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The Howard Name Study project serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Howard name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists who are researching or have an interest in the Howard name.

As a One Name Study, this project is not limited to persons who are related biologically. Individual studies can be used to branch out the research into specific methods and areas of interest, such as geographically (England Howard's), by time period (18th Century Howard's), or by topic (Howard DNA, Howard Occupations, Howard Statistics). These studies may also include a number of family branches which have no immediate link with each other. Some researchers may even be motivated to go beyond the profile identification and research stage to compile fully sourced, single-family histories of some of the families they discover through this name study project.

Also see the related surnames and surname variants.

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To join the Howard Name Study, first start out by browsing our current research pages to see if there is a specific study ongoing that fits your interests. If so, feel free to add your name to the Membership list below, post an introduction comment on the specific team page, and then dive right in!

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Related Surnames and Surname Variants

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  • Heward
  • Hayward
  • Howarde
  • Hoard

Origin of Howard Surname

There are several thories about the origin of the Howard name. There are several websites that make aguements for various origins.
The name does not appear to be related to a place name or occupation.
It has been suggested that it comes from the word Hugihard meaning "heart-brave," or "Hoh-ward", literally "high defender; chief guardian."
Howard also does not appear to be a patronymic surname (like Ericson), although some suggest a relationship to Ó hOghartaigh and/or Ó hIomhair.
The yDNA information suggests that it may have originated in England rather than Ireland or Scotland.

Howard yDNA

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Gordon w. Howard [email address removed]

Feel free to contact

posted 6 Jun 2023 by Gordon Howard   [thank Gordon]
1. My EOL is 'Enos Howard' (Howard-17694) Birth 5 JUL 1760 • Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, Death 15 MAY 1844 • Duanesburg, Schenectady, New York, USA. Married Martha B Soule Birth 25 AUG 1770 • Hillsdale (Columbia County), Columbia County, New York, death 11 NOV 1854 • Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York, She was a descendant of George Soule who was on the Mayflower - contributed by Aurora Howard Chancy [Howard-17694] My GEDMATCH is T479355

- - 2. My immigrant ancestor is 'Matthew Arundel Howard' - B 1609 England D 4 Sept 1659 Anne Arundel, Maryland - Ancestors before that get confusing. - Glad to be aboard. Betty Jo Howard King [Howard-8458] - - 3. I have proven information on 'Elihue Howard' of Pendleton South Carolina that needs to be added. He was born in 1797. One of his sons was Benjamin Harrison Howard contributed by Dianne (Howard) Farquharson

- - 4. Earliest ancestor in my tree is 'Matthew Howard', bn 1609, m. Ann (Unknown). - I have been tested for Y-DNA, (B385819) and placed in lineage 14 of Howard Project at FTDNA (formerly, the Matthew line). Have autosomal testing at Ancestry-dotcom. My Genisis.gedmath kit is A720036.

- Interested in adding my ancestor, John Beale Howard Jr (1777- 1859) and his father, John Sr, to his parents profile (Henry Howard/Sarah Dorsey), already listed.

- - Also, interest in another Howard line: Samuel Howard (1725-1840, m. Frances Dryden). I have a FB group with people from both Samuel and Matthew lines; and getting legit matches with both lines. Possibly from marriages of Osbornes to both lines. Interested in that, also. Thanks Donald [Howard- 18984]

- - 5. I would like to join the Howard research. My Howard's, Jacob and Lucinda Dixon Howard and family, lived in the Sand Springs community of Monterey, TN. - This message is from Lisa Brown [email address removed] . Click here for their WikiTree profile: https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Pinkston-386

- - 6. - My EOL is William Finley Howard (1841) w Ida Green Nicolds(1852-1932) so pretty recent. - So many Ancestry.com trees link him up to the Abraham/John Howard alternating lines, but I I'd prefer to find a DNA confirmation before I buy into those connections. - https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Howard-20112

- - 7. Father - Coy Howard born Portales, NM - Grandfather - Ernest Howard born Lubbock, TX - G-Grandfather - Charlie Edgar Howard born Anson, TX - G-G-Grandfather - Alfred H. Howard born Nashville, TN - G-G-G-Grandfather - Benjamin Martin Howard born Salem, GA (1822-1879) - I'm a bit stuck on Benjamin. - This message is from Cindy Thompson [email address removed] . Thompson-21288

- 8. End of line is John W. Levy Howard, b about 1860 - 15 Mar 1941, in - Georgia, United States. Howard-12806, Husband of Harriet Counts. Thanks, Melissa Mutimer-76

- - 9. I am a daughter of a Howard that has been DNA matched back to John Lazarus Howard. I am confident that this line continues back to the Howard’s of Surrey in England. I want to join the Howard group in hopes of finding a DNA link to these ancestors. Howard -17919

- - 10. The Howards are in my ancestry also, mostly through maternal lines. Prudence Howard, dau of Reason Biggins Howard had a dau Malinda Everley who was my great3 grandmother. Reason was a great grandson of Mathew Howard. Samuel has both a father and son named Reason. Our Prudence was Samuels sister. Bob Chancy-45

- - 11. Gordon Howard was fathered by Joseph Howard who was fathered by Gordon Howard who came from somewhere West of Londonderry, N. Ireland. He arrived in Maryland and settled in Donegal, PA circa 1720. My problem has been to find living male Howards who are DNA related. I have a William on the Living DNA site, but he does not communicate. I am tested on 23 and Me and FTDNA as well. - FTDNA shows exact match with Musgraves around 1400AD and 1600s. They controlled the NW border for the Normans. My R-Z2185 also matches with the Lewis family from Virginia. I tracked them to Wales and Donegal, Ireland. They claim French ancestry, but I wonder. Perhaps Alsace Lorraine and German is a possibility,as well. - Joe Howard [email address removed]

posted 6 Oct 2021 by Aurora (Howard) Chancy   [thank Aurora]
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a 2023 new years resolution was to get on facebook and link up with those doing howard family research and other stuff in facebook groups. well, i'm on facebook, now. if you want to find me, i live in Wheeling WV, and am a software engineer.

i am trying to find which facebook groups to join. looks like most are private and/or center around a specific person i don't know. any ideas or suggestions?

posted by Phil Howard
i found Facebook group "Howard and Allied Families" thanks to Donny Howard. it is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042540139100937/

there seem to be many others, mostly private and a small few public.

if you are on Ancestry then you can access...

Philip David Howard's tree: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/73472386

Donald Dwayne Howard's tree: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/152575209

of course anyone can read Wikitree profiles...

Philip David Howard: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Howard-21542

Donald Dwayne Howard: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Howard-18984

posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
I wish this name study wasn't shutdown. Even untangling a few of the Howard lines are useful in my opinion. According to FTDNA name study (https://www.familytreedna.com/public/howarddnaproject?iframe=ycolorized) there are 30 lineages which seems about average and not impractical.
posted by Steve Waggoner
Its just inactive as far as Im not able to spend time on it. Feel free to add to and read any comments.
posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
Gordon w. Howard

Last for sure known relatives are jesse and martha Howard of Alabama, james marion Howard east texas.

posted by Gordon Howard
Gordon I have ancestor Gordon Howard 1722 arrived in PA. But there is a lady on FTDNA with another Gordon Howard who we have never figured out.

Joseph A. Howard

posted by Joseph Howard
edited by Joseph Howard
in Familysearch i find 2 sets of parents for Reason ((Roper)) Howard (b. 1731). his URL there is https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LKHK-M5B they have his year of death as 1782 (age about 50) in Hampshire, West Virginia, United States. records in Hampshire county may confirm or deny the time of his death. the parents found are:

parents #1: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/L8SQ-9YY Gideon Howard-747 (1693-1752) https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/9CWR-K9S Hannah Greneffe-4 (1687-1727)

parents #2: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LYRW-7M7 Benjamin Howard (1716-1767) https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LZNS-NYY Eleanor MacCubbin (1716-1767) parents #2 are marked as preferred.

Reason was born (1731) about 4 years AFTER Hannah died (1727). so, parents #2 seems the most plausible, right now.

the paternal lineage of #1 is: Gideon Howard-747 Captain John Howard-748 Matthew Howard-235 Jr Matthew Howard-8458 Sr

the paternal lineage of #2 is: Benjamin Howard-????? Charles Howard-1046 Cornelius Howard-202 Jr. (2nd wife Mary (Roper) Howard) Captain Cornelius Howard-171 Sr. Matthew Howard-8458 Sr

lineage #2 is one generation longer. Reason Howard-1572 was born when Benjamin was only 14 and Eleanor was 15. this is plausible in those years. i will be changing my Ancestry tree. i need to get some real souces on Benjamin and get the Pre-1700 Self-Cerrtification so i change this.

edit: ID of Gideon Howard is corrected.

posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
i've received a message from someone that tells me Hannah Greniffe (perhaps Reason's [1731-] mother) died in 1740 (instead of 1727). if that is so, she could very well be Reason's mother instead of Eleanor MacCubbin [1716-1767]. i was given a link that works to a tree in Ancestry so i have some looking-at to do and see what sources there might be.
posted by Phil Howard
more research at Familysearch lists many children of Hannah Greniffe all the way to a Mathew Howard b. 1744 which goes beyond that 2nd clue of her year of death.

i see lots of misplacement of surnames in many places that may be the result of her and her mother, Anne (Howard) Greneffe [1] possibly being a 2nd lineage path to Matthew Howard the immigrant.

posted by Phil Howard
Can anyone help with info on a Frank W Howard married to Tomasa Leon around 1893 Pima Arizona. This is the only event we have of him
posted by Justin Corona
There are several items on him in ancestry

He married Maria Urvana Thomasa Leon in 1893. They had a daughter Lillian in 1894. Thomasa married Nicholas Myers in 1899, they had a son Charles in 1900. Nicholas died in 1902 Frank died in 1917 . It is possible that Thomasa then filed for divorce under grounds of desertion so she wouldnt get stuck with his bills. . https://newspaperarchive.com/clifton-cooper-era-and-morenci-leader-jun-15-1917-p-1/

posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
Thank you. I forgot to tell you I received Frank Howard and Thomas Leon's divorce papers. They divorced in 1897. Marriage was dissolved
posted by Justin Corona
i have found a lot of unverified info at the URL below which is titled "Descendants of Matthew Howard". there are a total of 33 pages of this article. it covers 9 generations, enough to reach living people, although it doesn't follow every line down. follow the link "Next Page" on the text navigation bar just above the title.


posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
Matthew Howard-8458 Sr is a (not the only one) a focus of my research. i want to find all of the many stories of his ancestry. given that this has been published and disputed by a number of genealogists since 1939, i doubt my meager research can solve it. but i hope to have enough to start to establish some statistical probabilities. one thing i will need to do is keep multiple separate trees, one for each possibility, where people can look to see what i have, so they can comment about it. i do have an Ancestry account where i could do this but i don't want to force people to pay money just to see what i'm doing.

what suggestions might others have?

i am looking at running the Gramps program on my (Linux, not Windows) laptop, which i know can produce fan charts i could put online. it may have other neat stuff.

posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
i wonder how many others are regularly checking here.
posted by Phil Howard
i see that Reason Howard-1572 has 2 branches to Matthew Howard-8458 Sr. these branches are different length. his great grandfathers include both Matthew Howard-235 Jr and Matthew Howard-8458 Sr. so does that make Matthew Howard-8458 Sr my 9ggf (all male line) or 8ggf?
posted by Phil Howard
Good question. Maybe someone on the forum has an answer.
posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
my tree over on Ancestry has both Matthew Howard s as my 8ggf.
posted by Phil Howard
Matthew Arundel Howard appears to be my 9great grandfather. i would have 1024 of them in all my branches that far back. that could take a while to research. that could also be a lot of cousins from just him.
posted by Phil Howard
i am curious if the Reason Biggins Howard mention by Bob Chancy-45 in #10 is the father or son of Samuel B Howard-9025. there has been some name changes but i don't recall when that happened.
posted by Phil Howard
i would like to see statistics on popularity of given names based surname and/or range of years and/location.
posted by Phil Howard
i am trying to figure out a way to add a link to the Howard Name Study on either my profile (at least my view of it) or my G2G profile. anyone know how?
posted by Phil Howard
Im closing this study. There are too many Howard Lineages and too much conflicting information.
posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
edited by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
i have it in my scratchpad now. plus it's in the wikitree goto url history on my local computer.
posted by Phil Howard
i added another generation to my line with Reason Biggins Howard-23423 (my 3ggf) and adopted Samuel B Howard-9025 (my 4ggf) to make me now connected all the way to Mathew Howard-8458 Sr (my 9ggf).
posted by Phil Howard
i was reading a list of compiled marriages of Maryland. i extracted and converted to text (from JPEG images) those lines with "Howard" and put them online. you can read the list at http://ipal.net/wt/20200902/md-marriages-howard.txt

this list is just a fast little index tool. it is not a valid source.

the source origin is at Ancestry just run a search there for the name of interest with "Maryland" in the location to access the source.

posted by Phil Howard
i will go ahead and finish research of Howards i have as descendants of Matthew Arundell Howard 1609-1659 and create profiles connected to what i have created up to now. if it is decided that my profiles are wrong we can just delete them. or we can delete the other. or we can merge them.

i have personally memorized the line of my tree up to MAH. when i see "Reason Biggins Howard" i think of the one who is my 3ggf (1820-1892) instead of my 5ggf Reason Howard (1731-?). there appear to be at least 2 other (4 total) Howards named Reason that are descendants of MAH based on quick scans of Ancestry and Familysearch.

then we need to decide who MAH's parents are (probably stayed in England). i have read about 3 possibilities.

posted by Phil Howard
one of the theories of the lineage of MAH seems to be discounted by this story found in Wikipedia article for "Thomas Arundell, 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour". go down to the section "Marriages and issue" at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Arundell,_1st_Baron_Arundell_of_Wardour#Marriages_and_issue

there you can find a few lines down "1 Matthew, (1609-1620)" saying he was "buried on 2 June 1620 in London". if this is true he cannot be Immigrant Matthew Howard. so where does the name Arundell come from?

more reading: https://archive.org/details/marylandhistoric34brow_0/page/362

posted by Phil Howard
i have taken the Ancestry DNA test and put the codes in on my own profile, here. is there anything else i need to do to let others use it? do i need to extend the profile connections that go back to me, outward to connect to other Howards?

my tree on Ancestry goes way past Matthew Howard 1609-1659. but i don't know how accurate any of that old stuff is. i have found theories and disputes about his parentage so that is something i need to eventually research more. i doubt i can discover more than experienced professional genealogists.

posted by Phil Howard
No, I see your Gedmatch number and compared it with my husbands. I already posted it on your profile. Looks like you are 5 generations apart. He is #10 above. Thanks for posting yours.

I understand your frustration with ancestry. I have the same problem on several of my trees. I just hope people will let me know if there are errors. I send some out but seldom get a response and when I check they havent changed anything. All we can do is start over on Wikitree and be very careful to source everything.

I dont see that you have joined Donnys facebook page. I often find great info on there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042540139100937

also the Howard dna group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1839660392926416


posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
edited by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
i have joined nothing on Facebook. i am not on Facebook. everyone there with a like name is not me.
posted by Phil Howard
here is a view of my pedigree tree at Ancestry showing part of my Howard lineage i am currently working on to put in wikitree. this view is HD size (1920x1080), so, you may need to pan and/or scroll to see it all.


what i will be running into is that the elder Reason Howard you see in my tree seems to already be in wikitree at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Howard-1572 but is apparently incomplete and different than what i have. so i am looking for solid sources to support one or the other. i also have a 3rd Reason Howard that is a grandson of the younger on (Reason Biggins Howard) my tree. i suspect the same named people are causing names to be mixed up. that's partly why i am working on building out as many branches that i have time for. in this case, the only reason i see for the name Biggins to enter the family is that Samuel B Howard married Mary Polly Bigggins. thus, i see it as unlikely that the B in Samuel B Howard is short for Biggins. so i will also be looking for his middle name and that his father (who stayed behind in Hampshire county).

posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
Unless Gideon Howard and John Biggins were good friends. ?

Yes, the information under Howard-1572 is sadly incomplete. While I am listed as manager I did not enter the information or sources.

You have him dying in 1782 but Brice wasnt born until 1784 if the 1860 census is correct. I see several trees have him d 1777 but not one of them gives a source.

There is a story posted under Mary Biggins Gallery that says Samuels father was Reason R Howard. Maybe you can find the source Sources: Title: Book, "The Howard Family" Filed G-633 Dan Grammer, Marietta OH.

posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
edited by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
i did find a Reason Roper Howard i believe in a story posted by someone on Ancestry but he was in Missouri or Iowa or somewhere out that way.
posted by Phil Howard
i ran a search for '"Reason Roper Howard"' (including the inner quotes) on duckduckgo (google has more matches but less match text) and got 2 matches. the 1st was my post on this page. the 2nd was on MyHeritage which is a paid site that won't let me see the page. the content in the search match text output was this:

Ester married Reason Howard. Reason was born on April 7 1731, in Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States. Ester married Reason Roper Howard in 1760, at age 18 at marriage place, West Virginia.

the URL is https://www.myheritage.com/names/ester_ashbrook in case someone with a paid account there can read it. this is a bit more evidence or a lead, not a source, that his middle name is "Roper".

posted by Phil Howard
you say Brice, do you mean Reason? or Reason Biggins? yes i have him d. 1782. that's what i've had for while and don't know where it came from. i used to have him dying at 1841 and 110 years seemed high for those days.

a search on Ancestry finds a Reason R Howard in Indiana (2 matches) different from what's in the Mary Polly Biggins gallery.

i'm wondering if this is the same Dan Grammer that wrote the book:

https://lists.rootsweb.com/hyperkitty/list [email address removed] thread/27434904/

even more odd ... i live in Wheeling WV.

posted by Phil Howard
no, Brice Howard

BIRTH 22 NOV 1784 • Hampshire County, Virginia DEATH MAR 1866 • Ellsworth, Tyler, West Virginia, United States son of Reason Howard 1731– Esther Hamilton Ashbaugh 1741–1810

There is a Dan Grammer in Marietta, 41

posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
looks like d.1782 does not work for Reason Howard 1731-? my Ancestry profile had 3 children well after 1782, before i added this Brice. research continues.
posted by Phil Howard
this may explain a number of Howards i have seen in Tyler county in the 1800s.
posted by Phil Howard
a warning to anyone looking at my tree on Ancestry. do not trust anything in it. it was my first collection back when i made so many wrong assumptions including taking in just about anything the member trees had. now i only use member tree data for statistical leads such as research the more common info first as a "probably fastest" way. that tree has tons of duplicates i am slowly cleaning out. i removed 4 of Samuel B Howard's extra children just today.
posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
I am looking to see if any one knows anything about an adoption of Gerald M Howard. He was adopted by Samuel N and Mary E (West)Howard from Ottumwa,Iowa. He was born on May 1914. Samuel first marriage was to Barbara Gee/they had to two children Orville and Delta. They divorced . Sam and Mary lived in Ottumwa,Iowa. Thanks for any info.
posted by Celeste Cameron
Hi Celeste, Are any of Geralds children living? Have they done the dna test? Ive been working on my mutual list and have run across 3 names who match me and responded that they were adopted and know nothing about their biological parents. One of the ladies and I have concluded that she was adopted by her stepfather but her mother is biologically connected to her. The search is getting very interesting. Too bad the Mom has passed.
posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
i now have a new little goal.

i have discovered that my gggf Brice Howard-22149 [1820–1892] (f: Reason Biggins Howard [1794–1882], gf: Samuel B. Howard [1770–1862]) and his 6 year younger 1st cousin Wilson Biggin Howard [f: 1826–1902] (Samuel Martin Howard [1797–1862], gf: Samuel B. Howard [1770–1862]) married sisters Barbara Ann Stricklin and Sarah Ann Stricklin both born in 1828.

is that Wilson Biggin Howard or Wilson Biggins Howard? it could be either given how people have mangled names.

the new little goal is to determine the birth date for Barbara Ann Stricklin (Sarah Ann Stricklin is 8 Dec 1828) to know if these sisters are twins. having the same middle name gives me a feeling they could be. but Sarah is plenty late enough in that year for Barbara to be a few months older in the same year. two friends of mine in high school were like that (brothers about 10-12 months apart in age but in the same school year).

posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
i now have spouse for Brice Howard-22149 (Barbara Ann Stricklin).

next i am trying to pin down the birthdate of Parten Howard, son of Edward Ellsworth Howard-22090 and Lilly May Stout-5885. it is circa 1909 and there is a sibling (Challen Ambrose Howard) born 21 Jun 1908. Parten appeared in 1910 census and did not appear in 1920 census. either he died young or 1910 had him in error. i have seen many census errors.

posted by Phil Howard
edited by Phil Howard
one of many brick walls i am bouncing around is finding a spouse for Brice Howard [ https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Howard-22149].

how do we formally join here or is just being active and communication good enough? i don't know all the ways to do everything here, yet, such as sending a private message. if a private message goes to my login email, i won't see it unless i know to look for it. you can email me directly at gmail.com by using my user name there which is phil.d.howard

posted by Phil Howard
i am also new here on Wikitree. i came here because i like big single tree collaboration and this one looked to be more serious to me. i started out on Ancestry encouraged by a 1st cousin from my mother's family while at my sister-in-law's funeral riding to the burial. at first i was not even knowing what i was doing on Ancestry but learning along the way. eventually i went to various outside sources (historical) to follow my male Howard lineage to 36 generations, 22 past King Henry VIII. i am very interested in this research. i'm still learning many things here on Wikitree. i am working on better sourcing and record keeping to re-build that lineage to be sure i have it correct. you can see what i have now from my profile (1955-, Howard-21542) and my father's profile (1929-2016, Howard-21571). i am working on the next profile to add in that line (Reason Biggins Howard, b. 16 November 1794 • Cameron, Ohio, Virginia, d. 7 April 1882 • Cameron, Marshall, West Virginia. you can email me at phil.d.howard on the left side of the at sign and gmail.com on the right side. i am not on FB.
posted by Phil Howard
I'd love to join and add my Howard Ancestors
Hi Melissa, I looked at your tree and I also cant find parents for John Levy Howard and Harriet Counts. Maybe someone researching in Georgia will recognize the names and respond.

I did notice on the 1860 census in Screven GA there is a John WL Howard, with his mother Elizabeth and siblings Georgia and Solomon. Several trees have her husband as William but they are both buried in Alabama so I believe that might be wrong.

posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
edited by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
I am new to Wikitree & interested in this project. Earliest ancestor in my tree is Matthew Howard, bn 1609, m. Ann (Unknown).

I have been tested for Y-DNA, (B385819) and placed in lineage 14 of Howard Project at FTDNA (formerly, the Matthew line). Have autosomal testing at Ancestry-dotcom. My Genisis.gedmath kit is A720036.

Interested in adding my ancestor, John Beale Howard Jr (1777- 1859) and his father, John Sr, to his parents profile (Henry Howard/Sarah Dorsey), already listed. Not sure how that works.

Also, interest in another Howard line: Samuel Howard (1725-1840, m. Frances Dryden). I have a FB group with people from both Samuel and Matthew lines; and getting legit matches with both lines. Possibly from marriages of Osbornes to both lines. Interested in that, also. Thanks

posted by Donald Howard
Do you have Jane M. Howard McGeorge married to John McGeorge from Kentucky in your line? She was my great grandmother.

Marilyn McGeorge Brown [email address removed]

posted by Marilyn McGeorge
Looks like they were in Harlan county KY for a time and Georgia and Virginia before that.
posted by Aurora (Howard) Chancy
please do add as much as you have time to include reliable sources for.
posted by Phil Howard
I have proven information on Elihue Howard of Pendleton South Carolina that needs to be added. S was born in 1797. One of his sons was Benjamin Harrison Howard
The Howard through South Carolina into north Georgia is a difficult trail to follow.