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Name Notes
I need help on these please!!!
Bozone, Jessie Call Find dates (possibly living) - Last search 22 Feb 2023
Olga Jensen (1907-) Added birthdate 22 Feb 2023. ( birthdate does not match previously noted Olga Peterson buried in Tyler) Asked for help in G2g 23 Feb 2023
Leona Grace (Jensen) Quinn (1914-) find source date of death, spouse last search 23 Feb 2023
Eva Marie Jensen (1904-bef.1983) find sourced date of death last search 23 Feb 2023
John Chinn (1842-1930) research children - death dates Get help from UK?
Angeline (Werrell) Clancy (1905-1980) research, add spouse
Walter Edward Cochran jr (abt.1920-abt.1970) find dates
Philip Noonan (abt.1860-) Find date of death
Albert Goddard (1893-1972) Any family info
Edgar Stanley Cathro (1890-1968) find sourced date of death
Doris (Williams) Martien (1922-) death date. DId she remarry?
For Sourceathon
Frederick Manton Kenyon (1848-1885) add
James Stanton Kenyon (1841-1911) add
Elizabeth Burrows (Kenyon) Wilkinson (1869-1938) add
Mary Stanton (Kenyon) McDonnell (1872-1954) add
Susan Aborn (Burrows) Kenyon (1842-1885) add
Thomas Francis irving McDonnell (1865-1939) add
Margaret (Smith) Dibble (1932-1997) add
James Franklin Dibble (1930-2000) add
Alvin Hartley Steeves (1916-1978) add
2023 Work through trees Notes
George Washington Smith (1846-1929) Research siblings Mary Julia Joseph & Emma + spouses
Christian Elizabeth (Neel) Smith (1852-1911) add Parents, siblings
Adelia Louella (Smith) Clark (1878-1948) research & add children
Jimmie B Culpepper (1925-2009) add Siblings
Christine (Coaker) Logan (1912-2013) add spouses, children
Bernice Alyne (Bacon) Smith (1898-1981) add parents and siblings
Arnold Rogers Brashier (1930-2007) add parents
William A Green (1884-1960) find Marriage record, 1900 Census
Mittie M (James) Green (1882-1947) Marriage record Details prior to 1910, parents & siblings last 3/2023
Vivian Pearl (Green) Dutton (1911-2003) find divorce record, cause of death?
Charles Everett Dutton (1897-1962) Find 1st wife, who is mildred?
Chester Earl Dutton (1932-2007) find marriage record to Lorretta. Did he remarry?
Loretta Jean (Poore) Dutton (1937-1967) add parents and family Cause of death?
Eliza Jane (Strahl) Green (1866-1912) find marriage record, birth/death record other than find a grave
Wyatt Dusky Strahl (1861-1946) add children & their spouses, children.
Robert L. Ragan (1927-2017) add son who died 14 March 2023
Minnie (Strahl) Beaver (1872-1952) more CC7 to add
Edith Emeila (Thors) Rule (1904-1982) add parents & siblings
Family more distant than CC7
Salley A Posey (1871-1932) add children, their spouses & children, parents
William Earl Stringer (1933-1996) add parents & sibs
Leo Russell Goudge (1879-1961) add
Odie E. (Henderson) Blackledge (abt.1902-1957) add
left clues here, continue research
Lena Doris Grapes (1898-) siblings
Evelyn Henderson (1905-) add spouse, children
Willis W Henderson (1909-1987) add spouse
Chester Abraham Henley (1914-1983) add parents, siblings
Joseph Hrinchak (1905-1970) add spouse
Virginia Howitt (1933-) need dates
Charles E Humphrey (1902-) need death date
Ida M (Wiggett) Van Houten (1906-1994) add parents, second husband
Gilford John Ikenberry (1890-1984) add parents, siblings
Olga (Jensen) Jackson (abt.1908-) need dates
Annie Lee (Brown) James (1891-1968) add parents, siblings
Reba Bernice (Brock) James (1918-2018) add Children, parents from FAG
Martha Mattie Harwood (1875-1966) work on family
Clifford Byrd (1910-1977) Chldren to add
T'Ollie (Freeman) Walley (1932-2021) add parents, siblings
Wiley Lester Walley (1885-1955) add parents, siblings, children
Joseph Minton Meherin (1898-1977) add parents, siblings
Jane Cyrintha (Byrd) Yelverton (1872-1957) add parents, siblings More Byrds!
Jabus W. Rawls (1914-2011) add parents, siblings
Bertha Pauline (Longley) Geddes (1918-2009) find Husbands
Minnie Grace (Williams) Cross (1903-) death date
Lester Eugene Teeter (1915-1997) add parents, siblings
Ella Juanita (Farley) Powell (1910-1988) add parents, 2nc spouse
Samuel Doremus Blackburn (1905-1978) add parents, siblings
Ralph Myers Hilton (1913-1981) add spouses - confirm data
Wayne Charles Plym (1922-2002) add siblings
Samuel Hapgood (1827-1873) Death date of Hattie, adopted out? or confuse with another hapgood>
Edward Davis Bailey (1920-2001) add parents siblings
James D. Shearer (abt.1862-) Find death date
Grant Lowell Hagen (1921-2002) add parents, siblings
James Clyde Mills (1927-2002) add parents, siblings
Charles Ottie Curl (1888-1958) add parents, siblings
Maude (Miller) Johnson (1900-1992) add children, spouses
Gertrude Florence (Doering) Miller (1907-1972) add parents, siblings, children
Marion Lenore (Woodcock) Miller (1907-2001) add parents, siblings children
Melvin Adolphus Walters (1907-1992) add Parents and Siblings
Mary Elizabeth (Hartzell) Miller (1913-1977) add Parents and Siblings
Abbie Joyce (Ulmer) Smith (1918-2013) add parents & sibs
Mary Helen (Beaver) Griffin (1865-1918) add Children
For Connectathon
Laura Hunt (1884-1885) add nieces and nephews, Lots!
Walter Michael Pytel (1918-1992) add siblings
John Eunell Hebert (1933-1977) add siblings, spouses
Otis Ora Huddleston (1905-1986) add parents, siblings
Chester Alga Hutchins (1884-1925) add parents, siblings
Robert E. Falk (1924-2011) add parents, siblings
Ida Josie (Mickelson) Goodroad (1921-2013) add parents, siblings
Alma Joyce (Henderson) Mills (1935-2014) add parents, siblings
Charles Everett Carroll (1876-1948) add spouse, children
Mildred Cecilia (Meiser) Bauerbach (1905-1988) add
Rebecca Minerva (Roberts) Kitrell (1844-1928) add children
George William Dusenberry (1850-1923) add children
Katherine (Robinson) Creel (1932-2016) add family (unnconnected)
Christine Jeanette (Morris) Creel (1934-2000) add family (unconnected)
Eugene Francis Elliott (1927-2012) add
Grace Viola (Pratt) Goldhorn (1915-2002) add siblings


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