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Welcome to the Ireland Sourcerers Team


About Our Team

This is a subteam of the Ireland Profile Improvements Team.

  • Goal: To ensure every profile of an Irish person has reliable and accurate sources to verify their information and life stories.
  • Responsibilities: Follow the outline in
  • What we do: Discover and add good quality sources to as many profiles as we can. We participate in the Sourcerers' Challenge to raise the number of sourced Irish profiles.
  • Who should Join: Anyone who enjoys sourcing is welcome. If you have an interest in researching Irish genealogy, you may like this project.
  • How to join: Send your request to the project coordinator, Feargal, or one of the project leaders: Rich or Jen. You should already have a Project:Sourcerers Badge.

Our Sourcerers

Subteam Leader: TBA
Members: (and what they are working on)

How to Help

  • Work on profiles that are listed here.
  • Review your own family tree to check that all your relatives's profiles are sourced.
  • If you are part of one of the teams for the thirty two counties of Ireland, you can improve profiles from that county.
  • Participate in challenges such as the Saturday Sourcing Sprint, the monthly Sourcerer's Challenge and the annual Source-a-thon.


  • Add as many sources as you can find to each profile.
  • Focus on finding primary sources first, such as records of births, marriages, deaths and the census records. Secondary sources, like newspapers, are also good to include, but do not rely on them as not all the information may be correct.
  • Include the links to sources if you can. Try to add sources that can be viewed by anyone for free.
  • If you cannot find a source for a profile, add to it the category Ireland, Unsourced Profiles. Include a Research Notes heading in the biography with details of where you had already looked for sources, so the next person knows where to start.
  • The Research Notes section can also be used if you are uncertain if the source you have found is for the right person or not.
  • Beware of the information found on online family trees such as on Ancestry. You can mention the link in the sources section but do not rely on it solely. Mistakes are often copied from one tree to another and are not fully reliable.

Where To Look For Sources

When you are sourcing an Irish profile, check out the following websites to find sources to verify your information. They are free and can be viewed by anyone.


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