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Dear Jester Family,

Thought I'd get a head start on this one and maybe, just maybe. I’ll get it out on time. So far. it seemed like a good idea. Now, what to put in? That seems to be the biggest problem. Hopefully, the Open Letters will diminish, somewhat, and more reader input will appear.

If your family group sheets have not appeared yet, don’t despair. They will. Please remember, every Jester Family Exchange I do is a completely new learning experience for me. Composition was not my best subject in school, just above math, which I hated. You have been so patient with me as I struggle along. and your response and encouragement has been super. Thank you.

With this fourth issue, I would like to outline my hopes and plans for the future of the JFX.

1. This newsletter is for Jester’s, about Jester’s, and by Jester’s, and any other interested parties.
2. To put Jester’s in touch with other Jester’s.
3. To assist research and researchers.
4. To report Jester happenings as far in advance as possible. by direct mail, if need be.
5. To do my best to make fewer mistakes, correct them as soon as possible, to report as accurately as possible
6. To meet the deadline on schedule.

At this point. I would like for all reading to send some warm, loving thoughts to two Ralphs. The first Ralph, of Des-Moines, had a stroke some time ago and has not made a complete recovery. I mentioned Ralph and Leora in the last issue. Our other Ralph of California has been in the hospital since the beginning of the year with pneumonia and other complications. Lois was kind enough to take time to write me of this.

My thoughts are of wishing both Ralphs comfort, and for Lois and Leora. for strength. guidance, and comfort. As most of you know, I’m partial to Ralph Jester's, it was my father's name.

We took on two new subscribers. Jayne M. Jester Tuohig. of Alexandria. VA. Jayne was in contact with Leora several years ago. I have been trying to get in contact with some of the people in Leora’s file. Jayne had mentioned in a letter that her family was in Washington. I tried to find a phone number, but no luck. From Paul’s list I found her family’s address, and mailed a postcard advertising the JFX. The card found its way to Jayne. Welcome to our family, Jayne.

The other new subscriber is my Darling Daughter Darcy. Darcy lives in Sierra Vista. AZ. She works in a florist shop as a designer. This really shocked me that she wants the JFX. She never seemed to take an interest in the genealogy before. In her letter she said she liked the family stories. So folks, let’s not disappoint her, send in those family stories. Darcy also has a big birthday coming up in June. Her 21st. Happy Birthday. Kiddo. And Thanks.

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Second Annual Arkansas Reunion

The second annual Arkansas Reunion was a big success. We had about 37 people attend. Some new people who did not attend last years because of other commitments.

The eldest Jester descendent was Lucy Lynn Higdon, great grand-daughter to good old Burgess. Lucy was born in 1907. She remembers when Grandpa Cleve died at her mother’s house.

The youngest was Autumn Leimkuhl, age 8. Her grandmother is lone Higdon. Second great-granddaughter to good old Burgess.

I met several people I had only heard about before. Clifford Scott, son at Great Aunt Tabitha, Cleve's sister. We had descendants from three of five sons of Thomas and Mary Ann White Jester.

Others who attended were Floyd and Peggy Higdon Sims. Peggy is the granddaughter of Burgess Nathanial Jester, brother of Cleve, my grandfather. Peggy is my left arm in Arkansas. I could say right arm, but I'm a southpaw.

Elease Hall and her son Wade. Elease is the daughter of Burgess Nathanial.

Bobby Moore, grandson of Julia Jester Stiles. granddaughter at Levi. brother of good old Burgess.

J. W. and Lorene Jester Adams. Lorene is a sister to Elease Gladys Pickett Edwards. granddaughter of John and Malinda Altord Jester. John was the son of good old Burg. Gladys' mother was Sarah Elizabeth.

Clarence and Sylvia Burnett. grandson of Sarah Elizabeth.

Ione Higdon. Peggy’s sister.

Jesse Hadley. lone’s boyfriend. What can I say about Jesse? I better not, there may be young readers, and this is a family publication.

Clifford and Willie May Scott. son of Tabitha Ann Jester and William Dade Scott. Tabitha was a sister to Cleve.

Darrell Culverthouse, grandson to Clifford and Willie May.

Wayne and Sandra Bethany Higdon. Wayne is the son of Lucy and Guy Higdon. Sandra is the daughter of Ineva Jester and Alfred Bethany.

Doug Watson. son of Sandra Bethany Higdon.

William and Corrinne Pickett Higgons. granddaughter of Sarah Elizabeth.

Lenora Helms. Peggy’s aunt from her father’s side.

Flay and Francis Jester, 2nd ggs to William, brother to good old Burg.

Tom and Cathy Jester Dodd. dau and son-in-law of Flay and Francis.

Yvonne Jones. not sure how she’s related.

Doris Stevenson, not sure how she's related either.

Anna Mae Sanders. again, not sure, but I think these three women are descended from Sarah Elizabeth.

Billy and Irene Leimkuhl, and their children. Cherry. Michael. and Autumn. Billy is Ione's son.

The next reunion will be held the first Saturday of May 1991 at the VFW in Taylor. It is open to ALL Jester s and not just the Arkansas group. Please make plans to attend next year.

We had a poster board where everyone signed and had a drawing for it. Jesse Hadley actually won the poster, but he left before we drew for it. We told Ione about Jesse winning the poster and she took it home, ready to fight Jesse for it.

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This came from, Mrs. Lila Jester Randall of Jacksonville. FL. It was one of the first pieces I ever received when I started working on the various lines.

The Greenwood SC Index. Sept 6. 1928


The following will be of interest to relatives and friends throughout this section. This account of the Jester reunion was taken from ‘Town Topics' a department in the Winston-Salem Sentinel

“The Jester reunion was held last Sunday, July 29. (1928) at the Pinnacle High School with a large attendance. Several Winston-Salem people were present.

“The Hunter choir of Seward was at its best and furnished excellent music. A big picnic dinner was one of the enjoyable features of the occasion.

“The meeting was opened with Scripture reading by Rev. J. N. Jester of Pinnacle. The invocation was by Wesley Mathews. of Winston-Salem. and short addresses by the following: Thomas Jester, of Wabash, Ind., A. B. Smith, of State Road. B. F. Jester of Atlanta. C. C. Hutchins. of Mt. Airy. H. H. Brown of Pinnacle. and Wesley Mathews of Winston-Salem.

“Rev. J. N. Jester gave a brief history of the Jester family which follows in part: More than 200 years ago, while America was yet but a wilderness of roaming wild animals and singing birds, three sturdy boys who were accustomed to entertaining the King’s Royal Highness with their witty jokes laid aside their royal apparel and donned themselves in garments of travel. preparing to sail the great Atlantic Ocean and seek their fortunes in this newly discovered but unexplored world.

“Upon arriving in this new world, they beheld a wilderness. yet they would not be discouraged. They possessed that iron will and stubborn determination that make the best out of the worst of all things. They immediately began prospecting for the best location to help develop this wonderful country.

“William Jester, the eldest, cast his lot in the state of Virginia for a while and later migrated to South Carolina and still later to Georgia. Maxwell located in Guilford Co. while the youngest. Jacob by name, settled in what is now Yadkin Co.

"From these three sturdy boys has descended a generation that has helped develop this great country. Though the walk in life of these boys was humble, as was the other pioneers, yet today we can boast with other generations and say there is no position that can be named but that we furnish a man to master it. As proof of this let me ask you to consider a few names I wish to mention: Our beloved Dr. John R. Jester, of WinstonSalem, who is pastor of the largest Baptist church in North Carolina. is a descendent of William; Hon. George T. Jester. of Texas, who is one of the most able attorneys in America, a descendent of Maxwell Jester.

“Two descendants of Jacob Jester are at the head of a great institution of learning in Boise. Idaho. In the old Jester cemetery near Jackson, GA is erected a monument to the memory at Levi Jester, a Revolutionary War hero. In the city of Atlanta. we find a

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wounded World War (I) soldier who holds the highest record of any postal employee in that city, a descendent of Jacob Jester.

In the city of High Point are many descendants of Maxwell Jester.

Traveling through the western prairies we find many farms operated by our generation. One of these, Elwood Jester. 94 years old, owns a vast acreage in Nebraska. It can readily be seen that our family occupies every walk of life. Ours is a familiar name in most every state in the Union. But with all of this we claim no state of perfection but believe that all of God’s creation of mankind are equal by nature and that superiors only acquire their superiority by practice. We are of a timid. conservative type, with a desire to conserve many of our good qualities. when if we were not so conservative, perhaps we could have accomplished more in life, but when we look around us we find this fault existing in many generations, while on the other hand we find many of the opposite type who delight in sounding a trumpet before them and it matters not which type we prefer, let us remember the man with his billions is no more in the sight of God than the pauper who dies in the county home.

“The speaker then related his peculiar experience with the number five. He was the fifth child of the family, born the fifth day of the fifth month, on the fifth day of the week Thursday May 5. 1870.”


I mentioned Leora Jester these past couple of issues. She sent me her complete original file which dates from the late 1960’s. Of course, the whole file is interesting, but there are a few that were especially noteworthy. The following letters are from Mrs. Wenona Cooper of Racine MN to Leora and are dated Nov. and Dec 1970.

"My husband’s grandmother’s name was Jester. Her father’s name was Samuel Jester and he had a brother Alex, who married Helen Cody. (sister to Buffalo Bill). Their father was Daniel and their mother was Jane Calhoun. Wife of Samuel H. Jester was Roxey Lena Percival. I have quite a bit of data on this family, if you would like to have it. I do not have anything farther than Daniel Jester. S/ Wenona Cooper (Mrs. Myron Cooper)

"I cannot remember just what I wrote in my letter. I write so many. My husband’s great grandfather was Samuel M. Jester born in Alleghany Co. PA Feb. 10. 1834. His mother was Jane Calhoun. Could this be the brother that left DE and left no record? Samuel had a brother Alex, who married Helen Cody, sister of Buffalo Bill. He lived in Kansas at the time of his marriage but died soon after his marriage or at least disappeared. No one seems to know, not even his own granddaughter. If you find any connection. I would like to know. S/ W. C.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Wenona today?

If someone would like the task of trying to find Mrs. Cooper. it would be interesting to find out what she has. The only address we have on her is just Racine. MN.

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Mrs. Barbara McCreight; 117 Spruce Dr.; Jonesville, MI 49260 is asking for help in her search of George Washington Jester b. 1821 Wilmington, DE d. Muncie, IN m. Eliza Ann Scott b. 28 Feb 1821 DE, d. 27 Mar 1864 Muncie. IN See attached sheet.

I'm still looking for John Carlton Jester. He is descended from Thomas and Mary Ann White Holmes Jester thru their son James and Elizabeth Weaver. his son William Asbury. and son John Carlton. Sr. The family lived in Clay Co. GA, Milledgeville twp. James was a brother to good old Burg.

Peggy. here’s one for you. Dennis Griggs; 6010 Rose Grove Court; Dallas. TX 75248. is almost related. He sent in the cemetery list of Old Stateline Cemetery to THE GENIE, a genealogy magazine. Dennis is the great grandson of Joseph and Sarah J. Teague Allen. Sarah J. Teague step-daughter to Burg. Joe s parents were Coonard Canceller Allen and Mahala Jane Cook. C.C. b. 1815 N.C. m. 20 Oct 1850 Bossier Par. LA. Mahala b. 21 Dec 1826 AL; d. 25 Nov 1913 AR. When did C.C. Allen die and where is he buried and anything else that happened to him? Also. James Davis Cox b. Apr 1859 LA; m. 17 Jan 1884 Janey (Oglesby?) What happened to him and where is he buried? According to some previous info J.D. Cox was living in Bossier Parish. LA Ca 1900. Legend says C.C. Allen ran off-either to Lafayette Co., AR or to TX. sometime after the Civil War. Other names Dennis is searching for in Bossier Parish. La and Lafayette Co., AR: Griggs. Arnold and Hamiter.

From WOMENS COMFORT magazine Mar 1976: “1 am an eighty-year-old. I was reared in LA in the cotton fields on share cropping. I only got thru the third grade at school.

"I want to get in touch with some of the Jester’s in south AR around Eldorado and Magnolia. Mother had three brothers, Tom. Bird, and Jack. Grandfather had ten children. His name was Levi Jester. He owned a nice farm near Magnolia. I've forgotten what county it was in. He came there and homesteaded when he was a young man. I have never seen my grandfather or grandmother, nor an aunt, uncle, or any cousins in my life. I had a half-brother and a half-sister; they saw me when I was a baby. I had one true sister, but I didn’t get to be with her enough to learn to love her. She died and left a small boy. I had him with me part of the time. My half-brother s name was O.C. Smith and the girl was Lizzie Smith.

“I would love to hear from some of the Jester's.

"Now. I would like to hear from my dad's people. Their names are Hasllips. My dad was a funny man, he spelled his name Lou Hazelip. I never got to see any of his people either. He had two brothers. John and Louis. They lived in KY.

"If any of these people see this will you please write me. I feel so lost not ever having seen any kin folks.

page 6

Mrs. W.S. Greene; 22300 Col Glenn Rd.; Little Rock, AR 722042’

I don’t even know if she is still with us. She would be about 95 now born @ 1896. I have no idea who she is but would like more info on her. Levi did come to AR as a young man. in his thirties, but I have not found where he had any daughters. Levi did have a son. Thomas F. who married Liddie Smith and their niece, Leona Smith lived with them in 1880. There was another son named Andrew Jackson who m. Harriette Alford. Could he have been called Jack? And another son. Burgess. could he have been called Bird?


Histories and Her Stories

This letter came from Charles P. Jester of Memphis, TN. Even tho I may “know” something, it makes better sense to me hearing it from someone else.

"When I was about six my grandfather told me that the Jester name was over 500 years old and that our ancestors had come to W. TN in the pioneer days from VA via NC.

My grandfather. Charles P. Jester. Sr. was an educator. He was principal of a number of schools in W. TN and taught for seventy consecutive years beginning when he was sixteen and retiring at 86. He was born in Madison Co., TN in 1874. dying in 1962. He was married to Della Edna Sue Day, also a teacher and also descended from early settlers who had entered Indian Territory in about 1792. He had two children that survived. Lois Jester Howlett (1899-1987) and Charles P. Jester, Jr. (1911-1981). He also had a brother John Alexander Jester who sold Charter Oak stoves and a sister Sally Jester Hornsby who had eleven children. Both died in Madison Co., TN.

My great grandfather was Edmund Andrew Jester. Born in 1846 in Madison Co., TN. he died in 1907. He was a farmer. was mechanically inclined and held five patents (the nature of which I do not know). He was also postmaster of Jester. TN which once existed near what is now Jack’s Crk. He was married to Brunettie Clement, great aunt to the former governor of TN. The Clements, likewise, were early settlers in W. TN.

Edmund is said to have had a brother. Joe, who was captain of a steamship on the Liverpool to New York run and who periodically traveled the stage road to Madison Co. Another brother had a farm just west of Henderson near Haltom Chapel. This property together with the Clement farm and others is now Chickasaw State Park.

Edmund's father was Charles B. Jester. b. ca. 1814 in Guilford Co., NC. Oral tradition says that he was married to Maria Saunders. a descendent of the founder of Petersburg. VA. Sorting out the brothers and sisters from the children listed in his household in 1850 is difficult since the generations in the household overlapped. His other children as of 1850 were Nancy (1839-?) and Sarah (1849—?). C.B.’s brothers which I have identified so far are Andrew (1826-?): James (1831-?); and sisters Jane (1836-?) and Trifenia (1829-?). 1 believe there were more.

Charles’ father was Ebenezer Jester who shows up in NC census in 1820. and was married to Rebacah (k) Blanend in 1813 in Guilford C., NC. Ebenezer reappears in Madison Co. TN in 1840. There appears to be another Ebenezer and probably a brother William living in Hyde Co. NC in 1810 and 1820.

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"The age spread, and geographic distributions would suggest that Ebenezer may have been a brother to Nimrod. It also suggests that these two were the sons of Nimrod which appears in the 1810 census and he in turn was brother to Thomas and Jacob in Guil. Co. in 1790. The remaining Jacob in the censuses 1790 and 1800 is certainly old enough to be their father. Obviously. this is the surmise and will take additional research and considerable luck to sort out.

By the way! You mention Rebecca, and Margaret. I have come across a probated will in Guilford Co. NC that shows that Maikel (Meskell), who married Margrit (Margaret) Brasselton in 1801. d. 1822 and left sons John. William. and Maikel. and daus Rebecca. Phebe. and Elizabeth. the records you quoted showed the marriages of Meskill in 1839. John in 1827. and Becky (Rebecca) in 1826. Margaret appears to have remarried in 1831? S/ CPJ III

This letter is real interesting because he is able to shed some light on some more that I only had reference to but not much info on. From the John H. Jester manuscript written in 1933 says that a descendent of Jacob, Charles P. Jester, a professor of Memphis.

Later on in the manuscript is the family bible of Jacob and his second wife Sidda. Furnished by Mrs. Della Dyer. Camp Hill. AL. "Our great—grandfather. Jacob Jester. b. May 19. 1732-d. Feb. 9, 1819 at age 86 years. 8 mo., 20 days. Sidda, second wife of Jacob Jester, b. Sept. 11. 1768. d. Jan 4. 1837.

David Jester. b. Sept 18,1803 no record of death
Andrew Jester b. May 14, 1805 no record of death
Noah Jester b. Mar 15. 1808 no record of death
Mary Jester. b. May 19. 1811 no record of death
Nathan Jester b. Nov. 19. 1798 d. Jun 28. 1868
Tamzy. wife of Nathan. b. Nov. 27. 1800 d. Aug 4. 1863.

Children of Nathan and Tamzy:

Talitha b. Dec 26, 1824 d. Feb 2. 1865
Elizabeth b. May 20. 1827 d. Oct. 23, 1905
John b. July 12. 1830 d. Sept. 6. 1842
Mary Caroline b. Dec. 26. 1833 d. Jun 6. 1837
George A. b. Jun 27. 1836 d. Jun 6. 1837
Sarah Jane b. Nov 5. 1839 d. Feb 6. 1902
James Henry b. Nov. 16. 1828 d. Nov. 8, 1896

James Henry Jester and Nancy Catherine Talbot were married in Chambers Co., AL Jan 13. 1859
Children of James Henry and Nancy Catherine:

Mrs. Della Jester Dyer and
Rev. T. C. Jester.

I always wondered how T. C. Jester Blvd in Houston got its name. Another active researcher on Jacob is Mrs. Ann Turner. see JFX # 3. She is also descended from James Henry and Catherine Talbot Jester thru another son John Calloway. Ann’s address is 13510 Perthshire, Houston. TX 77079.

I think we will also be able to prove a connection with Mrs. Doris Sheppard; 580 E. 1355 S. HR 2; Springville, UT before we are through putting the Jester puzzle together.

page 8


(McCoy family continued)
……………Lola McCoy Cooper b. 1-2-1919
…………….m. Leroy Cooper
……………Jesse McCoy b. 7-22-1921
…………….m. Dane_______
…………….William McCoy b. 6-29-1923
…………….Mary Catherine McCoy Mathas b. 7-22-1925
…………….m. William Mathas b. 10-16-1926
………………….Linde Kay Mathas Kiser b. 11-27-1946
………………….m. David Kiser
……………………….David Kiser, Jr. b. 2-3-1966
……………………….Bolley Kider b. 8-2-1974
………………….Diana Sue Mathas Bradshaw b. 5-6-1942
…………………..m. James Bradshaw b. 5-6-1941
………………………..Laurie A. Bradshaw b. 7-6-1972
………………………..James P. Bradshaw, Jr. b. 7-10=1978
………………….Gary N. Mathas b. 4-19-1951
………………….Jerry L. Mathas b. 12-1-1953
………………….Cynthia Marie Mathas b. 10-12-1959
………………….Billy Mathas b. 10-1-1965
Frank Richard McCoy b. 4-7-1927
m. Marjorie Lientz b. 1-25-1931
…..Lyndall Ellen McCoy Salts b. 6-28-1951
…..m. John William Salts b. 3-3-1948
………..John William II b. 3-23-1971
………..James Robert b. 12-5-1973
………..Joseph Monroe b. 1-27-1977
…..Gloria Jean McCoy Hutchison b. 8-4-1952
…..m. Robert Neal Hutchison b. 12-29-1945
………..Richard Neal b. 10-24-1972
………..Anthony Robert b. 4-1-1974
…..Kathy Laraine McCoy Vansickles Beavers b. 11-1-1953
…..m. Jerry Vansickle b. 5-23-1952 (D)
……….Lisa Ann Vansickel b. 8-18-1972
…..m. David Beavers b. 7-7-1943
……….Kristina Danielle Beavers b. 8-28-1977
…..Marilyn Sue McCoy Felgenhauer b. 8-12-1961
.....m. Jamie W. Felgenhauer b. 12-7-1960
…..Christina Marie McCoy b. 8-9-1964
…..Gorden McCoy b. 7-23.1966
Juanita Ann McCoy Southard b. 3-31-1929
....m. James Allen Southard b. 11-2-1927
…..Robert Allan Southard b. 9-14-1948
…..m. Bonnie Faye Southard b. 1945 (D)
……….Michael D. Southard b. 12-13-1970
…..Darlene Faye Southard Middleton b. 11-19-1949
…..m. Raymond E. Middleton b. 1947
……….Jeffery Allan b. 7-30-1970
……….Crystal Gayle b. 4-15-1979

page 9

…..Valerie Jean Southard Harris b. 4-6-1953
….. m. Keith B. Harris b. 3-?-1951 (D)
…..Deborah Kaye Southard Pruett b. 2-3-1955
....... m. Eugene E. Pruett b. 12-?-1951 (D)
.......... Rosie Kaye b. 10-21-1970
…..Randall James Southard b. 9-14-1970 (adopted)
Martha McCoy Bullick 10-3-1886-8-17-1963 Washington Park Cem., Indianapolis, Ind.
.....m. Earl Bullock  ?  ? Washington Park Cem., Indianapolis, Ind.
…....Martha Catherine Bullick Kiel b. 1-3-1919
….....m. Norman Kiel
……….Earl Kiel, Jr. 2-1-1921-6-20-1974 Peru Indiana Cemetery
……….Robert William, b. 8-14-1974


Henry C. Jester, 1-20-1855 ---9-10-1932 Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
m. Rhoda Jane Pascal----1-3-1856—4-22-1933, Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
…..Ray George Jester – 8-20-1876—12-5-1969, Summit Lawn Cemetery, Brasil, Ind.
…..m. Mae Heloise Keller --- 5-12-1880 – 3-19-1963, Summit Lawn Cem., Brasil, Ind.
……….Coral Lee Jester Martin, 9-15-1908 – 2-14-1935, Summit Lawn Cem., Brazil, IN
……….Laurel Lois Jester, 9-15-1908 – 2-14-1935, Summit Lawn Cemetery, Brasil, IN
……….Gordon Willia Jester, 4-9-1913 – 2-8-1986
……….m. Winona Isobel Montague, 12-5-1910–4-1-1974, Graden Cem., Gradenhutton, OH
……………Gordon Glenn Jester, b. 12-29-1943
……………m. Barbara Nanette Kilduf, b. 7-9-1946
………………..Sharon Christine, b. 9-20-1969
………………..Barbara Elizabeth, b. 6-19-1972
………………..Johanna Kirsten, b. 3-21-1974
………………..Jonathan Glen, b. 1-16-1978
……………Sharon Gayle Jester , b. 7-3-1942
……………m. John William Kohler, b. 11-19-1932
………………..John Blaine, b. 2-7-1965
………………..Gordon Wayne, b. 4-17-1967
………………..Gayle Elaine, b. 1-11-1973
……….Jewel Irene Jester, b. 9-15-1915
……….m. Stanley Mathew Cobley, b. 4-1-1913
……………Janice Jeanne Cobley, b. 5-29-1942
……………m. Daniel Joseph Redenbarger, b. 8-10-1932
………………..Susan Jo, b. 8-29-1965
………………..Sally Anne, b. 4-1-1967
………………..Jennifer Jill, b. 1-25-1975
……………Judith Anne Cobley , b. 12-9-1945
……………m. Edwin Norris (divorced)
………………..Edwin Scott Norris, b. 5-29-1975
……………m. Don Ward 11-15-1980

page 10

George Washington Jester

This was a handwritten family group sheet compiled 1990 by Barbara McCreight

Jester, George Washington, b. abt 1821 Wilmington, DE, d. Muncie, Ind.,
......m. Eliza Ann Scott, b. 28 Feb 1821 Del, d. 27 Mar 1864, Muncie, Ind.

1. William Henry, b. 18 Aug 1840 DE, d. 12 Oct 1864
2. James A., b. 23 Nov 1843 DE, d. 12 Apr 1929, m. 23 Aug 1865 Catherine Warfel
3. Joshua A., b. 23 Nov 1843 DE, d. 17 Dec 1925, m. 15 Aug 1868 Calista Grice
4. Manlif Scott, b. 9 Apr 1847 OH, d. 30 Oct 1875 unmarried
5. George Washington, b. 7 Aug 1850 OH, d. 6 May 1888
6. Elizabeth J., b. 23 Mar 1856 OH
7. Mary Ann, b. 29 Jan 1854 OH, d. 25 Sep 1916, m. 29 Feb 1872 Winfield S. Reed
8. Sarah F., b. 3 Mar 1858 OH, d. 1938, m. Frank Thawley
9. John W., b. 31 Jan 1860, c. 1938, m. 7 Apr 1883 Clara Mahoney

page 11

Loren Edwin Jester

This page is an ancestor chart (also hand written) of Loren Edwin Jester which I’ll type as an Ahnentafel chart:

1. Loren Edwin Jester, b. 11 Apr 1914 Switzerland Co., Indiana, single
2. Frederick Jester (Fred), b. April 17, 1882 Switzerland Co., IN, d. May 22, 1932 Switzerland Co., IN, m. April 16, 1905
3. Sarah Florence Reed (Sallie), b. Dec. 15, 1883 Switzerland Co., IN, d. Sept. 11, 1969 Hanover, Jefferson Co., IN.
4. John Jester, b. 26 Aug 1833 Caroline Co., Maryland, d. Dec. 4, 1916 Switzerland Co., IN, m. Aug 29, 1867
5. Anna Sabra Garner, b. Dec. 28, 1847 Switzerland Co., Ind., d. Jan. 24, 1916 Switzerland Co., IN.
6. James Knox Polk Reed, b. April 19, 1846 Switzerland Co., IN, d. April 27, 1925 Switzerland Co., IN, m. Oct. 21, 1877
7. Martha A. Sheets, b. Feb. 9, 1851 Parkersburg, W.Va., d. May 20, 1927 Jefferson Co., IN
8. John Jester
9. Mary Ann
10. James W. Garner b. Feb. 12, 1824 IN, d. June 12, 1890
11. Rebecca Rogers b. June 28, 1827 IN, d. Feb. 3, 1872
12. Syras Reed, b. KY
13. Mary Taylor b. IN
14. William Sheets
15. It looks like this person was filled in and then erased.

page 12

Ruth Mildred Jester Bell

This page is a hand-written ancestor chart of Ruth Mildred Jester Bell.

1. Ruth Mildred Jester Bell, b. Feb 12, 1920 Portsmouth, VA, m. 12 Feb 1937 Crisfield, MD James Norman Bell, Jr. b. 2 May 1910 Crisfield, MD.
2. Thomas Girty Jester, b. Dec 26, 1888 Chincoteague, VA, d. March 20, 1962 Williamsburg, VA, m. 1) Carrie Jester, m2 14 Sept. 1918
3. Ruth Odell Carr (Jester), b. June 1, 1900 Portsmouth, VA, d. Dec 25, 1976 Bridgeville, Del.
4. Charles Thomas Jester, b. Sept. 17, 1853 Chincoteague, VA, d. Jan 12, 1923 Chincoteague, VA, m. 1874
5. Mary Elizabeth Whealton Jester, b. 15 Oct 1854 Chincoteague, VA, d. Dec 18, 1896 Chincoteague, VA
6. John Henry Carr, b. Nov. 11, 1876 Whaleyville, VA, d. 11 Nov 1943 Newport News, VA.
7. Della Mae Lewis (Carr), b. May 31, 1883 Whaleyville, VA, d. July 14, 1966 Newport News, VA
8. Charles Samuel Jester, b. 1820 Thomasville, Del, c. 1879
9. Delilah J. Sharpley, b. 1834 Del, d. 1915
12. Nathan Carr, b. VA, d. VA
13. Elizabeth Johnson (Carr)
14. John Thomas Lewis
15. Leah Anderson (Lewis), b. June 21, 1850, d. Jun 1933

page 13

Russel Q. Jester

"Two brothers came to the colonies in the 1750 s to the Virginia or Maryland area. One was Francis. The other is unknown. Francis was born 1732 and married Sarah in 1754. Possible place of birth was England.

FRANCIS b. 1732 In. 1754 SARAH ?? EMMANUEL b. 1756 m. SARAH ECKLES ?




JOHN EDGAR d. age 4; FANNIE BELL m. VINCE CAHALL. Tulsa or OKC; FRED m. RHODA STEVENS, Fred died 1918 flu epidemic; ROBERT m. MINNIE ---RUSSELL HARVEY m. 1913 ADA WADE 1893—1978.






R.Q. Jr is a captain in the Air Force; Lynn is a dentist: and Julielou lives in the LA area.

I have some more people from these lines but need to know exactly where they fit. The more family group sheets that we nave, the better the family lines fit and the more complete the story.

If you need group sheets or pedigree charts, please let me know. I will send good copies to be copied.

Russ and Genie would like to make the rounds to Jester reunions after June. They have a motorhome. I would like to make the rounds, also. It’s nice to see what other Jester look like. I will publish all upcoming reunions, so there will be a good turnout.


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