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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! Can you believe a whole year has passed? We also received a wonderful birthday present. The Library of Congress sent a letter requesting a donation to the Library. I’ve been waiting for this for almost a year. I’m thrilled! Also, concerning the Library of Congress. when I applied for the ISSN, I registered the name as JESTER FAMILIES EXCHANGE. Well. on a couple of issues, I just put JESTER FAMILY EXCHANGE. Hopefully I won’t get in too much trouble with the LofC. It seems the more I try not to goof, the more I goof.

I bought a computer program, deciding I need to learn how to use it. Well, as you can see. I haven’t learned yet. I got about three pages typed in. but the going was so slow. I then decided I needed my sanity more. Maybe by next issue. I can get that one on the computer.

Many thanks to Carolyn and Dennis Lambrecht; Rt 1 Box 383 Ocean View. DE 19970. They wrote me last year about info on a Richard Jester and I gave them what I had, which wasn’t much, but evidently it was enough. They sent back a lengthy report and it looks like they made a connection all the way back to the Richard Jester of 1666 VA. This also connects Mildred Jester Bell to this line. See issue #4. I’ll be using as much of Carolyn’s work as possible.

Also, thanks to Jane Tuohig and Doris Sheppard. Jayne, 9317 Heather Glen Dr: Alexandria, VA 22309. sent me quite a lot of info about her family. She is descended from Jacob b.abt. 1770-80 Yadkin Co. NC. Jane and I think this Jacob is the son of Jacob who came from Scotland. Her records don’t agree with Doris’, but I don’t think Doris has her line back that far or proved that far. But I feel that both ladies are descended from Jacob b. 1732 Scotland. Another thought just crossed my mind, could William b. 1728 Scotland have had a son named Jacob? We know William had William, Levi the RW soldier, and Thomas, but surely, he had more children besides these three?

Doris sent me part of her Hutchins book. I’m developing quite a file on associated families. Without the associated families the Jester story is only half told- The Hutchins were Quakers as were several Jesters.

Hopefully, before too much longer I can start coding the heads of families that we have. This will be a big undertaking. I got the coding method from Gil Alford and his newsletter, About Alfords. He codes as WIL728Sco. this translates to be William b. 1728 Scotland. Therefore, Jacob would be JAC732Sco or JAC77ONC. The first Jacob would be b. 1732 Scotland and the latter is Jacob b. 1770 North Carolina. The coding is very simple. In case of duplicate codes then a roman numeral could be added.

This issue concludes the HENRY C. JESTER family history and will start on Carolyn’s DE and VA info. Who did not receive the May issue? One came back in the mail without an address. Let me know so that I can send it right out.

Apologies to those who did not get their names in the report in the newspaper on the Reunion at Easter. The omission was not intentional

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WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBER • KAY JESTER BROOKS. Kay was at the Mt. Tabor Decoration Day when someone handed her a copy of the JFX. She wasn’t sure who it was, only that he was a Jester, she had met so many people. Larry had given her my phone number, but I don’t have a phone anymore. When she told me about the unknown Jester giving her the newsletter, I knew it had to be Flay Jester. Larry. Kay and Flay are descended from William and Sarah Hay Jester and are double cousins to me. Kay’s address is 704 Bellah; Irving. TX 75042.


Doris sent this. It’s from UTAH COUNTY CHURCH JOURNAL CHURCH NEWS May 26. 1990. “Newly developed computer software designed to simplify family history research is being made available by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to its members and to the public.

“Officials of the church’s Family History Department say the software, called FamilySearch, is stored on compact discs similar to the popular music “CDs.” It is available now at the Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City and is being distributed to the church’s family history centers (branch genealogy libraries) in the United States and Canada that have the necessary computer equipment. More than 1,100 family history centers are open to the general public for research.

“The FamilySearch system includes three extensive computer files stored on compact discs. Other FamilySearch files will be announced as they become available.

“The software enables the computer to make automated. comprehensive searches of extensive genealogical files, records and indices. The compact discs can each hold about 320,000 pages of information. They make it possible to copy and widely distribute large storehouses of information. The new technology also enables researchers to make instant computer-printed copies of discovered information.

“FamilySearch files available on compact disc include Family History Catalog. International genealogical Index and Ancestral File.

‘Family History Library Catalog includes descriptions of the books of the books and records available in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Records from throughout the world have been microfilmed for this collection, which is constantly being expanded. The compact disc version of the catalog, unlike earlier microfiche and card catalog versions lets users do a computer search for places and names. Using this catalog. anyone in the family history center may order microfilms and have access to this extensive record collection.

“International Genealogical Index is a compact disc version of one of the most used genealogical research tools. The automated format simplifies access to vital information on more than 150 million names. Once a researcher enters the appropriate name and information into the computer, the computer retrieves the names and information that most closely match the request.

page 3 “Ancestral File is a collection of linked genealogies contributed to the church since 1979. This file contains about six million names and is available in the family history centers this summer. The file will become increasingly valuable as researchers continue to contribute their genealogies to it.

“The LDS church’s commitment to family history research is based on a belief in the potential of eternal family relationships. Such enduring relationships are contingent upon individual worthiness and upon necessary religious ordinances performed by proxy in the temples of the Church in behalf of deceased ancestors. Latter-Day Saints consider collecting vital statistics on ancestors. preparing genealogies and performing temple ordinances to be part of their Christian responsibility.”

I have the LDS AGI which is an index to most of the Jesters from a little before 1790 to 1880 and is taken from different sources and various sections of the U.S. I’m working on the ICI. but my work schedule doesn’t permit much time. I have searched the Inverness, Scotland fiche, no luck though.


This comes from THE SUFIS by Idries Shah, in the introduction by Robert Craves. pages xxi and xxii. Jester comes from the Sufi word Chisthi. The Chisthi were a sect of Sufi who taught by singing, wore patchwork clothing, and acted the fool. When the Saracens invaded Spain in 711 A.D. some Chisthi probably went along. The stories are used without permission. "The court fool of the Spanish kings with his bladder stick. motley clothes, cock crest, jingling bells, simple wisdom and utter disrespect of authority is a Sufi figure. His jokes were accepted by the sovereigns as having a deeper wisdom than the most solemn advice of the eldest councilors. When Phillip II of Spain was accentuating his persecution of the Jews. he decided that every Spaniard with Jewish blood must wear a hat of a certain shape. Foreseeing trouble, the fool appeared that same evening with three such hats. “For whom are these. Fool?” asked Philip. ‘One for me. nuncle. one for thee, and one for the Grand Inquisitor.” And since it was true that numerous medival Spanish aristocrats had married into rich Jewish families, Phillip thereupon abandoned his plan. “In much the same way. Charles I’s court fool. Charlie Armstrong (once a Scottish sheep stealer) whom he had inherited from his father, tried to oppose Archbishop Laud’s Arminian Church policy, which seemed bound to end in an armed clash with the Puritans. Charles scornfully asked Charlies advice in religious policy, and was told: “Give great praise to God, nuncle, and little laud to the Devil.” Laud who was touchy about his smallness, had Charlie Armstrong expelled from court; which brought his master no luck.” I did not try to verify these stories, I only found them amusing, and typical of the occupation and person. One correction was made. Mr. Graves called the fool Archie when he asked the scornful advice. I made the change, because

(Correction by Lynette Apr 16, 2020... The Archbishop was William Laud and the Jester was Archie Armstrong. and

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This came from Russ and Genie. A friend from Miami Beach sent it to them. Genie added a note, “Must be related!” Dated 26 Feb 1900 Miami Herald, it made the front page.

PARACHUTISTS LEAP OFF RADIO TOWER, LAND IN JAIL For a few seconds Sunday afternoon. Steve Jester and Dennis McGlynn were free as birds floating over Biscayne Bay. Then they were jailbirds. arrested on trespassing charges after the basejumping parachutists touched down in the chilly waters off Venetian Causeway. Why would anyone want to climb a 400-foot radio tower and skydive into the bay? “Because it was there.” said Jester. “It’s just a different way of getting a thrill.”

Jester. 25. said he has parachuted almost 1.000 times from airplanes. Sunday’s plunge from the WOAN tower behind The Miami Herald building, witnessed by fishermen and residents of Plaza Venetia on the causeway was his 57th base jump, as the free-falling aficionados call jumps from a fixed abject.

It was his first arrest for taking part in the sport. “We were hoping not to be?’ he said.

His pal and partner in Sunday’s stunt. McGlynn, 26. said he has completed about 700 sky dives and 150 base jumps. But Sunday was the first time off the tower, into the bay and into handcuffs.

A friend they were visiting said both men are from Zephyrhills. Fla., the host city for the world parachuting championships. The two men were arrested by Miami police after they swam to shore.

Steve Woodford. 40. a South FL sky diver since 1967 with more than 2,800 airplane dives to his credit, said he has base jumped twice. Once from a 980 foot tower in FL. He jumped at midnight to avoid detection and arrest.

“It’s a totally different adrenaline rush.” he said. “There’s an element of danger in base jumping. That’s what attracts the people who get into it.” One of the dangers facing Sunday’s tower divers, Woodford said, was that “water is like concrete at anything over 100 feet.”

Tom Mannering, the owner of Skydive Inc. in Homestead, said base jumping has drawn an untold number of clandestine followers who plunge from buildings, antennas, bridges, cliffs and other fixed points. It remains largely clandestine, he said, because the jumpers often wind up the way Jester and McGlynn did Sunday: — in cuffs.

“It depends on the sense of humor of the people who own what they’re jumping from.” he said.

But the increasingly popular sport even has its own festival, Manning said, called Bridge Day. Hundreds turn out in the fall. appropriately, to leap legally from the 876 foot high bridge at New River Gorge in W. VA. Sky diving at altitudes of 2.000 feet and above. he said.

What’s the lowest height possible for a successful base jump? It’s hard to say. Manning said. The bridge at New River Gorge was as low as he wants to go. but he said. “A man I know used to tell me that 400 feet was 200 feet too much. He used to jump off oil derricks in Texas.”

I hope Steve is enjoying himself. Even 20 feet is too high for me.

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About two years ago the “trusties” at the State Prison farm in Section 35. Baltimore Township. Henry Co., Iowa. discovered a long-lost burial ground in the State Geode Park. It was located on a bluff overlooking the Skunk River. When the river overflowed a landslide on the edge of the bluff disclosed the ends of coffins. The trusties care for the Park and they cleared the dense brush on the bluff and dug up the fallen marble stones, most of which were broken and unreadable. The readable names on the weathered marble stones were: (added notes)

ELIZABTH BADLEY (b. Mar 7. 1803) d. May 25. 1855 Age 52yrs 2mo I8da

EZRA BADLEY (b. Sep 19. 1840) d. Sep 12. 1860 Age 19y 11m 23d

JOSIAH HOBSON (mentioned in 1885 Atlas b. Dec 22. 1788 pg 603)

ABRAM C. son of E. & H. JESTER b. June 9. 1545 d. Sep. 12, 1846

GEORGE C. son of J. & R. JESTER (b. May 21. 1843) d. Dec 28, 1843 Age 7m 7d

A fragment of a stone with ELIZABETH JESTER and many other broken pieces lay near the edge of the bluff.

In the 1879 Atlas of Henry Co., John Badley still owned the farm. I knew the cemetery was there as my deceased husband’s grandmother and two sisters were buried there in the 1880’s Their coffins had been transferred to the Lowell Cemetery about 1900. The cedar tree which his grandfather had planted at the heads of their graves is now a very large tree still standing there, at the eastern end of the reclaimed part of the graveyard. The western end of the cemetery had slid down the bluff. It was the oldest part of the cemetery. Relatives had removed many of the newer coffins at the east end. No one knew how many of the older coffins may have slid down the bluff into the river before its discovery in 1965 or 1966. After the State acquired the land the existence of the cemetery was forgotten.

Mrs. Edna B. DeLong; 209 West Wilson St.; New London. Iowa 52645

I don’t know when this was written, nor if Mrs. DeLong is still alive. It came from Leora’s files. It would be interesting to find out more about the Iowa Jesters. My records for Iowa, Ohio. and Indiana are not that complete.

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Mrs. Gwen (George H.) Garrison responded to a letter I had written her last April. “I have the marriage record of my ancestor John W. Pobst and Mary Ann Jester in Brown Co., OH 6Nov1862 by Peter Vandervort J.P. She was b. 6 May 1839 d. 25 Dec 1880 Perry Twp. Brown Co., OH 41y 3m 19d of apoplexy. She is buried in the IOOF Cem in Westboro, Clinton Co. OH dau of O. Jos. or O. Jas. and Rosannah A. Hobson who were married 7 Sep 1837 by Wm. Hartman, J.P. Clermont Co., OH. He was b. 1822 OH d. 1902 80 years old. I only know of Mary Ann as their child. I have not researched this family enough nor have I worked very much on the Hobson line. The Jesters and the Pobsts lived next to each other on farms in Brown Co., and I believe they were from DE.

"I have a picture of Addie Jester who may have been my mother’s great aunt. Also, Eli Jester came to a funeral in OH when my great aunt was 7 yrs old. (I am 65). Milton Jester visited my uncle and he was from Nebraska in the early 1900’s. In Brow Co., OH in 1835. a free school system was established, and the first teacher was Emerson Jester (Gester). In Clermont Co., OH George Jester was a leading elder in the Woodville Christian Union Church organized Mar lB. 1866 by Rev. J. J. Woolf with a membership of 11. Joseph G. Jester m Bertha Griffif and their child Joseph G. Jester m. Addie Richmond who was informant at Joseph’s death. b. 27Mar1903 d. 26Oct1974 Clinton Co., OH.

“Joan Jester of Cincinnati. OH needs info concerning Nathaniel Jester m. Clermont Co., OH 1846 to Elizabeth Armstrong.”

Gwen’s address is 2222 Coolidge Dr.; Dayton, OH 45419. The JESTERS ACROSS AMERICA has one Joan E. Jester listed, 9070 Kenwood Dr.; Cincinnati, OH 45242. and one Joan.E. Jester listed 9079 Kenwood Dr.

I thought it was interesting that the Badley Cemt. had a Hobson. Gwen has a Hobson, and Doris and Jayne have a Hobson. I wonder if these Jester/Hobson connections have anything in common?


As I was writing this page. I received a package from Pat Wobschall. 617 Folwell La. S.W.; Rochester MN 55902. Pat is descended from James T. Jester of DE and has done quite a bit of research in DE. She has what is called the Turner Collection which is a fiche of Jester events in DE along with the heirs in the probates. This collection has marriage, birth and death data, as much that was able to be uncovered. I don’t know if this is all the Jesters there are in DE during the early years. I just haven't had time to compare it to Carolyn’s and my notes.

But I did find something worth mentioning. The Dr. John Roberts Jester manuscript stated that Levi Jester, the grandfather of Beauford Jester. Gov. of Tx. was the son of Thomas and Martha. Thomas was supposed to be the son of Maxwell. one of the three from Scotland. Levi went to IL and married Diadema McKinney. The Turner Collection has a Thomas with Martha as exectutrix with heirs: son LEVI. and daughters SARAH and ELIZABETH. I didn’t know if Levi had siblings. I only assumed he did, but that was the extent of it. and never had time to check this out very well. Maybe some descendents of this line can. or have into to substantiate this. Hint-hint. Betty and Garner.

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This is part of a letter Carolyn sent to a few who have roots back to VA. Our Scot boys landed in VA and scattered from there. But there were already Jesters in the colonies before 1700. The J.R. Jester manuscript says Maxwell went north to DE because of distant relatives. I found reference to a Richard in 1666 VA and mentioned this to Carolyn. She took it from there:

1688 Richard Jester 4 til. (?)* 1689 “ “ 3 til 1690 (missed) 1691 Attorney Francis Jester. Richard Jr., and Samuel 1692 Richard Jester 2 till 1693 Samuel Jester 3 til 1694 " " 3 til 1695 " " 2 til

Around 1715 Thomas went to Sussex. DE (wife Sarah). Francis son of Richard sold land in 1720. did he also follow? And where did Richard Jr go. (to DE?)

In 1790 CE census names Francis. Samuel. Thomas show up. Offspring of these people? See Dover wills. I would copy wills if the folios, but each page is 50¢ there and there are quite a few wills. So, if one interests you. I’ll copy it. They have everything on index card in a large wooden file.

Samuel was also keeper of the King’s Road. Also, there were more info in files, I only copied the ones with info on them. These were found in the Lewis files. There’s a file box for every letter and-names on them. There also is more I'm sure in the Turlington file. {pay attention to associated family names} Time being after 1800. Just for a laugh, here’s one: --- born son of John Jester in St. Phillips Parish. MD June 1662.

Richard and Frances children-Samuel, Richard Jr., Francis. Thomas, and daughter Ann. 1704 Quit Rents show Francis, Samuel, and Thomas working a combined 500 acres. Two had 200 acres each and one had 100 acres.

FROM THE TURLINGTON FILE. . .the “Jester Place” (now owned by the estate of the late Oswald Harry Mason). in western Hacks Neck. was for many years owned by Jacob Jester, formally of the western shore of VA. who purchased it from a Joynes about 1832. is where the late Louis J. Turlington (1853-1936) was born. He was the son of John and Rachel Jester Turlington. and bro. of John. who d. when a young man. (Rachel was a dau of Jacob Jester and his wife. Elizabeth. dau of Laban Edwards, and they were married in 1827.) Louis J. Turlington moved to Pungoteague in 1869 and resided there the remainder of his life.

Louis J., in early life, was an expert cabinet and wood worker and executed many artistic pieces. In 1894 he made and erected the altar and pulpit of the Methodist church at Harborton. He also built fast and beautiful. In the later l890’s he was engaged as produce broker with William F. Waters, of Nandua. as a partner. After the Organization of the Eastern Shore of VA Produce Exchange. he was, for several years. its general inspector.

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Sunrise Farm near Chesterville, owned by Mrs. Stanley Townsend of Odessa, DE. Jester Family -

In memory of Jonathan Jester Jun son of Jonathan Jester Born 11th of May 1781 and died 4th of August 1800-A faithful and promising youth 19 Years 2 months 25 days. Jonathan was supposed to injured by his application to fortitude.

In early life before the bud was blown.
Best of success to make a part his own.

In memory of William U. Jester Born 11th day of May 1774 and died the 2nd of October 1800 26 years 4months and 21 days son of Jonathan Jester.

In Memory of Jonathan Jester who departed this life the 28th of September 1805-aged 57 years 27 days. He lived in the practice of all local duties of son, husband, father, friend. In his pursuits of loyalty and enterprise the dealings honorable and punctual. He gave employment to the industrious and bread to the indigent. A useful member of society. And died, resigned and fully trusting in the mercies of redeeming love. (note: b. Sept. 1. 1748.)


ALBERT JOSEPH 2 MAR 1887 31 JUL 1887 WO-9
ELIZABETH ALICE 10 MAR 1859 none WO-73
LIZZIE MAY 2 MAR 1887 23 APR 1862? WO-9
MICHAEL R. 10 FEB 1819 23 JUL 1903 WO-73
ROSETTA M. 7 FEB 1886 17 OCT 1918 WO-65
SALLIE A. 26 SEP 1820 16 JUN 1877 WO-73
WILLIAM T 1 AUG 1848 19 JUL 1930 WO-73

OBITUARY NOTICE FROM TEXARKANA GAZETTE FRIDAY JUL 27. 1990 This was sent in by my Aunt Cleo with a note that she didn’t know who this Jester was, but she bet I did. Well, I don’t. Hopefully, by next issue, we will.

WALTER LEE JESTER Walter Lee Jester. 81. of Texarkana. TX died Wednesday. July 25. 1990 in a New Boston. TX nursing home. 1 Mr. Jester was born Nov 6. 1908. at Hooks, TX. He was a retired carpenter and member of Antioch Christian Church. Survivors include his wife Maggie Sullivan Jester of Texarkana; five sons, Donald Jester, Terry Jester, and Gary Jester, all of Texarkana. Walter Jester. Jr. of La Russel. MO and Bobby Jester of Limestone. TN., two daughters. Pat Goza of Maud, TX and Ernestine Cates of Greenbriar. AR.; one brother, Alfred Jester of Hooks. TX; one sister, Viola Watts of Gilmer. TX; 25 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. Services will be 10 a.m. Saturday at Texarkana Funeral Home Chapel with Don Jester officiating. Burial will be in Chapelwood Memorial Gardens. The family will be at 1028 clear Springs Rd. Texarkana.

This is going to be interesting to find how everyone fits in the master puzzle.

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  • Marriages of Virginia, Maryland, and West Tennessee
Date Jester Spouse Notes State
5/30/1815 JOHN m. RACHEL TRADER. wid/Levi, dau/Jos. Kelly VA
10/25/1821 JAMES s/JOHN m. MARY JONES dau/James VA
1/13/1823 JOHN s/ISAIAH m. NANCY EDWARDS dau/Laban VA
1/15/1824 JOSEPH m. SUSAN EDWARDS dau/Laban VA
5/16/1827 JACOB m. ELIZABETH EDWARDS dau/Laban VA
3/24/1833 Mrs SUSAN JESTER wid/JOSEPH m. McKEEL BONWELL. wid.
5/12/1833 JOHN. Island. m. Miss ANNA HALL. Island VA
6/10/1833 KENDALL. Island m. Miss ELIZA LEWIS of Wm Island VA
8/21/1834 JAMES. Island m. Mrs Hetty HALL. Island VA
4/11/1838 ELIJAH. Island m. Miss PATSY BERCH. of George VA
5/7/1838 JAMES. a wid. m. Mrs. NANCY JONES wid/Daniel VA
5/25/1839 JAMES s/JAMES m. Miss EUPHANY RUSSELL. dau/John
4/4/1849 CHARLES m. Miss DELILAH SHARPLEY dau/William VA
3/5/1850 PETER m. MARY E. DEAN MD

Sent in by Peggy Sims, compare these with C.P. Jester’s letter in the last issue.

  • The lay out is different from the Newsletters, but the data is the same.

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Not nearly enough emphasis can be placed on the importance of the associated families. As I said in the Open Letter, without the associated families the Jester story is only half told. Great leads can come from knowing who married whom. This newsletter is proof of that. By knowing there were some Alford-Jester-Teague marriages in the 1850-60’s AR. I was eventually led to Larry who had the Dr. John Roberts Jester manuscript.

The manuscript confirmed things for me, such as Levi. Burgess and William being brothers, but it also gave me other brothers and sisters I never thought of before. Lucinda. Jemima. James. and Thomas. along with the names of Burgess parents and grand-parents.

Another thing the manuscript talked about was the Frazier family, an associated family. Levi the R.W. soldier, uncle to my Burgess. had married Roseanna Frazier, dau of John and Lydia. John’s ancestor was Simon Fraser. Lord Lovat. the last Scot nobleman to be beheaded during the Jacobite revolt. After the Fraser's came to the Colonies the name was changed to Frazier.

On two of my rare trips to the library, I found some very interesting things that collaborated the Dr. J.R. Jester manuscript. As I was glancing at a roll of film, Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica edited by J.J. Howard. Simon Fraser. Lord Lovat. caught my eye. This told Simon’s wife’s name, her parents’ names, and the first three children, and who they were named for. The third child was a son named John. named for the Duke of Argyll. Roseanna’s father? John was b. 13 AUG 1723. Roseanna’ s father died 15 AUG 18OO. This looks real promising.

Then I found The Clans and Tartans of Scotland by Robert Ham. Again, Simon Fraser came up. “For the part played by the clan in the ‘45 Lord Lovat. (the Old Fox). was executed, although it was his son who commanded the clan at Culloden. The son was pardoned for his part in the Rising and, in 1757, raised 1800 Frasers for service in America where they fouqht with distinction.”.

“The title was attainted. and about fifty years later the direct line failed.” This fit with the will of John Frazier.

The Battle of Culloden in 1746 was the deciding factor in the Jacobite Revolt. Why did it take so long for young Fraser to come to the Colonies? Also compare this to the Russell Q. Jester history in the last issue. His ancestors came in the 1750’s. Relatives? The

Fraser clan arrived just in time to fight in the French-Indian War. 1758-9, where John Jester enlisted in DE under Capt. French Battell, May 16, 1758. was John part of the family that was here in 1666 or was he part of the new emigrants from Scotland?

The greatest part of this is that now we have a more definite date of when the Scot group probably arrived in this country. something, if you’re like me have searched a long time.

In The Clans and Tartans of Scotland I also found a piece on the Hay clan. Burgess and William married Hay sisters. All we have on the Hay’s is the girl’s father’s name, John Hay. Larry kept telling me there was a Hay tartan, but I had to see it for myself.

The Hays like the Fraser’s were Norman who came to Scotland in the 12th century. And for those of us who are also Hay descendants, do you have a strange affinity with Hallowe’en? If you do let’s strike one up for genetic memory.

Page 11

I’m really not kidding. William da La Haye, Butler of Scotland, married a Celtic heiress and became Baron of Erroll. Legend has that the wife’s family acquired Erroll as reward for an ancient victory with ox-yokes over the Vikings. “Erroll was sold after 1636. when a prophecy attributed to Thomas the Rhymer was apparently fulfilled by the fall of a mistletoe-grown oak associated with strange Hay ritual each All Hallowe’en? The oak and the mistletoe are big in Celtic myth.

It’s hard to determine just which side of the Jacobite Revolt the Hay’s were on. "Gilbert. 3rd Baron. was co-Regent of Scotland. Sir Gilbert. 5th Chief, one of the heroes of the Scottish War of Independence. was given Slains Castle in Buchan and made hereditary Constable of Scotland by Bruce himself. Thomas. 7th Chief, married King Robert II’s dau, and William. 9th Chief was belted Earl of Erroll in 1452. William. 4th Earl fell at Flodden with 87 Hays. Francis, 9th Earl. in alliance with Huntly defeated Argyll at Glenlivat in 1594. but King James VI personally blew up Slains Castle. Hay of Degaty was beheaded with Montrose. Charles, 13th Earl, voted against the Union and helped to organize the 1708 Jacobite attempt; and Mary. 14th Countess (whose heir was son of the beheaded Lord Kilmarnock) raised her men for Prince Charles in 1745. Diana. present Countess of Erroll, Hereditary Lord High Constable, is now 32nd Chief. “Lord Charles Hay, hero of Fontenoy. belonged to the great Border branch that became Lords Hay of Yester in 1488. now represented by the 11th Marquis of Tweeddale. including Hays of Haystoun. Alderston and Dims."

Another associated family of note, McKinney. I didn’t come across them in the library, maybe I’ll look for them at a later date. McKinney. TX surely got its name from Beauford Jester grand- parents. George Taylor Jester served as president of the TX chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, admission thru the McKinney family. The greatgrandfather of George. John McKinney. served in the R.W. under Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, as a spy. There was a farm that had Tory sympathies. John was dropped off some ways away from the farm so it would look as if he had been on the run for a while. John gained the trust of the Tories and the farm was captured.

Are there any more success stories of finding leads to our Jester ancestors by searching the associated families? Send them in.



Interesting thing about names, most follow a pattern in the naming of children. One key is in unusual names. I don’t consider Taylor a common name, so when a couple of people come up with the same middle name, in approximately the Same area. it makes me wonder.

George Taylor Jester’s father was named Levi, who, according to the ER. Jester manuscript came from DE. If we follow the manuscript. Levi was the son of Thomas and Martha (?) Jester. Thomas, the son of Maxwell, one of the three from Scotland.

Then from Kent Co., DE there were three other brothers from Scotland. Abraham, Isaac. and Jacob. (see DE Biographical

Page 12

Enclyclopedia p. 926-8) Jacob. son of Jacob. married Lina Taylor of Kent Co. The bio is about Isaac H., the son of John Taylor. who was b. August 4, 1886. These three Scot Jesters came to over a century before the birth of Isaac R.

John Taylor Jester was named for his mother’s maiden name. Who was George Taylor Jester named for?


Pat Wobschall told me about the Turner Collection of DE and sent me a copy when she got it data-based into her computer. It has some very interesting things concerning the Jesters of DE. Several have their roots in De probably more than we actually know or will be able to prove.

One name in the Turner Collection that is in Leora’ s files, is Arthur. Arthur married Esther Draper in 1793. Kent Co., dau(?) Avery Draper, who served as administrator on Arthur' s will. Maybe we can find Arthur in another state at a later date.

Back to Thomas. Martha and Levi. there are two listings for Thomas. Thomas d. 8MAR1821. Martha, widow; Levi. son; Elizabeth, and Sarah, daus. This is very interesting, if this is our Levi, the grandson of Maxwell, I’m sure this is news that Levi had sisters. Could it be that his mother died, and his sisters married Levi went to IL to seek his fame and fortune? Hopefully this isn’t an unanswerable question. It would be nice to know who the sisters married, something may have been handed down to them that wasn’t handed down to Levi.

Of course, this doesn’t prove this is our Levi. But it does substantiate the Dr. John B. Jester document.

In all my searches. I have not come up with anything on Maxwell. No tax lists, marriages or death or will. But we have found Maskell, a descendent of Jacob. I can’t help but wonder if Maxwell and Maskell aren’t the same name, not the same person. but the same name and that someone didn’t know how to spell.

It would be wonderful if there were other states that had something similar to the Turner Collection. I have not come across anything like it in the Dallas Library. but I have not searched the entire Microfiche library either.

Information is trickling in slowly, which is really fine with me. It takes me a while to read things and to commit to memory, while I either retype it or enter it into the computer. along with keeping up with my day to day things.

As I was referring to the 4th issue I found that some pages got reversed at the copiers and the Henry C. Jester line was mixed up. Wayne had put so much effort into doing this, and I screwed up one more time, by not checking it out more thoroughly. My deepest apologies to Wayne.

page HCJ a
Norvilla Ellen Jester Cox, 1/14/1858-4/4/1914 Harveysburg Cemetery, Kingman, Ind.
m. Theodore Cox, b. 11/7/1859 (Left family about 1900 and went to Independence, Kas.)
…..Doyne Cox Marshall, b. 10/9/1885, d. 1/20/1964 Elk Cemetery, Elk, Wash.
…..m. Lloyd Porter Marshall, b. 8/8/1880, d. 12/27/1943 Winlock Cemetery, Winlock, Wash.
……….Edgar Leroy Marshall, b. 5/3/1907
……….m. Velma Crocker, b. 9/11/1907
……………Robert Leon Marshall, b. 1/28/1933
……………m. Carol Jane Edwards, b. 9/19/1934
………………..Leanne Rae Marshall Freeman, b. 8/13/1952
………………..m. Dari Jon Freeman, b. 9/24/1947
…………………….Carole Ann Freeman, b. 11/30/1970
…………………….Janet Lynn Freeman, b. 5/11/1974
………………..Rodney Jay Marshall, b. 9/8/1955
………………..m. Karen Bergvick, b. 10/1/1958
………………..Jerry Dale Marshall, b. 9/21/1956
………………..m. Judy Cameron, b. 12/24/1953
…………………….Lacie Dale Marshall, b. 12/11/1979
………………..Carin Jean Marshall, b. 12/12/1959
……………Lonnie Rae Marshall Unterwegner, b. 6/19/1931
……………m. James Leroy Unterwegner, b. 7/31/1931
………………..Jeffrey Lee Unterwegner, b. 11/6/1953
………………..Timothy James Unterwegner, b. 6/7/1955
……….Thomas Alan Marshall, b. 11/11/1936
……….m. Barbara June Ward, b. 6/11/1936 (D)
……………Eric Lee Marshall, b. 8/11/1959
……………m. Chari Elizabeth Martin, b. 11/29/1960
……………Charlene Renee Marshall, b. 9/3/1963
……….m. Beverly Gayle Taliafero, b. 4/14/1939
……….George Warren Marshall, b. 12/28/1910
……….m. Florence Elizabeth Turner Rogle, b. 5/11/1913
……………John Warren Marshall, b. 10/30/1946
……………Richard Foster Marshall, b. 10/28/1948
……………m. Gail McCune (D)
……………m. Myra Anne Shaw, b. 6/8/1947
………………..John Warren Marshall, b. 3/10/1978
………………..Anna Myra Marshall, b. 8/28/1979
…..m. Lee Wilson (Birth and death dates unavailable)
……….Roy Fred Wilson, b. 3/23/1920
……….m. Eleanor J. Brady, b. 10/29/1923
……………Thomas Leroy Wilson, b. 3/10/1947
……………m. Karen Marie Hansen, b. 5/12/1949
………………..Jennifer Dawn Wilson, b. 11/27/1976
………………..Jeremy Lynn Wilson, b. 8/7/1978
……………Doyle Kathleen Wilson Wright, b. 3/6/1950
……………m. Steven J. Wright, b. 6/22/1949
………………..Glenn Thomas Wright, b. 6/4/1979
……………Gregory Robert Wilson, b. 2/11/1953
……………m. Cary Patricia Miller, b. 2/18/1958
……….Frank Jester Wilson, b. 6/29/1921, d. 7/1/1967 Elk Cemetery, Elk, Wash.
……….m. Jean Henderson
…..m. Floyd Lacey Tarbert, d. 8/20/1958 Mountain View Cemetery, Cloeville, Wash.
……….Floyd Lacey Tarbert, Jr., b. 1/29/1929
……….m. Bernice Irma Kress, b. 9/2/1930
……………Trudi Marie Tarbert, b. 11/29/1953
……………m. Delbert McHone, b. 1/13/1936
……………Vicki Lea Tarbert Iverson, b. 3/15/1957
……………m. Douglas Iverson, b. 10/13/1955
page HCJ b
…..Fred R. Cox, b.10/18/1887, d. 3/23/1931 Harveysburg Cemetery, Kingman, Ind.
…..m. Candace Abagail Stoup, b. 4/15/1889, d. 4/11/1969 Monroe, Michigan
……….Robert Wesley Cox, b. 8/25/1913, d. 11/2/1924 Harveysburg Cemetery, Kingman, Ind.
……….Barbara Jeanette Cox Hoel, b. 5/24/1916
……….m. Ralph Edwin Hoel, b. 3/23/1910
……………Alan Eli Stewart, b. 1/10/1943 (adopted)
……………m. Carolyn A. Sanders, b. 11/12/1941 (D)
………………..William Alan Stewart, b. 1/12/1965
…..……………Wynn Carter Stewart, b. 9/3/1970
…..Xenia Cos, b. 11/19/1879, d. 9/10/1902 Harveysburg Cemetery, Kingman, Ind.
…..Mary Louise Cox Kinneman Jackson, b. 5/11/1892, d. 1/9/1966 Garden of Eden, Pontiac, Mich.
…..m. James Kinnamin, (D)
…..m. Bert Jackson – Dates unknown
…..Jessie Cox, b. 2/18/1897, d. 7/12-1897 Harveysburg Cemetery, Kingman, Ind.
…..Bessie Cox Feack, b. 2/18/1897
…..m. John Joseph Feach, b. 7/6/1899, d. 8/28/1969 Oakhill Cemetery, Oakhurst, Calif.
……….John Donald Feack, b. 8/22/1921
……….m. Fern Ann Goodwin, b. 12/17/1924
……………Victoria Lee Feack Moller, b. 2/2/1945
……………m. Paul Sanford Moller, b. 12/11/1936
………………..Jason Paul Moller, b. 7/26/1974
………………..Jennifer Nicole Moller, b. 2/7/1977
……………Pamela Ann Feack, b. 12/31/1945
……….Eugene Thomas Feack, b. 10/20/1925
……….m. Maxine Allen, b. 6/6/1925
……………Richard Eugene Feack, b. 1/28/1944
……………Mark Andrew Feack, b. 3/11/1947
……………m. Nancy Snider, b. 12/1/1947
………………..Tracy Rae Feack, b. 11/16/1967
………………..Shane Allen Feack, b. 12/20/1968
……………Merrill Ann Feack Bee, b. 6/15/1951
……………m. Joseph Allen Bee, b. 10/10/1950
………………..Pamela Ann Bee, b. 7/16/1970
……………Sherrie Lynn Feack Rath, b. 9/18/1958
……………m. Kenneth Lee Rath, b. 11/1/1956
………………..Amber Lauren Rath, b. 7/27/1977
………………..Samuel Bryan Rath, b. 12/9/1978
……….Alcy Anne Feack Thorne, b. 11/3/1929
……….m. Billy Jo Thorne, b. 8/19/1929
……………Cynthia Jo Thorne VanBerckalaer, b. 9/18/1948
……………m. John Terrance VanBerckalaer, b. 10/24/1948
………………..Michael Johnathan VanBerckalaer, b. 5/3/1974
……………Floyd Neal Thorne, b. 3/12/1951
……………m. Candace Anne Hutchinson, b. 12/3/1953
………………..Rebeckah Selah Thorne, b. 2/7/1973
………………..Joshua Jay Thorne, b. 10/17/1975
………………..Caleb Bill Thorne, b. 5/1/1978

  • * * * * * *

George Rush Jester, b. 9/4/1860, d. 6/14/1874 Burial place unknown

  • * * * * * *

Frank Sherman Jester, b. 12/14/1864, D. 10/28/1955 LaGrande. Oregon
m. Fannie Lindley, b. 5/22/1868, d. 1/13/1906 Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
…..Glenn Harold Jester, b. 8/22/1891, d. 10/20/1962 Klamoth Mem. Pk, Klammoth Falls, Ore.
…..m. Clara Alvena Herrman, b. 9/18/1896 (D)
……….Robert Paul Jester b. 5/31/1921
……….m. Melba Dell Minton, b. 5/29/1923
……………Gwinn Lynn Jester Haslett, b. 10/5/1947
……………m. Daniel Raymond Haslett, b. 8/22/1946
………………..Ezra Domiabra b. 3/13/1969
………………..Esias Jarrett, b. 10/25/1971, d. 10/23/1973 Fairbanks, Alaska
……………Jarrett Joseph Jester, b. 11/21/1951
……………m. Lyn Elle Kohout, b. 3/20/1953
……………Pamela Kay Jester Westmoreland, b. 1/4/1953
……………m. Robert D. Westmoreland, b. 12/12/1952
…..m. Gladys Stanley, b. 4/3/1896, d. 7/22/1968 Klammoth Mem. Pk, Klammoth Falls, Ore.
…..S. Edgar Jester, b. 4/26/1897, d. 1/15/1906 Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
…..Hiram L. Jester, b. 7/3/1901, d. 5/21/1905 Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
m. Henrietta Watson Day, b. 1/7/1854, d. 12/31/1943 LaGrande, Oregon (Second marriage of Frank Sherman Jester)

  • * * * * * *

Mary Jester Moore, b. 1867, d. 1/16/1916 Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Ind.
m. Perry Moore, b. 1860, d. 10/19/1927, Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Ind.
…..Hazel Moore Bogue Swaim, b. 5/23/1887, d. 1974, Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Ind.
…..m. Richard Bogue, b. 1875, d.. 1927, Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Ind.
…..m. Straud Swaim, b. 7/1876, d. 2/24/1957 Rush Creek Cemetery, Tangier, Ind.
…..Ruth Moore Peterson, b. 9/14/1896, d. 11/29/1976, Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Ind.
…..m. Olaf E. Peterson, b. 3/22/1876, d. 5/17/1968 Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Ind.
……….Ruth Mary Peterson Garfus Stalder, b. 9/12/1930
……….m. John Garfus
……………Cydne Garfus, b. 1954
……………Tommy Garfus, b. 1956
……….m. Fred Stalder
……………Cecelia Stalder, b. 1963
…..Kathie Moore Wood, b. 6/17/1898, d. 10/10/1959 Bloomingdale Cem., Bloomingdale, Ind.
…..m. Claude Wood, b. 7/11/1895, d. 1/27/1963
……….Virginia Wood Butts, b. 8/11/1920
……….m. John H. Butts, b. 3/3/1921
……………Vicki Irene Butts Anderson, b. 2/9/1948
……………Melba Gayle Butts Auxier, b. 1/12/1953
……….Mabel Wood Hartman, b. 1/19/1923, d. 1/9/1984 Rocksville, Ind.
……….m. Max L. Hartman, b. 1/21/1919
……………Mark Earl Hartman, b. 7/4/1954
……………Cheri Dawn Hartman Hardesty, b. 2/18/1957
……….Pauline Wood Brown, b. 8/30/1925
……….m. Orin I. Brown, b. 4/16/1905
……………Barbara Jean Brown, b. 5/12/1953
……………Joyce Marie Brown, b. 3/27/1956 …..Ross Moore, b. 10/19/1900, d. 8/16/1944 Memorial Cemetery, Grand Forks, N. D.
…..m. Maybelle Shatrud, b. 1/25/1903
……….Mary Lou Moore Kirfhage, b. 11/18/1932
……….m. Donald Duane Korfhage, b. 5/29/1930
……………David Allen, b. 4/18/1957
……………Robert James, b. 7/28/1958

(Pat’s note: This is a continuation of the children of Henry C. Jester & Rhoda Jane Pascal from Issue #4)

(Jester family continued) HCJ d …..Frank Roy Jester, b. 11/28/1881, d. 8/15/1975 Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
…..m. Maude Shell Snoddy, b. 12/10/1884, d. 5/25/1976 Hicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Ind.
……….Ernest Wayne Jester, b. 5/16/1906
……….m. Zella Jane Gouty, b. 3/4/1906, d. 12/8/1982 Crawfordsville, Ind.
……….Harold Snoddy Jester, b. 8/9/1908
……….m. Ruth Margaret Heldt, b. 3/24/1910, d. 9/26/1986 Champaign, Ill
……………Carole Anne, b. 1/16/1939
……………Mary Ellyn Jester Thurman Finchum, b. 6/9/1940
……………m. Larry Thurman, (D)
………………..Tracy Susan Thurman, b. 8/1/1959
……………m. Lewis Gene Finchum, b. 8/4/1934

…..Mary Ellyn Jester Gowdy, b. 2/12/1880, d. 6/20/1920 Hicks Cem., Perrysville, Ind.
…..m. Leslie Gowdy, (Deceased) ?? Cemetery, Campbellsville, Ky.

…..Charles DeWitt Jester, b. 3/3/1885, d. 4/6/1948 Mt. Scott Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
…..m. Ethel Morgan, b. 8/2/1885, d. 11/2/1964 Mt. Scott Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
……….Curtis Morgan Jester, b. 4/22/1911
……….m. Jean Woodford, b. 5/17/1913
……………Penelope, b. 2/9/1941
……………Pamela, b. 7/30/1949
……………Priscilla Jester Paulin, b. 7/27/1951
……………m. Michael Paulin, b. 1/29/1952
………………..Emily Ruth, b. 5/25/1979
………………..Alexander Joseph, b. 9/22/1982 Portland, Ore.
……….Eldon Morgan Jester, b. 10/6/1914, d. 1985
……….m. June Averill, b. 6/29/1918, d. 6/28/1985 Portland, Ore.
……………Susan Laurel Jester Reynolds, b. 12/19/1946
……………m. Paul Forest Reynolds, b. 6/15/1944
………………..Erin Patricia Kilihuni Reynolds, b. 2/6/1972
……………David Charles Jester, b. 12/5/1950
……………m. Elisa Louisa Garza, b. 7/19/1955
………………..Jeremiah David, b. 5/18/1978
………………..Nathaniel David, b. 6/23/1980

  • * * * * ** * * * * *

Page 13


Howard Probate Court
October 10, 1895
Exporte petition of Susan Jester for vesting order

Comes Susan Jester and empassants and shows to the court that on the 4th day of June 1894 J. H. Jester departed this life leaving surviving him your petitioner his widow and which and Catherine, William, Cornulias, Idella, Nellie, and Wilburn Jester, children and heirs at last of the said J.H. Jester deceased. That at the time of the death of the said J.H. Jester he was the owner of the following described track of land lying and being situated in Howard County Arkansas to wit: East half of the Arch West Quarter of section Edwin Township, Edwin SR (28) West containing eighty acres more or less and worth about $175.00 which was all the property owned by the said J.H. Jester at the time of his death. Wherefore your petition prays that the court make an order vesting said property in your petition and children as aforesaid. s/susen jester (sic)

This is from Luella Owens of Citrus Heights. CA. The J.H. Jester listed is Henry found in 1880 Pike Co., AR. see issue #3. I believe the Henry listed with John H. to be this Henry. John H. who was married to an Elizabeth Jester, and is living with a Harriett in 1880. Peggy found a possible descendent of Henry's brother. Thomas. (see sheet on Cold Bath twp.) We’re looking into this.


Certification of the family name JESTER from the International Herladic institute. LTD.. of Charlotte. NC

JESTER:derived from a grant by Henry v 1417 AD to Phillip CRUL,court jester, who ASSUMED IN CONSEQUENCE. THE SURNAME of JESTER. Leam Co.. Derby. England ARMS: Par saltire ermine and sable, a lion rampant CREST: A falcon with wings expanded argent, holding in the claw a Sceptor or. MOTTO: Veritas Ingenio (truth with wit)

The foregoing has been compiled from the following authorities:

Foster – History of the Commoners and Wasbournes' Crests.

The crest was drawn by Bud Jester: 10705 .E Evergreen: Vancouver. WA 98664. using the latter 14th and early 15th century heraldic conventions of England. The helmet, and the flow from the helmet. the shape and tilt of the shield, and the lion rampant are early. the sceptor in the falcon’s claw is Henry IV’s.

About the description: per saltire refers to the way the shield is divided ermine and sable are the colors, ermine is shown as is sable is black by convention lion rampant is as shown argent means silver, shown in art as white the stuff flowing out from the helmet is sable and silver by convention the crest is on top the helmet — a silver falcon holding a golden (or) sceptor. The motto isn't a part of the arms - families could change the motto if they wanted.

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