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Clan News

September 23 2022 New Time Tree developed by FTDNA presents the relationship between our Jackson clan members in time. Go here to see https://discover.familytreedna.com/y-dna/I-Y9382/tree

December 2021 Gerald B. Jackson's Big Y test results indicate that he and Graham Jackson have formed a separate line of Jacksons downstream from I-Y8950.

August 2021 Graham Jackson has conjectured that his second great grandfather Thomas Jackson is great grandson of James Jackson b. 1690 d. 1775 of Spinans, Wicklow, Ireland. His pedigree here on WikiTree has been updated to reflect this conjecture and there is a living direct male descendant of James Jackson that has been contacted and asked to do a YDNA test for confirmation of this conjecture.


John McAnally was the first to voice the possibility of losing research connections and data due to incapacity and or death and to suggest that we gather together our combined research in some way to preserve it. Individual web sites do not last forever. As a result Janie Jackson Kimble joined John in this endevour. And Jerry Gross suggested that we form this Jackson Family Association. To differentiate this from other Jackson lineages, the DNA designation was added to the association name. And so we began the work.

As of July 2021, this looseknit group of three researchers agreed to form an Association to preserve the research and the DNA results of the many researchers and descendants of the Earliest Known Ancestors of this Jackson Clan. This 'Clan' is composed of four separate Jackson lineages who have a common ancestor who lived hundreds of years ago. We will attempt to contact the many known and presently unknown researchers to invite them to participate in gathering the information together on this one site as the site has made good plans for continuance of the site beyond just our years. We hope the information gathered here will be available for the use of future researchers who will add to, edit, or make corrections when newer, better sources become known.

Four Jackson Branches with Five Patriarchs Compose the Clan

Our Jackson Family is complex and larger than the place name (Hempstead) implies; an ancestor of the branch SNP I-8950 is the progenitor of all five patriarchs as indicated by the timeline provided by the Haplotree & SNP results at FTDNA. Presently there are three branches (I-Y8950, I-Y9389, I-Y19809) and one subgroup (I-Y38787) of this clan that are defined by the five patriarchs. To get a picture of the structure, size and interrelationships go to https://www.familytreedna.com/public/y-dna-haplotree/I;name=I-Y38787 this chart via this link.

Notice the downstream time locations starting with the progenitor haplogroup I-Y8950 then in sequence to subgroups I-Y9389 and I-BY19809. YFull analysis indicates that TMRCA between I-Y8950 and I-Y9389 is 350 years before present and another 500 years before present to I-BY19809.

The Association attempts to aggregate information for the descendants and ancestors of a quintet of patriarchs associated within the SNPs I-Y8950, I-Y9389 and I-BY19809. These patriarchs are Thomas Jackson b abt 1800 Dublin Ireland, d aft 1862 Ireland, Robert Jackson b abt 1620 England, d 1683 Hempstead, Long Island, Samuel Jackson b 1757 UK, d 1834 Greene Co., Pennsylvania , Samuel Jackson b abt 1661, d 1722 Stafford Co., Colony of Virginia. and John Lynn b. abt 1730 d. 1794 Fauquier Co., Colony of Virginia.

New testing techniques have provided means whereby we can cheaply determine your patriarch and which branch of this patriline that you belong to. No longer should the descendants of Robert Jackson refer to themselves as Hempstead Jacksons, but more precisely by the technical term haplogroup I-Y9389 or I-Y38787.* All this comes from the recent advancement in YDNA testing called the Big Y, a change from the original maximum of 111 marker STR (short tandem repeat) test to a combination of 700 marker STRs plus approximately 70,000 of the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) test. (But those I-Y numbers are not handily remembered so for convenience we'll continue to call this whole Clan 'Hempstead' for lack of a better name.)

I-Y8950: Graham Jackson of Australia, is a descendant of Thomas Jackson b. abt 1800, d aft 1862 Ireland. Graham was negative for the SNP test of I-Y9349 and I-BY19809 which means his progenitor forms our third Jackson clan branch. He has taken the Big Y test but does not have a match and therefore does not at this time have a terminal SNP determined. He is classified in the haplogroup I-M223 as I-Y8950, but this is not terminal and therefore cannot be used to determine a close relationship. If someone took an SNP test for I-Y8950 and matched Graham this would imply only that they are in a large haplogroup classification but not necessarily closely related. A similar situation as two individuals being in the large haplogroup I-M223. At FTDNA posting the haplogroup in green implies that the person has been proven via testing to be in that group and those in red are just predictions from an analysis of the STR results.

August 26, 2021 Recent communications with Graham Jackson: Once the English had conquered Ireland they introduced a number of people to maintain their control over Ireland - they became known as the Anglo - Irish. My forebears - and I gather your forebears - were descendants of the Anglo - Irish. Ireland was an 'occupied country' until the Up Rising of 1922 when a large part of Ireland gained their independence. There had been earlier attempts at Up Risings - particularly in 1798 when the United Irishmen attempted to win independence, This attempt was a failure and many lives were lost on both sides. One of the areas badly affected by was County Wicklow,. My primary reference was to the marriage of Thomas Jackson to Anna Maria Bagnall in Dublin in 1823. The publicised reference to this wedding gave considerable details regarding the family connections of the bride but showed nothing - regarding the forebears of the Jacksons. I started with some handwritten notes on the flyleaf of a Bible that was brought to Australia about 1872. My guess is that you will be finding great difficulty in your research in Ireland back earlier than 1800 - let's be precise - earlier than 1798. It is my belief the Anglo - Irish subsequently banned any reference in the media to the Up Rising of 1798, as it would serve to keep this Up Rising alive in the minds of the Irish... I could not get back any further on the Jackson family. than the marriage of 1823...I could not find any references - the reference I finally found was a letter written by some one about to be executed - that letter was held in the Jackson family in Ireland - it was never made public until about 10 years ago when I published it in one of the journals in the hope some one would come up with a helpful comment - no one did.. I had been reading of the Up Rising of 1798 in County Wicklow - there was a reference to a Jackson family in County Wicklow that had long been in my mind as possible Jackson family forebears. I had copies of Jackson Family records that had been brought to Australia by my Grt Grandfather in about 1873 . Amongst these papers was a hand written letter by a man who was aware he was about to be executed. The letter was to his son William - no date - no name of the writer - just his son's name. Right at the bottom of the page the father makes a brief reference to an infant son ' Tommy'. Could this infant be the Thomas who ultimately married Anna Maria Bagnall in 1823 ? A quick calculation showed that " Tommy" could well be the Thomas who married Anna Maria Bagnall. From there on bits of the jig-saw started to fall into place. The elder son in the letter was named William, so family tradition would suggest his father was also named William. It became a family practice to name sons William and Thomas and in each generation the elder son was named after his father. The Jackson family of County Wicklow had a William - and a Thomas. This set me to experimenting by joining bits of the jig saw together. I was able to significantly extend my knowledge of the Jackson family. back well beyond 1823. The result is a family picture that has become much more detailed without conflicting with any known references - it has led to more detail on our Jackson family, both before and after the marriage of 1823.. The present reference is now as far back as the death of the William Jackson, shown on P 58 of A Family Tapestry,. when he, and probably his brother James, were executed by Irish rebels in County Wicklow.in 1798. . The son Thomas on Page 58 of The Family Tapestry is the Thomas Jackson who became a merchant in Dublin and later acted to support the Jackson survivor(s) of the Up - Rising of 1798, including Jane Jackson Plowman who died in 1828 in Dublin. It relies on my ability to draw a detailed picture of the Jackson family, using all the available details, without a single conflicting item - right down to the Jackson family of the 1823 marriage naming a daughter 'Jane' several years after the death of Jane Jackson Plowman, who was an aunt to young Thomas Jackson.

I-Y9389: Robert Jackson b abt 1620 England, d 1683 Hempstead, Long Island, Samuel Jackson b 1757 UK, d 1834 Greene Co., Pennsylvania , combining to make the largest group of participants tested. By that we mean that a direct male descendant of each patriarch has done the Big Y test and it has shown that these two men are a match that indicates they have a common ancestor in the 1500s. Any male Jackson that conjectures that he is a direct male descendant of these patriarchs but cannot prove it via standard genealogical proofs can prove such via this SNP test at FTDNA at the cost of $39 or at SEQ at the cost of $18.

I-Y38787: This subgroup of I-Y9389 has the patriarch of General Joseph Jackson, the great grandson of Robert Jackson.

I-BY19809: The third branch formed by Samuel Jackson and John Lynn b. abt 1730 d. 1794 Fauquier Co., Colony of Virginia, has determined their MRCA as 150 years before present which implies that they have a common ancestor in the named Samuel Jackson, thereby meaning John Lynn was a direct male descendant of Samuel Jackson. Regardless, this match has established a third branch of our Jackson clan that is distinct from the haplogroup I-Y8950 Any male Jackson that conjectures that he is a direct male descendant of either of these patriarchs but cannot prove such via standard genealogical proofs can prove such via this SNP test at YSEQ at a cost of $18.

Of the five patriarchs only one, that of Thomas Jackson (b. abt 1800 Ireland d. aft 1862 Ireland) has records of a marriage and births of children that can provide a point of reference so that further research in Ireland/UK can be done. The other patriarchs' records end within the United States or with only family lore conjectures to the old country.


Our goal is to find and prove, via Big Y DNA testing, the one earliest ancestor who is ancestor to all of the above patriarchs. In other words, to get a Big Y match for Graham Jackson, the only one of the four who has specific ancestors in the United Kingdom. The Haplogroup chart indicates the river of time from the SNP I-Y8950 to each of our specific subgroups. The Yfull analysis of the Big Y test to date, sets the boundaries but does not give us the specific time of the TMRCA. Haplogroup I-Y8950 is just an estimate of Graham's position in the downstream location of time, ie, he is that far for sure, but he could be closer to I-Y9389 but not that far because he does not have a match with that SNP.

There are 54 Jackson men of our clan out of nearly 700 total YDNA participants in the Jackson Surname Project at FTDNA. Five have not been able to establish a connection to any of the five patriarchs nor have extended their pedigree further back in time to be so named, ie having found their patriarch. These men could be descendants of the established branches or anyone of them might be a separate branch. The recent Big Y testing and subsequent SNP testing can now be used to test which branch they belong to.

See https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/jackson/about/results for Member Contributed Lineages grouped according to the members' tested results at FTDNA. That page is updated continually as new members are tested and their results are analyzed. It has been a BIG job getting the Family Finder results merged into that page. Remember this is all volunteer work by people who care! Note also this is from Family Tree DNA website. We have no way to learn of men tested elsewhere unless they contact one of us.

See also the google DNA spreadsheet here by Janie who is asking for some volunteer help in maintaining this work.

Why WikiTree?

So why did we select WikiTree to be the home for our association? Because their mission and vision matches ours so well: "Because all the profiles are connected on the same system our collaboration is creating a single family tree that is connecting us all, preserving our history, and making our shared genealogy available for the world to access, for free and forever".

How to Get Started on WikiTree

Welcome to WikiTree
How to Use WikiTree


John McAnally As of July 1, 2021, this group had one member, me. I am John McAnally
Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

Current WikiTree researchers of this line will be listed in no particular order when they are located and they may be working on any of the four Jackson lineages in this Jackson DNA Clan. If we have missed you, please respond to John's request.
Michael Jackson
Graham Jackson
Jerry Gross
Janie Jackson Kimble
Patricia Prickett Hickin
Julia McCartney Hogston
Darrell Herman Jackson RIP
Ray Jackson
John McAnally
Kenneth Jackson
Dina Grozev
Warren Jackson
Larry Shelley
Burrell Jackson RIP
John Frederick Lynn
Charles Thomas Jackson RIP
Jimmy Ray Jackson RIP
Mark B. Lynn
Charles Leslie McAnally
Phillip Gene Jackson
Gerald B. Jackson

Ways you Can Help

Here are some of the tasks that we will be working on and could use your help!

  1. Create your own profile page which can be made private. Add your DNA info if available. (There is a one day delay by the system to show on your upline.)
  2. Add the DNA confirmation statement
  3. Then create profiles for your direct ancestor trail back to their EKA. Much of the work has already been done so verify that each new ancestor is not already on WT as we don't want to create duplicates. If the profile has already been created, please confirm that a DNA statement is included to confirm the connections.
  4. Later, fill in the other family members.

In addition to the five patriarchs above, there are men who have tested their DNA, learned they belong to this Jackson Clan, but they cannot find where they connect to our tree. I will list here the ones I know and perhaps we can help them locate their connections. Let's find ancestors for these men:
Benjamin Jackson b 1775 SC, d 1856 Moniteau, MO; m Nancy
Robert Edward Jackson 29290 (1816 VA-1899??) 6 known sons; m Phebe Ann Coon FTDNA kit # 269625
John Jackson (1827 VA-1898 MO) m Sarah A J Marshall (father may be a George Jackson?)
William Jackson 136 (1803 VA-1879) m Lucinda Petty 5 known sons
Francis Jackson 570 (b 1780/90 VA or MD d 1834 Clinton, OH) m Mary MNU

History & Mystery

Frances Freeman has the ability to tell Robert's story in a special way.
NO documentation jas been found of the immigration of Robert of Hempstead.
The disputed wives of General Joseph Jackson of New Jersey.
The Daughters of David Jackson and his two wives of Campbell Co., TN



Conflict Resolution Pages

This will be a list of Free Space pages pertaining to any related profiles which may have been subject to conflicting information.
[William Jackson of Carter Co., Tenn].

Until separate pages are created this index of pages concerning conflicting info will have to do: https://web.archive.org/web/20151127064458/http://jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/conflictingdataindex.htm

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