Iredell County Populated Places

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Date: 1788
Location: Iredell, North Carolina, United Statesmap
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Iredell County Populated Places is part of the Iredell County One Place Study

One of the aids to find ancestors is to know the names of the places that they lived in the times that they lived there. This page shows places in Iredell County from the time of the earliest settlers in the 1700s through the 1900s. We hope that you will find it useful in finding where your ancestors lived.

Towns and Post Offices

The following places were found on Google Maps, Wikipedia, and historical references listed below[1][2]. Post a comment if you find errors or missing places. Historical towns that may no longer exist are included. Note: Date "Disestablished" of 3000 is used for Post Offices that continue today and allows you to sort the column headings.

Iredell County Towns and Townships
Town/Post Office Current Township Established Disestablished
Amity Hill, Post Office Chambersburg Township18511892
Barium Springs, Post Office Statesville Township18893000
Township Barringer Township 3000
Township Bethany Township 3000
Township Chambersburg Township 3000
Township Coddle Creek Township 3000
Township Concord Township 3000
Township Cool Springs Township 3000
Township Davidson Township 3000
Eagle Mills Township Eagle Mills Township 3000
Eagle Mills, Post Office Eagle Mills Township18481894
Eagle City, Post OfficeEagle Mills Township18941907
Eufola Fallstown Township19031943
Township Fallstown Township 3000
Fort Dobbs Statesville Township1755 1766
Fourth Creek Settlement Statesville Township1750
Harmony (Town), Post Office Turnersburg Township18833000
Houstonville (unincorporated community), Post Office Eagle Mills Township18131869
Houstonville (unincorporated community), Post Office Eagle Mills Township18831955
Loray, aka Fancy HillConcord Township18401903
Fancy Hill, aka LorayConcord Township18401903
Flake 19041905
Love ValleyNew Hope Township19543000
Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Statesville Township
Mazeppa, Post OfficeBarringer Township19001908
Mooresville (City), Post Office Coddle Creek Township18713000
Mount Mourne (unincorporated community), Post Office Davidson Township18053000
New Hope, Post Office New Hope Township18321894
Township Olin Township 3000
Scotts, Scotts Post Office Concord Township18943000
Township Sharpesburg Township 3000
Sheperd/Shepherds Post Office Coddle Creek Township19031915
Township Shiloh Township 3000
Statesville (City) (county seat) , Post Office Statesville Township18013000
Statesville West Statesville Township
Stony Point Census-Designated placeShiloh Township
Troutman Post OfficeFallstown Township18723000
Turnersburg Olin Township1858 3000
Union Grove (unincorporated)Union Grove Township18673000
Wildwood ParkBethany Township
Williamsburg, Post Office Union Grove Township18181827
Williamsburgh Post OfficeUnion Grove Township18321905
Jenning's Mills, Post Office Union Grove Township18721892
CharlesSharpesburg Township1899 1951
V Point Turnersburg Township
Ebenezer Olin Township
LornConcord Township
Vance Posts OfficeChambersburg Township, East Iredell18821901
Elmwood Chambersburg Township1878 1954
Bradford Crossroads Shiloh Township
Sharon, Iredell County Shiloh Township
Celestica Hinkle, North Carolina Shiloh Township
Buffalo, North CarolinaShiloh Township
Kyle Crossroads, North CarolinaShiloh Township
Bell's Crossroads Fallstown Township
Oswalt Barringer Township18951927
ShinnvilleBarringer Township18891905
SigmaEast Iredell18911903
Simonton's Mills Post Office 18711871
Smith's Cross Roads 18321832
Snow Creek 18311903
Snow Creek Iron Works 18021825
Spring Post OfficeCoddle Creek Township, South Iredell, near Mooresville18981903
Spring Grove Post OfficeCoddle Creek Township18271847
Mayhew, Post Office Davidson18811905
Adams Post Office Sharpesburg18921901
Amity Post Office ?18921906
Armfield Post Office Sharpesburg Township18811902
Banton Post Office Sharpesburg Township18921905
Bethany Church Post Office ?18221880
Belt's Bridge Post Office ?18581867
Bogies Post Office ?18261846
Boyden Post Office ?18571861
Bryantsville Post Office Sharpesburg18931903
Buffalo Shoal Post OfficeShiloh 18241829
Campbell's Grove ?18131824
Chestnut Grove Post Office? 18561859
Charles Post OfficeOlin Township 18991951
Cherry Plains Post Office ?18131815
Claud Post Office?19031905
Clio Post Office ?18831902
Clover Bottom Post Office?18301835
Congers Post Office ?18741880
Cool Springs Post OfficeCool Springs Township18521907
Crater's Mills Post Office?18511857
Daltonia Post Office 18981905
Deep WellCoddle Creek Township18421866
Dunlap 18931936
Doolie Post Office Davidson Township18811903
East MonboWest Iredell, near Troutman19091925
Enola Post Office Chambersburg Township18581872
Evalin Post Office ?18841906
Eupeptic Springs 18751905
Friends Mill, Friends Post Office?19001907
Fulbright Post Office West Iredell, near Statesville18991912
Garland 18861886
Goshen Post Office ?18291842
Granite Hill Post Office ?18571866
Granite Hill Post Office ?18711895
Granitehill Post Office 18951903
Grassy Creek 18401841
Grassy Fork Post Office 18401841
Gratz Post Office? 19001904
Guss Post Office South Iredell, Near Mooresville18881892
Henderson's Cross Roads?
HiddeniteAlexander County
Hilo Post Office ?19001904
Liberty Hill Post Office?18261880
Linker, Deep Well Post OfficeSouth Iredell, near Mooresville18981903
Longford Post OfficeEast Iredell, near Troutman18861907
Malans Post Office 19021903
Map Post Office 19011902
Maple Bottom Post Office 18491851
McCurdy Post OfficeSharpesburg Township18791906
Miller Post Office Davidson Township18831904
Mount Pisgah Post OfficeAlexander County1817
Mount Pleasant?
Muddy Fork Post Office 18311834
Murdock Post OfficeWest Iredell18801881
Net Post Office ?18941907
New Hope Forge Post Office 18271832
New Institute Post Office 18521856
New Sterling Post Office 18581905
Newhope Post Office 18941955
Nicholson's Mills 18761905
Norfolk Post OfficeSharpesburg Township18921893
Oak Forest Post Office?18371907
Oak Grove 18261828
Olin Post OfficeOlin Township18563000
Perth Post OfficeWest Iredell18891901
Poison Springs 18861889
Poplar Bridge 18611877
Poplar Grove Post Office?18291856
Post Oak Post Office 18501859
Pressly Post Office West Iredell18881903
Reno Post OfficeWest Iredell18751876
River Hill Post OfficeEast Iredell18751907
Robinsons Post Office 18301831
Rock Cut Post Office 18591903
Rocky Creek Post Office 18271855
Rod Post Office 18991905
Scott's Cross Roads 18731894
Abernathy Post Office West Iredell18811903
Settle Post Office ?18731906
Staphel/Stophel Post Office West Iredell1898/1892?1901
Sullivan Post Office 18271831
Sweet Home Post OfficeSharpesburg Township1856 1905
Tabor Church Post Office 18281845
Talmadge Post Office ?19001905
Thoma's Ferry 18281831
Trip Post OfficeWest Iredell19011903
Turner's Store Post Office 18311844
Turnersburgh 18581894
Watts Post OfficeEast Iredell18911903
Waugh Post OfficeWest Iredell18871901
Weisner Post OfficeSharpesburg Township1886 1903
Allison's Post Office ?18311832
Stony Point Post OfficeAlexander County18261847
James Cross Roads Post OfficeAlexander County, Taylorsville18311847
Fallstown Post OfficeFallstown Township18131866

Rivers, Streams, Creeks, and Branches

Early settlers were know for the river or stream they lived on, so below is a list of rivers and streams and Iredell County.

Iredell County Streams
  • Back Creek (R)
  • Catawba River
  • Bear Branch
  • Beaver Dam Creek (R)
  • Brotherton Branch
  • Brushy Creek
  • Buffalo Branch
  • Buffalo Shoals Creek/aka 8 Miles Shoals Creek
  • Catawba River
  • Cavin Creek
  • Coddle Creek (R)
  • Davidson's Creek (M)
  • Drop Off Creek
  • Duck Creek
  • Dutchman's Creek
  • Elk Shoal's Creek
  • Eupetic Springs
  • Five Mile Branch
  • Fourth Creek (R)
  • Glade Creek
  • Gregory Branch
  • Hunting Creek
  • Island Creek
  • Kerr Branch
  • Knowden's Ford
  • Little Dutchman's Creek
  • Little River
  • Little Rocky Branch
  • Long Branch
  • North Fork of the Yadkin River
  • Norwood(s) Creek[3]
  • Oil Mill Branch
  • Old Camp Creek
  • Old House Creek
  • Olin Creek, aka Middle Fork of Rocky Creek
  • Porter's Branch
  • Rock Cut, Deep Cut
  • Rocky Creek
  • Rocky River (M)
  • South Branch
  • South Fork of Grassy Creek, aka Yadkin River
  • South Yadkin River (A)
  • Speaks Creek
  • Third Creek (R)
  • Turkey Foot Branch
  • West Rocky River (M)
  • Withrow's Creek (R)
  • Yadkin River (R) (D)
  • Young's Creek

(R) Portions in Rowan County (D) Portions in Davie County (M) Portions in Mecklenburg County (A) Portions in Alexander County

Roads, Mills, Bridges, Lakes, and Mountains

  • Beatties Ford Road
  • Belt Bridge
  • Charleston Road
  • Chipley Ford Road
  • Cove Gap Road
  • Fairhope Iron Forge
  • Fourth Creek Road
  • Georgia Road
  • Houston Ferry
  • Houston Ferry Road
  • Island Ford Road
  • Lake Norman
  • Morganton Road
  • McHargue Mountain
  • Mountain Road
  • Nesbit's Store
  • Northerly Route of Lord Cornwallis
  • Rockford Road
  • Rock Face Mountain
  • Round Top Mountain
  • Salisbury Road
  • Shepherds Cross Roads
  • Sherrill's Path
  • Statesville Road
  • Wilkesboro Road
  • Wilkesboro-Salisbury Road

Mills and Stores

  • Alexander Mill
  • Butler Mill
  • David Caldwell Mill
  • Campbell's Mill
  • Chamber's Mill
  • David Waddle Mill
  • Duncan Mill
  • Ellis Mill
  • George Lock Mill
  • James Guy Mill
  • Harmon Mill
  • Abraham Hill Mill
  • Holeman Mill
  • Baker Holland Mill
  • Holman Mill
  • King Mill
  • Kistler Mill
  • Lambert's Mill
  • Linney's Mill
  • Little's Mill
  • Lovelace Mill
  • McPherson Mill
  • Mock Mill
  • Morrison Mill, William Morrison's Mill
  • William Morrison Mill
  • Myer's Mill
  • Neill Mill
  • Nesbit's Store
  • Nicholson's Mill
  • Osborne Mill
  • Joseph Sharpe's Mill
  • South Sharpe Mill
  • Shoemaker Mill
  • Lex Sloan's Mill
  • Stirewalt Mill
  • Summer's Mill
  • Tomlin Mill
  • Troutman Mill
  • Troy Mill
  • David Waddle Mill
  • Ward Mill
  • Warren's Mill
  • Welch-Nicholson Barnard Mill
  • White's Mill
  • William Watt Mill
  • Witherspoon Mill


  1. Iredell Piedmont County, by Homer M. Keever, with illustrations by Louise Gilbert and maps by Mildred Jenkins Miller, published for the Iredell County Bicentennial Commission by Brady Printing Company from type set by the Statesville Record and Landmark, copyright, November 1976.
  2. Post Offices Link
  3. located on East side of Catawba River in Fallstown Township, not listed by Keever

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