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Hospital Cottages for Children 1903-1906

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Location: Baldwinville, Massachusettsmap
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Records freely available on FamilySearch.org as scanned documents. Transcription by E Childs. More information is available on the original - see the "source" column for link. All cities/towns are presumed to be in Massachusetts unless otherwise specified.

Common abbreviations used in the chart below:

  • imp. or impr. - Improved (also "n. imp." for "not improved")
  • Com - Committed
  • N.I. - Not improved
  • Rec - recovered
  • A.H. - Almshouse
  • Sch. for F.M. - Massachusetts School for the Feeble Minded, in Waltham
  • O. of P. - Overseers of the Poor
  • Monson St. H. or S.H. - Monson State Hospital
  • Belchertown - Belchertown State School

Note: Some names appear multiple names. If a patient went home for a visit and returned, they were re-entered in the admissions records.

Admissions 1903-1906

Ethel L. Sturtevant13E. BridgewaterWhitmanHysteria12 Jan 190327 Jan 1903Much impr.[268]
Bertram S. Wentworth18AllstonBrightonEpilepsy28 Jan 19038 Aug 1903Visit[268]
Chester R. Morrill9So. Hampton, N.H.So. Hampton, N.H.Epilepsy19 Feb 19038 Mar 1906Died - Exh. of Epilepsy[268]
Mary A. Scanlan12MiddleboroMiddleboroEpilepsy3 Mar 190320 Sep 1904Much imp. [To] home[268]
Emil Dagenais12Laconia, N.H.HolyokeEpilepsy19 Mar 19034 Aug 1905Visit[268]
Elsie C. Corliss5Hyde ParkQuincyNeurotic & Def.24 Mar 19031 Jul 1905Visit[268]
George Zeni12BostonEpilepsy10 Apr 19031 Mar 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[268]
Peter Gagne8GardnerGardnerEpilepsy20 Apr 190326 Apr 1903Imp.[268]
Arthur J. Cox13London, Eng.BostonEpilepsy27 Apr 19036 May 1905Not imp. To Epileptic Hosp.[268]
Emma I. French15ClintonClintonEpilepsy8 May 190325 Sep 1903Visit[268]
Henry LescordTempletonPott's Disease16 May 190319 Jun 1903Much imp. To home[268]
Margaret McAuliffe9BostonBostonLumbar disease21 May 190329 Sep 1920Visit[268]
Ethel Tate11WatertownBostonEpilepsy2 Jun 19039 Jan 1906Visit[268]
George Borrett11BostonMagnoliaEpilepsy5 Jun 19032 Oct 1903Visit[268]
Ira Coughlan5Moncton, N.B.CambridgeportEpilepsy6 Jun 19031 May 1909Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[268]
Manning A. Drew Jr.17Farmington, N.H.8 Jun 190320 Jul 1903Much impr.[268]
Margaret Brennan2Fall RiverFall RiverHydrocephalus, Epilepsy30 Jun 19032 Jul 1903Died - Epilepsy & hydrocephalus[268]
John MacConnell3BostonNo. WoburnEpilepsy8 Jul 190320 Aug 1910Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[268]
Mary Murphy9BostonBostonEpilepsy9 Jul 19031 Jun 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[269]
Arnold Harris3FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy11 Jul 190330 May 1904Much imp. [To] home[269]
George E. Osborn26AshburnhamFitchburgChorea27 Jul 190327 Nov 1906Imp. To Herbert Hall, Worcester[269]
Ernest Shlums14GermanyBostonEpilepsy27 Jul 19035 Sep 1904Visit[269]
Marion E. Donnelly6Fall RiverFall RiverPott's Disease3 Aug 190313 Sep 1911Rec. [To] home[269]
Fred L. Chase11LynnLynnEpilepsy4 Aug 190318 Nov 1903Visit[269]
E. Dewar Mountain8LowellLowellEpilepsy8 Aug 19031 Oct 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[269]
Walter H. Osborne4CambridgeportChelseaBlind, etc.8 Aug 19037 Apr 1905Much imp. [To] home[269]
Roy B. McLean11Orland, Me.CharlestownHeart trouble13 Aug 190326 Dec 1903Visit[269]
Gordon McKechnie5BostonDorchesterEpilepsy24 Aug 190328 Jun 1906Phthisis[269]
Fred M. Littlefield13NewburyportNewburyportEpilepsy1 Sep 190331 Dec 1904Much impr. To Hosp. Epileptics[269]
Bertram S. Wentworth18AllstonBrightonEpilepsy1 Sep 19033 Oct 1903To get employment. M.I.[269]
David Parant12No. Stratford, Vt.LawrenceEpilepsy7 Sep 19031 Jan 1906Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[269]
Pauline Robicheau7CambridgeCambridgeCerebral paralysis7 Sep 190329 Jun 1907Imp.[269]
Edward Smith7TauntonTauntonEpilepsy10 Sep 190326 Sep 1906[To] home[269]
Harold Jensen7WorcesterWorcesterNo disease22 Sep 190326 Sep 1903No disease. [To] home[269]
Agnes MattsonBostonBostonEpilepsy29 Sep 190322 Nov 1905Rec. [To] home[269]
Emma I. French16ClintonClintonEpilepsy14 Oct 190325 May 1904Visit[269]
George Barrett12BostonMagnoliaEpilepsy26 Oct 190317 May 1904Visit[269]
Leo Levy7BostonBostonEpilepsy27 Oct 190328 Mar 1907Rec. Ret. to parents in N.Y.[269]
Julia Ryan9BrooklineBrooklineHip disease30 Nov 190321 May 1904Visit[269]
Eugene A. Mayor11GoshenPalmerEpilepsy1 Dec 190328 Aug 1906N. Imp. [To] home[269]
Fred L. Chase12LynnLynnEpilepsy2 Dec 190320 Jun 1904Visit[269]
George P. Jennison13WestboroWestboroEpilepsy7 Dec 190327 May 1906Rec.[269]
Mary Slavin14BaldwinsvilleBaldwinsvilleSeptic ophthalmia16 Dec 190318 Feb 1904Rec. [To] home[269]
Mary Gately13BostonRoxburyEpilepsy28 Dec 19036 May 1905Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[269]
Ray B. McLean11Orland, Me.CharlestownHeart disease11 Jan 190415 Jun 1904Visit[269]
Eleanor Robertson13Eaton, N.H.Farnworth, N.H.Epilepsy19 Jan 190421 Dec 1904Visit[269]
Ray G. Stoutenburgh6 mosOrangeAtholMalnutrition20 Jan 190410 Oct 1904Rec. [To] home[269]
Forbes Warren6BostonBostonEpilepsy11 Feb 19041 May 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[269]
Helen Warreck9Bridgeport, Conn.GardnerEpilepsy13 Feb 19042 Jul 1904Visit[269]
Edwin Lincourt10Chicopee FallsHolyokeHip disease23 Feb 190420 Aug 1914Rec.[269]
James O'Brien7AdamsNo. AdamsPott's Disease23 Feb 190414 Jun 1906Died - Nephritis[269]
William Toolis7Darwen, EngNew BedfordPott's Disease23 Feb 19046 Sep 1907Rec. [To] home[269]
William M. Fisher7EverettEverettEpilepsy29 Mar 190429 Oct 1910Rec. [To] home[269]
Elmer Carbridge6Fall RiverFall RiverPott's Disease1 Apr 190422 Dec 1906M. Imp. Visit home[270]
William D. Chadwick7NantucketTauntonEpilepsy4 Apr 19041 Oct 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[270]
Mabel E. Granger3WorthingtonDefective8 Apr 19046 Jan 1932M. Imp. To Monson[270]
Frank McGrath13NorthamptonNorthamptonEpilepsy9 Apr 190425 Mar 1905Imp. [To] home[270]
William E. StoneMontagueEpilepsy22 Apr 19046 May 1905Imp. To Epileptics Hosp.[270]
Ture R. L. Linden7Norwood, R.I.So. Auburn, R.I.Epilepsy10 May 190414 Oct 1907Not imp. [To] home[270]
Julia Ryan9BrooklineBrooklineHip disease9 Jun 19045 Oct 1904Rec. [To] home[270]
Lawrence Murray6WorcesterWorcesterCerebral paralysis13 Jun 190428 Jun 1904Improved. Home[270]
Anna J. Slavin10BaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleSepticaemia14 Jun 190413 Jul 1904Rec. [To] home[270]
George H. Hesse7PittsfieldPittsfieldHip Joint Disease16 Jun 190423 May 1907Not imp.[270]
Guy Stoutenburgh11Chicago, Ill.AtholNeurasthenia2 Jul 190410 Oct 1904Much impr. [To] home[270]
George Barrett12BostonMagnoliaEpilepsy6 Jul 190417 Nov 1904Much imp. [To] home[270]
Helen Warreck9Bridgeport, Conn.GardnerEpilepsy10 Jul 19044 Jul 1906Much imp. [To] home[270]
George Milton Colton5NorwoodNorwoodDeaf mute, epileptic23 Jul 190415 Jun 1905Visit[270]
Fred L. Chase12LynnLynnEpilepsy27 Jul 190417 Nov 1904Visit[270]
Mary C. Scheib11East BostonEast BostonEpilepsy27 Jul 190412 Aug 1905Visit[270]
Margery Pearl Golden5South BostonSouth BostonEpilepsy4 Aug 19045 Sep 1906Rec.[270]
Placito Femino2BostonBostonEpilepsy15 Aug 190422 Apr 1912Imp. To Monson St. Hosp.[270]
Dorothy Odiorne7Portland, Me.Portland, Me.Epilepsy1 Sep 190416 Jan 1909Imp. [To] home[270]
Alice Carrigan7PalmerWorcesterEpilepsy17 Sep 190415 Aug 1908Rec.[270]
Roy B. McLean12Orland, Me.CharlestownVal. heart lesion5 Oct 19046 Apr 1905Much imp. [To] home[270]
Charles Fiertel5Providence, R.I.Providence, R.I.Hydrocephaltitis24 Oct 19045 Jul 1909M. Imp. To his home[270]
Samuel Green14BostonSherburneHip joint28 Nov 190427 Sep 1906Imp. From State Hosp.[270]
Elva Lamore3HaverhillTuberculosis28 Nov 190419 Aug 1911Rec. From State Hosp.[270]
Patrick Ryan11IrelandEpilepsy28 Nov 19043 Feb 1922N. Imp. From State Hosp.[270]
Ruth E. Fielden7WinchendonWinchendonEpilepsy2 Dec 190427 Apr 1907Not imp.[270]
Fred L. Chase13LynnLynnEpilepsy6 Dec 190422 Jun 1905Visit[270]
Emma Boudreau12CanadaFall RiverEpilepsy6 Dec 19041 Jun 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[270]
Lillian Brooks13Brooklyn, N.Y.New BedfordEpilepsy6 Dec 19043 Feb 1905N. Imp. To Taunton Hosp.[270]
James Wall Jr.4Fall RiverFall RiverPott's Disease6 Dec 19041 Jul 1907N. Imp. To Worc. Mem. Hosp.[270]
John Coarsic8BostonSo. BostonEpilepsy8 Dec 190412 Nov 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[270]
Frank Coarsic9BostonSo. BostonEpilepsy8 Dec 190412 Nov 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[270]
Mabel Clinton3MaldenMaldenEpilepsy11 Dec 190428 Jul 1905Visit[270]
Rudolph Smith7New YorkMaldenEpilepsy14 Jan 19058 Sep 1906Visit[270]
Max Finkelstein2BostonEast BostonSpastic Paraplegia27 Jan 190525 Dec 1918Died - Influenza, pneumonia[270]
James Madden11ArlingtonArlingtonEpilepsy1 Feb 190522 May 1906Visit[271]
Francis Doliber8SalemSalemPott's Disease15 Feb 19056 May 1906M. Imp. [To] home[271]
Fannie Louise Cater10SpringfieldSpringfieldTuberculosis - ankle joint16 Feb 19053 May 1906Rec. [To] home[271]
John Matther5Jamaica PlainJamaica PlainEpilepsy2 Mar 190511 Mar 1907Imp. Visit home[271]
Benjamin Rosen9BostonRoxburyEpilepsy2 Mar 19051 Oct 1907N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[271]
Josephine Scotti11BostonBostonEpilepsy2 Mar 190514 Oct 1920N. Imp. To Monson Hosp.[271]
Isabelle Campbell12Portland, MeHysteria?21 Mar 19059 Mar 1907Imp. Ret. to mother[271]
Otto McMackin6Jamaica PlainJamaica PlainEpilepsy22 Mar 190528 Feb 1913N. Imp. To Monson S[tate] Hosp. [271]
J. Shirley Lacroix6HolyokeSpringfieldParalysis, Epilepsy30 Mar 19058 Jun 1905Imp. [To] home[271]
Henry C. Wait10MontagueMontagueEpilepsy1 Apr 190530 Jun 1906Rec. [To] home[271]
Florence E. Gardner7MedfordMedfordEpilepsy13 Apr 19055 Jan 1910Imp. To Monson St. Hosp.[271]
Mabel A. Cobb4E. WalpoleDefective, etc.28 Apr 190524 May 1920Com. to Gardner. From State A.H.[271]
Annie Lee6BostonBostonDefective, etc.28 Apr 1905From State A.H.[271]
Joseph Rousa5GardnerGardnerDefective, etc.28 Apr 190513 Mar 1908Died Convulsions. From State A.H.[271]
Hannah Wauch3Bridgeport, ConnHadleyDefective, etc.28 Apr 19052 Mar 1906M. Imp. Home. From State A.H.[271]
H. Edwin Davis12BostonBrocktonHystro Epilepsy17 May 190517 Dec 1906Rec. [To] home[271]
Esther Erickson14HudsonHudsonEpilepsy19 May 190527 Jul 1905Imp. [To] home[271]
Lizzie M. Wilds13BridgewaterBrocktonChorea29 May 190524 May 1907Imp. [To] home. From Taunton Hosp.[271]
Charlotte L. Brooks9SpringfieldSpringfieldEpilepsy16 Jun 190519 Jun 1905Imp. [To] home[271]
Annie J. Doherty12CharlestownCharlestownHystero Epilepsy3 Jul 19053 Dec 1905Rec. [To] home[271]
Fred L. Chase13LynnLynnEpilepsy13 Jul 190520 Nov 1905Visit[271]
Leonard Northrup14Fredericton, N.B.PepperellHip Joint Disease13 Jul 190521 Dec 1906Imp. To Aunt[271]
Elsie C. Corliss8Hyde ParkQuincyNeurotic & Defective15 Jul 190519 May 1910Imp. To Wrentham State School[271]
Patrick Kennedy12BostonBostonEpilepsy15 Jul 190523 Sep 1907Rec. [To] home[271]
Lillian McBurnie7DorchesterEpilepsy18 Jul 190517 May 1906Died - Tuberculosis (Epileptic)[271]
George Bushee12LynnLynnEpilepsy21 Jul 19051 Jul 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[271]
Forbes Scroggie10GloucesterGloucesterEpilepsy21 Jul 19051 Jul 1907Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[271]
Gussie M. Rundlett6DanversDanversEpilepsy24 Jul 19051 Mar 1911Not imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[271]
George M. Colton6NorwoodNorwoodDeaf mute, epileptic26 Jul 190512 Nov 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[271]
J. Raymond Kenney6CambridgeCambridgeEpilepsy26 Jul 190518 Jul 1906Visit[271]
Zephir Potvin Jr.8New BedfordNew BedfordEpilepsy26 Jul 190516 Sep 1908Rec. from epilepsy[271]
C. Eva McLaughlinCerebral paralysis2 Aug 19056 Sep 1905Not imp.[271]
Anna J. Slavin11BaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleEpilepsy9 Aug 190528 Nov. 1906M. Imp. [To] home[271]
Mary Thomas10NewtonNewton16 Aug 190531 May 1906M. Imp. [To] home[271]
Mabel Clinton4MaldenMaldenEpilepsy28 Aug 190523 Aug 1912Imp.[271]
Lawrence E. Lays10BrocktonBrocktonEpilepsy14 Sep 19051 Apr 1911M. Imp. To his home[272]
Mary C. Scheib12East BostonEast BostonEpilepsy15 Sep 190530 Aug 1906Visit[272]
Edward H. Tallant9LowellLowellNeurotic19 Sep 190518 Oct 1906Visit[272]
Sadie M. Means9Rockland, Me.Bangor, Me.Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy29 Sep 190526 Sep 1912Died - Hydrocephalus, [etc.][272]
Agnes E. Wood6WorcesterWorcesterArrested developement3 Oct 19055 Oct 1905Imp. [To] home[272]
Mabel L. Kershaw17N.Y.Fall RiverEpilepsy6 Oct 19055 Feb 1921N. Imp. Com. to Monson[272]
Samuel Ames6QuincyQuincySpastic paralysis6 Nov 190526 Dec 1905Imp. [To] home[272]
William Sullivan10LowellLowellEpilepsy9 Nov 19051 Oct 1907M. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[272]
Beatrice Smith8BostonWest MedfordEpilepsy11 Nov 19051 Oct 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[272]
Michael Enigues12MarlboroHudsonChorea20 Nov 190519 May 1907Imp.[272]
Thomas C. LongFreetown24 Nov 19055 Jun 1911M. Imp. To Monson[272]
John Flanders8BostonSomervilleEpilepsy28 Nov 190530 Jul 1907Not imp. Went home[272]
Thomas J. Connors12LowellEpilepsy2 Dec 190511 Dec 1912Imp. To Monson[272]
Roland E. Mareau11SpencerBrookfieldCerebral paralysis4 Dec 190519 Dec 1906Imp. [To] home[272]
Fred L. Chase14LynnLynnEpilepsy7 Dec 190515 Aug 1906Visit[272]
Elizabeth E. Coneski1TauntonTaunton14 Dec 190518 Nov 1911M.I. To Monson State Hosp.[272]
John A. Lee11SomervilleNo. LexingtonEpilepsy16 Nov 19055 Jan 1910N. imp. To Mons. St[ate] Hosp.[272]
James Patrick Hurley10Woonsocket, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy2 Jan 190623 Dec 1907M. imp. Visit home[272]
James Smallcombe8BostonSo. BostonEpilepsy2 Jan 190612 Nov 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[272]
Lily Rossman14Clinton, N.Y.ClintonParalysis (Spastic)20 Jan 190623 Jun 1906Visit[272]
Lena Bek11AustriaProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy24 Jan 190614 Mar 1908Imp.[272]
Mildred Cunningham11So. Scitutate, R.I.R.I.Epilepsy24 Jan 190617 May 1906Died - Epilepsy[272]
Marie Perry6Woonsocket, R.I.Woonsocket, R.I.Epilepsy24 Jan 190625 Jun 1907Imp.[272]
Joseph H. Breen6So. BostonBostonEpilepsy25 Jan 190619 Dec 1906M. Imp. [To] home of aunt[272]
Harvey R. Clarke4WarrenWest BrookfieldStrabismus [etc]25 Jan 19066 Aug 1906Visit[272]
Frances White3BostonBostonEpilepsy25 Jan 190614 Feb 1908Died - Epilepsy[272]
Eva Schwartz3RussiaLawrenceDefective29 Jan 190620 Mar 1924Improved[272]
Severio Lepore5ItalyBostonDefective29 Jan 190613 Dec 1911Died - Septicaemia[272]
Claude E. English12Nova ScotiaNova ScotiaEpilepsy1 Feb 190613 Nov 1908N. Imp. To inst. in Canada[272]
Ethel Tate14WatertownBostonEpilepsy12 Feb 190626 Aug 1908N. imp.[272]
Martin Egan7BostonBrocktonEpilepsy2 Mar 19061 Mar 1911Imp. To Monson[272]
Bridget TracyFall River2 Mar 190616 Nov 1909M. Imp. Went home[272]
Anna L. Williams6CharlestownCharlestownEpilepsy20 Mar 19065 Jun 1911M. imp. To Monson S. H.[272]
Myra A. M. Green12BostonLynnEpilepsy26 Mar 19061 Jun 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[272]
Elsa Kretschmar13Manchester, N.H.Jamaica PlainEpilepsy3 Apr 190630 Jul 1906Much imp. [To] home[272]
Frederick E. Curry8WhitmanEast WhitmanInfantile paralysis11 Apr 190623 Jun 1906Imp. [To] home[273]
James Madden12ArlingtonWinchesterEpilepsy13 Jun 190617 Oct 1906Visit[273]
Wilfred O. Lovely6HoldenRoxburyEpilepsy21 Jun 19061 Nov 1910Imp. To Monson S.H.[273]
James D. Highley7SomervilleCambridgeEpilepsy22 Jun 19061 Nov 1910Imp. To Monson S. H.[273]
Laura M. Parris13CentervilleCentervilleEpilepsy3 Jul 19061 Mar 1907N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[273]
Charles Livezly11Vineland, N.J.WarrenEpilepsy4 Aug 190624 Dec 1906Imp. [To] home[273]
Ida Foster6Rockland, Me.East BostonEpilepsy6 Aug 190625 Jun 1911Died - Epilepsy[273]
J. Raymond Kenney7CambridgeCambridgeEpilepsy9 Aug 190619 May 1925N.I. Com. to Monson[273]
Herbert G. Nichols12EverettMarbleheadEpilepsy10 Aug 19068 Jul 1907M. Imp. Went home[273]
Elsie Hayes8New BedfordNew BedfordHip joint11 Aug 190619 Jul 1912R[ecovered][273]
Sadie Williams4BostonBostonParalysis (Ep?)15 Aug 19068 Oct 1906Imp. [To] home[273]
Linda S. Knight10MarbleheadMarbleheadEpilepsy22 Aug 190621 Dec 1907Imp. Went home[273]
Francis B. Jensen7Middletown, Conn.SpringfieldInfantile paralysis25 Aug 190630 Mar 1907Imp. Visit home[273]
Gennaro Martone4West SpringfieldSpringfieldSpinal caries...25 Aug 190616 Dec 1907N. imp. Went home[273]
J. Harry Lovering45BostonBostonInfantile paralysis28 Aug 190618 Dec 1915Died - Apoplexy[273]
Fred L. Chase15LynnLynnEpilepsy6 Sep 190614 Jan 1907Imp. [To] home[273]
Earle F. Fraser2BostonDorchesterEpilepsy10 Sep 190621 Jul 1911Imp. To Monson[273]
Ethel G. Cooley5SpringfieldSpringfieldDefective19 Sep 190628 Nov 1906Imp. Visit home[273]
Loly Rossman15Clinton, N.Y.ClintonSpastic paralysis20 Sep 190615 Jun 1907Imp. Visit home[273]
Mary C. Scheib13East BostonEast BostonEpilepsy21 Sep 190612 Dec 1907Imp. Visit home[273]
James Deignan6BostonRoxburyEpilepsy21 Sep 190620 Aug 1910Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[273]
James E. Gibbon4EnglandFall RiverPott's Disease27 Sep 190616 Feb 1907Imp. Went home[273]
LeRoy W. Higgons13New YorkChelseaSpastic paralysis11 Oct 190618 Dec 1906Imp. Visit home[273]
Gregory M. Schmaronian5Falls Church, Va.ConstantinopleEpilepsy23 Oct 190611 Oct 1913Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[273]
Harvey R. Clarke5WarrenWest BrookfieldStrabismus...27 Oct 190619 Oct 1907Imp. [To] home[273]
Thomas A. Fitzpatrick12BellinghamMilfordEpilepsy29 Oct 19061 Jul 1907Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[273]
Gertrude M. Riel8LawrenceLawrenceEpilepsy31 Oct 19065 Jan 1910N. imp. To Monson State Hosp.[273]
Edward H. Tallant10LowellLowellNeurotic10 Nov 190625 Sep 1907Much imp. [To] home[273]
James Madden12ArlingtonWinchesterEpilepsy13 Nov 19061 Jul 1907Imp. Went home[273]
Laura Copp7PortugalE. BridgeportEpilepsy3 Dec 190616 Dec 1910N. Imp. To Monson S.H.[273]
Ethel G. Cooley6SpringfieldSpringfieldDefective5 Dec 190617 Apr 1907Imp. Visit home[273]
William White9GloucesterArlingtonEpilepsy21 Dec 19062 Jun 1916Imp. To Mass. Sch. F.M.[273]
Wallace R. Holland4DorchesterSaugusMarasmus21 Dec 190629 Nov 1907Alias Randal Nichols; Rec.[273]
Gladys L. Domberg2EdgartownEdgartownHydrocephalus21 Dec 190621 Mar 1907Died - Extreme hydrocephalus[273]
Charles Livezly11Vineland, N.J.WarrenEpilepsy29 Dec 190621 Sep 1907Much imp. Visit home[273]

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