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Index of Surety Barons to Gateway Ancestors

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Date: Jun 1215 to 1700
Location: from Runnymede to the Americasmap
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Index of Magna Carta Surety Barons

In 1215, 25 barons were surety for Magna Carta. By 1700, descendants of 17 of those surety barons had immigrated to the Americas. The following table lists those 17 surety barons and the corresponding category pages for their descendants with WikiTree profiles that have been reviewed by the Magna Carta project. (For more information about the project, please see the project page.)
The number in the third column is for use in the Gateway Ancestor project box on profiles for "badged" gateway ancestors (in a project-approved trail).[1] It can also be used with Template:Magna Carta Baron anywhere in WikiTree to insert a clickable link to the baron's profile page: {{Magna Carta Baron|5}} = Gilbert de Clare
Surety Baron Descendants to Gateway Ancestors No.
William d'Aubigné Category:Albini-39 Descendants1
Hugh le Bigod Category:Bigod-1 Descendants2
Roger le Bigod Category:Bigod-2 Descendants3
Henry de Bohun Category:Bohun-7 Descendants4
Gilbert de Clare Category:Clare-673 Descendants5
Richard de Clare Category:Clare-651 Descendants6
John Fitz Robert Category:Clavering-13 Descendants7
Robert FitzWalter Category:FitzWalter-101 Descendants8
William de Forz 9
William Hardel 10
William de Huntingfield Category:Huntingfield-11 Descendants11
John de Lacy Category:Lacy-284 Descendants12
William de Lanvallei Category:Lanvallei-3 Descendants13
William Malet Category:Malet-18 Descendants14
Geoffrey de Mandeville 15
William Marshal (the younger) 16
Roger de Montbegon 17
Richard de Montfichet 18
William de Mowbray Category:Mowbray-151 Descendants19
Richard de Percy 20
Saher de Quincy Category:Quincy-226 Descendants21
Robert de Ros Category:Ros-162 Descendants22
Geoffrey de Say Category:Say-76 Descendants23
Robert de Vere Category:De Vere-309 Descendants24
Eustace de Vesci 25

  1. For more information about terms used by the Magna Carta Project, see the project's Glossary. For more information about trails, see Base Camp.
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