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These are Memorial images used on individual profiles as described below.



The following are used for the Sticker template to go on the profiles related to the 3 mining disaster types: Coal, Gold, and Metal/Non-Metal. Metal includes silver, copper and other metals. Non-Metal includes diamond and gemstone mining and all other natural materials mined.

Since the sticker images are so small, you may use any of the images below in addition to the sticker, either as the profile picture or within the biography.

They can be used any miner's page, or in any family member page, even if not involved in a disaster or the Worldwide Mining Disaster project.

Memorials Images

All memorials may be added to individuals' profiles where the person is:

[1] involved in a mining disaster, whether killed or injured or survived; OR

[2] Honor miner ancestors not involved in a disaster,

[3] Honor surviving spouse, child, parent, sibling or other family members of a deceased miner;

[4] Honor any Rescuers involved in saving miners involved in disasters

Coal Miners' Memorial

Gold Miners' Memorial:

Metal/Non-Metal and other Miners' Memorial

NOTE: This image is used for any miner or family member or others to be honored other than Coal or Gold Miners.

Mining Rescuer Memorial

Can be used on every profile of a mining rescuer who was involved in rescuing miners, whether killed in the line of duty, or survived.

Honor all rescuers who served this vital function in any mining industry.

Adding the Memorial as Person's Primary Profile Photo

You can use the Memorial image as the person’s profile primary photo by adding the profile ID to the appropriate Memorial image above.

  • Get the Profile ID by copying it from the web address on the Profile view of your person.
  • Double-Click on the image above. This will take you to the image page. (This space is copied from another image-you won't see the same wording on the image page as in this illustration).
  • In this space, add your Profile ID:

  • Save Changes and make sure "Changes Saved" show at the top of the page.
  • Click the button in the lower-right column that says "Set as Primary" by your Profile ID.
  • SAVE your changes with the button at the bottom of the page.
  • Save the profile page and reopen. The image should appear on the right side and in the thumbnail at the top of your profile page.
Adding the Memorial Image to Person's Biography

You may use any Memorial image in a person’s profile by adding the image in the biography.

  • Double-click on the image above. This will take you to the image Page.
  • On the right side, go to Use Inside Text
  • Go to the section: To align it on the right side of the page, in a medium size, with a different caption. (This example uses the Support Miners' Ribbon and removes the caption= line).
  • Copy the text and paste into the edit box in the profile. You can change the "align" and "size", but for this image, size=m works best. This will add the image to the right side of the profile page and insert the image in the biography where you placed it.

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