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Open Letter

page 1

Dear Jester Family,

Well, its back to the grind of trying to learn this program. I am not a computer person and It has taken me a while to learn just how this works. This is the GEOS program, one of the most powerful Commodore word processing programs. And it has taken me how many issues to get this thing in proper working order? Hopefully I'11 be able to do all future issues on this. This is an old dinosaur of computers, its a Commodore 64, but I have a ram expansion unit (expands ram 256K), a 5-1/4 floppy disk drive, and a 3-1/2 disk. The 3-1/2 disk will hold the equivalent of 5 5-1/4 single sided disks. So, wish me luck? I need it???

Info came in slowly since the last issue, but that‘s OK. I‘ve been busy enough. I know I still owe letters and there are several new subscribers I still owe info. I’m not going to lie and say its in the mail, but...,

Peggy, Jade, Jerri and I went gallivanting around Arkansas, visiting with other Jesters and having fun at two reunions. One was for “Uncle’ Frank’s birthday In Lockesburg, Arkansas, The Lockesburg Jesters are descended from William and Sarah through their son, “Blind" Levi and his wife, Martha.

I had also made several phone calls and found a few more descended from this same bunch. There is another uncle of the Lockesburg group living in Longview, TX, named Henry. James T. Jester told me about him, and I had to call. After my conversation with Henry and Betty, I wrote Luella Owens. Her great-grandfather was named Henry son (at least we believe) of “Blind” Levi and Martha. Descendents of these two family groups make up the bulk of our new subscribers,

After the Lockesburg reunion In September we went to Atlanta, TX for the descendents of Rosie Jester. Uncle Rosie was a brother to my grandfather, Cleveland. This reunion is held the second Saturday of October at the Atlanta State Park. Hopefully, we will be able to expand both reunions over the next few years.

Of course, we arrived late at both reunions. When I leave Arlington, its like another world for me, and I lose all track of time.

When we left the Atlanta reunion, we went to Clarence Jester’s house. His wife Imogene had broken her leg in three places. Some log just jumped up and hit her, I’m sure we all wish her a speedy recovery.

I want to thank Jean Jester Livingston; 6029 Rt 88; Finleyville, PA 15332 for the info on some related families she sent. These are marriages, birth, and death records of Richmond Co. VA. It also helped me score a few points with one of my bosses at work.

Danny just doesn’t understand my passion for doing this work. But you should have seen his face when I showed him some birth data from Jean’s records about his family name. This was the first he had seen anything on his family name dating back to the 1700’s. He made two copies, one for his aunt who is doing some work on his family genealogy.

page 2


A funny thing about languages sometimes there’s an overlap, the same word in two different languages meaning the same thing. In a previous issue I mentioned the Saracens invading Spain, in 711 AD. The Saracens were Arab, the Chisthi were from Afghanistan then the Spanish were the home team. Chist in Spanish means “to fool”, in Afghan. Chist means “to fool”. It looks to me and Ben that the Chisthi order of Sufi went to Spain with the Arabs which really isn’t unusual, I suppose. Maybe the Saracen leader needed his fool around.

I’ve seen Chisthi spelled several different ways, Chishti, Chisthi, and Chisthyya. all were from different sources. The Chisthi, along with some Afghans went into India in early years. Maybe that’s how we get the ancient names for India that end with — — stan.

Let me reconfirm that I am not saying we are descended from the Chisthi, only that this is probably how our name evolved into JESTER.

COMPETITION has come to the JFX, it’s called the Jester Family News. I don’t know who publishes this other newsletter or even how accurate it is. Those with the last name of Jester probably received a postcard advertising this newsletter along with the address list. They subscribe to a clipping service and will be printing Jester news from this source. The ad was for English and German Jesters, descendents of Jesthero. In all my years of research I have never heard of Jesthero. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has.

There have been scams in the past about genealogy services. I don’t know if this Jester Family News is legitimate. I did subscribe to the newsletter, just to see if it does have any info worth having. I would like comments if anyone else has sent off for the Jester Family News. If this is a legitimate newsletter then we really do need all the info we can get.

WE ARE GROWING GROWING GROWING??? New subscribers are: James T. Jester Pt. 2 Box 9K; Lockesburg, AR 71846 James H. Jester POE 265; Lockesburg, AR 71846 Susan Jester Garrett Pt 1 Box 248; Tishomingo, OK 73460 Henry Jester 236 Humble; Longview, TX 7560 Bud Jester 10705 SE. Evergreen; Vancouver WA 98861 Eloy (Crump) Scott, Rt 1 Box 69; Angelton, TX

This is as good as time as any to print my subscription list. I’ll put it at the back of the newsletter.

Aunt Blue Eyes and Robbie..., Please will someone send me their addresses I have misplaced them. They were at the Lockesburg reunion. Help?

ON THE MOVE... Luella Owens has changed addresses POE 2537; Citrus Heights, CA 95611.

page 3

Ben recently returned to college from the summer break. He had gone to visit a friend Ben recently returned to college from the summer break. He had gone to visit a friend somewhere in the northwest United States and visited some bookstores. Browsing bookstores and collecting books is his hobby. In this one bookstore, he found a print of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, of Inverness, Scotland. The painting or drawing was done just a few hours prior to the execution of Fraser in 1745. Fraser was the last Scot nobleman to be executed for the Jacobite Revolt, Ben promised to send me a copy of the print. I would like to find the connection of the Frasers and Jesters in Scotland.

Be on the lookout for the art of Judy Jester Matthews. Judy is a water color artist from Waco, TX. Flay put me on to Judy. His brother had found a brochure on Judy and Flay’s niece is also named Judy. I called Judy and still have to send her some info. She is the granddaughter of Lewis W. Jester, who had lived in Circleville, OH and Tower Hill, IL. I looked in my files for Lewis, but my mid states records are not complete.

Lewis W. Jester was born Oct. 30, 1835 in Circleville, OH, died July 1919, IL married Christie Ann Mills b. July 28, 1863 Spencer, IN, d. Dec 31, 1936 Pana, IL. Their children are:

OLIVE M. b. May 20, 1834 Shelby Co., IL
MARY E. b. June 20, 1889 Shelby Co. IL
LEWIS W. b. Apr 6, 1891 Shelby Co. IL
HOWARD W. b. Oct 23, 1895 Pana, IL (Judy’s father)
GOLDA A. b. Apr 5, 1898 Pana, IL
GLADYS b. Aug 8, 1900 Pana, IL
CLARA M. b. Jan 9, 1906 Pana, IL

Others mentioned in Judy’s letter were Ora, Steve, and Laurence. I don’t know who they are, but I’ll wait to hear from Judy again.


Judy related this story to me in her letter, Research really needs to confirm this. Howard, her father had told it to her.

It seems there were nine men who loaned Scotland a vast sum of money. According to the terms of the deal, the money was to be evenly divided among the nine men or their heirs (Lewis W. was one of the heirs) However, only the heirs of eight of the men could be found. Scotland kept the money.

Who were the other men and who was Lewis’ father??? When was this loan made? Do you think we could collect?

Someday I would like to devote the whole newsletter to Jester stories.

page 4


About 1820 William Jester and his wife Martha removed from their home along Horse Pen Creek in Edgefield District to the vicinity of Cambridge. They had four sons: Eli Jester removed to Mississippi; John Robert Jester removed to Georgia, and Thomas E. Jester, 1814-1912 spent much of his life at Cambridge. Even in his last years he had a remarkably clear recollection of that community. A long interview with him was published in the Greenwood Index in 1906 and is the source of considerable information on Cartridge and its people. in 1834, Thomas E. married Rosanna Wright from near Due West nine children. The seven who married were:

1. Martha m. William Johnson, three children.
2. John Robert m. Mary Malone, seven children,
3. Thos, F. Jr. in. Sallie Hamilton, seven children, removed to Alabama.
4. James Wyatt m. Mattie Hamilton, five children.
5. Jessie m. Virginia Hamilton, five children. (Sallie, Mattie, and Virginia Hamilton who married the three Jester brothers named above were natives of Edgefield County in the section that became the southern part of Greenwood County.
6. Drayton Whitfield m. first Nancy Milford, two children; m second Mary Emma Culbertson, two children, both died young; and m. third Mrs Lela I. Puckett, one child.
7. Mary Jane m. John Kohn, one child.

Before we go on, let me clarify a couple of things. Although, we don’t know for certain as of yet, this elder William could be the son of William (WM728SC0), and brother to Thomas P. and Levi. The John Robert mentioned is not the John Roberts Jester who wrote the History of One American Family. There is an unknown John Jester who served in the Georgia Legislature.

Other Jesters mentioned in “Greenwood County Sketches are Lucile Jester in. William David Anderson, s. of Andrew Anderson and Lucy Ann Wilkinson, two daughters. Lewis Eugene Jester m. Fannie Estell Cobb dau. of John Washington Cobb (1853-1929) and Nancy Rebecca Thompson 1851 - 1921). “Greenwood County Sketches’ was written by Margaret Watson, published by The Attic Press, Inc. Greenwood, SC. There are several other families included. The parents of Lewis and Lucile were not mentioned.


Let’s consider the name Drayton. Mrs. Lila Randall’s father was named Drayton M. Jester. She sent a photo taken Dec 1967. He was b. Nov. 6, 1877 and d. May 7, 1968. Lila was looking for her father in certain years but couldn’t find him. Could Drayton W. be the father of Drayton M.? Then there is an O. D. Jester of Philadelphia Co PA 1840 and an Oliver in Philadelphia. Co. PA 1850, probably the same person, does the D. stand for Draper or Drayton. The Drapers married into the Jesters of Delaware. Who was the Drayton?

At times a few ideas and conjectures need to be thrown up and discussed. I would like to continue with the Greenwood Co. Sketches for a bit longer.

Larry Jester, 11400 Birchwood; Little Rock, AR 72211 gave me this copy of the Greenwood Co. Sketches last year. He felt and I agree that this William mentioned is connected to William from Scotland, possibly the other son.

Drayton Whitfield Jester is the grandson of the William Jester mentioned. The names Drayton and Whitfield have a last name sound to them. It was not uncommon to name children the maiden names of the mother or grandmother. This is an excellent clue to the maiden name of the wife of either William.


ISAAC R. JESTER, P.O. Federica Kent Co., DE., son of John Taylor and Mary Richards Jester, was born in Milford Hundred Kent Co., DE August 4, 1886. He is of Scotch descent. More than a century ago, three brothers, Abraham Isaac and Jacob, came to this country from Scotland, and settled in DE. One made his home in Sussex County, another in Kent, and the third in New Castle County. Jacob, the ancestor of Isaac R Jester, was the Kent Co., resident. One of his children, Jacob Jester, 2, was the grandfather of Isaac R. Jacob, 2, was born in Kent Co. and lived in Milford Hundred during his comparatively short life. He married Lina Taylor, of Kent Co. Their children were: I. Sarah (Mrs. James Tomlinson), settled in Richland County, OH. II. John Taylor; III. Enoch died young; IV. Isaac, 2, born in 1806, was bound out to a farmer, died in Milford Hundred, Jacob Jester, 2, died in Milford Hundred, about 1818, aged forty-nine; his widow died several years afterward.

John Taylor Jester, eldest son of Jacob and Lina (Taylor) Jester, was born in Milford Neck, Kent Co., DE October 9, 1802. He was sixteen years old when his father died, and the family was left in destitute circumstances. Of his own accord he secured a home for himself as a “bound boy”, and after his indenture had expired worked on farms in the neighborhood. He spent only three months in the schoolroom, but in early manhood, devoted himself diligently to study, and acquired a good education. When he was thirty, and had married, he began farming in a small way and continued it until his death, always on leased farms. Mr. Jester was a man of unquestioned integrity, of correct principles and of active intellect. He was especially a warm advocate of the public-school system and gave much of his time to the promotion of the welfare of Milford hundred and her people. He was several times elected to fill minor offices in Kent Co.

John Taylor Jester was married to Mary Richards, of Milford Neck. Their children are:

I. Rachel C. (Mrs. William J. H. Macauley);
II. Isaac R. ;
III. Sarah (Mrs. Levi Satterfield), of Kent Co. ;
IV. Mary Ellen, died at age twenty-one;
V. Siner Elizabeth (Mrs Elias P. James), of Dover.
VI. Susan L. (Mrs. Joshua Bennett);
VII. Deborah (Mrs. Stephen Fowler), died at Smyrna Landing
VIII. Rebecca, widow, resides at Smyrna, married first to Thomas Jester, and afterwards to Peter S. Collins;

page 6

IX. Margaretta (Mrs. George Bennett), of Milford Hundred
X. Josephine (Mrs. Win 0. Meredith) died in Harrington, DE;
XI. Richard Henry, died in infancy.

John T. Jester died December 31, 1879, aged seventy-seven years, and was interred in the family burying ground, on the farm now owned by William Henry Richards, He attended the M. E. Church in Milford Neck, but was inclined toward the belief of the Society of Friends, His widow is living, at the age of eighty-two years +-now deceased

Isaac R. Jester had only limited opportunities for obtaining an education. During his minority he had the advantage of only twelve months in the schoolroom but after that period he educated himself by careful and exhaustive reading, often perusing his books by the light of the moon, or the blaze of a pine knot, He was always of a literary turn of mind, and his self-education was not a difficult task. He solved mathematical problems with ease and has acquired great proficiency in that branch of knowledge. When he was thirty-five years old, he knew thoroughly the fundamental rules of mathematics, and began teaching at Kirby’s schoolhouse; he continued in the profession most creditably until June 17, 1898. He keeps abreast of the times not only in his pedagogical work but in all departments of science and literature.

When Mr. Jester was fifteen years old, he began contributing to the newspapers, and has never abandoned the practice. His articles are always read with much interest by the people of his county.

Mr. Jester in his youth learned carpentry under the instruction of Charles Fleetwood, of Milford. He began work at this trade for five dollars per month. When he first engaged in carpentry, it was customary for the workmen to go to the woods to cut their frames for building and to make doors, sashes, and blinds. For many years he taught school half of the time and spent the remaining six months at his trade,

He owns a farm of 52 acres, on which he resides. On July 13, 1863, Mr. Jester enlisted at Wilmington, in Company I, Seventh Regiment, Delaware Infantry, and served thirtyfive days, when he was mustered out. His regiment belonged to the emergency troops. In politics Mr. Jester is a pronounced Republican but is a conservative voter. He has been elected to various minor offices.

On April 21, 1867, Isaac R. Jester was married to Mrs. Eliza (Webb) Donovan, born September 6, 1837. Their children are:

I. Ruth Jane and
II. Emily Ellen twins, born January 25, 1868, both died in childhood;
III. George Henry, born July 18, 1870, a school teacher of ability;
IV. Mary E , born July 16, 1873.

By her former marriage, Mrs. Jester has one child, Caroline. Mr. Jester is a member of the Milford Neck M. E. Church, has been a class leader for some years and still occupies that position. Mrs. Jester died August 30, 1873, leaving two small children. Mr. Jester willingly took upon him the rearing and education of the children and has remained unmarried for their sake.

page 7

BENJAMIN E. JESTER, Ellendale, Sussex Co. DE, son of Major and Mary (Deputy) Jester, was born in Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex Co. DE July 17, 1827.

Major Jester, farmer and teacher, was a native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and was married to Mary Deputy. There children are:

I. William, deceased;
II. Major W., deceased;
III. Solomon, deceased;
IV. Benjamin E. ;
V. Rachel widow of Absalom Hill, resides in Milford DE;
VI. Elizabeth, deceased;
VII. James, deceased;
VIII. Sylvester, deceased;
IX. Samuel, deceased.

Major Jester died at his home in Cedar Creek Hundred; his wife died April 27, 1857.

Benjamin E. Jester’s educational opportunities were very limited. He remained at home assisting in the cultivation of the homestead, until he attained his majority. For one year he hired as a farm laborer in New Castle Co., DE; afterwards he returned to the homestead and worked there for four years. In 1853, he and his brother, Solomon Jester rented a farm but at the end of the year dissolved their partnership. After renting again for a year, Mr. Jester bought a farm four miles south of Milford, DE, which he improved and cultivated for twelve years. In 1866 Mr. Jester sold his farm and after renting land for one year, purchased a lot in Ellendale, on which he built a comfortable home, and opened a general store, where he built up a profitable business.

In July 1897, Mr. Jester retired from active life. He has been very successful in business and has invested his money in real estate. He owns three farms: one of 100 acres near Ellendale; one of 44 acres in Nanticoke Hundred, Sussex Co., and a small farm near New Market. He also owns several building lots, and two valuable houses and lots in Ellendale.

Benjamin E. Jester was married, November 27, 1851, to Rachel D. daughter of Jeramiah Webb, of Cedar Creek Hundred. Their children are:

I. Ann E. married D.H. Reed, a merchant at Ellendale;
II. Mary C. married SE. Reed, manufacturer, Ellendale;
III. Sarah E., married E. F. Whitney, a farmer of Cedar Creek Hundred;
IV. Emma H. Mrs. Jester died May 11, 1897, aged sixty-three.



Alexander - 178? DE, War 1812 Archives :823
Arthur - 178? DE, War 1812 Archives :241
Betty - 1818 NC Hutchins Family:8 (Doris Hiatt Sheppard)
Charles - 178?DE, War 1812 Archives :416
Charlotte - Brinton Gen: 582
Daniel - 175? DE Rev. War Archives : 733, 1055
Daniel - 178? DE War 1812 Archives : 493, 824

page 8

David – 175? MD Head of Families : 102
David - 178? BE War 1812 - Archives : 854
E. A.— 188? OH minister - Clark, Farnham, Durkee: 48
Ebenezer - 175? DE Rev War Archives : 57, 59, 1147
Elias 178? DE War 1812 Archives : 203, 210, 409
Elias - 1797 PA DeHaven Family: chart Frances Grace — 187? NY Crandall Family: 554
George - 182? PA Dehaven Family chart Hosea - 1787 DE War 1812 Archives : 132
Isaac - 178? DE War 1812 Archives : 78, 132, 306
Jacob - 175? NC Head of Families 155
James F. - 175? NC Rev, War
James F. - 175? NC Rev- War Records :420
James T. - 175? NC Rev, War Records 579
John - Coweta Co. , GA: 67, 76, 82-3, 574
John - 173? DE French-Indian War Archives 16
John - 174? VA Navy Rev. War Records 418
John - 175? DE Rev. War Archives 1248
John - 175? MD Heads of Families 37
John - 175? PA Archives Ser. 5:1:176
John - 1787 DE War 1812 Archives : 490, 820
Jonathan - 175? MD Heads of Families : 84
Joshua — 178? DE War 1812 Archives : 138
Levi - 178? DE War 1812 Archives 132, 163, 176, 163, 291
Levy - 175? SC Heads of Families : 66
Mable - Foote Family : 6131
Mary - 177? DE Peery of DE : 110-11
Nathan - Brinton Gen. 223
Nellie - Sargent Sen. : 119
Nimrod -. 175? NC Heads of Families : 152
Nimrod - 1763? IN Rev. War Pensioners : 1841:186
Noah — 178? DE War 1812 Archives : 416, 537, 608, 631
Peggy - 181? NC Hutchins Family : 8
Peter — 178? DE War 1812 Archives : 537
Sarah Dehaven — 179? Dehaven Family Chart
Shedrick - 175? DE Rev. War Archives 265, 270-3
Sillah - 175? SC Heads of Families 66
Southy - 175? MD Heads of Families : 127
Thomas - 175? DE Rev War Archives : 1205
Thomas - 1763? NC Rev. War Pensioners : 1841:137


Jacob - 175? NC Heads of Families 153
Thomas - 175? NC Heads of Families 152

This was probably the first thing I found when I went to the Dallas library the first time. I changed the listings and deleted some unnecessary words. Most of the active researchers should have this already if its available in the local libraries. The sad part is, there are a lot more Jesters then listed for the same time frames.

HOLY BIBLE Isaac Jester and Jane Walls 1883

page 9

Containing the King James and The Revised versions of Old and New Testaments arranged in Parallel Columns. The Text conformable to that of the University of Oxford and Cambridge, with a Complete Concordance with the Psalms of David in Metre, etc. written to increase the interest in and simplify the Word of God

Self-pronouncing edition in which all the proper names are divided, accented and marked with the vowel sounds, showing how they should be pronounced.

Publisher not known.

On the first page, ‘Given to Jane Jester by Isaac. 1883 This Bible is in the possession of Isaac Jester, Jr. Milford, DE.

Marriage: This is to certify that Isaac Jester and Jane Walls were united by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Milford on the 28th day of February in the year of our Lord 1883. In the presence of Mrs. J. S. Willis and others. Signed: J. S. Willis


Clarence EL Jester, son of Isaac and Jane his wife was born March 8, 1884.
Sadie E. Jester, daughter of Isaac and Jane was born Jan. 9, 1686.
Isaac Jester, Jr., son of Isaac and Jane his wife was born Jan 23, AD. 1888,
Frank A, Jester son of Isaac and Jane Jester was born Dec. 16, 1900.
John G. Jester, son of Isaac and Jane his wife was born Dec. 20, 1903.


Isaac Jester Sr. died Oct. 28, 1942
Jane Jester wife of Isaac Jester, Sr. died Nov. 11 AD. 1918.



Containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. The text conformable to that of the edition of 1611, commonly known as the Authorization or King James’ Version.

Published by A. J. Holman Company, Philadelphia, printed in the United States.

Bible is owned by Clarence EL and Nettle F. Jester, Milford, DE.


Clarence E. Jester, son of Isaac Jester and Jane Walls Jester his wife was born the 8th day of March AD. 1884.
Nettie Van Name Favinger daughter of Cyrus B. Favinger and Mary Luff Favinger his wife, was born the 4th day of November AD. 1886.
Clarence Carlton Jester son of Clarence E. and Nettie F. Jester his wife was born the 6th day of January AD, 1914.
Isaac Donald Jester son of Clarence E. and Nettie F. Jester his wife was born the 20th day of January AD. 1919.


Clarence E. Jester son of Isaac Jester and Jane Walls Jester his wife and Nettle Favinger, daughter of Cyrus B. and Mary Luff Favinger were married the 1st day of October AD. 1910.
Isaac Donald Jester son of Clarence E. and Nettle F. Jester and Georgiana Johnson, the daughter of William and Georgia Sharp Johnson were married the 27th day of January AD. 1940.

Deaths: Clarence Carlton Jester son of Clarence E. arid Nettle F. Jester departed this life on the 18th of February AD. 1929.

This was sent to me by Barbara McCreight, 117 Spruce Or; Jonesville, MI 49250. There were two other pages attached, that I have misplaced thinking I had them together. I don’t know what book the pages came from. If Barbara would be so kind to send me another copy of the other two pages, I’ll put them in. By then I should find the other two pages. Also, Barbara, where did they come from?

Is anyone aware of any living descendents of this Isaac Jester? The Dallas Public Library is one of the best equipped libraries with a knowledgeable staff. My problem is I can never find anything when I go there. There have been some very dedicated genealogists and library volunteers who have gone through the books and made a master index of all the indexes of all the books. This master is kept up to date according to time permitted. I came across some interesting notes the last visit there.


Blacksheariana by Perry Lynnfield Blackshear, Sr. page 60-61.

Clarissa Emeline, b. Sumter Co., (near Americus) GA, 30 Aug 1847 dau. of Caroline Ward and James Addison Blackshear, d. Athens GA 18 Apr 1910 bur Oconee Hill Gem, Athens GA, will filed in Clark Co. Hus. STANCILL BARWICK, b. Washington Co., 16 Jul 1826 son of Susan Whiddon and John Barwick, d. Athens GA 7 Jun 1890, bur. Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, GA. Will filed in Clarke Co., m., Sumter Co. GA 1873 (?). Issue:

  1. 1. Anna Lou, b. 26 Dec 1873, d. Athens, GA 10 May 1874.
  2. 2. John Addison, b. 28 Nov 1874, d N.Y. 12 Jan 1933, m. BERTHA EVELYN JESTER, Atlanta, GA.
  3. 3. Joseph Ward, b. 29 Sept 1876, d. Leslie, GA 17 Dec 1921, m. Estelle Pipkins, Sumter Co., GA.
  4. 4. Mary Emma, b. 21 Jan 1878, d. 10 May 1954 never married.

page 11

  1. 5. Thomas Enoch, b. 21 Jan 1893, m. Elizabeth Mae Kelly, 1914.
  2. 6. Clara Elizabeth b. 6 May 1682, d. Hapeville, GA 20 Jul 1952, m. David Bruce Evans, Athans, GA, 16 May 1917.
  3. 7 Win. Stancill, b. 2 Nov 1884, in. Myrtle Edwards, Athens, GA (#1-7 b. Athens, GA)
  4. 8, Howell Cobb, Is. Clarke Co., GA., 3 Apr 1887 d. Atlanta, GA 27 Oct 1948, m.1st Leila Gags, 1909, 2nd Jeane Higgins.
  5. 9. Henry Grady, b. Clarke Co. , GA 24 Oct t889 d. Athens, 21 May 1893.

Stancill Barwick was a planter, Clarissa Emeline Blackshear Barwick was a school teacher, JAB was a member of the Methodist Church, Stancill Barwick had three wives, #1 had two daughters, #2 had several children and most of them died young. He fathered 16 children. Cit Lr Mary Barwick, Athens, GA, 1953.

The BUFFINGTON Family in America by C.D.Rhame, RH. Palmer and PM, Buffington p. 90

JESSIE LEE BUFFINGTON - s. of Robert Lee Buffington and Mary Long, b. 1888, d. 31 Dec 31, 1961 Saluda, S.C., m. Bertha Palmer, dau of Tillmon Lee Palmer and Sallie Cramer, b. 25 Sep 1898. Issue:

Horace, b. 3 May 1912, m. LOIS JESTER;
Vera Mae, b. 27 Jul 1917, m. J. B. Riley;
Joe Lee b. 19 May 1919, m. 13 May 1939 (?);
Sarah Lois b. 3 May 1922 m. Otto Bedenbaugh;
Sallie M., b. 6 Jul 1924, m. James C. Crouch;
Hammond b. 25 Nov 1927, m. 3 Sep 1948 (?);
Moselle b. 23 Jun 1930 m. Floyd Able;
W. L., b. 13 Nov 1933 m. 13 Aug 1960 Susan Starr;
Bertha Eolene, m. Robert Shaw; Sherelle, b. 22 Apr 1941.


It is said this some of this family went to region near Homer, LA and did well financially there. Josiah Hardy and wife Ann Glaze remained in Tamp County, Georgia and had:

1. Otis Dallis Hardy, m. Emily Baba McGee, who had
A. Joseph Hardy, m. Minnie Williams, who had:
1 & 2 twin sons, CD. and J.B
3. dau. Margaret
B. Caroline Lee, m. William Russell Stovall, had:
1 & 2 two dau, Margaret and Russell Stovall of Atlanta, GA
2. R. A. m. Martha Freeman
3. William H. Hardy, m. Laura McGee and had two daughters
A. Mrs. MA. JESTER of Atlanta
B. Miss Willie Pitt of Atlanta
4. Lemuel Hardy married Lou Freeman
5. Only Girl, Sally Hardy, m. William Moncrief (he had previously been married to Nancy Glaze, dau of Thomas Glaze and wife Matilda Dallis.)

There were no dates in this, so its hard to place this in time.

page 12

pg. 65 Deckard Family of Perry Co., PA:

4-5-262 Andrew Hohn (247 Theresa Jane Decker) b. 2-13-1870 at Saw MIII Run, PA, m. BARBARA JESTER, resides Moundville, W VA (1923)

I. Cora Hohn m. - Frishwater;
II. Isaac Hohn;
III. John Hohn;
IV. Elizabeth Hohn;
V. Andrew Hohn, Jr.
VI. Thomas Hohn

The HOLCOMBES by Hannah Elizabeth Weir McPherson (Mrs. Lewin D. mentions on page 680 col 2 In Booneville, Yadkin, NC
Dwight Whitaker, son of Stella May Holcombe and Doub E. Whitaker m. JOYCE JESTER, one child - Rilla.

The following letter came in a packet of info from Carolyn and Dennis Lambrecht. It is dated Nov. 20, 1956, Parksley, VA. addressed to Dr. Roy Ashman; 151 Fort Lee Rd. Leonia NJ. No zips or other city codes. (I remember when zips came, but larger cities had already been divided into codes)

Dear Doctor Ashman, In accordance with our telephone conversation, I have put in a day and a half on your JESTER family.

In Northampton Co. (VA) is recorded the will of George Briskhouse, dated Nov. 19, 1688, proved Jan. 2, 1889, In it he gives to daughter Hannah, the wife of George Bell, the 200 acres of land I bought of Col. John Stringer, where Richard Jester formerly dwelt. This is the first appearance of your Richard in either Accomack or Northampton Counties. The fact that he tended 200 acres of land, even though he did not own it, indicates that he was a substantial citizen.

Next, I find the deed dated Sept. 22, 1699, to which I referred in my letter dated Oct. 29, 1956. In that it is recited that Richard Jester had contracted to buy from Col. William Stephens, of Somerset County Maryland, 500 acres of land at the head of Messengo Creek, in Accomack Co. but at the time of Richards death the deed had not been executed; that Col. Stephens had also died, so the land was conveyed by his representative to Samuel Jester the eldest son of Richard Jester, deceased. Col. Stephens died and is buried at Rehobeth Somerset Co. MD, and his tombstone shows that he died Dec. 25, 1687. Since his contract with Jester was made before that time, it appears that Jester left the Briskhouse land in order to settle on his own property.

Richard Jester died intestate, but his widow Frances, dying in 1709 left a will in which she named children, Samuel, Richard, Thomas, Francis, and Ann. Samuel (wife Mary) died testate in 1746. In his will, he named only a daughter, Margaret, wife of Jeptha Perry, who inherited his land. He had sold his Messengo land and bought 200 acres on Muddy Creek. Richard disappears from the record, Thomas (wife Sarah) moved to Sussex Ca. DE, before 1713. Francis (wife Mary) disappears from the records after 1720.

page 13
From 1746, when Samuel died, to 1803, there is not a single Jester Deed, Will, or Administration on record, of course, some of them were carrying on, but they seem to have owned no land and the imprint left on the County records is an extremely faint one. Doubtless, a search of the Court Order Books would disclose some items about them, but I do not believe that the cost of the search would be justified until or unless, we can definitely tie you in with the family.

The first recorded Jester tie with Chincoteague comes in a deed dated June 27, 1803, whereby John Merry Jester conveyed to Sally Lewis for 50 shillings a brindled cow calf. Joshua Whealton and Mary Whealton were witnesses to the transaction. (Lewis and Whealton, particular the latter, were distinctive Chincoteague names.) Then on May 24, 1806, John Merry Jester purchased from Thompson Holmes ‘37 acres 30 pershes <?> of land on Chincoteague, and on May 1, 1821, he purchased from Holmes an additional area of 11 acres 1 Rood and 21 perches, thus increasing his holding to 78 1/2 acres.

On Dec. 30, 1822, a suit for the sale and division of this 78 1/2 acres was filed. Therein, it was stated that John M. Jester had died ---, ---, 1821, leaving the following children: James Jester; Sarah, wife of William Wittier (Wimbrough); Rachel Jester; Elijah Jester; Kendall Jester; Leah Jester; Anna Jester. The land was sold to Eby Lewis.

On June 20, 1829, James Jester, of Chincoteague Island, (apparently a son of James M. Jester, deceased) made a deed of gift to his 13 children, named as follows: Nancy, John, David, Sally, James, William, Mary, Eliza, Michael, Elizabeth and Rebecca. James Jester did not leave a will. + added by hand|: Error, he did leave a will, Wills &c 1828-46, page 323, dated 4/12/1839, proved 11/25/1839.

The mother of your great grandfather, James Jester Ashman could not have been the daughter of his four daughters, only Sarah is married in 1821. If there had been another daughter who had married and died leaving issue, that issue would have been named in the suit.

James Jester Ashman's mother was hardly a daughter of James Jester, since she was not named in the 1829 deed of gift. She might have been the daughter of Kendall or Elijah, although that generation may have come a little late for her. If you can find out her given name, it would help a lot.

The heirs of’ John Merry Jester received Bounty Land Warrents for his services in the Revolutionary War, so you are eligible to join the Sons of the American Revolution if you can trace back to him. s/Mark C. Lewis

Any clues??

Fall Creek Church Cemetery Yadkin County, North Carolina

Ga Y. Jester Aug. 23, 1880 — Jan 6, 1968 wife: Lyla Bowman Jester
Osco J Son of RF and ME Jester Jan 31, 1885 - Jan 12, 1906
R. Franklin Jester Dec 10 1848 - Jan 9, 1938
Margaret Elizabeth (wife) Mar 17, 1854 - Apr 10, 1937
Hester Jester Feb 20, 1886 - Oct 16, 1971
Oda Arco Jester Apr 20, 1890- Sept 9, 1836
Lillie Brown (wife) May 17, 1895- Feb 13, 1935

There are several old broken stones, several are made with rock and cement. Nettie Jester can be read.

The Fall Creek Church Cemetery Records were sent by Jayne Tuohig, 9317 Heather Glen Dr. Alexandria, VA 22309,

Seems to me the more pieces we fit together, and the more we find the more there is to find, and fit together, and uncover.

When I attended the Alford reunion in Houston in 1989, Gil issued a friendly challenge to me, that our Jester association wouldn’t be as good as the Alford’s. Well, I think the Jester association will be better. I took it as a friendly challenge, and if I have a question, Gil is really helpful. He has sent me his database fields of how he keeps all the names organized. Now if I could just learn how this thing works. I really don’t think there are enough coffee and cigarettes in the world to get me through it.

Now for the reason I’ve gone on this far. The mailing list. Some of my subscribers didn’t want their addresses made public, those will not be published. But those who are actively researching will be added in. Note: On Richard of 1666 Va tax lists is the earliest record we have on him, so this also serves as his code.

Last First location Ancestor
ADAMS Lorene Jester Plain Dealing, LA WIL728SC0
ALFORD Harold G Longview, TX 75604 WIL728SC0
ALFORD Bryant J Jacksonville, TX related to Harold and Gladys
BERRY Joanne Jester Houston, TX MAX73OSCO
BETHANY Ineva Jester Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
BROOKS Kay Jester Irving, TX WIL728SC0
BURNETT Carlisle N. Little Rock, AR; WIL728SC0
CANNON Jean Hall Springhill, LA WIL728SC0
CRESS Becky Greenacres, WA 99016 JAM799DE
DENTON Betty Swansboro, NC WIL898MO
EDWARDS Gladys Pickett Taylor,AR WIL728SC0
GARRETT Susan Jester Tishomingo,OK WIL728SC0
HALL Elease Springhill, LA WIL728SC0
HALL Phillip Springhill, LA WIL728SC0
HIGDON Ione Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
HIGDON Lucy Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
HIGDON Sonny McNeil, AR WIL728SC0
HIGGONS Corrinne Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
JESTER ‘Boots’ Allendale, SC FRA732ENG
JESTER C.B. Texarkana, AR WIL728SC0
JESTER Clarence Atlanta, TX WIL728SC0
JESTER Charles Laurel DE 19956
JESTER Charles F. Arlington, TX WIL728SC0
JESTER Charles F. Tishomingo, OK WIL728SC0
JESTER Charles P. III Memphis, TN JAC732SCO
JESTER Doyle Atlanta, TX WIL728SC0
JESTER Flay Dallas, TX WIL728SC0
JESTER George St Louis, MO
JESTER George D. Pheonix, AZ
JESTER Henry Longview, TX WIL728SC0
JESTER Holland Tishomingo, OK
JESTER James H. Lockesburg, AR 71846 WIL728SC0
JESTER James T. Lockesburg, AR 71846 WIL728SC0
JESTER Larry D. Little Rock, AR WIL728SC0
JESTER Lela I. Davis Ridgecrest CA
JESTER Paul R. Dallas TX WIL728SC0
JESTER Ralph B. Irvine, GA WIL728SC0
JESTER Ralph K. Palos Verdes, CA MAX73OSCO
JESTER Ralph L. Des Moines, IA 50312 JOS797ENG
JESTER Robert E. Lexington, KY RIC632ENG
JESTER Rufus Plain Dealing LA WIL728SC0
JESTER Russell Q., Sr Cowden, IL FRA732ENG
JESTER Wayne Crawfordsville, IN 74933 ALE754VA
JESTER Wilburn Bivins, TX WIL728SC0
JONES Cleo E. Jester Texarkana, AR WIL728SC0
JONES Jerry T. Texarkana, AR WIL728SC0
JONES Yvonne Magnolia, AR WIL728SC0
LAMBRECHT Carolyn Ocean View, DE 19970 RIC632ENG
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Gift Section, Exchange and Gift Div. WDC 20540
LIVINGSTON Jean Jester Finleyville, PA ENO??
LARUE Anne Memphis, TN WTL89SMO
LORAINE Rita Jester Adel, IA FRA732ENG
LYON Julia Auburn, AL JAC732SCO
MEADOWS Elice Jester San Angelo, TX MAX73OSCO
McCREIGHT Barbara Jonesville, MI 49250 JOS797EN02
OWENS Luella Citrus Heights, CA 95611 WIL728SC0
PHILLIPS Garner Springfield, MO 65804 MAX73OSCO
RAPHEAL Carol Palos Verdes, CA DAN???GER
ROGERS Darcy Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 WIL728SC0
RUTLEDGE Betty Albuquerque, NM 87106 MAX73OSCO
RUST Mrs. Armistead Menard, TX MAX73OSCO
SANDERS Anna Mae Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
SCOTT Clifford Elm Grove, LA WIL728SC0
SCOTT Eloy "Crump" Angelton, TX WIL728SC0
SHAVER Buddy Taylor,AR WIL728SCO
SHEPPARD Doris Hiatt Springville, UT JAC732SCO
SIMS Peggy Higdon Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
SMITH Betty Jester Benton, AR WIL728SCO
SNOW Lillie Atlanta, TX WIL728SCO
STEVENSON Doris Taylor, AR 71861 WIL728SCO
TOUHIG Jayne M. Alexandria, VA 22309 JAC732SCO
TURNER Ann Houston, TX 77079 JAC732SCO
WATSON Doug Taylor, AR WIL728SC0
WOBSCHALL Patricia Rochester, MN 55902 JAM799DE


This has been a very LEARNING experience for me. Pages jumped, keyboard froze a few times, I’m missing some hair. It sure does help to read the instructions all the way thru before putting everything in motion. But some how I ended up with a duplicate of page 12 on page 13. I tried to delete one of them, but they both deleted. I tried on both pages. Don’t even ask, I don’t know! Hopefully I finally got it.

I would like to take time to answer some letters.

Susan - Sorry to be so late but thought I would wait till the newsletter was ready. Save a trip to the P.O. When you finish the book will you please send it to Luella.

James H-- I agree about Nancy and Elizabeth but disagree about Caladonia. Nancy and Elizabeth were born the same year. But Donia and Eliza married different men. Of course, she could have been married twice. We really need to find more info in Cherokee Co., AL to substantiate the idea that this is really Jester. I feel it is, Donna felt it was, but we have been wrong. It’s very easy to get on the wrong trail.

Judy - Thanks for the stories and the info. Hope you enjoy the newsletter,

Computer owners - Could someone PLEASE take the list and sort it by the ultimate ancestor codes. I alphabetized it by hand, and I don’t think I can tolerate learning another program right now. I know who all I’m related to, but the codes for several people will change when and if we find the father of William, Jacob and Maxwell,

I'm bringing it up again, because I’m getting a bit of positive feedback. FAMILY ASSOCIATION!!l Do we want to start one???? The Alfords have five directors, most of whom hold other positions. We could double up on ours for the time being. Such as Secretary/Treasurer, Genealogist/Librarian. But we will need a separate President and V-President. It is very important that we organize and pool info. The more we know, the more connections we can make.

Hopefully I can get a reunion in this area planned after winter breaks, if it ever gets here. If any of. the local readers would like to take this project, its yours. My work number is 214-266-2991, and I work nights, 3:48 pm to 12:18 am. If someone does take it, just let me know so I can attend.

Till next time....

Crest by Bud Jester, Vancouver WA Let’s hope Bud hasn’t been washed out

Subscription rate *5.00 year. Published quarterly. Will accept cash, checks, or money orders. Make payable to Lynette Jester. 2700 Leigh Ann La. ; Arlington, TX 76010.

(Handwritten Note:) PS Anna, thanks for the addresses.

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