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Hospital Cottages for Children Baldwinville 1882

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Location: Baldwinville, Massachusettsmap
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Records freely available on FamilySearch.org as scanned documents. Transcription by E Childs. More information is available on the original - see the "source" column for link. All cities/towns are presumed to be in Massachusetts unless otherwise specified.


Common abbreviations used in the chart below:

  • imp. or impr. - Improved (also "n. imp." for "not improved")
  • Com - Committed
  • N.I. - Not improved
  • Rec - recovered
  • A.H. - Almshouse
  • Sch. for F.M. - Massachusetts School for the Feeble Minded, in Waltham
  • O. of P. - Overseers of the Poor
  • Monson St. H. - Monson State Hospital

Admissions 1882-1899

Helen Blake36AtholAtholEpilepsy12 Jul 188211 Jul 1905Died - Pernicious anaemia[258]
Wm. Fitzgerald18ShrewsburyWorcesterEpilepsy2 Dec 188414 Oct 1898Committed to Wor. Hosp.[258]
Alberta H. Baker21So. BostonEpilepsy7 Oct 188619 Apr 1900Died - Epilepsy[258]
Annie Maher16UnknownLowellInfantile paralysis1 Apr 188726 Aug 1899Visit[258]
C. H. Sanders18PittsfieldInfantile paralysis2 Apr 188715 Feb 1900Rec.[258]
Harry H. Little20Providence, R.I.Paralysis9 Jun 188818 Oct 1900Much impr. To Holyoke A.H.[258]
Arthur Miles23Akron, O[hio]Akron, O[hio]Epilepsy16 Jun 188815 Dec 1900Died - Epilepsy[258]
John Howley19CambridgeBostonEpilepsy2 Jul 188814 Oct 1898Committed to Wor. Hosp.[258]
Percy Wallace18HalifaxBostonEpilepsy2 Jul 188816 Mar 1905Imp. To Sch. for F.M.[258]
Frank Morse22WorcesterWorcesterEpilepsy7 Feb 189114 Apr 1902Not impr.[258]
James Burns11BostonBostonEpilepsy9 Feb 189114 Jul 1901Died - Epilepsy[258]
Giovanni Birnscoglio12BostonEpilepsy9 Apr 18916 Feb 1899Died[258]
Nettie Upton10GreenwichEpilepsy13 May 18918 Jul 1905Rec. To Greenwich O. of P.[258]
Willie Steele16W. SomervilleNewtonDefective27 Jun 18915 Nov 1901To School for Feeble-Minded[258]
Eddie Welch26BostonCambridgeEpilepsy15 Aug 189110 Jan 1900Impr. To Cambridge A.H.[258]
Raymond Lawrence10LeominsterLeominsterEpilepsy3 Sep 189116 Mar 1905Rec. To School for F.M.[258]
Lillian Chandler32DorchesterTownsendDefective6 Nov 18914 Mar 1900Died - Apoplexy[258]
Inez R. Peabody14Barre, Vt.WorcesterDefective4 Jan 189213 Aug 1920To Mass. School [for Feeble-Minded][258]
Emma Phelps12IrelandEpilepsy28 Jan 189226 Apr 1900Rec. To live with aunt.[258]
Harry Lovering38BostonSomervilleInfantile paralysis9 May 18921 Aug 1906Visit[258]
Hannah Hastings19Westminster, Vt.Westminster, Vt.Epilepsy13 Jul 189226 Apr 1901Not impr. To Brattleboro Retreat[258]
Florence Archer16LowellEpilepsy24 Oct 18926 Oct 1902Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Ernest Bowman14Providence, R.I.Defective30 May 189322 Jul 1904Much impr. [To] Dexter Asylum Prov.[258]
Mary Conley11BostonEpilepsy15 Sep 18931 Mar 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Robert Crawford8Scrofula1 Mar 189426 Feb 1901Rec. To Supt. State Minor Wards[258]
Chas. Chickland13LowellLowellDefective25 Apr 189415 Aug 1899Visit[258]
Fred Frazier17Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy4 Jun 189412 Feb 1904N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Ernest Foster13BostonBostonEpilepsy20 Aug 189413 Mar 1901Unimpr. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Walter Jennings6Hyde ParkHyde ParkEpilepsy27 Sep 18943 May 1907Died - Cerebral paralysis from birth[258]
Beatrice Frazier12Epilepsy28 Dec 189419 Feb 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
James C. Stuart10CanadaQuebecDefective5 Feb 18955 Mar 1899Impr.[258]
Emma Johnston12UnknownUnknownEpilepsy3 Apr 189519 Feb 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Mary Winslow29Portland, Me.RoxburyEpilepsy3 Jun 189525 Jun 1897Readmitted June 28, 1897[258]
Winslow DeChamp9BostonBostonHip Joint5 Jun 189529 May 1899Rec.[258]
Wm. W. Dalton8R.I.Boston HighlandsEpilepsy5 Jun 18953 Nov 1905Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Gerrett J. Bradt Jr.18LowellLowellEpilepsy26 Apr 18951 Jan 1906Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[258]
Mary Webber16BeverlyBeverlyEpilepsy27 Jul 189519 Oct 1898Imp.[259]
E. A. Gernache12Fall RiverFall RiverEpilepsy13 Sep 18951 Mar 1907Impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[259]
Annie Leduc11Fall RiverFall RiverEpilepsy13 Sep 18959 Feb 1899Died[259]
Herbert L. Whiting6FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy14 Oct 189520 Sep 1900Impr.[259]
Fred Hausding16DorchesterDorchesterEpilepsy3 Nov 189512 Jun 1908Died - Paralysis[259]
Wm. Hennigar13ChelseaCharlestownEpilepsy12 Nov 189519 May 1925Com. to Monson[259]
Rosana Egan8BostonBostonEpilepsy14 Dec 189515 Dec 1898Much impr. To her home.[259]
Winnie Dodge(No disease)28 Dec 189531 Mar 1900[259]
Annie Burke10NatickNatickEpilepsy2 Jan 189615 May 1901Died - Epilepsy and phthisis[259]
John W. Black12Providence, R.I.Epilepsy9 Apr 189624 Aug 1900Not impr.[259]
Melvin Foster6WinchendonWinchendonDefective24 Apr 189611 Jul 1904Died - Phthisis (pneumonia)[259]
Wm. Leo Vallalay6FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy6 Apr 189622 Oct 1902Not impr. [To] home.[259]
John H. Campbell14BradfordBradfordEpilepsy14 May 18965 Jan 1910N. Imp. To Monson St. H.[259]
Claudia Henderson11UnknownUnknownClub foot23 May 189623 Sep 1899Rec.[259]
Chas. Lewis9Boston(?)Rickets13 Jun 18966 Aug 1903Rec.[259]
Thos. Harding5Fall RiverFall RiverScrofula25 Jun 189617 Aug 1903Rec.[259]
Ralph Webster8MontanaEpilepsy4 Jul 189610 Jun 1905Not imp. To Montana[259]
Ida Warren16LeicesterEpilepsy6 Aug 189628 Oct 1898Impr.[259]
Mary Hughes11UnknownBostonEpilepsy18 Aug 189630 Mar 1891Died - Phthisis & epilepsy[259]
Marcia Pickard11HaverhillLynnEpilepsy26 Aug 189623 Dec 1899Visit[259]
Susie J. Slade19Chestnut HillEpilepsy22 Aug 189625 Apr 1902Visit[259]
Beatrice I. Foote16New Gloucester, Me.BostonHip Joint11 Sep 189610 Nov 1899Rec.[259]
Howard O. Batchellor10LynnEpilepsy2 Dec 18962 Nov 1905Not impr. To Monson Hosp.[259]
Sarah Lebenfeld15BostonEpilepsy & Scoliosis18 Dec 18961 Jan 1906Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[259]
Wm. F. Kidney15BostonEpilepsy15 Jan 189731 Oct 1902Impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[259]
Alfred Boissert10Fall RiverEpilepsy15 Jan 18974 Dec 1899Died - Epilepsy[259]
A. Bouchard10Fall RiverEpilepsy15 Jan 18972 Sep 1903Rec.[259]
Letitia Materasso5BostonBostonEpilepsy9 Feb 18979 Oct 1898Impr.[259]
Louise Foster9Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy22 Feb 189726 Dec 1899Visit[259]
James Murrin8BostonBostonEpilepsy24 Mar 189726 Jan 1912Rec. To Mass. Sch. F.M.[259]
Geo. F. Fales16SomervilleWoodstock, Vt.Epilepsy19 May 189729 Sep 1900Not impr. To Monson Hosp.[259]
Wm. Erickson15BostonWorcesterEpilepsy23 May 189721 Jan 1899Impr.[259]
Nellie Haggerty15LawrenceNo. AndoverEpilepsy15 Jun 18976 Oct 1902Not impr. To Monson Hosp.[259]
Wm. Tossitt6BostonBostonRickets16 Jun 189712 Jul 1902Rec.[259]
Dorothy Green7MedfordMedfordEpilepsy17 Jun 189727 Dec 1918Died - Influenza[259]
Dexter Bullard18SpencerSpencerEpilepsy21 Jun 189725 Feb 1907Died - Epilespy[260]
Howard Dean4IndianaAllstonEpilepsy1 Jul 189719 Nov 1898[260]
James B. Nairn17ScotlandBostonEpilepsy10 Jul 189723 Jun 1899Visit[260]
Frank Lundagen14LeomisterLeominsterEpilepsy10 Jul 189717 Dec 1898Much imp.[260]
Louis Warner15BostonEpilepsy16 Jul 189710 Jan 1900Visit[260]
Herbert Travis16Wellesley HillsWellesley HillsEpilepsy29 Jul 189719 May 1900Visit[260]
Catherine Horan6W. Thompson, Ct.Wenham DepotEpilepsy31 Jul 189717 Jan 1904Died - Epilepsy[260]
Harold Francis17QuebecBostonEpilepsy3 Aug 189728 Sep 1900Died - Bright's Disease[260]
Catherine McDermott13UnknownUnknownEpilepsy14 Aug 189719 Feb 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[260]
John Mulligan13UnknownUnknownEpilepsy14 Aug 189727 Nov 1900[To] Home. Much impr.[260]
Elsie Parker10MedfieldMedfieldEpilepsy21 Aug 189710 Jun 1901Rec.[260]
Boyd Denfeld13NeedhamNeedhamCerebral paralysis31 Aug 18972 Mar 1901Died - Bronchitis[260]
Robert Walhden16TauntonTauntonEpilepsy3 Sep 189719 Apr 1899Impr.[260]
Walter N. Ryder17BostonBostonCerebral paralysis14 Sep 189727 Apr 1901Impr.[260]
Winslow Badger15SherbornSherbornScrofula17 Sep 18978 Jul 1899Visit[260]
Alice Lyman14MichiganDummerton, Vt.Epilepsy12 Oct 18977 Nov 1898Visit[260]
Wayne Tucker17Hopkinton, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy13 Oct 189717 Mar 1899Impr.[260]
Arthur Hackett13CambridgeportCambridgeportCerebral paralysis17 Oct 18976 Aug 1899Visit[260]
Charlie Harrold16R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy20 Oct 189729 Oct 1903Impr.[260]
Raymond Jefferson7SpringfieldSpringfieldScoliosis28 Oct 189720 Jul 1899Visit[260]
Mary Danner14BostonRoslindaleEpilepsy4 Nov 189725 Sep 1900Visit. Impr.[260]
Earl Baker11Wamego, Kan.LeicesterEpilepsy8 Dec 18971 Feb 1900Visit. Impr.[260]
Louis Hodkins13MaineHancock, Me.Infantile paralysis11 Dec 189724 Oct 1902Died - Paralysis & Phthisis[260]
Edward Fitzgerald17RoxburyBostonEpilepsy12 Jan 189827 Jan 1899Impr.[260]
Harry Harris17BostonRoxburyEpilepsy25 Jan 189813 Mar 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[260]
Howard Ellis6LeominsterLawrenceEpilepsy7 Feb 18982 Nov 1898Visit[260]
Ann Healy35AmesburyAmesburyEpilepsy28 Feb 189814 Oct 1899Impr.[260]
Herbert W. Love18BostonBostonEpilepsy14 Mar 18982 Apr 1899Impr.[260]
Ethel Tate6WatertownBostonEpilepsy21 Mar 18989 May 1901Visit[260]
Harry F. Palmer8SouthwickSouthwickEpilepsy21 Apr 189826 Jul 1901Much impr.[260]
Arthur B. Lecolst4LynnLynnInfantile paralysis27 Apr 18985 Jul 1911Died - Convusions[260]
Agnes Morin2WestfieldWestfieldBroken leg2 May 18988 Oct 1898Rec.[260]
Mary Morency9Epilepsy28 May 189812 Aug 1921To State Infirmary Pauper Dept.[260]
Maggie Cavenaugh9HolyokeEpilepsy30 May 189821 Oct 1899Died - Apoplexy[260]
Frank Nickerson18DorchesterBostonEpilepsy7 Jun 189829 Nov 1899Visit[260]
Chas. A. Ferguson7WhitmanFall RiverEpilepsy11 Jun 189830 Jun 1899Visit[261]
Robert L. Doggett4SalemSalemHip Joint13 Jun 189826 May 1902Rec.[261]
Mabel Holman4(No disease)14 Jun 18981 Jan 1900[261]
Albert Rand15CambridgeProvidence, R.I.Neurasthenia22 Jun 189817 Nov 1898Visit[261]
Ernest Upham7MelroseMelroseCerebral paralysis8 Jul 18981 Jul 1908Much imp. Went home[261]
Alice B. Cleveland6New BedfordNew BedfordEpilepsy15 Jul 189818 Dec 1898Died - Epileptic attack[261]
John Knight6BostonCharlestownEpilepsy3 Aug 18981 Jan 1906Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Thos. F. Foley4WorcesterWorcesterEpilepsy10 Aug 18981 Jul 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Donald A. FletcherEast Jaffrey, NHEast Jaffrey, NHEpilepsy20 Aug 189819 Nov 1898Visit[261]
John Marques3BostonEpilepsy20 Aug 189818 Aug 1903Died - Spasmodic laryngtis[261]
John Smith3PhiladelphiaRickets20 Aug 189811 Jan 1900Rec.[261]
Mary Kochela5Chicopee FallsEpilepsy15 Sep 18981 Mar 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Wilbur Briggs13MarylandCambridgeportDefective28 Sep 189822 Dec 1898Much impr.[261]
Edna L. Aldrich15Lebanon, NHLebanon, NHEpilepsy29 Sep 189817 Dec 1898Much imp. To her home.[261]
Nellie M. Houghton32WestminsterW. GardnerEpilepsy13 Oct 189816 Mar 1900Not impr.[261]
Walter S. Oxley15BostonEpilepsy19 Oct 189813 Mar 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Eloise Murphy14ErvingErvingHip Joint22 Oct 189824 Oct 1898Rec.[261]
Ida Warren16LeicesterLeicesterEpilepsy4 Nov 18981 Jan 1906Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Howard W. Ellis6LeominsterLawrenceEpilepsy7 Nov 18981 Mar 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Gertrude Sneeston13Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy9 Nov 18982 Jun 1903Much imp. To her home.[261]
Maybelle I. Downes13No. WilbrahamWilbrahamEpilepsy11 Nov 189811 Mar 1899Impr.[261]
Minnie L. Watkins3New MarlboroRickets14 Nov 189810 Oct 1916N.I. To Worcester St. Hosp.[261]
Alice L. Lyman14MichiganDummerston, Vt.Epilepsy22 Nov 189815 Aug 1899Visit[261]
Howard Dean4IndianaAllstonEpilepsy22 Nov 189827 Nov 1900Visit[261]
Eva G. Hamm10WorcesterWorcesterDefective26 Nov 189812 Aug 1899Visit[261]
Albert Rand15Providence, R.I.Neurasthenia26 Nov 189822 Dec 1898Much impr.[261]
John H. Belknap13Bridgeport, Conn.WestfieldEpilepsy15 Dec 189830 Sep 1899Com. to Hosp. for Epileptics[261]
Wilbur Briggs13CambridgeportNeurasthenia28 Dec 18983 Jul 1899Visit[261]
George Osburne22AshburnhamCerebral paralysis28 Dec 189819 Aug 1899Visit[261]
Eloise Murphy11ErvingErvingHip Joint30 Dec 18983 Jan 1899Impr.[261]
Albert E. Rand15CambridgeProvidence2 Jan 189917 Mar 1899Impr.[261]
Cora B. Rogers11HardwickHardwickEpilepsy5 Jan 18991 Oct 1900Impr.[261]
Pierre Valcourt Jr.9Fall RiverFall RiverEpilepsy9 Jan 18993 Nov 1905Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[261]
Thomas H. BlakeAdultEpilepsy14 Jan 18991 Jan 1900From visit 28 Nov 1899[261]
Fannie M. Barlow10W. BrookfieldIndian OrchardSpinal curvature14 Jan 18995 May 1899Impr.[261]
Frank Lundigan14LeominsterLeominsterEpilepsy14 Jan 189924 Jun 1899Visit[262]
Harry Williams12BostonBostonEpilepsy25 Jan 189916 Nov 1900Much impr. [To] home.[262]
Frank H. Gears12BostonBostonEpilepsy30 Jan 189930 Apr 1900Much impr.[262]
Chas. Laws28GardnerEpilepsy15 Feb 189928 Apr 1899Impr.[262]
Dorothy Upton5Manchester, NHEpilepsy16 Feb 189923 Feb 1899[262]
Henry McMichael12CambridgeProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy16 Feb 18993 Jul 1899Visit[262]
Alice Garo10IrelandClintonEpilepsy20 Feb 189931 Oct 1901Died - Exhaustion of epilepsy[262]
Eloise Murphy13ErvingErvingHip joint16 Mar 189915 Apr 1899Impr.[262]
Justin C. Barry6 mos.Keene, N.H.BaldwinvilleScrofula16 Mar 18997 Oct 1899No disease[262]
Hjalmar Stahlberg6Minneapolis, Minn.OrangeHip joint18 Mar 189913 May 1899To Memorial Hosp, Worcester[262]
Mary E. Garrity9Chicopee FallsChicopee FallsEpilepsy27 Mar 189927 Nov 1899Died - Epilepsy[262]
Edward Fitzgerald18BostonBostonEpilepsy30 Mar 189917 Apr 1900Visit[262]
Albert Rand15Providence, R.I.No disease3 Apr 189924 Jun 1899Well[262]
Wm. Erickson15WorcesterEpilepsy8 Apr 189910 Jan 1900Impr. To Cambridge A.H.[262]
Chas. E. Wilcox Jr.10Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Injury to head10 Apr 18994 Dec 1900Visit[262]
Maybelle Hulbert13EnglandWorcesterUndeveloped, deaf11 Apr 18999 Sep 1899Impr.[262]
Harold G. Frye13Epilepsy14 Apr 18998 Nov 1901Impr. To Hosp. for Epileptics[262]
Mary A. Weidner14BostonBostonEpilepsy22 Apr 18994 Sep 1899Impr.[262]
Philip Connell7BostonHinghamEpilepsy24 Apr 18993 Feb 1922Imp.[262]
Annie L. McKenna2TempletonBroken leg28 Apr 18996 Aug 1899Cured[262]
Jane White6UnknownUnknownEpilepsy & blind2 May 189927 Jan 1913Died - Bronchitis. From State Almshouse[262]
Arthur Harris6UnknownUnknownRickets2 May 189930 Jul 1903Rec. To care of [State Almshouse].[262]
Joseph Evelyn13BarbadoesBostonEpilepsy3 May 18994 Oct 1899Died - Epilepsy[262]
Geo. H. McCarthy10SpringfieldSpringfieldEpilepsy8 May 189928 Nov 1899Visit[262]
Wm. St. John5AdamsAdamsEpilepsy8 May 189928 Aug 1899Imp.[262]
Chas. H. Currier10EverettEpilepsy8 May 18996 Oct 1902Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[262]
Ellen A. Fitzgerald8AshburnhamGardnerHip Disease26 May 189911 Oct 1902[To] home[262]
Dennis Moriarty13UnknownUnknownEpilepsy10 Jun 18996 May 1905Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[262]
Martin Ubare14UnknownUnknownTalipes & Defective10 Jun 189921 Nov 1905Much impr. c/o Winchendon O. of P.[262]
Edith Chase13HardwickState AlmshouseTalipes12 Jun 189925 Apr 1901Much impr.[262]
Ellen Lundquist13SwedenCambridgeDefective12 Jun 18993 Sep 1900Visit. Impr.[262]
John Bolton16PhiladelphiaProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy17 Jun 189923 Oct 1903Rec.[262]
Edith M. Healey6E. Providence, R.I.E. Providence, R.I."Brain trouble"21 Jun 189921 Oct 1905Rec.[262]
Stanley G. Irwin16 mos.GilbertvilleGilbertvilleNo disease23 Jun 189925 Aug 1899Well[262]
Mary Ann Pritchard9Pawtucket, R.I.Pawtucket, R.I.Epilepsy23 Jun 189912 Aug 1899Impr.[262]
Walter William Jones8FitchburgW. FitchburgEpilepsy4 Jul 189930 Aug 1899Much imp.[263]
James F. McDermott2WorcesterWorcesterEpilepsy6 Jul 189916 Jun 1903Died - Phthisis[263]
James Brown Nairn18ScotlandJamaica PlainEpilepsy7 Jul 189913 Mar 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[263]
Marjory Garrity17BostonBostonDeaf & Dumb, Epilepsy11 Jul 189916 Aug 1899Not impr.[263]
Etta H. Haas2LexingtonLowellEpilepsy25 Jul 189931 Mar 1903Died - Epilepsy & phthisis[263]
Dorothy J. Bishop7BostonDorchesterEpilepsy27 Jul 18992 Sep 1899Impr.[263]
Edward E. Wiley18HardwickWorcesterEpilepsy5 Aug 189927 Oct 1899Impr.[263]
Winslow Badger15SherbornSherbornDactylitis & Osteitis deforming10 Aug 189930 May 1900Rec.[263]
Manning A. Drew Jr.13None15 Aug 189930 Sep 1899Visit[263]
Henry Bird10LeominsterLeominsterEpilepsy17 Aug 189916 Sep 1899Impr.[263]
Eliz. Adele Shewbrooks8HoldenHoldenEpilepsy18 Aug 189919 Sep 1901Much impr. [To] home[263]
Robert J. Walkden15TauntonTauntonEpilepsy19 Aug 189919 Apr 1900Visit[263]
Raymond Jefferson7SpringfieldSpringfieldLateral curvature31 Aug 189926 Oct 1900Visit[263]
Mabel (Leah Mabel) Kershaw11New YorkEpilepsy1 Sep 189919 Aug 1905Visit. From Taunton Hospital[263]
Frank Lundagan15LeominsterFitchburgEpilepsy4 Sep 18992 Jul 1900Impr.[263]
Chas. Chickland14LowellLowellNeurathenia4 Sep 189917 Mar 1900Rec.[263]
Eva G. Hamm11WorcesterWorcesterDefective9 Sep 189916 Feb 1900Visit. Impr.[263]
Annie Maher17LowellInfantile paralysis9 Sep 189910 Nov 1899Visit[263]
Henry McMichael14ProvidenceEpilepsy12 Sep 18994 Jul 1900Impr.[263]
George Osborn22AshburnhamFitchburgChorea12 Sep 189925 Jul 1900[263]
Medville McLaughlin White10Damariscotta, Me.Damariscotta, Me.Epilepsy13 Sep 189930 Oct 1900Impr.[263]
Harry E. Smith13ChesterChesterEpilepsy14 Sep 189917 Nov 1900Died - Phthisis[263]
Gertrude A. Pitcher6SomervilleBoston Female Asy.Spinal27 Sep 189916 Mar 1913M. imp. To her parents[263]
Zebulon W. Barrar Jr.10ChelseaRevereEpilepsy28 Sep 189910 Mar 1900Impr.[263]
Alice L. Lyman15MichiganDummerston, VtEpilepsy30 Sep 189910 Jul 1900Much impr.[263]
Margaret CallahanParalysis30 Sep 189929 Jan 1913Died. From State Almshouse[263]
Maggie McKenzieParalysis30 Sep 189916 Mar 1905Imp. To Sch. F. M. [263]
Stewka Schruba4PolandParalysis30 Sep 189923 Sep 1913M. Impr. To Tewksbury Asy.[263]
Manning A. Drew Jr.13Farmington, NHEnuresis5 Oct 18992 Dec 1899Visit[263]
Gladys Joslin13BlackstoneProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy13 Oct 18996 Oct 1902Much impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[263]
Thos. Clarence Gillingham47BostonRoxburyEpilepsy24 Oct 18997 Feb 1900Visit. Impr.[263]
Cora B. McCool8Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy6 Dec 189931 Oct 1900Not impr.[263]
Manning Drew14Farmington, NHEnuresis8 Dec 189926 May 1900Visit[263]
Annie Maher17LowellInfantile paralysis21 Dec 189930 Oct 1900Visit[263]

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