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The Bells' House

Kangaroo Island is important because it was the place Europeans first settled in South Australia. The South Australian Company made their first base there before deciding it was not suitable as the site of a capital city, and removing to the Adelaide Plains. The Island has a small population, but a rich history!

Rescued Crew of the Montebello.



The goal of this project is to put Kangaroo Island's Early Settlers on Wikitree. We'll start with the earliest documented settlers and work forwards in time. Where possible we'll add some information about their lives on the Island. This may include creating Free Space Profiles
Find Kangaroo Island people here.

Acknowledgement of First Nations

This Project acknowledges that although indigenous people did not occupy Karta/Kangaroo Island at the time Europeans settled there, the arrival of colonists disrupted the lives and culture of First Nations people of the mainland, and in some cases crimes against indigenous locals were committed by European settlers. We acknowledge that sovereignty over what we call South Australia was never ceded. See also these resources[1][2][3][4]


Please add your name to the list if you'd like to help.

Added a Free Space Page Cape Borda Lighthouse including the story of the wreck of the Fides. Discovered a link between the Daw family of K.I. and the naming of Daw Park/Daws Road. Also created an index to the book "Kangaroo Island Past and Present" published by the Kingscote CWA in the 1950s. The index includes people, places and ships mentioned in the text (and one horse). See it here: Index to K.I. Past and Present
As a Data_Doctor any KI connection found I will add their profiles to the Category Page
Currently working on the Bates families

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Our project is attracting interest from the K.I. community. I've had a note about a mistake I made in a person's data. This kind of interest is very welcome. If you hear from anyone, always ask if there's any information or images they can add to the profile. The Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association website is a great source of interesting information and stories. Have a look!. Someone's story might inspire you to do their profile on WikiTree.


Here are some of the tasks that need to be done first.

  • Decide if we want to continue having sub-categories under the Kangaroo Island, South Australia Category. See News#3 on G2G for discussion. This question is still unresolved.
  • Using historical lists to identify Early K.I. settlers who don't yet have Profiles on Wikitree eg Kangaroo Island Pioneer Association David has taken this on. Thanks David!
  • Adding Category:Kangaroo Island, South Australia to Early Settlers not already marked thus. This will bring them all into one list.
  • Ensuring all information on Project Profiles is sourced.

Contact Us

Will you join us? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send us a private message. Thanks!


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Ships' Passenger Lists

Free Genealogy Sites for SA

  • Lonetester I found this had a number of disconnected links - Anne

Kangaroo Island History

Images: 14
The pioneer hut at Cygnet River
The pioneer hut at Cygnet River

Kingscote Jetty
Kingscote Jetty

Landing Cargo
Landing Cargo

Leaving Kingscote
Leaving Kingscote

Karatta Leaving Hog Bay
Karatta Leaving Hog Bay

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On 14 Dec 2018 at 02:50 GMT Robin (McLeod) Robinson wrote:

Hi there Anne, Do you have any information on the Coveney (Covy) family who came out on the “Cygnet “ in 1836. I know my Grandmother ,Annie Jannett Coveney , was born on Kangaroo Island in 1880 . Ian related to several Pioneer Families of South Australia and would like gain more information. Regards, RobinRobinson. In relation to an early Settler, William Edward Covy( should be William Edward or Edward William ) Coveney. Arrived on the Cygnet 1836. As my Grandmother Annie Jannett Coveney was born on Kangaroo Island 22/2/1880 did William stay on Kangaroo Island for a while and if so is he the father of her father Alfred Edward or Edward Alfred Coveney. I have hit a brick wall.Robin Robinson.

On 6 Nov 2018 at 10:37 GMT Anne (Turner) Tichborne wrote:

Interested in this Project? You're welcome to add your name to the list of Volunteers on this page. Also, volunteers can add to the Task list. Just add what you're currently working on that relates to the Kangaroo Island Early Settlers Project. If you have relevant photos, please upload them here, but only if you have a source for them.


On 31 Oct 2018 at 22:21 GMT Julie Collins wrote:

I don't have time to work with any such project, but I'll always correct data if it's copied erroneously, if I come across it. My interest in KI is via the arrival/departure/descendants of the Florance Family, distant relatives of my husband's lines. Occasionally I seek to hatch/match & despatch these people, tidily and fully sourced.