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Index: Frenchville, Aroostook, Maine Parish Records 1863-1878 (Michaud only)

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Index only of Michaud baptismal, marriage and burial parish records on Ancestry for Frenchville, Maine 1863-1878 to use as a research tool and not a source. First: Baptisms, Second: Marriage, Last: Burials.

Note: These indices are sortable. Image # refers to the screen number of the online parish record. For instance, pages 51 and 52 on the parish record could show up as image #4 L (for left side of image 4) and 4 R (for right side of image 4).

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NameImage #Baptismal
FatherMotherWT ID
MarieB5 R1863-11-08FrancoisAlbert, Edith
SophieB6 L1863-12-06MaximeNadeau, Madeleine
FlavieB8 L1864-01-24BrunoThibodeau, Modeste
StasieB9 R1864-03-11JosephChasse, Zithe
GeorgeB10 L1864-03-22JosephSt Germain, Melvina
SiffroiB10 L1864-03-22SiffroiCaron, Suzanne
ElieB10 R1864-03-23PolMichaud, Angelique
ElizabethB14 L1864-06-19OctaveLagasse, Philomene
JosephB16 L1864-08-02XavierBaron, Lena
EuphemieB17 R1864-10-22JosephBoutot, Lenore
JosephB24 R1865-05-30BaptisteParadis, Anastasie
SeraphineB25 L1865-06-26FrancoisAlbert, Edith
ModesteB26 R1865-07-01RomainCyr, Philomene
FrancoisB32 L1866-02-15ChristopheOuellet, Arthemise
VictorB32 R1866-03-03DocithAlbert, Arthemise
StasieB35 R1866-04-27XavierBaron, Lena
OzitheB41 L1866-09-17OctaveLagasse, Philomene
ModesteB41 L1866-09-26JosephChasse, Zithe
DocitheB44 L1866-12-30FrancoisAlbert, EdithMichaud-1068
Helo?B44 L1866-12-30MajoriqueNadeau, Delina
MarieB49 L1867-05-21JosephBoutot, Lenore
ArthemiseB50 L1867-06-19Baptisteparadis, Anastasie
MagloireB50 R1867-07-03FrancoisOuellet, Sophie
DamaseB57 L1867-09-20XavierBaron, Lena
JosephB57 L1867-09-29RomainCyr, Philomene
ModesteB59 L1867-10-22PierreOuellet, Olymphe
M. StephanieB60 L1867-11-15PierreSt Germain, M. Stephanie
ChristieB61 R1867-12-30BrunoThibodeau, Modeste
JulieB62 R1868-01-10AlexanderBeaulieu, Euphemie
JosephB66 R1868-03-12UbaldAudebert, Josephine
ArthurB69 R1868-06-11ChristopheOuellet, Arthemise
RosalieB69 R1868-06-19MajoriqueNadeau, Obeline
SophieB71 R1868-08-14JosephChasse, Zithe
SolomonB71 R1868-08-01OctaveSoucie, Philomene
PhilomeneB76 L1869-03-05JosephBoutot, Lenore
FlavieB76 L1869-03-05JosephBoutot, Lenore
TheophileB76 R1869-04-06FrancoisRobichaud, Salomee
JosephB77 R1869-04-27XavierBaron, Lena
ClarisseB79 L1869-06-04FrancoisOuellet, Sophie
ElizabethB88 R1870-05-11JosephChasse, Zithe
ChristineB90 R1870-07-12FrancoisOuellet, Sophie
DelinaB92 L1870-09-26JosephBoutot, Lenore
VitalB94 R1871-02-23OctaveLagasse, Philomene
PhilomeneB96 R1871-05-18ChristopheOuellet, Arthemise
FerneB96 R1871-05-18XavierBaron, Lena
CalixteB99 L1871-08-17BeloniOuellet, Philomene
DorimeneB101 L1871-10-17OctaveSoucie, Philomene
RomainB104 L1872-02-20FrancoisOuellet, Sophie
JosephB110 L1872-11-10IsidoreOuellet, Stasie
LouisB112 L1873-01-05BaptisteDube, Marie
IllegibleB112 R1873-02-06Josephillegible
ClaudiaB113 L1873-02-16XavierBaron, Lena
MarieB116 R1873-06-15IsraelBouchard, Stasie
EvaristeB120 L1873-10-26JosephBoutot, Lenore
NoelB121 L1873-12-23ElzearOuellet, Stasie
MarandaB121 R1874-01-15FrancoisOuellet, Sophie
DamaseB130 R1874-12-12OctaveSoucier, Philomene
DelimaB127 L1874-07-08BaptisteDube, Marie
JosephB131 L1874-12-31IsraelBouchard, Stasie
VictoireB131 L1874-12-16JosephChasse, Zithee
VictorieB123 R1874-03-19ChristopheOuellet, Arthemise
AliceB139 L1875-09-06 ElzearOuellet, Anastasie
MathildeB140 L1875-11-14 BaptisteDube, Marie
ClarisseB146 R1876-05-04OctaveLagasse, Philomene
EdithB142 R1876-02-06VitalBouchard, Anastasie
M. OliveB144 L1876-03-04UbaldeAudebert, Josephine
PhileasB145 R1876-04-11OctaveSoucier, Philomene
RomainB152 L1876-12-15JosephChasse, Zithee
TheodoreB149 R1876-07-29F. XavierBaron, Adeleine
AlexisB162 R1877-09-11BaptisteDube, Marie
EloiB166 R1877-12-30OctaveCormier, Philomene
FortunaB160 R1877-07-12ElzearOuellet, Stasie
FrancoisB166 L1877-11-29IsraelBouchard, Stasie
JosephB161 R1877-08-14DamaseBouchard, Clarisse
MethaideB166 R1877-12-30OctaveSaucier, Philomene
AimeB168 R1878-01-31JosephDube, Odette
FortunatB170 R1878-03-07FrancoisOuellet, Sophie
WilliamB174 R1878-06-09PaulGueret, Rose(?)
OlivierB175 R1878-07-22JosephChasse, Zithee


NameImage #Marriage
SpouseWT ID
MarieM003 L1863-09-06Pinet, Francois
RomainM011 L1864-04-05Cyr, Philomene
LucieM021 R1865-02-13Marquis, Joseph
FrancoisM037 L1866-05-28Ouellet, Sophie
UbaldM046 L1867-03-04Audebert, Josephine
IsraelM049 R1867-06-01Roi, MarieMichaud-1548
EmerenceM052 L1867-07-15Morneau, Israel
SusanneM055 L1867-09-02Pelletier, Achille
OctaveM055 L1867-07-15Soucie, Philomene
JeanM055 R1867-07-15Cyr, Varville
BrunoM062 R1868-01-07Ouellet, Sophie
SophieM081 R1869-09-27Leveque, Pierre
RomainM094 L1871-01-23Ouellet, Clarisse
BaptisteM103 L1872-01-08Dube, Marie
ElzeardM103 L1872-01-08Ouellet, Stasie
IsraelM107 L1872-07-23Bouchard, Stasie
JosephM107 R1872-07-23Dube, Odile
FlavieM112 L1873-01-12Baron, Charles
FlorentM118 L1873-09-01Gervais, Euphemie
DamaseM131 L1875-01-26Bouchard, Clarisse
HypoliteM149 L1876-07-17Gueret, Flore
OliveM155 R1877-04-05Bouchard, Joachim
FlavieM158 L1877-05-14Marquis, Firmin

Sepultures (Burials)

NameImage #Burial
or spouse
MotherWT ID
JulieS007 R1864-01-16Romainmother not listed
JosephS019 L1864-12-09ChristopheOuellet, Arthemise
OctaveS021 L1865-02-04OctaveLagasse, Philomene
BasilisseS083 L1869-11-25Deschenes, Pierre
HenrietteS085 L1870-02-05Chasse, LetuseMichaud-1543
AnonymeS102 R1872-01-27JosephChasse, Zithe
JosephS131 R1875-01-19IsraelBouchard, Stasie
PierreS154 R1877-02-20PolGueret, Flore
RomainS163 L1877-09-30Ouellet, ClarisseMichaud-1520



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