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Inventors and Scientists who were African-American

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Mary Eliza Mahoney

This page is a sub-category of the US Black Heritage Project. The purpose is to categorize African-Americans who were inventors or involved in scientific discoveries or applications, to include the areas of physics, biology, mathematics, and also the medical, nuclear, and space sciences. This list is taken from WikipediA, but some of those included do not have a page and/or their page has been deleted. There are also many living people included as of this writing. A quick, and I stress quick, check of WikiTree was made, but please do a thorough search before adding new profiles. Be especially careful of profiles of women as WikipediA uses their married names rather than LNAB.

Invention of Miriam Benjamin.
Wikipedia WikiTree Occupation(s) Profile Review Connected Volunteer
Amos, Harold (1918-2003) Harold Amos Microbiologist No No
Alcorn, George Edward, Jr. (1940-) no profile Physicist, inventor No No Living
Andrews, James J. (1930-1998) James J Andrews (1930-1998) Mathematician No No
Alexander, Archie (1888–1958) Archie Alphonso Alexander Civil engineer No No
Alexander, Benjamin (DAAS) (1921-?) no profile Research Chemist No No
Alexander, Lloyd (DAAS) (1902-?) no profile Biologist No No
Bailey, Leonard C. (1825–1918) Leonard C Bailey Inventor No No
Ball, Alice Augusta (1892–1916) Alice Augusta Ball Chemist No YES
Banneker, Benjamin (1731–1806) Benjamin Banneker Mathematician, astronomer, surveyor, clockmaker, author, farmer No YES
Banyaga, Augustin (1947–) no profile Mathematician No No Living
Bath, Patricia (1942–) Patricia Era BathOphthalmologist No No
Beard, Andrew (1849–1921) Andrew Jackson Beard Farmer, carpenter, blacksmith, railroad worker, businessman, inventor No No
Bell, Earl S. (1977–) no profile Inventor, entrepreneur, architect, industrial designer No No
Benjamin, Miriam (1861–1947) Miriam Benjamin Inventor, educator No No
Berry, Leonidas (DAAS) (1902–1995) Leonidas Berry Gastroenterologist No No
Bharucha-Reid, Albert Turner (1927–1985) Albert Turner (Reid) Bharucha-Reid Mathematician, statistician No No
Black, Keith (1957–) no profile Neurosurgeon No No
Blackwell, David (DAAS) (1919–2010) David Blackwell Mathematician, statistician No No
Blair, Henry (1807–1860) Henry Blair Inventor No No
Boahen, Kwabena (1964–) no profile Bioengineer No No
Boone, Sarah (1832–1905) Sarah Marshall Boone Inventor No No
Bouchet, Edward (1852–1918) Edward Bouchet Physicist No No
Bowman, James (1923–2011) James Bowman Physician No No
Boykin, Otis (1920–1982) Otis Frank Boykin Inventor, engineer No No
Brady, St. Elmo (1884–1966) no profile Chemist No No
Bramwell, Fitzgerald (DAAS) (1945-?) no profile Research Chemist No No
Branson, Herman (DAAS) (1914–1995) Herman Branson Physicist, educator No No
Bromery, Randolph W (DAAS) (1926-?) no profile Geologist No No
Brooks, Carole Branch (DAAS) (1946-?) no profile Microbiologist No No
Brooks, Charles (1865– ?) no profile Inventor No No
Brooks, Phil (19xx–) no profile Inventor No No
Brown, Henry (1832– ?) no profile Inventor No No
Brown, Oscar E.] (18xx– ?) no profile Inventor No No
Burr, John Albert (18xx– ?) no profile Inventor No No
Cannon, Thomas C. (1943-) no profile Inventor No No
Cardozo, P. William (1905–1962) William Cardozo Pediatrician No No
Carson, Ben (1951–) Ben Carson Pediatric neurosurgeon No No
Carver, George Washington (1865–1943) George Washington Carver Botanical researcher No No
Chappelle, Charles W. (1872–1941) no profile Electrician, construction, international businessman, and aviation pioneer No No
Chappelle, Emmett (1925–) no profile Scientist and researcher No No
Clark, Mamie (Phipps) (1914–2005) Mamie Phipps Clark Psychologist No No
Clark, Kenneth (1917–1983) Kenneth Clark Psychologist No No
Crosthwait, David, Jr. (1898–1976) no profile Research engineer No No
Curtis, James H. (Nick) (1935-) no profile Researcher, chemist (electronics/specialty chemicals) No No
Dabiri, John (1980–) no profile Biophysicist No No
Daly, Marie Maynard (1921–2003) Marie Maynard Daly Chemist No Yes
Dean, Mark (1957–) no profile Computer scientist No No
Drew, Charles (1904–1950) Charles Drew Medical researcher No No
Du Chaillu, Paul (1831–1903) no profile Zoologist, Explorer, Anthropologist No No
Easley, Annie (McCrory) (1933–2011) Annie Jean (McCrory) Easley Computer scientist No No
Ellis, Clarence "Skip" no profile (1943–) Computer scientist No No
Bashen, Janet (Emerson) (1957–) no profile Inventor, entrepreneur, professional, consultant No No
Ezerioha, Bisi (1972–) no profile Automotive engineer No No
Ferguson, Lloyd Noel (1918–2011) no profile Chemist, educator No No
Fryer, Roland G., Jr. (1977–) no profile Economist, social scientist, statistician No No
Gates, Sylvester James (1950–) no profile Theoretical physicist No No
Goode, Sarah E. (Jacobs) (1855–1905) Sarah (Jacobs) Goode Inventor No No
Gilbert, Juan E. (1969–) no profile Computer scientist No No
Grant, George F. (1846–1910) George Grant Dentist, Professor No No
Graves, Joseph L. (1955–) no profile Evolutionary biologist No No
Greenaugh, Kevin (1956–) no profile Nuclear engineer No No
Griffin, Bessie (Blount) (1914–2009) Bessie Virginia (Blount) Griffin Physical therapist, inventor No No
Hall, Lloyd (1894–1971) Lloyd Hall Chemist No No
Harris, James A. (1932–2000) no profile Walter_Lincoln_Hawkins Hawkins, Walter Lincoln] (1911–1992) Scientist No No
Hodge, John E. (1914–1996) no profile Chemist No No
Holley, Kerrie (1954–) no profile Research computer scientist at IBM No No
Isola, Oluwabusuyi (1965–) no profile Professor, International Finance, inventor No No
Jackson, Mary (1921–2005) Mary Eliza (Winston) Jackson Mathematician, Aerospace engineer No No
Jarvis, Erich (1965–) no profile Neurobiologist No No
Johnson, Isaac R (about 1850?) no profile Bicycle Inventor No No
Johnson, Katherine (Coleman) (1918-) Creola Katherine (Coleman) Johnson Physicist, Mathematician No YES
Johnson, Lonnie (1949–) no profile Mechanical engineer, nuclear engineer, inventor No No
Jones, Frederick McKinley (1893–1961) Frederick McKinley Jones Inventor No No
Julian, Percy (1899–1975) Percy Lavon Julian Chemist No No
Just, Ernest (1883–1941) Ernest Just Woods Hole Marine Biology Institute biologist No No
Kittles, Rick (1967–) no profile Geneticist No No
Kountz, Samuel L. (1930–1981) no profile Transplant surgeon, researcher No No
Latimer, Lewis (1848–1928) Quincy Lewis Howard Latimer Inventor, draftsman, expert witness No Yes
Lawson, Jerry (1940–2011) no profile Computer engineer No No
Lee, Raphael Carl (1949–) no profile Surgeon, biomedical engineer No No
Lynk, Beebe Steven (1872–1948) Beebe Steven Lynk Chemist No No
Mahoney, Mary (1845–1926) Mary Eliza Mahoney Nurse No No
Matzeliger, Jan (1852–1889) Jan Ernst Matzeliger Inventor No YES
McBay, Henry (1914–1995) Henry McBay Chemist No No
McCoy, Elijah (1844–1929) Elijah McCoy Inventor No No
McLurkin, James (1972–) no profile Roboticist No No
McWhorter, John (1965–) no profile Linguist No No
Montgomery, Benjamin (1819–1877) Benjamin Montgomery Inventor No No
Moore, Willie Hobbs (1934–1994) no profile Physicist No No
Mensah, Thomas (1950-) no profile Inventor No No
Murrell, Joan Owens (1933-2011) Joan Murrell Owens Marine Biologist No No
Nmezi, Murphy (1955–) no profile Physician/biostatistician No No
Nriagu, Jerome (1944–) no profile Geochemist No No
Ogbu, John Uzo (1939–2003) no profile Anthropologist No No
Oyekan, Soni (1946–) no profile Chemical engineer No No
Poindexter, Hildrus (1901–1987) Hildrus Poindexter Bacteriologist, epidemiologist No No
Petters, Arlie (1964–) no profile Physicist No No
Quarterman, Lloyd Albert (1918–1982) no profile Scientist, fluoride chemist No No
Renfroe, Earl (1907–2000) no profile Orthodontist No No
Rillieux, Norbert (1806–1894) Norbert Rillieux Engineer, inventor No No
Robinson, Larry (1957–) no profile Environmental chemist No No
Russell, Jesse (1948–) no profile Engineer, inventor No No
Sammons, Walter (1890–1973) no profile Inventor No No
Sowell, Thomas (1930–) no profile Economist, social scientist No No
Spikes, Richard (1878-1963) Richard B. SpikesInventorNoNo
Steele, Claude (1946–) no profile Psychologist, social scientist No No
Stiff, Lee (1941–) no profile Mathematician No No
Snyder, Window (1976–) no profile Computer engineer No No
Temple, Lewis (1800–1854) no profile Inventor, blacksmith, abolitionist No No
Thomas, Vivien (1910–1985) Vivien Thomas Surgical technician No No
Turner, Charles Henry (1867–1923) Charles Henry Turner Entomologist, comparative psychologist No No
Tyree, G. Bernadette] (19xx–) no profile Biochemist No Living
Tyson, Neil deGrasse (1958–) Neil deGrasse Tyson Astronomer No No
Vaughan, Dorothy (Johnson) (1910-2008) Dorothy (Johnson) Vaughan Mathematician No No
Walker, Arthur B. C., Jr. (1936–2001) no profile Astronomer No No
Walker, C. J. (1867–1919) Walker, Sarah (Breedlove McWilliams) Inventor No YES
Washington, Warren M. (1936–) no profile Atmospheric scientist No No
West, James E. (1931–) no profile Acoustician, inventor No No
Wilkins, J. Ernest, Jr. (1923–2011) no profile Mathematician, engineer, nuclear scientist No No
Williams, Daniel (1856–1931) Daniel Hale Williams Surgeon No No
Williams, Scott W. (1943–) no profile Mathematician No No
Williams, Walter E. (1936–) no profile Economist, social scientist No No
Woods, Granville (1856–1910) Granville T. Woods Inventor No No
Wright, Jane C. (1919–2013) Jane Cooke (Wright) Jones Cancer research and surgeon No No
Wright, Louis T. (1891–1952) Louis Wright Surgeon No No
Young, Roger Arliner (1899–1964) Roger Young Zoologist, biologist, marine biologist No No

See Distinguished African American Scientists (DAAS)

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1. Madame C.J. Walker (Dec. 23, 1867-May 25, 1919)

2. George Washington Carver (1861-Jan. 5, 1943) 3. Lonnie Johnson (Born Oct. 6, 1949) 4. George Edward Alcorn, Jr. (Born March 22, 1940) 5. Benjamin Banneker (Nov. 9, 1731-Oct. 9, 1806) 6. Charles Drew (June 3, 1904-April 1, 1950) 7. Thomas L. Jennings (1791 - Feb. 12, 1856) 8. Elijah McCoy (May 2, 1844-Oct. 10, 1929) 9. Garrett Morgan (March 4, 1877-July 27, 1963) 10. James Edward Maceo West (Born Feb. 10, 1931) https://www.thoughtco.com/black-inventors-through-the-years-4145354

•Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928) •Frederick McKinley Jones (1893-1961) •Granville Woods (1856-1910) •Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852-1889) •Alexander Miles (1838-1918) •Marie Van Brittan Brown (1922-1999) •Sarah Boone (1832-1904) •Robert Rillieux (1806-1894)