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John/Jan/Johannes van Etten/Vanetta/Vanatta, mid 18th Century

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There are a multitude of people in this time period with these names, and profiles often mix facts from various of these. This page will be used to collect sources and attempt to assign them to the correct person.


1710 Johannes van Etten

  • Kingston, Ulster, New York. 1710. 10 Nov. Manuel van Etta, Antje de Hooges. Johannes. Wit: Pieter van Etta, Eva de Hooges.[1]
  • The family moved from Kingston, NY to Readington, NJ in about 1714. Until a church was established in Readington (abt. 1720) they were members of the Raritan Reformed Dutch Church. There are many records for Emanuel's family in the Raritan and Readington registers, but only one refers to a Johannes. This is a baptism in 1742 of a daughter, Maria, giving the name of the mother as Neeltje.[2] This may to be the same Johannes, however this conflicts with Eva Alice Scott who gives Aaron van Etta (b. 1735) as the son of Johannes and his second wife named Jane (see below).
  • There is said to be record of a purchase of land in 1740 by Johannes and some of his brothers from the heirs of William Penn. The land was located near Belvidere, Warren Co. NJ. Sources need to be found for this.[3] Histories of Harmony, Warren County such as that referenced conflate this John with his nephew, 1743 Johannis (below).
  • This Johannes is connected in family genealogies to a spouse named Jane Scott with children who moved to western Pennsylvania and Ohio, including 1748? John Vanatta below. In her van Etten genealogy, Eva Alice Scott says that Johannes' second wife was "Jane, widow of James Morton" but gives no sources or any further information.[4]
  • a will dated 1786 and proved 1791 is believed to be the will of this Johannes[5]. The will refers to his wife "Jinne", who corresponds to the "2nd wife Jane" mentioned by Eva Alice Scott.[6] Also mentioned are son John, daughters Sarah, Cornelia, Mary, Ann, and son-in-law Samuel Morden who appears to have been married to a now-deceased daughter. Executors were Samuel Morden and brother Thomas Van Etten. The son John was to receive a bequest "if he should return" and if not then the bequest was to go to his 5 children from his first wife. This John is believed to be 1748? John Vannatta who had moved to western Pennsylvania with his second wife. There is no mention of a son named Aaron.

1713 Jan van Etten

  • Kingston, Ulster, New York. 1713. 29 Mar. Jacobus van Etten, Rebekka Rosa. Jan. Wit: Jan Rosa, Hillegont Boree.[7]
Baptism of Children
  • Reyn Beeck (Red Hook) New York. 1745. 28 Apr. John van Etten, Rachel Westval. Nelletgen, Wit: Geisbert Westvall, Annatgen van Etten [8]
  • I have not yet located a marriage record or other supporting sources, but the 1745 child's baptism was witnessed by this Jan's sister and her husband so it is safe to assume this is the correct Jan/John

1720 Jan van Etten

  • Kingston, Ulster, New York. 1720. 17 Apr. Jacob van Etten, Antjen Westbroek. Jan. Wit: Jan van Etten, Jannetjen Roosa.[9]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1738. 13 Apr. Jan van Netten (b. Nytsfield) and Maritje Westfael (b. Minisink), married by Anthony Westbroeck, JP[10]
Baptism of Children
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1738. 1 Nov. Jan Van Oetten ; Marretje Westval ; Helena; Wit: Benjamin Westval and Lena Van Oetten [11]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1740. 17 Jun. Jan Van Oetten ; Marrietje Westval ; Jacob; Wit: Jacob van Oetten and Antje Wessebroek [12]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1742, 25 Jul. Jan Van Etten ; Maritje Westfael ; Daniel; Wit: Daniel Westfael and Margarita Westfael [13] Daniel's baptism in 1742 was declared unlawful since the minister had not been properly ordained, so he was rebaptised in 1747.[14][15]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1743. 23 Apr. Jan Van Etten ; Maritje Westfael ; Cathrina; Wit: Cornelius van Etten; Cathrina Westbroeck [16]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1746. 9 Feb. Jan Van Etten ; Maritje Westfael ; Maria; Wit: Anthony van Etten; Maria Westbroeck [17]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1748. 6 Mar. Jan Van Etten ; Maritje Westfael ; Margarita; Wit: Jacobus Rosenkranz and Marye Cuddebeck [18]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1750. 27 May. Jan Van Etten ; Maritje Westfael ; Samuel; Wit: Johannes Westfael and Apollonia Kortrecht [19]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1752. 5 Nov. Jan Van Etten ; Maritje Westfael ; Margrieta; Wit: Johannes van Etten and Maria Gonsales [20]
Baptismal witness
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1754. 24 Mar. William Ennes, Lisabeth Quick ; John; Wit: John van Etten and Maritje Westfael[21]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1761. 17 Oct. Jacob Helm, Helena van Etten. Samuel. Wit: John van Etten and Margaret van Etten. [22]
  • Van Etten Cemetery, Delaware Township, Pennsylvania[23] The burial card does not give the date of death or burial, and states that the grave is unmarked. Information was supplied to the Department of Military Affairs by B. Arnfelt Olsen in 1935.
  • The family of Jacob van Etten and Antje Westbroek appears to have moved in abt. 1730 from Ulster, New York to Sussex County, New Jersey and then settled in Minisink, along the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.
  • This was young to be married, however the attribution is supported by the presence of Jan's parents and siblings as witnesses for his children's baptisms.
  • Beginning in the 1754 record as a baptismal witness, Jan's name is recorded as John, and in the 1761 record his wife is given as Margaret van Etten and not Maritje Westfael. This is generally taken to be a second wife, Margaret Lefeber (Lefevre), however it could possibly be an anglicization of Maritje much as Jan was anglicized to John.
Captain John Vanetta
  • A March 1750 land warrant grants 50 acres of land on Bush Kiln Creek in Upper Smithfield, Bucks, PA to John Vanetten[24]
  • A petition "To the whorshipful (worshipful) the Judges of the Court of General Sessions, held at Newton, in the County of Bucks, the 4th day Dec., 1750." asking for the creation of a township at Upper Smithfield was signed by John van Etten[25]
  • There are two additional land warrant applications by John Vanetta, both dated Dec 20, 1750, one granting "100 acres of land adjoining or near his own land on Delaware River at the Minisincks"[26], and the second granting "100 acres of land near his other land at the Minisincks".[27]
  • In 1756 a John Vanetta was commissioned in a letter from Benjamin Franklin[28] to raise and captain a company of 30 men at Upper Smithfield (present Bushkill, PA). This letter instructed John to post 8 of these men at his own house, indicating that John was living in Upper Smithfield.
  • 1st Pennsylvania Battalion, 1756 lists a Capt. John van Etten and Sergeant, color John van Etten, jun. These would be Jan and his younger brother Johannes[29]
  • Chidsey[30] tells a story mixed with elements of fact concerning Captain John and Margaret Lefevre, daughter of a tavern keeper on the road into Easton from Upper Smithfield. There are records of a John Van Etten married to Margaret Lefeber. Chidsey describes a 1764 deed in which John Lefeber sold land in Forks Township to John van Etten.
  • Tohickon, Bucks, Pennsylvania, 1758. John b. Feb 11, bap. Apr 15; John van Etten and Margaret; wit. John Lefeber [31]
  • Tohickon, Bucks, Pennsylvania, 1760 Abraham b. Apr 5, bap. May 2; John van Etten and Margaret; wit. Abraham Lefeber and wife [32]

1721 Johannes van Etten

  • Kingston, Ulster, New York. 1721. 26 Dec. Jacobes van Etten, Catrina Kool. Johannes. Wit: Jacobes van Etten, Rebekka Roosa.[33]
  • Kingston, Ulster, New York. 1749. 22 Nov. Johannes van Etten (b. Horli) and Jacomyntje Nieuwkerk (b. Sagertje)[34]
  • No records discovered subsequent to their marriage.

1730/2 Johannes van Etten

  • Wawarsing, New York. 1750. 18 May. "Johannes Van Etten, young man, born in Namenack and residing there, with Maria Consales, young woman, born below Kingston and residing in Mamakating, married May 18, by Corn. Dupuy, Justice of the Peace. In the present township of Montague, Sussex county, New Jersey."[35]
Baptism of Children
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1751. 6 Oct. Johannes Van Etten ; Maria Consales ; Magdalena; Wit: J. C. Fryenmoet, Magdalena van Etten his wife [36]
  • Walpeck, New Jersey, 1759. Johannis van Ette and Maria Gonsalies, baptism of son Johannis, wit: Willm Smith, Elizabet Henshaw[37]
  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1772. 29 Apr. Johannes van Etten ; Maria Gonsalis ; Catharina; Wit: Hendrick W. Kortreght, Catharina Middag [38]
  • Milford Cemetery, Milford, Dingman Township, Pennsylvania[39] Information was supplied to the Department of Military Affairs by B. Arnfelt Olsen in 1935.
  • Johannes was the brother of Jan van Etten 1720, son of Jacobus van Etten and Antje Westbroeck. He was born about the time the family had just moved to the Minisink region. Baptism record still to be located. His birth date is given as either 1730 or 1732.
  • Maria Gonsales appears to have died in childbirth or soon after the birth of their 8th child, Semijon or Semyon, in 1776. Records after this show Johannes with wife Rachel Williams, widow of Daniel Decker, with whom he had 2 more children.
  • Johannes was also a "Captain John Van Etten". He captained a company in Delaware Township between 1777 and 1786.[40] He had served earlier under his brother at Upper Smithfield. His son born around that time (1759) was baptised at Walpeck just across the river from Upper Smithfield, and one of the witnesses was Elizabet Henshaw - a Henshaw (Hyndshaw) was Captain John's lieutenant when that company was formed in 1756, and their posting location was known as Fort Hyndshaw. (**Sources needed**)
  • A web page here contains links and information relating to a 1780 encounter with Indians along the Delaware in which his son-in-law Benjamin Ennes, husband of daughter Magdalena, was killed.

1743 Johannis van Etten

  • Readington, New Jersey. 1744. 1 Jan. Arie van Etten, Elizabeth Chrison, Johannis[41]
  • Johannis' father's will leaves land in Morris Co. to his sons, but the family does not seem to have moved from Readington at least during his father's lifetime as his mother is recorded as remarrying in 1749 in Readington. From there it seems that Johannis moved to Harmony where his uncles had settled, and he is referenced in histories of Warren County as the forefather of the Harmony Vanatta family, though he is usually conflated with his uncle 1710 Johannis (above).
  • JOHN VAN ATTA born in 1743 married Margaretha McCracken lived in Harmony Twp., Warren Con, NJ, his son SAMUEL VAN ATTA born 1777 Oxford, Warren Co, NJ purchased a 160 acre farm and also the Snyder Ferry which he operated. His son JOHN VAN ATTA born 1800 married NANCY ROSENBURY and had several children (Some of this information is supported by Snell[42])
  • This John was a nephew of 1710 Johannes, and was one of the many John van Etten/Vanattas living along the Delaware between Easton and Port Jervis during this time period.

1745 Jan van Etten

  • Readington, New Jersey. 1745. 20 Oct. Petrus van Etten, Jannatje Ariaense, Jan[43]
Baptism of Children
  • Readington, New Jersey. 1767. 8 Nov. Vanetten, Jan and Maregreta. Catrena[44]
  • Readington, New Jersey. 1771. 14 Jul. Vanetten, Jan and Maregreta. Janetye[45]
  • Jan was also a nephew of 1710 Johannes, but this family appears to have remained in the Readington area.

1748? John Vanatta

Census and Tax Records
  • In 1788 John paid taxes on 80 acres in Nottingham, Washington, Pennsylvania[46] * Additional tax records from Nottingham exist for the years 1781 through 1789 *
  • 1790 United States Census, Washington County, Pennsylvania. John Vanatters, 2 males sixteen or older, 3 males under sixteen, 5 females[47]
  • 1800 Pennsylvania Septennial Census, Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. John Vanata is listed as a blacksmith.[48]
  • 1810 United States Census, South Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. John Vanatta is recorded with one female 45 and older, one female 16-26, two males 16-25, and one male 10-15. Also on the census are three sons (listed age categories correspond with being sons of John) who have their own families: Daniel, James, and Benjamin.[49]
  • 1820 United States Census, North Beaver, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Column headers are missing so not sure what the categories are for the numbers. The name on the census is Jno. Van Natta. Also on the census for North Beaver are Danl Van Natta and Benjn Van Natta. [50]
  • Family genealogies link this John as a son of 1710 Johannes van Etten/Jane Scott above. So far there are no sources to support this, but also none that rule it out.
  • Some genealogies also associate this John with 1720 Jan van Etten above. John does not fit well into that immediate family, but there is a possibility that he is the same person as 1750 Johannes below, a nephew of 1720 Jan.

1750 Johannes van Etten

  • Minisink, New Jersey. 1751. 20 Jan. Cornelis van Etten ; Heyltje Westbroeck ; Johannes; Wit: Johannes van Etten, Maria Consales his wife [51]
  • This Johannes is a nephew of both 1720 Jan and 1730 Johannes, and his baptism is witnessed by 1730 Johannes.

1758 John van Etten

  • Tohickon, Bucks, Pennsylvania, 1758. John b. Feb 11, bap. Apr 15; John van Etten and Margaret; wit. John Lefeber [52]
Land patent, Northampton Co., 1782 [53]

1759 Johannis van Etten

  • Walpeck, New Jersey, 1759. Johannis van Ette and Maria Gonsalies, baptism of son Johannis, wit: Willm Smith, Elizabet Henshaw[54]
  • Johannis was the son of 1730 Johannes and nephew of 1720 Jan. Walpeck NJ is on the New Jersey side of the Delaware from Upper Smithfield (see Captain John Vanetta). Henshaw (Hyndshaw) was the name of Captain John's lieutenant.
  • There is a record in 1786 of Mary McGee, wife of Joannes van Etten Jr. being received into the church.[55] This is the Johannes to whom the Jr. suffix would apply.

Unattached References

  • Readington, New Jersey, 1742. Johannis van Etten and Neeltje, baptism of daughter Maria [56] (Best guess is Johannes 1710 whose family moved to Readington)
  • Katskill, New York, 1790. Johannes van Nette and Neeltje, baptism of son Petris[57] (No good candidates yet, most likely a later Johannes than those listed above)
  • Oxford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Will dated 29 May 1787. Mentions wife, Elizabeth.[58]
  • Private, Light Infantry. 3rd Battalion of New York. Enlisted 177(8)?[59]
John van Etten's Will (1786, North Carolina)
  • This will[60] is commonly attributed to 1720 Jan/Captain John van Etten. There is a Veterans Burial Card showing him buried in Delaware, PA but this does not give a date and it indicates the grave is unmarked.
  • The will names sons John and Abraham (see baptisms under Captain John) along with two other sons and four daughters. In addition to these children he refers to six children by his first wife to whom he bequeaths "five shillings a piece and no more." Additional wording in the will makes it clear that he only makes this bequest in order to forestall a legal challenge to the will, and they are to get nothing more than those five shillings each. If this John is 1720 Jan van Etten then two of his eight children by Maritje must have died in childhood. This is not unlikely for those times, and one of the eight had her name reused for a later sibling so is a likely candidate for infant death.
  • The will refers to his "beloved wife" but does not give her name.


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