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"According to the late Harry Hollingsworth, one of the family’s most prominent genealogists, the first written mention of our clan was of one Tomas de Holinewurth, of Cheshire, who signed the Burgh charter some time between 1211 and 1225. By 1298, the family begins to appear in the Lancashire records as well, when a land grant to Matthew de Hollinworth was recorded. And in 1339, Johannes de Holynworth and Rogerus de Holymworth are recorded in a poll tax in Yorkshire. By the early fifteenth century, the surname begins to appear in the records for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire as well."[1]

Hollingsworth DNA Study

Recent DNA testing has shown that there are multiple Hollingsworth families that do not share a common ancestor. Testing of a proven descendant of the Hollingworth family of Hollingworth Hall in Cheshire showed that he matches very few other bearers of the surname. His genetic matches were found in Derbyshire and, intriguingly, Australia. Most of the Hollingsworths in England share a different pattern of DNA. Another Hollingsworth family in Lincolnshire is unrelated to the ones in the northwest of England or the southeast of England, but are related to the clan that settled in Cambridge in the mid 17th century. Yet another family lived in the fens of Lincolnshire in the 1600s.[1]

A recent discovery of The Hollingsworth DNA Project is that Valentine Hollingsworth, who is the originator of the main Hollingsworth line in the USA, came from the Yorkshire Hollingsworth line. They have two British participants who are direct male descendants of the Yorkshire Hollingsworth line, both of whom share Y-DNA with each other (a closer link) and with those participants descended from Valentine Hollingsworth (a more distant link). It looks like Valentine's line migrated from Yorkshire to Ireland and from there to the colonies.

You can find out more about the Hollingsworth DNA study here (Family Tree DNA).

Hollingsworth Name Study

This is a One Name Study to collect together in one place everything about one surname and the variants of that name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that cross or intersect. Please contact the project leader, add categories to your profiles, add your questions to the bulletin board or G2G (tagged Hollingsworth), add details of your name research, etc.

~ Jo Hollingsworth, project leader


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Did you know that the db_errors project has a "by surname" search feature? Check it out here & see if any of your Hollingsworth/Hollingworth/etc. profiles are listed.


  • Create a list of solid resources for researching Hollingsworth genealogy
  • Find sources for the unsourced Hollingsworth profiles on WikiTree. There are a lot!
  • Stay up to date on the discoveries being made by the Hollingsworth DNA Project, who are currently using Y-DNA to trace the origins of various Hollingsworth lines.


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  1. Contact the project leader, Jo Hollingsworth, or simply add your name and interests below.
  2. For a "One Name Studies" badge, post an answer to this G2G question.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Hollingsworth, Douglas. "Hollingsworth Family Origins." Hollingsworth Ancestry Website. Accessed 5 July 2017.

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