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Here is a link to the profile of Janie Jackson Kimble. As a Jackson researcher, I'm working to learn more about how to navigate and use WikiTree.



As a 'newbie' to WikiTree I want to keep a record of what I am learning and what needs to be done with and for my Jackson information. There is so much to learn and the maze of help pages to walk thru, that it becomes overwhelming. So if I keep a written record it may be helpful to keep me focused.

Several years ago I uploaded a couple of GEDCOMs but didn't stay with WikiTree. Now, coming back, they have a new system that requires comparing folks to try to eliminate duplicates. Now Pat Hickin has generously offered to upload a couple of GEDCOMs for me - bait for bringing me into the fold. Now I need to learn how to watch these folks and have them added to my watch list.

Future To-Dos to keep on top

Graham's line: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Bagnall-414

  1. I've got to find which page is best to keep a list of my contributions and/or uploads by EKA Well, that is not needed, the system keeps a list of my contributions but with more detail than I need. And if I have created the profiles, they will automatically be listed in my watch list. If I have edited a profile managed by someone else, then I have to ask to be on the Trusted list to get them listed in my watch list. (That's a bit of a bummer.)
  1. Work my way thru How-to pages: Category:New_Member_How-To
  2. Edit my current watch list - limit to Jacksons and their spouses
  3. ask to be on the Trusted List on profiles by Pat & others so I can 'watch' my Jackson line. (I asked the question RE how to 'watch' on G2G; ans was to ask to be on list.)
  4. add categories to Jacksons I know about
  5. add personal categories to Jacksons I know about (See Help:Personal_Categories)
  6. unfinished GEDCOM: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:UploadGedcom&action=process&gu_id=122163 Most of these folks are already on WR; just may need some add'l info.
  7. unfinished GEDCOM for Sam'l of PWC desc. Look in my Contributions link to find these folks.
  8. I could upload my FamFinder PAF !!
  9. Work with Jackson Name Study if/when Tom Jackson ever responds
    1. Excellent Name Study as an example of what can be done-to study- Space:Hall_Name_Study
  10. Info for places in Virginia: Space:Virginia_Place_Names
  11. reminder of how to link: You can link to John Smith's page by typing [[Smith-103606|John Smith]]
  12. How to designate conjecture in the line - see this query: [[1]].

What we don't want to have is a profile that is put in a county only. They still need to be located in a cemetery, that is within a county. So in the case of cemeteries, yes, I strongly believe that a county is still a high-level category. If a cemetery needs to be created for that person, then that is what should be done, even if the cemetery only contains one grave. Natsthename said "I'm setting up an Unknown County category for every state with the text added: Note: This category was created to hold profiles of persons in which the specific county related to the person is unknown and only the specific state is known. The state category is a high level category and should not hold individual profiles."
Steven Harris <harris.stevem@gmail.com>: "Physically buried on family property should qualify as a private and/or historical cemetery. We have tons of them in Texas, so I am partial to this part of the discussion. They should be included in either the county or place category as a normal cemetery would be." So my Edward buried on the family farm can be included.

April 2019

If I don't keep better record of what I'm doing, I lose track of what I need to go back to finish!!

18 Apr wrote to Thomas Randolph concerning the marriages of Mary Fitz Randolph and sent him link to the conflicting info archives page.
18 Apr wrote to Dan Austin abt his dates & location of his James Jax who married Abigail Faircloth. Offered to edit his file is he agrees or he can edit and then link back to John & Sarah Doty.
17 Apr I added Capt. John Jackson-31250 and wife Elizabeth Grigsby-791. I need to go back to add much to John's bio and maybe hers.
17 Apr I've worked on a LOT of Strother/Jackson profiles and emailed Ernest Harrell concerning Joseph Harrell marrying 2 Jackson women. Was probably bros marrying sisters but don't know who the 2nd Harrell might be. Hope Ernest does!
12 Apr 2019 E. Compton added You as manager for profile of William P. Jackson (1776-1844).
12 Apr 2019 E. Compton added You as manager for profile of Mattheny (Wilson) Jackson (1780-1842).

Now I don't remember if I asked for this or they offered because of my email. Ah, yes, Emily Compton had this couple as son of Stephen Jackson and I told her this wasn't the right parent for this William. Not that I want to work on this line, but I did want to work on STEPHEN's second family!! Jackson-11790 - This is link to Stephen.

Jan 2019

I adopted and edited James Franklin Richards-6881. His son m Clara Jackson, d/o Wm Hamilton Jackson. I added to his page and to the category list. So glad I posted this record because now 3/1/22 I saw that I had created the profile for James F. Richards and wondered why. Just never got around to adding Clara.
Emailed both Pat & David Hughey asking abt source for surname of Mary Ann Robinson, wife of Gen. Joseph. Also asked them about my using my Hempstead pers cat on their Jackson profiles. Also mentioned the upcoming Jackson Name Study hoping they will participate.


Uploaded Wm Jax and Grace Maulpis GEDCOM. Willliam is here: Jackson-30253 Wm. K. Foster rec'd my 'index' of Stafford/PWC deeds and created a category page for them here: Category: Jackson of Stafford yDNA Group I left question at G2G concerning this new cat page wondering how and/or if it can fit into both the cat and dna plan. Outcome fr question; remove research to a FreeSpace profile. 12/12/18 So I created the new FreeSpace profile here: Space:Early_Deeds_and_Wills_used_in_Jackson_Research. Put tags for VA and Colonial Virginia plus tags for all pertinent surnames. Added link to Samuel WT pg. (removed link to WR) 12/13/18: requested from Pat to be on Trusted List for Stephen Jackson, father of Stephen Pomeroy Jackson. So changes should show up in my Watch List. Wonder now if I link these folks to my Edward Jackson will he show up in my family tree? 12/18/18 asked to be on Trusted list for Jackson-24758, s/o Stephen Pomeroy Jackson. 12/19/2018: created a free space profile for Calhoun County Early names & Stories which should be edited, linked to Benj Jax & Elizabeth Stallman & others: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Calhoun_County,_WV,_Historial_Names_and_Stories&errcode=new_profile. Will also need cats. 12/22/2018: Edited Abigail Mitchell and Benj Jackson pages; also created Space:Jacksons_Traveling_with_Job_Allen_III_New_Jersey_to_Ohio Needs other names linked and Benj's children added. 12/23/2018: Suggested on G2G a 'what links here' button to be available for both kinds of profiles.
Wrote to Ros asking to be manager of the [[[Space:Jackson_Name_Study||Jackson Name Study]]]. She responded that I will be added after the holidays.
Need to go back to Ziba Jackson Jackson-19173 to study how the categories turned out after bot does it's job.
Created GEDCOM for 2 gens Benj Jax & Abigail Mitchell. Uploaded 12/23 but not worked yet. 12/24/2018: Adopted https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Jackson-7215&errcode=adopt_ok Phebe (Jackson) Birdsall. Need to go back to fill in info. Space:Jacksons_Traveling_with_Job_Allen_III_New_Jersey_to_Ohio trial to see if this link works; it does.
12/26/18: Began to go over Contribution list to add Personal category to put on all Jackson profiles of those descended from Robert Jackson of Hempstead, New York: Jackson-10425_Hempstead. I did only Chalon Jackson-19172 and his dau Abby; then decided to wait on going over all contributions until I can add the Jackson Name Study. So all WT work on hold until I hear from Ros. 12/26/18: someone gave me a link to either Chalon Jackson or Abigail Mitchell Jackson going to the way back machine. Find that again and keep record for future use of the Jackson pages. I want to send the research page for the William Jacksons of Wilkes Co to the authors of this page: Jackson-4826#Conflicting_Birth_Information. Then put both the personal Hempstead cat and the one name cat and the locations cats on that page. Print desc chart for Wm of Carter Co so I can get or post the rest of the desc.!! 12/26/18: asked to be on the Trusted List for Rebeccah Jackson Fairchild (Jackson-4826) dau of Wm of Carter County. Left msg on her profile that the study of William Jax, her father could be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160319114735/http://www.jacksonfamilygenealogy.com:80/pages/conflictingWilliamJacksonTwo.htm 12/28/18: Debi Hoag left me an example of how to fix sources on [[Jackson-30591| David Jackson's profile. This still needs further editing. I thanked Debi. 12/29/2018: I adopted Parmenas Jackson-7209 12/30/2018: I asked Allan Thomas-8856 to merge his[ [Jackson-2797]] with my newly adopted and edited Phebe Jackson-21411 dau of James & Rebecca who m Edward FitzRandolph. To ckck. 12/31/2018: I adopted a profile for Jane Unknown-25694. wife of Thomas Axtell-169; merged her into Jane Minter-603, wife of Isaac Jackson.


11/16: Thoroughly frustrated; left G2G msg here: [[2]] Vowed not to come back. But really hate to give up on this site :( Just don't have the patience to deal with all the problems I'm finding. Never did go back to see why the category didn't 'take' on the profile in last paragraph.

Oct 2018

I created profile for Maria Antoinette Willard, wife of Jacob Beeson Jackson. I put on her profile, but it didn't seem to take. Is not there. Unknown problem. Willard-2721

Sep 23 thru Sept 29, 2018

  1. uploaded gedcom 4 gens desc grandfather A. H. Jackson; created profiles. Then uploaded ancestors of A. H. matched 2 profiles. This did not work well so deleted gedcom. In future don't do ancestors; maybe descendants work better. Composed vent for G2G but found that for some reason it did NOT post.

Aug 19 thru Sep 22

  1. Too much going on at home; no WikiTree work. Will be back.

Aug 12 Thru Aug 18

  1. 8/13 Found 'map' of Categories for England, was so good I copied it and starting working on such a map for USA. Maybe will be OK to put on a free space page to have verified and if good, then put on the USA page. Then I can refer to this instead of having to remember just how a category should be worded/spaced. Not finished yet. They are working on it; let them finish first!
  2. Created profile for Nancy Jackson Roach & James Roach, but none of her relative have proper Virginia location or categories yet. Put their links on that summary page for Samuel's desc.
  3. 8/15 Hmm, found that the profile for Elizabeth wife of Benj Jackson does NOT show her married to him: Stallman-107 TO FIX her notes and ADD Benjamin and their children!
  4. 8/16 Being swamped with emails and they were not helpful to what I need. Unsubscribed to category emails. That didn't work; still receiving emails.
  5. Found my 'cheat sheet' which has map of categories that I started but is not finished. It is here:

Space:Janie_Kimble%27s_Cheat_Sheet. And reading all those emails that are still coming, I realize that they are still editing categories. So later, go back and double check my 'map' for recent edits.

Aug 5 Thru Aug 11

Sunday 8/5: worked some more on the unfinished GEDCOM compare and learned I have been missing a large part of that. I'm supposed to be editing each person I match; not just planning to come back later to do the editing. The system doesn't automatically merge new info; I need to do it. So now go back to all those I've matched and fix them. That leads me to think I should focus not on the Hempstead line, but on those unconnected folks EKAs for whom connections might be found here at WT. 8/8: studying category layout again.
Adopted Jackson-3767 David, s/o Edward Jackson and Charity Hill. So possibility of adding his ancestors! Still having trouble going back - finding this David because I can't search by ID so here he is: Jackson-3767. There has to be an easier way to find folks, but I haven't found it yet!! Since I've adopted him, How can I find him from my nav page?
Just found Compact Family Tree for DNA Family Finder info. I could upload my FF PAF.
8/9 uploaded 3 gens James Bolton Hall. Is ready here: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:UploadGedcom&action=process&gu_id=122747 8/10 So now have created profiles for 3 gen J. B. Hall (maternal grandparents) but not adding any cats or tags. Should I be? This is taking forever and when I finish with the 3 gedcoms I've uploaded, I may stick with just working on orphan profiles while waiting for info about Jackson One Name Study. The month will be up Sep5 4th. I created all I plan to from that gedcom and then deleted the gedcom. So need to contact Pat RE James Jackson merge that I did. :(

July 29 thru Aug 4

And I think my focus may be a bit different on WikiTree. Whereas on WeRelate, my focus was getting all the descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead online, now I'm more interested in helping some of the Jackson men who have tested their DNA at FTDNA find their connections. So many folks can go back just a few generations and are 'stuck' there. I'm hoping that with so many more active people at WikiTree, there are more possibilities for making/finding connections. I also saw a page called The Big Tree concerning DNA that eventually I want to go back to. Not yet, because I still have so much to learn, but if I stay active long enough, maybe I'll get there and learn what that's all about. So before I can even start 'working' today, I've spent most of the morning just writing out this page!

So today (7/29/18) I want to learn more about

  1. personal tags - can't find info; had to ask at G2G 7/29
  2. adding or removing folks to my watch list so that I can better keep track of them. There are folks on my list currently that don't need to be there!
  3. I want to add categories to profiles that I've already created. This also will aid in 'keeping track of' folks. Then maybe I'll be ready to start uploading some more folks. That last upload went well, but just showed me how much I still don't know!
  4. and Pat asks "Speaking of format, have you explored the Family Tree and Tools tab? And then scroll down below the tree for various options. I find the Family Group sheet especially handy at times. Also do you know about the weekly suggestions report, which points out a variety, either in relations or profiles you manage? To access it, click on your name and go to the bottom. Once you've pulled it up (it's slow arriving), scroll to the bottom and click o the option for more generations.

What I've done today 7/29/2018, I saw I could create this To-Do page and will try to use it as a sort of diary of what I'm learning and what I need to do next. Writing it all out helps me to keep focused. I don't know yet about the table on this page; that will come later, especially as I learn to edit my watch list. I will back-track a bit to note below what I've done in the last couple of weeks, before beginning this 'diary'.
I edited my profile page to include both my first cluttered to-do link and also a link to this Diary page.
I ran onto this 'How-to #1 page and will go back to work my way thru it Help:How_to_Start_Climbing_Our_Tree#Add_a_Source_Citation. Number 10 on that how-to page was to introduce myself; so I finally did that!
Rec'd an answer to my question at G2G abt Personal Categories: See Help:Personal_Categories

7/30 working my way thru the How-to series, I've created a profile for my father. Still a problem with references replacing the info with the number instead of being beside the number. I see from the progress sheet for uploading Sam'l of PWC that the job has not been finished so remember to finish that job.
GEDCOM to be accepted for 13 desc of my father. This adds https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Kimble-819&public=1 profile of my husband and puts tight privacy limits on it; apparently because of the living children listed.
Tried to add living child w/o a date as per instructions, but system wouldn't accept w/o date. So left msg at G2G policy section. Backed out of adding living children. I guess I'll just let half finished GEDCOM sit until it is deleted by system as I don't know how to delete it.
Tried to save this page but got 'Token failed' msg. Have no idea what is wrong.

7/31 early in AM, uploaded 'desc of Robt of Hempsd 3 gens': https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:UploadGedcom&action=process&gu_id=122163 - matched nearly everyone; made notes of those that I could go back and maybe add info. In the long term, may not be highest priority right now. (Hmm, looks like even tho I 'matched' some folks, it doesn't accept the new info from my gedcom, just called my person as the same as the match. So have to go back to add my info manually??!! I guess WR has spoiled me!) I asked to be on the Categorization Team; was accepted. Natalie has invited me to edit this google s/s: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cf1RvNWhSU-xKaS9DipMR9aZa8FRWujtq4RnsmasaPk/edit?ts=5b60ea99#gid=1618464475 8/3 It's been a frustrating day. I did finally get around to writing a private email to Ros asking about Jackson One Name Study because queries at G2G were answered without really understanding what I was saying. So their instructions were not doable. Ros said she would look into it but would probably take a month (she understood!) Then I asked about searchability and whether there was a possibility of having the tech folks work on a better search screen. Ans: not much hope of that. Seems like that's the first thing a genealogy site would focus on; but not this wiki. Hate to be a complainer but I had to voice my disappointment. I've gone thru disappointment at WR and don't want to deal with more of it. Maybe my days of posting on other sites are over. I might still volunteer with the category team if I can figure out what they want me to do. But I'm even doubtful of that. They don't have resources to search the site but will use those same resources to categorize every town in the USA! Beats me! Sigh . . goodnight diary.

Prior to beginning this diary

  1. [[[Prickett-120|Pat Hickin]]] uploaded for me Jackson-28195 Stephen Jackson & Mary Morley and descendants
  2. She also posted for me the desc of Mary Katherine Fell, wife of Minter Jackson, wife of Stephen Alonzo Jackson: Fell-324
  3. and this Jackson Family Resource Page https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Jackson_Family_Resources&public=1 (this needs HELP!)
  4. Pat's work also included posting my transcription of the the 1887 Jackson Ledger here: https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/9/94/Jackson_Family_Resources.pdf
  5. I created this earlier to-do list but it will not be auto-included in cat todo lists, so will gradually be moved over to this page Space:Janie_Kimble_To-Do_List
  6. I created this cheat sheet: Space:Janie_Kimble%27s_Cheat_Sheet includes study of categories among other things
  7. uploaded gedcom for Samuel of Virginia Project which connected to Jack's upload
  8. Created a Free Space pg of progress of uploading my Virginia Project Space:Samuel_Jackson%27s_Descendants_in_Stafford/Prince_William%2C_Virginia

##added Jackson and Virginia TAGS but individual pages are not tagged. No pages have categories added yet
I'll eventually find these folks that I uploaded earlier, but can't find now.

  1. Uploaded GEDCOM Benj Jax m Lavina Carrington fr Sm bits Jax 8 Mar 2018 https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Jackson-26067&public=1 Benj's father was from Scotland. They had no children.
  2. Uploaded GEDCOM Samuel Patterson 19 Feb 2018
  3. Uploaded GEDCOM James Jax of Spinans 30 Jan 2018
  4. Uploaded GEDCOM Robert Ferrell 15 Jan 2018
  5. Uploaded GEDCOM desc of Benj Ferrell 15 Jan 2018 https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Ferrell-1486&public=1 needs link to wife's 1st Jackson husband!
  6. Uploaded GEDCOM Sam'l Jax and Margaret Cree 4 Nov 2017
  7. uploaded GEDCOM John G. Jax of England 8 Nov 2014 Jackson-11652

Automatic Table I will learn more about later

Name Birth Notes
Jackson, William B. 1835-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Mary J. 1837-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Samuel 1755-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Francis , Jr. 1720-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Charles 1739-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Francis , III 1762-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Susannah 1765-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Constant 1768-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Elizabeth 1771-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Ann 1774-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Francis , Sr. 1687-00-00 to-do
Jackson, Samuel 1662-00-00 to-do
Ridley, Sarah to-do
Tyler, Sarah 1718-00-00 to-do

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