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Hospital Cottages for Children 1907-1912

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Location: Baldwinville, Massachusettsmap
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Records freely available on FamilySearch.org as scanned documents. Transcription by E Childs. More information is available on the original - see the "source" column for link. All cities/towns are presumed to be in Massachusetts unless otherwise specified.

Common abbreviations used in the chart below:

  • Imp. or Impr or "i" - Improved (also "n. imp." or "N.I." for "not improved")
  • Com - Committed
  • N.I. - Not improved
  • Rec - recovered
  • A.H. - Almshouse
  • Sch. for F.M. - Massachusetts School for the Feeble Minded, in Waltham
  • O. of P. - Overseers of the Poor
  • Monson St. H. or S.H. - Monson State Hospital; sometimes just called "Monson"
  • Belchertown - Belchertown State School

Note: Some names appear multiple names. If a patient went home for a visit and returned, they were re-entered in the admissions records.

Admissions 1907-1912

Elmer Corbridge9Fall RiverFall RiverPott's Disease1 Jan 190725 Oct 1907Imp. Home on visit[274]
LeRoy W. Higgons14N.Y.ChelseaCerebral paralysis8 Jan 19074 Jun 1907Imp. Went home[274]
Murry R. McIntyre7Houlton, Me.Houlton, Me.Epilepsy18 Jan 19073 Jun 1912Imp.[274]
Jessie Morrison13Helena, MontanaW. Derry, N.H.Epilepsy5 Mar 19075 Sep 1911Imp. To Monson Hosp.[274]
Caleb Horton12BerkleyState Hosp., TewksburyEpilepsy7 Mar 19071 May 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[274]
Charles Augustus Herlihy8LowellLowellEpilepsy7 Mar 190718 Jun 1914Rec.[274]
Austin Connolly12UnknownEpilepsy28 May 19071 Oct 1907N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[274]
Michael Quirk11No. AdamsEpilepsy3 Apr 190727 Apr 1909Eloped. Rec.[274]
Emma Harico5NorthbridgeNorthbridgeEpilepsy9 Apr 190722 Apr 1912Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[274]
Francis B. Jensen8Middletown, Conn.SpringfieldInfantile paralysis15 Apr 190710 Apr 1907Imp. Went home[274]
Ethel G. Cooley6SpringfieldSpringfieldDefective1 May 190722 Nov 1907Imp. Home on visit[274]
Peppina Nuzzola10BostonBostonEpilepsy2 May 19075 Jan 1910N. Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[274]
Frieda Oswald9Jamaica PlainJamaica PlainEpilepsy2 May 190710 Dec 1908Much imp. Home on visit[274]
Edward T. White6BostonBostonEpilepsy2 May 19075 Jun 1911M. imp. To Monson S.H.[274]
Grace E. Richardson7BostonEast BostonEpilepsy4 May 190720 Aug 1910M. imp. To Monson State Hosp.[274]
John Matthei8Jamaica PlainJamaica PlainEpilepsy16 May 190710 Dec 1908N. Imp. Home on visit[274]
Florence May Bearse7CentervilleCentervilleEpilepsy16 May 190720 Aug 1910N. Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[274]
Joseph E. Aiken8Richmond, Va.BostonEpilepsy17 May 190711 Oct 1910Imp. Home on visit[274]
Joseph L. Hanson5BostonSo. BostonEpilepsy21 May 19078 Jun 1922N.I. To Monson State Hosp.[274]
Helen Norcross1BaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleIntestinal indigestion21 May 190717 Jun 1907Rec. Went home[274]
Marguerite St. Clair5Lynn LynnNot determined6 Jun 190712 Jul 1911Rec.[274]
Howard D. Frost14SpringfieldSpringfieldNot determined11 Jun 190718 Nov 1907Imp.[274]
George S. Beeler Jr.6SomervilleCambridgeEpilepsy13 Jun 190722 Apr 1912Imp. To Monson S. H.[274]
Joseph H. Breen7BostonBostonEpilepsy13 Jun 190716 Dec 1910Imp. To Monson S. H.[274]
Carleton E. Bennett13ConcordRoxburyEpilepsy17 Jun 190730 Jun 1908Imp.[274]
Ralph F. McCormack13BrooklineRoxburyEpilepsy18 Jun 19071 May 1909M. imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[274]
Ralph L. Taft3 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleIntestinal indigestion18 Jun 190715 Jul 1907Rec. Went home[274]
Anastasia Hoffman11PolandProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy25 Jun 190717 Jul 1909Imp. Home[274]
Hilda W. Eklund3AuburndaleAuburndaleEpilepsy1 Jul 190715 Dec 1908Home. Much improved[274]
William Gorman4LawrenceLawrenceEpilepsy6 Jul 19072 Mar 1908Died - Epilepsy[274]
Naomi E. Gleason8 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleMalnutrition9 Jul 190731 Jul 1907Rec. Went home[274]
Elizabeth Collins12BostonRoxburyEpilepsy11 Jul 19075 Jun 1911M. Imp. To Monson S.H.[274]
Edward A. Bulger4WorcesterWorcesterEpilepsy1 Aug 190712 Oct 1916N. Imp. To Monson S.H.[274]
Esther McPherson13ProvidenceProvidence, R.I.Epilepsy16 Aug 190719 Aug 1909Imp. To Rhode Island[274]
Max Salitro7RussiaLawrenceEpilepsy6 Sep 19071 Nov 1910Imp. To Monson St. Hosp.[274]
Charles Livezly12Vineland, N.J.WarrenEpilepsy28 Sep 19075 Oct 1910Imp. Visit home[275]
Charles S. Porter12Seattle, Wash.CambridgeEpilepsy30 Sep 190720 Jul 1908Imp. Went home[275]
Paul Jerome7LawrenceLawrenceEpilepsy1 Oct 190712 Nov 1909N. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[275]
Charles W. Pierce6Keene, N.H.WorcesterConv. after surgery...12 Oct 190713 Jul 1908Rec. Went home[275]
Elmer Corbridge10Fall RiverFall RiverPott's Disease5 Nov 190727 Feb 1908N. Imp.[275]
William Carney7LawrenceState Hosp.Epilepsy5 Nov 19071 Nov 1910Imp. To Monson[275]
Ethel G. Cooley7SpringfieldSpringfieldNeurotic, defective2 Dec 190718 Jul 1908Much imp. Went home[275]
John P. Ellery2SalemSalemNeurotic, defective7 Dec 190714 Jul 1909Died - Exhaustion from marasmus[275]
Marjory P. Golden9BostonSo. BostonEpilepsy12 Dec 19071 Mar 1911N. Imp. To Monson[275]
Roland King9SalemSalemNeurotic, defective16 Dec 19076 Jul 1911Died - Nephritis...[275]
Edward H. Tallant11LowellLowellNeurotic7 Jan 19089 Apr 1912Rec.[275]
James P. Hurley12Woonsocket, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy18 Jan 190823 Dec 1908Imp. Home on visit[275]
Mary C. Schieb15East BostonEast BostonEpilepsy23 Jan 19085 Nov 1908Imp. Home on visit[275]
Herman W. Harris11St. Albans, Vt.SpringfieldTubercular necrosis...5 Feb 190815 Feb 1912Rec.[275]
Charles Pokony9BohemiaHip joint disease5 Feb 190813 Jul 1917Imp.[275]
Wm. F. C. McQuarrie6RoxburyPott's Disease5 Feb 190820 Dec 1918[Died] - Influenza...[275]
John Sullivan7LawrenceLawrenceHip joint disease5 Feb 190810 Jun 1916Imp. To Mass. Hosp. Sch.[275]
Walter B. Hurd13SaugusLynnEpilepsy3 Mar 190812 Nov 1909M. Imp. To Hosp. Epileptics[275]
Carl Wilson Jr.6Hyde ParkHyde ParkEpilepsy4 Mar 190814 Aug 1909Imp. Went to home[275]
Helen Carrington Short3BostonBostonDefective13 Mar 19082 Jun 1908Imp.[275]
Grace I. Lewis8E. Providence, R.I.E. Providence, R.I.Epilepsy14 Mar 190815 Feb 1913Died - Exhaustion from epilepsy[275]
Edward J. Dolan11UnknownUnknownEpilepsy9 Apr 190810 Jun 1909Imp. Home on visit[275]
Walter Francis Kelley Jr.3 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleIntestinal indigestion20 May 19083 Jun 1908Much imp.[275]
Florence L. Johnson8EverettSomervilleEpilepsy27 Jun 190816 Dec 1910N. Imp. To Monson S.H.[275]
Ernest Earle Rutledge9GloucesterWilliamsvilleEpilepsy (?)1 Jul 19089 Nov 1918To care of Mr. Fee[275]
Ethel G. Cooley7SpringfieldSpringfieldDefective, neurotic1 Aug 190819 Nov 1908Much imp. On visit[275]
Horace M. Connelly5DorchesterDorchesterEpilepsy17 Aug 190821 Jul 1911Imp. To Monson[275]
Henry A. Patterson8MarlboroHudsonEpilepsy20 Aug 19081 Mar 1911Imp. To Monson[275]
Benjamin F. Parmelee10Milton, Vt.RutlandEpilepsy21 Aug 190819 Apr 1923Imp. To Monson[275]
Ethel Tate16WatertownBostonEpilepsy19 Sep 190819 May 1925Imp. Com. to Monson[275]
Knowlton M. Jacobs10HyannisOnsetEpilepsy9 Oct 19085 Jan 1910Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[275]
Charles Livezly13Vineland, N.J.Warren12 Oct 19081 Nov 1910Not imp. To Monson State Hosp.[275]
Amos Chiasson11Shippagan, N.B.AtholHip disease15 Oct 190819 Dec 1908Much imp. Went home[275]
Estabel Richardson7BostonEverettEpilepsy27 Oct 190819 Mar 1911Died - Epilepsy, tonsilitis[275]
Alice Bernard9WorcesterBostonEpilepsy9 Nov 19086 Sep 1922I.[275]
Raymond DiManian4CambridgeE. BostonEpilepsy25 Nov 190821 Jul 1911Imp. To Monson[276]
Ethel G. Cooley8SpringfieldSpringfieldNeurotic, defective2 Dec 190826 Jun 1909Much imp. Home on visit[276]
Joseph W. Morin6FitchburgFitchburgInfantile paralysis30 Dec 190828 Apr 1909Imp. To his home[276]
Ralph A. Gilligan7BostonBostonEpilepsy4 Jan 19096 Sep 1909Rec. To his home[276]
Mary C. Schieb16E. BostonE. BostonEpilepsy8 Jan 19099 Aug 1909Much imp. Home on visit[276]
James P. Hurley13Woonsocket, R.I.Providence, R.I.Epilepsy11 Jan 19092 Jul 1909Imp. To his home[276]
Frieda Oswald11Jamaica PlainJamaica PlainEpilepsy12 Jan 19094 Jul 1911Much imp. To her home[276]
John Matthei9Jamaica PlainJamaica PlainEpilepsy12 Jan 190920 Aug 1910N. imp. To Monson State Hosp.[276]
Melvin W. Dingle3DanversTopsfieldEpilepsy16 Feb 190918 Nov 1911Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[276]
Emil Perrez9FranceNew BedfordEpilepsy20 Feb 190917 Mar 1909Imp.[276]
Elbridge W. Hilton10NewburyportNewburyportEpilepsy22 Feb 190916 Dec 1910Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[276]
Mary Deming7WorcesterWorcesterParalysis23 Feb 19094 Apr 1913Died - Pneumonia...[276]
Eugene Swanton8SpringfieldEpilepsy9 Mar 1909[276]
Mary A. Gaffney3BostonBostonEpilepsy1 Apr 19098 Mar 1910Died - Nephritis[276]
Lewis L. Briggs6BostonGreenwoodEpilepsy2 Apr 1909[276]
William J. Sharkey6WalthamBostonEpilepsy5 Apr 190925 Jun 1921Visit conf.[276]
Charles F. Boudreau5MiddleboroGardnerEpilepsy8 Apr 190922 Jul 1920Died - Epileptic[276]
Eva Goldman5New York, N.Y.BostonDefective13 Apr 190930 Aug 1910M.I. Parents living this State[276]
Irving Spencer6R.I.FitchburgMalnutrition7 May 190912 Sep 1910Rec.[276]
Alexander Adashinsky4Lynn SalemDefective7 May 190912 Jul 1911Much imp.[276]
Fanny Cohen3E. BostonEpilepsy13 May 190919 Apr 1923N. Imp. To Monson[276]
Dorothy F. Knight5NorwoodNorwoodEpilepsy19 May 190922 Apr 1912M. Imp. To Monson S.H.[276]
Mary Gotha6WestminsterWest StirlingEpilepsy24 May 19095 Jun 1920[276]
Wm. G. O'Neil Jr.8GloucesterGloucesterEpilepsy25 May 19096 Aug 1910Imp. Visit conf.[276]
Nathan Fleigel3BostonBostonEpilepsy6 Jun 19098 Aug 1909Much improved. Went...home[276]
Leo Sullivan7MaldenMaldenEpilepsy5 Jul 19098 Jun 1922N.I. To Monson State Hosp.[276]
Mildred W. Piercy5 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleAcute...mal[nutrition]7 Jul 190925 Aug 1909Rec. To her home[276]
Edward J. Dolan12LawrenceLawrenceEpilepsy14 Jul 19095 Jun 1911To Monson[276]
Eda M. Harriman8Kennebunk, Me.Concord JunctionEpilepsy16 Jul 190918 Nov 1911M.I. To Monson[276]
Delano E. Dickinson9HudsonHudsonEpilepsy16 Jul 19091 Mar 1911Imp. To Monson[276]
Francis D. Cruise4BostonBostonEpilepsy17 Jul 190921 Jul 1911N. Imp. To Monson[276]
Harold E. Gleason7 wksBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleMalnutrition...24 Jul 190918 Aug 1909Rec. Went home[276]
Ethel G. Cooley8SpringfieldSpringfieldNeurotic, defective28 Jul 190917 Jun 1914M.I.[276]
Gladys Van Neff6SpringfieldSpringfieldParalysis6 Aug 190922 Apr 1912M. Imp. To her home[276]
Eva Forcier10New BedfordNew BedfordEpilepsy19 Aug 190916 Dec 1910N.I. To Monson S.H.[276]
Percey Oakes3WalpoleWalpoleEpilepsy22 Aug 190927 Apr 1913Died - Congenital mental def.[277]
Mildred N. Piercy6 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleAcute...indigestion2 Sep 19098 Sep 1909Rec. To her home[277]
Mary C. Schieb16East BostonEast BostonEpilepsy23 Sep 190917 Apr 1913Imp. To her home[277]
Edmond M. Maney7FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy30 Sep 19096 Sep 1916Died - Epilepsy[277]
Dorothy Connor3LawrenceFitchburgAdenitis (Feeble-minded)1 Oct 190927 Aug 1918To Wrentham[277]
Linda W. Corsano3BostonBostonEpilepsy22 Nov 19096 Jan 1932To Monson. M. imp.[277]
John H. Houpis1LowellLowellEpilepsy24 Nov 190919 May 1925N.I. Com. to Monson[277]
Ida Adelson2WorcesterWorcesterFeeble-minded25 Nov 190929 Jul 1911Died - Cretinism [etc][277]
Elsie B. Lendall9ManchesterBostonEpilepsy26 Nov 190919 May 1925Imp. Com. to Monson[277]
Edwin B. Calderwood10SpringfieldSpringfieldEpilepsy27 Nov 1909[277]
Lucien A. Russell8Montreal, P.Q.WorcesterEpilepsy6 Dec 190916 Aug 1921N. Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[277]
Kurt W. Sutter9NorthamptonNorthamptonEpilepsy6 Dec 19092 Feb 1910Imp.[277]
Raymond E. Ballow4Wendell, Mass.OrangeEpilepsy17 Dec 190930 Oct 1911M.I.[277]
James R. Scanlon4WorcesterEpilepsy20 Dec 190916 Aug 1921N. Imp. Com. to Monson S.H.[277]
James A. Sheard7HolyokeHolyokeEpilepsy1 Jan 191017 Dec 1910Imp. Visit conf. July 5, 1911[277]
Richard F. Tracy4 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleMalnutrition17 Jan 191015 Apr 1910Rec.[277]
Hubert Page9BostonBostonEpilepsy21 Jan 191018 Nov 1911Imp. To Monson[277]
Paul E. Rock1BrightonBrightonBlind, epileptic...8 Mar 191024 Dec 1918Died - Influenza...[277]
Wellington Gow16FitchburgFitchburgChorea17 Mar 191028 Apr 1910Rec.[277]
Thomas A. Courtney6WorcesterWorcesterEpilepsy17 Mar 191022 Nov 1910M. Imp. To his home[277]
Florence Lauzon6Woonsocket, R.I.Epilepsy26 Mar 191023 Feb 1912Rec.[277]
Mary Gertrude Raymond13OrangeOrangeEpilepsy16 Apr 191021 Feb 1911M. Imp. To her home[277]
Walter Erickson2FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy19 Apr 191023 May 1911M. Imp. To parents...[277]
Mary Angall1BostonBostonEpilepsy5 May 19105 Feb 1921Com. to Monson. N. Imp.[277]
William M. Bloom5FinlandMaynardEpilepsy16 May 191015 Dec 1911M. Imp. Parents moving from state[277]
Charles O. Chapin15SpringfieldSpringfieldEpilepsy18 May 19106 Jun 1916N. Imp. To Monson State Hosp.[277]
Florence Boudreau9Jersey City, N.J.WorcesterScoliosis19 May 191022 Dec 1918Died - Influenza, [etc][277]
William G. Gilli4SomervilleWest SomervilleEpilepsy22 May 19107 Dec 1917Died - Pneumonia [etc][277]
Lena M. Houlihan3SpringfieldSpringfieldEpilepsy14 Jun 19107 Sep 1910N. Imp. Against advice[277]
Mary Phaneuf3Fall RiverFall RiverFeeble-minded29 Jun 191018 Nov 1911Imp. To Monson[277]
Perley K. Adams7FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy1 Aug 191011 Sep 1928I. To Monson[277]
Philip Herbert6Fall RiverFall RiverEpilepsy5 Aug 191015 Jun 1912R. To his home[277]
Martin Deranian7NorthbridgeWhitinsvilleEpilepsy22 Aug 191028 May 1921I. To his home[277]
Sadie Shacter3CambridgeBrocktonEpilepsy22 Aug 191022 Apr 1912Imp. To Monson S.H.[277]
Sarah F. Cate8Lebanon, MaineHaverhillEpilepsy25 Aug 19101 Nov 1913N. Imp. To her home[277]
Frank O. Brown2 mosWinchendonWinchendonMalnutrition...29 Aug 191013 Sep 1910Bronchitis [etc][278]
Berton A. Loomer10ConcordConcord JunctionEpilepsy30 Aug 191026 Apr 1914Rec.[278]
Ida Ruderman7MaldenMaldenEpilepsy30 Aug 19104 Sep 1911Imp.[278]
Harold D. Clark9Fall RiverNew BedfordEpilepsy2 Sep 191021 Jul 1911Imp. To Monson[278]
Walter Myers5FitchburgFitchburgEpilepsy12 Sep 191025 Jan 1916Died - Epilepsy[278]
John Savage5BostonCharles River VillageEpileptic, Defective1 Oct 19107 Aug 1936To Monson. Not improved[278]
Frank Finn3Epileptic (?)6 Oct 191010 Jan 1912Rec.[278]
Raymond Leclaire7ChicopeeHolyokeEpileptic2 Nov 191017 Sep 1916Died - Epilepsy[278]
William Murphy2BostonCliftondaleFeeble-minded15 Nov 191017 Jul 1913Died - Bone necrosis [etc][278]
Ida Sakalow2StoughtonRachitic diathesis...16 Nov 191010 Jun 1918Died - Pertusis[278]
William B. Nolette8TauntonTauntonEpileptic22 Nov 19104 Jul 1915Died - Exhaustion of epilepsy[278]
Howard Jensen4WestfieldSpringfieldEpileptic8 Dec 191031 Dec 1910Imp. To his home[278]
Lewis E. Odom6QuincyBostonEpileptic13 Dec 19108 Jun 1922N.I. To Monson State Hosp.[278]
Dorilla Brooks12LawrencePlainfieldEpileptic14 Dec 19109 May 1912Espcape. Observation. Imp.[278]
William Joy3CambridgeCambridgeRachitis3 Jan 191113 Jan 1912Rec.[278]
Evelyn Beardsley2Rachitis4 Jan 1911[278]
Ethel Ford8South BostonRevereEpileptic17 Jan 191114 Oct 1920N. Imp. To Monson Hosp[278]
Anna Driscoll3LawrenceLawrenceParalysis20 Jan 191113 Nov 1911Imp.[278]
William Wentworth3Anson, MaineRachitis25 Jan 191112 May 1926Rachitis recovered. To Templeton Colony[278]
Hazel A. McGuthrie5MethuenDracutEpileptic11 Feb 19111 Nov 1922I[mproved][278]
Dexter E. Washburn2Feeble-minded14 Feb 191125 Apr 1927Trans. to Tewksbury State Inf.[278]
H. Valentine Walker10Norwich, Conn.CambridgeEpileptic16 Feb 191128 Oct 1917Died - Epilepsy[278]
Sarah W. Cranshaw6BostonBostonEpileptic2 Mar 191113 Jun 1912Imp. Visit conf.[278]
Dorothy R. McIsaac6BostonBostonEpileptic3 Mar 191116 Mar 1911Died - Acute bronchitis...[278]
Stuart Leroy Boyden13BostonAllstonEpileptic19 Mar 19112 Sep 1912M.I. [278]
Grace Fahey7WilliamsburgNorthamptonEpileptic29 Mar 19117 Dec 1924I[mproved][278]
Edwin H. Balloch6SpringfieldLongmeadowEpileptic4 Apr 191117 Dec 1913Imp. To Monson[278]
Kenneth P. Parsons10ClintonClinton14 Apr 19114 Sep 1911Imp.[278]
Walter F. Pierson10ChelseaBostonEpileptic8 May 19113 Feb 1922Imp.[278]
Dorothy Morris4TauntonCambridgeEpileptic3 Jun 191125 Dec 1918Died - Influenza, pneumonia[278]
Arline Williams3UnknownSaugusRetarded development12 Jul 1911[278]
Marian E. Pillsbury10PepperellPepperellEpileptic14 Jul 191119 Dec 1911Imp.[278]
Theodore L. Peltier7 mosOtter RiverOtter RiverMalnutrition4 Aug 19118 Nov 1911Rec.[278]
Raymond W. Hescock3Brattleboro, VtBrattleboro, VtEpileptic12 Aug 19115 Feb 1912Imp.[278]
Ernest J. Moulton4MonsonMonsonPott's Disease16 Aug 19114 Oct 1913Visit. M.I.[278]
Elizabeth M. McCarthy8HaverhillHaverhillEpileptic20 Sep 191121 Dec 1914N. Imp.[279]
Elizabeth M. Carpenter2 mosOtter RiverOtter RiverMalnutrition21 Sep 19114 Nov 1911Rec. [Ret. Oct 10, 1919][279]
Harold Geissler2BostonBostonFeeble-minded [etc]27 Sep 19118 Jun 1920H.I.[279]
Leo Murphy1ArlingtonCharlestownPott's Disease...29 Sep 191122 Apr 1926Visit[279]
Ruth B. Crouse7West SomervilleBoltonCerebral paralysis2 Oct 191112 Dec 1911Imp.[279]
Mary E. Murphy9WorcesterWorcesterCerebral paralysis3 Oct 191115 Dec 1912Imp.[279]
Grace Lauder7RoxburyRoxburyEpileptic8 Oct 191114 Oct 1920N. Imp. To Monson Hosp.[279]
Giovannina Bianchi2WorcesterWorcesterRachitis10 Oct 191125 Feb 1912Died - Bronchitis [etc][279]
M. Lena Leclair2 mosBaldwinvilleBaldwinvilleMalnutrition16 Oct 191128 Mar 1912Rec.[279]
Annie T. McSorley8BostonBostonEpileptic24 Oct 19119 Jan 1918Unimp. To Monson State Hosp[279]
Leo Lawler8WareWareEpileptic30 Oct 191116 Aug 1921N. Imp. To Monson State Hosp[279]
Beatrice O. Porter9PittsfieldDaltonParalytic7 Jan 191229 May 1918Imp. To sister's home[279]
Bessie M. Taft2WinchendonWinchendonMalnutrition5 Feb 191228 Oct 1912M. imp.[279]
Joseph Saikenicz3EasthamptonEasthamptonFeeble-minded29 Jun 191230 May 1913N. imp.[279]
Albina Poulin1FitchburgFitchburgMalnutrition1 Jul 191228 Jul 1928Ret. July 29, 1928[279]
Robert L. Nichols5East BrookfieldWest BrookfieldEpileptic1 Jul 19129 Oct 1912Imp. To his home[279]
William H. Egan7CambridgeCambridgeEpileptic11 Jul 191229 May 1921Imp. To his home[279]
Anna Driscoll5LawrenceLawrenceInfantile paralysis23 Aug 19123 Jun 1916M. Imp. To Worc. Memorial Hosp[279]
Emily J. Alderman9AmherstAmherstEpileptic23 Oct 19129 May 1918M. Imp. To Aunt's home[279]
Laura E. Foster12HubbardstonAtholIntestinal indigestion...26 Oct 19121 Feb 1913[279]
Cecelia Stahl4WorcesterWorcesterEpileptic6 Nov 191213 Dec 1916N. Imp. Visit conf.[279]
Leroy Stine11Malone, N.Y.Tewksbury?Epileptic26 Nov 191222 Mar 1920Com. to Monson[279]
Everett S. Lynch10BrooklineBrooklineEpileptic27 Dec 191215 Dec 1915Imp. Visit conf.[279]

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