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... ... ... was a New Netherland settler.
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The Prince's Flag.
... ... ... was a New Netherland settler.
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In 1679, Jasper Dankaerts, a Dutch visitor to New York, had occasion to interview "the oldest European woman in this country." He recorded notes in his journal, now owned by the Brooklyn Historical Society, who translated and published it in 1867. [1]

In his 2011 paper, Macy [2] makes a persuasive argument that the person interviewed was Aeltje Braconie. Macy's arguments, based on Dankaert's notes, provide sorely needed additional evidence about Aeltje and her descendants. In general, for purposes of being definite, this profile will adhere to Macy's conclusions, but also will cite conflicting evidence. Wherever possible, text from the excellent, prior version of the profile has been retained with only light editing.


Dankaerts wrote that the woman "was from Luyck and still spoke good Wals." Macy explains that "Luik" is the Flemish/Dutch spelling of Liège, which is located in Wallonia, the French-speaking portion of modern Belgium. In the 16th century, it was the capital of a principality covering a larger area. Many of its inhabitants spoke Dutch. Nevertheless, at that time, there was no Protestant church in Liège, so Aeltje and her husband, Thomas Badie, might have been motivated to remove to Holland. Records of other Protestant Walloons who eventually went to Holland have been found among the Catholic registers in Liège. It should be noted that records of the city show other persons named Braconier and Bady, so it is reasonable to believe that Aeltje and Thomas might have been native to that area. [3]

Leige, Leige, Gallia c. 1570

  • * * * *
Thomas Badie ( 1585 -1607) and Aeltje Bracknoengie (1589/90 - 1670) married in 1607. They conceived one daughter, Marie Thomasdr Badie before Thomas’ premature death in his early 20s. Aeltje raised Marie as a single mother until Marie married at age 18 and departed for the New World. Aeltje Bracknoengie later remarried to Cornelis Lambertszen Cool and became the step-mother to his 3 teenage children. One of these children was Aeltje Cornelis Cool who married Gerret Wolphertszen Van Kouwenhoven : Cornelis' three children (Aeltje, Aechtje and Lambert) were by a first wife whose identity has not been discovered.[4]
For more information about the first settlers, see Dutch Return on Wikipedia.
No marriage record exists of the marriage with Cornelis Lamberts Cool, but evidence for it is from a 1644 agreement in which Aeltje is called, "Aeltjen Brackongne, widow of the late Cornelis Lambersen Cool." There were no children from this marriage (Cornelis had three known children from his prior marriage). Her third marriage was recorded in the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam records. The banns dated 4 September 1644 for her intended marriage to Willem Bredenbent, call her a widow of "Cornelis Lamberts."[5]
"Cornelis Lambertsz, from Doorn, [near Utrecht]; is given among those who were to sail with Domine Megapolensis on den Houttuyn in June 1642, but his name does not appear in the records of the colony. He probably remained at the Manhatans and soon thereafter died, as in the marriage records of the Reformed Dutch church of New York, under the date of Sept. 4, 1644, is found the marriage of Wilhelm Bredenbent and Aeltje Braconie, widow of Corn. Lamberts." [6]
Aeltje Braconie may have been of Dutch, Walloon, or French heritage. There was an article in "de Halve Maen", Summer 1980, Vol. LV, No 2. Page 16 is devoted to "Our Immigrant Ancestor Aeltje Bracoine". The following is a direct quote. "The surname Bracoine and Badie suggested French Huguenot extraction".
She was married to Thomas Badie when she was about 18 and was widowed when she was about 22. She had one known child, Maria. Thomas Baddie was the Treasurer of the Dutch West India Company. She probably came to New Amsterdam prior to 1636. She married her second husband, Cornelis Lambertse Cool, in 1637 when she was about 49. His first wife died. Aeltje reared his three children. She married her third husband, Willem Bredenbent, in 1644 when she was 56. She had just the one child.
Aeltje was, at the time of her death , the wealthiest individual living in the Province of New York. Aeltje Braconie was 95 at her death in Brooklyn. She is buried with her daughter, grand daughter, her grand daughter's husband, Adam Brouwer, and with Eli Braconie who is assumed to be her father, but he may have been her brother. This was extracted from a posting by Robert L. Protzman to Dutch-Colonies mail list at Rootsweb.com Jan 23, 2001.
Aeltje Braconie was born circa 1588 at Netherlands. Aeltje Braconie was born circa 1600. Aeltje Braconie married Thomas Badie circa 1603; 1st marriage Aeltje. Aeltje Braconie married Cornelius Lambertse Cool after 1624. Aeltje Braconie married Willem Bredenbent on September 4, 1644, they had no issue. Marriage banns for Aeltje Braconie and Willem Bredenbent were published on October 9, 1644. Aeltje Braconie died on June 22, 1670 at Gowanus, Kings County, New York. Aeltje Braconie died circa 1683.
Aeltje Braconie was also known as Aeltje Brookhange. Aeltje Braconie was also known as Altien Brackhonge. Aeltje Braconie was also known as Aeltje Braconye Eli Braconye's sister. Aeltje Braconie was also known as Altien Braconie. Aeltje Braconie was also known as Aeltje Brackoengie. Aeltje Braconie resided at at New Amsterdam, New York County, New York, between 1627 and 1637. Aeltje Braconie resided at at Gowanus, Kings County, New York, after 1637. Aeltje Braconie resided at at New Amsterdam, New York County, New York, in 1644. Aeltje Braconie and Willem Bredenbent resided at at Gowanus, Kings County, New York, in 1650. Aeltje Braconie left a will in 1670


Name: Aeltie Aeltje /Braconye/Brackhonge/Braconie[7]

"Eli" Braconie

Here Aeltje is mentioned as Eli Braconie witness, she is the grandmother of the child Christiaen, so Aeltje Braconie was also named Eli [8]
Event: Baptism Date: Sunday 6 January 1641
Place: New Netherland
Child: Christiaen Gender: Male
Father: Willem Adriaensz
Witn.: Michiel ter Oijcken
Witness: Eli Braconie
Remark: Witness 1 is fiscal [9]


1637 Nieuw Amsterdam, New York
1644 New York, New York

First Marriage

Wife of Thomas Badie — married 1606 in Netherlands, possibly Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Children from the first marriage:
Maria (Marie, Marritje) Badie, was the only known child of Aeltje Braconie and Thomas Badie. She was the mother of Magdalena Verdon, and mother-in-law of Adam Brouwer. Maria was married three times, had thirteen children, and seventy-seven known grandchildren [10]

Second Marriage

Wife of Cornelius Lambertse Cool — married 1638 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland [11]
Note: Cornelis and Aeltje didn't have any children together , Cornelis had three children from a previous marriage , so the Cool children should be looked at and disconnected from Aeltje . Cornelis' three children (Aeltje, Aechtje and Lambert) were by a first wife whose identity has not been discovered.[12]

Third Marriage

Wife of William Bredenbent — married September 4, 1644 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland
Groom/ Bruidegom: Wilhem Bredenbent Birth place/ Geboorteplaats: Keulen Burgerlijke staat: Jongeman Bride/ Bruid: Aeltje Braconie Burgerlijke staat: Widow/ Weduwe Relatie: Cornelis Lamberts Event/ Gebeurtenis: Marriage/ Trouwen Gebeurtenisplaats: NDG Event / Gebeurtenis: Proclamatie Date/ Datum: zondag 4 september 1644 [13] Transcript : 1644, September 4 : Wilhem Bredenbent, j. m. Van Ceulen, en Aeltje Braconie Wed“ Van Corn. Lamberts.[14]

Joint Will, abstract of

William Breden-Bent and Aeltjen Brackhonge dated 22 June 1670. Wife by reason of great age, very weak. Wife's only daughter Maerryke Tomas Baddie. Wit Jan Strycker, and Willem Jacobse Van Boerum. Flatbush Town Records Lib C page 81. [15] This will was not probated.


Aeltje's last known appearance was in 19 Nov 1679 when she was recorded as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Flatbush.
  • Register of the Members from the Four Villages. 19 Nov 1679. Gowanus. Aaltje Bredebent. [16]


Brooklyn, Kings, Dutch Churchyard, N.Y.

Church records

  • 1644 Sep 04 Wilhelm Bredenbent, j.m. Van Ceulen, en Aeltje Braconie Wede. Van Corn. Lamberts. [17]

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  • * *
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Supplemental Sources

  • Chester, Chris. "The Brouwer Genealogy Database." freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~brouwergenealogydata. Accessed 01 Sep 2017. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~brouwergenealogydata/index.htm Aeltje Braconie Citing:
    • John Reynolds Totten, "Aeltje Braconie-Baddie-Cool-Bredenbent Family Notes", New York Genealogical & Biographical Record Vol.65, pp.234-245 (1934): 65:244. Estimates her date of birth as about 1690.


This profile was completely rewritten by Jim Moore in May 2019, to complete a merge and to incorporate more throughly the recent (2011) work by Macy.

The prior profile, an excellent and extensive one, providing much of the text for the current profile, resulted from contributions and GEDCOMs from the following: Rosemary Palermo, Newman Family Tree.ged, Beaman Family Tree.ged, Wade Lippman, Smith-Hunter.ged, Teresa Harageones, Paul Lee, Bryan Sypniewski, Robert Haack, William Ramage, G. Knudsen, Erik Rasmussen, Wilfred Vasile, Tim Tropeck, small2.ged, Colin Bryant, Paul Lee, and Mitchell Watson.

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