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Isgrig Families in London

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A place to store sources for Isgrig families in London in the 1600s and 1700s

Please note: many of the families are non-conformists or dissenters. It is therefore likely that many members of these families were not represented in the usual parish registers.



22 Jan 1670 Mary Isgrig was christened in London with parents John Isgrig and Elizab.[1]
26 Mar 1674 Ann Isgrig was born Primrose Ally Bishopsgate, England[2] in “Citties Of London, Westminster, Southwarke” with parents William Isgrig and Hester, Quakers[3]
28 Jun 1701 William Isgrig was christened in All Saints, West Ham, Essex with parents William Isgrig and Margaret[4]
5 Jun 1703 Edward Isgrig was christened in St Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey with parents William Isgrig and Margaret[5]
23 Jan 1705 George Isgrig was christened in St Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey with parents William Isgrig and Margaret[6]


Phillis Isgrigg married Thomas Stevens on 14 Dec 1656 in St Bartholomew the Less[7], London[8]
Eliz Isgrig married John Hunsdon in 1684 at All Hallows’ London Wall[9] 30 Dec 1684[10]
John Isgrig married Elizabeth Owen on 9 Jun 1691 in Aldgate, St James Dukes Place, London[11][12] or John Isgrig married Elz Owen in 1691 in London[13]
female Isgrig married male Garvis, Vicar, 1 Jul 1719[14]
Frances Isgrig married John Garrett on 14 Sep 1721 in Westminster [15] They were both from Tower Hamlets; John was a currier[16]
George Isgrig married Mary Fuller (both of Stepney) on 1 Oct 1724 in Enfield, Middlesex [17]
Margaret Isgrig married George Dowxell in 1732 in London[18] or George Dewxell in 1731 in London St Michael Bassishaw [19] or George Dewxell in London on 19 Jan 1731[20]
William Isgrig obtained a license to marry Mary Wade on 7 Nov 1732[21] and they married on 10 Nov 1732 in London[22]
William Isgrigg, gentleman, of St Margaret Westminster, married Ann Carter of St Katharine by the Tower[23] on 14 Aug 1739 by clandestine marriage[24]
William Isgrig, goldsmith of St Lawrence, Forter, married Penelope Frank, of St Margaret Lithbury, on 4 Oct 1739 in Fleet by clandestine marriage[25]
William Isgrig obtained a license to marry Abigail Gilder in London on 31 Aug 1747[26]
Mary Isgrigg married Thomas Nash on 20 Oct 1746 in Dulwich[27] by license obtained on 17 Oct 1746[28]


John Isgrig, son of John Isgrig, 5 Jun 1695 in Saint Giles Cripplegate, City of London, London, England [29]
Margaret Isgrigg, daughter of William Isgrigg, 21 Jan 1707 in Stepney, Middlesex [30]
Micheal Carter Isgrig, 29 Dec 1724, St. Botolph Aldgate, London, England [31]
Childe Isgrig, Dissenters, 11 May 1725, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[32]
male Isgrig, son of Geoe Isgrig, 12 May 1725, Stepney, Middlesex[33]
male Isgrig, son of Geo Isgrig, 17 May 1726, Stepney, Middlesex[34]
Childe Isgrig, Dissenters, 3 Aug 1727, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[35]
Mrs. Isgrig, Dissenters, 7 Nov 1727, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials. [36]
Mrs. Isgrig, Dissenters, 5 Dec 1727, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials. [37]
Mr. Isgrig, Dissenters, 19 Aug 1730, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials. [38]
Childe Isgrig, Dissenters, 10 Aug 1731, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[39]
Childe Isgrig, Dissenters, 24 Sep 1732, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[40]
Mrs. Isgrig, Dissenters, 14 Feb 1739, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[41]
Mrs. Isgrige, Dissenters, 27 Oct 1742, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[42]
Mrs. Isgrig, Dissenters, 11 May 1744, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[43]
Childe Isgrigs, Dissenters, 15 Jun 1757, LONDON: Bunhill Field's Burial Ground, City Road: Burials[44]

Wills & Probate

19 Jun 1655 George Isgrigg, of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, Will proved by son William [45]
23 Aug 1669 Robert Isgrigg, deceased, resident East Indies, ship Greyhound, administration to And. Benney, creditor[46]
11 Dec 1755 William Isgrig[47][48]


1678 William Isgrige, glover, received an apprentice Roger Hoskins turned over from Philip Davis on 19 Aug 1678[49]
1716 William Isgrigg of Criplegate, Middlesex, son of William, gentleman, apprenticed to John Wilkinson of St Katharine, London, sailmaker[50]
1737 William Isgrig apprenticed to William Gouldie, goldsmith[51]
1742 Michael Carter Isgrigg apprenticed to Josiah Langdon, cooper[52]


5 Jul 1707 Elizabeth Isgrigg with Henry Aland, Joseph Rowland and Henry Allen charged with riot & assault at Middlesex Sessions[53]
29 Oct 1729 William Isgrigg assaulted and robbed on his way home to Bow[54]
16 Apr 1740 William Isgrigg convicted of theft and sentenced to transportation[55]

Inheritance Disputes

1675 Isgrigg v Poulter[56]

Protestation Returns

1641 George Isgrig at St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex [57]


1694 William Isgrigg, Bishopsgate Without, Street side[58]


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