S of Rita & John; H of Elizabeth (nee Hughes); F of James Dickson & John Forrest; B of Marion, Alison, Dorothy, Janet 1010670
Ross, John Nigel1973 Dec 0582 1010779
Ross, Julie Winifred1975 Apr 1022 1010794
Ross, Lee1969 Mar 1446W of Robert 1010868
Ross, Mabel Constance1964 Jan 0174W of Alexander J G Ross; M of Margaret, Charles, Mabs, Jessie 1010792
Ross, Margaret Alston1974 Jan 1051W of James 1010795
Ross, Muriel Isabel (Lorraine)2011 Jan 3176W of Gordon; M of Isabella, Valentine, Jessie, William, Clinton 6171067
Ross, Neil18951947b. Kinross; d. Stonehaven, Holbrook (these are probably properties) 1010813
Ross, Peter1975 Jun 1524S of Lee (dec) & Rob 1010866
Ross, Rita Bell1961 Apr 2065W of John 1010779
Ross, Robert Alexander1984 Dec 1762H of Lee (dec); F of Peter (dec) & Russell 1010867
Ross, Robert Alexander1938 Mar 0178H of Helen 1010892
Ross, Robert Valentine1970 Dec 1275 1010872
Ross, William James1992 Jun 1773AIF; H of June Margaret Ross 1010871
Rossiter, Ailsa1928 Jun 022001 Apr 09nee Rockliff; W of John; M of Jane, Sally, Paul, Catherine 6171094
Rossiter, John Paul Campbell1930 May 222003 Jul 03H of Ailsa; F of Jane, Sally, Paul, Catherine 6171094
Rowe, Nancy May1935 Feb 310 mthsD. of Syd and AnnieObituary
Rowe, Robin Lola1943 Nov 032014 Oct 24nee Musgrave; W of Ron; M of Simon, Mark 6171322
Rowland, Annie Tereasa1935 Jul 1533W of John; M of Colleen 1010140
Ryan, Frederick James1989 Jul 3162S of John & Lyle (both dec); B of Les 6171015
Sanders, James2014 Jul 2876S of Marjorie & Walter; B of Margaret (dec), Barbara (dec), Patricia 6170862
Sanders, Margaret Shirley1933 Jun 052001 Jul 07D of Marjorie & Gus (dec); Sis of Barbara, Patricia, Jim 6171103
Sargent, Beatrice Eunice1928 Jan 252003 Oct 12W of Ken; M & M-in-L of Roslyn & Bede, Glenn & Lindy 6171051
Sargent, Kenneth William1934 Dec 102003 Nov 11H of Beatrice; F & F-in-L of Roslyn & Bede, Glenn & Lindy 6171051
Savill, Richard Philip Lydall1948 Jul 242017 Jul 01H of Mary; F of Nathan & Alyssa 6171185
Scobie, Ian Joseph1923 Oct 052019 Sep 04RAN; H of Robin; F of Graham, Duncan, Robert, James, Stuart 6171199
Scott, Charles James1979 Aug 0367AIF NX167540; B of Margaret Mulloy 1010201
Scott, Gillian Helen1937 Dec 062007 Jul 14D of Jim & Mollie Bannerman; Sis of Mollie, Harry (dec), Shayne, Kristin; W of Brian 6171230
Scully, Owen Eugene1954 Feb 18 1010403
Scurr, Lillian Maude1956 Mar 3048mother 1010348
Sekold, Baden Victor1928 Feb 152007 Jun 07H of Margaret; F of John, Jane, Tracey, Vivian, David (dec)1010161
Sekold, David Matthew1968 Nov 292000 Nov 25S of Margaret & Baden; B of John, Jane, Tracy, Vivian 1010162
Semmler, Beryl Joan1937 Aug 282014 Oct 13W of Colin; M of Neil, Michael, Veronica, Mark 6170913
Semmler, Colin Theodore1936 Apr 022010 Jan 27H of Beryl; F of Neil, Michael, Veronica, Mark 6170913
Semmler, William John1941 Nov 111995 Dec 2354 6170878
Serong, Catherine1961 Aug 2089W of William 1010402
Serong, Josephine1909 Mar 161998 Jan 29W of Leslie; M of Maureen, John, Michael (dec) 6171024
Serong, Leslie Lester1988 Jul 1586H of Josie; F of Maureen, John, Michael (dec) 6171024
Serong, unnamed male1945 Mar 15infant 1010399
Serong, William1950 Sep 2584H of Catherine 1010402
Shaw, Alice Donison1922 Nov 301997 May 12AMF; nee Kelly; W of Aubrey; M of Janeen, Kym, Donald 6170837
Shaw, Aubrey Donald1921 Sep 112009 May 27AIF; H of Alice; F of Janeen, Kym, Donald 6170837
Shea, Betta1978 Apr 2854 6171268
Shea, Claude1978 Nov 0463 6171269
Shea, Esther1961 Sep 0650W of Steve; M of Max, Rob, Shirley 1010098
Shea, Maureen Alice1939 Sep 162015 Jul 20W of Robert; M of Deidre, Tim, Michelle 6171204
Shea, Steve1965 Oct 1259F of Max, Rob, Shirley 1010099
Sheather, Beatrice Anne1998 Mar 1379W of Harry; M of Louis 6171032
Sheather, Edward Clarence1981 Aug 2578AIF; H of Lassie; F of Pam & Frank Wornes 1010864
Sheather, Emma1962 Dec 2383?with Louis Sheather 1010428
Sheather, Harry Ray1988 Jul 2776H of Beatrice; F of Louis 6171032
Sheather, Jodi Anne1978 Jan 241978 May 26 1010180
Sheather, Lassie1989 Feb 2778W of Ted; M of Pam & Frank Wornes 1010865
Sheather, Louis1951 Jul 1570with Emma Sheather 1010428
Simpson, Charles Henry1984 May 1867AIF; B of Bruce, Jack, Grace6171165
Sky, William George1937 Oct 012001 Oct 25H of Barbara 6171097
Sly, Helen1946 Apr 2626ex W.A.A.A.F.; mother 1010646
Smiles, Christina1898 Jul 0869W of Thomas 1010664
Smiles, Thomas1896 Dec 3169H of Christina 1010664
Smith, Isobel1976 Jun 28 1010709
Smith, Jack1961 May 26B of Tessa Smith 1010415
Smith, John1968 Jun 27H. of Isobelresearch
Smith, John Gregory (Greg)1990 Dec 1257H of Margaret; F of Nicole 6170979
Smith, Leanne Margaret1965 Dec 302013 Mar 11W of Mark; M of Maree & Brent 6170903
Smith, Marjorie Helen1926 Jul 072015 Jun 01nee Bleasdale 6171323
Smith, Tessa1960 Jan 26Sis of Jack Smith 1010415
Soden, David Valentine1896 Oct 2332d. Culcairn; late of Bathurst 1010610
Soley, Dulcie Marion1911 Mar 122000 Nov 12nee Daniel; M of Ron, Brian (dec), Carmel; W of Reg (dec) 6171275
Soley, Reginald William1910 Jul 231991 Nov 12H of Dulcie (Daniel) 6171278
Spokes, Gloria Viola1917 Dec 072012 Jan 30nee Maynard; D of Charles & Amy; W of Les; M of Diane, Bob, Doug, Phill, Virginia 1010339
Spokes, Jennifer Ann1951 Jun 111994 Nov 2243W of Doug; D of Tyson 6170923
Spokes, Leslie1991 Mar 3075H of Gloria; F of Dianne, Bob, Doug, Phill, Virginia 6170987
Spurr, J E1906 Jun 2379H of Susannah 1010619
Spurr, John Wallace1972 Jul 1860 1010129
Spurr, M G1946 Sep 2681 1010619
Spurr, Madeline1961 Aug 03W of W E Spurr (dec: M of Rock, Beryl, Jack 1010131
Spurr, Susannah1892 Jan 0264W of J E Spurr 1010618
Spurr, W E1949 Feb 1081 1010619
Spurr, Walter (Rock)1989 Oct 2487H of Connie (dec) 1010128
Stanley, Rev Fr Albert Morgan19151998P.P. Holbrook 1968-1995 1010393
Steadman, Alexander18721943H of Florence 1010928
Steadman, Florence May18821945W of Alexander; Sis of William Castle 1010928
Steele Mary1923 Jul 23 W. of David SteeleObituary
Stevens, Constance Mary1922 Dec 311999 May 14W of Stanley; M of Susan, David, Stanley, Michael 6171186
Stevens, Jennifer Mary Murdoch1955 May 101988 Aug 0555b. Holbrook; W of Stanley 1010672
Stevens, Stanley Crawford1920 Nov 052015 Oct 25H of Constance; F of Susan, David, Stanley, Michael 6171186
Stewart, Alfred William1933 Jun 192018 Oct 20H of Colleen; F of Joy, Leonie, Joseph, Louise 6171197
Stewart, Annie1960 Jan 1791 1010860
Stewart, Colleen Eunice1937 Dec 242016 Jul 01nee Jones; W of Alfred; M of Joy, Leonie, Joseph, Louise 6171197
Stewart, Hazel1988 Feb 2795with Thelma Stewart 1010863
Stewart, James Simpson1945 Nov 0380 1010859
Stewart, John William1913 Nov 1755B of Michael & Joseph 1010232
Stewart, Kittie1999 Jul 1492Sis of Grace Macvean 1010862
Stewart, Michael J1907 Jun 1826killed at Germanton 1010293
Stewart, Thelma1994 Feb 2897with Hazel Stewart 1010863
Stewart, Wallace Bruce1971 Sep 2570 1010861
Strachan, Christina1838? May 121912 Sep 27 82mother 1010912
Strachan, Mary1897 Dec 2025D of Isaac Cliff 1010910
Strang, Reginald1989 Jun 2989H of Ethel (dec); F of Margaret, Dawn, Billee 6171021
Straw, Beatrix Edith1985 Apr 2978M of Peter, Christopher 6171295
Sudnik, Ernst Wilhelm19292018H of Winifred (Win) 6171179
Taskis, Laurence Joseph2003 Dec 2585AIF; H of Norma; F of Ian & Ray 6170952
Taskis, Norma Betty2009 Jun 1580W of Laurie; M of Ian & Ray 6170952
Taylor, Adelaide18501882 Jan 16 31W of RobertResearch
Tayler, Alice Eliza1896 Dec 0246W of James 1010595
Tayler, James1924 Oct 2780H of Alice 1010595
Taylor, Darryl Robin1986 Feb 1320S of Max & Denise; B of Christine 6171076
Taylor, David Franklin1990 Jul 0738S of Joan (dec); B of Prue, Gordon, Jeanette, Dennis, Tootie 6170978
Taylor, Denise Heather1940 Jan 242011 May 03W of Max; M of Hayden, Christine, Darryl (dec) 6170893
Taylor, Dennis Leonard1939 Jul 212008 Sep 0969H of Judy; F of Julis & Phillip 6171130
Taylor, Doris Ellen1913 May 11<16 mths 1010907
Taylor, Edith Jane1959 Feb 1583 1010907
Taylor, Joyce Elaine1961 Mar 1734W of Stan; M of Allan & Neville 1010217
Taylor, Gordon Robert2004 Mar 2067H of Evelyn; F of Neale 6171046
Taylor, Joanica Dorothea1984 Aug 0573M of Prue, Gordon, Jeanette (Netta), Dennis, Joan (Tootie), David 6171129
Taylor, Mary Louise1960 Oct 192001 Oct 24W of Neale; M of Andrew & Steven 6171102
Taylor, Maxwell Robin1937 Mar 192012 Jul 27H of Denise (dec); F of Christine & Darryl (dec) 6170893
Taylor, Robert Glenton1945 Jun 2274 1010907
Taylor, Robert1897 Dec 2849Death Cert.
Taylor, Selina1915 May 1859 1010605
Thomas, Allen Berkeley (Thommo)1935 Feb 061994 Feb 03H of Faye 6170928
Thomas, Charles E1956 Sep 2147 1010354
Thomas, Faye Merilyn1945 Dec 052019 Jul 10nee McPherson; W of Thommo 6170928
Thomas, Harcourt1954 Mar 3162 1010463
Thomas, Pearl Victoria1948 Mar 1937 1010353
Thompson, Agnes Adella1900 Dec 181971 Nov 29W of Ross; M of Reg, Ross, George, Rosalind, Janice 1010237
Thompson, Evelyn Grace1991 Mar 0864W of Ross; M of Brenda, Peter, Trevor, Dennis, Jenny, Jayne (dec), Debbie 6170983
Thompson, R D1997 Aug 2074AIF VX63117; F of Robert, Gregory, Warren, Susan, Stephen, Paul, Glenn 1010236
Thurling, Leslie2004 Apr 2775H of Nita 1010207
Thurling, Michael Gain1910 Feb 242004 Feb 21AIF VX85990; B of Bob, Charlie, George, Vene, Irene, Annie & Olga (all dec) 6171045
Thurling, Nita Joy1997 Nov 1168W of Les 1010207
Toll, Maureen1938 Apr 292007 Mar 17W of Ronald; M of Ken, Jucy, Gary 6170995
Toll, Ronald1931 May 062006 Sep 09AIF; H of Maureen; F of Ken, Judy, Gary 6170995
Toner, Edith May1963 Dec 2483mother 1010273
Trebley, Mary Elizabeth1974 Aug 1685W of William; M of Eva, Bill, Lil 1010725
Trebley, William1966 Apr 3084H of Mary; F of Eva, Bill, Lil 1010725
Trethowan, Jean1928 Feb 031997 Sep 16W of Arthur; M of Ross, Dianne, heather, David, Sheryle, Barry 6170845
Twitt, Esther June1927 Jun 182008 May 21W of Joe; M of Helen & Graham 6170931
Twitt, Graham Joseph1952 Mar 202016 Nov 0864H of Narelle; F of Brendan, Melanie, Jarrod, Marney 6171195
Twitt, Henry Joseph1925 Nov 101993 Jan 29H of June; F of Helen & Graham 6170931
Tyrode, Beryl Joyce19291992mother 6170930
Umbach, Irmgard1958 1010930
Upton, Elizabeth Emma18621948 Jun85W. of FrederickObituary
Van Every, Alexander (Alex)1991 Jan 0887S of John & Blanche Every 6170981
Vanevery, George1933 Nov 0735? 1010843
Van Klaveren, Henderikus1913 May 251996 Feb 04H of Johanna 6170875
Van Klaveren, Johanna1920 Mar 101998 Mar 27W of Hendrikus 6170875
Vickery, Donald Miles1932 Nov 072001 Oct 20 6171250
Waghorne, Patricia Kathleen1942 May 132006 Mar 25nee Tatham; W of Frank; M of Vicki & James 6171110
Waite, Edgar William1982 Oct 0889AIF 4931 1010188
Waite, Ena May1925 Aug 272013 Feb 16W of Walter; M of Peter, Terry, Vicki 6171004
Waite, Walter Auburn1915 Sep 052005 Aug 15AIF; H of Ena; F of Peter, Terry, Vicki 6171004
Walker, Charles Edward1974 Apr 1985H of Mary 1010432
Walker, Mary1949 May 0460W of Charles 1010432
Walkerden, Dudley1924 Oct 102004 Oct 04 6171086
Walkerden, Keith1986 Oct 1759H of Jean; F of Michael 6171085
Wallace-Smith, Mary Theresa (Mollie)1908 May 211993 Mar 09W of Cyril Henry Bowler & John Wallace-Smith; M of Elizabeth-Ann (Tink) Knight 1010311
Wallace, Elizabeth1852192574Research
Wallace, Robert1924 Sep 1081 1010943
Warby, Florence1954 Dec 13W of William 1010723
Warby, William Lakeman1960 Nov 2890H of Florence 1010723
Waters, Elizabeth Mary1926 Dec 0260W of Stephen; M of Annie, Henry, Richard, Priscilla, Mary, William, Emily, Dorothy, Florence, George; D of Eliza & Francis Kurren 1010581
Waters, Stephen1915 Apr 0479H of Elizabeth 1010582
Watson, Robert Darnton1926 Jul 211981 Jul 27H of Christine; F of Hugh, Andrew, Katrina 1010168
Weatherby, Alfred James1950 Mar 08H of Agnes; F of Alma, Joe, Noel, Elva, Marie, Doreen, Joyce 1010474
Webb, Eva Mary1981 Apr 2353W of Eric; M of Jan, Sheila, Chris, Les, Cheryl, Karrie, Wayne 1010395
Webb, Frank Broughton1941 Sep 2246AIF 4931; S of William & Jane (nee Broughton); H of Hazel; F of Colin, Val, Don; Owner of Webbs garaga, Holbrook 1010378
Webb, J H1921 Jul 01with W C C Webb 1010380
Webb, John Joseph1988 Sep 0860H of Val; F of Sue 6171034
Webb, Robert Charles1984 Dec 0440H of Norella Anthea; F of Andrew (dec), Anthony, Gregory, Christina 6171134
Webb, Stephen John1989 Apr 222003 Oct 2214S of Colin & Joy; B of Danny, Kurt, Thomas 6171044
Webb, W C C1937 Jun 1077with J H Webb 1010380
Webster, Eric George19191998H of Lola; F of Helen, Jeffrey, Darryl 6170886
Webster, Lola Joyce1995 Jan 1969W of Eric; M of Peter, Margaret, Allen, Lorraine, Ronald 6170886
Wells, Edward Hubert1917 May 0324KIA France; S of Eliza Wells; GS of Elizabeth Kendall 1010633
Wells, Margaret1847192780W of W J 1010456
Wells, W J1829189970H of Margaret 1010456
West, Grace Elizabeth1939 Dec 312018 Aug 20nee Winslett; W of Colin; M of Susanne, Cheryle, Michael, Gail 6171192
Weston, Brian John1944 Jan 181999 Mar 20H of Helen; F of Anthony, Danielle, Michelle, Katrina, Catherine 6171146
Wetmore, George1952 Dec 162015 Jul 14F & F-in-L of Jeremy & Kathy, Angellica & Kevin, Troy (dec) 1010125
Wetmore, Troy Vincent1978 Sep 252014 Apr 08S of George & Kathleen; B of Jeremy, Angellica 1010126
Wettenhall, Jane Patricia1984 Aug 24<13 days; D of Ian & Judy6171263
Wettenhall, Louise Patricia1983 Jun 15<11 day; D of Ian & Judy6171262
Wettenhall. Roland Hugh Alexander1918 Nov 041988 Jul 14b. Melbourne; H of Patricia Joan Murdoch (marr. 1952); F of Ian, Jennifer, Alice, Alexander 1010673
Wheeler, Beatrice Victoria1915 May 311971 May 2856W of Sidney; M of Sid, John, Fay 6170901
Wheeler, Camilla Orbost1973 May 0181W of Norman; M of Rhoda & Ruth 1010264
Wheeler, Clem Ernest1921 Jul 192017 Dec 25H of Inez 6171189
Wheeler, Clive Henry19171997H of Jane; F of Joan, Ruth, Colleen, Robert, Geoffrey 6170842
Wheeler, Edna May1923 Sep 151978 Oct 24W of Roy; M of Dianne, Yvonne, Helen 1010171
Wheeler, Jane19182007W of Clive; M of Joan, Ruth, Colleen, Robert, Geoffrey 6170842
Wheeler, Jessie Elizabeth1977 Apr 1587mother 1010445
Wheeler, Ralph Outerson1983 Aug 2360S of Sidney & Jessie; B of Oscar, Clive, Roy, Clem 6171170
Wheeler, Roy David1918 Aug 032011 May 26H of Edna; F of Dianne, Yvonne, Helen 1010171
Wheeler, Sidney Alfred1956 Aug 2974?father 1010444
Wheeler, Sidney Oscar1913 Apr 251994 May 0981H of Beatrice; F of Sid, John, Fay 6170901
White, Albert James1966 Mar 1167 1010286
White, Andrew James1960 Apr 1073 1010117
White, Betty1927 May 232012 May 18W of Frank; M of Peter, Pamela, Terry, Gary, Bruce 1010737
White, Daisy Violet1993 May 2092M of Margaret, Roy, Ron 1010287
White, Elaine Dorothy1988 Jan 1763W of Roy; M of Dudley 6171064
White, Lorna Marie1990 Apr 2065W of Alan; M of Maree & Danny 6170982
White, Florence May1961 Nov 2973 1010739
White, Francis Charles (Frank)1925 Oct 282011 Mar 27H of Betty; F of Peter, Pamela, Terry, Gary, Bruce 1010737
White, John Jefford 1981 Oct 2388AIF; H of Irene; F of Elizabeth (dec) & Leticia 1010527
White, Roy Albert1925 Feb 252005 Jan 06H of Elaine (dec); F of Dudley 6171047
Whitehead, Clare May1983 May 0370W of Le Beau Musgrave; M of John, Patricia & Peter 1010387
Whitehead, Elsie Irene1952 Nov 2562W of William; M of Noel, Roy, Bride, Doris 1010819
Whitehead, Jean Helen1921 Dec 092012 Dec 08W of Roy; M of Gordon, Doreen, Helen, Yvonne, Roy, Arthur, William 6170925
Whitehead, Roy Gordon1994 Oct 2282H of Jean; F of Gordon, Doreen, Helen, Yvonne, Roy, Arthur, William 6170925
Whitehead, William Gregory1995 Feb 0234S of Roy (dec) & Jean; B of Gordon, Doreen, Helen, Yvonne, Roy, Arthur 6170884
Whitehead, William Murdoch1952 Jan 2072H of Elsie; F of Noel, Roy, Bride, Doris 1010819
Whitley, Arthur James (Jim)1924 Feb 011995 Apr 22H of Dorothy; F of Judy, Mary, Matt, Laurel, Roger, John, Pauline, Danny 6170887
Wigley, Elizabeth C1923 Oct 1769mother 1010845
Wilkinson, Charles1916 Jun 0277H of S L Wilkinson 1010883
William, John Ernest1893 Dec 301977 Jan 23H of Margaret Rial; F of Betty, Gordon (dec), Marie & Peg 1010394
Williams, Agnes Tate (Boop)1988 Dec 2393D of Catherine & Frederick 6171033
Williams, Alfred1977 May 2466H of Eva; F of Irene 1010181
Williams, Allan Keith1913 Aug 272 1010596
Williams, Amy Margaret1967 Oct 2469W of Henry 1010275
Williams, Annie18461929 Aug 10b. Bombay; d. Hillside Billy Bounc 1010507
Williams, Catherine1929 Jun 0972 1010564
Williams, Clare1933 Jan 0242 1010564
Williams, Eileen Crosby1968 Apr 2667 1010372
Williams, Ellen Irene19001970 Apr 17 69W of Gus 1010649
Williams, Elizabeth A1912 Oct 2271d. Yass; mother 1010597
Williams, Ernest1948 Feb 1479H of Sarah 1010362
Williams, Ernest Francis1921 Sep 092014 Dec 29AIF VX105201; H of Norma; F of Raymond, Elaine, Pamela, Ruth, Patricia, Valerie (Chic), Colin, Barrie 6170858
Williams, Eva1997 Feb 0178W of Alf; M of Irene 1010182
Williams, Frederick1922 May 0178 1010921
Williams, Frederick1922 May 0178 1010944
Williams, Henry Francis1964 Jul 2273H of Amy; F of Violet, Gladys, Ernest, Elsie, Stanley, Irene, Esme 1010275
Williams, Margaret1956 Sep 0662W of J E Williams; M of Betty, Marie, Peg 1010662
Williams, Mary Catherine1962 Oct 2078 1010647
Williams, Mary Louise (Marie)19252007Sis of Betty & Peg 6170943
Williams, Norma Agnes1927 Apr 272017 Aug 20W of Ernest; M of Raymond, Elaine, Pamela, Ruth, Patricia, Valerie (Chic), Colin, Barrie 6170858
Williams, Sarah1941 Apr 0180W of Ernest 1010362
Williams, W A18641932 1010574
Williams, William Frederick1950 Sep 0570 1010564
Williams, Augustus Raymond1965 Nov 25 65 1010649
Williamson, Garry William1938 Sep 102019 Sep 0980 1010101
Wilson, Alan19362003H of Faye; F of Doreen & Bill 6170891
Wilson, Alice Maude1964 Jul 2585 1010656
Wilson, Doris Louise1994 Oct 2578W of William (dec); M of Bill (dec), Carole 6170922
Wilson, Faye Alice19381995W of Alan; M of Doreen & Bill 6170891
Wilson, Imogene1977 Jun 132015 Oct 11D of Jill (nee Murdoch) & Darryl Wilson; twin sis of Rebekah 1010668
Wilson, John Thomas1951 Sep 1674S of Mary Wilson 1010142
Wilson, Mary1924 Jan 2177M of John Thomas Wilson 1010142
Wilson, William Barry1993 Sep 2556H of Jeanette; F of Ann-Maree, Melinda 6170940
Wilson, William George1978 Aug 1861H of Doris; F of Bill & Carole 6171293
Wilton, Joyce1991 Dec 0573W of William; M of Mary, Margaret, Carol, Stanley, Roma, Ken, Kaye, Phillip, Marcia, Ashley, Tom 6171022
Wilton, William (Bill)1989 Sep 1276H of Joyce; F of Mary, Margaret, Carol, Stanley, Roma, Ken, Kaye, Phillip, Marcia, Ashley, Tom 6171022
Wines-White, Jannifer South1933 Dec 222002 Jan 17W of James (dec), Alan; M & M-in-L of Cameron & Kathy, Ross & Jennifer, Brett & Jacalean, Maree & Martin, Danny & Annette 6171258
Wines, James (Kanga)1919 Sep 011986 Dec 23H of Jannifer South Trueman; F of Cameron, Ross, Brett, Maree 6171259
Winkler, Gavin1977 Mar 077 6171267
Winnett-Fawcett, Sarah Louise1992 Sep 23D of Jeff & Gaye; Sis of James6171211
Winnett, Albert William1926 Dec 062018 Feb 24F of Penelope, Belinda, Robyn, Roger, Jeannie 1010176
Winnett, Alice Marvel19031979W of Walter; M of Jean, Betty, Robert 1010954
Winnett, (Stanley) Alexander1931 Apr 102010 Mar 08H of Evelyn; F of Sue-Anne & Bryan 6171042
Winnett, Ann Patricia1934 Oct 142012 Aug 30W of Alva; M of Gayle & Robert 6170900
Winnett, Coralie Ivy1901 Aug 151967 Jun 29W of William Alva Winnett 1010266
Winnett, Coralie Jeannie1979 May 069 1010179
Winnett, Elizabeth1954 Sep 2385W of Walter 1010364
Winnett, Evelyn Fay1934 Jul 042004 Jan 25W of Alex; M of Sue-Anne & Bryan 6171042
Winnett, Walter1944 Dec 2773H of Elizabeth 1010364
Winnett, Walter James18992000AIF; H of Alice; F of Jean, Betty, Robert 1010954
Winnett, William Alva1894 Dec 101980 Feb 26Pioneer road builder; H of Coralie 1010265
Winslett, Allen (Algie)1998 Apr 0556H of Christine; F of Lea & Troy 6171157
Winslett, Charles1970 Aug 1977H of Isabell; F of Richard, Ivy, Ted (dec), Marie, Grace, Doreen, Allen, Veronica, Charles 1010245
Winslett, Edward (Ted)1957 Jan 2921S of Charles & Isabell; B of Richard, Ivy, Marie, Grace, Doreen, Allen, Veronica, Charles 1010441
Winslett, Isabell Rose1912 Nov 212005 Mar 10W of Charles (dec); M of Richard, Ivy, Edward (dec), Marie, Grace, Allen (dec), Doreen, Veronica, Charles 6171010
Wood, George1936 Sep 2373father 1010906
Wood, Selina1945 Oct 1059mother 1010904
Wishart, Barry Trevor1939 Sep 242017 Apr 06F of Michael & Amanda 6171194
Woodland, Elsie Elizabeth1949 May 1839mother 1010760
Woodland, James Lee1961 May 1164 1010452
Woodland, James P1963 Aug 2755 1010759
Woodland, John Robert1931 Jan 2530 1010375
Woodland, Maude2000 Jun 2585W of Sydney 1010165
Woodland, May1952 Dec 2684W of William 1010609
Woodland, Norman1980 Aug 2273 1010164
Woodland, Sydney Houston1987 Sep 0782H of Maude 1010165
Woodland, William Dennett1902 Aug 2071Obituary
Woodland, William1930 Feb 2268H of May 1010609
Woodland, William Edward1918 Oct 0820 1010486
Woodland, William Henry1958 Oct 2064 1010609
Wormald, Catherine1939 Apr 1765 1010360
Wormald, Cuthbert1950 Jun 1985 1010361
Wornes, Dorrie1910 May 262006 Jun 24W of Edward; M of Ron, Kevin, Marge, Johnno, Ian, Ted, Frank, Judith, Peter, Kaye 6170991
Wornes, Edward Vernon1954 Sep 1154father 1010223
Wornes, Francis John1940 Jul 212007 Jun 14H of Pam; F & F-in-L of Shaun, Tara & Paul 6170960
Wornes, Kevin1961 Sep 3032father 1010215
Wornes, Ronald Vernon1963 Jul 1235 1010224
Worsley, Paul Nigel Stuart1936 Aug 242008 Aug 14b. Croyde, Devon, England; D. Melbourne; H of Gillian; F of Hamish, Alison, Kate 1010680
Wren, Ellen May1989 Nov 2365W of Arthur; M of Bill, Kay, Yvonne 6171281
Wren, Ethel1984 Aug 1688W of Clarence (dec); M of Arthur, Lionel (dec), Clifford (dec) 6171282
Wright, Ada Mary1988 Feb 0168W of Cyril; M of Margaret, Kathleen, James, Thomas 6171068
Wright, Agnes Mary Madge19121991W of Bill; M of Gwen, Rhonda, Ian 6171131
Wright, Cyril1987 Oct 2469AIF; H of Ada; F of Margaret, Kathleen, James, Thomas 6171068
Wright, Elizabeth1930 Jun 2270mother 1010370
Wright, Moses1954 Jun 0294 1010370
Wright, William Goddard19111984AIF VX75831; H of Madge; F of Gwen, Rhonda, Ian 6171131
Youngman, Harold William1967 Dec 041st South African Infantry 1914-18; VX42253 1010260
Yoxon, Marion1904 Dec 20<115 days 1010940
Ziebell, Albert (Bert)1912 Nov 301985 Jan 0772AIF; H of Patricia Mary; F of Damien, Helen, Mark, Philip, Catherine, Michael 6171138
Ziebell, Patricia Mary (Pat)1922 Sep 082007 Apr 1284nee Tenni; W of Albert George; M of Damien, Helen, Mark, Philip, Catherine, Michael 6171138
Zimmerli, Frederick1951 Apr 0754 6171206
Zimmerli, Robert Frederick18961951 Apr 754Obituary

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