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John's maternal ancestors.

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Notes on maternal ancestors of John Gibbon.

There are links from these notes to each person's Wikitree profile, which includes all sources and notes and links to other family members, and for the more recent people there is often a photograph. On the Wikitree profiles, anything underlined is a link, and the boxed 'Ancestors' and 'Descendants' show a tree of ancestors or a list of descendants. Profiles of living people are private, try person 2 or 3.

Ancestors are listed using the Ahnentafel numbering system. Person 1 is the root of the tree, their father is number 2, their mother is number 3. For anyone in the tree, their father's number is double their number, and their mother's number is double their number plus one.

To avoid repetition, details of children are given for the father (because he is described first).

Marjorie, work in progress, January 2021

Mother of John Gibbon

1 June (Hind) Gibbon

Maternal Grandparents of John

2 Charles Hind (20 March 1904-12 April 1994) son of #4 George James Hind (1870-1905) and #5 Beatrice Charlotte (Kedge) Askew (abt.1868-1937) Charles, known as 'Wag', was born in Lincoln, the sixth of seven children. His father died just two weeks before Charles' first birthday; his younger sister was born when his father had been dead for six months. The family lived in Lincoln and took in a lodger, who Charles' mother later married when Charles was 11 years old. Stepdad William King Askew (1886-1919) fought in the first world war and as a result of a wound his leg was amputated; he died from a resulting infection in 1919. Charles married #3 Hilda Matthews on 26th December 1928 and had three children, #1 June Peter and Robert. Charles was an electrical engineer at a ball bearing factory in Newark so did not go to fight in WW2, but he was an ARP warden. Charles and Hilda lived out thier lives in Newark until his death in 1994.

3 Hilda (Matthews) Hind daughter of #6 Thomas Matthews (1873-abt.1937) and #7 Mary (Argile) Matthews (1875-abt.1916)

Maternal Great grandparents of John

4 George James Hind (14 Feb 1870 - 3 May 1905) son of #8 George Hind (1811-abt.1897) and #9 Charlotte (Pridmore) Hind (bef.1828-1896). George was born in Lincoln, probably the youngest of is father's 13 children, and his mother's sixth child - the youngest of five that they had together. George was christened in Newport, Lincoln in July 1870. George married #5 Beatrice Charlotte Kedge on 31st March 1893 at Lincoln Registry Office. George was a 'fitter'. The couple had seven children born in Lincoln. The second, Walter, died age 6 in 1902. George died on 3rd March 1905, about two weeks before the sixth child was a year old, six months before the youngest was born. He died in the drill hall in a Typhoid epidemic that killed 131 people in Lincoln. He was buried at Canwick Road Cemetry, Lincoln, on 6th March.

5 Beatrice Charlotte (Finney, Kedge, Hind) Askew (25 March 1867 - 6 Oct 1937) daughter of #10 Robert Finney (1845-1871) and #11 Charlotte (Kedge) Windsor (bef.1843-1929). June did not know 'Granny Askew' very well, but she does remember her as an old lady. Beatrice grew up as Beatrice Kedge. She was illegitimate, born at 71 Britannia Street, Hoxton New Town, (Shoreditch). She grew up with her mother, listed on census returns as a niece. Her father was a publican, who died three or four years after Beatrice was born. In 1881, when she was 14, she was living with her mother and step father William Windsor, a shipbroker, at 61 Median Road, Hackney. She had seven half-siblings. Her mother was widowed in 1889 and kept a boarding house in Hornsey with men from mainland Europe lodging in 1891. Beatrice was a governess in 1891. Beatrice married #4 George James Hind in Lincoln Registry office on 31st March 1893, when she was 24. Her father was listed as 'Robert Kedge. deceased publican'. We can only speculate about what Beatrice, or her step father or siblings, knew about her parentage. Beatrice and George livid in Lincoln and had seven children, Mally, Walter, Joel, George, Lottie, Charles and Trudie. George died in the Typhoid epidemic that killed 1331 people in Lincoln. Beatrice had a boarder William Askew in 1911, who she married in 1915; he died in 1919, apparently of an infection following the amputation of his leg after a war wound. Beatrice lived to be 69; she died in Birmingham in 1937.

6 Thomas Matthews (1873-abt.1937) son of #12 George Henry Matthews (1852-aft.1911) and #13 Ann (Lane) Matthews (abt.1849-abt.1905)

7 Mary (Argile) Matthews (1875-abt.1916) daughter of #14 William Argile (abt.1844-abt.1897) and #15 Agnes (Thorp) Argile (abt.1854-1907)

Maternal Two x Great grandparents of John

8 George Hind (1811-abt.1897) son of #16 William Hind (bef.1779-1858) and #17 Elizabeth (Westby) Hind (bef.1783-bef.1820)

9 Charlotte (Pridmore) Hind (bef.1828-1896) daughter of #18 Abraham Pridmore (abt.1791-1867) and #19 Elizabeth (Branson) Pridmore (abt.1791-1866)

10 Robert Finney (8 Feb 1845-1871) son of #20 William Finney (bef.1811-bef.1857) and #21 Mary (Spinks) Finney (1809-1887). Robert was born in Poplar, London in 1845, christened on 5th Oct at All Saint's, Poplar, East India Dock Road. His father was a Licensed victullar. In 1851 the family lived at 237 High Street, All Saints, Poplar - a pub? Four servants lived with them. In 1861 Robert was a barman at his uncle Robert Spink's address in Bishopgate Street Without in East London. This was the Duke of Wellington Pub. Robert became a father age about 22, when #5 Beatrice Charlotte (Finney, Kedge, Hind) Askew (25 March 1867 - 6 Oct 1937) was born. Beatrice's parents were listed as Robert Finney and Charlotte Finney formerly Kedge, although I have found no evidence that the couple were married. In 1870, Robert became licensee at the Sir Paul Pindar in Bishopgate. From the 1871 census he appears to have run the pub with his aunt Francis Spinks. He was recorded as unmarried. Robert died in 1871, age 26.

11 Charlotte (Kedge) Windsor (bef.1843-1929) daughter of #22 Edward Kedge (bef.1819-) and #23 Mary (Pightling) Kedge (1821-aft.1856)

12 George Henry Matthews (1852-aft.1911) son of #24 James Matthews (bef.1833-aft.1891) and #25 Mary (Brown) Matthews (abt.1829-abt.1899)

13 Ann (Lane) Matthews (abt.1849-abt.1905) daughter of #26 John Lane (abt.1817-aft.1891) and #27 Elizabeth (Banks) Lane (bef.1823-1905)

14 William Argile (abt.1844-abt.1897) son of #28 William Argile (abt.1817-abt.1860) and #29 Catherine (Wallis) Argile (bef.1820-1904)

15 Agnes (Thorp) Argile (abt.1854-1907) daughter of #30 John Witham (bef.1814-abt.1887) and #31 Ann (Thorp) Witham (bef.1830-aft.1871)

Maternal Three x Great grandparents of John

16 William Hind (bef.1779-1858) son of #32 Thomas Hind (1753-) and #33.

17 Elizabeth (Westby) Hind (1783-1820) daughter of #34 George Westby (abt.1755-) and #35 Sarah. Elizabeth was baptised in Warsop, Nottinghamshire on 9th March 1783. She married recently widowed father of three #16 William Hind in Warsop on 21st August 1810. Elizabeth and William had three children, born in 1811, 1814 and 1818. Elizabeth died age 36, buried in Warsop on 10th November 1820.

18 Abraham Pridmore (abt.1791-1867) son of #36 Thomas Pridmore (abt.1765-aft.1791) and #37.

19 Elizabeth (Branson) Pridmore (abt.1791-1866) daughter of #38 William Branson (abt.1770-) and #39

20 William Finney (bef.1811-bef.1857) son of #40 John Finney (abt.1767-1846) and #41.

21 Mary (Spinks) Finney (1809-1887) daughter of #42 William Spinks (abt.1784-1848) and #43 Elizabeth (Griggs) Spinks (abt.1781-abt.1841)

22 Edward Kedge (bef.1819-) son of #44 Samuel Kedge (abt.1795-aft.1819) and #45

23 Mary (Pightling) Kedge (1821-aft.1856) daughter of #46 and #47

24 James Matthews (bef.1833-aft.1891) son of #48 William Matthews (abt.1799-abt.1889) and #49 Mary Worthington (abt.1804-bef.1837)

25 Mary (Brown) Matthews (abt.1829-abt.1899) daughter of #50 and #51

26 John Lane (abt.1817-aft.1891) son of #52 Thomas Lane (abt.1793-aft.1841) and #53

27 Elizabeth (Banks) Lane (bef.1823-1905) daughter of #54 John Banks (bef.1802-abt.1893) and #55

28 William Argile (abt.1817-abt.1860) son of #56 Thomas Argile (abt.1795-) and #57

29 Catherine (Wallis) Argile (bef.1820-1904) daughter of #58 William Wallis (abt.1790-aft.1841) and #59

30 John Witham (bef.1814-abt.1887) son of #60 Francis Witham (bef.1764-) and #61

31 Ann (Thorp) Witham (bef.1830-aft.1871)

Maternal Four x Great grandparents of John

32 Thomas Hind (1753-) son of #64 James Hind (1717-) and #65

34 George Westby (abt.1755-) and his wife #35 Sarah had three children, #17 Elizabeth (Westby) Hind, Mary and Thomas, all born in Warsop, Norttinghamshire in the 1780s.

36 Thomas Pridmore (abt.1764-) son of #72 Thomas Pridmore (abt.1764-aft.1801) and #73 Elizabeth. Thomas was baptised on 25th April 1764 at St Andrew's, Brigstock, Northamptonshire. He married #37 Elizabeth Choun on 13th September 1787 in Brigstock.

37 Elizabeth (Choun) Pridmore (abt.1770-)

38 William Branson (abt.1770-)

40 John Finney (abt.1767-1846)

42 William Spinks (abt.1784-1848) son of #84 Robert Spinks (abt.1759-) and #85 Sarah Aylmer (abt.1759-). William was baptised in St Andrew's Church, Northwold, Norfolk. He was baptised privately on 25th October 1784 and again publically on Nov 30th. He married #43 Elizabeth Griggs in Northwold on 13th october 1808; both made their mark on the record. Elizabeth and William had at least six children, christened in St Andrew, Northwold between 1809 and 1824. The youngest, Thomas died in infancy. At the time of the 1841 and 1851 census, Elizabeth and William lived in The Land then Back lane in Northwold. William was an agricultural labourer. William died in 1853 aged 69, probably in Northwold.

43 Elizabeth (Griggs) Spinks (2 Dec 1784-abt.1841) daughter of #86 John Griggs and #87 Elizabeth Mountain. Elizabeth was born in Saham-Toney, Norfolk. Elizabeth married #42 William Spinks on 13th October 1808 at St Andrew's, Northwold, Norfolk. The couple had at least six children; the youngest died in infancy. At the time of the 1841 and 1851 census, Elizabeth and William lived in The Land then Back lane in Northwold. Elizabeth died in 1861, probably in Northwold.

44 Samuel Kedge (abt.1795-aft.1819)

48 William Matthews (abt.1799-abt.1889) son of #96 Thomas Matthews (abt.1777-) and #97 Millicent (Bird) Matthews (abt.1773-)

49 Mary Worthington (abt.1804-bef.1837)

52 Thomas Lane (abt.1793-aft.1841)

54 John Banks (bef.1802-abt.1893) son of #108 William Banks (abt.1777-) and #109 Elizabeth

56 Thomas Argile (abt.1795-)

58 William Wallis (abt.1790-aft.1841)

60 Francis Witham (bef.1764-) son of #120 Thomas Witham and #121 Sarah. Thomas was christened on 24th September 1764 at St Mary's Church, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshrire. He married #61 Sarah Hickton on 4th November 1790 at St Mary's, Sutton in Ashfield. Francis and Sarah had at least ten children, at least two died in infancy. Francis was buried in Sutton in Ashfield on 21st November 1817.

61 Sarah Hickton, daughter of #122 and #123.

Maternal Five x Great grandparents of John

64 James Hind (1717-) son of #118 John Hind (bef.1681-)

72 Thomas Pridmore

84 Robert Spinks (abt.1759-)

85 Sarah Aylmer (abt.1759-)

96 Thomas Matthews (abt.1777-)

97 Millicent (Bird) Matthews (abt.1773-)

108 William Banks (abt.1777-)

Maternal Six Great grandparents of John

118 John Hind (bef.1681-) son of #236 John Hinds and #237 Katherine Hind.

Maternal Seven Great grandparents of John

236 John Hinds

237 Katherine Hinds

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