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The Australian Hotel was reportedly built by Mr Blumberg with an adjoining store.[1]


Business Change.--Mrs. A. M. Beattie, who has been Iicencee of the Australian Hotel for almost two years, has sold out to Mr. Peter O'Reilly, recently of Toowoomba, and will leave Boonah this week-end. She has secured the lease of the Broadway Hotel South Brisbane. [2]

Licensing Commission Sittings The Licensing Commission, comprising Messrs. T. A. Ferry (chairman), J. D. O'Hagan, and R. H. Robinson, held a sitting yesterday afternoon. Applications for the transfer of licensed victuallers' licences were granted from:

from Peter O'Reilly. Hotel National. Toowoomba, to Myrtle Ivy Ryan; from Emily Maud Beattie. Australian Hotel. Boonah, to Peter O'Reilly; from Elizabeth Hlckey. Broadway Hotel. South Brisbane, to Emily Maud Beattie;


MISCELLANEOUS. The following applications for transfer of billiard licences were granted: From

Emily Maud Beattie, Australian Hotel, Boonah, to Peter O'Reilly. [3]

Boonah Band--Five applications for admission to playing membership of the Boonah Band were approved at a meeting of the band committee, at which Mr. J. Daley presided. General accounts, amounting to £14/12/7, and band uniform accounts of £5/I/10, were passed for payment. Satisfaction was expressed with the financial statements relating to the benefit entertainments held at Munbilla, and at Mr. W. Fritz's residence. The Secretary (Mr. C. C. Cupitt) was instructed to send a letter of thanks to Mr. Fritz for the use of his home, and to Mr. O'Reilly, of the Australian Hotel, for his donation to the band. ... [4]

ANNUAL DINNER. BOONAH RIFLEMEN CELEBRATE. Numerous Trophies Awarded BOONAH, Saturday. ... The Chairman referred to the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly, of the Australian Hotel, and it was intimated subsequently that Mr. O'Reilly had donated to the club a beautiful cup for competition.[5]

O'REILLY—SMITH.—The Engagement is announced of Miss Nell Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Smith, South Brisbane, to Mr. Mervyn P. O'Reilly, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Reilly, Australian Hotel, Boonah. [6]


HOTEL LICENCES Applications Granted The Licensing Commission — Messrs. T. A. Ferry (chairman), R. H. Robinson, and F. P. Byrne — granted the following applications yesterday: — Approval of Plans and Specifications.— Peter O'Reilly (licensee), Castlemaine, Perkins, Ltd. (owners), Australian Hotel, Boonah. [7]

FASSIFERN DISTRICT BOONAH. Wednesday. Water Supply Tapped--An abundant supply of good subterranean water has been obtained at the rear of the Australian Hotel, and the boring operations, begun about a fortnight ago, are reaching their final stages. The bore is down over 140ft., with nearly 100ft of water in the casing. Under contract from the Castlemaine Brewery, Mr. R. C. Abbott, of Annie-street, Torwood, Brisbane, selected a site 15ft. from the hotel, and with his boring plant began drilling operations. After passing through 20ft. of surface soil, sandstone was penetrated for the next 18ft, then a hard basalt, where progress for a few days was no more than 3ft. a day. A big layer of coal shale eventually led to a series of coal strata, one of which was 8ft. in thickness. At 130ft. water was struck, and it immediately rose within 40ft. of the surface, Drilling was continued to over 140ft., with the volume of water increasing. Mr. Abbott stated to-day that the water was 30ft. from the top of the bore. It is excellent water, absolutely free of any nauseating taste. Cooking trials made with it have proved entirely satisfactory. It is the intention of Mr. O'Reilly. proprietor of the hotel, to instal at electric motor by which the water will be pumped to an elevated tank, from where it will gravitate to the bathrooms and septic systems at the hotel The site of the bore is no more than 40yds. from the main street. [8]

FASSIFERN DISTRICT BOONAH. Thursday. Fell From Ladder--When high up on a ladder yesterday, painting the Australian Hotel, Frank O'RelIly, son of the proprietor, overbalanced and fell, receiving a severe scalp wound. First-aid was rendered by the Boonah Ambulance, and O'Rellly was taken to the General Hospital, from which he was discharged later in the day. [9]

BOONAH RIFLEMEN CELEBRATE. Bell Memorial Cup to Mr. T. Beer. BOONAH, August 1. A fine array of trophies adorned a table at the annual banquet of the Boonah Rifle Club at the Australian Hotel on Saturday night, when, in the presence of about 50 people, Miss Una Bell (Coochin Coochln) formally presented to the successful riflemen 16 trophies gained during the year. In the gathering were representatives of the Ipswich and West Moreton Rifle Union, the Ipswich Railway Club, and the Ipswich City Club.

The Bell Memorial Cup, donated by the Bell family, of Coochin, in memory of the late Mr. E. T. and Major V. D. Bell, D.S.O., was won by Mr. T. Beer. who, as club champion, received a beautiful replica of the cup. A-grade champion was Mr. E. Cheyne, who received a fine trophy donated by Capt. Arnold Wienholt. Mr. C. Koy, B-grade champion, won a trophy donated by Mr. P. O'Rellly. It was a happy company of rile men who assembled at the banquet. ...

MAGNIFICENT CUP. On view was a magnificent cup which has been donated by Mr. P. O'Reilly for competition In the coming Year. It was stated that It would be won outright for the champion shot In the B-grade competitions. ...

"'The Chairman", was proposed by Mr. Meekin, and votes of thanks were accorded Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly for the splendid arrangement of the banquet. [10]

PLATYPUS FOR RESEARCH. Mr. Peter O'Reilly. Australian Hotel, Boonah. has been successful in his efforts to obtain a platypus for the purpose of scientific research at the Queensland University. A week or two ago Mr. O'Reilly supplied a porcupine to the University authorities, and a request was then made for a platypus. Confident of obtaining one, Mr. O'Rellly systematically went about the task of netting a specimen, and his efforts were rewarded on Monday. when an almost fully-grown female was captured in local waters. This morning it was taken to the Rural School where it was viewed with interest by pupils and teachers. It was placed in a box and consigned by the afternoon train to Professor H. G. Wilkinson, of the School of Anatomy, at the Queensland University. In a telephonic communication to Mr. O'Rellly, the professor expressed his delight at the capture of the animal, whose arrival, he said, would be awaited with the keenest interest. [11]

SERVICES VALUED. Boonah Teachers Farewelled. BOONAH, December 16. Three members of the teaching staff at the Boonah State Rural and High School-Miss G. E. M. Pestorious and Miss L. M Robb. who have been transferred, and Miss E. J. Madden, who is to be married during the vacation, were entertained by their colleagues at a farewell social and dinner at the Australian Hotel last night. ... Mr R. Struthers proposed a toast to the health of Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly, and thanked them for the splendid manner in which the banquet arrangements had been carried out, and for all they had done to add to the pleasure of the occasion. Responding, Mr. O'Reilly referred to 'his association with the three teachers who had been boarders at his hotel. He congratulated Miss Madden on the step she was taking, and expressed the hope that Misses Robb and Pestorious would be happy at their new schools. ... [12]


FASSIFERN DISTRICT BOONAH. Tuesday. Bushmen's Carnival-An ambitious programme has been drawn up by the committee of the Boonah Show Society for the bushmen's carnival on Easter Monday. According to reports, the entries, which close on Friday, already include the names of many noted horsemen from various parts of the State. One of the big events in the campdraft section is the Coochln Coochln draft for the Bell Cup. Competed for over the last 10 years, this cup, donated by the Bell family, has not yet been won by the same person twice in succession, which Is one of the conditions governing its absolute ownership. However, Mr. B. Kerwin, who won the competition last year, is again an entrant, and if the horse and rider are in the form they were last time Mr. Kerwin has a rosy prospect of gaining the cup and the prize money. This competition is open only to horses and riders from the Boonah, Normanby, and Beaudesert Shires. The big open event-the O'Reilly Cup Draft-carries with it the outright ownership of a magnificent cup valued at £23, and presented by Mr. P. O'Reilly, of the Australian Hotel, also a first prize of £15. The State's best horsemen have designs on the annexation of the cup and the cash in this event. Stirring feats of horseman ship in that and the numerous other events, such as buckjumping, bullock. riding, and bulldogging, should provoke thrilling entertainment. ... [13]

Personal - Mr. James O'Reilly "Bremervlew." Rosewood, Is spending a holiday with his brother, Mr. P. O'Reilly (Australian Hotel). [14]

THREE BUILDINGS DESTROYED IN BOONAH BLAZE. FIRE BRIGADE DOES EFFECTIVE WORK. CAFE PROPRIETOR'S NARROW ESCAPE. BOONAH, July 27. A block of buildings, containing the offices of Mr. J. Finney solicitor) and the Bluebird Cafe, conducted by Mr Geo. Marendy, was totally destroyed this morning by a fire which also partially ruined the Farmers' Cash Trading Store, and for a time seriously menaced several other business houses. The splendid work of the Fire Brigade, whose fire-fighting efforts were aided by the absence of wind and an intervening brick wall on the southern side, kept the fire within limits, Mr. Marendy, who was asleep at the rear of the cafe, was aroused as the flames were demolishing the walls of the room in which he slept. He grabbed his bed-clothes and a coat, and without having time to put on his slippers made good his escape from the building, which fast was becoming wholly enveloped in flames. Evidently the outbreak started In the cafe, and the fire had a strong hold of the building when it was first noticed. Mr. P. Cook, Manager of the Commercial Bank, which is on the opposite, side of the street, was one of the first to notice the blaze. He hurried across the street to arouse Mr. and Mrs. B. Walpole, who conduct a newsagency next door to the cafe, and then rang the fire bell. Mr. and Mrs. Walpole, however, had been awakened by the crackling of the fire, and Mr. Walpole had rushed into the burning building next door to find Mr. Marendy, who was sleeping peacefully in the only room which was not fiercely ablaze. As it was the flames had gained a hold on the walls and the ceiling of the room in which Marendy slept. He bounded from his bed like one in a trance, then seizing his money, which was under his pillow, and a few bed clothes, he escaped into the back yard. He made an effort to return to the room, to recover a pair of trousers; but was driven back by the intense heat. Marendy had a remarkably narrow escape, and as he remarked later, "Another two minutes 'and it would have been too late to escape, as the flames spread over the plywood walls of the bedroom very rapidly.


There was further alarm when flames were seen issuing from a side window of the upper storey of Rose Cafe, two or three doors down from the main blaze. Through a window which had been left open, the curtains in Mrs. Rose's parlour ignited, unnoticed by members of the family, who were busy removing some of their property from the cafe to the back yard, as a precautionary measure "Three young men - Messrs. Sam Hawkins, Kevin O'Reilly. and Stan Morrish - rushed upstairs at Rose's Cafe, and with a few buckets of water quelled the outbreak: but not before the settee was partly destroyed, the cushions were burnt and the walls and ceilings were scorched. ...

The Farmers' Store, the premises of which were sold only on Tuesday to Mr. W. Abel was burnt through in the superstructure in several places. Stocks of drapery and groceries were more or less damaged by fire and water. The building will practically have to be rebuilt, though much of the stock, which is the property of the Farmers' Cash Trading Society, may be salvaged. READY TO MOVE; Later. During the fire, all the occupants of the Australian Hotel had their personal belongings packed, and were ready to evacuate the hotel in the event of the fire spreading. Shops over considerable length in High-street and as far as Bowman's dentist's surgery, Church-street, had quantities of shop fittings and other property ready to be shifted to safety. ... [15]

McCALLUM— O'REILLY.— The engagement, is announced of Molly, elder Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Reilly, Australian Hotel, Boonah, to Colin, third Son of Mr. and Mrs C. A. McCallum, Nanango. [16]

BOONAH WEDDING WEARING a street-length frock of white mariette, Stella, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Surawski, was married to John, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Reilly, Boonah, at AH Saints' Roman Catholic, Church. Boonah. She added a white hat and accessories, also an amethyst pendant, which had been lent, by her aunt, Miss A. Wagner. In place of a bouquet she carried a prayer book and a point lace handkerchief, the last the gift of Miss G. Ramdor. Delphine Surawski was the pink-frocked bridesmaid and Mr. C. O'Reilly the best man. Father O. Hayes, assisted by Father P. J. Oudendyk. officiated, and Irene Dodd presided at the organ. An Ave Maria was "sung by Mrs. W. O'Reilly. The " reception was held at the Australian Hotel, and the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales was the scene of the honeymoor. [17]


FASSIFERN DISTRICT. BOONAH. Wednesday. Hotel-keeper Fined-Because a bottle of draught rum he had for sale was found to contain added water to the extent that the potency of the spirit was reduced'10.5 per cent, below the standard required by the Health Act, Peter O'Rellly (licencee of the Australian Hotel) was yesterday fined £7/10/ and ordered to pay 26/ costs of Court and analyst's fees. On the complaint of Charles Mitchell, an officer of the Health Department, O'Reilly was proceeded against in the Summons Court, before. Mr. W. Rillie, P.M for having exposed for sale adulterated rum. Pleading "Guilty" on defendant's behalf, Mr. C. B. Darvall said the bottle in which the deficiency was found, of all the liquor tested by the Inspector, was the only one below standard. It would be admitted by the Inspector that the licencee himself, who was a victim of circumstances in the matter had not put the water in the rum. In fact he was at a loss to explain how the added water got there. Defendant had been a hotel licencee for over 20 years, and that was the first occasion on which a charge of any Kind had been preferred against him. [18]

AT eight this morning at All Saints' Church, Boonah, Molly O'Reilly, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Reilly, of the Australian - Hotel, Boonah, was married to Colin McCallum, third son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McCallum, of Nanango. [19]

Mr. P. O'Reilly, of the Australian Hotel, has been chosen as the Traders' nominee in the 'ugly man' patriotic competition. [20]

FASSIFERN DISTRICT. BOONAH. Tuesday. Early Closing. Early closing of hotels is being strictly enforced at Boonah. On Saturday hotelkeepers were notified that trading must cease at 8 p.m., and they are taking no chances. To all outward appearance. Sunday trading was non-exislent at Boonah, so the enforcement of the regulations in that respect will not perturb the hotelkeepers, the police, or the average citizen. Since the hotels have been closed like a trap at 8 p.m., the man in the street has heard little complaint about the enforcement of the law. However, it Is believed that early closing will have a damping effect upon social life In the smaller outlying towns, where there are not picture theatres or reading rooms, but only an hotel, where men may foregather for an interchange of opinion about the weather, war, petrol rationing, and other complex problems which they might care to dlscuss.


Snake Causes Excidtement.-A copperhead snake about 5ft. long slipped from Mr. Bartholomai's timber waggon standing in High-street yesterday afternoon, and made his unwelcome presence felt by wriggling along the footpath in the direction of a group of men standing in front of the Australian Hotel. The men scattered, some for weapons of defence and others for weapons of attack. Active and aggressive, the snake fought back, and excitement for a time was at a high pitch. While a few men at a safe distance held counsel to gether, and a surfeit of suggestions came from another group, Mr. J. Reid waded into the attack with his walking stick-a treasured possession which, it is said, he had brought with him from New Zealand many years ago. The stick was irreparably smashed. Finally the snake was pursued into a laneway, where a combined assault ended Its days.[21]

BOONAH Residents! Get your Christmas Supplies at "Pop" O'Reilly's (Australian Hotel). Price and quality right. [22]

BOONAH. Thursday. Candidate Entertained.'-The traders' candidate In the Boonah ugly man competition (Mr. P. O'Reilly) was entertained by members of the Traders' Committee at a banquet in the Australian Hotel on Tuesday night. The traders' group ceased their activities on December 6. though the remaining two groups are continuing until February. To mark the closure of the traders' effort, and to express appreciation of the support given by Mr. O'Rellly, 34 members, presided over by Mr. E. Raymond, sat down to tables nicely decorated tn green and gold. On behalf of the committee, the Chairman presented to Mr. O'Reilly a silver vase as a memento of the competition. [23]


HEAD—O'REILLY.—The Engagement is announced of Doris, elder Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Head, Boonah, to Gnr. Edward James, third son of Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Reilly, Australian Hotel, Boonah. ... Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Reilly. Morning side, are" spending a holiday in Boonah with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Reilly, 'Australian Hotel. [24]

A suggestion that the council should open a fund to raise money to help replace H.M.A.S. Sydney was received from P. O'Reilly. Australian Hotel. The proposal Is to be passed on to the Shire Patriotlc Committee. [25]

A R.P. Boonah, more Wardens required: men over 35 years age, for General A.R.P. Work. Owners of Stirrup Spray Pumps requested In advise Chief Warden (P. O'Reilly. Australian Hotel). Air raid warning, one long continuous blast. 178 [26]


AIR-RAID TEST. BOONAH PRECAUTIONS. Official Visitors Pleased. BOONAH, May 2.-Official visitors were highly pleased with the standard of efficiency displayed by wardens to day in the first full-dress rehearsal of the A.R.P. Organisation Inspector T. M. Brannelly, Ipswich, described the system as being second to none in any other part of his district. The wardens were deserving of the highest praise for the manner in which they had progressed, he commented. He remarked on the effective way in which every Incident was handled and the promptness with which messages were dispatched to and received at the control centre. He made particular reference to the first-aid party. He said the authorities desired to educate the people as to what was required of them in tile event of all air raid occurring. He was pleased to see that no persons ventured into the streets, except those who had official business. The Fire Brigade had done splendid work, and it was gratifying to see the Defence Corps co-operating actively with the organisation for civil defence. Tile V.D.C. had even stopped his (the Inspector's) car, and he had to give the password before he was allowed to proceed. Members of A.R.P. organisations In other parts of the district had shown a fine spirit in visiting Boonah to watch the practice. "You have not been going long in Boonah, but you have done a big job," Inspector Brannelly concluded. The Chief Warden in Boonah (Mr. P. O'Reilly) also expressed his pleasure with the success of the demonstration. Cr. S. J. Cossart (Chairman of the Shire Council) paid a tribute to Messrs. O'Reilly, C. H. Smith (Secretary), and Sergeant A. T. Hogan for the ability they had shown in working up the A.R.P. organisation. The test was watched also by Ald. R. Battye (Chief Warden in Ipswich), Dr. D. E. Trumply (Medical Superintendent of the Ipswich Hospitals Board), Captain T. Cooney, and Mr. R. G. Andrew (Transport Officer to the Ipswich A.R.P.), Wardens from Kalbar, Harrisville. and other outside centres attended to inspect the practice.

SIREN STARTS ACTION. The A.R.P. organisation was galvanised into action immediately the siren was sounded. The fire engine sped out of the fire station to take cover in a camouflaged position, while the A.R.P. fire auxiliaries under the Senior Fire Warden (Mr. A. H. Abell) sheltered nearby in a place where they would avoid bomb blast. They were directed from the control centre to put out a fire, which was burning in heaps of pine stacked on Dugandan flat. The engine was on the spot without delay, hoses were run into the Dugandan lagoon, and firemen and auxiliaries soon had the blaze under control. Officials at the control station were kept on the move with calls coming in from the three divisions reporting the fall of incendiary bombs, outbreak of fires, damage by bombs, and accidents to persons. The precise nature of the event was related to control officials, who then ordered the dispatch of the auxiliary ambulances or emergency service as required. In each case the vehicle was on its way without a moment to lose. Mr. H. Head was in charge of Division A, Mr. C. E. Cossart Division B, and Mr. T. F. Stubbin Division C. The movement of each vehicle and the occurrence of each "disaster" was marked by flags on a map in the control room, so that the effect of the raid on the town could be seen at a glance. This aided the immediate transfer of the emergency service truck, which was in charge of Mr. H. Richter, from place to place. Boy Scouts working as runners proved useful in the dispatch of messages. During the raid the V.D.C. guarded the post office and railway station, and placed under arrest three "fifth columnists" who tried to gain access to the railway station. In addition, they patrolled the streets to keep them clear of pedestrians. The disposition of troops was watched by Mr. C. B. Lindsay (Company Coimmander), and Mr. George Morrish (Platoon Leader). When the all-clear was sounded the public gathered outside the Shire Council Chambers to view an exhibition of first-aid given by members of the first-aid squad, which during the afternoon was supervised by Mr. T. H. Lennon (Senior War den), with whom Mr. C. W. Mills (Ambulance Superintendent) co operated. Dr. R. H. Yeates examined the patients to see if the first-aid treatment was correct. A demonstration of the sand and water methods of putting out incendiary bombs was given by Mr. Edgar Worley. At the conclusion of the test officials and visitors were the guests of the Chief Warden and Mrs. O'Reilly at afternoon tea at the Australian Hotel. [27]


Personal.--P.O. Colin McCallum has returned to the South, having spent a short period of leave with Mrs. McCallum and son Peter, at Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Reilly's Australian Hotel. [28]


BOONAH, July 22 - John O'Reilly, aged two years, who was severely scalded when he fell into a bucket of boiling water at his home yesterday, died in the Boonah Hospital this morning.

The child was the grandson of Mr. P. O'Reilly, Licensee of the Australian Hotel, and Mrs. O'Reilly. His father is Gnr. K. O'Reilly (A.I.F.), who had not seen the boy until he arrived home on leave this week. The child received severe scalds on the, body when he fell into the bucket of boiling water. The child's father returned home on leave only this week, having served for two years at a far northern battle station.

The funeral this afternoon was attended by a large crowd of sympathisers. The funeral took place at the Boonah Cemetery, the cortege moving from the Roman Catholic Church. Rev. Father A. Wright conducted the services. [29]

BOONAH Personal.--Sergeant Edward O'Rellly (A.I.F.). is spending a period of leave with his parents. Mr. and Mrs, P. O'Reilly, Australian Hotel, Boonah, having served for two and a half years at a far northern battle statlon. [30]

O'REILLY— HEAD.— On the 14th August, at All Saint's RC Church, Boonah, at 2.30 p.m., Doris Eva, eldest Daughter of Mr. & Mrs H. Head, Boonah, to Sgt. Edward J. (A.I.F.), third Son of Mr & Mrs. P. O'Reilly, Australian Hotel, Boonah. [31]


FUNERAL NOTICE. BULMER.—The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. P. O'REILLY and FAMILY, Australian Hotel, Boonah, are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Daughter, Sister, and Sister-in-law, PATRICIA BULMER, to leave All Saints' Roman Catholic Church, at 3 o'clock THIS (WEDNESDAY) AFTERNOON, for the Boonah Cemetery. Funeral Director, Boonah. [32]

BOONAH Centenary.-At a general meetIng of the Centenary Committee, .... At the beginning of the meeting the Chairman .(Cr. H. Richter) mentioned the sudden death of Mrs. Patricia Bulmer, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Reilly, of the Australian Hotel, Boonah. As a mark of respect those present stood in silence. [33]


Boonah Farewell to Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly BOONAH, April 12.-Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Reilly, proprietors of the Australian Hotel at Boonah for the past seven years, have sold their business to Mr. and Mrs. W. Purcell, of Toogoolawah, have left Boonah, and now are living st Scarborough. During their stay at Boonah they made many, friends. They were given numerous farewell functions. On Thursday night a group of sporting friends of the O'Reillys gathered at Jenner's Cafe. Mr. Max Tow, who presided, presented Mr. O'Reilly with a specially-made squatter a chair and to Mrs. O'Reilly a lady's handbag. He was supported by Messrs. G. Bartholomew, Jim Stenzel, W. Horrocks, H. N. Smith, C. O'Gorman, and W. Drenan, all of whom said they were losing a genuine and sincere sport and a true friend in Mr. O'Reilly. Mr. O'Reilly was also presented with a polished walking stick by his young friends - several boys who assisted him at the hotel on occaslons.

PUBLIC FAREWELL On Saturday afternoon a public gathering was held at the hotel, presided over by Cr. H. Richter (Chairman of the Boonah Shire Council), when the guests of honour were entertained to afternoon tea. Cr. Richter referred to Mr. O'Reilly's many public activities, as a member of the Shire Patriotic Committee, the first Chief Warden of the Boonah A.R.P. (which he had built into a very fine organisation), his help to the Centenary, and all movements for the welfare of the town and district. Mr. C. B. Darvall, who proposed the health of Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly, referred to their unfailing courtesy and efficiency in the conduct of their business. Mr. O'Reilly was a splendid citizen and lent his support to numerous public bodies. The toast was drunk with musical honours. Mr. C. E. Cossart spoke on behalf of the Boonah Shire Patriotic Committee, of which Mr. O'Reilly had been a member since its inception. Other speakers included Dr. R. H. Yeates. Rev. Father A. J. Wright, Mr. M. J. Brennan, and Mr. R. G. Storer. Dr. R. H. Yeates, in presenting an oil painting of a Fassifern scene by Mr. Raymond W. Bambrick. R.N.A.S., to Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly. expressed the regret of the whole district at their departure. Their were leaving behind many friends, and everyone wished Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly everything that could be desired for their future happiness. Mr. O'Reilly feelingly thanked his friends for the honour they had done him and Mrs. O'Reilly, and said they would always have a warm spot in their hearts for Boonah. The Chairman welcomed Mr. and Mrs. W. Purcell, who had taken over the hotel.

CHURCH'S APPRECIATION On Sunday morning, following Mass, Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly were farewelled by the parishioners of All Saints' Catholic Church. Father A. J. Wright, who presided, explained that the function had to take its present form on account of the Immediate departure of their guests. Father Wright explained that gifts would be forwarded to Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly. Mr. J. P. Finney read an address from the parishioners extolling the good example of Mr. O'Reilly and his sons as members of the Holy Name Society and Mrs. O'Reilly as a member of the Sacred Heart Sodality. Mr. O'Reilly had been President of the Holy Name Society for two years. Mr. Jack O'Reilly, on behalf of the society, expressed regret at the departure of Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly. and wished them every future happiness and blessing. Mr. H. A. Krause also spoke on behalf of the Kalbar portion the parish, and a special message from Croftby was delivered by Father Wright, who also thanked Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly for their outstanding help to all the funds of the parish and wished them every blessing. [34]


Mr. P, ("Pop") O'Reilly, licencee of the Australian Hotel, Boonah, will leave soon for Ipswich, where he will take over the lease hold of the Palais Royal Hotel. Mr. T. Purcell, of the City View Hotel, Brisbane, is to take over the licence of the Australian Hotel, Boonah. [35]


BOONAH, Oct. 17.-Mervyn Peter O'Reilly (35), licensee of the Australian Hotel, Boonah, who dropped dead while having his lunch at 1.10 p.m. yesterday, had a bad attack of influenza about six weeks ago. It is said he died from heart failure.
Previously licensee of an hotel at Nanango, the late Mr. O'Reilly took over the licence of the Australian Hotel from Mr. W. Purcell. In the intervening time he assisted his father, Mr. Peter ("Pop") O'Reilly, at the Palais Royal Hotel, Ipswich. Mr. O'Reilly, sen., also was licensee of the Australian Hotel here for some years.
Buried at the Boonah Cemetery after service at All Saints Roman Catholic Church this morning, the late Mr. O'Reilly Ieaves his wife and four children, aged 9, 4, 2 years, and 5 months. [36]


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