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Janie, on the menu at top right of every WikiTree page, click My WikiTree, then select Nav Home Page on the dropdown list. That page shows recent changes to everything for which you are on the trusted list (including, of course, what you manage). You will have a link to see farther back, as well.

I need to begin this page with sections and sort the paragraphs into the proper sections.

This is my new follow list because WikiTree doesn't provide one.

  1. Here are Jacksons I have edited or contributed to:


  1. Here are other profiles I have edited or contributed to:

Jones-29966 added first name & source This is a good page for determining who else I need to add to WT: [1]

Here is an orphaned Jackson immigrant that looks easy to research: Jackson-14175

Jackson Genealogy

Link to get a list of unsourced profiles in West Virginia: Category:West_Virginia%2C_Unsourced_Profiles

Here is a way to create a list of categories I've worked on for the past week: [2] This was sent to me from Natalie on 3/26/2019. Here is a category to use when the profiled person was a slave owner: Cat: USBH Heritage Exchange

Here is a category for Queens Co., NY Cemeteries. I could post my queens co cemetery PAF file and place in proper category. Category:Queens_County%2C_New_York%2C_Cemeteries

I have not created profile for Sam'l Jax, s/o Benjamin Jax & Elizabeth Ferrell. I have not created profile for sons of William Jax of Carter Co., TN.

All West Virginia categories have been created for the Jackson Name Study. But the Virginia categories have NOT yet been set up.

{{Unsourced|Fermanagh|Maryland}}This will create category saying "Unsourced Profile, Fermanash" and "Unsourced Profile, Maryland"</nowiki>


Links I need to study

William Foster sent this DNA how-to link to Jack: |https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Y-Chromosome_DNA_Confirmation. This needs study! |https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Cleaning_up_Ancestry_GEDCOM_imports_with_the_'References_First'_method
Link to Diary To-Do List: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Janie%27s_WikiTree_Diary&public=1
Janie Kimble is still studying; working my way through this maze called WikiTree!
AND THIS: |https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:How_to_Share_Sources_on_WikiTree#What_Links_Here !! Oh, so much to learn!!
and this looks interesting: They could merely run this tool to find brick walls.

3 Mar 2019: finally able to manage the Jackson Name Study. A lot to learn about it. Jack McAnally-123 is willing to help with Hempstead Jacksons. Brian Gix-11 will also help.

This needs study: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/82712/new-wikitree-com-dna-project-on-familytreedna-com I sent this link to Jack on 3/5/19.

Categories and Templates:

Categories: Thirteen Colonies | Middle Colonies | Colonial America Prior to 1776 use

Category:Wood County, West Virginia, Jackson Name Study]]
Category: Harrison County, West Virginia, Hall Name Study]]
Category:Harrison County, Virginia]]
Category:Braxton County, Virginia]]
Category: Braxton County, West Virginia, Hall Name Study]]

[[[:Category:Calhoun_County,_West|Virginia| [[:Category:|Category:]] Calhoun County, West Virginia]]]

[[[:Category:Fayette_County%2C_Iowa|https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Fayette_County%2C_Iowa]]|Look at this county site to list the cats that can be put in a county site.

How to create cemetery categories: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/763139/clarification-when-using-townships-in-cemetery-categories]

I created a Category: Jackson Needs Research. This is subcategory of Category:Maintenance Categories.

Template for Descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, NY = is place on profiles from my father directly up to Jackson-1490. But siblings have not been done and I stopped at Jackson-1490. Pat Hickin may also be placing this template on her Jackson profiles. So this can be continued both on the siblings and on ancestors earlier than Edward.


HERE IS MIKE FROM FTDNA, desc of Sam'l Jackson and Margaret Cree: Jackson-12643. I could later cat them all as Hempstead!

Here is a response about what Data Doctors can do on a Project Protected Profile:
To address the concerns of WikiTreers, many Projects are managing/protecting more profiles than we would like to be managing.

The main purpose for protecting profiles is to prevent bad merges, bad name changes, and bad genealogy. This means that you should not make major factual changes to the profile without discussion. But PPP absolutely does not mean that you must post a profile message or send a PM to a Leader before you correct a spelling error, remove "USA" on a profile from 1710, or add a primary source to support an unsourced fact found in the profile. Data doctors are supposed to have the common sense needed to make common-sense improvements like these.

Pat's work included posting my transcription of the the 1887 Jackson Ledger here: https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/9/94/Jackson_Family_Resources.pdf
Category:Knox_County%2C_Ohio (Benj Jackson-30529 & Abigail

Isn't there an easier way to find a complete list of all Jacksons except this LONG URL??
https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Surname&s=Jackson&cln=&order=name&secondary_order=&layout=table&u= . Found this only because someone else referenced it.
Category:Surnames = here is where I could create a Free Space listing Resources used in researching Robert's family and descendants. Then link a new category to that page named "Descendants of Robert Jackson of Hempstead, NY". A lot of work; do I want to bother??

How to Instructions

[[[Help:Adding_Links#Links_to_Free-Space_Profiles||https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Adding_Links#Links_to_Free-Space_Profiles]]] or maybe just put Help:Adding_Links#Links_to_Free-Space_Profiles
Template for F-a-G: *Find A Grave: Memorial #48504572 (Add templates after categories.)
Personal category to add to Hempstead Jacksons:
Alex says he added a new magic word construct Creator_ + WikiTreeID to the search engine. It finds all profiles that were created by that user. Here is an example for all profiles created by me. https://plus.wikitree.com/default.htm?report=srch1&Query=Creator_Trtnik-2 You can extend the search to find all profiles created by me and no longer managed by me by searching for Creator_Trtnik-2 NOT Trtnik-2 https://plus.wikitree.com/default.htm?report=srch1&Query=Creator_Trtnik-2+NOT+Trtnik-2

Profiles I have worked on:

Hempstead lineage:
Jackson-30044 - Edward Jackson, fa of grandfather A. H. Jackson
Jackson-1490 - Edward Jackson and Martha Miller; some children added, needs rest of them
Jackson-29358 - desc of A. H. Jackson, 4 gens
Jackson-28414 - Carl D. Jackson, s/o A. H. Jacskon
Jackson-29865 - Lenard Owen Jackson that I adopted, worked on to merge and got a edit token for page being open too long. Impatient, 'unadopted' him and said "i'm through". He is Hempstead line though.
Ferrell -??? - Desc of Robert Ferrell, prob sp of Elizabeth 'Aunt Betty' Jackson Ferrell
https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jackson-??? - Samuel Jackson and Margaret Cree
Now keeping track of my questions because system seems to be losing them: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/737281/thoroughly-puzzled-editing-profile RE Abigail Mitchel Jackson
[https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Jackson-30529&public=1] Benjamin Jax PAF 7 All children posted but very few gr-children. Requested to be on Trust List: Chalon PAF 1132; Jackson-19172
I adopted Phoebe (Jackson) FitzRandolph Jackson-21411 d/o James Jax & Rebecca Hallett. Need to go back to add her other connections. I put the Hempstead pers cat on her pg but that's all.
I adopted [[Jackson-7209} Parmenas Jackson]] and haven't done anything with him yet.
I linked Sarah Jackson to husband Jonathan Whitehair and NEED TO GO BACK TO FINISH ADDING CENSUS SOURCES AND CHILDREN. AND link to her father Jacob and mother Sudna Lowther.

Virginia Project:
McAnally-123 - John 'Jack' McAnally
Jackson-28322 - Samuel Jackson of Stafford Co., VA
Samuel Jackson FreeSpace short register for Samuel but can't find it now
https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jackson-??? - Francis Jackson PAF 105, 2 gens
Jackson-30253 - William Jackson sp of Grace Maulpis

Wood County, West Virginia Study
Jackson-337 - Susan Willard Jackson Chevalier, Mass to WV

Marion County, West Virginia Study
14 Jul 2019: Added Robert Edward's son George and George's wife Elizabeth Randall. George died and added Elizabeth's 2nd husband, William Nelson Cunningham and Wm's 1st wife Phebe Ogden and some of their children. This is also in ancestry in Jax Bits & Pieces, but in PAF it is in Marion Co. A LOT OF OTHER JACKSONS IN MARION I COULD ADD BUT ran out of steam. 13 Jul 2019: Added Oliver Jackson-33511 and wife, Drucilla Barnes-17786, first of Samuel Newton Jackson's children. ALSO ADDED OLIVER'S SON SAMUEL N. Jackson-? NEED EIGHT OTHER SIBLINGS 12 Jul 2019: Added/edited family of Marshall Jackson-33418 of Marion Co., WV via GEDCOM 2generatons. 6 Jul 2019: created Samuel Newton Jackson b PA; wife Nancy Miller-67262 and son Marshal Jackson-33418 of Marion Co., WV. 19 Feb 2019: Created Robert Edward Jackson-31462 (Harrison Co. to Marion), ancestor of Raymond Vance Jackson. See also 14 Jul 2019.

Other lineages
Jackson-11671- John G. Jackson, ironworker from England, not Hempstead<bt> https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jackson-??? - James Jackson of Spinnans, England (Ausie desc)
Ferrell-1486 - Desc of Benjamin Ferrell,
https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Patterson-??? - Samuel Patterson . . .
https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Carrington-??? - Carrington fr Small Bits Jax . . .

Space pages I have created
Space:The Marriage of James_Jackson_and-Mary_Fitz_Randolph_Examined
Samuel Jackson FreeSpace short register for Samuel but can't find it now

Orphan Jackson profiles I have worked on and could adopt:

Jackson-299 This will need some research to locate EKA - I MAY have it in small bits.
Jackson orphan profiles: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Adoptions&s=Jackson

Misc ToDo:

  1. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Navigating_the_United_States_in_Wikitree
  2. Reminder: Sounds great Janie! Would like to get a link to the files added to the Prince William County page so others can easily discover it when researching in that county. I can guide and assist as needed, just send me a private message through my profile link for private messages.
    1. commented 7/17 by William Foster G2G6 Mach 4
  3. Right now most of them are private files and aren't sorted in good order. I'm hoping to find time to create an index, and will make them public. When that happens, I can put a notice somewhere that they are available. Tho all pertain to the Jackson name, there are a lot of other names also.
    1. commented 7/18 by Janie Kimble G2G1

Here is Robt Jackson and wife Thornton of Fredericksburg, VA that I'd like to put on WT: https://www.werelate.org/wiki/Person:Robert_Jackson_%28104%29.

  1. STUDY THIS: Category:New_Member_How-To
  2. STUDY THIS: Help:To-Do_Lists
  3. Wondering if I can add 'Jackson in Prince William' cat to other folk's profiles. Probably can since I can make other edits. That's a project for later.
  4. Instructions for watching profiles - or 'unwatching':


  1. Another way to SEARCH; John Jones and his father can be found through WikiTree+ Searches: https://plus.wikitree.com/default.htm?report=srch1&Query=John+Jones+Harris+County&MaxProfiles=500&SortOrder=Default&PageSize=10
  2. found this on Liz Shifflett's Peyton page: https://plus.wikitree.com/function/WTWebName/errors.htm?Name=Payton&MaxErrors=100

Watch List and Family Watch List seem to be two different lists. Study to learn more. Here is a link to MY watch list Special:WatchedList - I sure don't know how that works; there is nothing to identify me in that URL!! I can toggle between Person Profiles and Free-Space Profiles! This Free-Space List is excellent - it is equivalent to a list of articles in WeRelate and will be helpful. Currently 7/29/18 has only 5 articles, no profiles.

Eventually want to work on the One-Name-Study but need to learn so much more first.

Reminder: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/498355/will-you-help-your-dna-cousins-join-wikitree.

What's the difference between categories and projects?
Projects are groups of members.
Categories are groups of profiles.
Categories group other pages together, not just profiles
Category pages should contain a description of what is contained and who maintains the category.
The guideline states: "Almost no content should go on category pages. For example, if a category groups people buried in a particular cemetery and there is general information about the cemetery, it should go on a free-space profile and the category page should link to it."

  • IDEA - I could upload my Greenville Cemetery study but will probably wait until I can put it on the Jackson One Name Study.

For the United States of America, the [Category:United States of America] contains only current states, territories, regions, and the District of Columbia. The historical versions of the US states are in the [Category:US History]. Most current state categories show what the state was named as a colony or territory. The profiles should be using the appropriate location for the time. [[Space:One_Name_Studies_FAQ_Page#The_Basics
]] [[Space:Jackson_Name_Study
]] On 7/28/2018 I added text to above Jackson Name Study even tho I am NOT on Trusted list. Wrote to Tom RE what I did to see if perhaps he'll answer this time.

So I can find Jack: McAnally-123 Go to WR to see if I can get the WV county list chart to use on the One Name Study.

and in the Biography section

One Name Study|name=Hall|Virginia, Hall Name Study}} puts a banner in the bio section

Pat sent these hints: Do you know about this tool: https://apps.wikitree.com/apps/shipley1223/Bio.html Very handy.

To put a 4 gen family group sheet on FaceBook: Help:Shareable_Images

Here is profile for Samuel Jackson who married Catherine Plankinhorn: Jackson-3146. Could add a category.

Also this link for maps. Also very handy. [http://maps.google.com/maps?q= For Pensacola, it would look like this: Pensacola, Florida

Keep this URL for later reference/study: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/321570/use-the-chrome-web-browser-try-the-new-wikitree-x-extension

for future use on a list of PWC/Stafford docs:
Donald L. Wilson, Virginiana Librarian
Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center
for Genealogy and Local History (RELIC)
Prince William Public Library System
Bull Run Regional Library
8051 Ashton Avenue, Manassas, VA 20109-2892
703-792-4540 www.pwcgov.org/library/relic


For tips see To-Do Lists. You might want to add a link on your profile like this: Janie's current to-do list.

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