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Hospital Cottages for Children 1900-1902

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Location: Baldwinville, Massachusettsmap
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Records freely available on FamilySearch.org as scanned documents. Transcription by E Childs. More information is available on the original - see the "source" column for link. All cities/towns are presumed to be in Massachusetts unless otherwise specified.

Common abbreviations used in the chart below:

  • imp. or impr. - Improved (also "n. imp." for "not improved")
  • Com - Committed
  • N.I. - Not improved
  • Rec - recovered
  • A.H. - Almshouse
  • Sch. for F.M. - Massachusetts School for the Feeble Minded, in Waltham
  • O. of P. - Overseers of the Poor
  • Belchertown - Belchertown State School

Admissions 1900-1902

Marcia Pickard12HaverhillLynnEpileptic, Deaf Mute1 Jan 190025 Sep 1900Much impr. To Sch. for Deaf Mutes[263]
Louis H. C. LuthinEpilepsy9 Jan 190025 Aug 1902Visit[264]
Grace EllisEpilepsy10 Jan 19006 Oct 1902Much impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[264]
Abbie Reagan9CambridgeCambridgeEpilepsy10 Jan 190015 Sep 1900Much impr.[264]
Helen F. Condon8CambridgeportCambridgeportEpilepsy11 Jan 190020 Oct 1900Not impr.[264]
Thos. Clarence Gillingham47BostonRoxburyEpilepsy15 Feb 190026 Apr 1900Visit[264]
Willie S. Milne6LenoxPittsfieldEpilepsy28 Feb 190019 Apr 1901Died - Cerebral hemorrhage[264]
Nellie Wheelehan13PittsfieldPittsfieldHystero-Epilepsy28 Feb 190020 Apr 1904Rec.[264]
Annie Maud MorganAuburndaleAuburndaleEpilepsy11 Mar 19001 May 1900Visit[264]
A. Earl Baker13Wamego, KansasWorcesterEpilepsy14 Mar 19003 Nov 1905Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[264]
Sophia Saliasnick13RussiaBostonEpilepsy15 Mar 190023 Mar 1901Much impr.[264]
Eva G. Hamm11WorcesterWorcesterDefective29 Mar 19008 May 1901Visit[264]
Sarah Ellison10BostonChelseaEpilepsy29 Mar 19001 Jan 1906Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics. From Westboro Hosp.[264]
Charles Laws30Nashua, N.H.So. GardnerEpilepsy9 Apr 19008 Sep 1900Not impr. To Monson Hosp.[264]
Ernest Schlums11GermanyBostonEpilepsy1 May 190022 Jun 1903Visit[264]
Wm. F. Slavin11DoverBaldwinvilleBroken arm1 May 190030 Jun 1900Rec.[264]
Ethel A. Woodworth22FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy3 May 190028 Jan 1904Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[264]
Louis Warner17BostonEpilepsy4 May 190013 Mar 1901Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[264]
Thos. Clarence Gillingham47BostonRoxburyEpilepsy4 May 190031 Oct 1902Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[264]
Annie M. MorganAuburndaleAuburndaleEpilepsy6 May 190017 Sep 1900Much impr.[264]
Frank Conners7SpringfieldSpringfieldHip disease19 May 190031 May 1902Rec.[264]
A. Travis Herbert17Wellesley HillsWellesley HillsEpilepsy7 Jun 190014 Nov 1900Visit[264]
Edward T. Fitzgerald18RoxburyBostonEpilepsy12 Jun 190028 Nov 1900Visit[264]
Manning A. Drew Jr.14Farmington, N.H.Enuresis18 Jun 190025 May 1901Visit[264]
Frank G. Park19LunenburgQuincyEpilepsy20 Jun 190024 Jun 1901Visit[264]
Rosella A. Swift4FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy23 Jun 190010 Jul 1901Rec.[264]
Wm. F. Slavin11DoverBaldwinvilleAnkylosis12 Jul 190030 Aug 1900Much impr.[264]
Ella May Smith11BostonEast BostonEpilepsy18 Jul 190031 Dec 1904Imp. [To] Mass. Hosp. Epileptics[264]
Ellerton R. Delfendahl6WakefieldWakefieldEpilepsy1 Aug 19001 Oct 1900Not impr.[264]
Jessie T. McKenney14PalmerAthol CentreParalysis fol. meningitis1 Sep 19005 Jun 1901Visit[264]
Fred L. Chase9LynnLynnEpilepsy11 Sep 19004 Aug 1902Much impr.[264]
Henry McMichael15CambridgeProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy18 Sep 190025 Jul 1901Visit[264]
Robert J. Walkden16TauntonTauntonEpilepsy19 Sep 190013 Apr 1901Visit[264]
Geo. E. Osborne23AshburnhamCleveland, OhioChorea19 Sep 190022 Jun 1903Visit[264]
Fred M. Littlefield11NewburyportNewburyportEpilepsy21 Sep 19004 Aug 1903Visit[264]
Lewis J. Noble11 mosAtholAtholRickets24 Sep 190031 May 1901Rec. To board near home[264]
Marcia D. Pickard13HaverhillLynnDeaf mute, neurotic29 Sep 19005 Dec 1902Impr. [To] home[265]
Stanley M. Stubbs5ChelseaW. RoxburyParalysis fol. meningitis30 Sep 190030 Jun 1909M. imp. To Hosp. School, Canton[265]
Ludwig Frazier9GermanyHolyokeEpilepsy18 Oct 19002 Mar 1903Died - Accidental drowning[265]
Signe Haag12SwedenRoxburyParalysis (lower extremities)1 Nov 19004 Nov 1902Much impr. [To] home[265]
Annie P. Maher18Infantile paralysis6 Nov 190030 Jul 1901Visit[265]
Zebulon W. Barrar Jr.11ChelseaRevereEpilepsy19 Nov 190031 Dec 1904Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[265]
Marjorie Cutler4MelroseOrangeInfantile paralysis23 Nov 19001 May 1901Much impr. [To] home[265]
Mabel Leeburn4Pawtucket, R.I.Central Falls, R.I.Epilepsy26 Nov 190021 Oct 1905Not impr. [265]
Bertram S. Wentworth15AllstonBrightonEpilepsy30 Nov 190029 May 1901Visit[265]
Carl Milton Reed4WilliamstownWilliamstownEpilepsy1 Dec 19001 Jul 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[265]
Herbert A. Travis18Wellesley HillsWellesley HillsEpilepsy3 Dec 190026 Dec 1900Visit[265]
Howard Dean6IndianaBrightonEpilepsy3 Dec 190024 Jan 1914M. Imp. To his father[265]
Edward T. Fitzgerald19RoxburyBostonEpilepsy4 Dec 19005 Oct 1901Visit[265]
Stewart W. Angell5WestfieldWestfieldEpilepsy14 Dec 19004 Apr 1902Rec. [To] Home[265]
Caleb B. White65Brattleboro, Vt.Otter RiverEpilepsy17 Dec 190020 Aug 1901Visit[265]
Edward Wiffin6PlymouthLynnDeaf mute18 Dec 190010 Sep 1901Much impr. To Hartford School for Deaf[265]
Nathalie A. Allard13New YorkWareEpilepsy1 Jan 190131 Dec 1904Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[265]
Charles P. Craven12N.S.SpringfieldEpilepsy3 Jan 190115 Apr 1901Visit[265]
Herbert A. Travis18Wellesley HillsWellesley HillsEpilepsy4 Jan 190114 May 1901Visit[265]
Raymond V. Jefferson9SpringfieldSpringfieldLateral curvature18 Jan 190124 Jun 1902Much impr. Home[265]
Edward Deery13FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy31 Jan 190123 Feb 1901Ran away. Home[265]
Esther Cohen12RoxburyChelseaFeeble-Minded8 Feb 190111 Feb 1904Imp. To Sch. F. M. [265]
Ernest C. Briggs10AtholAthol CenterEpilepsy20 Feb 19011 Mar 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[265]
Edward Deery13FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy26 Feb 190123 Mar 1901Ran away. Home[265]
Edward Sullivan8Fall RiverFall RiverPott's Disease1 Mar 190125 Nov 1901Impr. [To] home[265]
Leonard Northrup10PepperellHip Joint2 Mar 190120 Jul 1901Visit[265]
Ellen McGrath13Fall RiverFall RiverEpilepsy2 Mar 19016 May 1905Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[265]
Alfred Armstrong8PelhamPelhamFeeble-Minded6 Mar 190127 Apr 1909Eloped. Rec.[265]
Harry Westgate12TauntonChorea6 Mar 190120 Jul 1904Much impr.[265]
Lillian Brooks9Brooklyn, N.Y.CambridgeEpilepsy12 Mar 190120 Oct 1902Impr. [To] home[265]
Edward Deery13FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy30 Mar 190127 Apr 1901Ran away[265]
Georgie Taft9Winchester, N.H.Winchester, N.H.Paralysis fol. meningitis30 Mar 190110 May 1901Impr. [To] home[265]
Martha Lynch9CambridgeCambridgeEpilepsy9 Apr 190121 Dec 1903Died - Phthisis, etc.[265]
Frederick R. Turner12SomervilleBostonEpilepsy16 Apr 190112 Aug 1901Much impr.[265]
Charles P. Craven12N.S.SpringfieldEpilepsy22 Apr 190131 Oct 1902Much imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[265]
Edgar E. Borden10Providence, R.I.Fall RiverParalysis22 Apr 190121 Nov 1901Visit[266]
Robert Murphy10LynnRoxburyEpilepsy24 Apr 19014 Jun 1902Much impr. [To] home[266]
Wm. Reddington12MiltonMiltonEpilepsy25 Apr 19017 May 1903Rec. From Taunton Hosp.[266]
Allan J. Phelan12BostonEpilepsy3 May 19013 Aug 1901Died - Epilepsy[266]
Israel Warstofsky8BostonChronic conjunctivitis, etc3 May 19016 Aug 1903Much impr.[266]
Jacob Warstofsky10BostonSlight paralysis of legs3 May 19016 Aug 1903Imp.[266]
Ethel Tate9WatertownBostonEpilepsy18 May 190130 Mar 1903Visit[266]
Victor A. E. Goyette5BostonAllstonEpilepsy18 May 19018 Jun 1901Not impr.[266]
Harold L. Pickert8 wksSpringfieldMontagueAcute indigestion22 May 19015 Jun 1901Rec.[266]
Annie W. Armington12Pawtucket, R.I.Pawtucket, R.I.Epilepsy23 May 19012 Oct 1905Not impr. [To] home[266]
Eva G. Hamm12WorcesterWorcesterDefective29 May 19017 Dec 1901Visit[266]
Robert J. Walkden17TauntonTauntonEpilepsy1 Jun 190131 Dec 1904Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[266]
Bertram S. Wentworth16AllstonBrightonEpilepsy4 Jun 190129 May 1902Visit home[266]
Manning A. Drew15Farmington, N.H.Enuresis11 Jun 190111 Nov 1901Visit[266]
Ethel M. McAdoo10No. GraftonWilliamstownEpilepsy21 Jun 190114 May 1903Visit[266]
Anthony G. Reed6New BedfordNew BedfordEpilepsy24 Jun 190129 May 1902Impr.[266]
Grace L. Denton8ChelseaChelseaEpilepsy25 Jun 19018 May 1906Visit[266]
Karl S. W. Stucke7RoxburyRoxburyEpilepsy27 Jun 190129 Jan 1902Impr.[266]
Frank G. Park20LunenburgQuincyEpilepsy1 Jul 190119 Nov 1901Visit[266]
Herbert A. Travis18Wellesley HillsWellesley HillsEpilepsy3 Jul 19014 Apr 1902Rec.[266]
Mildred Campbell3Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Cerebral paralysis3 Jul 190122 Oct 1902Died - Cerebral paralysis & whooping cough[266]
Henry Bird12LeominsterLeominsterEpilepsy10 Jul 190111 Oct 1901Much impr.[266]
Jessie T. McKenney15PalmerAthol CentreParalysis, muscular atrophy11 Jul 19012 Jul 1903Much imp. To home[266]
George Borrett10BostonMagnoliaEpilepsy15 Jul 190114 May 1903Visit[266]
James J. Flavin11So. BostonSo. BostonEpilepsy26 Jul 19019 Jul 1903Imp. To home[266]
Leonard Northrup10PepperellHip Joint Disease28 Jul 190122 Jun 1905Much imp. [To] home[266]
Joseph E. Lentz10Epilepsy13 Aug 19011 Mar 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[266]
Annie P. Maher19Infantile paralysis14 Aug 190110 Dec 1901Visit[266]
Henry A. Fitch6So. HadleySpringfieldInfantile paralysis20 Aug 190110 Nov 1903Much impr. [To] home[266]
Israel Eisenstadt12RussiaBostonEpilepsy21 Aug 190126 Aug 1902Visit[266]
Caleb B. White66Brattleboro, Vt.Otter RiverEpilepsy24 Aug 190119 Nov 1901Visit[266]
Carl R. Lawson7QuincyQuincyEpilepsy28 Aug 19011 Jul 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[266]
Henry McMichael16CambridgeProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy2 Sep 19012 Jul 1902Visit[266]
Daniel Parant10LawrenceEpilepsy9 Sep 190128 Aug 1903Visit. From State Hospital[266]
Ella M. Carey13ColrainColrainEpilepsy25 Sep 19016 May 1905Com. to Epileptic Hosp. Imp.[266]
Edward J. Fitzgerald20RoxburyBostonEpilepsy20 Oct 19016 Jun 1902Impr. [To] home[267]
Myrtle C. Lyman6 mosMontagueMontagueMalnutrition9 Nov 19017 Apr 1902Rec.[267]
John R. Wilbour9Newport, R.I.Epilepsy9 Nov 190123 Apr 1904Died - Epilepsy[267]
Thomas E. Sullivan10East BostonEast BostonEpilepsy18 Nov 190125 May 1904Much imp. [To] home[267]
Manning A. Drew15Farmington, N.H.Chorea18 Nov 190126 May 1902Visit father[267]
Myrtle Guimore7Epilepsy22 Nov 190119 Oct 1906Rec.[267]
Howard F. Hanson7BlackstoneMaldenEpilepsy1 Dec 19015 Feb 1902Died - Epilepsy[267]
Caleb B. White66Brattleboro, Vt.Otter RiverEpilepsy3 Dec 190130 Sep 1902Not impr. To Soldiers' Home, Chelsea[267]
Frank G. Park21LunenburgQuincyEpilepsy3 Dec 19015 May 1902Impr.[267]
Annie P. Maher19Infantile paralysis18 Dec 190125 Apr 1902Visit[267]
Eva G. Hamm13WorcesterWorcesterDefective1 Jan 190223 Dec 1902Much impr. [To] home[267]
Francesco DeMarco5No. AdamsNo. AdamsPott's Disease17 Jan 19024 Jan 1905Died - Pott's Disease & meningitis[267]
Alta M. Joy7ColrainColrain20 Feb 190229 Aug 1902Much impr.[267]
Grace Scoville3BridgeportSpringfieldParalysis14 Apr 190219 Jul 1902Rec. [To] home[267]
Gladys Blakely3SpringfieldSpringfieldEpilepsy, Microcephalous21 Apr 190214 Mar 1903Impr. To Sch. Feeble-Minded[267]
Napoleon Rioux11Epilepsy2 May 19023 Nov 1905Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[267]
Dorothy Flanders3Cerebral paralysis20 May 190216 Dec 1925N. Imp. To Belchertown[267]
Freeman M. Robblee13ProvidenceProvidenceEpilepsy22 May 190221 Oct 1905Not impr.[267]
Viola Anderson2AndoverAndover23 May 190226 Jul 1902Rec. [To] home[267]
Doris V. Jewers9N.S.Eastport, Me.Epilepsy4 Jun 190222 Oct 1902Impr. [To] home[267]
Bertram S. Wentworth17AllstonBrightonEpilepsy5 Jun 190220 Jan 1903Visit[267]
Frances Brown10GardnerGardnerInfantile paralysis7 Jun 19022 Jul 1904Much impr. [To] home[267]
Manning A. Drew16Farmington, N.H.Neurasthenia9 Jun 190220 May 1903Visit[267]
Esther U. Erickson11HudsonHudsonEpilepsy23 Jun 19025 May 1905Visit[267]
Daniel J. Donahue9SalemSalemTubercular necrosis27 Jun 190210 Oct 1903Much impr. [To] home[267]
Grace F. Wandless8BostonJamaica PlainEpilepsy1 Jul 19021 Jul 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[267]
Margaret Crowe9Sydney, Cape BretonSydney, Cape BretonEpilepsy8 Jul 190215 Jan 1906Much imp. [To] home[267]
Lillian McBurney4UnknownBostonEpilepsy25 Jul 190215 Jun 1905Visit. From State Almshouse[267]
James Dixon9WorcesterWorcesterEpilepsy1 Aug 19021 Jun 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[267]
Romeo Tardif11Fall RiverFall RiverEpilepsy21 Aug 190223 Dec 1906Imp. From Taunton Hosp.[267]
Geo. Henry Bindhammer7ClintonClintonEpilepsy25 Aug 19021 May 1909Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[267]
Henry McMichael17CambridgeKingston, N.Y.Epilepsy26 Aug 19026 Oct 1902Not impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[267]
Fred L. Chase11LynnLynnEpilepsy2 Sep 190213 Jul 1903Visit[267]
Gladys G. Brodrick13WestonWalthamEpilepsy10 Sep 190226 Oct 1902Impr. Home[267]
Louis H. C. Luthin15BostonBostonEpilepsy15 Sep 190231 Dec 1904Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[267]
Annie P. Maher20Infantile paralysis24 Sep 190223 Dec 1902Much impr. To Mrs. S. V. Haum[268]
Thomas Harley4LowellLowellDefective18 Oct 19024 Apr 1913Died - Measles[268]
Emma I. French15ClintonClintonEpilepsy21 Oct 190223 Apr 1903Visit[268]
Joseph F. Nichols12E. BostonE. BostonEpilepsy25 Oct 19023 Nov 1905Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[268]
Laura May Parris9CentervilleCentervilleEpilepsy29 Oct 190217 May 1906Visit[268]
Arnold Harris2FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy29 Oct 19027 Jul 1903Visit[268]
Theresa O'Brien9Providence, R.I.Epilepsy30 Oct 190218 Feb 1905Died - Epilepsy[268]
Marion D. Diman5DorchesterEpilepsy5 Nov 190231 Jan 1904Died - Epilepsy & pneumonia[268]
James A. Crowley10Turner's FallsMiller's FallsEpilepsy6 Nov 190222 Dec 1908Rec. Went home[268]
Catherine Lillis10EverettEverettEpilepsy6 Nov 19021 Jun 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[268]
Maud E. Clay9Brookville, HolbrookHolbrookEpilepsy6 Nov 190220 Mar 1914Rec. [268]
Flora Bernard15GardnerGardnerEpilepsy7 Nov 19025 Aug 1905Imp. [To] home[268]
Adolar Chamberlain4FarleyFarleyEpilepsy12 Nov 190219 Nov 1902Impr. [To] home[268]
Michael J. Landers5SalemBeverlyEpilepsy24 Nov 190224 Dec 1902Impr. [To] home[268]
Harry I. Seiler13BostonBostonEpilepsy1 Dec 19027 Jul 1905Impr. [To] home[268]
Norma L. Crowell12RocklandRocklandEpilepsy1 Dec 19025 Feb 1921N. Imp. Com[mitted] to Monson[268]
Ross Martin10Portland, Ore.BostonEpilepsy2 Dec 19021 Mar 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[268]

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