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Jonathan Crawford To-Do List

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Here are all the things Jonathan Crawford is currently working on. Can you help? Feel free to jump right in


Personal Categories to be added to every profile managed:


Maintenance Rotation:

  1. Mondays:Personal Maintenance Categories
  2. Tuesdays: FamilySearch Matches
    1. Find any new matches
    2. Make sure all are linked to FS
    3. Update all from FS and see if anything can be added
  3. Wednesdays: WikiTree maintenance
    1. Review all watchlist members to see if any new need merges suggested
    2. Review all pending merges waiting on action from me
    3. Review all pending merges suggested by me and initiate unresponsive PM if necessary
    4. Review any unconnected profiles on the watchlist and try to connect them
    5. Review any unsourced profiles on the watchlist and try to source them
    6. Review privacy levels on profiles, do any need opened up?
  4. Thursdays: Igo Name Study
    1. double-check the G2G invitation for action
    2. work down the census plan first so we have a universe of profiles to create
    3. work the maintenance categories on those created
  5. Fridays: Crawford Name Study
    1. DNA
      1. Add categories for Y-STR groups that are missing
      2. Work to assist those who have asked
        1. Dale -
          1. Reuben Beal Crawford (1897-1975)
          2. https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Crawford-Family-Tree-1346
            1. emailed private messages to Dale and Andrew Crawford, Ken Lee and Henry Crawford re gedmatch numbers to see if we can use to triangulate Crawford-7109 03:29, 18 March 2022 (UTC)
        2. James Tarleton
        3. myself/John Douglas (Arden's cousin)
      3. John Crawford I2 line
        1. Work on adding members from Laurus Crawfurdiana to WikiTree
        2. Work on adding links to Laurus space to descendants on wikitree
        3. Work on locating other Y-DNA descendants who could possibly test theories
          1. that David II was actually an NPE, and therefore John was not I2
          2. that John was descendant of Patrick of Auchinames' first wife, and the missing person in Laurus Crawfordiana mentioned in Virginia
      4. Work on locating Auchinames or other chiefly line descendants WITH SOURCES
        1. Work on Nancy Crawford's family
        2. Build space page explaining the quest for a chief, current status, Lord Lyon requirements, etc.
    2. Census records
      1. work down the pages for Ireland/US first, get the folks listed there with stats
        1. Only work US up through 1840 first, jumps from 2300 in 1840 to 17k in 1850
      2. then work on linking them up and adding profiles as needed
      3. work on Scotland last, as there will be a TON
    3. James Crawford of Holland
  6. Saturdays: Data Doctoring
    1. watchlist suggestions
    2. related suggestions
    3. Data Doctor project suggestions
  7. Sundays: Apps
    1. Profile Overview
      1. Does everyone on the watchlist have the categories we're expecting?
      2. Citation Needed statements - try to find 'em
    2. Bio Check
      1. Address all the flags that pop up
    3. Auto WikiTreeTables+
      1. Use this to create at least a basic bio for everyone
    4. Fan Chart
      1. Look for density holes in both fan and Htree views, work there
    5. Ancestor Explorer
      1. Look for location weirdness, enjoy the timeline view on the map
    6. Missing Links
      1. find those missing parents for expanding the tree
      2. use to verify the certainty of sibling/spouses

Managed Profiles (Family)


  1. Hester Murray's publication
    1. add profiles (with sources) for all names:
      1. sandbox to track
      2. Once all profiles created, create wikitables under each surname letter, with the text in the book and then the link to the profile
    2. link to freespace source pages for those sources mentioned or create free space pages for them
  2. Andrew Crawford, father of James b. 1701.
    1. Find him in Ireland somehow
    2. this 1790 record makes no sense for him OR his grandson, "United States Census, 1790," database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XHK5-BTB : accessed 6 December 2021), Andw Crawford, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States; citing p. 154, NARA microfilm publication M637, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 9; FHL microfilm 568,149.
    3. See if Josiah's family (right next to Andrew in land and the 1790 census) can be made sense of from a numbers perspective, then track them down in later censuses maybe?
    4. Try naming patterns for clues: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Scotland_Personal_Names#Naming_Patterns
  3. add all members of gedcom from Michael MacPhail
  4. Look for sources for Elizabeth (Crawford) Meriweather that are more than just family trees
  5. https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/7832/
  6. write up the diary of Don Hartsough's great-grandmother Amy Dowd into a free-space page
  7. Patrick (Craufurd) Craufurd of Auchinames and Drumsoy (abt.1690-1733) Laurus p 76 f31r, add the appropriate notes to the profile
  8. work through all profiles contained in Space:Laurus_Crawfordiana
  9. work through all profiles contained in Space:Laurus_Crawfurdiana
  10. find sources for all profiles between John James Crawford (1851-1941) up to James Crawford (1701-1749) (see email from Gary Anderson via FamilySearch)
  11. FOR 2023 GOALS:
    1. Work through Genealogy folder on gmail and record findings/research needed from all emails, so we don't lose track of what has been asked/shared
    2. organize all the scratch pad and todo items here on todo abd prioritize
    3. complete all maintenance categories on ancestors, ignore branches
  12. DNA checks:
    1. add match to raymond clark onto dnapainter. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Crawford-1168
    2. locate all YDNA descendants from the family of Patrick Crawford of Auchenames' first wife
    3. locate a YDNA tester, compare to John/David of Virginia's descendant testers
    4. find cousins of Molly Sokolow Hayden who *should* match based on Elizabeth Smith, verify if they do or do not
    5. Add profiles for trail from Douglas G Crawford up to James Alexander Crawford (married to Alvira Brake Crawford), 2nd cousin 6x removed, descendant of Josiah b. 1735 in Nottingham, PA. See FTDNA matches at 37 for details along the way.
  13. Build the following space pages and link back to the Crawford Name Study:
    1. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-01
    2. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-02
    3. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-03
    4. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-04
    5. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-05
    6. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-06
    7. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-07
    8. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-08
    9. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-09
    10. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-10
    11. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-11
    12. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-12
    13. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-13
    14. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-17
    15. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-18
    16. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-19
    17. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-proximate
    18. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-Ungrouped
    19. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-14
    20. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-15
    21. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-15b
    22. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-16
    23. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-20
    24. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-21
    25. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I1-Ungrouped but Z140-
    26. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I2-01
    27. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I2-02
    28. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I2-03
    29. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group I2-Ungrouped
    30. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group J1-01
    31. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group J1-Ungrouped
    32. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group J2-01
    33. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group J2-Ungrouped
    34. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-1
    35. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-2
    36. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-3
    37. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-4
    38. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-5
    39. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-5b
    40. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-6
    41. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-7
    42. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1a-Ungrouped
    43. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01A
    44. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01B
    45. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01C
    46. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01D
    47. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01F
    48. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01Ungrouped
    49. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-01z
    50. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-02
    51. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-03
    52. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-04
    53. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-05
    54. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-06
    55. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-07
    56. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-07b
    57. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-08
    58. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-09
    59. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-10
    60. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-11
    61. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-12
    62. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-13a
    63. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-13b
    64. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-13c
    65. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-14
    66. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-15
    67. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-15b
    68. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-16
    69. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-17
    70. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-18
    71. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-19
    72. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-20
    73. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-21
    74. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-21b
    75. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-22
    76. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-23
    77. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-24
    78. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-25
    79. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-26
    80. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-27
    81. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-28
    82. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-29
    83. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-30
    84. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-31
    85. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-32
    86. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-33
    87. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-34
    88. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-35
    89. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-36
    90. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-37
    91. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-38
    92. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-39
    93. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-40
    94. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-41
    95. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-42
    96. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-43
    97. Category:Crawford Y-STR Group R1b-Ungrouped
  14. add categories to profiles:
    1. add categories to all YDNA descendants of the earliest known ancestors; use this widget, change the profile number
    2. add categories up from all Y-DNA testers in Crawford name Study, searching on FTDNA kit numbers, and looking up GEDMATCH IDs on FTDNA to search for those too
    3. figure out how to find mismatches/weak links


  1. find James Pharis Norton in civil war records


  1. add all members of Ancestry family tree from Uncle John



  1. Ruthie's Ancestry Tree - get GEDCOM, or validate members and sources are in wikitree
  2. reach out to tx Igos - find descendants to reach out to
  3. Add "memories" or details into the bio for all mentions in Igo family history documents
  4. Think that Lewis Igo of Sugar Tree Ridge (Hamilton county) and Louis Igou of Chillicothe (Ross county) are the same, due to comment in Verna/Vernia Igoe Aikens' family bible stating that Uncle James Igoe (Who I think might have been McCormick actually) remembered his grandfather (Lewis) saying he couldn't raise the wheat or eat the cornbread from the Ross cty location, so he moved to farm at Sugar Tree Ridge
  5. connect Margaret Billingsley to Ione if possible (email)
  6. Igo ONS
    1. identify name origin and variants, heraldry, notables
    2. pages
      1. add free space page for every state and census year listed, adding the research needed category to that page, remove from the state level page

https://wiki.rootsweb.com/wiki/index.php/Category:U.S._Census_and_Voter_Lists https://www.archives.gov/digitization/digitized-by-partners

    1. yearly progress post
      1. known lines from oldest? find the trees, show them using wikitree+?
      2. stats on sourced, certainty, dna testing, percent of census profiled
    2. review and add links from ONS:
      1. http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/565353
      2. http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/487655
      3. http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/293559
      4. http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/519626
        1. Updated by http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/148557
      5. Fisher family (mentioning Igo)
        1. Vol 1: http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/234177
        2. Vol 2: http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/150166
        3. Vol 3: http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/138809
      6. http://www.familysearch.org/library/books/idurl/1/565193
    3. Mary (McKenzie) Igoe (abt.1830-bef.1859) is the mom of Barbara Igoe, but the grandmother of Bridget Igoe, need to sort out where she should be placed in the family tree.


  1. connect to William Smalley (1767-1838)
  2. add all the info from Pat Kane (invite?)
  3. push back another generation
  4. start an ONS? No, don't need the responsibility
    1. But, start doing what we did for Igo, and catalog the census records on a free-space page using personal categories if necessary
  5. mrca to lisa, verify sources down to Ben Riley Risinger
    1. michael?
    2. john?
    3. Johann Peter Reisinger


  1. check G2G question for Jehu Hiatt and disconnect from parents as of 1/1/2023 if no objections raised. Need to sort out siblings


  1. find Margaret Brennan Hayes in Ireland prior to 1877

Managed Profiles (Non-Family)


  1. Research Jonathan William Crawford for sources prior to 1850
    1. look for all jonathan crawfords on 1850 census
    2. look for all mary crawfords on 1850 census and after
    3. look for all jonathan crawfords born in iowa from 1810 to 1830
    4. look for all mary sansons born in pennsylvania from 1810 to 1830
    5. compare all family lists to each other on census records to make sure the families make sense
  2. Research and add profiles for Amy and James Crawford in Indiana FindAGrave 40359919


  1. Research Mary Bell and family to try to find a connection from emailed possible descendant


  1. review documents supplied by David Dunlavy
    1. catalogue into
      1. family group sheets
      2. genealogical summaries
      3. misc documentation
    2. use sandbox to track, enter all



  1. Add family members to Lee Nicht Weicht's tree


my apps page


  1. tree ring plot - plot lives of everyone on your tree, direct or indirect, from all branches, centering on you.
  2. minecraft tree ring plot - create a mcfunction file that builds the tree ring plot in a minecraft world so kids can explore their ancestors
  3. sourceplot - extract the location information for all sources on a profile and map it. an app that recommends timelines in certain formats, and if entered in that format, allows for parsing out the locations through the API. Tying this to GPS tables might be overkill, but could also be fun.
  4. SamePlaceSameTime - using only full degrees of lat/long based on occasional location updates, (how does ancite do this with the quick list?) find profiles alive during focus profile's lifespan, within location +- one degree of lat/long (180 nautical miles(ish))- Wait on this, Ales may be handling with Michel Vorenhout-Is this necessary, since you can use location in wikitree+ along with decade? Or should it be pursued, since you can do proximity with different location using geo lat/long?
  5. Standard tool for determining source accuracy
    1. evaluate current recommendations based on findings in EE and online:
      1. https://www.tamurajones.net/AHurriedIntroductionToScientificGenealogy.xhtml
      2. https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Evaluate_the_Evidence
      3. etc.
    2. review for additional checks
    3. create form asking the right questions and capturing answers
    4. generate accuracy score (radar map graph? numerical value based on highest importance.next.next.last? needs to be intuitive. percent?)
    5. post for review in G2G
  6. Evidence Explained...explained
    1. review source text, if you can determine what kind of source it is, does it fit into an EE pattern? Can we suggest an EE pattern?
  7. oh yeah? - Game that compares random ancestors
    1. 5 rounds with a topic for each
      1. richest
      2. most educated
      3. most kids
      4. pioneerest
      5. craziest
      6. farthest migration
    2. random 5 profiles from ancestors, pick one as best to play, able to switch out hand eachround (one to 5 profiles)
    3. score other person on 1 to 10 scale for topic
    4. best score wins round
    5. best total score wins game
  8. MARC record (MA chine-Readable Cataloging record) generator
    1. https://www.loc.gov/marc/umb/um01to06.html
    2. do lookup on library of congress site first to see if one exists
      1. https://catalog.loc.gov/vwebv/search?searchArg=Family+Record+of+James+Crawford+%281774-1845%29+of+Washington+County%2C+Pennsylvania+and+Medina+County%2C+Ohio&searchCode=GKEY%5E*&searchType=0&recCount=25&sk=en_US

In Progress

  1. Research Worksheet -
    1. take the free space profile and make it more user friendly by sucking out the content for editing and formatting to copy/paste back in,
    2. add the EE citation formats
    3. Add at least all the POSSIBLE source locations from RootsSearch app to the Profile Matching (if they are profile matching sites - did I do this already?)



  1. France
    1. Orphelin trail
      1. Stage 1 - adopted profile Alphonsine Berthe Eugénie (Hardon) Pétain (1877-1962)
        1. Name requirements: complete
        2. location requirements: complete
        3. look for matches: complete
        4. sources: added ancestry citations for what was available on linked profiles. Very little found.
      2. Stage 2 - not started
  2. Wikitree PR - ongoing for 2021 as possible


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