Kölle Family of Blaubeuren Germany

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Below is a copy of the page from the now defunct Palmetto Roots site detailing information about the Kölle family (later Kelly) that immigrated from Germany to South Carolina in the mid-1750s.

First, though, a bit of information about Blaubeuren:

The coat of arms for the town shows the so-called Blaumännle (little blue man), a small man dressed in blue on a gold background. The core city Blaubeuren lies at the foot of the Swabian Jura, 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) west of Ulm.[1]

=== THE KÖLLE FAMILY OF BLAUBEUREN GERMANY, Submitted by Carl W. Nichols and Ann Corum===

Johann Köllen was born about 1635, the son of Hans Köllen, a Schoolteacher in Bermaringen, a town near Ulm, Germany. Johann Köllen was married on 21 May 1661 in Blaubeuren to Anna Autenrieth, born 7 March 1644, the daughter of Jakob Autenrieth and Ursula Müller. The family of Johann Köllen lived in Blaubeuren where Johann died on 12 April 1705 (age 70) and Anna died on 9 December 1713. Johann Köllen was a wheelwright and Ratsverwandter (a type of local court official) in Blaubeuren, a town whose name in German means “Blueberry”.

A record of the Köllen family in Blaubeuren is found Otto-Günter Lonhard’s recently published “Familienbuch der Stadt Blaubeuren, 1638-1780,” Vol. A-L, Pp. 106-107 (Pforzheim, Germany, 2004).

A. Johann Jakob Köllen, born 14 December 1662, died 30 March 1663.
B. Magdalena Köllen, born 22 February 1664, died 29 August 1670.
C. Ursula Köllen, born 7 January 1666, married 21 February 1693, Benedikt Geiger.
D. Margaretha Köllen, born 10 November 1667, died 17 February 1735.
E. Johannes Köllen, born 7 September 1669, died 18 September 1669.
F. Johannes Köllen (Wheelwright, Ratsverwandter and Gerichtsverwandter, referring to positions as officials of the local court), born 27 September 1670, died 17 November 1749, married 1) 8 May 1694, Anna Catharina Kerler, born about 1675, died 15 February 1735 (age about 60 yrs.), daughter of Johann Christoph Kerler (Coppersmith in Stuttgart). Johannes married 2) 21 May 1737, Margarete Kuenemann Hirschmann, born 1 June 1689, died 25 November 1739, daughter of Bernhard Kuenemann and Maria Friedrich and widow of Abraham Hirschmann.
G. Hans Jakob Köllin, born 19 July 1672.
H. Magdalena Köllin, born 26 June 1674, died 4 April 1678.
I. Christina Köllin, born 26 December 1676, died 23 May 1696.
J. Anna Maria, born 26 December 1676 (twin of Christina).
K. Anna Magdalena Köllin, born 18 April 1679, married 25 November 1704, Johannes Grässlin.
L. Hans Georg Köllin (Wheelwright), born 14 September 1682, died 16 November 1738, married 1) 24 January 1708, Walburga Schmid, born 13 May 1690, died 3 July 1735, daughter of Hans Ulrich Schmid and Maria Geiger; married 2) 31 January 1736, Anna Burkhardt Dussler, died 25 November 1776 (age 84 yrs.), widow of Johann Georg Dussler (Wheelwright in Machtolsheim). His family is described below.
M. Jakob Köllin, born 9 February 1693, died 22 December 1700.


Hans Georg Köllin, the son of Johann Köllen and Anna Autenrieth, was born 14 September 1682 and died on 16 November 1738. He lived throughout his life in Blaubeuren. He married 1) 24 January 1708, Walburga Schmid, born 13 May 1690, died 3 July 1735, daughter of Hans Ulrich Schmid and Maria Geiger. Hans Georg Köllin married 2) 31 January 1736, Anna Burkhardt Dussler, died 25 November 1776 (age 84), widow of Johann Georg Dussler (Wheelwright in Machtolsheim). His second wife married a third time on 20 June 1752 to Jabez Sadler.

1. Johannes Köllin, born 20 October 1708, died 23 November 1709
2. Johann Ulrich Köllin, born 5 January 1710, died 14 May 1713.
3. Johann Jakob Köllin (Wheelwright), born 24 February 1711, married 3 February 1739, Anna Catharina Sigler, born 15 October 1713, daughter of Johann Sigler (Butcher) and Anna Barbara Ott. The Church record says that he migrated in 1752 with wife and 5 children to “Neu-England”. Their family is described below.
4. Johann Georg Köllin, born 23 February 1713, died 1 October 1713.
5. Johann Ulrich Köllin, born 11 August 1714, died 21 May 1731.
6. Johann Georg Köllin, born 26 April 1716, died 3 April 1722.
7. Johannes Köllin (Baker), born 3 January 1718, died 6 November 1766. Johannes Kölle migrated to America with his brother in 1752. He lived in Charleston and was a baker. He married 1 June 1762 at St. Philip’s Church, Maria Regina Stoss, born December 1734, in Honau, Wurttemberg, daughter of Ludwig Stoss and Ursula Schenzel.
8. Anna Maria Köllin, born 9 January 1720, died 1 February 1735.
9. Joseph Köllin, born 18 June 1721, died 14 February 1725.
10. Walburga Köllin, born 23 June 1723, died 9 July 1804.
11. Johann Georg Köllin, born 25 September 1725, confirmed 1741.
12. Anna Köllin, born 14 November 1727, died 31 January 1729.
13. Wilhelm Köllin, born/died 8 January 1729.

14. Anna Margaretha Köllin, born 28 October 1737, died 6 March 1738.


Johann Jakob Kölle (Wheelwright) was born 24 February 1711, the son of Johann Georg Kölle (Wheelwright), and Waldburga Schmid. He was married in Blaubeuren on 3 February 1739 to Anna Catharina Sigler, born 15 October 1713, daughter of Johann Sigler (Butcher) and Anna Barbara Ott of Blaubeuren.

The family of Johann Jakob Kölle migrated to S.C. in 1752 arriving about the first of December on the Brigantine John and Mary (SC Gazette, issue of 4 Dec 1752). As John Khele he was awarded a 400 acre bounty grant on Buffalo Creek near the Saluda River.

Johannes, the younger brother of Johann Jakob Kölle, came to SC at the same time. He lived in Charleston and on 1 June 1762 married at St. Phillip’s Church, Maria Regina Stoss. They had one daughter, Maria Dorothea, born 27 January 1764 who married, 8 January 1784, Joachim Godfried Schutt (Merchant) at St. John’s Church, Charleston, SC. John Kelly made will, proven 14 November 1766 (Charleston Wills QQ, p. 597). In his will, he gives wife, Reganah, 1/3 of estate. Daughter: Mary Dorothy, residue of estate. Mentions brother, Jacob Kelly, and his 4 sons: George, John, Jacob, and Andreas Kelly.

The following are the birth and death records from the Blaubeuren Church record of the children of Johann Jakob Kölle and Anna Catharina Sigler:
I. Johann Ludwig Köllin, born 6 January 1740, died 11 October 1740.
II. Johann Georg Köllin, born 13 August 1741.
III. Anna Barbara Köllin, born 27 April 1743.
IV. Johann Ludwig Köllin, born 12 March 1745, died 26 July 1746.
V. Johannes Köllin, born 8 November 1746.
VI. Anna Catharina Köllin, born 30 May 1748.
VII. Johann Jakob Köllin, born 10 February 1750.


I. Johann Georg Kölle, born 13 August 1741, died before 1816, wife named Mary Margaret. In 1788, George Kölle was a signer for incorporation of Bethel Church on High Hill Creek into the Union of Churches

George Kelly lived in the Countsville area of Lexington County north of the Saluda River. Old plats indicate that he owned the 100 acre land grant of Hans Ulric Seydeler. He also got an adjacent land grant in 1801. After the death of George Kelly, Frederick Kelly bought a 100 acre tract in 1816 on Bear Creek from heirs of his father (B. H. Holcomb Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825). Other sons included George and Jacob. Catherine Kelly who married Philip Gartman was a daughter of John George Kelly. Three sons of George Weiss and Anna Barbara Bickley married Kellys; it is said that they married sisters. These were probably daughters of Johann George Kelly. Another daughter was probably Elizabeth Ann Kelly who married Jacob Drafts.

A. Catherine Kelly, married Philip Gartman. Philip Gartman died about 1815 with Frederick Kelly executor of estate. Children from Lexington Equity Court records as follows:

1. Elizabeth Gartman, born about 1792, married Gasper Ellisor, died February 1849, son of Jacob Eleazer and Mary Magdalen Eyhsteen.
2. Susanna Gartman, born about 1798, married Henry Dehart, born about 1798, died 27 August 1891.
3. George Gartman, born about 1800, died after 1880, married 8 December 1825, Hepsibah (Epsy) Seay, born about 1808, died after 1880, daughter of John Barnet Seay and Mary Molly Snelgrove. After 1850 they moved to Craighead, later Greene, County, AR.
4. Frederick Kelly Gartman, born about 1806. Did not marry.

B. Mary Margaret Kelly, born 25 October 1775, died 14 May 1854, married George Wyse, Jr., born 25 November 1776, died 5 September 1837.

1. Elizabeth Kelly Wyse, born 19 September 1802, died 12 February 1852, married 12 September 1819 (as first wife), Jacob Harman, born March 1796, son of Christian Harman and Mary Margaret (Greta) Wyse.
2. Kesiah Wyse, born 1805, married Jesse Bates, born about 1806, son of Jacob Bates and Sarah Woolley. They moved to Attala County, MS.
3. Joseph Wyse, born 1807, married Sarah Rachel Cayce, born 1814. They moved to Attala Co., MS.
4. Sarah Wyse, born 1810, married Frederick Harman, born 1809, brother of Jacob Harman. They moved to Attala County, MS.
5. Mary Ann Wyse, born 1814, married Dr. Patrick H. Todd, born 1804. They moved to Ocala, FL.
6. Barbara Wyse, born 1819. Did not marry. Moved to FL.
7. Henry D. Wyse, born 1823, married Elizabeth Caughman, born 1822. Moved to MS and settled near his brother, Joseph Wyse.

C. Anna Mary Kelly, born 22 May/June 1779, died 3 July 1830, married 22 May 1799, John Wise, born 25 September 1779, died 16 September 1860. His baptismal sponsors were George Kelly and wife, Mary Margaret. Her sponsors were John George Wise and wife, Mary Barbara.

1. Elizabeth Wise, born 27 January 1800, died 20 February 1858, married 1) John Harmon Derrick, died 17 September 1825, son of George Derrick and Sabina Harmon; married 2) 21 August 1831, Jacob Caughman.
2. George Wise, born May 1801, died 5 October 1877, married 1) Mary Roberts; married 2) Mary A. Shealy, born 16 September 1807, died 22 June 1885, daughter of Henry Shealy and Elizabeth Kinard.
3. Nancy Wise, born 19 March 1803, died 10 August 1857, married John McNeary who ran Ferry on Saluda River, formerly Lee’s and Bates’ Ferry.
4. Christina Wise, born 20 January 1805, died 26 January 1892, married Capt. Frederick Kinard, born 2 September 1800, died 12 July 1871, son of Frederick Kinard, Sr. and Catherine Elizabeth Chapman. Both buried St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Saluda County, SC.
5. Sarah (Sally) Wise, born 28 December 1806, died 20 July 1855, married Jacob Singley, born 21 April 1805, died 29 November 1881, son of Rev. Martin Singley and Sophia A. Hope.
6. David Wise, born 30 April 1809, died June 1882, married Rosannah Elizabeth Etheridge, moved to GA. Buried near Plains, GA.
7. Jesse Wise, born 6 January 1811, died 4 May 1868, married 1) Martha Etheridge; married 2) Jane "Jensie” Etheridge, sister of his first wife.
8. Jeremiah Wise, born 27 January 1813, married 1) Letitia Jennings; married 2) Elizabeth Fellers, born about 1825, daughter of John Fellers and Ann Katherine Kibler. Lived in Saluda County, SC.
9. Jemima Wise, born 24 November 1815, married 22 September 1836, George Addy, born 25 February 1814, died 5 August 1877 (Webster County, GA), son of John Simeon Addy and Catherine Taylor.
10. Mary Margaret Wise, born 13 December 1817, died about 1866, married Michael E. Sheely, born 30 April 1813, died 17 July 1874, son of Henry Sheely and Elizabeth Kinard.
11. Joel Wise, born June 1820, died 26 May 1895, married 1) Melissa Schumpert; married 2) Mary Jane Moore.

D. Elizabeth Ann Kelly, born 1780, died 1865, married Jacob Drafts, born 1774, died 3 April 1848, son of George Drafts and Sophia Earnheart. They settled on Big Hollow Creek. The children of Jacob and Elizabeth Drafts are named in Lexington District Equity Court records (Jesse Drafts vs Henry J. Drafts, et al., abstracted in Lexington Genealogical Exchange 18(1):18, 1998).

1. Jesse Drafts, born about 1800, died 7 August 1865, married 23 May 1839 (her second husband), Nancy Ann Stack Lorick, daughter of John Stack and Mary Elizabeth Friday and widow of John William Lorick.
2. Daniel Drafts, born 14 May 1803, died 17 April 1888, married 1) Julia Ann Wingard, born 10 November 1810, died 11 June 1863, daughter of Michael Wingard and Molly Bickley; married 2) 20 December 1864, Anginetta Henrietta Hayes, born 12 December 1831, died 14 January 1903, daughter of Dennis Gregory Hayes and Martha Caroline Mitchell.
3. Henry J. Drafts, born 7 November 1809, died 16 August 1882, married Mariah W. Poindexter, born 25 September 1814, died 5 December 1883.
4. Mary Magdaline Drafts, died 1831, married John Simeon Addy, Jr., born 13 August 1807, died 15 April 1880, son of John Simeon Addy and Catherine Taylor.
5. Sophia Drafts, born 6 May 1815, died 25 December 1877, married 17 February 1832, Uriah Crout, born 18 September 1806, died 1 June 1886, son of John Crout, Jr. and Elizabeth Caughman.
6. Celia Drafts, born 5 January 1820, died 20 February 1905, married George Jefferson Hook, born 5 June 1811, died 8 May 1898, son of Martin Hook, Jr. and Elizabeth Leaphart. Both buried St. John’s Lutheran Church cemetery, Lexington, SC.

E. John Frederick Kelly, born 23 October 1781, died 17 August 1853, buried St. Johns Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC, married Rebecca Seay, born 6 May 1783, died 29 November 1873, daughter of Nicholas Seay and Margaret Snellgrove.

1. David Miller Kelly, died April 1820 (funeral 16 April).
2. Julianna Kelly, born June 1805, died 9 December 1825, married (as first wife) Rev. George Haltiwanger, Sr., born 10 July 1785, died 19 April 1849, son of John Haltiwanger and Catherine Margaret Schmidt.
3. William Kelly, M.D., born 15 September 1823, died 1 June 1849

F. Jacob Kelly, died 1844, married Nancy Drafts, born about 1788, sister of Jacob Drafts who married Elizabeth Kelly. The LWT of Samuel Drafts was proven in 1817 with Daniel Drafts, Jacob Drafts, and West Caughman as executors of will. A 78 acre tract was sold in 1820 by Catharine Caughman, Daniel Drafts, Jacob Drafts, and Jacob Kelly.

1. Rebecca Kelly, born 9 January 1809, died 2 February 1892, married 8 March 1832, Noah Roberts, born 18 March 1808, died March 1860. Buried Old Luther Chapel Lutheran Church, Scott, MS.
2. Catherine Sophia Kelly, married Job Russell.
3. Sarah Kelly, married 17 February 1842, Reuben Wingard, born about 1816, son of Henry Wingard and Nancy Lites.
4. Elizabeth Ann Kelly, born 1815, died 1880, married Yost Henry Schneider, born 1819, Germany, son of Johannes Schneider and Anna Katherine Müller.
5. Mary Magdeline Kelly, born 1818, married 1) Robert Ferguson; married 2) Simeon T. Leapheart.
6. Barbara Louisa Kelly, born 22 September 1823, died 28 August 1906, married 1) Godfrey Lybrand, born about 1818, son of Martin Lybrand and Anna Sophia Earhart; married 2) Reuben Corley.
7. Susanna Matilda Kelly, born about 1829, died 1 May 1907, married 20 January 1854, Thomas Leroy Kaminer, born 20 January 1826, died 24 January 1904, son of Jacob Kaminer and Nancy Dent. Buried unmarked graves in Sycamore Acres near Lexington.

G. Julia Kelly, died 1835, married 30 June 1814, Frederick Wyse, born about 1787, died 11 October 1854.

1. Kesiah Wyse, born 3 April 1815, died 18 August 1897, married 23 February 1832, Martin Caughman, born 1798, died 1855, son of Christopher Caughman and Catherine Drafts.
2. Barbara Wyse, born 5 August 1816, died 16 April 1896, married 11 August 1836, Godfrey Harmon, Jr., born about 1812, died 18 April 1884, son of Godfrey Harmon and Charity Clark.
3. Capt. Joseph W. Wyse, born 7 March 1818, died 27 November 1886, married Rosannah Singley, born 1 May 1821, died 30 October 1896, daughter of Rev. Martin Singley and Sophia A. Hope. Both buried Corinth Lutheran Church cemetery, Saluda County, SC.
4. Martha Wyse, born 20 January 1820, died 4 April 1894, married Malachi Lowman, moved to AL before 1860.
5. Margaret Mahala Wyse, born 10 March 1822, died 17 November 1898, married Lemuel Calvin Fellers, born 20 October 1824, died 15 February 1899, son of John Fellers and Ann Catherine Kibler. Both buried Corinth Lutheran Church cemetery, Saluda County, SC.
6. David Allen Wyse, born 19 December 1823, died young.
7. Dr. Benjamin Robert Wyse, born 21 November 1825, died 1903, married Charlotte P. Eleazer, born 28 March 1834, died 6 March 1918, daughter of Henry Eleazer and Nancy Anna Haltiwanger.
8. John Harrison Wyse, born 28 March 1828, died 2 December 1891, married Henrietta C. Barber.
9. Charlotte Priscilla Wyse, born 7 February 1830. Died young.
10. Mary Ann Susannah Wyse, born 7 July 1830, married Dr. Thomas Compton. Moved to AL, then to Guadalupe County, TX.
11. Rebecca Wyse, born 5 February 1835, died 1 July 1916, married 1856, Harmon Luther Lowman, born 29 December 1834, died 5 March 1918, son of John Lowman and Christina Sulden. Moved to AL, then to Guadalupe County, TX.

II. Anna Barbara Kölle, born 27 April 1743, died about 1816. Anna Barbara Kelly was the wife of John Melchior Derrick. They lived on the west side of High Hill Creek in the Bethel Church neighborhood, now under Lake Murray.

A. George Derrick, born about 1765, died 1820, married Sabina Harmon, daughter of John Leonard Harmon and Mary Langford.
B. Anna Maria (Mary) Derrick, born about 1767, married Andrew Caughman, son of Hans Jurg Caughman.
C. Catherine Derrick, born 4 May 1768, died 17 November 1829. She married Thomas Smith, Jr., born 28 January 1768, died 12 October 1815, the son of Thomas Smith and Catharine Harmon.
D. Anna Barbara Derrick, born 17 June 1770, died 15 March 1858, married 1) John Drafts, died about 1795, son of George Drafts and Sophia Earnhart; married 2) (as second wife) Lawrence Corley, born 1742, died 18 December 1815. Anna Barbara is buried in the Corley-Franklow cemetery with Memorial marker at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church cemetery, Lexington, SC.
E. Thomas Derrick, born about 1774, died about 1858, married Catherine Monts, born about 1776, died about 1861, daughter of George Monts. They at first lived near the present city of Lexington, then moved, about 1826, to the Cedar Grove Church section of Lexington County.
F. John Derrick, born about 1775, died 1 October 1855. Did not marry. John Derrick lived on his parent’s land near the location of old Bethel Church.
G. Andrew Derrick, born 1778, died 13 July 1859, married Catherine Hiller, born 26 September 1787, died 31 January 1874. They lived near the present day town of Hilton, SC.
H. Elizabeth (Betsy) Derrick, born 1781, married Uriah Wessinger, born about 1772, died October 1846, son of Matthias Wessinger, Jr. and Lydia Anna Smith.
I. Jacob Derrick, born 1784, died 25 April 1852, married Nancy Anna Meetze, daughter of John Meetze and Regena Coogler. Lived near Broad River Road.

III. Johannes Kölle, born 8 November 1746, died 19 October 1791, married 1) 11 February 1770, Maria Elisabeth Rittheimer, died 1 October 1773 (age 22 yrs.) from Rettsclausen in the Palatine Electorate; married 2) 23 January 1774, Anna Maria Werner, born 1754, died January 1840 (85 yrs. old), daughter of Jacob Werner. John Kelly lived in Charleston and was a baker with a home on King Street. He was a deacon in St. John‘s Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC. In the record of his first marriage he is said to have been of “Wirttemberg, Cloister Blaubeuren”. The second wife, Mary Werner, made will 4 June 1834, proven 29 January 1840 (Charleston Wills I-J, 839). In her will she names her living children and the grandchildren of her deceased children.

Children by Mary Elisabetha Rittheimer:
A. Johannes Kelly, born about 1771, died 10 November 1772.
B. Elizabetha Kelly, born 7 September 1772.

Children by Anna Maria Werner:
C. Anna Dorothea Kelly, born 28 August 1775, died 31 July 1837, married Col. George B. Keckeley, born 21 September 1765, died 15 September 1829, son of John Conrad Keckeley and Jane Conroe. They lived in Charleston. Information on the family from Don Bishop (dbishop3 @bellsouth.net).

1. Jane Keckeley, born 1796, died 1873, married 1) 12 June 1818, Samuel Wharton, Jr., born 1 June 1783, died September 1827; married 2) George Stockman.
2. Dr. Edward C. Keckeley, born June 1806, died 29 June 1870, married 1830, Mary Jane Moore, born 1811, died 1886.
3. Ann Laura Keckeley, born 3 March 1811, died 31 March 1890, married John Stockman, died before 1850.
4. Thomas Jefferson Keckeley, born 6 December 1814, died 31 December 1858, married Charlotte S. Elsworth, born 1828, died 1884.
5. Emma Eugenia Keckeley, born 1815, died 1823.

D. Jacob Kelly, born 31 May 1777.
E. Catharina Barbara Kelly, born 27 January 1780, died 22 July 1781.
F. George Kelly, born 4 October 1782, died about November 1821, wife named Mary, died March 1848 (funeral 13 March). Lived in Lexington District. The estate of George Kelly was probated 29 November 1821 with Jacob Kelly administrator and with Samuel Kelly and Barbara Corley as sureties (B. H. Holcomb, “Memorialized Records of Lexington District, 1814-1825”). By LWT of Mary Kelly, mother of George, 200 acre of land in Lexington District was left to the children of George Kelly. This land was sold in 1845 by John Kelly (dower Catherine) to Jesse Hallman (Lexington Deeds O-230). Other lands on west side of Hollow Creek were owned by John, Jacob, and George Kelly.

1. John Kelly, born about 1808, died 1893, married Catherine Jackson, born about 1811, daughter of John Jackson. They lived in the Rocky Creek section of Lexington County, SC.
2. Edward Kelly.
3. Nancy Kelly, born 1814, died 1889, married William L. Jackson, born 1816, died 1857, son of John Jackson.
4. Thomas Kelly.
5. George Kelly. George Kelly sold land on Big Hollow Creek in 1848 (Lexington Deeds P-616).
6. Jacob Kelly, born 6 April 1816, married Harriet Lavinia Lybrand, born about 1822, daughter of William Lybrand and Barbara Sease. In 1845, Jacob Kelly sold land on the west side of Hollow Creek to Henry J. Drafts (Lexington Deeds O-163). They moved to Coosa County, AL with the family of William Lybrand.
7. Adeline Kelly, died January 1839 (funeral January 23).

G. Jacob Werner Kelly, born 15 October 1784. Died after 1810.
H. Maria Catharina Kelly, christened 6 November 1785.
I. Maria Dorothea Kelly, born 18 January 1787, married 5 February 1805, John Nicholas Martin, born 26 February 1784, son of John Christian Martin and Elizabeth Miller. John Nicholas Martin was the grandson of Rev. John Nicholas Martin, an early SC Lutheran Minister. They lived in Charleston.

1. John Nicholas Martin, born 1808, died 25 February 1825.
2. Ann Elizabeth Martin.
3. Caroline Martin, born about 1819, married ___ Williams.
4. Louisa Amelia Martin, born about 1823.

J. John A. Kelly, born 6 October 1792, died 6 January 1833, married 8 March 1821, Anna Maria Friedle, born 2 August 1795, died 4 December 1882, daughter of Andreas Friedle and Maria Catharina Baur. The Friedle’s had come from Roigheim, then in Württemberg, in 1804. John A. Kelly ran a dry goods store with his mother at 129 King St. before moving about 1825/1826 to New York City. After his death she remarried Caleb Tappan Howell. John A. Kelly was buried in the German Lutheran Cemetery (originally at 6th Avenue and Carmine St., Manhattan). Information on the family provided by Owen Clough (OClough @aol.com).

1. John Andrew Friedle Kelly, born 22 January 1822, died 7 May 1897. Graduated from Columbia College at age 18 and was a newspaper publisher, “The Independent Press”, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Did not marry. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Queens, NY.
2. Maria Hendrica Kelly, born 1824, died September 1896, married Alpheus Pierson Riker, born 1817, died 1882. Alpheus was a Customs officer. They are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Queens, NY.
3. John Constantine Kelly, born 1827, died 1910, was a merchant in Manhattan. Did not marry. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Queens, NY.
4. Anna Maria Kelly, born 31 May 1831, died 18 January 1917, married Horatio Nelson Terrett, born 1813, died 1862. After his death Anna Maria remarried Warren P. Crandall, born 1835. She is buried in Flushing Cemetery, Queens, NY.

IV. Ann Catherina Kölle, the daughter of Johann Jakob Kölle and Anna Catharina Sigler, was born on 30 May 1748 and died on 4 September 1825. She is thought by some to have been the wife of John Michael Bates, born 11 May 1743 in Mägerkingen, Germany, son of the immigrant, George Bez and Eberhardina Leitze. The family of Michael Bates lived southeast of Prosperity, SC. After the death of Michael Bates, Catherine moved to Edgefield District. Her will was proven 6 October 1825 (Edgefield Will Book C, p. 176).

A. Catherine Bates, married George Bowers, son of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Anna Barbara Hermann. Lived in Edgefield (Saluda County) District, SC.
B. Jacob Bates, born about 1769, died after 1856, married Sarah Woolley. Jacob Bates in 1823 was guardian of George and Jacob Kelly (Lexington County Court of Equity Guardian Returns).
C. Elizabeth Bates, born about 1773, died 18 June 1838, married 1) Rezin Woolley, died 1809; married 2) Jacob Long. They moved to Edgefield District.
D. Nancy Bates, born 26 September 1775, died 23 October 1848, married Stephen Bowers, born about 1768, died 13 November 1860, brother of George Bowers.
E. Rev. Andrew Bates, born 25 September 1777, died 17 July 1842, married 27 February 1803, Nancy Ann Shuler, born 25 September 1777, died 17 July 1842, daughter of Leonhardt Shuler and Anna Lever.
F. George Bates, died 1804, did not marry.
G. Michael David Bates, born about 1784, died before 1818, married Sarah Ann Lee, daughter of Andrew Lee and Nancy Wilson. They moved to Lexington District and on 24 January 1810 sold two tracts of land on Buffalo Creek to George Kelly (Newberry Deeds K-265). These tracts were inherited by David Bates from his father.
H. Col. John Bates, born 1788, died 14 April 1855, married Hepzibah Eleanor Bond, born 1797, died 1866, daughter of Maj. John Pearson Bond and Abigail Sarah Fairchild. They are buried in the Bates-Hartley Cemetery, Batesburg, SC.

V. Jacob Kölle, born 10 February 1750, died 1806/1810, married Nancy Bickley, daughter of Thomas Bickley and Anna Ochs/Oaks. In 1797, Jacob Kelly obtained a 51 survey on the east side of High Hill Cr., being land where Thomas Bickley, lately deceased, lived for many years. This land including houses. In 1806, Jacob Kelly, with Jacob Hamiter and John Pickley, of Lexington District, sold land to Jacob Shumpard (Newberry Deeds K-155). Jacob Kelly's widow may have married again to Saul Simons who ran a Ferry on Saluda, later Amick's Ferry. Names of the three children of Jacob Kelly are found in Richland District equity records.

A. Jacob Kelly, Jr., died before July 1823.
B. George Kelly.
C. Juliana Kelly, born about 1804, married Joseph Bickley, born 1802, died 12 January 1853, son of Jacob Bickley. They moved, about 1835, to GA, then before 1850 they moved to Coosa County, AL. Buried in the Ferguson Cemetery near Stewartville, AL.

VI. Andrew Kelly, the son of Johann Jakob Kölle and Anna Catharina Sigler, was born at sea on 11 September 1752. His wife was named Mary, born about 1772. Some people believe she was his second wife and the mother of his children who migrated to Alabama.

In a petition to the SC General Assembly in 1800, Andrew Kelly signed his name in German script. He lived in Lexington District, SC, until about 1832 when he moved to Dallas County, AL. After his death, his widow, Mary, lived with the son, Samuel Kelly, in Monroe County, AL. She died after 1850.

In 1835 Andrew Kelly deeded land to sons, Samuel and James R. Kelly (Dallas County, AL Deeds D-219 and 220). In 1835 Andrew Kelly applied for a Revolutionary War pension.

The following Rev. War record of Andrew Kelly is taken from B. G. Moss, “Roster of SC Patriots in the American Revolution." Andrew Kelly, born 11 September 1752 on Atlantic Ocean voyage. While residing in Orangeburg Dist., he enlisted at the age of 24 or 25 for 3 months under a Capt. Drayer (Dreher). He and others served as a lifeguard to Drayer who had killed a Tory. Later, he served under a Lieutenant Ramey. He was drafted for a 2 month tour." He also names a friend Martin Taylor and Rev. William S. Smith that knows him and his Revolutionary War service.

Children of Andrew Kelly and wife, Mary:
A. John Frederick Kelly, married Catherine Wessinger, born about 1811, daughter of Michael Wessinger and wife, Elizabeth. Frederick Kelly sold land in the year 1829 in Lexington District (Lexington Deeds O-358). Dower was Catherine Kelly. Before 1830 he had moved to Dallas County, AL. In Dallas County, John Frederick Kelly bought land in 1837 from Mathias Slice (Dallas County, AL Deeds E-664) and in 1839 John F. Kelly and wife Catherine sold land to Mathias Wessinger (Dallas County, AL Deeds G-634).

Frederick Kelly died about 1846. At his death he jointly owned land with Samuel M. Hill. In 1859 Hill petitioned for partition (England, H, “Dallas County, Al Genealogial Records”). In this record the children of John Frederick Kelly and Catherine Wessinger are named. Catherine, the widow of Frederick Kelly married (2) 30 October 1853, John C. Jewell, born about 1815, Ohio.

Family of John Frederick Kelly and Catherine Wessinger:
1. Harriet Elizabeth Kelly, born about 1828 in SC, died after 1870, married Nicholas Burge, born about 1816, SC. About 1852 they moved to Polk County, TX. Afterward they lived in San Jacinto County, TX.
2. John F. Kelly, born December 1830 in AL, died 1913, married 3 December 1855 in Washington County, AL, Clara Johnston, born February 1837, died 1912, daughter of Joseph Calloway Johnston and Clara Cato. Clara Johnston may have been a second wife of John F. Kelly. John F. Kelly was a farmer and carpenter.
3. James David Kelly, born about 1832, died after 1912, married 1) 18 November 1868, Eliza J. Graves, born 13 September 1847, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Graves and Laura Blann; married 2) 10 December 1872, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Duke, born about 1843, widow of Newton Duke.
4. Jacob (Jake) Daniel Kelly, born 26 February 1834, died 19 August 1921, Lovelady, TX, married 8 January 1866, Susanna Read, born 28 February 1848 (England), died 11 February 1914. They moved to Houston County, TX.
5. Sarah Ann Kelly, born 10 September 1835, died 19 December 1888, married 13 January 1852, William Davis, died March 1858; married 2) 23 March 1858 (as second wife), Alfred Averyt, born 8 January 1808, Covington, GA, died 17 February 1875, son of William Henry Averyt and Tabitha T. Blann. They lived at Orrville, AL. Sarah Ann Kelly is buried with second husband in the Old Providence Baptist Church cemetery.
6. Catherine Lucinda Kelly, born 1838, married 2 December 1853, Henry Whittington, born about 1836. They moved to Smith County, MS.
7. William W. Kelly, born about 1840, married 8 September 1865, Elizabeth Reynolds.
8. Nancy C. Kelly, born about 1842.
9. Mary L. Kelly, born 1843, died after 1900, married 14 March 1872, James Calhoun Parnell, born 1838, died after 1885, son of Daniel Parnell and Asenath Averyt. They moved to San Jacinto County, TX.

B. Samuel Kelly, born 14 January 1800, died 13 November 1893 in Dottelle, AL. On 9 October 1823 he married Nancy Crout, born 18 March 1803, died 25 December 1870, daughter of Jacob Crout and Susanna Jackson. They are buried in the old Methodist Church Cemetery, Monroeville, AL.

Samuel Kelly was a constable of Lexington District, S.C. in 1830 (Lexington Genealogical Exchange 3:26). Between 1834 and 1837 Samuel Kelly obtained land patents in Dallas County, AL, but moved before 1840 to Monroe County, AL. Samuel Kelly ran a mill and was a farmer.

Family of Samuel Kelly and Nancy Crout:
1. Julia Anne Kelly, born 16 July 1824, died 20 April 1890, married 14 December 1843, Isaiah Manuel Corley, born 1818, died 1872, son of Jacob Corley and Anna E. Hendrix.
2. Cecelia C. Kelly, born 23 October 1826, married 30 November 1848, Edmond Nelson Smith, born about 1815, GA. They lived in Monroe County, AL.
3. David William Kelly, born 24 December 1828, died 2 November 1863, Missionary Ridge (CSA), married 19 December 1850, Catherine Roberts, born 7 June 1826, died 25 November 1892. During the Civil War, David William Kelly was a Capt. in Co. F., 26th AL Infantry. He died at Battle of Chickamauga. After the death of David W. Kelly, Katherine married (as second wife) Joel P. Rawls and lived in Monroe County, AL.
4. Rosana Illa Kelly, born 21 May 1831, died 21 January 1897, married 1) 26 September 1848, Henry Taylor, born about 1787, died 1859, son of John Taylor; married 2) 5 March 1873, Joseph W. Litchfield, born about 1824, son of Metzger Litchfield and Lovey Nelson. They lived at Bay Minette, AL. Henry Taylor was a Justice of the Peace in Monroe County.
5. Eliza Delilah Kelly, born 14 May 1834, married 20 October 1853, George W. Harris, born about 1832, son of George Harris. They lived at Belleville, Conecuh, County, AL.
6. Nancy Jemima Kelly, born 7 May 1836, married 29 July 1858, Joseph Owens, born about 1835 (FL), died 1869.
7. Mary Matilda Kelly, born 15 December 1838, married 24 December 1857, (her cousin) Henry A. Kelly, born July 1832. After 1880 they moved to Baldwin County, AL. Henry is believed to have been a nephew of Samuel Kelly.
8. Samuel Riley Kelly, born 15 December 1838, was a twin of Mary Matilda Kelly. He died 19 January 1923. Samuel R. Kelly married 16 November 1865, Annie Elizabeth Owen, born 11 July 1843 (Shubuta, MS), died 19 June 1918, daughter of James Owens and Eleanora Corley. Samuel R. Kelly served in the 23rd Alabama Regt. and was captured 1 May 1862 at Port Gibson, MS, and was imprisoned twice during the Civil War. He and his wife are buried in the Old Methodist Church Cemetery, Monroeville, AL.
9. Jacob Andrew Kelly, born 9 March 1841, died 1902, married 25 May 1865, Nancy Mary Owen, born 1845, Shubuta, MISS, died 1900. They moved about 1878 to Hillsborough County, FL, where Jacob Andrew Kelly was a carpenter.
10. Noah Daniel Kelly, born 14 March 1843, died 19 September 1926, married 19 May 1869, Lucy Ann Hendrix, born 21 March 1847, died 25 November 1935, daughter of James Hendrix. In 1872 they moved to Hillsborough County, FL.

C. James R. Kelly obtained land patents in 1835 and 1840 in Dallas County, AL. He was living in Dallas County in 1840 at which time his household contained a wife, a son less than ten years old, a daughter 10-16, and a daughter under 10. The household of James R. Kelly is not found in census records after 1840.

Child of James R. Kelly:
1. Henry Kelly, born July 1832, was probably a son of James R. Kelly. Henry married (his first cousin) Mary Matilda Kelly, daughter of Samuel Kelly and Nancy Crout. Before he married, Henry had lived in Monroe County in the home of Christina Salter, born about 1781 (1850 Census).

D. Sarah Kelly, born about 1810, died 1898, married Simeon Peyton Taylor (Blacksmith), born about 1806 in SC, died in 1884. S. P. Taylor was the son of John Taylor and wife, Margaret. S. P. Taylor and James R. Kelly obtained a land patent in Dallas County, AL, in 1840. S. P. and Sarah Taylor moved to Bay Minette, AL (Baldwin County) and are buried in the Old Taylor Cemetery west of Bay Minette, which is now part of the Cross Roads Church of God Cemetery on Hwy. 138.

Children of Simeon Peyton Taylor and Sarah Kelly:
1. Eva Emeline D. Taylor, born 4 February 1834, died 14 July 1926, married 18 June 1858 in Mobile County, AL, William Andrew Vines, born about 1835 (Carroll County, GA), died 22 November 1862, Fort Stonewall Jackson (CSA), son of John Ashford Vines and Jane A. Robinson. They are buried in the Taylor Cemetery, Bay Minette, AL.
2. Benjamin Franklin Taylor, born about 1836, married 18 September 1867 in Baldwin County, AL, Millie Johnson.
3. Margaret C. Taylor, born about 1838, died 7 May 1917, Blacksher, AL, married 1) ___ Watts; and married 2) 18 November 1880, John H. Johnson, born about 1833, died 14 May 1895.
4. Amanda Taylor, born about 1840 in FL.
5. Simon Patrick Taylor, born about 1853 in FL, died January 1923, Baldwin County, AL.

Please forward all questions, corrections, and additions for this Kelly Bio to Carl W. Nichols (cwnichols @bellsouth.net) or Ann Corum (NKCorum @aol.com)

We would like to thank Mr. Siegbert Frick of Lichtenstein, Germany for his contribution of "new" information on some of our early family connections in Germany now to include the Kelly (Kölle) family.


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaubeuren

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